No Single Action

Late yesterday “Commandant Change” said that his administration is going to outline a “new strategy” for “spending billions of federal dollars to pull the nation out of an economic crisis.” So far, the Obama “strategy”, perfectly in tune with his liberal lineage, has been tailored towards pulling the nation down, not “pulling the nation out”. Additionally, the “unifier” described the crisis as “devastating”. I am describing his supposed “solutions” as the most “devastating” part of this crisis.

We know that every practitioner of liberalism has no choice but to do a little “chumming” for him or her self, prior to the inevitable failure that the practical application of liberalism invariably produces. Obama said, “No one bill, no matter how comprehensive, can cure what ails our economy”.. The iron clad proof of that last statement is the bill that has been enthusiastically endorsed by Barack O’Carter which includes nothing of substance (the congenital liberal lack of substance was properly foreshadowed by his campaign of childish cacophony..) that can decidedly effect the economy. That is, if the salve of Socialism that is being liberally applied is supposed to improve the economy, not impair it further.

In the near future, if whatever “Magic Eight Ball”/Ouija board/Tarot card strategy these quacks trot out mysteriously fails, prepare for the endless salvos of “We inherited this economy”. Yes you did. You inherited this economy from a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate whom, along with Bill Clinton and Barney Frank, brought the liberal ideal of a decimated American economy to fruition. The liberals always seem to forget that George Bush couldn’t be responsible for this economic mess, he was too busy planning the attacks on the World Trade Center and then covering everything up.

“So just as we jump start job creation, we must also ensure that markets are stable, credit is flowing and families can stay in their homes”.. Certainly the surest way to do all of that is to promise millions for contraception, STD prevention, and smoking cessation programs.. Thus the need to develop a “new strategy” because the previous redistributionist irrationality was brought to light by every Republican member of the House along with eleven daring Democrats who refused to get the vapors over the Dork Knight..

While getting caught stuffing several hundred million into an “economic stimulus bill” for abortion, or what the liberals laughingly call “family planning” across the Atlantic Ocean, they simultaneously tried to slip in millions more for “refurbishing the National Mall”. (Soon to be renamed “Barack Abraham Hussein Kennedy Carter Obama Red Square” where readings from the “Little Blue State (Red) Book” and morning calisthenics will be mandatory..) Not content with that rebuffing, these same liberals went “all in” with four hundred million more going to The Centers For Disease Control who as we all know, are deeply involved with stimulating the nation’s economy.

“Obama did not commit to any decision Saturday, but broadly described his ideal final package”. “Broadly described” is all one could reasonably expect from an inexperienced community activist who for the first time in his adult life has to produce something of substance. The guinea pig in all of this is the nation’s economy, the imbecile in the lab coat with the scalpel in his hand is the guy who is actually barely qualified enough to scrub the beakers and the Bunsen burners..

The Republicans, the ones the liberal leader wanted to include in the spirit of “bipartisanship”, have been shown the back of the administration’s hand. They had the mettle to not fall into lock step with the “Shamalot” imagery created by the “impartial” media and carefully cultivated by the Obama cultists of Oceania’s INGSOC. (Nineteen Eighty-Four) Therefore, their input has been classified as “acrimonious”.

For example, Mitch McConnell tabled a mortgage program for “creditworthy” borrowers. This will never make the grade with the Obama “oligarchical collectivists”, (Nineteen Eighty-Four) because the liberal loafer sub species, the “uncreditworthy”, are the only ones whom the leftists have any concern for because they are the only ones in all of this that NEED the liberals. The paralytic minds of the liberal left cannot fathom the supposition that the “uncreditworthy” and their leftist enablers facilitated this meltdown.

Obama said that “no single action” would bring about the end of this economic crisis. It is true that no single action would do it but a few actions similar to this one might help to make a dent..

What if we rounded up all of the liberal political hacks and goons and forced them to pay the taxes that they have “naively” forgotten or absentmindedly overlooked? The taxes that they have burdened the middle class with for generations. The taxes that the rest of us are jailed for not paying regardless of the excuse. If this step towards “accountability” were actually implemented, countless additional millions could be lovingly and liberally redistributed to society’s siphons.

Another “single step” and as a good faith measure in this liberal era of transparency and accountability, would be to have every liberal political poltroon submit to a full IRS audit. I think that those “rightfully recovered revenues” might help in the interim. What they would rightfully recover from the Clintons alone could keep the state of Arkansas afloat for the better part of fifty years.

Maybe the IRS could help Charlie Rangel remember that he has beachfront property in the Dominican Republic. Possibly if Timothy Geithner, a man who is the Secretary of the Treasury no less, managed to pay the thirty four thousand dollars in taxes that he has intentionally dodged. Maybe if the next (allegedly) Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Daschle, paid his $101,943.00 in taxes on time without the help of a vetting process, the Obama administration might not have to decimate the middle class in order to fund the liberal mendicant and moocher programs that Obama claims will “stimulate the economy”..

Here we have people who in public say things like “it never occurred to him” and “probably naively considered its use a generous offer” in charge of powerful arms of the government and all of its loot. Oh well, if the Secretary of State didn’t know about Monica Lewinsky or any of the other willing and unwilling rendezvous of the former President, it would appear that dangerous inattentiveness was considered a palatable personality trait at the Obama administration job interviews..

These are the types of dangerously inattentive Socialist sociopaths who will be in charge of things like “unprecedented transparency, rigorous oversight and clear accountability”.. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Unfortunately, we are about to find out..




33 responses to “No Single Action

  1. Family,

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    This is a stupid WORDPRESS thing and I can assure you , they are NEVER related..

    I am going to try to make some modifications through WordPress to this article as an experiment.

    In the past, any modification made would collapse a number of paragraphs onto each other. If this happens, bear with me as WordPress can never seem to figure out how to alleviate this issue..

    This is a test..


  2. Well let’s all have a round of Jonestown “kool-aid”and follow our fearless leader/NOT!!!!It’s time we conservative working Americans started ridding the GOP of the ones who have led us to defeat.If not,drink up!

  3. And recall, he campaigned as a centrist, now he’s leading like a left handed drunken sailor and I’m seeing letters to the editor complaining Republicans got us into this mess and we won the election so we get to lead.

    We need to set this records in concrete.

    Captain Change!! Ha, that was very good.

    Did you all see, on Beck-Fox News, his picture of Obama running through the waves of the Oceans edge …. then he had candles surrounding the picture in holy rememberance. I would love for someone to get that included on a live web page somewhere.

  4. Exactly!
    As we’ve said, its their own (liberals’) “economies” that they are “stimulating”.
    Screw the rest of us.

    Liberals throw lies around like Jedi Mind Tricks.
    All Obamie has to ‘say’ is he gave every middle class family a $1 million rebate check, and the mindless newspapers will print it as gospel.
    Then in 2012 remind all the voters of the “$1 million rebate check that Obamie sent to every middle class American”.

    I’d like to say the only thing the St Louis Post Dispatch is worth is wiping my ass. But considering how nasty liberals are, I don’t want anything they touched being anywhere near any of my orifices.


  5. WillyG
    Don’t fret. New Republican leadership is rising up from the masses.
    We will be taking this fight directly to his Royal Tragedy, Congress, newspapers, news stations, hollywood, and any other “maggot farmer” that drinks the kool-aid and spreads the lies.
    The time is coming to fight fire with fire.
    To let these losers have it with both barrels.
    No more “Mr Nice Guy”.
    No more playing by the rules.
    Its time to state fiction as fact until people believe it.
    Such as, Biden cancelled his first press conference last week because he was drunk on his ass.
    Ok, that’s not much of a stretch, but you get my drift.


  6. AS near as I can tell, the only bipartisan action so far has been the rejection of this so-called stimulus bill by house Republicans and a few Democrats, who were able to see that this is NOTHING but pork for the liberals. I guess even a few Dems want to see the economy rebound without putting our descendents for the next several generations into massive debt. Of course, if BHO and the rest of the looney left cared about the average American, they would all take a running leap off the edge of the Grand Canyon and try to do a swan dive into the Colorado River.
    If Obambi did send each middle class family a check for $1,000,000.00, he would probably have to define middle class as rich democrats who support his every decision.

  7. O P R A H ‘ S
    R A C I S T
    L I A R

  8. Has anyone seen Biden since the inaugural balls?
    Has he sobered up yet?
    Remember these inaugural balls though.
    It will be the last time “balls” are associated with the Obamie administration.


  9. $ 400 billion in pork and counting, these liberal turds wish list aka stimulus bill, is a crock of donkey sh** 15 hands high,plus the only thing it will stimulate is Barney Frank’s absurdly ludicrous desire to corrupt our moral values .
    As usual Larry. you tell it like we feel.
    Keep the good word’s coming our way!!!

  10. Brian Richard Allen

    What a delightful take on the terrorist-tagged track record and razor-thin résumé of the mobbed-up murtadd Muslim Marxist Arab-African, “O’Carter,” as he moves from the comfort of the drugged-up delusional to the Real World — and finds in it, neither place nor comfort.

    God save our beloved fraternal republic from the likely to be devastating consequences of the elevation — by way of the “votes” of those to damned stupid to know they’re being lied to and/or who’re too damned mean-spirited and/or greedy to care, of the criminal alien and or felonious, of the long dead and/or of the crypto-fascistic — of this psychopathologically-ideologue empty galabhia to occupancy of our once most hallowed house.

    May he and his every fellow fascist/Stalinist and/or recidivistic/treasonous co-serial-rapist redux Cli’tonista fail in his every insidious endeavor.

    Brian Richard Allen
    Los Angeles CalifZEROcated 90028 — and the Far Abroad

  11. Just WHEN is somebody on the so-called conservative side of the aisle of Congress going to lay it all out, as straight forward and dirty as they can, just who was responsible for the CRA, mortgage lending scam. I mean, not point fingers and give eloquent speeches on the floor, but actually bring real charges against those ( Dodd, Franks and their wrecking crew) who perpetrated this disaster? And oh yeah….again I ask, WHERE THE HELL IS THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?

  12. Brian Richard Allen

    No-one will ever do all of that, keyfish, until none is active in politics who is able to be engaged, enthralled and enraptured by mention of the co-serial-rapist Cli’ton Crime Family’s organization, ownership and control of the FBI files stolen and stored during that obscene gang’s be-squatting and be-manuring of our once white house.

    So do not, for now, hold your breath.

    Brian Richard Allen
    Los Angeles CalifZEROcated 90028 — and the Far Abroad

  13. I agree with you, keysfish, but unfortunately Brian is probably correct. I am afraid that the only way we are ever going to get the truth out of these people is with superior firepower, unless somebody else knows of some other way to coerce these liars to be honest.

  14. Really a fine article, I enjoy seeing the truth told, and the more people that hear it, the closer we are to staying clear, focused, and ready to pick up the pieces of this liberal daydream “policy” (again)

  15. “No single action” is the liberal’s way of saying they’re go to keep trying things again and again until it works.
    Translation: They’re going to keep spending and spending and spending until they get all their liberal policies shoved down our throats.

    TEXAS: watch your borders!
    The liberals will soon turn the border guards into crossing guards.
    They’re intent is to flood Texas with illegal aliens who WILL be allowed (encouraged) to vote.
    Remember Ohio and 200, 000 illegal voters?
    This is to turn Texas into a blue state in the 2012 election and beyond.
    This will give the evil ones a lock on NY, CA, and now TX. Virtually unbeatable combination.



  17. doin eedtop aytaxes

    The trouble is, these guys actually believe their lies. I think it’s Bob Becker, a Clintonian, who is a guest on some of the Fox News shows; he can’t even consider that all’s wrong is not totally on Bush’s watch. Maybe it’s Obalzheimer’s.

  18. Arthur Nankervis

    G’day Larry,

    Always enjoy your articles and of course, your latest is no exception. Being an Australian (if that is any sort of excuse), I find U.S. politics rather baffling and would rather not comment on those articles that are best answered by you blokes. However, I do maintain a healthy interest, as like it or not, what happens in America affects the world and the last time I looked, OZ is still there, out of sight – out of mind to most, but still slugging it out alongside you blokes in Afghanistan. The weak-in-the-pants OZ govt. bailed out of Iraq, a perfectly good war and we passed on any further commitment there. Sorry for being a bit off subject. My reason for entering the fray today concerns: “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)” As I always do, I have copied your article to MS Word. On doing so, I notice that there are two Chinese characters to the left of your NLT avitar and one to the left of all other avitars, something I haven’t noticed till today. Could these hidden characters have something to do with the problem? I am ignorant of the programme WORDPRESS and cannot be of any help on that point. Is it a foreign programme (Chinese M/L or Taiwan)? Hoping that you get is sorted out ASAP. Keep on swingin’ Larry


  19. Arthur,

    I wish that I knew why the “possibly related posts” were there. I believe that they are other Worpress contributors and they are just trying to keep people “surfing” WordPress..

    Do not feel alone my friend, American politics baffles all of us as well. Your opinion is important regardless of where you are from.

    Never hesitate to “enter the fray”, we need all the help that we can get..

    Thanks as always,


  20. You guys are good, I only wish my mind or tongue, which ever was responsible, could so eloquently express the scorn and disgust I feel for Barney and friends.
    Great going Larry,
    Keep up the good work Stitch, Danno, Todd.. et all, you express everything I feel but so much better than I could.

  21. Margaret in CT

    I can’t help but think of the act passed by the House as the Economic Re-enslavement Act of 2009, The socialists are quietly undoing the Welfare Reform Act of 1996 so that they can get folks back on the plantation and under their thumb. Pelosi & Reid and their mascot president can’t have people becoming productive in the workplace and experiencing economic freedom. They might like it and vote to protect against the transfer of their earnings to deadbeats and criminals who destroy their neighborhoods and kill their children with indiscriminate gunfire.

    Back we go to food stamps and public housing, programs that were such miserable failures in the 20th century. Believe me, Pelosi & Reid believe in slavery, and they can’t wait to impose it on as many people as possible. Their greatest hope as that they can snare the entire middle class in their net this time around. The destruction of the middle class is very important in the socialist scheme. No wonder they have a Task Force on the Middle Class chaired by Joe Biden, that buffoon of an overseer. My congressman (a new democrat, who defeated the RINO Chris Shays) knows in spades what I think of the “stimulus” act.

  22. I would say that balooning unemployment in all sectors accept Government….40% across the board losses in retirement accounts….double digit erosion of the real estate market is a pretty good indicator that the middle class is on it’s way to extinction. Now they can tax the rich…give to the poor…as we are now impotent and focusing on our mere survival.

  23. “What if we rounded up all of the liberal political hacks and goons and forced them to pay the taxes that they have “naively” forgotten or absentmindedly overlooked? The taxes that they have burdened the middle class with for generations. The taxes that the rest of us are jailed for not paying regardless of the excuse.”…brilliant! Case in point, now Daschle seems to have overlooked $174,000.00 in taxes. The best line fron Sen “Chucky” Schumer, that it was “no big deal”…imagine if some “greedy selfish” businessman or Republican had “overlooked” paying .01 of their taxes, what “Chucky” would have had to say. Its interesting that these liberals seem to have taken a page from the old Steve Martin schtick about paying taxes…”I forgot!” Unfortunately you and I would have all of our property taken from us, have our finances ruined, and have our entire lives destroyed, since we aren’t bleeding hearts expert at being generous with other peoples money. Give till it hurts…

  24. Just thought of giveaway 3. Puglosi totally forgot to include the Mexican gangs, drug cartels and the Mafia in the first two taxpayer ripoff bills. Can you imagine the votes these groups would control. In places like LA the Dumbocrat vote would be 100% and the undertakers would have work for months. I told my senator to investigate all Democrats for tax fraud and asked him when we will see hearings on Dodd and Franks. No response so far. I think we should all start a phone call, Email, fax campaign to push for congressional hearings on tax cheaters, fraud, and misappropriation of government funds. Join the NAR. Pray for the USA.

  25. Unfortunately – we are about to find out…
    & what amazes me is that the left can’t see this????
    Larry, great insights – let the truth be told!

  26. The left only sees what they want to see. AS has been said many times-None are so blind as those who will not see!

  27. It’s impossible to keep up with all of the sleaze that is breaking — TurboTax Tim, Daschel, Dodd announcing he is refinancing his sweetheart mortgages, no one with the “ways and means” to pin Rangel down, Biden’s Middle Class Task Force (spare me, please), Piglosi’s Porkage and the Masta of de Ebony Crib screaming that now is not the time for businesses to make profits.

    How do these elected DC slugs make 150,000 a year and end up millionaires in a few years!

    So much for “change we can believe in” and the “audacity of hope”.

    None of my elected officials to date know what RSVP means.

  28. blue state blues- RWG

    Felony Fraud; that’s what every one of us would be charged with for doing what Daschle, and Geithner did.
    Don’t hold your breath waiting for the IRS to prosecute any of them. Face it, we are on our own. Want proof? Just look around. ACORN got away with bloody murder; where’s the investigation?? They are in line to get another 5 billion of our tax dollars.
    Obama takes an unscrupulous amount illegal campaign contributions; who’s chasing that down??? Not to mention Keyfish’s favorite…………where’s the freakin BIRTH CERTIFICATE? Oh yea, we are on our own so don’t expect help unless we drag them into the street ourselves and then drag our law enforcement agencies out there with them.

  29. Maybe we should just march on Washington and do as blue state blues- RWG suggests and drag them out into the street and force them to come clean! Just let me know when we’re all going, so I can arrange to have somebody cover me, making parts for the fighter jets.

  30. Brian Richard Allen

    For Arthur, Bangkok, please.

    Hey there, Arthur. I’m an Australasian-born American and, although in Brisbane at the mo’, am normally resident in Chiang Mai.

    Sounds as if you and I might have somethings in common and if you’d ever like to say G’Day and have a bowl of pad Thai, I’d be a starter.

    Say the word.

    Best ones – Brian

  31. Daschel has withdrawn as Commerce nominee. Hurray! Blag-Obama’s efficiency/performance czar, one of his earliest appointments, has withdrawn for tax issues as well.

    Bank of America (big bailout recipient, pimp of CountryWide and Merrill Lynch) has given 2.55 million dollars to ACORN. Two million to the Chicago chapter, and 55 to the LasVegas chapter. Pay to Play corruption.

  32. Oshama’s Cabinet is crumbling and I’m excited!!! I just have one question: How can we expect a man without character to pick people of character to his Cabinet??? BHO on the one hand talks about transparency, ethics, and not allowing lobbyists into his Administration and then turns around and breaks his own rules. He is showing his true colours more and more every day. Why are Conservatives the only ones paying attention???

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