One Thing Is Missing

Right out of the “some things will never die” category, we find the most recent machinations from Bill Clinton. (There are two things about liberal ex-Presidents, they never shut up and the liberal press always manages to find them when they want to yap. Please note that Republican ex-Presidents can only be found pictured on the milk cartons at your neighborhood store..)

In chatting with radio host Mario Solis Marich, Bill said, “well you either ought to have the Fairness Doctrine or we ought to have more balance on the other side.. because essentially there’s always been a lot of big money to support the right wing talk shows and lets face it, you know, Rush Limbaugh is fairly entertaining even when he is saying things that I think are ridiculous..” He continued on, “..more balance in the programs or have some opportunity for people to offer countervailing opinions..”

Remember that with “liberal definitional inversion”, words that are used by the left usually have diametrical definitions when they are practically applied. “Fairness” when bandied about by the left, never is “fair”.. “Fairness” is just the liberal’s phonetic fascism, perfumed for full effect and salted to distaste. The “Fairness Doctrine”, like the “economic stimulus package” is nothing more than “Democratic Definitional Diversion/Inversion”.

Since Bill Clinton refuses to be silent like his wife, (AKA: the employed Clinton, starring as the “Invisible Woman” in the Obama progressive pantheon..) we need to properly dissect his discourse..

If the lairs of the left are to be believed, the “Fairness Doctrine” IS “more balance on the other side”. The ridiculous redundancy aside, it is MANDATORY balance as opposed to the “balance” of the free market.

As with all liberals, Bill has no understanding of the free market when he says, “..there’s always been a lot of big money to support the right wing talk shows..” (Ignore the fact that liberals like Mark Green put up “big money” for the failed “Scare America” radio channel.) This “big money” comes from one vital component that the socialist screamers will never have.. an audience. This “big money” comes from advertisers who want to present their products to the biggest market that they can. The reason radio loser/comedian Franken ran for the Senate was so that he could expand the audience of people who recognize him in public into the double digits for the first time.. (Liberal dichotomy factor: Franken wasn’t funny as a comedian, now that he is a “politician”, he is hilarious..)

Bill tried to stumble into something remotely resembling the truth when he said, “..lets face it, you know, Rush Limbaugh is fairly entertaining even when he says things that I think are ridiculous..” He has located the missing element, “entertaining”. The morose morons of the brown shirt brigade are so humorless and uninformative that they can’t even “entertain” each other. The liberal audience is always available, it’s not like they are busy with things like work, so if they could at least present a palatable product for consumption, this “Rush” to censorship wouldn’t be necessary..

I always found Bill Clinton to be most “entertaining” while he was saying things that I KNEW (not “think”) were “ridiculous”.. Isn’t it “ridiculous” when someone who routinely says such “ridiculous” things as “it depends what the definition of ‘is’ is..” has the audacity (of hope) to say that anyone else says “ridiculous” things?

The “Fairness Doctrine” isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon. The liberals have enough collectivists in office to either surreptitiously or overtly slide this stinker onto the front burners. Within the past two years, a number of liberal luminaries have been pounding the progressive drums and sending up the socialist smoke signals in hopes of resurrecting this censorship.

Richard (call me “Dick”) “Turban” Durbin (L-IL.) in June of 2007 said, “It’s time to reinstitute the Fairness Doctrine”. His opinion on this matter was shared at the time by John Kerry (L-MA) who said that he would unquestionably vote for the Fairness Doctrine before he votes against..

On June 24, 2008, “Nuremberg” Nancy Pelosi (L-CA) told reporters that her fellow Democratic representatives did not want to forbid the reintroduction of the Fairness Doctrine because “the interest in my caucus is the reverse..” When asked specifically by reporter John Gizzi, “Do you personally support revival of the Fairness Doctrine?”, the “Princess of the Porcelain Puss” said, “Yes.”

On October 22, 2008, Jeff “Bolshevik” Bingaman (L-NM) said, “all stations should present a balanced perspective and different points of view.” He added, “..discussion was at a higher level and more intelligent in those days than it has become since.” As someone who looks too much like John Kerry (Think: Easter Island..) and as a carrier of the flaming flambeau of today’s liberal regressive-ism, he firmly places himself within the “since” category.

On February 4,2009, Debbie “Socialist” Stabenow (L-MI) said to liberal Bill Press (who apparently has unfettered access to the airwaves unlike so many of his Marxist contemporaries..) that “ was time to bring back the Doctrine.” And “’s time to be bringing accountability to the airwaves.”

Stabenow’s “expertise” in the area of the Fairness Doctrine comes from being a former social worker before becoming part of the Finance Committee and the Budget Committee. (Note how well she has performed relative to the “budget and financial” mess that the “economic stimulus package” is allegedly “addressing”..) She also is part of the Agricultural Nutritional and Forestry Committee. This irrelevant body of “work” leads me to wonder if there is any “conflict of interest” relative to (I wish I was Eugene) Deb’s diatribes since her significant other is one Thomas Athans. Athans founded and was the CEO of uber-liberal “Democracy Radio” (Remember, definitional inversion.) who later became the Executive Vice President for programming at Scare America.. (Talk about a job where making “busy work” is important..) Sounds to me as if her ox (and bank account) is being “AlGored” by the competition.

On Febrary 11, 2009, Tom Harkin, better known as Howard Dean’s idiotic on stage cheerleader during his “primary primal scream” back in January of 2004, said to Bill Press (STILL an oppressed liberal minority in the media..) “..we gotta get the Fairness Doctrine back into law again.”

Which brings us back to the February 13, 2009 chin wagging of Billy Bob Clinton..

In all of this progressive pother disguised as “fairness” there is one thing missing.. Why aren’t the liberals demanding “fairness” from the ridiculously liberally biased major television networks? (Not to mention the “impartial” print media..) I have yet to hear a demand from Durban for “fairness” from ABC. No puling from Pelosi for “fairness” from CBS. No bawling from Bingaman for “fairness” from NBC. No screeds from Stabenow for “fairness” from CNN. No howls from Harkin for “fairness” from MSNBC..

Until the left, the progressive paragons of the First Amendment and “free speech” until you disagree with them, finally decides to address the one thing missing from their “fictitious façade of fairness”, the rest of us will see their posturing as yet another attempt to disguise the goosestepping that they demand with a perverted progressive pride..


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  1. Family,

    First, Happy Valentines Day to all of the fairer members of the Family.

    As much as we are all holding our collective breath over the “economic stimulus package”, this topic is still timely..

    Keep in mind that the left is going to take a number of fronts when it comes to destroying America.

    Even though it may seem trivial in the face of a trillion dollars in deficit spending, it appears that the left is going to be taking on our rights numerically..

    Starting with the First.

    Never give up. Never give in. Never again.

    Thanks as always,


  2. Hopefully the Libs don’t sneak this turkey into another spending bill. Honestly, I’m surprised they didn’t shove ALL of their pet projects into this one. I guess they’re saving some for later…

  3. Idiots on the left ALWAYS start from the assumption that if they are losing, the competition must not be “fair”.

    Ironic how they deem the Open Market as “unfair” when they get their communistic clocks cleaned and cry that the system must be unfair because they dont get to voice their opinion (even though most people dont want to hear it). But, when it comes to Congressional Rules, the minority power now has no voice to stop legislature from going to a vote – no matter how un-American it is.
    Pelosi, Reed, Dodd, Frank, Biden, and Obama are all LIARS.
    Soon they will force to resign, or simply knock-off, one of the conservative judges on the Supreme Court, and simply appoint (without Congressional vote) their own ultra-liberal nutbag.

    Check this out: one of the largests banks in this country, that had accepted a small amount of the “kool-aid” (aka bailout money)- learned that the lying bastard, Obama, now wants to take control of that bank. They tried to give the money back. Obama is REFUSING to take it back!
    Its not about “helping” the banks, its about TAKING THEM OVER!
    I believe the Germans used to call this National Socialism…aka NAZI.

    Lock & Load!


  4. I assume the whole family realizes that if the free-loading left can control the airwaves, then it will be almost impossible for most people to even know what is happening in Congress until after it’s too late to do anything about it.
    However, I am surprised they aren’t going after the 2nd Amendment first. Of course, with what many states are propsing, the 10th could just as easily be the next target.

  5. Another good one Larry. The intellectually challenged liberals will never get it. Conservative radio exploded during the Clinton administration and Bill Clinton openly despised it and Rush in particular. This came about as a counter point to the three network news outlets. If the right demanded “fairness” from these left leaning news shows, we would be told to live with it. Too bad.

    Now that a liberal is in charge of the FCC (as well as Congress) the likelihood is far greater that the fairness doctrine could be reversed. Yet these liberal pinhead aren’t looking for any fairness in the airwaves, they are looking for its removal entirely. It’s amazing how a group of politically unaware that their agenda to control all media outlets, yet the public continues to go elsewhere to get their news. ABC, CBS and NBC news ratings are at the bottom on the ratings scale. Add the cable channels that lean so left that what small percentage of conservatives have abandoned their network entirely for the firing of their one conservative on their staff.

    FoxNews and conservative radio have only grown their audience and by added Glenn Beck to their line up his CNN audience has only followed him to FOX, they didn’t stay with CNN. They don’t want an audience to hear a counter point, because I believe they have the liberal’s number and continually hammer at the illogic liberals agenda. I read Bill O’Reiily’s book “Culture Warrior” and books by Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter have all called these liberals out and expose their hypocrisy. All of them got the liberals numbers and are calling them out. What do these liberals do, do they come out and say what they said was untrue (most use their own quotes against them)? No, they don’t, they go on the attack of the author trying to damage their reputation, especially with both Ann and Bill. They both have gotten under their skin and expose their shame.

    I love it when Ann comes on shows and annihilates them on live television. Also Bill did the same thing to Barney Frank and humiliated him on live television, calling him out over the Fannie and Freddie housing debacle.

    If they do reinstate the fairness doctrine then the public will only turn off the liberal shows and continue listening to Rush, Hannity, O’Reilly and Ingraham just as they’ve chosen not to listen to “Air America”. All these liberals will never understand that the American public isn’t the least bit interested in the liberal opinions, commentary and their twisted truths. By trying to force their ideas down our throats will only cause more resistance from the public. We are already seeing that with the decline in liberal newspapers that are looking for funds from millionaire loan sharks with interest rates at 14% and 18%. Ouch!

    News networks ratings are down and no matter what they do to try to bring their former audience back, and unless they come to the realization that we aren’t interested in their liberal spin on every subject they try to throw at us. Larry has exposed their sham with his article and they are just as true and entertaining as Coulter, O’Reilly and Ingraham. Will congress give a bailout to these liberal outlets? I think most of us think they will as they try to sneak their agenda in Congressional Bills in the hope that they aren’t exposed by Bill, Ann, Rush, Laura, Sean and Glenn.

    Free speech is never free, when the liberal are in charge no one is allowed to criticize them or their ideas. But if a conservative speaks it’s always they are allowed to say that. How dare they speak their minds against us? There is always a price or cost to the “free” thinkers.

  6. Liberals do NOT openly make known their beliefs or intentions.
    They lie. Simply lie.
    And they can’t do that on live radio.
    Not with other people there offering an opposing view.
    This is why EVERY liberal talk show has failed.
    The guests always challenge them and expose their lies.
    On conservative talk shows the liberals are encouraged to attack us. And they do. But they cannot show where we lie.
    Sometimes wrong, but never caught lying.
    It doesn’t take long for the public to realize these liberal bastards are just plain lying.

    I already REFUSE to even turn on ABC, CBS, ABC, CNN, or MSNBC. I do not subscribe to ANY liberal newspapers or rag sheets.
    If they force this unFairness Doctrine down our throats, then that’s just that much more crap I get to miss!


  7. Speaking of the Unfairness Doctrine, YouTube forced me to remove my video of the same name because of “Copyright” violations. Half of my videos have been removed because of the songs in them (not all of my videos are political). Is there a popular video site that has laxer rules about this stuff??? It’s not like I don’t give credit where credit is due…

  8. Amy,
    You can try these sites;
    and if neither one of those is satisfactory, this site has a list;

  9. Amy, here are a couple more sites with lists of video sharing sites:
    I hope this helps with your problem.

  10. In yesterday’s New York Times, which I get online, was an op-ed by Frank Rich and was entitled “They Sure Showed That Obama.” In this writing, Mr. Rich demonstrated that he is obviously one of the people having a love affair with “The One,” and his porkulous bill.
    I am now waiting to see if my comment gets posted by this so-called unbiased publication.
    Here is my comment, for all who want to read it:

    It is obvious that Mr. Rich is one of those in love with BHO and his porkulous bill. Of courwse this bill was garbage. It only passed because Democrats outnumber the Republicans in both houses. Every poll I saw showed that support for this bill was under 35% of respondents. F.D.R.’s New Deal only prolonged a recession and made it into the worst depression this country has ever seen. Now BHO and the rest of the socialists in both houses of Congress are using the financial crisis , which was orchestrated by Democrats in the House and Senate, as a first step in a massive power grab. There is not one provision in this bill that was actually designed to help the economy. This is nothing but a spending spree for the Democrats who have been restrained by the Republicans for several years.

  11. In my previous post< I said it was yesterday’s edition of the New York Times. My mistake, it was the Sunday edition.

  12. Ahh yes the unfairness doctrine that will likely be implemented outside of our non-august legislature.

    Great as always!!

  13. More confession from the liberal imbeciles Roland Burris lied to the Illinois Senate regarding any pervious contact with the Government or a member of his family. Here is the first part of the story:

    SPRINGFIELD, Illinois (AP) — Raising fresh questions about his appointment to Congress, Sen. Roland Burris admitted in a document released Saturday that former Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s brother asked him for campaign fundraising help before the governor named Burris as Illinois’ junior senator.

    You can read the full story here:

    Why do most lawyers lie and perjure themselves in the name of politics? I’m not at all surprise by his sudden acquiring of conscience. It’s just a little late to suddenly grow a conscience. But, don’t worry folk… Inspector Clouseau is on the case. Yes, Senator majority leader Harry Reid is on the trail of a pay for play Blagojevich appointment. File it under… you mean I am not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill transvestite!

    I guess Pelosi will be Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus, just replace the Charles with Carlene and the ineptitude is complete. Chief Inspector Dreyfus long may he twitch. Peter Sellers and Herbert Lom were both comedic genius in the Pink Panther films. It’s unfortunate that Pelosi and Reid are both comedic politicians, but the genius part is clearly missing.

  14. There is a bill floating around out there that this facist clown I’m sure would sign if its passed to require serial numbers be put on BULLETS.

    I hope everyone is aware of this and is following it, this is a back door attempt at gun control.

  15. Hello Everybody,

    I feel that I do not have anything of substance to add to this discussion except to state again that there are already liberal talk shows out there. People obviously do not want to listen to these shows as much as the conservative programs.

    Personally I deny the premise that the airwaves are the property of the public or of the government. They simply are. The only reason for the licensing is to keep four stations from occupying the same wavelengths at the same time, not to squelch free speech. I also know there is a lot of empty space out there to whoever wants to start there own station. I say more power to liberals who can host a talk show and make it work and to bad for the rest. This is not an imbalance, just a shaking out of the debris that noone wants to listen to for both sides.

    It seems that we, as a nation, have forgotten the reason why we were the power in this world, dragging the rest of the globe, kicking and screaming, into the technological and societal level that we have today. The government didn’t do it, The People did it! Without America and our appetites, the world would still be sailing the oceans in wooden sailing ships and thinking the world is flat.

    If I may, I would like to also send everyone to a site that contains Thomas Paines Common Sense, published in 1776. I have noted many observations in this pamphlet that can be shown to be happening now as concerns the reasons for the revolution and following independence of this nation. Taxation without proper representation from Great Britain, a government that did not heed the call of the people. An attitude of superiority of the government in respect to the People etc..

    I hope those who have not read this will find it as inspirational as I did.

    Happy reading

  16. You got me thinking:
    First, I worship at the alter of No Left Turnz. I relish the days when I see your email in my inbox. Its the best writing on the web that I have found.
    This is more of a question that came up as I read this –
    Lets say the Left finds a way to take our freedom away on the airwaves. We all know they would only do this because no one really wants to listen to their crap and support it financially.

    But lets just say they force this on us (like all the other nonsense). OK now they have their opportunity to make their point, side by side(after all we ARE for fairness) and we help them to gain this “voice” they want. Isnt this a great opportunity for us also – to expose their nonsense? This same “balance” applies to the left. They may regret it because in the light of day – as people begin to contrast the two sides – they have no refuge in the far left media. I dont know – I’d really like someone to respond to this and help me cogently think this through. Thanks.

  17. Larry,

    How do you come up with all those fitting nicknames!!

    The Fairness Doctrine is nothing more than liberal “do as I say not as I do” socialistic dogma.

    With nothing reported by our “fair” media, the BBC recorded Billy “Do all that you can” Clinton on the subject of monogamy (yes, you read it right) while in Africa last summer. Clinton told native Africans that we needed to practice monogamy and that we need to control unprotected sexual relations with innumerable partners.
    The word is that as soon as the cameras and mikes went off, the Secret Service wrestled him to the ground demanding to know who he was and what he did with the real Bill Clinton!

    If liberty means anything at all, it means the right and freedom to tell people what they do not want to hear.

  18. A internet friend’s e-mail to Stabenow is below. But exactly what would we actually do if they were to just pass this through. I think I’ve heard of some states at least raising the flag to back out of the Union because of this and the Census move. I’ve also seen the draft of another gun bill (first step to take over country). Where do we draw the line and exactly what could/would we do?

    February 6, 2009

    Senator Stabenow:

    I read ( that you are prepared to have Senate hearings to consider whether actions should be taken to “rein in” the conservative viewpoint expressed on talk radio. May I remind you that the First Amendment to the Constitution gives everyone the right to free speech? It is not a suggestion, it is a right. Americans freely choose what they want to listen to on the radio. If they would rather listen to conservatives than liberals, that is their business… and their right. The federal government has no business forcing “equal time” for opposing viewpoints, or using (clearly unconstitutional) FCC “local rules” to promote liberal, leftist, socialist views (or conservative views, for that matter). If Americans want to hear contrary opinions, all they have to do is turn on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, or NPR, or read the New York Times, the Chicago Sun-Times, or the Los Angeles Times.

    You seem eager to “promote fairness” on the radio. Are you also planning to do the same with television and newspapers? Are you going to force MSNBC to give equal time to conservative commentators to offset the pandering remarks of Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann? After Katie Couric and Andrea Mitchell get done swooning over Barack Obama’s latest suggestion to spend tens of billions of dollars we don’t have or impose additional strangulating regulations on American businesses, will NBC be required to then provide a few minutes of objectivity and economic sanity?

    If radio stations must offer equal time to liberals to offset conservative commentary, do they not also have to offer equal time to fascists? Or radical Islamists? Or anarchists? Where do you draw the line? Must 15 minutes of global warming discussion be offset by 15 minutes about global cooling? After a liberal brags that FDR “saved us from the Depression,” will you require that the radio station allow a conservative to explain how FDR worsened and prolonged the Depression? After a report in the space shuttle returning safely to earth, must we allow time for the people who believe that Americans never actually went to the moon and the Apollo moon landings were performed on a Hollywood soundstage? If there is a discussion of the evils of child pornography on my local radio station, does that have to be followed by a representative of the “North American Man/Boy Love Association” who advocates men having sex with little boys?

    The words “fair” and “equal” are not the same, although liberals have certainly spent the last 40 years trying to convince people that they are equivalent. What is fair is that Americans have the freedom to read, write, say, and listen to whatever they want. There is no requirement in the Constitution for “equal time” for opposing viewpoints, only that Americans be free to express their views without interference from the government. I am free to stand on my soapbox and say whatever I choose to say. I should not be required to pay for the soapboxes of those with whom I disagree. If few Americans care to listen to those with liberal viewpoints, that is not an argument for the federal government to force the taxpayers to pay for more soapboxes for liberals. The First Amendment recognizes the citizens’ right to free speech. The Second Amendment recognizes their right to bear arms – and to protect themselves who would attempt to abrogate the First Amendment. If you don’t understand that, you don’t belong in the United States Senate. regrettably, you would not be alone.

    Do not use the “limited airwaves” argument as an excuse for your attempt at censorship. There are more than enough radio frequencies to accommodate stations that wish to view varying political viewpoints, and with satellite radio Americans now have considerably more options and choices than they did when the prior shamefully named “fairness doctrine” was properly disposed of by the Reagan Administration. That people choose not to listen to liberal talk radio is no justification for the United States Senate attempting to ram it down their thoughts.

    And do not use the FCC’s “local rule” to force your opinions on others. We understand how that rule can be abused. Obama’s controversial pastor, Jeremiah Wright, once successfully lobbied the FCC to take away the broadcast license of a station because he felt it was not covering civil rights issue the way he preferred. If some people don’t like the way Charlie Gibson interviewed Sarah Palin, can they ask the FCC to take away ABC’s license? (How about your refusing to take part in any legislation relating to radio licensing, inasmuch as your husband is an executive working in liberal talk radio?)

    We understand the game you are playing. By forcing “equal time” or “local rule” provisions, you are hoping that radio stations will respond by canceling conservative talk shows. You understand that the stations will lose enormous amounts of advertising revenue if forced to air liberal “equal time” talk shows that no one will listen to. You are hoping that, to avoid going out of business, stations will simply convert to all-music or all-sports formats. Realizing that you cannot simply “outlaw conservatives” (although you no doubt would if you could), you will simply make it so expensive for stations to broadcast their conservative-themed programs that they throw up their hands in frustration and give in. How cynical of you… and how insulting to the American people!

    Is it not enough for leftists to control most of the newspapers and virtually all of the television news networks? The mainstream media was clearly “in the tank” for Obama and got him elected. Had there been objective reporting over the last 18 months Obama would not even have won the Democrat nomination, let alone the presidency. Is that not enough for you? Leftists control Hollywood, television, newspapers, the universities, and the federal government. Is that not enough for you? Are those of us who believe in the Constitution of the United States, which you are so eager to trash, not allowed even a few hours of common sense on talk radio?

    You are in very dangerous waters if you consider censoring talk radio. Granted, you will not call it censorship – but that is what you hope to accomplish. For years I have been worried that America was leaning toward socialism. Today, I am worried that it is leaning toward fascism.

    But be aware that there are millions of Americans (not all of them conservative) who will work feverishly to see that any Senator or Congressman who attempts to re-impose any type of “fairness doctrine” is soundly defeated in the next election. Democrats will suffer incredible losses in 2010 if they are successful in censoring conservative talk radio.

    Face reality, Senator Stabenow. Obama and the Democrats have over-reached. Americans were foolish enough to vote you into office, but it will not take much for them to learn from their mistakes. Campaign rhetoric can fool millions of people and hide your motives, but once you implement your plans the American public cannot avoid seeing them. When “hope and change” turn into pork and censorship, people will notice.

    I urge you to avoid the issue of “reining in” conservative talk radio. Do it for the sake of your political career if you don’t care to respect the United States Constitution.

    Don Fredrick

  19. ninth,

    Don’t ever say that you do not have anything of substance to add to the conversation.

    I read your added a bunch.

    Thanks as always,


  20. Dear Dan,

    The left does not want EQUAL time, they want it all..

    They want to shut down the opposition. Period.

    Were TRUE equality their goal, they would have to acknowledge the inherent bias of the national news and the print medias. They will never do that, thus the fictions of “vast right wing conspiracies”..

    Their only “concern” when it comes to “fairness” is the success of conservative RADIO and soon..the conservative Internet sites.

    Remember: “Liberal Definitional Inversion”, when they call for “fairness”, they really preach fascism. When they want “equality” they demand “discrimination”.

    The left “exposes” their nonsense by merely speaking.. they are willing to talk when they are the only ones doing the talking..that is why they must silence any and all opposition.. that way their voice is the only one heard..

    Hope that that helps..

    Thanks as always,


  21. Windrider,


    Through the Freedom of Information Act, I found copies of all of their birth certificates..

    The truth is stranger than fiction..

    Our best to your Mom,


  22. “Bolshevik” Bingaman only thinks the discussion on radio was more intelligent when the “Fairness Doctrine” was in place, because there was not enough time to for sane people to actually point out all of the B.S. of the liberals.

  23. perhaps the Demos can do shows about tax evasion?
    Play sound clips of babies burning in saline solution?
    How about some How-To clips:
    How to illegally register 200,000 “voters”.
    How to draw child welfare for your abortions.
    How to turn bus-passes into crack.
    How to bribe city officials.
    How to make campaign contributions while on welfare.
    How Frenchmen can make campaign contributions in your name.

    You know, something they’re GOOD at.


  24. You forgot the most important one, Stitch. How to conceal whether or not you are a Natural Born Citizen.

  25. One more you forgot Stitch:
    How to get the highest bid for your political favor.

  26. And some more:

    How to not file your taxes and get away with it!!!

    How to play word games and win!!!

    How to spend other people’s money and justify it!!!!

  27. blue state blues- RWG

    Another superb article Larry. Unfortunately Conservatives will remain under assault until we can figure out how to get off the defensive and get offensive.

    I fear that the Left will get a version of the “Fairness Doctrine” imposed on us. The fact that there is even a dialog about censoring talk radio is the first sign that the Libs have a foot hold.

    I am noticing how subtly the indoctrination is being slipped into our consciousness. Take the 1968 Olympic Black Power salute given by two black olympians. That event went from being a juvenile display of political insolence, in a venue that has always been a sacred, non-political event for Americans, to being praised as a seminal event by many during this years Black History month.

    Black History month……………..what a joke. It has become more like Spank Whitey Month. How many more slaps do we have to take during the month of February? Even the Golf Channel is spanking us for being members of County Clubs that didn’t have black members. Helloooo…………….last time I looked it wasn’t against the law to associate with people you know. You get to be a member of a private club by being invited by a few members that you personally know. It won’t be long before we are going to need permission to hang out with each other. We are on the precipice of a Totalitarian state. Let’s stop kidding ourselves.

    These people will never stop unless we stop them. There is no “Fairness” in them. The only way to stop the assault is to start hitting them hard with lawyers, lawsuits and aggressive attacks on their political base. So far; I don’t see a single Conservative leader capable of bringing us together and articulating a winning strategy. Let’s face it, we have no representation right now. Snow, Collins and Specter are going to continue to give Obama what he wants. The Dems will not break rank in the Senate. We have to start sending the message right here in Pennsylvania by burying Specter in two years and devoting enough money and resource to make sure that new Republican Senate candidate wins in 2010.

  28. I’m just getting started with this but am in agreement on everything.

  29. “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”; governments exist to protect those rights; governments are created by “the consent of the governed” (the compact theory);

    [the people retain the right “to alter or to abolish” government when it violates its ends, “and to institute new Government” ]

    to secure the people’s “Safety and Happiness” (the commonwealth theory). In their totality, these concepts provided a comprehensive statement of popular sovereignty.

  30. blue state blues- RWG

    When the foreign born POTUS controls the census he will be unbeatable in 2012. The House of Representatives and the Electoral College will be altered forever once the White House gets to manipulate the population count.

    Just ask yourself; why is the White House making this bold move to control the census? It should be being blasted on every news broadcast and newspaper as a shocking display of power grabbing. We are hearing almost nothing save a few stout Republicans who are getting no air time. Not even on FOX.

  31. Larry
    Two thumbs up on this one. Anything I can think of is just repeating what has already been said.

  32. blue:

    I don’t alot about this but I think maybe there are nine states who have put the nation on notice about this cencus grab.

    We really need everyone to write about this to their rep, red or blue and maybe even to civic groups or a yard posting campaign.

    “I want the CENCUS BACK out of the White House or I want out of the Union!”

  33. mike an englishman

    as an Englishman i do not understand, why you G.O.Ps, don play their trick, ask for a fairness doctrine, on all newspapers and tv stations, also from the leftwing movie makers, i’ll bet they will back track on their fairness doctrine.

  34. With breathtaking speed, this administration is grabbing power every which way it turns! Major legislation being rammed down our throats, re-instituting the UNfairness Doctrine, politicizing the Census, staffing the White House with liars & cheats – the list goes on & on. This administration is a train wreck – and the only way to stop it is by ripping up the ties further down the track…..

  35. blue state blues- RWG

    I don’t know about the 9 States either. And if it’s up to the media to inform us we will be waiting a long time.
    I’m with you. America is taking a turn away from it’s core values and certainly, away from us. We are not represented. The tax paying producers are not represented. We are being buried by voters and politicians who are not stakeholders. How in the name of God do people get a vote to grant themselves a bigger share of a pie that they had no hand in making. That’s like Microsoft allowing the general public to vote themselves a dividend even though they do not own shares in the company. And, to add insult, Obama seems to be fixated on nominating staff who have a problem paying taxes.


  37. I could almost believe that Obama picked his people specifically because they were tax cheats; that way he could have something to blackmail them with when they threatened to prove he was not even born here. I think he just didn’t count on them getting caught so quickly.

  38. Hi I just had a argument with my very Liberal Uncle who is so misguided, he just bought a house and he said the government was supposed to have some kind of tax right off of 15,000 in the porkulus bill. But he said the Republicans canned it, well I got defensive. He said I don’t know my facts and before I say anything. Well HOw could the Republicans have anything to do with this porkulus bill when they didn’t even want it. Please help I am knowledgable but not enough to prove I am right obviously because he sounded so smart like he knows it all. HElp and to make it all the worse it was on Facebook,where my family talks shares pictures not talk about politics, but he just gets me so bad, he started the whole thing by saying I just lost my 15,000 right off for my house due to the republicans canning off the ” Stimulus package”. Later on he blamed George W and called him a good ole boy. Any Advice my fellow Conservatives.

  39. Papa Bear:

    “anything I can think of is just repeating what has already been said”


    the dedication, frustration, sprit de corps, and raison d’ etre that these liberal bastards have raised in all of us demands we morph from creatures of intellect and eloquence to patriots of action and aggression.

    As I see it, all we’re doing is talking to one another, (preaching to the choir comes to mind), about how badly we’re being treated, while these bastards are taking advantage of our hibernation to do whatever the hell they wish.

    Republicans have been in power for 8 years.

    Does it come as such a great shock that now that these bastards have the scepter they’re going to shove it up our collective conservative asses?

    “Jug Ears” told you, “I Won”

    For every piece of liberal, (read that, anti-conservative) proposed legislation that’s mentioned above, there should be 10 buses loaded with us pissed off patriots on the way to the Capitol ready to scare the shit out of those “good ol’ boys” and “witches” so they can put a face to our anger and retribution.

    Just talking doesn’t cut it.

    Do you think the dem’s and RINO bastards in Congress give a shit that we’re pissed off at what’s going on?

    Get Real. Once these whores get elected, they got it made for life, pension, benefits, speaking engagements, books, lobbying contacts.

    Even if you don’t re-elect them, they still will have more than you ever will.

    Fear, I “suspect”, is the only thing they will ever “respect”.

    They need to be reminded about what happened to the elitist ruling aristocracy that controlled Russia and France.

    Madam Guilloutine, ou vous etes?

    My Patience is wearing thin!

  40. blue state blues- RWG

    Shocking revelation:
    On the Huckabee show last night, he had the audience read sections of the Stimulus bill. After a commercial break, he had 3 people summarize what they had read. Every single one of them read sections pertaining to large leaping sums of money (over 100 billion) being spent on local communities. The shocker was that, in each section read and summarized, the money was being spent to hire Community Organizers. No one, not even Huckabee, made the connection during the show. This freakin bill is laden with funding for building the foundations of State sponsored “big brother”. What the hell are these Community Organizers going to do? Well, let’s think for a moment. What did Obama do for a living before he stole a State Representatives seat in Illinois? What was ACORN doing during the election? Oh, I remember! Community organization!!! Code for “let’s get everybody in line, register every body to vote (several times each wherever possible) and make sure that they can recite the party line backwards and forwards”.

    Patient in PA- you are right on the money. We need to get about 5 million to march to DC and drag them out on the street. Starting with the Judas from PA- Arlen Specter.

  41. A must read “Welcome to Obamaland” by James Delingpole.

  42. Hello again,

    Blue States Blues,

    Can you say hello to the brownshirts! ! !


  43. Can anyone out there tell me the difference between the radio air waves and the non-cable TV airwaves? Is there a legal difference?
    When and if the “fairness” doctrine is applied to the radio the Conservatives should have a legal brief ready to have hand delivered to the US Supreme Court. If ever there was a direct and open attack on the First Amendment, this is it!

  44. And a Big Hello once more,

    It seems that I misspoke myself on my last post. We should, instead say hello to our Blockleiter. Pretty soon we should start getting visits from these ‘organizers’ telling us what our views are and failing that, reporting us to the Zellenleiter who will then contact the local authority to ‘deal’ with us. Must keep the misinformation and propaganda up as much as possible.

    The Blockleiter of Nazi Germany was charged with planning, disseminating, and developing a receptivity to the policies of the Nazi Party among the population in his area of responsibility. It was also the expressed duty of the Blockleiter to spy on the population.

    This was taken from this website.

    I can’t see any other use of a government group of organizers. Especially those on the government payroll.

    The playbook is pretty simple to see. We have had an incessant attack on our rights, Speech(fairness doctrine), the Right to Bear Arms(gun laws and regulations, such as trigger locks, possible serial nos. on bullets) and the establishment of a world government. How much more until the American People say that enough is enough.

    I am so looking forward to these expected visits.


  45. blue state blues- RWG

    Yea man. It will happen ever so innocently. Just like it is happening now. We are asleep at the wheel. Notice that you are the only one who responded to the Huckabee thing. It’s an “oh well” to too many of us. Just look at the recent activity:
    -White House is taking over the census
    -The Government is nationalizing banks
    -The Stimulus Bill is a fraudulent payout
    -You have to be a Union employee to get hired for a stimulus job
    -Card Check is going to become law
    -Fairness Doctrine is right around the corner
    -Federally paid Community Organizers will be in your back yard in about 2 weeks

    Buy more ammo fast. Pay for it with cash and hide it along with a non-registered fire arm.

    And for God’s sake………………pay homage during Black History Month (bka; Spank Whitey Month).

  46. Blue State Blues & Ninth,
    I was away from my computer when you two started talking about last night’s Huckabee show. Personally, I am not in the least bit surprised that billions of dollars are being used to deprive us of our liberties. WE are over-due for another American Revolution. I think we should take more than the 5,000,000 to march on D.C.; we need every firearm owner and every combat unit we can get, between Barrow, Alaska and Key West,Florida to march with us!

  47. I just had another thought.

    Tomorrow, “Jug Ears” is going to sign the porkulus bill.

    Since no one but “Rush” has bothered to read it, is it fair to assume that none of these assholes in Congress has given a modicum of thought as to how, when, and by what means funds will be distributed.

    For example, if pork project “A” is granted 2 billion dollars in the bill, tomorrow, after it’s signed, what happens?

    Does the “Tax Cheat” cut a check for the whole 2 billion at once, or so much a month, or as they ask for it, or as they need it, and then put it in the mail, or e-deposit it to their bank account.

    Or, does he pull 6 lifetime union workers off the “Government Teat”, and pay them overtime to man the printing presses until they’ve pushed out 2 billion in Benjamin’s, load the armored car and speed over to their office, (remember, we’ve no time to waste), unload the cash, (remember to save some for the freezer), and stand smiling, waiting for their tip.

    Is 20% enough?

    Hey, I don’t know, I’m just askin.

    And while I’m askin, can someone help me out with my last thought of the day?

    If we can repeal a Constitutional Amendment, (tough, but do-able), is it not possible that, if, by some miracle, in 2010, the Republicans or some new 3rd party would “grow or show a pair”, we could propose reverse legislation and pull the rug out from under these bastards?

    What’s that you say, they probably will have spent all the money by then anyway.

    You’re probably right. No one can spend like a liberal.

  48. I am told that Barney Frank has announced, with great shock and disbelief, that the stimulus bill does not include any sub-prime mortgage relief, and that Rush is starting to play the “Dancing Queen”, as a prelude to addressing this mockery.

    BlueStateBlues- NC legislature is considering not allowing anyone who is not a registered gun owner to buy ammunition.

  49. Hey everybody,
    You might want to check out this site for helping make plans to resist BHO and the rest of the libs; There is a march on D.C. in the planning stages right now.

  50. blue state blues- RWG

    What happened to the old South? Do you live in NC? I understand that the Fed is planning on a huge tax being levied on all ammo. Something in the order of a 1500% Federal Tax increase.

    Buy ammo now and use cash!

    Also Fran, Rush’s version of Dancing Queen by Abba is called Banking Queen. An obvious spoof on Barney the thief. It’s hilarious!

    Patient in PA- good question. Where is all that money going to come from? I am told that it will be a simple journal entry by the Treasury which will be “wired” to the banks. How they are going to account for the lack of cash is a mystery to me.

  51. The reason why Rush Limbaugh has managed to stay on the air for twenty years is because he brings in 5 million listeners everyday. He’s a commercial success, and his sponsors are happy. Air America couldn’t stand on its own two legs, but, of course, its too important to be allowed to fail, so now its sponsored by the DNC. Money talks, and we all know what walks. Liberals hate winners (especially when its not them) as much as they hate losers (which is why they’re so full of hate. When you hate yourself its hard to love anybody). The Fairness Doctrine, should it pass, will be lionized by the brainless Bolsheviks whom voted for Obama. It will drive Conservatives to satellite radio (which is having trouble staying afloat, I’ve heard…) where G Gordon Liddy already is, and the internet. At that point the media might as well be called the Ministry For Propaganda, and they’ll have to find a liberal version of Joseph Goebells (oh, yeah, that would be Keith Olbermann).

  52. Get this:

    Our Shampaigner-In-Chief is going to Denver to sell and sign Porkulus. Didn’t this behemoth already pass??? Why the hell is he trying to sell it??? Is he concerned about Revolution??? I doubt his pacifist sheeple sycophants would get off their unwashed asses to fight. When will the Shampaign end??? Is it 2010 yet???

  53. I just learned why Pelosi was in such a panic over the delaying the House votes. She had an 8 day European vacation planned and didn’t want to miss or delay her plans. Poor thing feels this vacation is due her after all the hard work it took to shove a Bill down the throats of the American public. She’s tired and needs to relax and have some fun.

  54. All of us might do well to remember that the nations fathers founded this government as a Republic, not as a Democracy. There is a vast and dangerous difference.

    Many Americans would be surprised to find that the word “democracy” does not appear in our Constitution, Bill Of Rights or in any of the 50 states constituions.

    The Republic, as was intended, was to be controlled by the people, the non-intrusive government would impose laws upon the citizens based upon rights and through due process, not by “majority rules” where you would have no voice as in a democracy.

    To save America from this steady push towards obligarchy we must regain power back from the lawmakers or instate a regulatory board that can control their actions. And always, always cling to our Bill Of Rights!

  55. What’s with all the hysteria. The liberals will fail, self-implode. Their greed and arrogance knows no loyalty, they will turn on each other. Master plan to take over the country? Pu lease, that gives these idiots way too much credit. They are a bunch of bumbling greedy idiots on a blind power surge and don’t have an inkling of a clue what they are doing to themselves much less the country.

    Hang in there – trust what is right and decent. So many vent and sign-off with “may God help us all”. Ya know? He just might.

  56. I just love this site- a great article, followed by reasoned comments and questions! Thanks to you all, and whoever said their patience was wearing thin, hang on, there’s lots more fun and games coming from the Obamanation crew of wreckers, leeches, and liars…

  57. BlueStateBlues!

    Yes, I live in western NC. Originally from upstate NY – more years ago than I care to remember, a southern mountain man ran out of money and rode his jackass to upstate NY to carpetbag some money, so he said. I was (shutter) a democrat back in those days, but quickly changed to republican down here. Most republicans are registered democrats in this part of the state, so they can vote in the primaries.

    I’m hearing that 30 states have resolutions reclaiming state soverignty, and 2/3 or 33 are needed to put the federal government in it’s place, and the Supreme Court has no authority over this issue. And a year from the date of the resolution, they are voted on to take effect. Let’s hope this as well as other strategies bring our nation back to sanity.

    Obama is so desperately in PR damage control mode, and goes to those areas that buy into the deception. I hope someone in Denver can undercut him tomorrow like Caterpillar did in Peoria the other day.

    Still sending emails to defective electeds in DC expressing my opposition to the destruction of our country.

  58. Sign a petition regarding Immigration reform.The Virtual Fence. Go here to sin up.

  59. Margaret in CT

    Thanks, Larry, for showing so clearly the hypocrisy of the “Fairness Doctrine.” Just the word “doctrine” gives me chills when it is attached to anything liberal.

    The Real Clear Politics poll, which showed 12% opposed to BHO’s policies on Jan. 21 when the only thing most people knew about his policies was that he favored “change,” shows a 25% disapproval rating as of Feb. 16. If he continues at this rate, we may have a horse race in 2010.

    I have some hope that the Marxists will not see their dream of complete media control fulfilled. In fact, they may come out of the fray more bloodied than victorious. If they win, can we look forward to government-controlled networks spewing out Bill Moyers reruns and tunes by inauguration entertainer Lady Gaga, such as her immortal “Kaboom,” which includes such stirring lyrics as “The twisted freakshow we’re wound uptight, Pills and orgies, we f**k or fight”? They can’t possibly mount entire shows, such as Limbaugh’s and Hannity’s, that are based on ideas, because they don’t have any.



    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    Barack says we need to have a conversation about race in America . Fair enough. But this time, it has to be a two-way conversation. White America needs to be heard from, not just lectured to. This time, the Silent Majority needs to have its convictions, grievances and demands heard. And among them are these:

    First, America has been the best country on earth for black folks It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known. Wright ought to go down on his knees and thank God he is an American.

    Second, no people anywhere has done more to lift up blacks than white Americans. Untold trillions have been spent since the ‘ 60s on welfare, food stamps, rent supplements, Section 8 housing, Pell grants, student loans, legal services, Medicaid, Earned Income Tax Credits and poverty programs designed to bring the African-American community into the mainstream. Governments, businesses and colleges have engaged in discrimination against white folks — with affirmative action, contract set-asides and quotas — to advance black applicants over white applicants. Churches, foundations, civic groups, schools and individuals all over America have donated their time and money to support soup kitchens, adult education, day care, retirement and nursing homes for blacks.

    We hear the grievances. Where is the gratitude??

    Barack talks about new ‘ladders of opportunity’ for blacks. Let him go to Altoona ? And Johnstown , and ask the white kids in Catholic schools how many were visited lately by Ivy League recruiters handing out scholarships for ‘deserving ‘ white kids? Is white America really responsible for the fact that the crime and incarceration rates for African-Americans are seven times those of white America? Is it really white America ‘s fault that illegitimacy in the African-American community has hit 70 percent and the black dropout rate from high schools in some cities has reached 50 percent?

    Is that the fault of white America or, first and foremost, a failure of the black community itself?

    As for racism, its ugliest manifestation is in interracial crime, and especially interracial crimes of violence. Is Barack Obama aware that while white criminals choose black victims 3 percent of the time, black criminals choose white victims 45 percent of the time?

    Is Barack aware that black-on-white rapes are 100 times more common than the reverse, that black-on-white robberies were 139 times as common in the first three years of this decade as the reverse?

    We have all heard ad nauseam from the Rev. Al about Tawana Brawley, the Duke rape case and Jena. And all turned out to be hoaxes. But about the epidemic of black assaults on whites that are real, we hear nothing.

    Sorry, Barack, some of us have heard it all before, about 40 years and 40 trillion tax dollars ago.

    This needs to be passed around because, this is a message everyone needs to hear!!!

  62. Eileen,

    I have signed the petition and I urge everyone in the family to do the same.

    Power to the people who are aware of our nation’s fragile political structure. We must keep fighting at every bend, at every corner, to keep our nation sovereign.

    Also visit to keep informed of the immoral immigration policies pushed by the un-American liberals.

  63. Hey guys don’t you know anything as addictive as NLTZ or conservative talk radio isn’t going to stay legal very long! Ha Ha! Larry for Pres!

    Wendy, tell your lib uncle if it wasn’t for the repubs he wouldn’t be getting a break at all! Hang in there ya hear! Your playing for the right team-the true patriots reside here!

    Mike an englishman, the problem is the libs already claim they are fair and balanced! There is no way to use “The Fairness Doctrine” to double back on them that I can see.

    Patient in PA, the first steps that must be taken are to win as many pairs of boots to our side as possible. Every pair we win is one less that’ll be shooting back at us! This stimulus bill will soon make a lot of converts you wait and see. Rallies will be great but since we already know they aren’t listening we must push the state legislatures to ratify state sovereignty declarations as soon as possible. It may slow some of this garbage down at least. Something else to watch is the birth certificate issue is NOT dead. It will get more traction if there is enough angst over these recent moves.
    Education is key, that’s why they are moving next to silence the opposition. They know they don’t have much time to engineer the necessary black out they’ll need.

    George Sladek, the CIA maybe watching but so is God and a lot of dead patriots who both expect us to defend what is right! And what is worthy! Sound like a plan?

  64. Eileen, I signed the petition. Thanks.

    David Axelrod, on FOX was asked about the “Fairness Doctrine” — he would not comment other than the new FCC head and Obama would be discussing it.

    Also! Palin on Greta VanSusteren — asking Obama to VETO the skim us bill in Denver until everyone has a chance to review it and understand what the consequences will be.

    Palin also voiced opposition to the “Fairness” Doctrine.

  65. If Democrats payed income taxes and contributions towards liberal radio talk shows were deductible, we’d have more leftist shows on the airways than we could shake a stick at.
    But that still doesn’t say anything for having more listeners.

    It seems absolutely ludicrous to me that in a free society that a majority can decide that there are to many of this or that. This is a Republic where we must ALL agree on the worthiness of an issue. When something is taken away by a large group of people who are misinformed about or talked into, (the majority) we are no longer free.

    I say again, all of the lawmakers in our Congress have little emotion for the American people and are sodden with their untethered powers. We must right this wrong starting with term limits and cutting their retirement plan.

  66. Chris, I wouldn’t wish my worst enemy the title of President of the United States, so I wouldn’t want a friend to be saddled with that title. Also Larry wouldn’t make a great politicians because he speaks of sensible spending and is truthful, two things that are missing in American politics. I would be afraid that politics would suck him in and spit him out.

  67. Man! How about that lucrative congressional retirment – voted for themselves by themselves. One term and full salary and benefits for life. Why are they not on the same retirment plan as the rest of us? Let me think!? Congressman Ron Paul does not participate in the congressional retirement plan. The only one I know of – any one else?

    An informed public is the left’s worst enemy. That’s the motive behind the “unfairness doctrine”. Talk radio is educating way too many people. And the left can’t have half the population running around knowing the content and guarantees of the Constitution. It’s much easier to take away rights when you didn’t know you had them in the first place.

    Except a criminal – the left supports the rights of a criminal – if the criminal is not informed properly – as far as the left is concerned, his crimes never happened.

    It will all soon come to its logical conclusion, nothing slides up hill.


  69. Pretty soon we’ll be standing in the dark swinging lanterns.
    What the hell , at least it will be warm, won’t it?


  71. Exactly, what did he mean or who:

    ” … because essentially there’s always been a lot of big money to support the right wing talk shows …”


  72. You can’t make up stuff better than this!

    Ain’t politics grand?
    Jesse Jackson’s Newest Staff Member

    Mel Reynolds
    Jesse Jackson has added former Chicago Democrat Congressman Mel Reynolds to Rainbow/PUSH Coalition’s payroll. Reynolds was among the 176 criminals excused in President Clinton’s last-minute forgiveness spree. Reynolds received a commutation of his six-and-a-half-year federal sentence for 15 convictions of wire fraud, bank fraud, and lies to the Federal Election Commission. He is more notorious, however, for concurrently serving five years for sleeping with an underage campaign volunteer . This is a first in American politics: An ex-congressman who had sex with a subordinate…won clemency from a president who had sex with a subordinate…then was hired by a clergyman who had sex with a subordinate!
    His new job?

    Ready for this??

    *****YOUTH COUNSELOR******

  73. Larry,

    Thanks for your writings again. If I may be as so simple as saying in a cliff notes version that as you well summed up. This is a direct violation of our first amendment. We can’t let this pass, this to me the most full frontal attack on our rights as Americans. To the point in which if god forbid is passed we have to take the fight to them in all forms. Regardless of the agendas of stations whether radio/TV this is the the primary move to a “state” run media agenda. Those “on-air” have the right to say whatever they wish. The liberals just can’t sell products for their market doesn’t have enough stimulus I mean discretionary spending for instant hot water heaters and flowers. The amnesty bill is even 2nd to this. This makes the stimulus farce even look mild.

    That how serious this is, and how serious we need to get if it is put up for vote.

    This more than boils, in makes my blood turn black.

  74. The lala leftist loonies of Congress are working on what they term a “Fairness Doctrine.” Here’s what’ll happen should they force this through not only Congress, but more importantly, upon us as Americans.

    Congress will then be able to restrict how many stations a company can own own in a market.

    They’ll also require advisory boards for each station and make it easier to address complaints against each stations.

    One of the reqwuirements will be diversity of ideas on the air, so if the company is broadcasting just Rush Limbaugh on all stations in a state, consumers can file complaints. (This being in place of turning the station dial or the radio off like any normal intelligent person.) Likewise, the advisory boards demands will have to be adhered to by the stations.

    If the station’s advisory board are filled with liberals who demand that Rush Limbaugh be taken off the air, the station must comply in order to keep it’s license.

    This is the First Amendment we’re talking about folks!

  75. In 2007, the non-profit group Citizens United financed from it’s own coporate treasury the production of a feature length documentary about Hillary Clinton. The movie focused on past Hillary scandals including the firing and subsequent criminal prosecution of White House Travel office staff, repeated campaign – finance – law violations, and the presidential pardon (while Hillary was seeking endorsements for her senatorial campaign) of a Puerto Rican terrorist convicted of murder.

    The Federal Election Commission prohibited broadcast of the movie in 2008, when Hillary was running for president, because it’ financing did not comply with the McCain-Fiengold restrictions.

    Citizens United has since filed suit with the Supreme Court on the grounds that their Constitutional free speech rights have been violated.

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