Using Lousy Judgement

The Savior has again spoken but as always, his hollow words are still filled with hallucinogenic helium.

Obama addressed/pontificated before Congress leading those of us saddled with the residue of his solipsistic socialism to find the meanings behind the oily oratory of the “Brown Red”. One needs only to scratch the surface and the progressive pus will begin to ooze..

I find it to be a very good sign when an article is published literally moments after a speech has been given by Obama. Today’s article is entitled “Fact Check: Obama’s Words on Home Aid Ring Hollow”. Fact: the world’s “fact checkers” are going to be quite busy for the next four years. I am willing to wager that “Obama fact checkers” will be the overwhelming majority of the 3.5 million “Mc jobs” that he claims that he is going to produce..

The article said that “The President skipped over several complex economic circumstances in his speech to Congress..” “Skipped over” means “purposely omitted”. The scrubs have taken the field in the rookie league that has become Washington and the “annoying little details” that they “rushed through” in order to “pass anything” have not been properly addressed. Just a little while back, the liberals were quite “detail” conscious saying for example, that we “rushed into war”.. Isn’t it fascinating that when there is “redistributing” to be done, the lethargic liberals suddenly become hypocritically hypersonic..

Obama said that “we have launched a housing plan that will help responsible families facing the threat of foreclosure lower their monthly payments..” Since when have “responsible” families ever needed the assistance of the liberals? The liberal ethos is focused on making as many people as “irresponsible” as possible. Liberal failures, otherwise known as “Responsible people”, avoid the liberals as energetically as the liberals avoid such things as common sense and cologne.

All of this hokum is in place to prop up the loans made through the liberal lachrymose “fairness and inclusion”. These gifts were handed out at the insistence of the Clintonistas and they were made to the “chronically irresponsible”, (a sub class of the liberal sub class..) a group that I would prefer to see living underneath a highway overpass as opposed to my being forced to “involuntarily invest” in THEIR home..

How do we know that all of this “responsible” redirection talk is just another Obama obfuscation? Tuesday, Ben Bernanke while speaking at a Senate hearing (A clue for Obama: The Senate is the place where people vote “present”..) said, “it’s important to save those who made bad calls for the greater good”. (When liberals start talking about “the greater good”, that is when you know that all of the copies of the Communist Manifesto have been checked out of the libraries in and around Washington..) Even Sheila Bair, the head of the FDIC said “I think it’s just simply impractical to try to do a forensic analysis of each and every one of these delinquent loans.” The inherent liberal laziness, which now appears to have thoroughly infested the FDIC, now wants to “teach the irresponsible” a painful lesson by having the responsible pay their bills for them. That’ll teach ‘em..

Here the Obama “new math”, championed by the vermin of the NEA, comes back to haunt him again. “We have already identified $2 trillion in savings over the next decade.” I could save the nation at least one trillion dollars of waste in the next ten minutes.. I would hope that ten years from now, Obama will have been retired for six years and would be “keeping busy” by singing for his supper on the dinner theatre circuit with $harpton and Jack$on. Our fact checkers say that “ten year projections are common in government, they don’t mean much.” After listening to Obama, I believe that he doesn’t mean much of anything..

The brown clown continued on.. “People bought homes they knew they couldn’t afford from banks and lenders who pushed through those bad loans anyway..” Here Obama is making an important point in an unintended manner: the actual emptiness of the “Clinton economy” of the nineties.

These bad loans were made during the Clinton years because there was an “apparent discrimination” in the lending industry. There was. They used to “discriminate” against those who had no chance of paying back a loan. Years back that was also called “a successful business plan”.. These loans were demanded (“pushed through”, according to Obama) by Clinton and Barney Frank so the “Clinton booming economy of the nineties” was based upon.. a lie. The lending standards were criminally “eased”, if not “erased” at the behest of Bill Clinton and the Clinton cronies. Clinton bawled for minimalist banking regulations and he had his Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin leading the charge for this “cause”. Rubin later become an economic advisor to Obama. Isn’t it a small liberal world?

Obama said, “In this budget, we will end education programs that don’t work..” Hallelujah! Here we have Obama’s promise to end the disgrace of the nation’s public schools. The cretins of the NEA will have to go back to selling light bulbs over the telephone or squeegee-ing your windshield at stoplights! However, when we remember that we are listening to the words of a liberal, we know that those words are absolutely devoid of meaning. These are the same people yearning to “talk” to their Middle Eastern mentors.. “Diplomacy” now means, “laying like spoons” with the Rodham the Bolshevik basilisk and watching reruns of “Hope Floats”.. What could possibly go wrong there?

“Over the next two years, this plan will save or create 3.5 million jobs”. This “statistical stupidity” will also be known as “the fulcrum of the Republican ads during the mid term election of 2010”.. Obama’s own economists said last month, “It should be understood that all of the estimates presented in this memo are subject to significant margins of error..” Here we see the Obama game plan in full flower: Promise the world, produce nothing, destroy everything and when all else fails, “Blame Bush.”

“The cost of action will be great, I can assure you, the cost of inaction will be far greater..” I am going to take a wild guess and say that inaction, as opposed to this trillion dollar financial flailing, wouldn’t cost anywhere near as much if the free market wasn’t handicapped by the handicapped of the left.. “Inaction” in the Obama vernacular, is the studying of the proposal by sensible skeptics, those who are callously considered “acrimonious”, also defined as those who have not swallowed the Ebony Eucharist..

Obama said, “I understand your skepticism” which is the equivalent of Bill Clinton “feeling your pain”. In order to assure everyone, he promised to appoint Vice President Joe Biden to “oversee how money is spent”.. Biden, already on top of things, was asked about “recovery dot com”, the site with “information” about this ridiculous redistribution racket. He in turn turned and said, “Do you know the web site number?” Obama has placed his own Otis Campbell in charge. Joe Biden is a man who only stops talking long enough so that he may switch feet..

This “economic stimulus plan” is nothing more than a heaping pile of Bolshevik baloney. The only differences between this redistributionist rubbish and the New Deal is that there were considerably more acronyms in the New Deal and there are considerably more Communists in Obama’s administration..

In the “fact check” article, we read that “many supporters of the plan expect that some of the money will go to people who used lousy judgement”.. “Some” of the money, try almost ALL of the money. I however will never forget, nor will I allow anyone else to forget, the “lousy judgement” used by several million legal and illegal voters in November of 2008 that will cripple untold generations to come..


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  1. Family,

    First the article “disappeared” when it was submitted yesterday, then the second copy had several hundred words missing after being resubmitted..

    I think it’s all straight now..

    Have no idea how it happened..


  2. Larry,

    Here’s a video I discoverd yesterday on Michelle Malkin’s website regarding the bailout:

    I think these guys are pretty clever to come up with this.

  3. In keeping with how you refer to $harpton and Jack$on, you need to start referring to Obama as Barack Hu$$ein Obama.

  4. Great job as usual – especially the Otis Campbell reference – every day I ask myself – How truly stupid are the American voters who put these “enlightened” ones in charge of our government? When will they wake up and realize what is happening? Let me know when you find the next Reagan in the R party to stop this madness because if Jindal’s response this week is the best the R’s have we’re in worse shape than I thought – keep the faith.

  5. AS far as I’m concerned, BOTH houses of Congress used lousy judgement in passing this so-called stimulus. I refuse to let anybody else forget the lousy judgement of the voters, either!

  6. TJFinchman,
    Thanks for the link to that video. I sent it to all the Americans on my email list.

  7. Margaret in CT

    I hope would-be Republican candidates and current officeholders were taking notes on Tuesday night. Larry, your article shows that this narcissistic poseur opened the door to golden opportunities for conservatives to prove the hollowness of the liberal fantasy. I’m not certain that Jindal took full advantage of his opportunity. We have used plain language on this site to describe liberal policies: socialist, Marxist, fascist. Toughen up Republican officeholders and -seekers. We need “straight talk” to be something more than a motto painted on the side of a bus.

  8. Larry you’ve written another winner. But the anointed one gave his speech on Tuesday I told my dad to listen closely, because it’s not about what he says, it’s about what he doesn’t say. So, as you read between the lines of His Eloquence and the BS was flowing thick and heavy. Mrs. Pelosi reverted back to her teens and high school, to take on the role as head cheerleader. Where were her pompoms or that daring split on the Capitol rotunda? I had a flashback to the Jane Fonda workout videos and became light headed from the queen of bulimic wondercan poetic prose of “feel the burn” from the 80’s workout guru but I was forced to sit this one out. I’m sorry if I disappointed you, I just couldn’t take one for the team, this time. After a while it appeared that Vice President Biden looked annoyed with the constant up and down. I guess the liquor buzz was starting to fade. Poor guy having to listen to a speech he already heard on an empty stomach and not an alcohol flask in sight. Clearly, Pelosi was over doing her support for her liberal friend, who calls himself a leader, but a leader of what? She certainly gave the late night talk shows a lot of ammunition to mock and ridicule her for at least a week. We will see if Letterman will do a top 10 list on what makes Pelosi happy.

    We are a nation of stupid people who’ve come to believe they are entitled to everything because they are Americans. Those entitlements and their caregivers or distributors have failed for decades for their liberal socialist governments, yet these political jerks think it will work THIS TIME, every time there’s a liberal in the White House. So Obama places an aging hair plugs Botox injected raging alcoholic to be on top of these new “programs” as Biden demands to know where the keys are liquor cabinet and he’ll hold his breath until he turns blue so hand over the keys Barack. He’s right on top of it? Website, what website? Yeah tell us again how lucky we are to have these two corrupted political morons running our Country.

    I had another argument with a liberal on another website, and I think I annihilated him, once again. The issue was Obama’s campaign promises and what’s happening now. These tax cuts he is giving the middle class of $13.00 for a couple and $8.00 for a single is clearly more money then I expected but I don’t know what “relief” $13.00 or $8.00 for that matter will provide me or my family. He promised during the campaign cut taxes to the middle class because we’ve been abused by big government for decades to pay the price so that others could have. There is no change with this administration, the liberal mask has been revealed as we are back to colossal and irresponsible spending habits for programs that don’t work. As the liberals debate what the word “rich” means as they continue to lower the amount to define what is middle class and who the government decides whose rich.

    But the issue is that the $13.00 going to a family won’t come close to “assisting” or “helping” the middle class as he starts to tax our energy consumption at an astronomical rate for not having clean coal or whatever asinine tax ideals the fit their fancy. So giving me a tax break that provides $13.00 but you increase the tax rate for electricity and other energy that will add 35.00 in new taxes, I still believe that new tax income would not help me one bit. Usually, when I get screwed I at lease get a dinner and a movie and not at a McDonald’s drive thru. This wasn’t what I had in mind when the talk changed to “free enterprise.” We all know nothing is every “free” but free always seems to cost more in the liberals hands.

    As our liberal politicians continue to try to make us believe they are doing all this for us in a lame effort to appear noble. There is nothing noble about the Obama administration, only misinformation, cleverly worded horse shit and prevarication in how our money is being spent or abused by these so called noble thieves. I think I’d prefer Robin Hood, at least Errol Flynn was good looking in a noble sort of way.

  9. “involuntarily invest”..just brilliant.

    What a disgrace…

    Our nation (and others) were able to watch these idiots in action, (or inaction as it were). Are there really Americans out there who still take this buffoon seriously? He’s so full of shit he needs a septic tank. Then there was Joe “Clueless” Biden to his right staring vapidly at nothing and Nancy Pelosi acting like a 10 year old at a Miley Cyrus concert, clapping and jumping around after every “sacred” word came out of that pompous pseudopresident’s mouth. How classless and appalling the entire “show” was. A true embarrassment.

    I am scheduled for kidney surgery tomorrow morning, so will be away for a few days. Looking forward to the anesthesia…

    Keep them coming Larry, I will catch up!!

  10. Todd,

    You’re welcome. I think the looks on some of those peoples’ faces when they realized they weren’t getting anything but an invoice were priceless.


    Great article as always – keep it up!

  11. Good Luck with your surgery tomorrow, Michelle you’ll be in my thought and prayers for a speedy recovery.

  12. Here is the latest email I received from PAC

    Mark Williams here – the co-Vice Chairman of the conservative Our Country PAC, and boy do I have some good news for you! A brand new poll released today shows that we are poised to take a seat in Congress that had been held by the Democrats and turn it into a seat held by a conservative Republican. The Republican, Jim Tedisco, is up 12% over his opponent, Democrat Scott Murphy.
    The poll is for the 20th congressional district in New York, where a Special Election will take place on March 31st to fill the vacancy created when the Democratic congresswoman was appointed to fill Hillary Clinton’s U.S. Senate seat.
    We’re going to win this Special Election for the conservative Republican candidate and hand a defeat to the tax-and-spend Democrats, just as we did when Saxby Chambliss won the Special Election in the Georgia U.S. Senate race in December.
    Democrat candidate Murphy has just returned from a trip to Washington D.C. where he was seeking support from Obama’s political machine. And get this: Democrat candidate Murphy, like so many of Obama’s other political friends and allies, has $21,550 in unpaid taxes that he still owes!
    But Democrat Murphy says he has no problem supporting Obama’s plans to spend trillions of your taxpayer dollars – including a new $1 TRILLION tax hike he’s proposed.
    On the other hand, the Republican candidate is someone who I’ve known for over a decade and he has proven time and time again to be not just on the side of the taxpayers but also a skilled legislator with vast experience successfully promoting conservative and common sense principles in an extremely liberal and corrupt environment.
    I’ve hosted a radio show in this very area and developed a close friendship with many listeners there. My Upstate NY listeners and I have worked with Jim Tedisco on critical tax reform and other issues over the years and we know we can trust him!
    Jim and his staff have worked dilligently to try and fix the out-of-control patch-work of taxes and stem the torrent of tax dollars lost to waste, fraud, foolishness and outright graft.

    As a congressman he will stand just as strongly for Right and common sense, as well as strive to defend American Principles as he has done his entire career.

    On Monday we will be producing a series of television and radio ads supporting conservative Republican Jim Tedisco and opposing Democrat Scott Murphy. I will be personally recording a radio ad speaking to my personal knowledge of Republican Jim Tedisco’s fiscal conservatism.

    Your generous contributions this week have already paid for the production costs of these radio and TV ads. Now we must pay for the airtime to broadcast them – and we need to raise that money in the next 5 days so that as soon as our ads are done we can begin broadcasting them on TV and radio.

    I’m sending this plea to 100,000 good, solid conservatives such as yourself. Imagine if each person reading these words would make a modest contribution of $25, $50, $100 or even $250 or $500 — just think of the kind of impact that “We The People” will have on this election?

    Please make a contribution to our campaign effort – by clicking here. Friends, we need to take back this Congress from Obama/Pelosi/Reid and the 20th Congressional District of New York is going to be our first of many victories to come in 2009 and 2010!

  13. Michele,

    Hope all goes well with your surgery tomorrow.

  14. I will never be convinced that this “False Prophet”/Hitler clone even came close to legally winning this election. Most of the people I have spoken to agree. Since he is not a legal citizen, we now have a usurper sitting in “our” White House. This arogant thief and a good majority of Congress should be tried for treason, and, you know what they do to traitors.


  16. John,

    A gold star for the day: Barack Hu$$ein Obama..



  17. Todd,

    Agreed. ANYONE who supported this should be taken to task.



  18. Margaret,

    Straight talk, more than something painted on the side of a bus..



  19. TJ,

    Will do and thanks for your input.

    To all who comment:

    The comments section of this site WILL NOT become a crap laden nuisance like Human Events. Liberals and their pathetic progressive pom poming for the Dork Knight can go to any of the millions of intellectually polluted sites on the net where they can amaze each other with their socialist sanctimony. Period. There is one silly little liberal who keeps trying but like all liberals, they are slow on the uptake..

    My ball, my game, and my rules.

    Just call it the “Fairness Doctrine, NLTZ style”.


  20. Michele,

    All of the prayers of those at NLTZ will be heading for you.


  21. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and good wishes, you guys are amazing!


  22. Larry,

    Good job except, Obama’s “I understand your skepticism” would be more in line with Clinton’s “Do you swallow?”

  23. Michele,

    My prayers are with you tonight and for a quick recovery.

  24. Wind,

    Point taken. Carter, Billy Bob and now Obama..

    The liberal legacy..the end of civilization to be replaced with “snivelization”..

    Thanks as always my friend,



    LARRY .tis a fine article in anticipation of the IRISH HOLIDAY
    and ST PATRICK .
    I have refused to watch TV since the election until yesterday when TIGER
    returned to golf.Unfortunately he lost today
    Read a note from a Senator that said
    only 7% OF THE STIMULUS is to help the rest is PORK no wonder Biden is in charge
    Take off on Publisahers Clearing house was a great video
    My blessings to MICHELE for a safe
    and sucessful operation tomorrow

  26. Michele,
    I hope all goes well tomorrow.
    Itruly believe this pack of fools will open the door to another ’94,but not as big because of the stupidity of the GOP these last few years and their abandonment of FIRST PRINCIPLES.Someone needs to obtain copies of books which contain the philosophy of St, Ronald and stand over these pusillanimous so -called Republicans with a ball-bat until they have imbibed the wisdom therein.
    Make no mistake, the GOP has brought this upon itself. They cannot out-democrat the democrat party.
    We must offer a plain difference.
    This nation was founded by men and women who read and studied and talked among themselves. I understand we were blessed with a collection of some of the greatest minds,but they did not get that way without educating themselves and much, much debate.
    Many died paupers, but they did not shirk from what was required.
    I hate melodrama.But our country, OUR COUNTRY, and our way of life and all we stand for, is on the verge of disappearing.
    We must do something other than talk. If I can get an address to send a donation to Tedisco, I shall. We must.
    Once more into the breach.
    May God be with us.

  27. beyond disgusted


    I too hope all goes well tomorrow.

    Sling Blade,

    You are so right; why vote democrat-light, when you can have the real thing. And, sadly, the socialist “real thing” won every time in the ’08 election.

    “Just call it the “Fairness Doctrine, NLTZ style”.” Larry, I love it! Great piece as usual.

    Even if the Republican party can get it’s act together in time for the ’10 congressional election, at the rate the Marxist is moving, will we even have a country left to take back?

  28. JR,

    Thank you and it is always good to hear from you.

    7%, eh? Wait until the libs hear about that, I cannot believe that they would allow 7% to slip by, they have alot of mendicants to please.

    Thanks as always,


  29. Sling,

    Good to hear from you, my friend.

    You are right. The “McCain” experiment didn’t work.

    I have said that this was an election that ANY Democrat could win. Loved to see that reality biting Rodham where it hurts.

    I can see the “logic” of what they were thinking..With the liberal press running free campaign materials and all of the usual “left wing attack machine”, I believe that the repubs tried to get “cute” by throwing the maverick up there. They were trying to cut the libs off at the pass.

    I don’t think that McCain really wanted it. Not that that would have helped that much but the “burning desire” never seemed to be there.

    It was certainly a light field, conservative wise.

    We have what we have. Our goal is now 2010.

    Document everything. The liberals weakness is their cerebral disconnect.

    Most importantly, never give up, never give in and never again.

    Thanks as always,


  30. Well, my best friend and former business partner, 64 years old just called me to tell me his company’s President came to the branch office he headed for 11 years and told him and all all of the employees that because of low sales the last two months throughout their market, that he was closing down that branch and letting go of 24 employees. Needless to say all were shocked.
    I sense there is a tsunami wave of this sort rolling across our country. I think that when we look back on this disaster, it’ll be called “THE OBAMA EFFECT. Wall Street votes with it’s dollars. Wall Street isn’t twenty white Anglo-Saxons in a room conspiring as the media would have you believe. “Wall Street” is only the “place” where the collective decisions of millions of free persons make economic decisions based on their vision of the future. Our fearless leader and Savior has been talking down the economy for so long now that everyone is holding onto to their dollars. No doubt they will be worth nothing when the seeds of inflation that he’s planted by printing worthless paper take full root.
    We’re in for a long, deep depression. He’s doing the complete opposite of what he should be doing. Talk about being the wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time! America will have a hard time recovering from the economic and social damage he will do in the next four years.
    Maybe we’ll learn from this disaster which will engulf us and maybe, just maybe, we can discredit Liberalism, Progressivism and Socialism once and for all time once America learns this lesson and comes back to our basic American values.
    “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. God I hope that’s right!

  31. Beyond disgusted,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I still have a lib who thinks that if he gives up his usual insulting “comments” and starts throwing a few comments that aren’t rude, that he can get in..obviously as soon as the lib gets in, it will be back to the childishness. I will not have it.

    He has no First Amendment rights here. He should go somewhere where others think like him. I will not have another Wes with the second grade “are we there yet” and “why is the sky blue” kind of “questions.

    As my buddy Stitch said, “Kid, isn’t the name of the site No Left Turnz? Let ’em go to No Right Turnz..”

    There you have it and there you are..

    Thanks as always,


  32. Vincent,

    Clinton wanted Obama to start making “happy talk” about the economy..

    It’s Clinton’s fault and we have Obama and his crew trying to fix it.

    We have a drowning man and Obama is describing the water as opposed to pulling the guy out.

    If they just had the decency to admit their role in this (80% liberal, 20% Republican.) and allow the free market to work, stop taxing the consumers to pay for the lowest classes salvation..

    OK, if the left is so big on Darwin, why won’t they allow the moochers to “disappear” through “social Darwinism” or to put it another way, “survival of the fittest”?

    That would leave the middle and upper classes who have no need for the liberal “helpfulness”. Liberalism would become extinct.

    That is why the left demands that the lowest class never “wise up” and think for themselves.

    Thanks as always,


  33. Larry: Here’s another version of Survival of the Fittest. if you take away all the money a millionaire has more than likely he’ll have it all back real soon. If you give a moocher a million dollars he’ll be broke again in short order.

    Thanks as always for your wisdom, wit and writing. I look forward to every announcement you send. Thank you for speaking for us, with us and allowing us to use your forum to speak to each other.

  34. Vincent,

    Love the liberal/moocher versus millionare analogy. Perfect.

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I am very concerned with “the environment” of this site, therefore it is “green compliant” because the pollution of the left is not allowed. I cleanse it from the site because the “environment” should be pristine..

    Their opinion is free to be heard….elsewhere.

    Thanks as always,


  35. Family,

    With the liberals and their desire to destroy all that is good, the dearth of material that they make available is overwhelming.

    That was the prime reason behind the “Thought Of The Day”.

    Just today, “Do Not Pass Go” and “Liberal Explosives” have hit the Thought Of The Day site.

    I am suggesting a subscription. (it’s free, no pop up ads and I have to deal with the annoying liberal comments.)

    Things are heating up and there is alot of good material there and of course, the comments are all top flight and it too complies with the mandated “liberal free zone” policy. Liberal noise pollution is verboten.

    Thanks as always,


  36. With over 11 million Americans out of work, Obama has promised over and over again the creation of 3.5 million new jobs. With the leftist Congress killing the E-Verify plan in the stimulus bill around 300,000 of those jobs may be filled by illegal aliens. Not a good thing for the America’s workers but extra votes for Obama come next election.

    On Feb. 24 of this year, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) conducted the first raid on Yamato Engine Specialists plant in Bellingham, Washington with 28 arrests of illegal aliens as the result.

    Obama, who has very favorable relations with the Mexican president over immigration, and Secretary of Homeland of Defense Napolitano were not happy.

    Nick Shapiro, a White House spokesman said, “The President has said that we will start the immigration reform debate this year, and this continues to be the plan.” This “plan” has been in the mode of starting for over a decade, it’s time it were jump-started into decisiveness.

    Meanwhile DHS “Nancy Jr.” Napolitano went flying around the room on her broomstick after hearing of ICE’s raid. She has her panties so up in a knot that she ordered an internal investigation of ICE and demanded to know how the raid could have happened.
    Like, duh, lady, it’s their job?

  37. TJ – great video clip….I’m passing it along

    Michelle – good luck and get well soon!

    NLTZ Fairness Doctrine….I love it…. 🙂

    Totally disgusted with BO and all his BS. Every DAY there’s something….every gosh darn day…. 😦

  38. Michelle,
    I hope and pray that your surgery goes well!

  39. Michele, holding good thoughts for you and a speedy recovery.

    Larry and all, I so enjoy the reading.

  40. Speaking of the NLTZ Fairness Doctrine I found this on the Fox News website this morning. These people are just too much. Since I cannot copy and paste here’s the link.

  41. There has been another ICE raid in the area.

    The illegals are flooding the criminal attorney offices looking for help — they have longstanding relationships with these attorneys, who represent them in drug, traffic, homocide, assault, you think of it, offenses.

    Too many people make their livelihood off these criminals, way too often.

  42. obama et. al. have declared nothing short of war on the traditionally American way of life. The situation is vastly more severe than what most even dare to speak or write about. Eyes, ears and souls wide open people.

    Sling Blade… glad you’re back.
    Michelle… take good care of yourself.

  43. Irritated Obama ‘Stares Down’ Reporter During Press Corps Visit

    When a reporter tried to quiz President Obama on Thursday about a lobbyist chosen for a top Defense Department job, the president quickly became agitated.

    WASHINGTON — President Obama paid a surprise visit to members of the White House press corps Thursday evening when he walked through their working area of the West Wing, but he quickly became agitated when he was confronted with a question by one of the journalists.

    According to reports, when the Politico’s Jonathan Martin asked the president about his nominee for deputy secretary of defense, William Lynn, Obama refused to answer, saying he was not there to take questions.

    “I came down here to visit. I didn’t come down here — this is what happens. I can’t end up visiting you guys and shaking hands if I am going to grilled every time I come down here,” the president said.

    Pressed further by the Politico reporter about his Pentagon nominee, Obama turned more serious, putting his hand on the reporter’s shoulder and staring him in the eye.

    “All right, come on,” he said, with obvious irritation in his voice. “We will be having a press conference, at which time you can feel free to [ask] questions. Right now, I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself to you guys — that’s all I was trying to do,” reported.

    The situation came to a close when a cameraman in the room interrupted, declaring: “I’d like to say it one more time: ‘Mr. President.'”

    The nominee in question, William Lynn, is a former lobbyist for defense contractor Raytheon, a pick Obama made in contradiction to his much-heralded anti-lobbying rules.

    Obama was willing to field lighter questions, though.

    Yes, he’s discovered the gym in the White House residence. No, he hasn’t played basketball yet on the outdoor White House court because it’s been too cold.

    The president’s walk-through came without notice, causing a bit of a wild scene. Reporters started running toward him, wary of missing a single word. When one reporter who hadn’t spotted Obama yet asked what everyone was rushing toward, another one responded: “The big guy.”

    Obama made it to the back of the briefing room, in a narrow hallway, where he shook hands.

    “I’ve got to say, it’s smaller than I thought,” the president said as he looked around for the first time.

    He introduced himself to those whom he didn’t already know from the long campaign trail and said it would take a little while to learn everyone’s names.

    The president then continued on, walking by the media outlets’ booths on the same floor.

    Obama asked about the reasoning behind why certain media outlets had work space where they did. When he got an answer involving the intricacies of press corps protocol, Obama responded: “This is worse than the Middle East here — who’s sitting where and all that stuff.”

    As he walked through the area where journalists have lunch, Obama noticed a pair of vending machines that dispense soda and junk food.
    “Looks like you have some healthy snacks, guys,” Obama said.
    Then he walked through the basement quarters, where several other news outlets set up shop. He said that was smaller than he expected too.

    I guess since there wasn’t a teleprompter near by the question through him into a loop. Panicking he didn’t know what to say or do, so flying

  44. It remove the remaining sentence here’s the last part.

    Panicking he didn’t know what to say or do, so flying off the handled seemed to be the best choice. You wanna bet that this “reporter” will lose his spot in the West Wing? I guess they ran out of Kool-aid yesterday.

  45. Every day it appears that these reporters have lost sight of what they are suppose to do. They appear more like crazed N’Sync fans instead of reporters.

    I love this sentence… “Obama was willing to field lighter questions, though. ” No tough questions for the “Big Guy”

    This sentence says a lot… “He introduced himself to those whom he didn’t already know from the long campaign trail and said it would take a little while to learn everyone’s names.”

    You mean to tell us he hasn’t met all this fans yet. I guess the Obama Campaign Plane ran out of room. How they survive the snub?

    He’s our first clueless leader. How nice for America.

  46. I bet he doesn’t know the name of the president of Romania either.
    Oh, but that’s only required for candidates who were being “vetted”.
    This “candy-date” was treated like the little princess he is.

    We keep referring to this character-less character as “His Majesty” or “The King”, when in fact the term should be “the little princess”.


  47. While the kooky Kenyan’s stimulus plan has all the “earmarks” of turning this country towards socialism, Congress has just passed a $410 billion dollar omnibus (Latin; bus filled with pork) package this week.

    Buried in this bill, however, is a provision that paves the way for this misnamed “Fairness Doctrine.” The Majority, without debate or vote, paved the way for the use of federal funds to be used in the aid to control and sensor media content.

    “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord Acton

    Our lawmakers are becoming to strong when they think of only themselves and their doctrine and not that of our country’s Constitutional guidlines.

    When a government’s greed and corruption compel the citizens to subsidize with their taxes the propogation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.

    We must not let them silence us!

  48. I think a “well armed militia” is in order.


  49. I’m with Stitch on this one!

  50. Courtesy of some research help by Greg Scandlen, director for Consumers For Healthcare Choices at the Heartland Institute, here’s the real truth on pres. Obama quotes that he just plain lied about in his stuttering state of the union address.

    Healthcare “is a cost that now causes bankruptcy in American every 30 seconds.”
    There are 525,600 minutes in a year, so that rate of medically induced bankruptcy would be 1,051,200 a year. But the total number of bankrupcies in 2007 was just 822,590, and only a fraction of those, possibly as low as 5% according to a University of California study, were due to medical costs.

    Interestingly the population with the greatest growth in bankruptcies are those covered by medicare. Since 1991 bankruptcies have actually decreased for those below age 65, but increased 125% for those between 65 and 75, and 433% for those over the age of 75.

    “By the end of the year it could cause 1.5 million Americans to lose their homes.”
    I don’t know about this one, but it sounds like a freeby for Obama. There are around 3 million people losing their homes this year but to think that half of it will be due to medical bills rather than ARMs or layoffs is a stretch.

    “In the last eight years, premiums have grown faster than wages.”
    Another out and out lie. Premiums have stabilized for the last five years at about 5% annual increase, while wages have been increasing at about 4%. Also, companies that have adopted consumer directed plans are seeing premium increases well below inflation or the increase in wages.

    “And in each of these years, one million more Americans have lost their health insurance.”
    The final lie. According to the latest report by EBRI in September, 2008, the raw numbers of uninsured rose from 39.5 million in 2001 to 45 million in 2007. Raw numbers aren’t the right way to count in any case due to population growth.
    In properly taking the percentages, the uninsured between 2001 and 2007 went from 14.8% to 15.3% according to the Census Bureau, which is lower than the percentage in 1995 (15.4%), 1996 (15.6%), 1997 (16.1%) or 1998 (16.3%). Math 101 anyone?

    I’m left with the conclusion the either Obama was willingly lying and counting on the American people being to stupid to fact check him or be to apathetic to do anything about it. Or that Obama and his researchers and speechwriters are to ignorant and to intellectually lazy to get their talking points straight.

    Perhaps it’s a combination of the two and I don’t think Obama particularily cares whether he’s telling the truth or not. As long as he’s getting his message of healthcare out to the great unwashed masses in this country enabling it’s enactment.

  51. Ye 52%, ye suckers.

    It was disgusting to watch these people in Washington deciding how best to bankrupt all iof us. Its further proof of what happens when they let these crack-addled morons out of rehab. And now our Bonehead-in- Chief has handed our enemies the timetable to when to start operations anew in Iraq. The C-Grade students have taken over the country, because the D-Grade students voted them in. Truely the American people have recieved the leaders they truely deserve. When the tax hikes come, and your paycheck becomes a stipend from Uncle Obama, thank a liberal, and thank the dimwits whom voted them in.

  52. I think they write his speech first and try to fix the stats around his speeches. And according to Dick Morris many of those numbers include illegal immigrants.

  53. I have a question: how many of the Family have watched “Expelled”?I thought it was awesome. I haven’t bought it yet but I’m going to. This is just my personal opinion, but-if one can- I think it would be a tremendous inspiration if other would-be persons with this type of message knew there is a big market awaiting Conservative -oriented films, I know it’s a tight economy and many are strapped for cash, but I sincerely believe this to be an integral and extremely vital element of our re-emergence as an adversary to this pack of toad-eating nitwits this country,in all of its’ wisdom, has saddled us with.
    My ex-wife and her daughter, who worked at different places, found out THE SAME DAY they were losing their jobs via lay-offs and shutdowns, one immediately and one in app. 6 months to a year,unless a buyer can be found.
    And we’re talkingh about a POWER PLANT on my ex-wife’s part. I don’t know what these people expect to use for electricity, but this is the plan. These are good-paying jobs, but it’s a coal-fired plant, and we all know how that son of a bitch in the President’s chair feels about coal, what with global warming and all.
    The unemployment rate in Little Egypt is running 7-8%.
    There are dark days coming.
    It may be trite, but it has never been more true or urgent: Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.
    Larry, you know the respect I have for you; I thank God for men such as yourself and the other men and women with their websites, fighting the good fight.
    We need you now more than ever.

  54. While illegals aliens probably do figure into the irrationally twisted math of the liberals who managed to graduate kindergarten and still have a full box of crayons. To rational thinking, illegals still cannot account for bankruptcies, paying higher premiums, loss of homes or loss of health insurance. They now collect entitlements from the government, free for the asking and payed for by the taxpayers of the United States at an annual cost of billions of dollars.

    When Obama said, “In this budget we will end education programs that don’t work.” For awhile there I was taken aback in thinking that all inner city schools would be closed. But this is not to be as it turns out there will be billions of dollars pumped into the useless single motherhood, fatherless home, criminal breeding grounds.

    But while keeping the worst (and ignorant) alive and strong, yesterday Congress voted to end a popular scholar-ship program for 1,700 low income students in D.C.

    The $7,500 dollar scholarships are the best investments Congress has made in education reform. Demand for the scholarships that there are four applicants for each voucher.

    The scholarships help low income families, primarily minority, send their kids to private schools (like Obama and the rest of the Democratic legislature do) rather than public schools. The difference in the kids is amazing and it’s a travesty that Congress should stop funding for these young kids.

    Perhaps the left is afraid the kids will grow up to be a conservative president one day.

  55. Obama has taken an economy that is no worse off than at the end of the carter era,
    implementing the same ideas and policies as those of hoover and FDR, with nitrous and 60 psi of blower boost. These policies failed after the crash of 29 and will fail again. The only hope is a complete reversal of the current policies and social programs.

  56. there is a petition on

    the link is on the upper right hand side.

    It’s entitled scrap the omnibus and stop the spending…addressed to Pelosi.

    this looks like a good one.

  57. Correction. OOps!

    the link is

  58. G. Nichols,

    C Grade – D Grade

    Your grading on a curve, aren’t you.

  59. There is no grading curve in my class, Windrider. In this case I am paraphrasing and referencing the words spoken by former mayor of Columbus, Tom Moody, whom urged that our best and brightest get into government, or that we’ll reap the ‘rewards’ of having our C-grade students in charge.

    George Bush 43 barely scraped through school, and look what we got. Obama got into school courtesy of racial set-asides. If we truely wish to repair the schools in this country, what we need to do is break the back of the teachers’ unions, and scrap the system entirely, and replace it with the tough academic standards used in Japan. If you fail the placement exams, never mind college, you don’t get into HIGH school. The standards should be set with no regard for race, or economic issues. Being poor and black should be no excuse for failing to study and an inability to perform. If you’re too lazy to make it through school, too bad, get a job digging ditches.

    Another problem we have is that students are no longer taught to think objectably about anything. Such concepts as thinking for oneself are dangerous, at least as far as liberals are concerned, because this is how conservatives are created. Fifty years of liberal control of the schools has created the mindnumbed robots whom worry about bogus theories of global warming more than whether they know how to read, or are able to compete in the real world.

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