Rewarded For Failure

Even at this early stage of the “Great Obama Experiment”, an experiment that certainly calls for a postpartum abortion, the President has to be exhausted. Simultaneously he has been throwing tantrums and dancing the “Socialist Samba” over his “economic stimulus package” which is beginning to smell more like Dahmer’s refrigerator with each passing moment..

The latest publicity stunt from a man whose political career is nothing more than a publicity stunt, is his collectivist command that these “bailout” firms should cap their executives pay at a half a million dollars a year.

“This is America, we don’t disparage wealth..” Obama intoned. Allow me to finish the sentence for O’Carter: “but as a reprobate redistributionist, I damned well DO disparage the wealth of others..”

Obama, the progressive paladin, continued on, “What gets people upset is executives being rewarded for failure.. especially where those rewards are subsidized by U.S. taxpayers..”

A few thought spring to mind. Will Obama have the same outlook about rewarding failure as he cashes his first Presidential paycheck? Obama and his liberal cohorts can’t be serious about suddenly being so concerned over “rewarding failures that are subsidized by U.S. taxpayers” when they have personally ushered in trillions of dollars in wasted taxpayers subsidies with their “War On Poverty”.. On that note and since the left is so fond of surrender, can we please sign some treaty or pass another useless U.N. resolution in order to end this “War”? If not, I still await the liberal “exit strategy” for a peaceful end to this liberal hostility directed at the middle class tax payers for the last fifty years..

Obama continued on, “For top executives to award themselves is not only in bad taste, it’s bad strategy..” How odd that this is coming from a “top executive” who is still recovering from the hangover from his $200,000,000.00 communist coronation.. Even at this earliest of stages, it is safe to say that Obama definitely knows what he is talking about when he chastises anyone about “bad strategy”..

The obvious Democratic double standard of course must apply to everyone else except for the grandiose grandstanders of the left. If you limit your example to Obama alone, his “legal” taxpayer provided salary falls just short of this “cap” for those who are in the private sector. The “freebies”, the “swag bags” and all of the “glad handing” that he has already gotten is completely unaccounted for, but the standards that the left demands of others is never applicable to themselves.

These histrionics shouldn’t be a surprise to the capitalists who have actually, as Mike Pence said, invited “the 800 pound gorilla of government into your boardroom”. They asked for it and now they are getting it.. The remedy for all of this “accountability” that is being bandied about by the progressives is quite simple.


Quit and become a liberal politician. (Or a liberal “entertainer”. No one cares how much you make as long as you repeat the proper Marxist mantras..) Then quit again and become a “consultant” or a “lobbyist”. Then you must start giving speeches and taking all sorts of bribes and payoffs knowing that the guys who would “investigate” you are the guys who will themselves be lobbyists and/or consultants in a few years or so..

First become a liberal politician. Let’s take the liberal leader as an example. The guy who “turned down Wall Street” in order to become a “community activist”, while as a lowly Senator managed to land, with the help of a felonious friend Tony Rezko, a stately mansion in an exclusive part of town for the paltry sum of nearly two million dollars. The Obama tax returns from 2006 claimed one million dollars in income. The 2007 returns? Try four million two hundred thousand dollars of income.. Not too bad for 143 days of “work” and by work I mean “voting present”..

Next you can start towards the rewarding and completely unscrutinized world of “consulting”. Here our liberal politicians learn the art of “multi-tasking” as every one of them simultaneously “consult” while they sit on couple of dozen bogus “boards”, while hitting the “dinner and speech” circuit. This is when your off shore bank accounts star to swell to the size of a typical Al Gore breakfast..

For the sake of argument, we will allow that you have been following the headlines of late, so the exploits of Rangel, Blagojevich, Richardson, Geithner and Daschle should still be somewhat fresh. (With all of these monetary liberal hi jinks by so many of the Socialists, it almost makes one pine for the halcyon days when the last liberal embarrassment in the White House concerned himself with little else other than playing “Hide The Willy”. Almost, but not quite..) (That’s not even taking into account the subpoenas senior Obama advisors have already received..) So, let’s look back at the “career” of the next beginner who is probably going to be in charge of the CIA, former Clinton crony Leon Panetta.

Since the beginning of 2008 ALONE, Panetta has earned more than $700,000.00 in “speaking and consulting fees”. Not to be outdone by the other liberal Obama nominees, he took these payoffs from “troubled financial firms and from a firm that invests in contractors for federal security agencies.”

In breaking Panetta’s payoffs down, we find $56,000.00 from Merrill Lynch, $28,000.00 from Wachovia and most interestingly, a $28,000.00 “honorarium” from the Carlyle Group which holds “a majority stake in the government consulting arm of Booz Allen-Hamilton Inc., which works for the CIA and other agencies..” Panetta also netted $60,000.00 in “governmental advisor fees” from the Pacific Maritime Association.

If anyone questions anything remotely resembling a “conflict of interest” or any other potential encumbrance, you can just repeat after Panetta. He was “unaware”. Or as Geithner said, “..should have known better.” Or as Daschle said, “Damn, you caught me..” Or as Clinton said, “it depends what the definition of ‘is’ is..” Take your pick, they all seem to have worked in the past..

Panetta, as busy as he apparently was, still managed to land $130,000.00 in “director’s fees” from the public affairs and lobbying group Fleishman Hillard. Panetta had a “questionable relationship” to a “non profit” (stop laughing..) firm named “EduCap, Inc.” Seems that the IRS is interested in EduCap Inc who, along with a “sister group”, donated $50,000.00 to Panetta’s “non profit” (I mean it, stop laughing..) group the “Leon and Sylvia Panetta Institute for Public Policy”. Places like the “Leon and Sylvia Panetta Institute for Public Policy” for the sake of honesty should have to be renamed “Another liberal money laundering-mat”. EduCap Inc is doing well enough to have at least one corporate jet which provided flights to Tom Daschle and others.. Are you beginning to get the picture?

With a Panetta or a Geithner as your example, you needn’t sweat it anyway even if you had the steeple peeking out from your behind. You would end up answering to the “Office of Government Ethics” or the “Senate Intelligence Committee”..

So that is my recommendation for you. Give up on the idea of creating wealth, become a sanctimonious liberal politician like Obama, etc., and begin taking and redistributing the wealth of others that way you can properly be “rewarded for failure”..


38 responses to “Rewarded For Failure

  1. Family,

    Over the last ten days or so, I have written about ten thousand words about this ridiculous “economic stimulus package”..

    Hope that you aren’t getting bored with the topic, Hell it’s only a TRILLION or so dollars, nothing important..

    Still feeling a little like Brigade 2506 and I’m waiting for the air cover promised by Kennedy..that is in relation to the Republicans standing up to this collectivism..

    We shall see.

    Thanks as always,




    Now today the next tax dodger shows up seeking a seat as SECRETARY OF LABOR A California rep married to a self employed guy that ponied up $6,400 to the IRS on Wednesday
    owing it for 15 years. The big O’s
    Press SEC says nobody is perfect
    As Eileen commented earlier in a post WTF
    A blue dog dem today was offering a Stimulus package for $169BILLION
    saying he cut out all of the pork
    I hope the Republicans all vote down this $900BILLION PLAN

    is this a thirty day trial period for MR OBAMA?????
    If so FIRE HIM

  3. Arthur Nankervis


    Off Subject – Have just noticed that the Final Edition of Evans-Novak Political Report was released today.


  4. Arthur,

    The longest running bi-line ever, I do believe.

    Bob hasn’t been feeling well of late.

    Rollie and Bob were quite the wrecking crew.

    God Bless them both.


  5. Hit the enter too soon..

    Rollie passed away in 2001..

    What a team.


  6. I just read that Obama berated the republicans for not being bipartisan in that they all voted no to this “stimulus plan” . Did he forget that we “the people” elect these people to vote on our behalf? Obama was so defensive doth he protest too much? Is it too much to hope he’s losing confidence in this massive joke they call “stimulus”.
    Thanks Larry for writing such informative articles.

  7. This is going to be a looooooooooooong four years.

  8. I keep waiting to hear “But that’s not the (insert failed cabinet appointee name here) I knew”…or did he finally figured we’d heard enough of that one! Or that maybe we’d start questioning his judgement?? Hmmm…..TOO LATE!! That sure didn’t take long.

    Keep your words flowing Larry….I have a feeling you’ll get new ammunition every single day from ‘the one’ and his minions!

  9. Larry,
    Go ahead, keep it going. There is so much crap associated with this gang that you will have years of material!

    Dr. Dave

  10. Another great article Larry. I see that webster put your weblink next to the definition of prolific in the dictionary. Congrats….

    I too was sad to see the news regarding ENPR.

    At the same time I am glad that we have your posts to keep us focused on the tasks at hand.

    Don’t Quit……


  11. Lonely,

    Thanks for the compliment, but as has been correctly pointed out, there probably won’t be a link for “perfect spelling”..

    At least if I get the “big break” or even the “little break” someday, my proofreader will be more than busy. Wouldn’t want to have all of the proofreaders out of work..

    Thanks as always,


  12. Well at least you recognize and admit your mistakes, something “tall dark and vacuous” (and his minions for that matter) refuse to come to grips with.

  13. Obama keeps reminding us he WON, does he conveniently forget that almost half the people voted against him. Forget the electoral vote, the popular vote wasn’t a mandate.

  14. Another great one, Larry.

    You drown out the “yes we can” mantra with

  15. blue state blues- RWG

    Right now there cannot be too much discussion/comment on this topic.

    I am glad and fortified that you, and many like you, are still willing to take up the gauntlet. Many Republicans are showing signs of weakening as Obama turns up the pressure through the MSM. I am especially concerned that McCain is reviving his Gang of 14 in order to offer another bogus compromise to the Left.

    We can never waiver from the truth of this mess. While the libs are still trying to blame Bush and Wall Street, the truth can be found in one massive event called the Sub Prime Mortgage Market. And who is at the center of that mega-ton event. The libs and especially Barney Frank and his gang of Rump Riders. Every single calamity we are experiencing today has it’s roots in the mortgage fiasco. It sent banks into the abyss, it fostered the creation of bogus securities which where bought by Wall Street and sold to unwitting investors, it eroded the Mark to Market valuations which caused banks to retreat from lending; and on and on it goes.

    If the Republicans tank on this (with McCain leading the way) we are finished. We will never recapture Free Market Capitalism in our lifetime. We will be overrun by Socialism and the lunatics will be running the Asylum.

  16. Excellent article Larry! We in the UK call these types “champagne Charlies” – fairly self-explanatory I’d say. See the likes of Tony Blair, “Lord” Mandelson, and countless others in our Parliament. Lefties with a taste for the good life.

    Keep up the good work.

    Thank you.

  17. Larry, Once again an outstanding piece…I came upon some info I thought kind of fits right in…..

    At the top right hand corner of Page 17 of the New York Post of January 24th, 2009, was a short column entitled “Replacing Michelle” in the National Review “The Week” column. I found this interesting, so here it is, word for word, as it appeared two days ago……

    ‘Some employees are simply irreplaceable. Take Michelle Obama: The University of Chicago Medical center hired her in 2002 to run “programs for community relations, neighborhood outreach, volunteer recruitment, staff diversity and minority contracting.”

    In 2005 the hospital raised her salary from $120,000 to $317,000 – nearly twice what her husband made as a Senator.

    Oh did we mention that her husband had just become a US Senator? He sure had. Requested a $1 Million earmark for the UC Medical Center, in fact. Way to network Michelle!

    But now that Mrs Obama has resigned, the hospital says her position will remain unfilled. How can that be, if the work she did was vital enough to be worth $317,000?

    We can think of only one explanation: Senator Roland Burris’s wife wasn’t interested.

    —The Editors of National Review, writing in the Magazine’s Feb 9 issue.

    So there you have it. We can all draw our own conclusions.

  18. Which one of Obama’s appointees will be the first to relax at our local spa/minimum security prisons first? I don’t know there are so many corrupted people in his administration it’s so hard to choose.

    Mr. Gibbs appears to be a big buffoon hemming and hawing his way through the presses questions regarding Obama policy.

    Here are some new updates from his Majesty from youtube.

    And this one

    There are so many question that he has been trying to avoid answering from some of the press corp. Obama must be wishing that Katie and Brian were asking, what did you have for breakfast and how many packs of cigarettes do you now smoke? Those were easy to answer but asking about accountability and transparency are irrelevant and do I really have to answer to any of your stupid questions? Don’t you know who I am? I’m special and my mommy said I don’t have to answer your questions. Where’s my baba and woggy? I want my mommy, she smooth me and I can revert back to breast feeding, is being over 40 and still breast feeding in vogue yet?

    Do you want to start betting how long some of these appointed ignoramuses will last? Who’ll be the first to cave into the pressure? I would love to be a fly on the wall after Robert Gibbs returns to his office, he’s probably having a fit. He’s made to look like an amateur in the face of his own humiliation on a daily, possibly hourly basis. He has not learned the gift of speaking and saying nothing at the same time. Boy, I hope Tony Snow is up in heaven having a great laugh at Gibbs ineptitude. Can Bill Clinton give 10 part seminar/class in how to use big words and hope the public doesn’t look them up in the dictionary? Or How to talk and say nothing.

    I’m waiting for Robert Gibbs to say, who left this corpus here in the front row, could we have this body removed pronto? Opps sorry Helen, I mean Ms Thomas, I thought you were dead, my bad.

  19. blue state blues- RWG

    You are absolutely right. He is not liking being asked hard questions and taking criticism for perhaps the first time in life. My guess is that he will have a minor melt down on camera soon. He is starting to show signs of growing impatience at not getting his way.

  20. excellent article …sums up the left hypocrisy perfectly. keep up he good work.

  21. Bogus stimulus package, government can only create government jobs. All of this spending will remove money from the economy and only serve to deepen the recession, just as under Herbert Hoover SIASL

  22. Larry,
    Even if this so-called stimulus package were to pass right now ( or get killed) and BHO’s presidency ended in under a month, I believe you would still have enough material to keep you writing for about a year just on what has happened so far.

  23. ROBIN'S DAD (RD)

    I’ve heard that if you spent 1 million dollar A DAY since the day Jesus was born you still wouldn’t reach 1 TRILLION dollars by 2/5/2009. If Obama gets his way, Jesus will reappear before my progeny’s progeny pay down our Chinese bankers. Keep swingin’ at ’em!

  24. First off, I am new here but let me say that I am SO GLAD that I found this site. I try to tell someone every day to come here. I have always felt that we need to circle the conservative wagons, and this seems to be the place to do it. Heck, the comments are even better than most of the articles I read out there on the internet. This guy needs to be published. Wish there was something that I could do.
    Pauli G.

  25. beyond disgusted

    Thanks to three Republican traitors, a “deal” has been reached on the socialist stimulus package. Sadly, this is no surprise.


  27. Arthur Nankervis


    Bonzer stuff cobber! What a talented group of people you have attracted … I wouldn’t count myself in the same league as yet, but I will keep reading and learning. I seem to have more questions than answers and come to conclusions too quickly to put forward anything objective. However: I have just started reading a newly acquired book ‘TARGET : PATTON’ … Here’s a few lines which sure sound familiar … Remember this is 1945: “Post-war Washington in 1945 was a lopsided political battleground. The stronger “Left,” led by the Democrats – the party of Roosevelt and Truman and thus the party in power – believed that communist Russia, led by Joseph Stalin, was sincere in its pronouncements of peace, justice, and a better world for all.” … “On the other side of the political battleground was the weaker Republican “Right,” who saw the Soviets and Communist as ruthless, exploitive, brutal enemies of personal and national freedom who could never be a true friend of the West.”

    On another tack, I think the Conservative “Right” is overlooking a political blessing in the form of the anointed one. to me, this is a golden opportunity to get stuck into limp-wristed Democrats at every possible chance and at the same time, rebuild the party with 2012 in mind. I’m sure any GOP leadership combination would have two include Governor Sarah Palin, as I think she has more character and strength than anyone on the political horizon.

    Yet another question: If the latest and present economic disaster was a product of a Democrat controlled Congress/Senate and that the US, followed by the world, just stumbled in, how would it be if the US could contrive (and be fully controlled by the US) a global economic downturn? Wouldn’t that surely be better than fighting wars to achieve the same objective? I am sure that I have read something about using economics as a tool of war. Just give the Aussies a bit of warning though.


  28. Thanks for another great article, Larry
    The behavior of Mrs. Obama is hardly a surprise, and it would seem to me that Mr. BO is getting impatient way too soon, rookie mistake, and not the last one, I’m sure
    2012? will we make it through 2009?
    You know, Arthur, that Wall Street was a major contributor to BO, and a major contributor to the global crisis, ,, nah, couldn’t be a conspiracy…

  29. I hasd a real laugh-out-loud moment reading Eileen’s dream sequence with Press Sec. Gibbs and the ossified Helen Thomas! Yes, indeed, someone DOES need to put her in her place (at least Bush and/or Perino removed her to the back of the Room during Press Conferences…)

    I am both bouyed & discouraged reading all the great articles & commentaries on this site (the Alice-in-Wonderland of it all boggles the mind!), but ultimately it’s the upside that prevails: It’s always encouraging to see that there are many, many others who feel the same way as I do about the tragic direction our country is taking under the Presidency of one of the biggest con artists (and, of course, there were many in our history – including FDR, who my father used to call a real “carny guy”) in American history.

    But the prognostication that saddens me the most is the prediction that this will all end in the death of the Middle Class – and that’s ME!! So, what in hell do we have to look forward to?!?

  30. Margaret in CT

    We are definitely not bored with your incisive thoughts on the economic threat that the present Congress poses to our country and our way of life.

    In the 19th century, Thomas Carlyle called economics “the dismal science,” and the epithet has stuck. The problem has always been that the public’s attention is difficult to hold when the subject involves monetary policy and government budgeting. It’s much more fun to read about stains on a little blue dress than it is to try to understand M2. With the exception of such economists as Thomas Sowell, the members of the “priesthood” of economists have kept knowledge about economics obscure by using terminology that is occasionally indecipherable and mind-numbing, giving off an aura of “I went to Harvard Business School and you didn’t.” They want the “common man” to feel that they are the only ones capable of fashioning our financial destiny.

    You do a great service by continuing to investigate the shenanigans of these congressional jackanapes. Their intent is not indecipherable. They want to pick our pockets, take our money, and use it to keep themselves in power. All the “tweaking” the Senate does is merely, as Sarah Palin said, putting lipstick on a pig. No matter how much you prettify it, you can still hear it oink—loudly!

    I wonder whether Joe Biden will be invited to breakfast at the White House next week after saying that there is a danger of a backlash if the current stimulus package is passed. If a liberal talks long enough, he or she may let the truth slip out. We have to be certain that he speaks the truth. The backlash has already begun.

    Now more than ever, Reagan’s slogan holds true: We have to “stay the course”!

  31. Patient in PA

    beyond disgusted:

    You’re right. It comes as no surprise.

    I predicted 2 weeks ago that “single bullet” Spector would cave, as he’s done so many times in the past.

    He’s put his finger up so many times to test the wind that it’d probably generate 2 mega-watts of electricity.

    I’m ashamed to be from the same state that he represents, but not as ashamed as he should be knowing the mockery he makes of his State, the home of the “Founding Fathers”.

    He should be kicked out of the Republican Party.

  32. Larry
    Thanks for summing up the last two weeks, something the drive-by’s won’t do. It’s kind of hard to beleave he has only been in just 2 weeks, with all the scandles i think we will have Obama fatigue by May if not sooner.



  35. beyond disgusted

    Patient in PA,

    I hear you! I so hope Michael Steele targets Spector, Collins & Snow the next time they are up for re-election. He needs to put up real conservatives against them in their primaries. So far, he is off to a great start.


    If any of you haven’t seen this, check out this youtube video of Dingy Harry defending our “voluntary” paying of taxes.

  36. Maybe what Harry meant to say was that the liberal democrats taxes are voluntary. We can now add Al Franken to the mix of tax dodges, who has fail to pay his back taxes for 4 yrs and owes taxes to 17 states. Is that the voluntary part of his comments?

  37. The three Republicans whom have chosen to throw their support behind the stimulus bill deserve to be excommunicated for what they have done. Only through solidarity will they the Republicans have ahope to stop this crap from being rammed down our throats. According to Rush, the Congressional switchboards have been flooded with calls. For every one vote of support for this mother of all pork bills, there have been several hundred screams of ‘No!” Do the liberals care about the dumb schmucks whom voted them in? That would be no.

    Worse, the stimulus bill will also stealth through the Universal Health care that we can’t afford. Doctors will no longer be able to determine what’s good for the patient, and new drugs and treatments will no longer get where they are needed, because Government bean counters will tell them that its too expensive. Canadians come here for surgeries, where will we go?

  38. Imagine that you see a person at work taking buckets of water out of the deep end of a swimming pool and dumping them in the shallow end in an attempt to make it deeper.
    That, my friends, you would call stupid.

    But this is precisely the equivalent scenario to what Obama and the Congress of Pelosi and Reid proposes for the economy.

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