The Preferred Dodge

The Democratic demigod from the politically polluted state of Illinois is proving that inexperience is the great equalizer once you take office. Some are finding it hard to believe that a number of Obama appointees are voluntarily bumping themselves off. The reason that they are all walking the plank and taking the Nestea plunge is because the liberals would rather do it themselves since the beatified one is in office, rather than have the conservatives throw them overboard.

Within hours of each other, Nancy Killefer and Tom Daschle excused themselves from the side show sensationalism that a number of the Obama choices have created. Just barely underneath the liberal limbo wire was Timothy Geithner, who conveniently forgot how to pay his taxes, so the Obama administration put him in charge of the Treasury Department, which oversees the IRS. I would hope that the IRS under his tutelage would be as forgiving to middle class tax miscreants as they were to him..

In an article entitled, “Daschle debacle humbles Obama”, we hear that the “clearly gifted politician cannot escape the gravitational pull of Washington”. The “once-in-a-generation political leader who could rise above his predecessor’s foibles.” “The new President, seen by some as arrogant..” (That is the journalistic equivalent of saying, “Dennis Kucinich, seen by some as insane..”) Obama’s “frank admission” (“I screwed up.”) was so different from “the preferred dodge” from this Oval Office. No real surprise there, these are the typical mistakes that are made by beginners. The media are all in a fever, they are amazed that there is a “green” oxidization breaking out all over the copper complexion of the liberals geek god..

Probably the easiest ways to avoid this hilarity would have been to actually “vet” the appointees and to consider all former Clinton caliphate members and hideous liberal hacks off limits. It seems that the Obama vetting process consisted of, “Dude, you want this job?.. Cool..”

Nancy Killefer withdrew from her made up position as “Chief Performance Officer” due to a $946 tax lien from the District of Columbia. The “source” of this information was not the “loyal opposition”, it was the Associated Press. This once again proves one of the reasons that inexperience is a dangerous political flaw because the media, who spent months preening the poltroon are now set to kneecap the knob.. Actually, Killefer’s mistake seems within the parameters of acceptability at less than a grand but Daschle’s “mistake” seems intentional and one that comes from the inbred arrogance of the left.

As a public service, since the left seems to have an allergy towards properly vetting their potential nominees, I will briefly vet Daschle, as the libs should have done BEFORE he withdrew. The BlagObama reprobates can use this template for the next liberal that they wish to reward with a position in this Catharist cabinet.. Mind you, this is not a “complete” vetting, but you will quickly come to the realization that Daschle’s tax troubles were nothing compared to leftist genealogy.

Daschle should have paid a bit more attention to not only his tax returns but to some of the things that he said in relation to the taxes that he and his lemmings inflicted upon the middle class as the Senate Majority Leader. Take this gem from 1998, “Make no mistake, tax cheaters cheat us all, and the (IRS) should enforce our laws to the letter..” That said, Daschle should be fitted with “Democratic bracelets” (handcuffs) and escorted to nearest penal colony. Once word of the penal colony punishment makes it to Barney Frank, he will admit to decades of tax malfeasance whether its true or not..

The idea of Daschle getting back into the revolving door of Washington politics after his “career outside” of politics is evidence that these thieves never leave the trough.

After his defeat in 2004, Daschle immediately went to “work” for the firm of Alston and Bird, a heavy hitter on K Street in the clandestine world of “political lobbying” where their particular field of expertise is “health care”. Daschle had to cool his heels for a year after his ignominious defeat, so they cooked up the title of “special policy adviser” for the liberal. After his double secret probation was up, Daschle got down to earning some serious cash, some of which probably never made it to his wink-wink, “tax returns”, scoring two million dollars in 2008 alone.

Daschle kept his liberal legacy alive as well by being a “Senior Fellow” at the uber liberal stink tank “The Center For The American Way”. The “Center” was a frequent friend to the Al Franken Radio Comedy Show where tens of listeners were captivated by the Scare America comedian. Intertwined in this “Center” is the Hungarian rodent George Soros who planted the seed money for the “Center” along with the “Democracy Alliance”, a liberal anti-American pustule.

The cancerous roots of the “Center” run even deeper. One of its tentacles is called “Campus Progress” which disseminates progressive propaganda and socialist subversion on campuses nationwide. They also held their first “National Student Conference” in July 2005. Their guest speaker was Bill Clinton.. Their second conference in 2006? Guest speaker Barack Obama..

“Think Progress”, another bottom feeder liberal “Center” cult, even accused John McCain of acting like a Democrat when they alleged that he plagiarized a speech from Admiral Timothy Zeimer. They were proven wrong, so it goes to show that obviously there isn’t a lot of this “think” thing going on there as the “Think Progress” goons never thought to call out Democratic plagiarists Joe Biden and Barack Obama who actually plagiarized..

Daschle’s “Center” also produced a little tract entitled, “The Structural Imbalance of Talk Radio”, piggy backing off of the last attempted infringement upon free speech, the “Fairness Doctrine”. “Free” speech is a liberal misnomer. “Censored” or “politically correct” speech is more like it.. Those who disagree with the left quickly discover that the Constitution only applies to the Socialists.

Again please note the smarmy attempts at diversion by the left. Let’s just call it the “liberal 180 degree definitional analogy”. So far we have heard “Fairness”, “Progress”, “Democracy”, “American” used to humorously describe these leftists. Daschle and his crew have warped the definitions of each of these words. His and his minions are confirmed liberals who actively seek to subvert Democracy within every facet of society and this ethos saturates every level of their organizations.

It is obvious that this liberal leech wanted to resurface as the Health and Human Services honcho so that he could again cash in on all of the contacts that he made “health care lobbying” for Alston and Bird.

In 2008, Daschle wrote a book entitled, “Critical: What Can We Do About The Health-Care Crisis”. Here the socialist reemerges as Daschle postulates about a “Federal Health Board” who would be “insulated from political pressure” (AKA: Guys like lobbyist Daschle during his Alston and Bird days.) and “accountable to elected officials and the American people”..(AKA: the guys that he said he would be insulated from..) This is known as the “Daschle Double Talk”. Simply put, Daschle dreamed of a socialized system of health care not unlike the one that the Secretary of State envisioned when she was trying to fabricate “experience’ as the First Lady..

First, Bill Richardson. (When Richardson, potential Commerce Secretary, took a powder, his rumored replacement was Leo Hindery. Hindery made the “gift” to Daschle that he “absentmindedly” forgot to claim as part of his tax woes because Daschle was a “consultant” to Hindery’s “InterMedia Partners”..) Almost Timothy Geithner. Then Nancy Killefer. Then Tom Daschle. For a guy who bragged that he would start a “new era of responsibility” he is sounding almost as idiotic as the Botox Bolshvik who said that she was bringing the “most ethical House in history” to Washington. Daschle is done, but remember that these are the types of people that Obama has already installed and the type of people he will be turning over rocks to look for in the future.

It sounds as though the Obama Oval Office’s “preferred dodge” won’t be going away anytime soon with the liberals in charge.


37 responses to “The Preferred Dodge

  1. Family,

    This was done last night but I didn’t want to overwhelm the subscribers.

    These liberals are a gold mine of material and it isn’t going to let up any time soon..

    Shameless Self Promotion Moment: Check out the “Thought Of The Day” which will be posted in a minute.. “Symbols” is it’s title.

    It’s time to start playing for keeps..

    Thanks as always,


  2. Larry tis true that bloggers will have more material than we know what to do with!! This was great though as usual.

  3. At this rate, maybe Obama should appoint Hugo Chavez as the head of Homeland Security. I am sure the liberals would be ecstatic to have a man with that much experience in hating America!

  4. Any child who is never “graded” on anything can be called “gifted”.
    Obama is the perfect example.
    No one, especially the media, vetted (graded) this guy for the past 12-15 months.
    Instead they spend their time counting the hairs on Palin’s legs.

    Obama seems to think the media will treat his pets as they did him.
    Not only did they look the other way when Obama’s “youth and inexperience” raised its ugly head (not to be confused with Michelle), but they actually looked AT what he did or said and said absolutely nothing about it.
    This idiot has to think he has the media in his back pocket.
    Actually, their a bit closer than that.
    Katie Couric needs to take a full step back just to get her head out of his ass.

    Barney “BF” Frank thought they said “Penile Colony”.
    (my “thought of the day”: you could go right up to Barney Frank’s face and yell, “YOU’RE A COCK-SUCKING HOMO!!”. And all he can do is nod his head.)
    He actually has a lot of practice “nodding his head”, but I digress.

    The “health care crisis” for MOST Americans is the threat from the left that we will not only have to pay for our own health insurance, but also for the laziest bums, AND, the gubbment bureaucracy to oversee it.

    Now we have a president who is so stupid he doesn’t even know it is expected for him to “dodge” certain questions.
    You really really have to be dumb to not know when it is expected for you to “play dumb”.

    The media is calling this “refreshing” (when O’majesty declared “I screwed up”).
    This is going to be fun.
    We now have a new game.
    Can you count how many times PO (pres obama) says, “I screwed up” before next Krimmis?

    My favorite gems in this article:
    Franken’s “tens of listeners”.
    “green” oxidization breaking out all over the copper complexion of the liberals geek god..
    “Dude, you want this job?.. Cool..”
    “Daschle Double Talk”

    PS – I had some vindication! I heard O’Reilly’s show the other day talking about the liberal’s plans to grant amnesty to all the illegal aliens.
    This will give TX, AZ, NM, CO, and CA, MILLIONS more democratic voters.
    He did not mention the liberals’ plans to turn “border guards” into “crossing guards” though.
    However, that is on the liberals’ checklist of Obamafications.
    O’Reilly did not, as I have said, that this would give the Democrats control of TX, NY, and CA, which will make it virtually impossible for a Republican to ever win the White House (or “High Yellow” House) again.


  5. oops, 3rd to the last line should start:
    O’Reilly did SAY, as I have said, – – – – –


  6. Todd

    PO would not dare appoint Chavez to anything, but not for the reasons you might be thinking.

    Anyone that does not allow children to have on-demand abortions without their parents’ consent (or knowledge), has no place in this administration!


  7. oops, sorry, the last word in my last post should have been:
    “mintrashun” rather than “administration”.

    STITCH ! ! !

  8. Stitch,
    You’re right. I should have said somebody from the Chinese gov’t, since that country actually requires abortions if the family does not have a permit to have children.

  9. You are spot on as always, Larry.

    By the way, (slightly off topic) did anyone happen to notice Dan Rooney thanking the ‘annointed one’ after the Superbowl? I was already disappointed that the Cardinals didn’t win, but then he really had to go and spoil the game for me. It amazes me how someone who is supposed to be a conservative (Rooney) can be so taken in by Mr. ‘Just Words – Just Speeches’. Perhaps he should have thanked him for the sun rising the next day as well, since that had about as much to do with the Steelers winning the Superbowl as Obuma did.

  10. Larry,
    Thanks again for the insight.
    Just as Obama will have no lobbyists in his administration (except for the ones he already HAS), the arrogance of politicians never fails to astound me.
    All these D.C. schleps must feel above scrutiny!
    Where do we turn? I see nothing dynamic on the Reep side.
    Dr. Dave -watching the depression unfold.

  11. How did it come to this? How did a nation full of intelligent, hard working, tax paying (well some of us anyway) vote for this guy? How can people be so taken with him? Is this great country really full of such stupid people? I can’t understand how anyone can even think about socialized medicine when they aren’t even paying their own taxes!!! Wow have we entered the twilight zone?

  12. “District of Columbia”? You mean our next Great State, the 51st State of the Union even though it’s written into the Constitution Article I, Section 8 through the graces that now bestow themselves in all the land, the boys are looking for some more votes. Damn, pretty soon we could have a floating ship designaed a ‘state’.

    Also, my people says that the Almighty O is now floating a new health plan for the military, time for everyone to get patriotic I guess, who cares if you were paid beans and all the soup you want.

    What would happen if someone started a depression and no one came to the party until ‘after’ they’re paid?

    We are only about 15 days into this?

  13. The only way we (conservatives) will have a chance at winning the next presidential election is to put forth one obvious candidate that has proven conservative principles.

    Unbeknownst to the republican masses at the time (and even now), the media gently, subtly, and consistently convinced us to elect McCain as our party’s candidate. They fed us daily with the McCain diet, talking him up while downplaying and denigrating the rest of the field. Of course, once he won the nomination the very same media could find nothing positive about him at all. They leftist liberal media did this because they needed McCain to be our choice since he would be the easiest of all the candidates to defeat. Well, the conservatives took the bait, McCain won the nomination, and for that we got our asses handed to us by Mr. Change and his empty-headed, glazed-eyed masses and minions.

    So, in the next 2-3 years, before the primaries for 2012 start ramping up again, we need to have one, and only one, strong candidate that speaks for the right of center Americans. We must not let the media choose our next candidate in the primaries. The RNC better figure this out and do so quickly so that we have one identifiable candidate we can all support. This will disable the media by making it more difficult to sway the unfortunately poorly infomed conservatives who haven’t found alternatives to MSM junk. And we at the grassroot level need to start getting this message to the party leaders if there is any hope for a conservative in the White House any time in the forseeable future.

    P.S. We also have to get more involved with the internet, answer back to untrue stories and force apologies or retractions. I’m not saying we need to lose our class (because honestly, we are a very classy and gracious party) but we need to stop thinking that once the truth comes out people will make the right choice. The truth is whatever the MSM says it is, whether it’s true or not. We need to stop letting them create our image and stand up for ourselves. That’s the kind of change I’m talking about!

  14. “new era of responsibility”
    “most ethical House in history”
    “500 MILLION Americans losing their jobs every month that we don’t pass this stimulus package”
    We MUST pass this legislation or “Our nation will sink deeper into a crisis that, at some point, we may not be able to reverse.”

    Do they REALLY think we believe the crappola that come out of their mouths?? Really, we’re “only 15 days into this” and there’s already been more lying, fear mongering and tax evading revealed than in all 8 years of Bush! And Obama bringing up “the people voted for change”….well BO, THIS person didn’t…and millions of others didn’t either!! The arrogance!
    I can’t stand it already….I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep my sanity for 4 years!!


  16. Larry, another fine piece of analysis-
    Stitch, you are a stitch, I especially enjoyed the Couric observation-
    Docta G, you are absolutely right, we could probably be of more use injecting some factual info into the airhead zones, to combat the diet of lies, and it’s a dirty job that needs doing- How about Bobby Jindal in 2012? Condi for VP? Sowell for State?

  17. “Once word of the penal colony punishment makes it to Barney Frank, he will admit to decades of tax malfeasance whether its true or not.”

    Too funny.

    Refresh my memory and let me know if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Daschle one of the people to receive the Anthrax in the mail a few years back? If so, he should have opened it. I can think of a few more we can send some to at this point in time.

  18. Larry,
    Once again, after reading your insight, I sit back and shake my head and think, why can’t everyone else see all of this going on? Was the kool-aid THAT great, and are the blinders (that the left side has apparently donned) attached with superglue?
    Stitch-what you said about the Democrats acquiring control of TX, NY & CA…too late for CA. I am from the San Joaquin Valley (which is predominately (R) and very, very proud of it!), however, we are stuck (for now) with two very, very liberal (D) senators (that we are NOT very, very proud of). Oh yeah, and then there is our RINO governor. So, you see which way our vote goes every time…Gosh, I’m hoping (ha!) that 2010 brings change (ha!ha!) for us here.

  19. The only thing that can reverse/restore the US out of this liberal distruction will be a dictator. Roman empire survived their liberal decline by the election of a dictator to their Republic. They lasted 500 years — but then they murdered him — it will take God himself to wipe this evil off the face of the earth. And he w i l l !

  20. Margaret in CT

    It’s so encouraging to see that the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” is alive and well in the heartland of our country, Larry. And what a privilege it is to be a part of it!

    Sorry for the terrible pun, but I think of the activities of the appointees of this administration as another take on the Bay of Pigs. Not one of these oinkers has “made a mistake.” They have blatantly evaded taxes! These malodorous chumps act surprised at their own actions and actually expect us to accept their apologies.

    I find hope in the declining popularity of Obama. Historically, the cowards who are in the “loyal opposition” in Congress have waited until the country has become disenchanted before they have had gotten some steel in their spines and stepped up to the plate. That the RINO Lindsey Graham was the one to step forward and blister Obama for writing editorials (economic obituaries) rather than working with the Senate on legislation was a surprise. Now let’s hear from Spector and more from McCain. The libs will never sit down with a sensible conservative, such as Sessions, but it will be hard for them to avoid Leader McConnell. His state was absolutely ignored in its time of need after the weekend ice storm—until today, when our “Oh,-I-didn’t-know-that” president declared the state a disaster area—now that a mere 150,000 are without power, down from 750,000 on Monday. Thanks for snapping to and giving those folks “hope,” pres.

    There is hope that the be-all, end-all “stimulus” package is in trouble now that Obama’s know-nothing arrogance is out in the open and is being commented on by such Bush-hating editorialists as Maureen Dowd and Joe Klein. The Senate may split the package and keep some short-term tax relief in place until they can get themselves re-elected in 2010. The current deadlock seems like a safe haven. It’s when they take action that we should begin to worry.

  21. Docta G.,

    My sentiments exactly. Those type of thoughts crossed my mind with “The Soft Soap Box Derby” from Feb. of ’08.. The McCain/media thing was certainly underreported, but I tried..


    Yes, Daschle did get one of the Anthrax letters. I believe that it was opened before it got to Daschle.


    The Bay of Pigs analogy can play out relative to the Republicans and this “bailout”..

    They can promise air support but will they leave the heroes stranded on the beach to be blitzed by Castro/Obama?

    We shall see.

    Thanks to all as always,


  22. Senator Stabenow D-Mi said today it was time to hold Congressional hearing in congress to oppose conservative talk radio,, her idea to make it more fair for both parties, sounds to me like the demorats are ready for war. Get your guns and ammo ready boys ,the fight is on.

    Georgia Dawg
    Dream as if you will live forever,live as if you’ll die tomorrow.

  23. To: Docta G
    Here’s a few names we can rally around.
    Gov. Bobby Jindal…. (R) La.
    Gov. Sarah Palin…….(R) Al.
    Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) Ak.
    Sen> Lindsey Graham(R) S.C.

  24. If the “fairness “docrine makes it into law, expect a lot of radio stations to go under and be ready to REALLY defend your rights by exercising the 2nd Amendment as it was meant to be exercised!
    The libs will lose, because they will have to pay somebody else to fight for them.

  25. Huckabee/Palin 2012

  26. You are right, Larry.
    Dodge is the word for the evening.

    Ignoring the polls showing increased opposition to the “stimulus” aka Piglosi’s Porkage, Blag-Obama of the Ebony Crib is on TV tonight speaking to the democrat Caucus bellowing that this is what the people who voted for him November 4th want, dumping fear on the politically challenged.

    His lack of leadership is unprecedented, and the arrogance soars.

    Panetta and Solis are in trouble with their nominations – another tax fraud on Solis, her husband recently paid the liens, some up to 16 years old.

    Just love how Blag-Obama vets these troubled crooks.

    Go, lemmings, go!

  27. I think Hugh Downs was right on….BHO is just a flake!!!!
    I like the sound of that…..
    Huckabee/Palin 2012

  28. Hi Larry,

    Hey I was reading something pretty interesting over at “American” that was about something called the “federal coordinating council for comparative effectiveness research.” The article said there’s a funding provision page 151, sect 9201 for it in the stimulus package. What is it about? Essentially (my read anyway) it’s about health services rationing or “prioritizing” on federally funded health care services. Whoever gets seated on the council will decide what kinds of services get paid for and what don’t. Why is that important? Well like the “SCHIP” provision (children’s universal health care) it’s another piece of the socialist health care puzzle (in the background I think I can hear someone shouting “Eugenics! Eugenics!”)
    Guess who’s fingerprints are all over it? Ol’ “Tax Cheat Tom” Daschle himself! So I’m wondering if these “tax cheat” issues are (although legit) just diversionary suicides (anything for the “cause”) to get us to turn our eyes from “the communist manifesto” currently being sold as the “stimulus package” and which is now getting way too much scrutiny. What’s your opinion?
    Also if the RNC doesn’t change the primary rules and stop the crossover votes we’ll never get another good conservative candidate just more RINO dung like McCain (and Todd don’t let the Baptist pedigree fool you Huckabee is a big government populist dope).

    Jindal/Palin 2012

    Just their courage is inspiring to me let alone their talent.

  29. a former co-worker once demonstrated to me his method of dodging questions. the question was in the form of a derisive statement of his chosen profession and of a particular tool used in that profession. his particular tool in this case was a SIG SAUER P220 in .45 acp calibre. the question/comment was made to him as he minded his business while waiting to pickup a customers deposit.(in the armored car proffession). the comment…made by a female of indeterminate age over 60..was (add your own whiny sound effect)..”i don’t like guns…”..
    my co-worker..(i have to refer to current and former co workers as co workers rather than “partners”…dont need the wrong ideas floating around)…to which the co-worker responded..”well, i don’t like whiny old ladies..but i checked a little while ago and this is still the usa…we have 1st amendments, 2nd amendment, and a bunch of others..but your right to say you don’t like guns won’t keep someone from robbing my right to carry a gun does….have a nice day”….but i have learned also, and he knew this, logic just can’t be used in any argument with a liberal

  30. Well, it appears that the attacks on Sarah Palin are still an ongoing issue for some on the left. The latest attack is regarding the wild wolfs in Alaska. Liberal pinhead Ashley Judd filmed a commercial regarding Palin support for the killing of these wolfs. But the ad and Ms. Judd have failed to mention that these animals are dying a slow and painful death, especially during the winter months, from starvation. Yeah, Ashley that’s a much better way for them to die, survival of the fittest. We all know how much Hollywood liberals love starvation, a little anorexia here and a little bulimia there, I’m sure when Annie Liebervitz comes to take their photographs for the cover of Vanity Fair, their hollow checks and their rib cage will look just as smashing as say… your latest cover shot with your Botox face and airbrushing has done for your career. Tell us again how thin is sexy?

    Well, they are really afraid of her and based on the continuation of their attacks to harm and discredit her, are the path of least resistance for them. Attacking her will not make the stimulus bill, stimulate the dragging economy. 80% are saying the package will not stimulate our economy and no matter how many news conferences and talks to the American public to gain their support, will NOT change our minds, Mr. President. Learn now that the public isn’t buying your bull any longer and… I don’t know… maybe you should grow a pair of balls and deal with the facts that caused this mess. Until the Democrats admit their roles in the downfall of our economy that you help cause on purpose to gain seats in Congress and the control of the White House.

    It’s day 17 of his administration and we are already feeling the growing pains of a half-wit liberal leaders in Congress and a President that appears to want his own television series to “talk directly to the American public” to gain support of something that has no chance of creating jobs. Unless the jobs are for abortionist doctors and new staff for Planned Parenthood, all union workers across the board to send a billion “thank you” letters to his supporters. And, help Hollywood out of their creative rut of unwatchable films.

    I’m not sure I can survive four years, maybe two years of this crap. There’s only so much patience a person can have, and mine has runnth over in 17 days.

  31. Chris,
    I will have to take a good look at Jindal and do a little more research on Huckabee. Either way, though, I want Sarah Palin on the ticket in 2012!

  32. ny republican

    Hi folks, I’ve been reading this blog for a while now and actually look forward to its arrival. I don’t think I’ve ever found so many people to agree with and I’m impressed with the quality of the dialogue and the various insightful analysis thrown about. It gives me a lot of ammo to use on my all too liberal friends! Some of them are actually starting to question their vote and commitment to the dems. Thanks again

  33. Alabama Redneck


    You are absolutly right on with Jindal/Palin 2012. Either way it is our best hope. The fact that the MSM is still doing thier hatchet job on Palin, aka character assassination, shows they are extremely afraid of her. GO Palin!


    Please Google Huckabee. I think you will find that he is a big government spender and not withstanding his religious background supports abortion and gay rights.

    I see where RINO SCUM BAG McCain is at it again with a gang of 18. He is a disgrace to his father and grandfather let alone the uniform he wore for so many years.

    Buying more ammo.
    Never give up.

  34. Rahmbo is trying to take control of the Census Bureau, removing it from the Dept of Commerce.

    As if Acorn and the entitlement alms to the politically corrupt aren’t enough to build a voter base, the demos feel the need to redistrict as well.

    This corruption of the process must be stopped.

  35. Roxi: many have drunk the Kool Aid, but many more ignore what’s going on. How many people have you heard, during your lifetime, say how much they “can’t stand” politics? Plenty of them, right? They don’t pay any attention. They’d rather concentrate on Monday Night Football or tending the barbeque on the deck or reading fiction novels, etc. Real life doesn’t get through the veil, politically speaking. They leave such matters to others to deal with, even while the walls are cracking and the foundation of the country is breaking up. Can’t be bothered. Not my concern. “They’re all crooks” is their mantra (and not true). It’s their way of dismissing the whole subject as unredeemable, and therefore of no concern to them. These kind of people have put His Majesty on the throne. Larry, how can you bring up the “preferred” Dodge when we all know that Chrysler Corporation is on its last legs? 🙂

  36. Sarah Palin is still one of the most ethical, honest, admirable politicians I’ve seen. I’ve been watching some of her activities in AK and she’s still just representing the morality that we all long for. I’d love to see her in the White House, but I’m too afraid that the media has done so much damage to her that it may be irreparable. I was so frustrated by “republicans” who would say, “I was going to vote for McCain, but then he picked Sarah Palin, so now I’m voting for Obama”. For me, that crap comment was akin to your boyfriend being mean to you so now you don’t like men anymore. (I felt the same way when Colin-the-traitor-Powell jumped ship and voted based on race…if he were really conservative, values would be colorblind, no?).

    What about Romney/Palin or Romney/Jindal for 2012? I like the age and business experience balanced with youth and energy! Huckabee is a great guy, but he’s a bit RINO for me.

    I love this site… Larry, I’ll go back and check out Feb ’08 article. I only found you in Oct ’08 (via a link on one of Anne Colter’s weekly articles) but am hooked on your articles. Keep ’em coming!

  37. Thank you Larry for your time and effort on these great articles. It is refreshing and encouraging to see there are other sane people in this country. I particularly like, as do all of my friends, the consensus that we will not be herded and slaughtered by the worthless liberals who have us on the run – FOR NOW.

    If the democrat SOB’s try to pass the BS “unfairness doctrine”, we should turn this government inide out.

    We can no longer count on any politician to protect our Constitutional rights, secure our borders, or restore conservative values.

    The crooks who have stolen Washington will, as the ever-so-eloquent Jerimiah Wright says, see their “chickens come home to roost”.

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