Waiting For Us To Lead

After reading the transcript of the first press conference from America’s newly elected super hero, I have decided that I will first supply the quote by the Democratic deity, followed by the logical answer based upon conservatism and capitalism. You will note that these answers are diametrically opposed to the liberalism and Marxism that precedes each..

“In fact, local television stations have started running public service announcements to tell people where to find food banks, even as the food banks don’t have enough to meet the demand..” The “food banks” would certainly “have enough to meet demand” if the liberals hadn’t successfully indoctrinated and enslaved a huge Democratic voter base addicted to the mendicant mentality of the left. Due to the “lumpenproletariats” of the left, the nation’s food banks haven’t “had enough” for almost fifty years..

“..Our economy lost 598,000 jobs, which is nearly the equivalent of losing every single job in the state of Maine..” After hearing about the latest RINO/”maverick” viragos from Maine and their votes in “support” of the Obama imbecility, I can certainly hope that at least TWO jobs from Maine end up being lost..

“..I suggest speaking to one of the millions of Americans whose lives have been turned upside-down because they don’t know where their next paycheck is coming from..” In Obama-land, they will just join the multiple millions of Democratic voters who get their paychecks from the government the first Monday of every month. The left is willing to compensate you for life as long as you agree to be a docile, benign and permanent part of societies lowest echelon..

“..we can’t depend on government alone to create jobs or economic growth.. that is and must be the role of the private sector.. the federal government is the only entity left with the resources to jolt our economy back to life..” The obvious communist concentric circles of liberal “thought” aside, if the private sector has the role of creating jobs and economic growth, then why is it that the liberals purposefully and congenitally target these entities with penalties and exorbitant taxation? Because that way the “federal government is the only entity left with the resources to jolt our economy back to life..”

“It is only the government that can break the vicious cycle..” With the left, it is all about the creation and the perpetuation of “vicious cycles”. For example, the “vicious cycles” of welfare and government dependency have been their platforms for creating the proletariat society that they have dreamed of lording over since their first erection after reading the Communist Manifesto..

“..a $2,500.00 tax credit to pay for the costs of their college tuition and $1,000.00 worth of badly needed tax relief to working and middle class families..” Wow, where to start.. Of course we must keep the “liberal indoctrination stations” known as the campus or the madrassa, up and running. Certainly, that will help the economy.. One thousand dollars? Out of a trillion dollars, the left has parsed out a grand for “working” and “middle class” “families”.. “Working”? To the left, standing in line for free cheese and free needles is the equivalent of “working”. The liberal loafers (legal and illegal alike.) will be nabbing a grand as a payoff for their votes in November. “Middle class”? Remember the “Clintonian flexibility factor” when it comes to the left and their definition of the “middle class”? Keep in mind that these geniuses have trouble with the 1040A, (the “Short Form”) so their mathematical instability or inability puts their use of numbers constantly into question and becomes the justification for their fluctuation.. “Families”? Since when has the left done anything for “families”? Their “benefits” penalize “families” and reward the “single parent family” and that is before we even begin to discuss their “family planning”..

“..it only helped lead us to the crisis we face right now..” Here Barack O’Carter is referring to the “tax cuts that are targeted to the wealthiest few Americans”. Let’s move beyond the obvious point that the wealthiest Americans if unencumbered by the licentious liberals, already pay the overwhelming majority of the nations taxes and the liberal base, which the progressives constantly reimburse, pays almost none. No, what “helped lead us to the crisis we face now” is the Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate for the last two years who do the SPENDING and who have done the OVERLOOKING.. (Sub prime mess.)

“..direct investment in health care, (Medicaid) energy, (windmills) education (public schools) and infrastructure (liberal pork)..” Still trying to figure out how these “investments” help with credit, home ownership and stock prices.. You know, things that actually do have an effect on the “economy”.. He also mentioned (paid off) “..greater unemployment benefits and continued health care coverage..” Nothing spells economic recovery like unemployment “benefits”..

“..repairing our dangerously deficient dams and levees so that we don’t face another Katrina”.. A “disaster” that moved at five miles an hour for well over four days whose death toll was completely avoidable. Avoidable, if the generations that have voluntarily saddled themselves with the liberal’s “government will save me” mentality had put up any reasonable intellectual resistance. Then again, this HAD to be the federal governments problem, the liberal Democratic governments of Ray Nagin and Kathleen Blanco, the ones who left those hundreds of school buses parked outside of the ninth ward, as just one example, could not have been to blame..

“They’ll be jobs in building the wind turbines and solar panels and fuel efficient cars..” The “greening” of government.. Sure hope those wind turbines don’t end up anywhere near Nantucket Sound which is within eyesight of the Kennedy compound.. If the rest of us need fuel-efficient cars, why don’t the same standards apply to the liberal caliphate and Obama’s newly christened “Air Farce One”? Shouldn’t Obama take a page from our apparently “green” Secretary of State who never goes anywhere or does anything other than collect taxpayer “green”?

“..must be big enough and bold enough”.. Here the intellectually “hung like a fruit fly” leftists really start believing that size really matters. If the bill were half the size that it is at this moment, (wait……it just grew by another billion…..oops, there goes another billion..) but it effectively dealt with the economy and not “health care records” or “21st century class rooms” (taught by members of the NEA..) that would be different. Size never matters to the liberals when it comes to the tossing about of other people’s money. It is always important to remember that the left never wants to solve a “problem”, their existence is based upon the “problem” mysteriously compounding and their empathetic (pathetic) desire to redistribute the wealth of others, regardless of the results, as their “final solution”..

“..my administration inherited a deficit of over one trillion dollars..because we also inherited the most profound economic emergency since the Great Depression..” Barack “inherited” all of this from Joe Biden. Barney Frank. Harry Reid. Nancy Pelosi. He always forgets to mention that while he sprays the air with his communist cologne of confusion..

“..a failure to act will only deepen this crisis, as well as the pain felt by millions..” Uh ohh, we have another liberal who “feels our pain”.. Next thing that you know, he will be embellishing the outfits of enthusiastic interns and his wife will turn into an insufferable shrew.. I am not so sure about that intern part, but..

“..find a way to set aside smaller differences in service of a greater purpose..” These “smaller differences” are the “details” or “progressive pork payoffs” caught by the opposition. The “greater purpose” is the “idealism over materialism”, “dreams over reality” and “emotion over evidence’ that fuels the collectivist Obama administration.

“..all countries are watching and waiting for us to lead..” Never mind that we are being led into the abyss and expected to follow as lemmings. Here we have America’s answer to Captain Edward John Smith and we are being tightly packed into today’s Titanic.. Believe me, everyone is watching and waiting out of fear, not confidence.

This “economic stimulus package” is the proof that the October Revolution of 1917 became the November Revolution of 2008 for the progressive post- Marxists..


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  1. Family,

    The “Ponsi schemer” gave it a try last night.

    His buddy Geithner today pulled a “Biden” by saying, “we are not going to put out details, until we get it right..”

    I consider each of these buffons to be a gross ignoramus.

    They are 144 times worse than your standard ignoramus..

    Thanks as always,


  2. What took place last night was the worst press conference I’ve witnessed. This man is completely in over his head. He has no idea how to answer a question or to formulate a coherent sentence without his teleprompter.

    I wonder why the Iranians launched a satellite after 1/20/09. I wonder why the Kyrgyzstan base is closing after 1/20/09.

    This better be over in four years; but first the control of Congress better get closer in two.

  3. As soon as all Americans wake up to the fact,that with few exceptions,it’s way past time to throw the Bast**ds out!!!We can’t keep giving the rich bailouts on the middle-classes backs!And what the congress have done in the peoples name is scary BAD!Put the S.O.B.’s together with the Git-mo detainees and put them in Alcatraz and see who’s worse!!!

  4. Here Here……

    If Barak O’Carter Roosevelt had been more interested in participating in the legislative process of the Senate when he was casting his “present” votes he may have seen that the real work is done in the legislature. That’s where the BIG problems are and that is the first thing to line up in the “cross hairs” for 2010.

    We’ve got to commit the “skin” and get in that game 110%. Then we can tackle Mr. “I won”.

    One Lonely Man’s Opinion

  5. Thanks Larry for another great article. I felt no need to watch The Anointed One last evening and your summary confirms my belief that I knew what he would say.
    I did note some stirring in the Republicans today over the addition, at some unknown time over the weekend and by some unnamed Senator, of a Federal Protection for Patients Act..or something like that. This will no doubt require a Czar of Patient Protection who will, with his ennormous staff, review your medical records..all in the name of making sure your health care (which used to be between you and your physician) is “appropriate and cost-efficient.” Also known as..does that patient really need the MRI to rule out a brain tumor? The Czar will be back with you in a month or so. And does that diabetic lady really need 20 units of that expensive insulin? Let’s cut it back to 10 units and see how she does. Arlen Specter, during an interview with Megan Kelly on Fox News seemed quite unaware of this new pork chop in the stimulus package. Why, he would never stand for the Federal Government coming between the physician and the pateint. When she followed up by asking in light of his feelings, what was he going to do. Well, he was going to “review” the legislation. When she asked if he found the provision not to his liking, would he consider voting against the whole bill? To which he responded that he could not do that..he had given his word to support the bill. Which he did of course along with the coondogs from Maine.
    Be ready people. The Democratic camel has his nose under the tent that provides you with privacy regarding your health care and there now is a third party watching over your doctor’s shoulder.

  6. Family,

    I just can’t resist, I have already added my usual “additions” to “Waiting For Us To Lead”. By usual, I mean the “uncut” or “directors cut” versions that will be in the NLTZ book series..

    For example, in the “food bank” paragraph, I have added, “When was the last time that a liberal needed directions to a food bank? That is as silly as thinking that a liberal doesn’t know where the Methadone or the VD clinics are..”

    In the “inherited” paragraph where I list who is actually responsible for what Barack has “inherited” I added, “I would place Obama himself within this pantheon of pathetic progressives but he was only “present” at that time..”

    The fun never ends..

    Thanks as always,


  7. Sylvia,

    See why they were in such a hurry?

    See why we had to “act” in such an expedient manner?

    Anytime that the left says, “Hurry up” it’s time to “slow down”.

    Thanks as always,


  8. I heard the “inherited” line and my first thought was where were you in the last 4 years idiot. You were a part of creating this fiasco you “inherited”. Then I realized that even though he was the junior senator from Illinois, he didn’t do a damn thing besides show up and vote present or go on the campaign trail to do a reverse Jesus Christ (blind the stupid and lame)

  9. God help us all!

  10. Didn’t watch the bafoon either – couldn’t make myself. I’m already soooo disgusted. The problem with looking towards 2012 for hope is that once these gubment programs start up – no matter how inefficent, expensive, failed they are WE WILL NEVER GET RID OF THEM.

    We are watching the end of the US as the greatest nation in the world. We can scream, shout, vote til we’re blue in the face and it will not change anything. Liberals are not in it for the good of the nation. They do not see themselves as public servants, to the contrary, they are the privilaged. They want to be KINGS it is about a grab for POWER and nothing else. They will continue at the EXPENSE of the nation.

    I remember seeing pictures of the Holocaust and wondering – “How did they get so many to march to their deaths without a fight?”

  11. ‘…the “federal government is the only entity left with the resources to jolt our economy back to life..” And where EXACTLY does the federal government GET those resources?? Hmm….maybe…if those of us who PROVIDE those resources got to KEEP some of them for ourselves, we’d be better off….sounds like a plan to me…but nooooooooo….HE won, so we lose!

    I have written and called and e-mailed and faxed my representatives daily for two weeks now. My House Rep, actually voted against the Porkulous bill (to no avail) and “my”(and I use that term VERY loosely) two senators, Chuck (take my picture) Schumer and the new gal Kirsten Gillibrand (a chip off the old Hillary block apparently), both voted for cloture. I feel so damn unrepresented!!! I am going to bug the living heck of of those who supposedly “represent” me . Maybe I can make them just a fraction as miserable as they are making me…a gal can always “hope”

  12. Again great read. The left are so against helping the poor that they caused thousands of pounds of deer meat to be destroyed after it had been donated to food banks on the ploy that the people that ate it would suffer lead poisoning. It was proven that there was less lead in deer meat than in beef or chicken. We could greatly reduce the number receiving welfare if it was made mandatory to pass a drug test before being paid for doing nothing. I had to pass drug tests to work, why should they not have to pass one to collect MY money. The new universal health care is the libs way to reduce medical dollars, social security dollars, and eliminate those of us that are
    old enough to be against socialism and communism no matter what name you
    give it. Where are the rights for those of us that were stupid enough to work, pay taxes(unlike Obummer cabinet picks), defend this country and be proud to be AMERICANS.!

  13. As usual, fantastic read. Thanks again, Larry – and family!

    Check this out:


  14. Above was a full-page ad taken out in the New York Times, WSJ and Washington Post.

  15. My husband inadverdantly left the TV on last night before he had to go out to a meeting (you know, WORK related). I wasn’t aware the Communist American Idol winner was on pontificating about his “inheritance” and what he, as lord high ruler, will be doing about it. I was in another room, but then heard my 8 year old yell “Shut up Obama!” and turn the tv off. If even a child can’t stand to hear him, how the hell can any adult in their right mind listen to the drivel coming out of his mouth?

  16. upstate conservative

    Great insight as always, the dems are so confident that they have the power to pass this ridiculous bill that they are openly admitting it sucks and the infighting will continue among them. I think I’ve heard it all now… Schumer just said that the American people don’t care about all the PORK in this bill! This is the mentality we have to look forward to for another 2 years? We in NY are just outnumbered and things won’t change in the forseeable future but many other states can still make a difference.!

  17. “When injustice becomes law, Revolution becomes duty.” Forgot where I heard that… I look everywhere for good information now. Whoever said it knew the deal which we are in, for injustice has and is becoming law in this land. I’ve made all the phone calls I intend to make, have sent all the emails I intend to send and have signed all the petitions I intend to sign. I have had enough. Words may enlighten and entertain us here but I fear they are no longer sufficient to achieve the goal of stopping this liberal madness. The time has come to take this to the streets and show these bastards we mean business. I am keeping my eyes and ears open for anyone organizing any kind of physical protest in DC. Larry??? Strange that we conservatives must adopt the mostly liberal mainstay activity of “protest” but it sure works for them. Perhaps it can work for us. Don’t know what else to say except that it’s time to DO.

  18. I’ve said these things before and I shall say them again:

    – This guy is on a perpetual campaign. He has no clue how to govern, so he just camapigns. He’s stumping in Indiana and Florida now on OUR dime. When will this bozo STOP campaigning and start governing???

    -I’ve never known anyone who can use so many words to say so little. He still uses the flowery language of the campaign trail (see above). His press secretary (propagandist) says even less. This administration’s “press conferences” leave reporters and the American people with more questions afterward than they had before.

    In fact, the markets SLID upon hearing the “details” (or lack thereof) of TARP II due to uncertainty about the actual details of this round of TARP. So much for stimulating the economy with government intervention. Of course these boobs are filled with a million and one excuses such as “recovery will take time”. Didn’t these same idiots promise the moon last week??? When will this farce end???

  19. Lennon said ” when givin grasp” and that”s what berry and company are doing. A couole of years ago someone predicted that the next time the left was in power that they would overreach and that the backlash would end their domanence for years, I hope they are right.

  20. My wife had Obama on when I got home from work last night. I spent a LOT of time talking back to the TV. Wonderful way to vent. He sure did spend a lot of time saying, “Uh” during his presentation and he sure did appear out of his element and uncomfortable, speaking slowly and oh-so carefully to not step on toes. What a bad joke this guy is. I hope there’s enough America left in 32 months to bounce this clown out the door.

  21. WllyG said. Put the S.O.B.’s together with the Git-mo detainees and put them in Alcatraz and see who’s worse!!!

    Maybe you should rephrase that and say who’s smarter. My money is on the detainees.

  22. Redbone,

    The Idea of “protest” may seem palatable but keep in mind who will be “covering” the protest and where they stand politically. remember, we are “acrimonious” when confronted with pork..

    It is still “do-able” but the fact that ALL of us are employed and ALL of them aren’t makes for a bigger “counter protest”..

    Our method must rely upon “communication” both ours and theirs..

    “Their”s” comes from every utterance and the content thereof. (Refer back to my “144 times” comment earlier.) They will continually supply all of the verbal ammunition, we just need a good memory.

    “Our’s” comes from places like NLTZ. Not only do we communicate with each other and keep ourselves “in the game”, but it is our duty to inform everyone that we can. The moment any friend or contemporary becomes a little wobbly and says, “I can’t believe that guy..” THAT is when we should move.

    The ground that has been lost one step at a time by the conservative movement can be regained by taking one step at a time.

    That’s just how I see it.

    Thanks as always,


    P.S. Amy and Redbone: how are the ankles doing?

  23. Rick2,

    Weren’t you the one who called him “The Wizard of Uhs”?

    That was a classic that I wish I had thought of..


  24. Also, BHO is going to lead by opinion polls (hence the camapign-like speeches, stumping, and ads). All I hear about is some over-inflated opinion poll showing that 65% of Americans support the Porkfest. I have a hard time believing that. He and his ilk also characterise any opposition and disagreement as “divisiveness”. To them “bipartisanship” means acquiesing to their evil plans without so much as a whimper. This sham makes me sick.

  25. Ankle Update:

    I’m in physical therapy and am regaining range. Most of my incision scab has fallen off as has most of my blister scab. Some days hurt more than others, especially cold days. I’m stuck on Eastern time. I sleep all day here and stay up all night.

    I had the “patriotic” duty of filing my tax return today. I actually like doing my taxes (especially when we get a refund — is that bad??). This year’s refund is going to paying down debt (my idea of stimulating the economy [see above]) I get strange enjoyment out of filling out forms. I would have been a Volunteer Tax Preparer
    (VITA Program) this year had I not broke my ankle.

  26. Amy,

    Here is the typical poll question: “Would you prefer to have the stimulus package pass or would you prefer to have a complete economic collapse?

    Average uniformed and easily swayed poll taker, “I’d rather have it pass!!”

    Thus 65% appears.

    Before ANY poll should be given any weight, the question that was asked and the demographic that it was given to should be made public.

    Satistics lie and liars use statistics..



    Anyone living in Missouri, Oklahoma, Dallas, TX please head to your storm shelter. Heavy storms are producing tornadoes.

  28. Alabama Redneck


    Let me know when we can get something together and protest (?) the actions of these scumbags. Maybe a new civil war is the answer. Why else do they want to take our guns away. We have the right to replace a tyranical governent and they know it.

    Buying more ammo to protect my family.

    Never give up.

  29. I can march Larry 😉

  30. Alabama… doing the same. I will surely let the family know where I find anything if I find anything. We can all check it out to see if it’s worthwhile.

  31. Redbone the full quote is… When Injustice Becomes law, resistance becomes duty. Which originated from the Irish who wanted the british out of their country. I’m sure that quote didn’t originate out of the Irish Rebellion, but it still works for me.

    But here is a great quote from our founding father, Thomas Jefferson… God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. … And what country can preserve its liberties, if it’s rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.

  32. Larry, I think many us are aware of the wording of the questions that these pollster prophetical
    to the public. Most of the polls that were taken during the election were either paid for by the Democrats or directly from the Obama camp.

    Like I’ve said before put manure in a box, wrap the box in pretty paper and sting bows and ribbons on the box. But eventually when the box is opened it’s still smelly, dirty manure and the Democrats call it a Stimulus Package. We are better off spreading the manure on a crop because we’d get more out of it.

    Keep up with these great articles/essays.

  33. Hi Larry, Always appreciate your points! I listened to last night’s “speech” and I heard a communistic czar pontificating very vile and putrid remarks against his predesessor. I wonder if anyone has counted all the times the man used the words “I”, “Me”, “My”? He is certainly a self-infatuated socialist isn’t he? I hurt so much for our wonderful country with such a one at the helm.

  34. God have mercy on the USA ….

  35. According to the news source, Congress Daily, there isn’t even one provision in this so-called “stimulus” bill that calls for the prevention of foreign workers from being hired while American workers are being laid off!

  36. The “direct investment in health care” Larry quoted has aside from the the pork in the bill, health care legislation has a deep outlook for the American citizen.

    Hidden in this trillion dollar “stimulus” bill are (socialistic) government run health care including:
    Government rationing of your health care espescially for the elderly and the terminally ill.
    Federal ownership and control of your medical records.

    “Comparitive Effectiveness Review” is the bureaucratic jargon for the package earmarks several billion dollars for the first steps taking us towards Canadian, or even worse, British health care system that will lower our quality of health care while trampling our individual rights.

    This government wants doctors to give up autonomy and learn less to operate like solo practioners.

    Uniformity in medical care goes a little to far in my book, starts to remind me of Ariean nations.

  37. Wind,

    Socialised “medicine” sounds like a Malthusian euphemism for population control. These anti-human Liberals are looking for ways to cull the “useless” members of society. They ought to start with some of the parasitic groups in their base…

  38. Eileen,
    Thanks for providing this quote…
    here is a great quote from our founding father, Thomas Jefferson… God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. … And what country can preserve its liberties, if it’s rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.

    This sounds like a clarion call to arms in my opinion. While I would prefer to be able to simply vote out the traitors to this great nation, it may well be time for a new American Revolution, a reverse Bolshevik Revolution.

  39. Amy,
    If the liberals would do as you suggest and cull the parasitic groups in their base, then we wouldn’t even have anything to talk about, as the liberals would be extinct; they’re all parasites!

  40. Larry as always you have nailed this complete travesty

  41. There is a new poll being taken about the “Stimulus” plan.
    javascript:rs(“poll”, “http://us.rd.yahoo.com/csp/vz/hp/pcm/americans_losing_confidence_in_stimulus/*http://js.polls.yahoo.com/quiz/quiziframe.php?poll_id=42891”, 750, 600)

  42. I kept waiting for the part where Obama turned to the camera, looked the American people square in the eye and said,


  43. One thing I did learn last night is that really bad legislation if debated long enough does create jobs. Last night we were up to 4 million jobs created or saved. That’s 1 million more jobs than the 3 million it was going to produce last week! Another week or two and unemployment will be back to zero with jobs to spare!


  45. I posted this on Morning Bell this morning and based on Larry latest it fits and I’ve previously have stated similar conclusions, forgive me for rehashing the obvious.

    There isn’t a single government agency or division that runs efficiently; do we really want an organization that developed the U.S. Tax Code handling something as complex as health care, environment, energy, etc? Quick, try to think of one government office that runs efficiently. Let’s think about how Congress mishandled Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? The Department of Transportation? Social Security Administration? Department of Education? There isn’t a single government office that squeezes efficiency out of every dollar the way the private sector can.
    We’ve all heard stories of government waste such as million-dollar cow flatulence studies or the Pentagon’s 14 billion dollar Bradley design project that resulted in a transport vehicle which when struck by a mortar produced a gas that killed every man inside. How about the U.S. income tax system? When originally implemented, it collected 1 percent from the highest income citizens. Look at it today. A few years back to government published a “Tax Simplification Guide”, and the guide itself was over 1,000 pages long! This is what happens when politicians mess with something that should be simple, they only create more bureaucracy that slows the process to a grinding holt.
    Think about the Department of Motor Vehicles. This isn’t rocket science, and you don’t need to be a Rhode Scholar to identify and misuse taxpayer dollars—the DMV have to keep track of licenses and basic database information for state residents. However, the costs to support the department are enormous, and when was the last time you went to the DMV and didn’t have to stand in line? If it can’t handle things this simple, how can we expect the government to handle all the complex nuances of the medical system? If any private business failed year after year to achieve its objectives and satisfy its customers, it would go out of business or be passed up by competitors.
    “Free” health care, just like a free lunch is never really free; it isn’t really free since we must pay for it with taxes; expenses for health care would have to be paid for with higher taxes or spending cuts in other areas such as defense, education, etc. There’s an entitlement mentality in this country that believes the government should give us a number of benefits such as “free” health care. But the government must pay for this somehow. What good would it do to wipe out a few hundred dollars of monthly health insurance premiums if our taxes go up by that much or more?
    This Bill should outrage every hard working American citizen and the conservatives in Pennsylvania and Maine should remove these RINO from Office pronto. You can call yourselves Republicans or conservatives but it’s your actions that define you and your repeated actions in the Senate have revealed who and what you are… liberal Democrats. You can put crap into a box and place pretty wrapping paper on it and place a huge bow and ribbons on the package, but once you remove all the pretty decoration it’s still crap inside the box.
    If they really and honesty want to fix the economy, create new jobs they should find a way to bring back those Companies that decided to outsource their Accounts Payable/Receivable and Customer Services divisions to overseas companies that Bill Clinton gave them Carte Blanc to do. I’m sick of the phone calls from the English is a second or third language crowd. They call and sound like they are reading from a pre-existing, over rehearsed mantra, but if you ask a question to them off script they become dumbfounded and confused. Returning the millions of jobs that went overseas by providing tax incentives and tax cuts to those companies makes more sense then handing billions in ACORN, who already collect the wealth checks from the liberal democrats. This Bill has only showed me that not only does this Bill not create new jobs through Government spending, or over spending in this case, only reveals that these elected officials appear to want to keep us down and reliant on the Government for our paychecks. They are creating more welfare recipients and want more of the needy and downtrodden folks relying on them for support. Count me out, I want to rely on myself not the Government because when I did need to rely on them, I was always disappointed or turned down for not being needy enough.

  46. To look at this so-called stimulus bill, a person might think the government is just trying to convince us that we have more money than we need.
    Of course, BHO increases the number of jobs that will be “created” by this bill; he has to give the other illegal aliens a reason to come here and take American jobs.

  47. I hope he has his teleprompter handy when the phone rings at 2am, because this guy just doesn’t have a clue……and he is the leader of the free world!!

    He is just a black Howdy Doody and you know who has their hand up his backside pulling the strings……sigh….it is going to be a long 4 years.

  48. Todd,

    Can you throw that link back up, it didn’t take the first time.

    Thanks as always,


  49. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    Another quote from our founding fathers we should bring back is: “No taxation without representation.” It’s time to send a message by throwing all of the Democrats along with Spector, and the two traitors from Maine into Boston Harbor.

  50. Eileen Years ago the feds took over the Mustang Ranch (whore house) in Nevada. The feds ran it. Guess what, they did such a poor job selling sex and booze that it declared bankruptcy. We all need an outfit this lousy at business to run the country. The universal health care is their way to solve the social security problem. Just kill off the elderly and the problem is solved in their minds( what little they have). GOD help the USA Please

  51. I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to get the link to work from anywhere other than on the Yahoo page.

  52. Hey, I think I got it. Just use the second link on my previous posting.

  53. Ye 52%, ye suckers. This a-clown doesn’t have clue one what he is doing, and while this tyro flounders around on national television, the powers behind the throne are stealing our nation from the blind fools whom put them in the first place. The American people finally have the leader they deserve. They chose the shackles of Socialism, but they do have one last chance before the manacles are closed to escape this well-deserved fate. Hopefully, they will hold these thieves to account. If the Republicans can hold out long enough, we may have another day to call this land a Republic. The three turncoats should be reminded that there will be a price exacted at the ballot box if they side with Obama on this one.

  54. Another great one, Larry.

    I have been so amazed … since January 20 trying to understand how 2 million people could get to Washington DC for one day in sub-zero temperatures, when 200,000 could not get out of New Orleans with a 4-day notice, in 85 degree temperatures.

    The phone lines remain jammed when I try to call.

  55. I was extremely angry by the comments made by NY Senator Schumer regarding the Stimulus Package. Below is the email that I sent.

    The Unhonorable Senator Chuckie Schumer;

    Well, once again you are wrong, as usual. I do care about the earmarks and pork placed in this Bill and all Bills because it’s just spending money that will only help a small portion of the population. I’m going to hold you accountable come election time and vote you and your worthless liberal cronies out of Office and hold you liable for the huge errors you’ve made over the course of your political career. I guess you should start refinancing your home now, because you might lose it in 2010.

    Or maybe the public should follow suit and stop paying our taxes. If it works for Al Franken and other liberal idiots because they don’t go to jail for nonpayment, then we should be allowed to boycott by not paying ours.

    You guys are the dregs of our society, overpaid, wealthy imbeciles lawyers who suck the bone marrow from the American taxpayers, or in the scam artist known as liberal politicians/Obama’s cabinet members, the American non-taxpayers.

    Just in case you’ve missed my oh so subtle contempt for the liberal Democrats in Office. I’m against this Stimulus Package.

  56. EILEEN,

    In the fact that there isn’t a single government agency or department that runs efficeintly doesn’t this Obama, Pelosi, Reid “stimulus” bill become all the more outreageous when more than a third of this bill’s spending provisions (to the tune of $136 billion) are dedicated to creating new government programs.

    Smaller government? With more and more people supposedly voicing their dislike for all the ludicrously shameful pork spending, the congress of this nation keeps paddling along as if in calm waters. Are these fools so intent on power they would bring they’re country to it’s knees before the world? I don’t understand this.

  57. Todd, 68% of the public taking the poll you gave us agree with us and disagree with Obama and his liberal friends

    I think I’ll let the two numb nuts from Maine and the idiot sevant from Pennsylvania hear my continued outrage.

    If you want to leave your own clues to the clueless liberal Democrats, you can start by email the brain bag Schummer. Here’s his website http://schumer.senate.gov/new_website/contact.cfm

  58. Another Example Of Mounting Criticism By MSM About BHO:

    From CNBC:


  59. Here is what I emailed to Senators Specter, Snowe and Collins. Your welcome to comment.

    The Unhonorable Senator Arlen Specter;

    Well, once again you guys continue to get it wrong, as usual. I do care about the earmarks and pork placed in this Bill and all Bills because it’s just spending money we shouldn’t spend that will only help a small portion of the population, if at all. I’m going to hold you accountable come election time and vote you and your worthless liberal cronies out of Office and hold you liable for the huge errors you’ve made over the course of your political career. I guess you should start refinancing your home now, because you might lose it in 2010. You’re a disgrace to the Republican conservative whom to claim to represent.

    You guys are the dregs of our society, overpaid, wealthy imbeciles lawyers who suck the bone marrow from the American taxpayers, or in the scam artist known as liberal politicians/Obama’s cabinet members, the American non-taxpayers. A boycott is in the making as the American public watch you clueless career politicians destroy a Country that we once held so dear. The public continues to become angrier by each misstep Congress makes and a new Civil War is quickly building in this Country and it’s not about the north vs the south; it’s about the clueless liberal’s vs the conservative. So, you better start picking which side you’ll be on. You and your fellow Maine Senator Collins should stop claiming your Republicans, because you are not, your Republicans in name only, but continually vote with the liberals in Congress. So, stop the pretense and call yourselves for what you clearly are liberal Democrats. You’re an embarrassment.

    The problem with you career politicians is that you don’t live in the real world. You’ve probably never had to struggle in your life. When was they last time you got out of your car and pumped gas, you personally getting out of the drivers seat and filling “your tank” with gas? When was the last time you went grocery shopping and had a budget? I’m not talking about your maid or housekeeper, you personally. I sure you cannot remember. Well, I openly invite you to come to Mobile, Alabama and spend a day with me so you can see how the little people that pay your salary have to struggle every, single day. Chances are that you and your fellow wealthy political friends have been so far removed from the people you represent and you haven’t a clue. This useless Bill is about spending, it’s like you overcharged your credit cards, not make a payment in months and just continue to spend until the credit card company takes your card and destroys it. That is what you political ignoramus do every day and turn around and call it progress. The only thing that’s progressing is the liberal agenda of socialist government. You know, what’s mine is yours and want yours is yours.

    Just in case you’ve missed my oh so subtle contempt for the liberal Democrats in Office as well as Senator Collins and Snowe. Did you even read this Stimulus Bill? Based on your on air comments made on the Fox News network with your interview with Megan Kelley, it certainly sounds like you didn’t read it and seemed puzzled and perplexed by her questions. But, just in case you’ve missed my contempt for you and your fellow RINO’s, I’m against this Stimulus Package.

    I am grateful that I have two real conservatives representing my state in Senators Shelby and Sessions, but the residents of Pennsylvania have my sympathies that you are representing there’s.

  60. Eileen,
    Thanks for the link to old Upchuck Schumer. I am not sure if my letter went through, as I got a repeat of the form after clicking on submit. I probably should have copied my letter and let it be seen here, but I neglected to do that.
    I am not surprised that the people opposed to this trashy bill out number those in favor by more than 2 to 1!

  61. When you see polls indicating public “approval ratings” on such and such issues – translation “cluless ratings”. The results is that 65% have no clue as to what pork spending is!!!

    Anyone read this one lately:

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government

  62. And speaking of Sec’y of the Treasury Geithner, last night on the Glen Beck TV show, someone put forward a rubber stamp with the imprint
    “T A X C H E A T”
    that he will use to print over Geithner’s signature on every dollar bill printed with his name. What a great idea! He said it’s not against the law to do so. This part needs to be checked yet but I’m ordering my stamp today so I’ll be ready when the new bills are printed. Which at the rate at which they’re printing new money to pay for this fiasco, I should have some new bills any minute.
    Then I’m going on a STAMPede!

  63. Eileeen,

    First, let me congratulate you on being able to contact Specter by e-mail and secondly in the “in your face” true words of your message.

    I had tried to e-mail Specter myself and it was not accepted as I am not a resident of the state he represents. I did not ask for a reply, only that he read my e-mail.
    If I did nothing wrong in the e-mailing process then there is something wrong when a citizen of the United States cannot contact any Senator or Representative of any state of the Union and express his opinion about their action/inaction on a given issue. That is why they call this nation a Democracy afterall.

  64. Windrider,

    I found that some of these Senator site need to be a state resident. All I did was use a friends address and changed the street number. Living in NJ for so long it was a little easier, because I knew the lay of the land.

    I also used my old address when I lived in Long Island to contact Upchuck. What he said really pissed me off about most Americans don’t care about the pork/earmarks. It’s these items that the public objects to. They are totally clueless. They all earned our contempt.

  65. Our you only calling Washington or have you tried to phone one of his other Offices? If anyone needs the PA address to contact Specter let me know, I’ll give you the address.

  66. These RINO’S need to go, and if I remember correctly Specter’s race was a close one and the Democrat almost beat him. That should have been his first clue, but again his clueless.

    PA address:

    S. 25th street
    Hackett Avenue
    Morgan Hill Road
    4205 Richmond Road
    Northampton Blvd
    First Avenue
    South Third Street
    1320 Sullivan Trail
    Easton, PA 18040

    All these are real roads in Easton, Pa.

    I believe he wants you phone number so the area code for Easton is 610. The normal exchange is 248, 250, 438, 252, 253, and 515. Make up the rest of the phone number like I did.

    That may help you. I already got a response back from both Collins and Specter.

  67. It’s about time we start putting the fear of God into these idiot and let them know their number will be up. After that start to demand term limits so we’re not stuck with these idiot for life.

  68. “In Obama-land, they will just join the multiple millions of Democratic voters who get their paychecks from the government the first Monday of every month.” … unfortunately, those of us who have been paying taxes for 25 years and now find ourselves in dire financial need due to a job loss simply don’t qualify for that “aid” – BECAUSE we have REAL Social Security Numbers. If we just arrived here without any legitimate documentation, we WOULD qualify. At leat that is the reality here in Chicago.

  69. I just received this email from the American Conservative Union. I’m not surprised and I’m sure you aren’t either. Please read.

    Dear Eileen,

    The liberals in Congress just won’t stop. Now we have learned they are meeting in secret.

    Ultra liberals in Congress are continuing to pull strings behind the scenes to give billions of dollars in taxpayer money to ACORN. They are working overtime to shove through billions and billions of dollars in wasteful spending to long term liberal special interest projects. They are doing this all under the continued guise of the stimulus package.

    It is so bad that even when conservatives in Congress suggested cutting even a little money out of the so-called stimulus bill, Nancy Pelosi told the Washington Post that potential cuts, “do violence to the future.”

    That’s right. Pelosi said that cutting wasteful spending out of their liberal bill does “violence” to the future.

    We must try and stop her.

    ACU is fighting back. We want to encourage those House Members, who under John Boehner, voted against the first so-called stimulus package. We want them to know that we don’t want our taxpayer money going to ACORN. We want the liberals to know we are watching.

    We have some won some fights as the so-called “stimulus” spending bill worked its way through Congress, but there is still more work to be done. We must re-double our efforts over the next few hours and days. We must be prepared to watch how any money approved is spent and hold the government accountable when they step out of line.

    Just this morning we were notified by House Republican Leader John Boehner’s office about a secret meeting that took place last night. That’s right, last night – as we slept – liberal House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s staff and Leader Harry Reid’s staff were meeting to hash out among themselves a final multi-billion dollar liberal spending package.There were no Republicans conferees present.

    They are going to pass this under the title “stimulus.” They want to claim victory.

    They met in secret because they don’t want us to know what is going on. But we found out.

    Over the last few days we have seen a charm offensive from President Obama as he has slammed free market economics while at the same time calling for bipartisanship. But, as this secret meeting has shown, they have no real interest in true bipartisanship. They only want to spend more.

    ACU is fighting back. We want to encourage those House Members, who under John Boehner, voted against the first so-called stimulus package. We want them to know that we don’t want our taxpayer money going to ACORN. We want the liberals to know we are watching.

    We have seen that the liberals who run Congress are really sending a message that they don’t care what the American people think.

    Polls including the Rasmussen’s survey have shown in recent days that, “Two-thirds of the nation’s voters (69%) lack confidence that Congress knows what it is doing when it comes to addressing the country’s current economic problems. Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed said “No matter how bad things are, Congress can always find a way to make them worse.” Most importantly 48% of U.S. voters say that, generally speaking, increased government spending is bad for the economy.”

    Yet the liberal Democrats in Congress are trying to ram through this close to trillion-dollar spending bill anyway.

    ACU is fighting back. We want to encourage those House Members, who under John Boehner, voted against the first so-called stimulus package. We want them to know that we don’t want our taxpayer money going to ACORN. We want the liberals to know we are watching.

    We need your help to get it done.

    Please sign the petition and help ACU today!

    Dennis Whitfield
    Executive Vice President

    P.S. We need your continued help, right now, tonight and tomorrow with this fight. Even after the next few days – even if this bill goes to Obama’s desk – we want to continue to keep the pressure up so we can show where waste, fraud and abuse is happening in the budget. Please sign the petition and help ACU today!

    Spread the news to friends, family and your work collegues. Somebody needs to put Pelosi down and for good. If Helen Thomas is the Wicked Witch of the East, that makes Nancy the Wicked Witch of the West. Does anyone have a house they can spare to have it fall on top of both these pinheads. Pelosi’s arrogance is unbelievable.

    I also read on Newsmax that at the last minute before Obama signs the Bill into law they are going to put back the things that the Republicans wanted removed. If they continue this cycle of deceit the shit will hit the fan and they better start wearing bullet proof vests, so aim for the head, we already know they have no hearts.

  70. Arthur Nankervis


    Lonely Man
    “We’ve got to commit the “skin” and get in that game 110%. Then we can tackle Mr. “I won.”

    “Words may enlighten and entertain us here but I fear they are no longer sufficient to achieve the goal of stopping this liberal madness. The time has come to take this to the streets and show these bastards we mean business. I am keeping my eyes and ears open for anyone organizing any kind of physical protest in DC.”

    Papa Bear
    … “the next time the left was in power that they would overreach and that the backlash would end their [dominance] for years, I hope they are right.”

    Alabama Redneck
    “Let me know when we can get something together and protest (?) the actions of these scumbags. Maybe a new civil war is the answer.”

    “I can march Larry.”
    The family are sure becoming a litle bit more than restless and going by quoted portions of comments above (plus others I’m sure), are about ready to do something about it. I agree wholeheartedly that the problems that exist now for The U.S. and Australia will only be overcome by some sort of physical action. The Democrats & OZ Labour Party are past debate and reasoning. The OZ Prime Minister is now referred to as Rudd-the-Dud and has the Obama disease of only being able to string 3 words together before an “Eerr.” I have pondered with similar thoughts as the family for a long while now and have been trying to read and research on when would the right time be to implement such actions. Thanks to some very astute NLTs contributors, I am closer to finding out.
    Alabama Redneck to Redbone.. “Let me know when we can get something together and protest.” If I didn’t have my sister staying with us (flew in from Melbourne to get away from the fires), I’d be with you blokes. Sorry, I left all my rifles in OZ and they have now been confiscated.

    The best to all the family


  71. Margaret in CT

    Fine. If I can’t e-mail congress members from other states, I’ll just send all of my e-mail to Dodd’s and Hines’ offices and ask that it be “passed along.” It won’t, but you can bet that if enough e-mails come in, Dodd will pass the message along to Specter/Collins/Snow (while they are chowing down on Beef Wellington in the Capitol cafeteria) that he is considered a traitor to his party and, more important, to the ideology that got him elected. Those of you who are fortunate enough to have a Republican in either house of Congress might suggest that they forward your e-mail to the offices of the senators. They can circumvent the ban on e-mails from nonresidents.

    As Mark Levin said last night, how can a bunch of people who ran a few television ads and made a few speeches to get elected have the foggiest notion what to do with our money? Of course, none of them have paid their campaign bills to local vendors; why would they worry about running up a bill and submitting it to the taxpayers? Seems only natural, doesn’t it? Pigs at the trough.

  72. Here is an interesting article from Representative Ryan of Wisconsin, which was in NewsMax. http://www.newsmax.com/kessler/Obama_stimulus_pork/2009/02/10/180104.html
    I hope this link works on my first attempt at posting it!

  73. The logic of the libs’ confiscation and redistribution (to their constituients) programs is the classic story of the mad scientist who created the monster to do his bidding and in the end the monster turns on him.

    Everything has its logical conclusion. I’ve learned NOT to relay on any politician to act in the best intrest of the nation – we no longer have any statesman of that patriotic caliber. It won’t be solved in the voting booth. The only way to end the reign of confiscation is to kill the goose that lays the golden egg (tax payer).

    It has to happen. Sooner or later they will have nothing more to confiscate and distribute. They certainly will not distribute their own wealth/theft. The public trough will be empty and the parasites will consume those who promised the free ride first. The rest of us will be ready for them.

    Thining of the heard for the survival of the species. Natural course of nature. Let it rip! We need to move on.

  74. OK Guys — relax. This one is simple. It won’t last, they won’t last. This will play out to where BHO will be found to not be eligible to be pres or something along that line. We will have a constitutional crisis on hand and no one will know whose in charge. There will be one to rise out of the mess with the answer (enter dictator). BHO in charge is by no means the ultimate plan. The libs are having a good time right now but watch. Exciting times are ahead. Where’s the faith guys? Great time to be alive.

  75. I think the libs are just trying to soften us up so they can force us into a one-world government!

  76. Alabama Redneck


    Again thank you for an outstanding article.

    All commenters and contributors..

    After reading all the posts of the last two/three days, I find myself thinking about how we could possibley mobilize and organize a march on DC. We need to take action in a physical way. We also need a way to correspond without ‘Big Brother’ evesdropping on everything we say or do. After all, THEY have the guns (military) to stop us cold if we get too close to them. I know we would need permits, etc. and we would need about 2 million of like minded, fed-up, no more pork and thievery from the American people to sign up and agree to be there on a given date. Can anyone provide more insight and information on this??



    PS: We the people have the right to abolish our government.

    PPS: Eileen has started things with the notifications to congress. We need to take it further now with physical protests.

    Off with their heads…..

  77. WE should just hang every representative and senator, who votes for this bill, for TREASON!

  78. Washington is so irrelevant and they don’t even know it. We’ve had evil all over the world for millineminus, including the White House and for the most part politics has always been corrupt. We’ve been living with socialism for quite awhile now – it’s just being better identified now a days. But we’re still here! BHO and his cronies are just peeons in something that is far greater than they can even comprehend.

    There is no power or throne that God has not allowed. The country will get its dicipline and we will all move on. If you don’t have hope in that you probably will feel some of the suffering. Never the less, in the end, all will learn not to place there hope in man ever again.

    Then the generations to follow will cycle right back to again trusting man for sustinance. It will continue until the end of time which will only be determined by the one who is the Perfect Dictator.

    No need for a revolution. The bridge is crossed – now just stand back and watch it burn.

  79. Sorry, millennium and their hope in man.

  80. I’ll explain what I’ve been doing so that you all can help me get the message out to the liberals in Congress. This method works better with the Senate then the House. You may have to do more research with the House democrats to locate what district they represent.

    I go to Yahoo or Google maps sites and I locate the district the Congressional representative represents. Zooming in, I locate the street and avenues names and once I have them, I go to the online white and yellow pages to get the area code and exchanges in that district. Go to the post office website, type the “fake” address to get the zip code.

    My plan is to clog up Nancy Pelosi email account with a deluge of anti-Stimulus Package to wipe the smirk off her face. Threaten her with her removal from Congress in 2010. You know… I’ll do everything in my power to make sure your removed from representing the 8th District, blah, blah blah.

    This method worked for me yesterday to the three Republicans that jump ship. It’s a little more work to get the house people.

    This is what her website states:

    Email Congresswoman Pelosi
    Congresswoman Pelosi wants to hear from you. You can email her by using the form below. Please note that the rules of Congressional courtesy prevent Representative Pelosi from replying to emails if she cannot determine that you are a constituent, so remember to include your full name, address, and zip code.

    If you are not a constituent of the 8th district of California, and would like to e-mail Congresswoman Pelosi in her role as Speaker of the House, please email her at AmericanVoices@mail.house.gov or click here for a contact form.
    Since I already know she won’t look at the non-district emails. I want to make her believe that she’s my representative I would prefer to spend a little more time to make her think that then be totally dismissed.

    Here is the info on her CA office: Please return this completed form to: U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi, 450 Golden Gate Avenue, 14th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94102. Telephone (415) 556-4862, Fax (415) 861-1670.

    Her DC Office: Washington, D.C. Office – 235 Cannon HOB – Washington, DC 20515 – (202) 225-4965

    This is the link to locate her 8th District: http://capwiz.com/washtimes/webreturn/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.house.gov%2Fpelosi

    Address in her 8th District. Look up the zips here http://zip4.usps.com/zip4/zcl_0_results.jsp

    Hoffman Street zip is 94114
    Lincoln Blvd
    Appleton Street
    Ruckman Avenue
    Upton Avenue
    Cranston Road
    Long Avenue
    Storey Avenue
    Lendrum Court
    Rod Road
    Schofield Road
    Patton Road

    She represents the Haight Ashbury area, which may explain a lot, she obviously did inhale and killed all her brain cells.

    Here’s the site I use to locate phone numbers and area codes. http://www.callerbase.com/area/415.html

    I hope all this information help us in killing this Bill. I realize she’s the most “powerful” women in Congress, but a bullet to the brain could change all that very quickly, the bigger question is would she notice.

  81. For $15.00 you can fax your Senators and BHO, along with 11 other key legislators. To send more faxes, the cost goes up a little.

  82. Eileen,

    Could you do me a favor?

    Could you “cut and paste” that whole comment onto the new article that will be posting in about ten minutes?

    It is titled, “The New Enlightenment”.

    Your comment needs to be followed up upon by everyone.

    Thanks as always,


  83. Never give in, never give up and never again.


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