The Need For Speed

The Democrats favorite “Botox Bimbo” (No, not Cher..) Nancy Pelosi, has come out firing on behalf of all of the rest of the liberal Liliputs relative to the “economic stimulus package”, or “Pelosi’s Pork”, whichever you prefer..

Those moon eyed moments of the “good feelings of bipartisanship” that the “Not so Dark Knight” brayed about during his $200,000,000.00 Communist conclave are apparently as few and far between as the Polyfibre plugs on Biden’s hollow melon these days. The Democratic equivalent of Joan Rivers, (in more ways than one.. not only because of the Botox but both broads are very funny.) “dismissed” calls for bipartisanship as “process arguments extraneous to passing a stimulus bill”.. As always, the left wants nothing more than to stimulate the government and if you question them relative to their redistributionist racket, you are greeted with the usual buckets of Bolshevik bile.

These are the same sanctimonious Socialists who were all about “extraneous process arguments” just a short time ago.. Things like “exit strategies” and “time tables” were the “slogans du jour” when they were slavishly following the prevailing pacifist winds pertaining to the War when a Republican was in office. These are the kinds of weasels that get away with “voting for the war before they voted against it”..

As a point of procedure, allow me to report that the Congressional Research Service in late 2008 placed the financial costs of both the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts at “around $550,000,000.00”. That is for both fronts and from 2003 onward.

Suddenly, the “Devils in the details” Democrats of the last five years who want to SPEND (not invest) nearly TWICE that amount in a vastly shorter amount of time consider logical debate over their whimsical wastefulness as “acrimonious” or “extraneous process arguments”..

Pelosi spoke to reporters at her “House Democrats retreat” at a Williamburg Virginia golf resort and country club. She stressed the “need for speed” relative to this “spend-a-thon”. “We must have a bill.. Washington seems consumed in the process argument of bipartisanship, when the rest of the country says they need this bill”.. Allow me to read between the lies by rearranging and coloring the California communist’s remarks.. “We abhor the process arguments of bipartisanship, the rest of this country club and its special interests need this bill.” Pelosi also “warned” Senate Democrats who might cut the educational spending (remember: this is an “economic stimulus package”..) earmarked within this bill. The “need for speed”? This comes from the fact that as little as a cursory glance at this bill will cause one to ask for details, and lots of them.. The left won’t abide such attention to detail anymore, that is just being disputatious..

Right on cue, one of the left’s “special interests” made its feelings known to the liberal caliphate. The NEA, the National Education Association (the Nationalist Euthanasia Abattoir..) sent a letter to Senate Democrats “threatening to lower their rating with the group”.. First of all, who else are the plebian public schools siphons going to vote for? Secondly, this is no idle threat, as the NEA understands full well the concept of lower ratings. These disgusting Democrats have lowered the rating of the American public schools with great success, so this something that they have first hand knowledge of and tangible experience in..

“These cuts are very damaging- (the House bill) was put together very carefully”.. That is what is frightening, that it was “put together very carefully”. So the “care” that was taken by the House should be sufficient, no one else needs to “care” because the liberals “care” enough for everyone. Again, the liberals know what is best for you and this time they want to give it to you with both barrels. Just don’t ask any questions, don’t look too deeply and don’t you dare disagree..

The Democrats have made some cuts within this bill that will effect the economy. At the request (demand) of the Democratic House dominatrix, the tax cuts within the package were slashed by $50,000,000.00. This will certainly have an effect on the economy, the effect that the liberals have been working towards since the Caligula/Gore years.

Pelosi has apparently been “cautioning that the next 72 hours will be critical to turn the tide of public opinion for or against the package”.. “Public opinion” has been against this package from its inception, the left has just chosen to ignore the opinions of those who differ. Nancy “Let Them Eat Cake” Pelosi has been living in denial for so long, she has to carry a passport from Egypt.

Obama himself chimed in again, “it would be inexcusable for Congress to get bogged down in distraction, delay or politics as usual..” This didn’t stop the liberals from following that exact plan of attack upon America while the last administration was at war and troops were in harms way. They “care for the troops” (in their own perverted way) and if you giggle at that statement you are “questioning their patriotism”. (Yes we are, actually..) We, who have the nerve to disagree with the bloated Bolshevik (no I am not talking about Al Gore.) Behemoth which has so very little to do with the economy, which has been forwarded by the collectivists, are “acrimonious” and we “argue extraneously”..

Even an imbecile like Joe Biden can see that the liberals will “face political repercussions in 2010” for encouraging this economical euthanasia. However, it is hard to consider the opinion of someone who a few moments later said, “If we do everything right, if we do it with absolute certainty, there is still a 30% chance we’re going to get it wrong”.. This laughable liberal logic chopper is the Vice President of the United States of America. Let’s try to think this one through, if you “get everything right”, isn’t the chance that you’re going to get it wrong at 0%? If “everything is right”, isn’t nothing wrong? Relative to his “repercussions” remark, I suppose that we have to take into consideration that a blind squirrel will find a nut every once and a while..

Then again, a few moments later he said, “when it works, as I am absolutely convinced it will, I’m absolutely convinced..” Hold on, isn’t this the same Joe Biden who was just 70% convinced a little while back??

Biden stumbled on, “the consequences are too great for the country to allow politics to prevent action”.. Politics could prevent catastrophe. The country and some responsible legislators are concerned about the consequences of this action.. It is always important to remember that “results” are insignificant to the left. It is always about “the movement, man..” “Action” is all that matters, the resultant carnage is never applicable to the leftists.

Biden seemed almost upset, saying, “you’re going to be nailed in ads” (in 2010).. If Biden is so concerned about the Democrats who support this bill being “nailed in ads” in 2010, then why doesn’t he and the left engage in the dialogue that others in his party have termed “acrimonious” or “extraneous arguments”? If he knows that they are going to be “nailed”, isn’t he acknowledging that there is too much within this bill that needs some serious reconsideration?

Biden, the first Vice President who having stuck his foot in his mouth with such frequency, suffers from “Athlete’s tongue” said, “the only thing we can get wrong (is) demonstrating to the American people that we’re thinking small and politically.. you (House Democrats) have not, you’ve thought big..” That is the problem that the left refuses to acknowledge, they are thinking too big and more importantly, too far away from the point of an “economic stimulus package”.

Again, the liberals that accused the last administration of “rushing in” firmly insists that “rushing in” now is the thing to do. Biden as well, doesn’t pick up on the fact that it is the “thinking big” portions of this bill put in place by the Democrats, which has the nation cringing. Remember Joe, that whole 30% thing that you talked about a few moments ago? Enjoy your nut, you were right for once..



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  1. Family,

    I REFUSE to give up on this, the stupidity of the left MUST be brought into the light.

    Loser RINO’s Specter, Snowe and Collins may be in the bag on this.

    If so, I say we invade Maine..

    Stay strong and never give up, never give in and NEVER AGAIN.

    Thanks as always,


  2. Larry, (if I may use that familiarity)… New Hampshire has done what ALL the States should do. See HCR-6

    Also, there is a great editorial today at:

    Thanks so much for all you do!


  3. The ‘spectre’ of Specter doing all he can to drag others to the Left, is infuriating at the least.


  4. “We, the people, in order to form a more perfect union…”

    I’ll wager, if I was a betting woman, which I ain’t, Pelosi and her caliphate couldn’t complete the above sentence, let alone, even paraphrase the rest of the Preamble.

    I read a news article this morning, Larry and I’m madder than hell. Which is to say, I’m madder than my usual madder than hell.

    Here’s how far we’ve fallen, Larry: woman goes into Miami abortuary to murder unborn baby at 28 weeks. Baby has the temerity to be born alive.

    Abortuary employees, described as “screaming” and “in panic” first allow premature baby (I’m sorry, I mean “blob of tissue” or “fetus”, take yer pick), to struggle for breath (autopsy proved the blob of tissue had air in her/”its” lungs, so she/”it” WAS alive) for a full five minutes (please, liberal caliphate, may I hold your head partially under water whilst you gasp for air out of your left nostril I left “sorta” out of the water, preferably whilst you’re in the throes of a nasty sinus infection?) … before popping blob or tissue/fetus (you know, that warm, fuzzy, pink thing who/that was breathing and flaying about with “its” tiny appendages you liberal-speak types call either a) blob of tissue; or b) a fetus) into a medical biohazard bag and tossing it in the biohazard bin so she/”it” could suffocate and be tossed out with the rest of the trash.

    Oh, the kicker? Mommy is now suing the doctor and abortuary for, are you ready for this, Larry? POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER … because “I had to watch my baby girl die.”

    DUH….? DUH…? I promise you, Larry, if I was on the civil jury for this broad’s multi-million $$$ lawsuit, when she testified how she went to the abortuary to rid herself of a 28 week old “blob of tissue”/”fetus”, who had the temerity to actually be born alive and ended up traumatized because said abortuary staff actually did what she intended for them to with her 28 week old blob of tissue otherwise known as a “fetus”, but now, for the purpose of elevating her stature in society to, shall we charitably say, to “auspicious”, multi-millionaire upper crust … because the staff actually did what she originally intended …I’d burst out into sardonic peals of laughter until the judge called for an alternate jurior and hauled my arse out to wherever they haul jurors laughing both sardonically and uncontrollably without ceasing.

    What a country, eh? To quote the lyrics of a friend of mine – and he wrote and recorded them well over a decade ago at that – “Where are going my America? I hardly know you my America. We need truth and justice to heal the land…character means nothing and truth a commodity…Where are you going my America? I hardly know you my America…”.

    Oh, I almost forgot, Larry. The absentee abortuary doctor did get his license to practice medicine in the fair state of Florida yanked … because he deliberately falsified records post-suffocation of that blob of tissue who had the temerity to actually be born alive, in case you’re wondering … but he’s planning to appeal.

    Hell, no, I can’t bring myself to give up either, Larry. Carry on … PLEASE!

  5. Please pardon me, Larry, I neglected to include the link to “Custom New Network” (otherwise oft known as the “Chicken Noodle Network”, alleged to be in the news biz from time to time) for the scintillating story I regaled you and the rest of your readership with above, should you be so inclined to avail yourself of the whole sordid written account thereof:

  6. As near as I can tell, the whole need for speed is simply to enable to libs to fleece as many middle class people as possible before we start demanding recall votes!


    We need to get rid of this guy so all the damage he’s done is revoked.

    funny line I received this morning
    on why it is so cold
    for 200 years white people have said
    Hell will freeze over before we have a black man in the WHITE HOUSE

  8. Saying that they’re going to get it “perfect” and yet have a “30% chance of failure”, is the liberals’ way of saying that they reserve the right to fleece us again in the future.
    I bet my last dollar they WILL come back later and claim, “its not quite fixed”, we need another “dimbiuous stimulus” package. Only this time, just to make “sure” we get it right, we’ll need $2 trillion.
    Well, at least Biden is sobering up a little, sounds like he’s speaking in complete sentences today.

    Global Warming??
    True: one side of Antarctica is melting.
    Also True: the other side of Antarctica is freezing.
    Why: the wobble in the earth’s spin. More of the poles is facing towards the sun. However, that means the center of the “shady” part is pushed further away from the poles. So those regions are getting COLDER!.


  9. under the “liberal logic” (talk about your oxymorons), when my personal economy isn’t doing so well (ie, money is in short supply in my house), the solution is to go on a spending spree???

    I’ve tried to see this point of view, but I just can’t get my head that far up my ASS!



  11. Another great article Larry and I loved your Biden spin but I don’t think he has athletics tongue, more like foot and mouth disease. Oh this not so cleaver and dysfunctional dweeb is only carrying on his “tour of lies” that started in his college days. But, in the convening years and all the lies that have spilled forth on the American taxpayer, he just hasn’t gotten any better or adept at lying, I believe his gotten worse.

    Who’s the worse Vice President in history? There have been many duds but this doofus make Else the cow look like a Rhode scholar. I guess the convening years of pulling on the folks of Delaware heartstrings over the loss of his first wife and daughter, have chosen to pulled him to their breast to breastfeed a liberal patriot known as Joseph Biden (has he paid his liberal dues.. I mean taxes yet?)

    But a question to Mr. Biden would be if paying taxes is our “patriotic duty” to our Country then what are we to call the liberal democrats in Congress and elsewhere who sheik their patriotic duty and failed to pay their own taxes? Misguided youth? A Militant? Not exercising their patriotic duty? Or my personal favorite… I refuse to pay my taxes because I’m against the war in the Middle East. I will not want my tax dollars to pay for something I don’t believe in. Amen to the dude, either do we want our tax dollars to prop up a half-wit duo on a liberal pedestal and call a Bill to payback all the union backers for electing them into Office and label it a stimulus plan to boost a sagging economy that they purposely cause to fail. Whew!

    It’s quite interesting watching the quizitical twins known as Nancy “how do I look” Pelosi and Joseph “I said what” Biden who both appear to constantly have a puzzled expression on the faces. The up brow, arched just so to make them think they appear knowledgeable but the realty is they appear to be terrified to growing old, those pioneering gals of plastic surgery fame Joan Rivers, Cher, Phyllis Diller, Roseanne Barr and Pamela Anderson; and least we forget Michael Douglas, Burt Reynolds and Steve Martin who have tripped over the surgical knife; we need to remind them the age number never goes backwards so it’s only themselves that they are foolish to believe they haven’t aged. The question is though will we be able to tell when they do pass on to their greater reward? I don’t think the blank stare will help determine that, it’s the same way they look now. But, it does appear that Mrs. Pelosi believes she looks good on camera and I can imagine her asking, what’s my best side? To her captive audience. In the back of my mind I can hear Billy Crystal saying… You look Marvelous!

    But, of course she returns to put her head in the sand, like she normally does and fugitively continues to blame the Republicans for not signing onto a Bill that will only spend money and help no one, which is the liberal sleight of hand. They’ll be so happy to force more Americans to “depend and rely on” the liberal to fulfill their every whim, need and cause. Who’ll pay for that? Don’t worry about it will figure it out later on policies?

    Now onto the abortion issue in Miami that Fed Up provided the link to an article. I can only hope and pray that there is karma for those who go against the laws of nature and of God. The 18 year old “mother and victim” Sycloria Williams is of course an African-American (the first name gives it away), who appears not to have enough intelligence to pop a white head. What exactly didn’t she understand what an abortion is about? They’ll knock her out, remove the damaged growth and she’ll awake up and be “normal” again.

    Coming from a family of lawyers, stupidity is not an argument nor is ignorance. The fact that she’s filed a civil suit to clog up the Florida Court system over her own stupidity only shows us that she’s an opportunitist of the lowest order. Add with the other lame brain that has no job, partner/boyfriend/husband to help SUPPORT 14 CHILDREN is just as asinine as for suing an abortion doctor to performing a successful abortion. Who knew that Hillary Clinton mantra of it takes a village to raise a child, has only helped us identify who the village idiots are?

  12. Liberal-Village idiot…….What’s the difference?

  13. While my homestate of Nebraska’s Sen. Ben Nelson (L) and Maines’ Sen. Susan Collins (C) were the crafters of the “compromise bill”, I called Sen. Nelson’s office. Iexpressed in no uncertain terms my digust in his not simply voting against the Obama, Pelosi, Reid stimulus bill and be done with it.

    Granted $110 billion off is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick but the bill has not been passed yet. With the combined resolution that Obama, Pelosi and Reid have shown in the full amount of the bill, I will bet that that is what finally will be passed.

    Sen. Nelson was crowing, “We trimmed the fat, fried the bacon and milked the sacred cows.” Obviously he didn’t come close to trimming the adipose tissue between Obama’s and Porker Pelosi’s ears.

    As education took a reduction in spending, more important things stayed on the stimulus bill. More important such as; Doorbells.
    Yep, doorbells at a cost of $99,600 and the employment of two in Laurel, MS.
    Or how about Natchez, MS. needing a “Forks of the Road Heritage Trail.” At a cost of $600,000,000 and employing 65 people, this little project would create an African American/Ethnic Heritage Trail that somehow would enhance one of the entryways into the city.
    Or let’s build an Lation Cultural Center in Dallas, TX. The design and construction would cost $18,000,000 and employee 180. One would only hope they are not illegal aliens.

    For more of these ludicrous holes in the ground the leftist lunatics are throwing our money down go to
    Then call all your representatives in Washington when you get mad!

  14. We need to hit the streets people when USS Cole criminals are treated better than conservatives. Calling, faxing, emailing does nothing.

  15. Nancy “Let Them Eat Cake” Pelosi has been living in denial for so long, she has to carry a passport from Egypt….

    very funny indeed !

  16. Biden actualy had a woodworm named after him after it was found dead in a brick.

  17. I can not believe the ignorance of some like Nelson. The Dems set up the Republican party to take a multi-megaton nuke hit by giving them credit on killing the money for education.The CDC should study the water, air, and enviroment around the Republican senate offices for some alien substance that causes mass stupidity. The senators need to forget about being friends with the enemy(Pelosi, Reid, and Obummer) and work for the people not “Move on .Orgy.If I were on the jury of the nutcase in Fl. I would award her 10 billion dollars. I would try to break the bank of the abortion gang. The more I read and hear I am afraid we are in for the biggest communist onslaught we have ever seen. Now that one of the Dims has written a bill to have the Home Land Security Dept. build 6 detainment compounds for use in case of civil unrest we now why Obummer needs a Brownshirt force bigger than the military. Looks like we might see each other in the compounds. GOD help the USA. Join the NRA

  18. WE need to put an end to this before “The Annointed One” can rebuild the gestapo right here in America. As a vet, I take the oath of defending the Constitution against all threats, foreign and domestic, very serioulsy! BHO and the Dense-o-crats in the legislative branch are now the biggest threats to our
    Constitution since the war of 1812!
    Lock and Load!

  19. REDBONE,

    I must disagree with you. Calling, faxing and emailing DOES do some good. Believe or not it does get those thick-headed congressmen’s attention that we are not “We The Sheepies” but are “We The People” that know and care about what is going on in Washington.

    And all of us need to call our senators first thing Monday (Feb. 9) morning to express our dislike with the bill. The switchboard number is 202-204-3121 or go online and get the number for your senator’s local office in your home state.

    Threaten their future election (if you feel so inclined as to re-elect them), anything that you can think of that will flout their seemingly unattached caring for America and it’s people.

    You can make a difference by signing a petition at also. The organization dumped almost 100,000 of said petitions during this first go around on the stimulus bill and it made an impression both on the legislators and the media covering it.

    All who read this should go there and sign that petition so more can be delivered to turncoat Arlen Specter on Monday.

    As “The same old same old policies with the same old players. Change doesn’t come from Washington, it comes to Washington” “I won” smile guy slowly has surrounded himself with new/old(?) Clintonista staffing up to his mickey mouse ears, I can only make one prediction that Obama’s version of Hope will be of the “Bob” variety.

  20. “If we do everything right, if we do it with absolute certainty, there is still a 30% chance we’re going to get it wrong”.. This laughable liberal logic chopper is the Vice President of the United States of America…….

    a heart beat away….May God help us all…..

  21. Oh JR, don’t let Al Bore hear you say it’s cold…it would refute his “Global Whining”.

  22. Family,

    Lets keep Windrider in our prayers, his Mom is a little under the weather.

    Thanks as always,


  23. Like you I took that oath and administered it many times. I agree the biggest threat to the USA is on the domestic side. It will be the worst day in my life if we are forced to protect this country by force. We are few, but we can contact many via our Email list. The phone number for A. Specter is 202- 224- 4254 call and give him hell.

  24. Isn’t it entertaining to witness the liberal hypocrisy. Three weeks ago at the inexpensive little love fest inauguration, the one that won stated “we have chosen hope over fear”. I guess that’s just until you need to use fear to push the agenda….

  25. Family,

    If you have a second, check out the “Thought Of The Day”, titled “Caps Of All Sizes”..

    It runs off of the idea behind “The Need For Speed”..

    Makes you think about the kind of “equality” that the left forwards.. Or should I say “KINDS”.

    Thanks as always,


  26. Wasn’t it arrogance and speed that got the Titanic in a lot of unnecessary trouble? Dad always said “the faster you go the behinder you get”

  27. Graywolf,
    I will be calling A. Specter, along with both of my state’s senators, in the morning. I will continue trying to defend the Constitution by working within the system for as long as possible.

  28. Larry as always your ability to make me laugh in the face of this nightmare is astounding!! I thank you for your humor and please just keep it up because we all need laughs these days…

  29. To: Fed Up in OH

    The case you wrote about earlier occurred in 2006 and the baby was 23 weeks, not 28. I am sick over it as well, but wanted clarify the facts. Presumably, had the baby been born dead the mother wouldn’t have suffered PTSD even though she was hoping to effect the same outcome. What a difference a few minutes makes, huh? How can this be legal? What have we become as a society? How much lower can we get? Wait…don’t answer that. I don’t want to know.

  30. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    Re: Sil in CNY’s comment: The Secret Service code name for Biden is “Assassination Insurance.”

  31. Thanks, Docta G, my typo – it’s why I always try to include the links for these types of travesties.

    It’s just crazy upside down and I keep asking myself how it all happened at such a break-neck pace. It seems like only yesterday we started enduring the dawn of the Clinton/Gore years, then the Gingrich,, “Contract with America” that wasn’t very long-lived … and now THIS?

    God have mercy because other than Saul Alinsky indoctrination, Obama doesn’t have a clue. Hasn’t even been three weeks yet and he and the Misses are already “tired” of hanging around the White House???

    I would prattle on endlessly about this mess, but I’ve delayed turning a sculpting a series of scale miniature boxes for a deep-pocketed gallery client, so I’m about to grab my service dog and hobble back down to my studio to turn the night away.

    I just keep saying “God have mercy!” but I cannot fathom how or why He would or should with what 52 million people have wrought upon their own heads, as well as ours.

    Or, in closing, as one mid-western school teacher put it: “52 million adults just voted for the equivalent of ice cream like a bunch of 9 year olds; now the other 48 million of us are going to have to take care of the cow and clean up the mess.”

  32. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    They may have counted 52 million votes, but 52 million people didn’t vote for him. In the most successful execution of voter fraud in history, Obama stole the White House. In numerous counties across the country, he received more votes than there were residents. When you factor in the multiple votes cast by people who were not eligible to vote, he was elected by a number closer to 23 million voters.
    With the support of the biased media, this was all swept under the rug.

  33. beyond disgusted

    Wow Larry, again, you have so nailed it!


    I just signed the petition; had tried to earlier in the week, but at that time, the site kept saying “access denied”. Have no idea what that was all about.

  34. A quote:
    We need to hit the streets people when USS Cole criminals are treated better than conservatives. Calling, faxing, emailing does nothing.
    I don’t exactly agree with the above, but Larry;
    I have been thinkin for some time now that I would like to see you finish your Right On Rants with a call to action..

    I have been trying for 4 decades to vote the bastards out of office, but it is just another crop of bastards.
    My home state of California is a perfect example.

    Soo, if a letter means nothing, and an email means nothing and a vote (or ten) means nothing, what to do?

    Well I have found an answer and it is to work in a non partisan, not bi-partisan way to shrink government.

    We can do that here ;

    Thanks for your attention.


  35. So we have returned again to the 1930’s.
    Japan has her navy, and the German war machine has been rebuilt.Sabres can be heard rattling in their sheaths around the globe.Anti-semitism has returned to the vogue. Even now the Leopard and the Bear sit together deciding how they are going to divide the Caucasus between themselves.
    And where is FDR? Why he sits in the oval office of course! Conspiring together with his socialist comrades on how best to destroy the economy and solidify power for the democratic party, both blissfully deaf and blissfully dumb concerning the storm gathering outside his window. The prosperity and posterity of his fellow Americans meant little to him then, they mean less to him now.
    It is a dangerous thing to compliment a man too highly, we can hand out medals when the war is won. But, Larry, I do want you to know that I appreciate NLTZ because you are putting the truth out there with effect and with humor despite the deadly seriousness of the course this blind liberal president is now determined to follow.
    The pen of Samuel Adams was as important as the minuteman’s
    musket in the establishment of this country’s freedom. Thank you for answering duty’s call. For God and country we gladly pledge our lives!
    One Blog if by land, two blogs if by sea!!

  36. Well, Dave, they stole the governorship in Washington state a few years back and likely Coleman’s Senate seat as well, so why not the White House, too, I suppose.

    Press on we will, somehow, some way, we can’t just roll over, I WON’T quit, God being with me.

    Back to knee-deep in wood shavings at the lathe tonight I go.

    Press on!

  37. I wonder how many people who openly voted for President Obama are now hanging there heads in shame or despair or both?

    The world seems a lot less safe now the George W Bush has left office and for good reasons.

  38. Margaret in CT

    Every one of these lying socialist goons knows that an ailing free market economy always looks for ways to heal itself. A local high-end restaurant here in CT has now converted to a lower priced establishment, kept its employees working, and provided a service to the community. Granted, that’s a microscopic event, but such conversions to meet the current market will continue to happen. It’s inescapable.

    The 1987 crash is a dim memory. Stocks are finding buyers because they are now cheaper than after the 1987 crash. Warren “Windmills” Buffet is buying; others will follow. If these porkers wait long enough, the moment for their monstrous power grab will pass. They must make haste, and so we must pick up our phones and let them know that they put their hands on our economy at peril of losing their free manicures and train rides beneath the Capitol Building.

  39. I wasn’t quite sure why BHO picked Gregg for Commerce…but now I am.
    Great as always Larry.
    Would love to hear your thoughts on this latest slimy move!

  40. Patient in PA


    Nice try, but as those of us who have been trying for over a week can tell you, A. (read that Asshole), Spector’s phone has been kept permanantly off the hook for the duration.

    You don’t really expect that turncoat to have enough courage to face his constitutants, do you?

    For what it’s worth, I have 4 rules I have lived by for over 50 years.

    #1– Family First

    #2– Trust No One

    #3– Never Do Business With Friends Or Family

    #4– What Goes Around Comes Around

    And believe me, #4 has never let me down.

    Sooner or later, he will regret his treason.

    He’s already had a glimpse of what’s coming.

  41. Patient in Pa. I agree with you on your 4 rules, but we need to do all we can legally. I left Pa in 1958 because even then the corruption in the Scranton area was unbearable to me. I do not think the ONE is in any way prepared to run anything. Pelosi and some what Reid will tell him what to do,when to do it, how to do it. The madam of the house is plotting how to get rid of the 2 dufasses in the white house so she can take charge. If you become too angery to live in Pa. move here to Texas. So far Texas is still a part of the old USA. TEXAS.

  42. It is just crazy out there!

    The poor man wants to be a rich man and the richman wants to be a KING!

    WOW – speachless! crazy, crazy, crazy…..

  43. I tried, but as Patient in PA has said, the phone is of the hook.
    At least one of my senators is opposed to the Economic Stiflement Bill, but I think my other senator is for it.

  44. Patient in PA


    I have nothing but the “Greatest” respect for the state of Texas and it’s citizens.

    It’s one of only 21 “Right to Work” states, (which means no bullshit from the unions), and the Gun Laws are “to die for”, (no pun intended).

    In a state where just about everyone “carries”, you quickly learn a healthy respect for you fellow man.

    And, I’ll go on record right now. I predict that if the illegal alien situation reaches the boiling point, it’ll be Texas that puts the lid on that pot.

    “Remember The Alamo”

    P.S. The “Bride” will never leave PA for the grandkids.

  45. Elkhart, Indiana is waiting for the loaves and fishes as Blog-Obama speaks.

    Those in “need of speed” are addicted to mind-altering corruption.

  46. Margaret in CT

    This is aside from the point, but I note on that a Polish engineer kidnapped last Sept by the Pakistani Taliban is the latest to be beheaded for the entertainment of these hideous creeps. Sure glad to see the “pacifying” effect that the election of BHO has had on our enemies. All that campaign talk about the “new face” that BHO would put on America. Why don’t you chat those guys up, Mr. Pres? I hear they like tea.






  48. JR, have had the same problem, too.

    I went to and linked to the e-mails for the elected DC entourage, and spent a few hours yesterday venting my outrage by email.


    this is worse that the cheeziest novel ever published.

    cloture vote is underway.

  50. Larry,

    Thanks for your request of prayers, I am truly appreciative of it my friend.

    EVERYONE!!! Short time here; but please,

    Stay on the phones, faxes and e-mails to your senators! The so-called Nelson-Collins compromise is currently at $827 billion! That’s more than the $819 billion Obama, Pelosi, Reid “stimulus” bill that was passed in the house!! I wonder if the definition of the word “compromise” in the dictionary of politicians doesn’t mean a form of K-Y Jell.

    All the “compromisers” both R (Rhino) and L were doing was political grandstanding, trying to bolster their re-election in 2010.

    I beg you, the family of NLTZ and anyone that you can muster, to get in your senator’s ear and in his/her face. Obama’s stimulus is worse than doing nothing for our America.


  51. It amazes me that economists of all stripes, both Conservative and Liberal disparage the use of any stimulus payment to average Americans to pay down their debts. If average Americans pay down their debts, their creditors can pay down their debts and stay afloat (and won’t need Government “bailouts”). Also, if average Americans pay down their debts, their credit ratings increase and then they can secure credit for big ticket items (houses, cars, etc) and get the economy flowing again. Spending money on frivolous stuff is not the only way to stimulate the economy and bailouts to big banks are not the only way to get credit flowing again. It is amazing that the mentality that got us into this mess is also trying to be used to get us out of this mess.

  52. Amy, I think it may be that the economists are looking at this with a hive mentality. They don’t think the workers are important, but will do anything to protect the queen, not realizing that without the workers, the queen will die anyway. Of course, they could also be looking at this the same way the Philistines looked at Goliath; they think the biggest guy is their best choice, so they don’t see how much the little guy can accomplish.

  53. Call out the instigators
    Because there’s something in the air
    We’ve got to get together sooner or later
    Because the revolution’s here, and you know it’s right
    And you know that it’s right

    We have got to get it together
    We have got to get it together now

    Lock up the streets and houses
    Because there’s something in the air
    We’ve got to get together sooner or later
    Because the revolution’s here, and you know it’s right
    And you know that it’s right

    We have got to get it together
    We have got to get it together now

    Hand out the arms and ammo
    We’re going to blast our way through here
    We’ve got to get together sooner or later
    Because the revolution’s here, and you know it’s right
    And you know that it’s right

    We have got to get it together
    We have got to get it together

  54. Windrider,
    You got my curiosity – what is the deal with “doorbells” for Mississippi? Somehow I missed that bit of sausage. I’m sure there is an interesting story that goes with it.

    By the way, I also have roots in Nebraska – born in Omaha, spent my early childhood in Schuyler, then went to boarding school (high school) in Omaha. Hadn’t heard the phrase “a poke in the eye with a sharp stick” since way back when I was still married to my ex. What part of Nebraska are you from?

  55. WMiller,

    If I may,

    “And The King Ain’t Satisfied ‘Till He Rules Everything”

    Me thinketh the Boss is on to something…

    He ought to know, considering how much he stumped for our new “King”!!!

    Love his music, not his politics……

  56. Eileen Several years ago I read where some libs from Calif. were complaining that they did not have enough electricity, did not want any type generation plants, and Texas had all that wind so the grid had to be changed so they could get elect. from Texas. Texas has it’s own grid so Texas controls Texas power. Now it a priority to build a new grid. As a Texan I am opposed to a new grid where the feds control where the power goes. You can bet as long as the libs are in power Texans will suffer in 110+ degree summer days so Califiripyouoff can have elect to keep the weirdos cool and comfortable . Every day the Republic of Texas looks better. The libs better watch how far they push. They need to see where their oil,gas, natural gas, and some electricity comes from. Next we will hear the manta from the 70’s about how some people in Texas have too much land. They suggested breakin up large ranches so people with no land could have some. They were especially mad about the King Ranch. It is bigger than the state of Rhode Island they said so that is too much land for any one family to own.They know nothing about Spanish land grants , how much land it takes to support one cow, nor the vast unsettled areas here. Dunb and Dumber were just out to make everyone equal.

  57. Larry my hard drive is screaming at me so I have to shut down and try to get it repaired. Please stop the comments being emailed to me. I’ll be on a hunting trip until the 16th. In that time I will have a full mail box thank you .

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