The Other White Meat

The liberals, who are so easily confused, appear to be completely baffled by their own “economic stimulus package”. Based upon what they are offering up, they have no idea what is supposed to be “stimulated”. (Feel free to insert your own Bill Clinton joke..) It would seem that the actual definition of the first word of the phrase has alluded the insightful ignoramuses of the left.

Suddenly, the “economy” isn’t the central issue with the leftists and their legislation, it is the resuscitation of their Socialist redistribution of revenues to the liberal base who have NEVER been anything other than a drain to both the economy and society. It is hard for a rising tide to raise all boats when the liberals believe in drilling holes in everyone’s boats so that we can all sink to the bottom “equally”..

In what appears to be the classic liberal game of “I am more sensitive than you are”, the House decided to add $335,000,000.00 to the “economic stimulus package” towards the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Not to be shown up when it comes to lachrymose liberalism and with their sensitivity sonar on hyper drive, the Senate upped the ante to $400,000,000.00. Again mysteriously, this is being added to an “economic stimulus package”..

Crypto-liberal Tom Harkin called this “one of the noteworthy achievements” of this Communist cornucopia. “Noteworthy” but not in anything remotely resembling the good sense of the word, and that is without Tom even mentioning the “$75 million for smoking cessation and $870 million for a pandemic influenza outbreak”. Are there any immunizations available for this pandemic Socialist outbreak?

If the liberals were at all serious about preventing the transmission of STD’s they would just borrow a line from Nancy Reagan and then add two words to it, “Just Say No.. To Bill” and they could then pocket the cash like all of the enterprising liberal politicians do.

The Senate bill manages to shine the insight light upon the reason for this particular useless expenditure relative to an “economic stimulus package”. If you turn to page 138, you will discover that four hundred million dollars goes to “the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention for the screening and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV..” There you have it. The world’s only disease that is precipitated almost entirely by individual volition and immorality and therefore virtually preventable, a disease with a “special interest group” full of liberals, lobbyists and lawyers.

Somehow the liberals in the House managed to cram four hundred million for STD “prevention” AFTER they were forced to jettison two hundred million that would have been “earmarked” (my word.) for contraception coverage under the warm welfare blanket known as Medicaid. It has been reported that Obama himself made a “personal appeal” to have the contraception monies taken from this bill. Obama understands that in order for the leftist hi jinks to flourish, the lowest class/liberal base must multiply unencumbered in order to necessitate the nurturing necromancy provided by the left. It is the liberal answer to perpetual motion but this “machine” consumes more energy than it will ever produce..

The good news that can be taken from all of this is that with BlagObama’s (Since the left enjoys Velcro-ing names together for the sake of negative imagery, I feel compelled to do the same..) first attempt at “bipartisanship”, (AKA: Do as I say, I won..) nary a single Republican and even eleven intrepid Democrats voted against this “economic stimulus package”. The bad news is that there were still enough liberal lemmings in the House that managed to pass this leftist lunacy 244-188.

Some in the media claimed that “Washington remains stuck in its acrimonious ways”, “acrimony” in this case is being used to describe any logical disagreement with Obama Hood and his band of Merry Men. Mind you, when Rodham was braying like a rented mule about “disagreeing with this President” (Bush) relative to the war (that she voted for.) while she was taking up ample space in the Senate, “acrimony” was all the rage.

There are two schools of thought here. The first would be to go along with the “popular” President and his “hand out hoe down”. The problem with that is that there may be only one opportunity to “effectively” correct today’s economic situation. To allow the inherent failure that inevitably happens when liberalism is applied to capitalism is tantamount to blasphemy because the stakes are so high. Therefore, 177 Republicans and eleven Democrats took the second route which is to demand accountability and to actually expect a measure called the “economic stimulus package” to DIRECTLY effect the economy in a positive way. Acrimony is therefore good.

One of the liberal spokes weasel-ettes said that, “We have given the Republicans every opportunity to have input and help with this..” With the Obama caliphate, “input” means nothing more than “my way or the highway”. Liberal Anthony Weiner, speaking for all of the wieners on the left said, “I think they’re painting themselves into a corner by adopting this strategy of saying no..”

Here is another pristine example of “progressive projection”. The only ones doing any painting here are the liberals who are veritable Van Gogh’s when it comes to the brushstrokes of Bolshevik baloney. The Republicans are actually doing the Obamazombies a favor by not allowing the liberals first legislation, which would be forever remembered as the “half-wit’s Hindenburg”, to go unanswered. At first, the subtle hints of the Republicans weren’t noticed by the wizards of the left, now the overt attempts to instill logic are called “acrimony”.. All that anyone was sensibly asking would be that a bill that was allegedly created to help the “economy” should actually have a chance to do what it is supposed to do..

The libs even undercut Obama himself because they reduced “the tax cut portion from 40% to 33% of the total”. I have yet to hear any shrieks of indignation from either Obama or his team relative the slicing of one of the only elements of this fatuous floater that would effect the economy.

Obama is still “lobbying” lawmakers even as we speak. Last night, he threw what the media called a “getting to know you better session” at the White House. In his first few days, we have seen enough and there is no need to “get to know” Obama any better. His liberal provenance preceded him and any of the mushy manure being spread by the “impartial” media during the campaign season fell upon deaf ears.

The menu that was made available was only Hors d’oeuvers that consisted of chicken curry and wagyu steak. In looking at this “economic stimulus package” that he is lobbying for, had truth in advertising been made mandatory, the menu should have consisted of nothing more than progressive pork..


42 responses to “The Other White Meat

  1. Family,

    BlagObama and the Wrecking Crew can’t get way with this..

    Tell the world!


  2. Family,

    Please disregard all of the ridiculous “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated) just below the article..

    That is WordPress crap that I can’t make go away.

    Disregard these links at all times..



    Don’t know why HARKIN is in favor of the hersey highway crew I thought that was fanny packer FRANKS
    hot bottom issue.
    This stimulus bill is the looneyist
    package I have ever seen. As somebody said ti’s 40 years of liberal desires wrapped up in one

    Hope the REPUBLICANS in the senate tie this up
    and not cave to the big O

  4. This bill is just proof that the liberals only want to control the populace of this “Once Great Nation!” We can be great again if, and only if, we can stop the libs from subverting the entire economy and the remaining educational centers that are not already indoctrination centers.

  5. The thought that one red cent of tax payer dollars would get into the hands of the AAA’s (Acorn-Abortionists…and illegal Aliens) makes my blood boil.
    I’ve decided now that living in the mainstream is tantamount to waiting to be shoved into one of those holes getting ready to be dug on the National Mall….with a tree planted in my honor. “There goes another Conservative taxpayer….may she rest in peace.”
    I’m going “underground” any one care to join me?

  6. It’s nice to see ALL Republicans and even a few Dems stand up as one and vote against BHO’s “Pork-Free” Pork Fest. Hopefully the Senate Republicans and a few Dems do the same thing. EVEN the RINOs voted against it, so there is still hope for the GOP (and the rest of America). As John Boehner hyas said, ” We don’t need to be the party of ‘No’. We Need to be the party of better ideas.” With Pelosi and Reid in charge, we may just have to be the party of “No” to survive and send a message. The better ideas need to be voiced in media interviews and blogs because the Congressional “leadership” is trying to stifle any and all new and better ideas in favour of old and failed liberal ones. I hope and pray the Pelosi & Co. will be voted out of office for good in 2010. Start praying now.

  7. The democrat’s version of bipartisanship is that the Republicans can stand in the corner until the camera lights are off. And then they can leave.

    I am not optimistic.


    Caught a brief part of VP speech
    looking for the middle class to respond via emails.
    Just another way to have the 44 million nontaxpayers to fill the space with garbage
    Maybe we conservatives should mount a strong brirage and load up this web site

  9. Quick question….

    When was the last time that legislation from the left actually did what it was supposed to do?

    They suffer from a severe disconnect to reality. I don’t care how you define the word “stimulus”.

    It’s about time the House Repubilcans stood up in solidarity. Now if the Senate can respond in kind maybe we can get a real plan that will work without saddling the next few generations with debt.

    One can hope…..

  10. I feel many of the beguiled in the nation are awaking from their delusional sleep and starting to think … what the hell have we let in here !
    Rhetoric from the Blag-Obama team will never be a substitute for proper government. Roll on 2012 by which time this clown will be exposed but at the cost of the USA’s bankrupcy !

  11. CO_Libertarian

    It sounds like it’s time for Atlas to shrug. But before that, take some action and try to make a change.

    I urge everyone to inundate their state’s US Senators with emails, calls, and faxes urging them not to vote for this bill. Ask them for absolute PROOF that it will work. They can’t provide that proof. Ask them to cite one historic example of where this sort of thing worked. They can’t provide that example. Make them think this through. Be respectful. Be firm. Let them know that you don’t want this for America. Time to take a stand. Evil can only persist when good men (and women) stand by and allow it to happen.

  12. Have you seen the latest? Obama to name Republican to Commerce Secretary which would give the Democrat governor (Vermont, I think) the authority to appoint a Democrat to the Senate which would give these idiots the 60 votes they need and the Republicans wouldn’t have an ice cube’s chance! Emanuel and Clinton “team” leftovers are running this thing…..Obama is just their “front man” as far as I can tell…Something’s gotta’ give!

  13. ROBIN'S DAD (RD)

    Well since I live in Coleeforneea (California for the rest of you) allow me to illustrate what an entrenched liberal state house can do for ya. My co-worker is an Iranian-American who comes to work every day. Today she was asking me about retirement accounts, and such. In the course of the conversation she told me about an Iranian female friend of hers who has NEVER worked in the U.S.A. for even 1 day. This foreigner is drawing $1300.00 a month for state disability!
    She just applied for citizenship THIS YEAR!

  14. The left will never be reformed in their thinking, the only way to stop them is to kill the goose that is laying the golden egg. Its time for their arrogance to come to its logical conclusion.

    I remember seeing a study that was done envolving monkeys in the wild. The first group was left alone and second group had food provided daily. After awhile the second group stopped scavanging for food on their own. The group was even showing up prior to the setting out of the food. Then the reasearchers stopped putting food out at all. The group kept showing up but when no food was there they broke-out in violence, attacking one another.

    That’s what is going to happen to the left – their source will run dry and have no food to put out. They will be consumed by the very ones they imagine they are doing “good” for.

  15. Great article as usual! Thanks.

  16. This stimulus package – (aka tax increase for pork & special interest groups) is just sickening…. I’m glad the GOP finally voted together & that 11 dems had some sense.

  17. If you can’t think right – you can’t do right.

  18. Well, the people who voted for b. hussein obama are about to learn that elections have consequences. Unfortunately, the consequences will be bankrupting the USA. I liked the analogy about the monkeys, but the violence won’t be within the liberal population. At some point in time they will learn to cross the street to where the rest of us live. Be prepared.

  19. Larry,

    It makes my day when I receive an e mail telling me “hellooooo…a new NLT article is here!!” My presidential pledge is that as long as you keep writing, I’m going to keep reading. 🙂

    If I may offer my take on the stimulus package vote:

    What they (D) said: “We have given Republicans every opportunity to have input and help with this stimulus package.”

    What we (R) HEARD: “We gotta figure out how to get them on board with this. WE aren’t going to take the blame when it fails, WE need some of those Republicans for that.”. . .come on come on come on big money!!!

    Why else would they be moaning and groaning so much about the way it passed if they didn’t need a scapegoat later on?????

  20. Margaret in CT

    I’m enough of a cynic to believe that Obama is hiding behind Pelosi’s skirt. I believe that any move that he seems to be making toward the right (proposing that 40% of the stimulus package be assigned to tax cuts, only to have Pelosi cut it down to 33%) is merely part of the script—an obfuscation that he believes will fool us. Conservatives would have no need to debate about tax cuts in this economic setting. Obama’s approval rating is down 10 percentage points in ten days. The Biden “Task Force” on the Middle Class is just another in a long line of attempts to foment class warfare, a key ingredient in successful leftist takeovers. Their problem is that this isn’t a banana republic, and WE WILL NOT BE FOOLED.

    Never is there a mention that these congressional porkers will cut their staffs. No one in the federal government seems to face unemployment except Bush administration leftovers. The temp in the oval office is so high that staff members are publicly complaining. Hypocrisy is the guiding light of this administration. And they’re fooling themselves if they think we’re too dumb to see it. BlagObama. I love it, Larry. What a great article.

  21. It seems to me that “No” is the perfect answer to EVERYTHING that will come down the Soetoro Expressway. The Dums will vote it all in anyway and then choke on it 2010 and 2012. I urge all of the Republicans to just show up for the roll call votes, vote NO and then go back to their districts and talk to, share barbecue with, kiss babies for and generally ingratiate and “get friendly” with their constituents. And I mean “get friendly” in the neighborly, not Clintonian way. Again with the “no”…VISIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY & RELIABILITY. Finally, GO Michael Steele, GO!

  22. Last year we took out a $700 billion loan (A.K.A. the bailout bill) and gave it to institutions who unwisely invested or squandered the funds with the help of certain congressional leaders named Chris and Barney.

    What this bill did was to desensitize the public to huge future expenditures, as in the one we are seeing now, being formulated by the Democratic party. A lesson in how to eat an elephant. One bite at a time. No longer is the American public worried about a silly thing like balancing the budget or think of fiscal responsibility. Outcries of such things by liberals and the demented media would only be heard when Bush was in office while his expenditures involved the management of the country, not the give-away of it.

    But the American people who stay quiet over this are behaving like a family who earns $40K a year and are considering a mortgage for a one million dollar home. Um, excuse me, but that’s what got us into this economic mess in the first place. Not just the housing, although that was the greatest part of it, but Americans in general living beyond their means. Carrying those plastic cards around, ready to add more to an already outstanding $5 to $10,000 debt.
    The majority of the American people are so now desensitized to the point where an economic stimulus package of $1trillion dollars more doesn’t seem that bad, let alone any inane pork that can be tacked on in it.

    This is a crushing debt and it’s mind numbing and there is no end in sight. The one bite at a time elephant we will be eating, according to government sources I’ve seen will eventually amount to $7.5 trillion dollars, that’s a debt of $25,000 dollars for every man, woman and child in this country to pay.

    Todd Tiahrt (C) Kansas put it in an effective way; “This is a plan crafted by Washington insiders to give money we cannot afford to greedy people who live the lifestyle of the rich and famous.”


  24. We, Conservatives need our own “bailout”.
    Listen, we all invested our life savings into trying to get McCain elected.
    Since he lost, we lost our fortunes, and soon our jobs.
    Had McCain won, we would at least know that we would be able to keep the coins we earned.
    And, had some expectations of future growth.
    And lived in a country without fear that the gestapo was going to kick down our doors and steal our savings to give to Rufus.
    With this lying leftist liberal limpwrist, we’ve lost everything.
    Congress should immediately send all Conservatives a “bailout” check.
    At least enough to tide us over until the 2012 election were we once again have a chance to restore our wealth – by KEEPING what we earned.


    The lying theiving democrats never said whose “economy” as being “stimulated”.
    Of course, its only theirs!


  25. Larry, suggest somehow you make this message a permanent part of your blog. I have no idea how to do that, but I think it will be appreciated, especially by your new readers.



    Please disregard all of the ridiculous “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated) just below the article..

    That is WordPress crap that I can’t make go away.

    Disregard these links at all times..

  26. Check out An Inconvenient Debt…plenty of ‘green’ meat.

  27. I’m truly confused …perhaps you have the answer; how can 2 million blacks get into Washington DC in sub zero temps in 1 day — when 200,000 couldn’t get out of New Orleans with 85 degree weather & with four days notice?!!!

  28. Danno

    “its for the chillen (children)”.

    I have no FRIKKEN idea what that means, but liberals always throw that out to justify their idiocy.


  29. STITCH,

    I agree, what better way to stimulate the economy than to give the money to the people who ARE the economy. Doing nothing, although the best alternative, is not an option for the panicky, clueless liberal congress who, short of a nuclear accident over Washington, are determined to spend the money.

    Why not give the money directly to the people? This means a typical family with children would recieve over $100,000 going directly to them, not trickling down, up or sideways.

    I mean, think of it. The economy would skyrocket! Automakers would not be able to fill orders fast enough. (Just think of all those brand new Cadillacs in Harlem.) Retail business’ would go crazy. Wealthy executives may not recieve their bonuses, and some of their bank accounts exceeding the FDIC limit may disappear when irresponsible financial institutions go bankrupt, but that is the downside we’ll have to live with. (Pardon me while I wipe away my tears.)

    I’m not normally a proponent of populist handouts and I sure as hell don’t like the alternatives being discussed in the current one. Giving money to ACORN, family planning, contraceptives, National Endowment for the Arts, unions, Democrat re-election efforts and other liberal causes does not grab me in the least.

  30. danno,
    I wondered the same thing….surely buses! Ray Nagin and our astute Governor Blanco didn’t think to arrange their transportation for that great event. I actually believe it was on purpose.

  31. Danno, Rayne

    Like Brown (then head of Fema) said. The whole Katrina fiasco was his fault entirely, b/c he failed to accurately assess the true level of incompetency in the officials of the state of Louisiana.

  32. Margaret in CT

    Inalook, thanks for the URL for that G. Beck video. Everyone should be informed about the wanton economic destruction that the government is about to cause.

    I’m beginning to hear and read that assassination is a solution to our problems. I am, and will always be, fearful that Obama will be assassinated. (Remember that two attempts were made on Gerald Ford and one on Reagan, all by loonies). If that happens, especially if it is done by someone who can be connected to the right, BHO will be enshrined along with his communist ideas. We need to KILL HIS IDEAS, not him.

    “I have a dream” that we can get enough seats in congress to derail the Pelosi/Obama express to economic hell permanently. I think Michael Steele will help in this effort. I’m sorry that Ward Connerly has been so quiet. The great Thomas Sowell is making more appearances on FOX, thank goodness. I believe that if more of the conservative black spokesmen emerge, they can convince some of the straight thinkers that this black president is dishing out more of the stew that totally destroyed their communities in the 60s and 70s, a disaster that they haven’t fully recovered from today. Many of the poor, no matter their color, have lived with socialism for years. One of the many tragedies of this election is that so many people who stand to be set back by this president’s policies voted for him because of his skin color. The “Hip Hop” culture and its white admirers (it couldn’t survive without white support) is the antithesis of the tendencies of many blacks (particularly churchgoers) who are not so weak-minded as to be wooed by it. I think Michael Steele knows who these people are and will get to them.

  33. Another home run, Larry.

    “It is hard for a rising tide to raise all boats when the liberals believe in drilling holes in everyone’s boats so that we can all sink to the bottom “equally”..” My favorite line….

    I’m so thankful the GOP is finally waking up and finding thier brains. I gives me hope that maybe we’ll be able to stop some of the liberals most egregious mistakes. Two years of this crap is going to take a lot of work and constant vigilance on our part, but if the conservatives in congress will cooperate (and they’d better if they want to get re-elected) we can hold the damage to a minimum.

    I have to say that I really enjoy the insightful and intelligent comments of all the posters here. It is so refreshing!

  34. Margaret in CT

    For those who are out of earshot of Mark Levin’s radio program, here is a YouTube site that is worth visiting:

    It is a tape of Ronald Reagan speaking regarding socialized medicine specifically and liberalism in general. It was one of the oral essays on an LP (yep, an LP) that was cut in 1961, before the radical days of “The Sixties,” before “The Great Society.” How amazing it is that every word he says in this essay applies today nearly 50 years later. The left truly is truly bereft of new ideas.

    The American Medical Association is distributing this throughout the country today.

  35. Margaret, My turn for kudos! Amazing video.

    This just goes to show you that no matter how much humanity seems to ‘change,’ the BASIC TRUTHS stay the same.


    When I was teaching high performance driving, my favorite driver/racer was going to be teaching a classroom in Florida in July (unlike the Orchid man, I am generally warm & cozy with my thermostat at 63 or below all winter).

    This driver held the record for the most consecutive race finishes (& many wins)…over 100 at that time. If you know auto racing, that is practically a miracle.

    So south we went to seek a “messiah of motorsport.”

    Sebring, FL was 106 degrees & 94% humidity…we northerners thought we were going to die. But we braved the conditions to hear the “magic words” of how to be a superior driver & win races.

    What was his magical wisdom?

    The BASICS!

    Exactly what I was already teaching novice students in the classroom & in the car.

    But we have a tendency to forget the basics…we think we are so smart, so accomplished, so somebody. But the eternal basic truth doesn’t go away. How can it?

    Anyway…the moral of this story? I am never going to Florida in July again!!! 😉

  36. doin eedtop aytaxes

    I think it’s true that more work, innovation, etc. can be done in cooler temperatures…within reason.

    I understand Obamhawaii likes it hot; as some do. He keeps the temperature in the Oval Office at 8O. Do you think that might slow him down?


    Very good and true words from Reagan. I believe that one of the strongest points in the speech, and the decay of politicians is our fault for not doing so, is that we must maintain communication with our representatives.

    By whatever means, more of us have to make our thoughts known, chew them out or thank them for a job well done on particular issues. Reagan is right in saying, that congressmen do listen to and will do what the people want when they hear in great numbers from the people. My Senators and Representatives hear from me constantly and they occasionally remit back or even call.

  38. ahh, yes. Today is the day the terrorists have been waiting for.
    His Royal Tragedy announced he will cut military spending.
    As we retreat, they will move forward.
    Prepare yourselves for the next attack.

    I’m taking bets on how many of the next victims will be………white!


  39. Any American spends more time researching buying a car than Congress did deciding to hand out TWO TRILLION DOLLARS (and counting). BTW, that’s TWO THOUSAND BILLION DOLLARS!

  40. Family,

    Check out the “Thought Of The Day” titled “One Step Closer”.

    Tell me what ‘ya think..

    Working on another NLTZ article.

    These simps are like Old Faithful, every hour or so they “go off” and another article is born..


  41. Did you all hear….every member of Congress is getting a $93,000 increase in their “slush fund?”
    Is there no end to this madness?
    We are the “silent majority”….it’s time to get loud….very loud, and not just amongst ourselves.

  42. Larry, thanks for a great website and for a place that like minded folks can post. I’ve learned since finding this site.
    Sandy, Va

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