Dealing With Wascally Wabbits

The wires are reporting that the Obama administration (AKA: all of the recycled Clinton/Gore goons not serving time..) have held “track two” discreet talks with Iran and Syria. It would appear that the Obama caliphate has had more discussions with Middle Eastern despots over their mutual interests than they have had with “acrimonious” American Republicans over their mutual interests, such as the “economic bailout plan”, for example..

Meanwhile, the world’s first “Stay-at-home” Secretary of State weighed in, from a distance, of course. She “warned” that the “Israeli-Syrian track took a back seat to the Isreali-Palestinian track”. I am not sure who she “warned” or how she “warned”, but I would guess that since this is the liberals that we are talking about, the only American ally in the region, the target of both of these and all of the other Middle Eastern terrorist front groups, got the patented “Hillary Harpy Harangues”..

Obama himself said that the United States would offer “an extended hand of diplomacy if the leaders of Iran would unclench their fist”. Never ones to know when they are being made a fool of happens to be one of the liberal’s most charming character defects when it comes to international relations. It seems that the liberal “knee pad diplomacy”, which proved so successful with their last love interests, the Soviets, has been implemented, even well before all of the ACORN ballots were all counted and conveniently destroyed.

What the limp wristed liberals will never be capable of comprehending between bouts of their Bolshevik bleating, is that the answer to an Iranian clenched fist is something that America already possesses, it’s bigger clenched fist. The only time that America should “unclench their fist” is just to readjust and retighten their grip upon the Muslim simians.

An article entitled, “Obama has begun discreet talks with Iran, Syria” says, “even before winning the November 4 election, Obama unofficially used what experts call “track two” discussions to approach America’s two foes in the region”.. For the sake of the taxpayers, I would hope that Obama and Jimmy Carter shared “two for one” coupons when they made their airplane and hotel reservations to the Middle East. Not only do we have to deal with the “Hoosier Homunculus” habitually disrupting foreign policy since he was so ignominiously humiliated in 1980, now we find out that the Illinois egomaniac has been disrupting foreign policy before he actually won the election.

Judging by the “unclenched fist” theory forwarded by Obama, he shared more than just a King size bed while spooning with commie cuddle buddy Carter. Obama seems to have been reading the “Carter International Embarrassment Hand Book” and it appears that he is lifting chapter and verse from it as well.

One Jeffrey Boutwell, who was credited with being the “executive director of the U.S. branch of the Pugwash group” (at first blush, the second syllable within the name of this group must be sufficiently spurning countless numbers of erstwhile liberals seeking entrance due to their inherent allergy to the four letter words, “soap” and “wash”, not to mention “work”..) who was so impressed with his own self imposed self importance, that he was compelled to repeat a certain word as proof of same said, “very, very high level” contacts and “very, very senior figures” had “very close, good access”.

All typically megalomaniacal liberals are always long on vague and vacuous descriptors and short on pertinent details. The bottom line for those of us who are fond of brevity when dealing with these fellow travelers is that the left is already prancing down the path of “cowardly conciliation” in dealing with the enablers of Muslim terrorism. What an absolute shock. Next thing that you know someone will tell us that Michael Moore is grossly overweight..

Iran’s permanent representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency (AIEA), Ali Asghar Soltanieh was there to perfume the pacifist air with his Iranian Potemkin Village fairy tales, all of which will be eagerly and energetically consumed by the willing Democratic dupes. If only they could have signed an “accord” or a “treaty” of some kind, Barack could have thrown a little “Peace In Our Time” into his puerile pontification ceremony in Washington..

The left must have been giddy with mirth when it was revealed that “Assad struck positive notes”.. at the press conference at the Washington headquarters of USIP (United States Institute of Peace). The bath house boys of the left drew that conclusion from the fact that Assad didn’t actually reveal the exact date and time that the minions and mercenaries that he finances will be launching their next attack upon America. “USIP” should actually be changed by law to “U-SAP”..

Bruce Jentleson, (I am not kidding..) former disarmament advisor to former vice president and current Jenny Craig drop out, Al Gore said, ” His phrasing was 70 percent of our interests are potentially shared and 30 percent are not.. And he said, let’s work on the 70 percent..” Aside from the fact that it is great to now know that a sitting vice president actually had a “disarmament advisor”, the gullibility of the progressive poltroons is actually astounding.

First of all, with a gaggle of Middle East terrorist enablers and a miscellany of Democrats in one room there is certainly more than “70 percent” of “shared interests” in common, but lets give the diplomatic dunces the benefit of the doubt.

Why would you need to work on the “70 percent”, you already agree on those things so let’s take “yes” for an answer.. The “30 percent” that make up the “are not” category are the only things that actually need to be discussed. A few of those “30 percent” topics might include: the maniacal Muslim desire to destroy Israel. How about the strange proclivity of your “foreign exchange students” to suddenly and spontaneously explode in public or the odd discovery that virtually everyone involved in a terrorist act hails from your demented part of the world?

Their naivete reached its apex when the article says that Iran says its nuclear program is “for nuclear energy..” Here we have Iran, who have been sitting on, processing, refining, utilizing and exporting one of the largest deposits of “energy” in the entire world and they now need to concern them selves with “nuclear” energy..

The last liberal to swindle the voters of America was a modern day Elmer Gantry. Today’s liberal has all the “earmarks” of Elmer Fudd..


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  1. Ahh yes before we know it the war will be won, we will all be speaking Islamic and Obama will have achieved this over tea and cookies.

  2. This just seems like more proof that BHO wants to destroy America and her allies. I can not help but to wonder what The Mighty Peanut and the Nutty Kenyan would do if they had to choose between their own personal convenience and Sharia Law.

  3. Funny. Had McCain won the election, these “track two” conversations would be deemed “treason”.
    But now its simple capitulation.

    Its a tough world out there.
    Wouldn’t you love to see how Obamie handles prison life?
    Normally, you would act tough, maybe no one would mess with you.
    But not ol’ Brokeback Barack.
    He would put on his most comfortable kneepads and “assume the position”.
    I’m guessing he thinks if he doesn’t look threatening, people would leave him alone.

    Interesting that the liberals only found 70% to agree on with the most heinous people on earth.
    At least Hitler and Stalin shared enough love that they decided to split Poland together.
    “..please Adolf….you take the bigger half…”…smooch smooch….

    Let us not forget Jimmy Carter’s little role in the pre-election economic meltdown.
    His visit to his Arab buddies. Their closed door private chat.
    And then the mysterious skyrocketing price of oil within 2 weeks of good ol’ boy Jimmy’s return to the US.
    No mystery there.

    The reason the Iranians cannot unclench their fists is because they’re clenching a deadman trigger. One that goes off whenever they release it.
    Its meant to detonate their “lunchbox” if some security guard tries to stop them from forcing their way into your neighborhood preschool.

    Why is it only muslim countries have the right to “pursue peaceful uses of nuclear power”?
    Why are only the muslim countries capable of safely building such a nuclear facility?
    How did the United States become so technilogically incompetent to be labeled “unsafe” developers of nuclear power by the liberals?

    It seems every time we (the USA) talk about building another nuclear power plant, the limpwristed liberals become unglued and march, picket, riot, loot, burn, and buttFK each other because, as they say, “the USA is intent on destroying the world with nuclear radiation”.
    However, EVERY GD time a muslim country wants to develop nuclear power, well, gee whiz Wally, that’s their right. After all, they promised to be safe about it.
    They’re following all of the UN-required Revell model-building instructions.
    Apparently, in the liberal’s mind (ghost town), the US is just too technically incompetent to mess with nuclear power. We need to leave that techno stuff up to third world countries like Iran and Syria.

    Mark my word- Iran AND Syria will have nuclear weapons before this sheep-herders term is up.


  4. Considering what is happening in this country, Ithin it would be GREAT idea if everybody reads this article and joins in defying this bogus government.

  5. Family,

    I need your opinions on something..

    I just stuck another missive on the “Thought Of The Day” site.

    I am considering dropping the “Thought Of The Day” site and just collecting the posts and turning them into article sized postings under the “Lagniappes” section periodically.

    Does anyone go to the “TOTD” site with any frequency?

    Tell me what you think..


  6. Compile the TOTD into one posting.

  7. The TOTD are just what they are titled and should remain as such. Not very thought that bubbles up in your brilliant mind needs to be turned into a full bore article. You can always go back and incorporate the thought should it be approriate.
    I enjoy munching on a little brilliant nugget every now and then rather than sitting down for a full meal. The “Hoosier Homunculus” is beautiful.

  8. Everyone here realizes of course that any and all “accords, treaties, or other traitorous dealings” by the Great Usurper is null and void as is his presidency.

  9. What?? Michael Moore is overweight!!! Gosh, and all this time I thought he was just a “jolly old elf”.
    Anyway….I have never been so disgusted in an American President….since I was 10 years old and Richard Nixon had to resign (Although Bush’s sucking up to the left and spending spree at the end made him a close second). What IS wrong with BHO?? How can a supposedly “clean and articulate” guy like him be so stupid as to suck up to those who have stated THEY WANT TO KILL US! I just don’t get it….but…he suckered enough people into believing his BS on the campaign trail and now we’re going to suffer the consequences. Stock up on water, canned goods and batteries folks…I think we’re in for a rough ride 😦

  10. Even though Iran sits in a bathtub full of oil they still have to import gasoline since they can’t refine enough for themselves. I hardly think they have a wacko environmental movement over there so I think they just might not have the ability or knowledge to build more refineries. One would think that they could get everything they need from Russia in order to have more refining capacity though. This makes no sense to me and usually when that happens I am missing a big piece of the puzzle. That worries me some because it is crystal clear that their “need” for nuclear energy is not to generate electricty or for any other peaceful purpose.

  11. Larry, I go to the TOTD site pretty often. But, it is your site, you just tell me where to find the articles and I will follow the links! 🙂

    TODD… as an NRA member and CWP holder for some time now, I enjoyed your article, and appreciate each and every argument in it! Right On!

  12. Brian Richard Allen

    Great piece, again.

    Astute commentary, Stitch but in recapping the “liberals'” various let’s-chop-up-the-world deals: — to whit: that they “… found only 70% to agree on with the most heinous people on earth (and that at) least Hitler and Stalin … decided to split Poland … ” etceteras, you forgot to mention that Joe Stalin’s other and much much more important best buddy, the traitor, Roosevelt, he of the richly Soviet-agent-larded “administration who having essentially cut the Northern Europeons, Churchill among them, out of the loop, gave away all of Eastern Europe and saw to the putting to death of many and maybe scores of millions — and to the effective imprisonment of hundreds of millions more:

    “(Joe, Baby, you take the bigger seven eighth …”… smoochy smoochy schlurp schlurp ….)”

    While, least we ever forget, laying the foundation of the communization of our beloved fraternal republic that presently proceeds apace!

    Brian Richard Allen
    Los Angeles – CalifROOSEVELTacated 90028 and the Far Abroad

  13. I’m not sure what the TOTD site is, please expand on it and direct me to it.

    I am somewhat relieved to hear Netanyahu vow that Iran will not be allowed to achieve nuclear weapon capability although if I remember correctly GW also vowed to not allow Iran to have nukes while he was President. I suppose one could say Bush was true to that vow because as far as we know the midget mahmoud does not yet have a nuke, but it seems we are all just gesturing and commenting on how soon Iran WILL have a viable nuke. I suppose we will find out they have one when the first one is detonated somewhere in Israel.

    I must say it seems the American people are waking up to this muslim empty suit illegal alien much faster than I had anticipated. We can only hope he is impeached before he institutionizes his marxism and causes irrepairable harm to this country.

  14. You keep pounding out gems. The TOTD can be as most suggested a quick blurp or topic. If you have the capacity to keep it filled, I say keep trucking. If you struggle to fill it (which I know couldn’t be for lack of material), perhaps rename it.

    The biggest problem is Barry thinks he is doing us and the world a favor. He is so under qualified for this position its like a 4th grader as your brain surgeon. I would hold off if possible on any aneurysms for at least 4 years.

    A good next topic is jeopardy for non tax evasion / felon less potential cabinet members. No wonder they have to consider republicans (whether or not they are truly conservative or just wear the tag). If this was a republican presidency this would never rest. It is a disaster and no one really even seems to care or criticize. Its so beyond a farce.

    Anyways, a rough ride indeed is in store. First TV interview on an arab network. We want what we have 20-30 years ago. The “doja” must have made that 20-30 years ago feel like a really good period of relations. From the campus it must have seemed like we were like Bert and Ernie. Nothing has changed in recent history, it only has come to true everyday recognition with 9/11. Don’t worry the giant is falling back asleep, some ligaments are back at full hibernation dreaming of peace, love, and stimulus.

  15. Aren’t there laws against visiting foreign countries unofficially and discussing US foreign policy with foreign leaders??? Someone needs to arrest this guy and the rest of his Criminal Cacophony.


    But as someone said your site your call
    Why wouln’t a MUSLIM appear first on a MUSLIM channel. As he slipped during the campaign and said my muslim faith he meant it.
    Illegal immigrant himself must be exposed and removed form POTUS

  17. Wow! Two more have to decline appointments by Obuma. Mow he will have to reach into the scumbag to pull out two more to see if they are tax cheats.I wonder how many libs are not paying their taxes.I wonder if the IRS records are coded D,I,R where D means DO NOT AUDIT, I means do as you see fit, and R means reach in their pocket and get all they have. It is nice to see that our honest representatives pay every penny due the IRS so the middle class can have lower taxes. What a bunch of pukes.

  18. Margaret in CT

    One of the things that I appreciate most about your opinion pieces is how well researched they are. Research takes time, but it is always worth it. I may be misunderstanding you, but if the TOTD is difficult to maintain in light of your work on your main commentary and if it doesn’t seem to be attracting much attention, you should do what works best for you.

    The thought of the gigglefest that the muslim leaders are having at the expense of the “leader of the free world” is truly sickening. His complacency in the face of the worst threat this nation has faced in my lifetime—arguably since its birth—is astounding.

    And yes, Mr. President, that IS egg on your face after Daschle, whom you “absolutely” supported, was forced to withdraw by the flood of LIBERAL editorials in newspapers across the country today. You can’t blame this one on FOX News.

  19. Whosebone,

    Usually the link to “The Thought Of The Day” (TOTD) is in the upper right hand corner of the site, underneath the “Subcribe to No Left Turnz by email”.

    There you should see the “No left Turnz Thought Of The Day” tab with the three most recent submissions there. Place the cursor over the TOTD tab and it should be a “hot” link. Just click.

    I say “Usually” because WordPress has a mind of its own..Usually it is on the “front page” but it almost always appears on the right side of the page if you open up the most recent article from the No Left Turnz front page..

    Sounds complicated, made unnecessarily so by WordPress..It’s all that I’ve got though.

    Thanks as always,


  20. Margaret,

    It’s not difficult to maintain, I just thought that the “site within the site” would be for kind of a daily “quick hit.”

    I had hoped that it would attract a bit more attention though, then again, with the inconsistency of WordPress, it sometimes becomes a little too difficult to get to..

    Getting the “attention” of a Hannity or a Coulter is inordinantly more difficult than getting to “The Thought Of The Day”.. I think that I have a better chnace of seeing Michael Moore drinking a Slim Fast than I do getting a response from one of the conservative pundits or publications. I keep trying though.

    On Daschle, he was drummed out by his own constituents back in 2004 after being a flop as the Minority Leader in the Senate. Then he skulked to the Center For American Progress, a liberal cesspool headed by another Clinton refuge, Podesta..

    Needless to say, had this worm hung in there for another day or so, I was going to send a sardonic salvo his way from noleftturnz..

    They will never let us down..

    Thanks as always,


  21. Larry, you squeezed out another dandy.
    This is our new President and the same sociopathic party who characterize puncturing a babys skull and sucking the brains out a contitutional right.
    Wise men talk because they have something to say;fools talk because they have to say something.


  22. Ovomit & the Pukes…rock on out of here!

    I am a baby boomer, and while watching the Glenn Beck show yesterday I was feeling really sorry for myself/us that we have to face the destruction of everything that we know and love at this stage of life. But then it hit me that this is my “military” service…my tour of duty.

    Larry, I read the TOTD because I don’t want to miss a word or a comment. But whatever works for you is OK with me.

  23. Obama’s every move to me is breath taking! I have never seen anyone with such a penchant for self destruction! It is like being the passenger in the car that’s going over the cliff! His ability to choose the absolutely most dangerous course of action on every issue (economic, security, enviromental, you name it) is uncanny. If it wasn’t so tragic it would be hilarious.
    Also I was thinking that if “Inconvenient Al” (also known as “The Grand Pervayer of Global Hoaxes”) gets much fatter maybe we could use him to block out the Sun and cool the Earth. Maybe he’s looking to become Michael Moore’s stunt double in one of his upcoming films!

  24. blue state blues- RWG

    Larry way to hit the ball out of the park! Unfortunately, it’s only the beginning of the foreign policy debacle. I loved “the stay at home Secretary of State” comment. lmao!

    Stitch- great post! Brokeback Obama; classic!!

    They (the Brokeback gang) are going to get their lunch handed to them by the Islamofascists! They are dealing with scorpions who will sting them when they least expect it even when they are lavishing them with praise and having a liberal love fest. They want to kill us and they mostly want to kill liberals because they stand for everything Islam hates most; weak kneed, sexually perverted, feminist fixated, drug using, porno loving, Metro sexual limp whinnies.

    And in keeping with Larry’s theme for this article; “ah beh-deeah, beh-deeah, that’s all folks”!

  25. T,
    I got that article by following the link on Monday’s front page.

    I rather enjoy the TOTD, but as many others have already stated, it’s your site. If you prefer to compile, then by all means, compile.

  26. Chris,

    Moore’s stunt double: I’d have killed to have thought of that one..


    Thanks for catching the Elmer Fudd reference..


    I think that TOTD will continue on. Thanks to all who voiced an opinion.


    This crew of cretins keeps supplying me with too much material. Already in the “can” as they say, is “The Preferred Dodge”. I don’t want to deluge all of you so this one will go on at approximately 3PM CST tomorrow.. I have no fear that these liberals will supply me with more ammo tomorrow..

    The Preferred Dodge is my blast at Daschle and his liberal friends.

    Thanks as always,


  27. Arthur Nankervis

    G’day Larry & Family,

    Thought I’d jump in at wading-end and feel my way around for a while. Things are certainly livening up in Washington and places beyond. your article and responding family comments are ‘spot on’ and tend to complement, rather than detract from the issue at hand.

    I would like to start by making an observation (however erred it may be).

    Sitting down for a breather on the Thai/ Malay border on Friday, November 22, 1963, our Patrol Commander suddenly paled and with wide eyes, whispered “They have killed Kennedy … the president of the United States has been assassinated!” He had been listening to the BBC of a small transistor radio and on informing us, he stood up, faced away from us, moved about 5 metres off the track and placing hands on hips, lowered his head. I mentioned this to let the family know that no action which takes place in the United States, goes unnoticed – by friend and foe alike. For me, I don’t think the actions of that day have ever really sunk in and I have been asking myself “Why” for all these years. The conspiracy theories which abound at the moment tend to confuse, rather than bring any clarity or definitive answers. In asking why, I always come up with blanks: What were JFK’s objectives and likewise, brother Bobby’s? If one can believe one theory in that “They were wasted by their own” and if indeed, those despicable actions were perpetrated by members of his own ‘party’, then which of Kennedy’s beliefs that were so diametrically opposed the party line. Were the Kennedys really “the good guys?” If we fast forward to the Clinton era, we see nothing even remotely resembling the fate of the Kennedys. Was it that finally, there was a president in office, toeing the line and doing all that he was ordered to do by those who ruled the presidency. Not sure if family members have visited the following site, but if 4/5ths of 5/8ths of sweet Fanny Adams of the articles therein are true, then the Clintons should still be in jail. To come forward to the present. The United States now has a president who I believe is back under the control of whoever controls the Democrats. No matter which way I look at it, Obama must be under the control of some force outside of what would appear to be his political party. My main reason in coming to this conclusion is that I sincerely believe that there is no one in the Democratic party capable of controlling what has happened throughout 2008 and up until the present day. So, I believe if there is an investigative reporter brave enough to go snooping, it will be found that there is more to the Obama phenomena than meets the eye. We have all been shown the level of intelligence, credibility and sincerity exhibited by the current administration, and for me, things just don’t add up. Here is the site I mentioned:

    Thanks for the chance of contributing. Gulp! This (without doubt) is sure to get some responses.


  28. Brian Richard Allen

    Good one, Arthur.

    Now, for a slightly more feet-on-the-ground look at the recidivist, treasonous, lying, looting, mass-murdering co-serial-rapist RICO-racketeering Cli’tons’ criminality, try any half dozen links at The Downside Legacy Archives at .

    It has been reasonably calculated by objective officers of the Law, to the level of the then head of the FBI, that if their every known criminal act was treated as a first offence, each of them would be looking at aggregate prison terms of more than 200 years.

    Brian Richard Allen
    Los Angeles, Brisbane & Chiang Mai, Thailand

  29. Arthur Nankervis

    Brian Richard Allen,

    Thanks for you reply. Needless to say, I have looked at the site given and after reading just two articles, my head is spinning. Having done 2 tours of Vietnam (first with an OZ Battalion and second as an adviser with the Vietnamese Army and later with the Cambodians. During my second tour, I was able to observe, to a limited extent, as to how the war was being lost … and it was not the U.S. soldiers who were doing the losing … and that includes the ARVN, who were starting to to turn every battle with the NVA into a victory. In seeing how quickly the U.S. war effort was being undermined from home bases, I, along with many, began to assess the situation and came up with the only viable summation that told us that: The American politicians had lost the war, had forsaken an entire region (Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos to gain the popularity vote. My Cambodian interpreter (along with his brother), asked me one day: “Mr. Arthur, how is the war going? followed immediately by “What will I do when the Khmere Rouge take over the country” I replied: “Well, if you were a pilot, you may have a chance. Within weeks, the two brothers had applied for and were accepted to begin flight training. Exit stage left two perfectly good interpreters. Me and my good advice. The U.S. need not worry about their forces at the moment as they seem to be in command of all situations presented to them. Americans should be proud of them. They have turned Defeat into Victory and hopefully, have changed history in the Middle East. The U.S. should not worry about or get involved in wars fought by The Israelis, they know what they are doing – Just support them and for ‘Heaven’s sake’, Keep the Clintons away from the area (including Mitchell). Luckily, those chronic wankers on the Left of sanity, have not read the Bible and don’t know how the story ends. A hint for them though, The Devil doesn’t win!


  30. Alabama Redneck

    First let me say that you have done it again. Another great post that I am eternally greatful for. Thank you.

    I am posting this AM because of two emails that I received 2/3/09. I have attached the URLs for the links involved. They are for the State of New Hampshire and the State of Washington. I have not checked them with any other source other than the state for which they apply.

    For all of the very knowledgeable readers and postings they provide, I thank you all. The subject of these liks is about the 10th amendent to the constitution that limits the power of the federal government and reserves ALL other powers to the individual states. Quite interesting if we could get enough states to do the same thing that NH and WA have evidently done,

    I apologize to all for getting off subject of this blog but feel so strongly about this that I wanted to let everyone I can contact know about this.

    I hope these do not turn out to be false. There may be hope if they are genuine.

    Never give up.

  31. Alabama Redneck


    Have just read your coments above. Both are excellent insights into our political system and the fact that our POTUS is simply a stooger controlled by other people (iluminti). There is not a farthing of difference between republicans and democrats when you consider
    George H.W. (R), Clinton(D) and GWB(R). All of them are either members of CFR or the Tri-lateral commission as are all member of the preent admin. As for JFK the conspiracy theory is alice and well. the assination hase been linked to the bankers who control the Federal Reserve Bank because he wanted to abolish it. He signed executive Order #11110 which has never been rescinded and less than six months later met his fate.

    To find the answer to all our problems you need to remember the old adage: “Follow the money”.

    Welcome to the site and I look forward to future coments from an ally. You have your own problems with Brown and Blair still in the picture. Stoy tuned this is going to rough but interesting.

    Never give up


  32. Alabama Redneck

    Ooooops. Forgot to check my spelling.

  33. Arthur Nankervis

    G’day Alabama Redneck,

    Thank you Sir for your kind observations. A minor correction is in order however! I am Australian and not a Pommie (OZ slang for an Englishman). Blair & Brown both belong to the socialist left AKA The Labour Party. The current OZ govt. is also from the socialist leaning Australian Labour Party (ALP). The OZ Federal Opposition is predominantly from The Liberal Party, which is the conservative equivalent to your GOP. Confusing Heh? Anyway, I look forward to contributing as best I can and getting a better grasp on what and who makes America tick. I’ve lived here in Thailand for over 25 years and as such, have very little knowledge on OZ politics.

    Thai politics are a shambles, but at least there are two distinct party lines to choose from: One group which accepts money in return for their vote (powerbase in the poor, rural North East) and the current, recently installed government from the Democratic Party, and who lean more to the right. More confusion!

    Thanks again for your welcome


  34. Brian Richard Allen

    G’Day, , Arthur. ‘Cept that I’m an aviator, you and I have very similar backgrounds and — South-East Asia based — I’m still into every adventure I can sniff out. If you’re in Thailand for a while, maybe we can have a bowl of pad Thai, one day. I have a homes in Singapore and at Chiang Mai, where I am most often based.

    Catchyah – Brian

  35. Alabama Redneck


    My most humble apologies, mate. I would NEVER confuse a Pommie for an Aussie intentionally. I have most fond memories of my visit to Sydney in 1967. Had the chance to go there on R&R from ‘Nam. Have friends there and we email on occassion.

    Again, mate, my apologies.

    Never give up.

  36. Oshama’s Cabinet is crumbling and I’m excited!!! I just have one question: How can we expect a man without character to pick people of character to his Cabinet??? BHO on the one hand talks about transparency, ethics, and not allowing lobbyists into his Administration and then turns around and breaks his own rules. He is showing his true colours more and more every day. Why are Conservatives the only ones paying attention???

  37. As delighted as I was with the withdrawal of Tax Boy Tom Daschle, it set me to wondering who The Anointed One will choose next. Some names I have heard bandied about inclue Howard “The Screamer” Dean or Donna Shlala. I wonder if Jocelyn Elders is gainfully emplayed at the moment? She was always a giggle.
    Great article, as always, Larry

  38. Margaret in CT

    What a pleasure it was this a.m. to go on and see Maureen Dowd, Bush-Hater-in Chief, boo-hooing about Obama’s incompetence and hypocrisy. You asked for him, you got him, Maureen. Enjoy!

  39. Michael Moore is overweight? … hmmm … in uk we have a more quaint phrase that goes something like this… “fat bastard”

  40. interesting to watch BHO squirm … notice how quicky he pulls out of his arse a surefire plan to pacify the NYT and get his lefty loons back onside … ie – do a robin hood on the CEO salaries ! … this of course has the added bonus that it becomes a quick smokescreen for his blatant incompetence and inability to pick one worthwhile key person for his government as we watch every choice he makes blow up in his face quicker than a line of iranian “college students” . Pick a government ? … dont think do ! – this arsehole couldnt pick his nose !

  41. interesting to watch BHO squirm … notice how quicky he pulls out of his ass a surefire plan to pacify the NYT and get his lefty loons back onside … ie – do a robin hood on the CEO salaries ! … this of course has the added bonus that it becomes a quick smokescreen for his blatant incompetence and inability to pick one worthwhile key person for his government as we watch every choice he makes blow up in his face quicker than a line of iranian “college students” . Pick a government ? … dont think do ! – this idiot couldnt pick his nose !


  43. Arthur Nankervis

    Alabama Redneck & Brian Richard Allen

    AR: No need to apologize mate. All from the same stock … just different ways of looking at life. If you ever decide to wander over this way, there is always a place to stay and a bottle of whiskie (or 2) to get rid of. Think about my last … while there is still a U.S. dollar to be spent. The $US = 34.9337 Thai Baht whilst The Russian rouble is at 0.9762 Thai Baht … But, give The Ruskies and Polkovnik General Obama time … it is definitely in the Grand Plan.

    Brian Richard Allen (BRA doesn’t seem appropriate): Singers and Chiang Mai heh? Two good places to be (and I’m sure all posters who survived the latest round of Stateside weather would agree. No man or his dog should have to go through that). A bowl of Pad Thai would certainly hit the spot … just name a place and time and we can see what damage we can do. Of course, the same invite extended to AR applies to yourself and all the family … just not all at the same time. Am expecting a few members of AATTV (OZ advisory Team in the funny place) to come this way soon and there is a special bottle of JW Blue to be opened.

    Anyway, my best wishes to you both and for all who read this post … the best from Thailand


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