How Was Your Weekend?

Lets review the weekend of the Obama fifth columnists and then just for fun, let’s take a look at history and see how it might be a precursor of our nation’s weekends to follow..

(Before we begin, it is important to keep in mind that Obama isn’t doing anything that wasn’t expected. Obama never really “said” anything from the primary season on, (“Change and hope, Hope and change”..) he just spoke in kaleidoscopic and concentric circles of prattle and piffle.. I believe that the law firm of “Prattle and Piffle” offered Obama a job before he “turned his back on Wall Street to help the community..” He IS doing what the conservative community correctly predicted that he would do and what the liberal community wished that he would do: emasculate, castrate and dismantle the country..)

Barack went to a basketball game in Chicago. It appears that no one “advised” the little fellah that baseball is the “American pastime”. I suppose that the yearly T-ball game for kids that took place from the Reagan administration onward on the South Lawn of the White House will be replaced with a slam dunk contest in one of the driveways..

Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff warned of Iran having the necessary fissile material for a nuclear bomb. Defense Secretary Robert Gates doesn’t seem to think so saying, “they’re not close to a weapon and so there is some time..” I hope that Secretary Gates understands that “close” when it comes to the spot where an atomic bomb lands is about several hundred miles, depending on the weather.. How can you determine “close” from a country that is as “transparent and accountable’ as the Obama caliphate? Shall we err on the side of our safety for once or is it mandatory that we spend “some time” “talking” with the kooks on karpets? “Time” that they will use to “get close to a weapon” perhaps?

Secretary of Statists Rodham gave “an Obama administration pledge” to hand over three hundred million dollars in “humanitarian aid” to the Gaza strip which is governed by Hamas (how coincidental is it that Middle Eastern brigands have had more phone calls and meetings with Obama and his administration hacks than the “acrimonious” Republicans in America have been allowed to have?.) and six hundred million to the Palestinian Authority. What “economic crisis”? P.S., The Israelis says “thanks”, by the way. Whenever those that have Israel in their sights are “in need”, they can always count on the liberals to hold the ammo belts for them..

British PM Gordon Brown would like to have a “global New Deal” to match the one being forced upon the United States.. He is coming to the states on Tuesday and he will be “calling for a plan requiring massive spending on a worldwide scale..” Brown understands the Obama and company’s liberal girly proclivities towards “shopping” and “spending”, so he is coming to the right (correct) place..

Another “czar” has appeared, ready to take on his responsibilities and to feed at the thieves tax trough with the rest of the liberal socialist swines. Obama’s new “urban czar”, Adolpho Carrion, sounds like a perfect fit in the “accountability and transparency” (stop laughing..) Obama administration.

It seems as though he took multiple thousands of dollars in “donations” in order to green light projects funded by the taxpayers as the Bronx Borough President. Companies Idle LLC, Boricua College, Atlantic Development Group, Jackson Development Group, and on and on and on all “contributed” to Carrion. So as to snugly fit in with these malfeasors, I would hope that he like all good Obama liberals, uses “Timmy’s Turbo Tax” come April 15th.

All of this silly “czar” business is just Obama’s desire to emulate his favorite Russian hero, Nicholas II. Even at this early stage, Obama and his administration of imminent inmates is looking like Nicholas II in more ways than one.

Nicholas’ official title was “Nicholas II, Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias”. Obama’s official title is, “Obama I, Emperor and Autocrat of all the World” (just ask the Germans and now Gordon Brown..) The reign of Nicholas II “saw Imperial Russia go from being one of the foremost great powers of the world to an economic and military disaster..” So far, Barack “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” Obama I is right on the Nicholas II fast track with his perverted policies and absurd administration..

Nicholas II abdicated after the February Revolution in 1917. The Bolsheviks killed Nicholas, his entire family and all of his servants in the same room on July 17, 1918. Here, Obama I was put into office by the liberal Bolsheviks during the November Revolution of 2008. The only people the Bolsheviks of today would kill would be either a Terri Schiavo or a child in the womb. The leftists of today are slowly working up the courage to be like their historical heroes by knocking off the infirm and the unborn..

January 9, 1905 was known as “Bloody Sunday” in Russia. Nearly one hundred were killed during a march to present the tsar with a petition. A priest (who is as scarce in Russia today as they will be in the liberal Amerika of tomorrow) led the march. As of this moment in time, “Bloody Sunday” would have to be February 8, 2008 which was the Sunday before the “economic stimulus package” was signed on February 13, 2008.. The groundswell of protest over the latest liberal larceny may precipitate a march or two in the hopes of delivering a petition to Obama I as well. The inexperience of Nicholas’ Minister of the Interior, Prince Sviatopolk-Mirsky is easily outdone by the overall inexperience of Obama I and his avaricious “administration”, so I hope that the homicidal results won’t be the same.

Nicholas II had more than a few issues with the State Duma. After the Russian Revolution of 1905, Nicholas II through the October Manifesto, agreed to “broad participation in the State Duma and to endow the Duma with legislative and oversight powers..” The State Duma was the Lower House of parliament, the State Council of Imperial Russia was the Upper House. Obama I will not be having any problems with the “State Dummies” (or the “State Dhimmis”) of the Lower House or the “State Council of Imperial Russia” in America because both Houses (both of which should be condemned..) currently have liberal/Russian majorities. The “broad participation” falls to Nuremberg Nancy and the previously mentioned Primary Loser/Secretary of Statist..

The Bolshevik Revolution (the old one, not the new one in the United States..) “paved the way for massive destruction of Russian culture with the closure and demolition of many churches and monasteries, the theft of valuables and estates from the former aristocracy and monied classes and the suppression of religious and folk art forms.” If you replace a few words within that quote, you will reveal the inner most desires of the liberal left for our country. It is what they are thinking and it is what they have been working towards for nearly fifty years..


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  1. My weekend was fine, thanks.
    I didn’t rob anyone, so no fears of ROTTING IN HELL here.


  2. noleftturnz


    Run over to “YouTube” and pop c128d into the “search” button and hear the “5 minutes with Stitch”, a new epidode for each day.


  3. Afternoon Larry & Stitch.

    Good weekend, snowy weather included.

    Another great article, Larry, and another great video, Stitch.

  4. I had a great weekend capped with church with a minister that believes in GOD,guns, and gumption. The talk here in East Texas is becoming stronger against the “One”, and his gang of non-taxpayers. At the rate he is finding appointees for cabinet and lesser slots he may need to serve for life (may it be short).It looks as if the IRS needs to find all the Democheats and collect the taxes due. If that were done we could reduce all taxes for years. What will be found on Sebilius (Tiller) when she is vetted? Great article Larry.

  5. Another great article Larry!
    Thanks so much for the link to Stitch’s You Tube site. That is the first time I have heard anyone make sense out of all this complicated financial stuff.
    I see the market has dropped below 7000 today. I am no whiz-kid but it seems to me that the average person with a modicum of intelligence might consider the fact that the continuing drop in the market indicates that somebody is not buying The Anointed One’s claim that all this spending is just the ticket to a new era of prosperity.

  6. Larry, your correlation of Nicholas II and Obama is so true it’s scary.

    I’ve always been a man who has paid respect to my elders and to those of authority. But even if I were to meet Obama face to face I could not, would not address him as “President.” He will never be for the good of my America a man deserving of that high office.

    Obama and his filthy felonious cabinet are on their way in progressively destroying the American way of life.

    There will be a reckoning.

  7. My weekend consisted of working for unreasoning bosses, none of which have a clue as to how to run the company. Its like working for Obama. While it is interesting from a historical perspective comparing Obama I to Czar Nicholas, we have to hope that the end results are not the same. A violent collapse of the United States, even if only to ouster the odious and odiferous Obama and his oligarchial Oompa-Lumpas (how bout that for an alliteration?) would cause a ripple effect across the world as our enemies to take advantage of the distraction.

  8. Yes, indeedy folks, the Song and Dance man is tossing pixie dust over all the citizens. Say, by the way, is HE a citizen? Heh, heh. Just wonderin’

  9. Great article . Being a student of Russian history I found the comparisons very intuitive .
    FYI …. Tax payer revolt on the steps on the PA Capital and then a Tea Party along the Susquehanna river this Saturday at noon , see ya there !

  10. Kansas Governor Sebilius is another morally and financial bankrupt politicians out there. Bill O’Reilly has sent his hound dogs after her on numerous occasions. Two that stand out in my memory was him sending his producer to confront her about Kansas’s non participation in the Jessica Laws protection of children. She gave some lame reason but those that live in the State hounded her to pass the measure, and it was finally made into a law. The other was the abortion specialist who will abort a child right up to till the water breaks. Again, she gave some lame defense of Dr. Tiller the baby killer and why she refused to arrest him or remove him from practice. Abortion is allowed in this Country so she has no problem murdering a 40 week baby. It’s just a shame that her mother didn’t view life this way, just think how many aborted liberals we could have murdered before they ever born.

    Just think most conservatives rarely get abortions so, technically they are just reducing the number of babies born to liberals and we could look at this as a Darwinian philosophy of the survival of the fittest. Just think we could have 44 million new liberals going around that were aborted since Roe vs Wade. I am an optimist and try to look at the good in everything. So Governor Sebilius has an issue with children. Let’s hope she doesn’t have any of her own.

    Graywolf, Are you expecting Obama to vet his candidates? He has obviously not vetted anyone; it appears he uses the press to do his vetting process. It seems like he puts a name out there and just waits to see what skeletons are in their closet. Has he finally found someone who paid their taxes? I am waiting to hear Caroline Kennedy’s name pop up, but her inability to vet the best Democratic Vice President candidate didn’t work out too well on her ability or her capability to become a professional vetter in the Obama Administration, ugh? Ohm, Joe Biden was the best she could find out of the entire Democratic losers available. Just think that Joe’s was the fastest sperm to hit the egg. Was his mom drunk at the time?

  11. blue state blues- RWG

    I had a great weekend. I have decided to savor every minute I have with my family and friends. I even took two walks through the woods and just enjoyed the freedom of being there alone. I haven’t done that in 10 years. I am taking nothing for granted. I am very aware of what I have and the gifts I have been granted. I am very aware that the things I been accustomed to all my life may soon be gone. The course Obama has set us on can only end in disaster, one way or another. Either he wins or conservatives get organized and the battle begins. Whatever the outcome, it will not be pretty for a long, long time. We cannot survive financially with Obama’s policies. Our walls of security are being breached every day. And our sovereignty will gone in favor of a World Order. We are funding Islamic terrorists with tax payer money and there is not a peep from Congress.

    I fear for my children’s future but I will not go quietly. Whatever it takes, even if I am standing alone in driveway, I will not surrender to this lunatic.

  12. Oh it’s so confusing trying to decide what your party afilliation should be. Read this Newmax article.

    NEW YORK — New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg once dismissed political parties as a “swamp of dysfunction,” but now he’s trying to woo back party leaders to boost his chances of winning a third term in November.

    A longtime Democrat who became a Republican to run for mayor in 2001, Bloomberg backed an unsuccessful 2003 effort to make New York elections nonpartisan. Then he became an independent in 2007 as he weighed running for president.

    He shook up the political establishment again last year when he pushed a term limits change through the City Council that allowed him to run one more time.

    The measure, signed into law by Bloomberg after an emotional debate that pitted him against many of his longtime allies, raised the limit for elected New York City officials to three four-year terms, overturning 1993 and 1996 referendums that had imposed a two-term limit.

    Although recent polls show he is far ahead of any rival, Bloomberg has so far failed to convince a major party to let him run as its candidate – a rebuff that could cost him thousands of votes.

    Party affiliation is a requirement to run for office, and Bloomberg would have to create his own party if no existing party were to accept him.

    But as a new organization, it would be listed on the far right-hand side of the ballot, considered the least advantageous spot as voters read from left to right.

    “There’s sort of a cosmic justice that punishes hubris,” said Douglas Muzzio, Baruch College professor of public affairs at the City University of New York. “The mayor is an enemy of parties – until he needs their line.”


    Bloomberg began his campaign on Wednesday to win back Republican favor by meeting with party leaders. He told reporters he would be honored to run as a Republican, but no deal has been reached.

    Campaign aides also have reached out to Democratic leaders and smaller parties such as the Working Families Party and the Independence Party, local media reported.

    Meanwhile, the mayor must contend with the New York State Legislature in Albany. It is considering a proposal that could force a voter referendum sometime this spring on the term limit change.

    The bill cleared a New York State Assembly committee on Wednesday, and a Senate committee is expected to approve it on March 10.

    “It would be a huge decision on the part of the governor and the legislature to challenge him,” said Richard Briffault, professor of legislation at Columbia Law School.

    Bloomberg’s campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson rejected the mayor’s lack of party affiliation and the Albany political maneuvers as being issues.

    He pointed to a poll that showed two-thirds of New Yorkers approve of the job Bloomberg is doing and that gives him a double-digit lead over rivals.

    “If that’s trouble, I say, give me more,” Wolfson said of the poll.

    Bloomberg says his experience as a Wall Street bond trader and founder of the news and information company that bears his name makes him uniquely qualified to guide the city during the financial crisis.

    Bloomberg LP is a competitor to Thomson Reuters.

    But many saw the term limits change as a power grab. Bloomberg has also angered Republican leaders by pushing ahead in his second term with priorities they oppose – like a traffic congestion pricing plan.

    In an attempt to placate them, the billionaire lavished contributions on Republican State Senate candidates in recent years when the party was struggling to stay in power. But Democrats took control of the Senate in November after decades in the minority.

    Bloomberg is expected to spend $100 million on his November bid and has hired an army of campaign aides.

    “It is less smooth sailing than certainly the mayor would want. He’s running into some turbulence,” said Muzzio.

    But he added that Bloomberg has “the entire power grid behind him” and predicted he would win the election.

  13. My weekend was actually pretty good, but then I wasn’t giving millions of dollars to somebody who has, as a primary mission in life, the destruction of my staunchest ally as a personal goal.

    You may want to stock up on those clean sheets for retirement, because I don’t believe Princess Obama will provide any ( we might use them as ropes and escape) in that retirement home we are all going to be forced into if he isn’t stopped.

  14. Margaret in CT

    Brilliant–and chilling–analogy, Larry. I’m relieved to have you to keep up with the thundering herd of “czars.” It’s hard to keep abreast of the Great Subjugator’s attempts to center all power in his branch of the government.

    “Bobby” Byrd’s now-faint voice was heard crying in the wilderness at the end of last week. In a letter to Obama written last Wednesday, he said that the czar system “can threaten the Constitutional system of checks and balances.” He reminded his highness that oversight of federal agencies is the responsibility of officials approved by the Senate.

    He went on to say: “As presidential assistants and advisers, these White House staffers are not accountable for their actions to the Congress, to cabinet officials, or to virtually anyone but the president. They rarely testify before congressional committees, and often shield the information and decision-making process behind the assertion of executive privilege. In too many instances, White House staff have been allowed to inhibit openness and transparency, and reduce accountability.”

    I would be hard put to find very many points on which I have agreed with Byrd over the years, but he smacked that nail right on the head. He used to wield so much power that a sitting president who crossed him or snubbed him did so at his political peril. I wonder if his highness bothered to give him the courtesy of a reply. Perhaps he said, “The whole thing IS transparent, Bobby. I won.” Some of the people who voted for this guy and were so exultant when he won are just now realizing that they and the country are on the losing side.

  15. Stitch–Great Video on Obama’s “solution” for the economy!

    My favorite line “…I can’t decide if he’s a liar or a blithering idiot…”

    Can’t he be both?


  16. thanks to all for peeking at my videos.

    John – I dont think so.
    Liars usually require some degree of intelligence. Not a lot, as then they would LEARN the futility of lying. But enough to conjugate complete sentences about their mythical worlds….

    Ancients learned a long time ago that colognes and perfumes can hide the stench of horse crap.
    Over the eons mankind has learned that colorful, flowery, words can also mask the true meaning of one’s intentions.
    Sultan Obama is a colorful, flowery, speaker.
    But if you get close enough, and take a good look at the core of his words, its simple, stinking, bullshit.


  17. Folks, this may be the most important post I’ve made to No Left Turnz, so far.

    Rick2, Obama may be a “citizen”, but he’s most definitely NOT a “natural-born citizen”!

    Here is the documented proof that Obama is
    NOT a “natural-born citizen.”

    In 1758, a law book was published that defines what a natural-born citizen is. Most of the writers of the Constitution have read it. George Washington was reading it on the first day of his Presidency in his first term of office. John Jay and others quoted from it, and used it as a guideline for legal matters. So, we have to ascertain the context of what a “natural-born citizen” is, i.e., what it meant to the writers of the Constitution then–not what we think it means today. (That’s the only logical thing to do.)

    The book is Law of Nations, written by Emmerich De Vattel. It can be bought on in paperback for $12.00. It is mentioned one time in the Constitution, appropriately enough in the section regarding “treason.”

    The section about “natural-born citizen” is found in Book 1, Chapter 19 at Section #212. (I’ve capitalized the most important phrases for quicker reading.) It states:

    “Citizens and natives. The citizens are the members of the civil society; bound to this by certain duties, and subject to its authority, they equally participate in its advantages. The natives, or NATURAL-BORN CITIZENS, ARE THOSE BORN IN THE COUNTRY, OF parentS WHO ARE CITIZENS. As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to their rights. The society is supposed to desire this, in consequence of what it owes to its own preservation; and it is presumed, as matter of course, that each citizen, on entering into society, reserves to his children the right of becoming members of it. THE COUNTRY OF THE FATHERS IS THEREFORE THAT OF THE CHILDREN; and these become true citizens merely by their tacit consent. We shall soon see whether, on their coming to the years of discretion, they may renounce their right, and what they owe to the society in which they were born. I say, that, IN ORDER TO BE OF THE COUNTRY, it is necessary that A PERSON BE BORN OF A FATHER WHO IS A CITIZEN; for, IF HE IS BORN THERE OF A FOREIGNER, IT WILL BE ONLY THE PLACE OF HIS BIRTH, AND NOT HIS COUNTRY.”

    Wow! That means that since Obama, Jr.’s father was born in Kenya (which Barack freely admits), Barack Obama is NOT a “natural-born citizen”, since BOTH parents are not born IN THE SAME COUNTRY! (“IN THE COUNTRY, OF PARENTS WHO ARE CITIZENS”) Barack, Sr. was NEVER a citizen of the United States.
    Since the country of Barack’s father is Kenya, logically it follows that Barack is a citizen of Kenya, also (the British Nationality Act of 1948, notwithstanding).

    The Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court knows this, since a letter was faxed to him about this, stating the above quotation, with appropriate commentary. ( Mr. Roberts has chosen to ignore it, and refused to depose Mr. Obama from the Presidency. So, it appears that Mr. Roberts has committed treason.

    The web site also shows a letter to U.S. Senators, a graph defining the terms of (1) natural-born citizen, (2) citizen of the U.S., and (3) native-born citizen; and a copy of the 1787 letter from John Jay to George Washington, requesting that the term “natural-born citizen” be included in the Constitution.

    It was also mentioned in Leo Donofrio’s lawsuit against Obama, which Mr. Roberts dismissed.

  18. Great weekend – just looking around the house, starting to assess the things we can do without – like being able to afford air conditioning? Hey, in my generation, our first central air was when I was a senior in high school. The schools were air conditioned the year after I graduated. We were cooled with a crack in the windows and an attic fan. Now that I think of it – some great summer nights were spent with the sound of crickets and fire flies. A time is coming – the survivors will be those flexible enough to adapt, improvise and overcome.

  19. I made a slight error about the “web site.” The other material is in the letter to Chief Justice Roberts itself, not elsewhere on that web site.
    Stay tuned!

  20. Stitch,

    I believe it was Adolph Hilter who said, “Tell a lie, tell a big enough lie, tell it often enough and the people will believe it.”

    I contend it takes no appreciable intelligence to lie as we are witnessing in the “Hope and Change” of our nation has wrought the “Uncertainty and Misdirection” that grows stronger in our country with each passing day.

    Any glimmerings of thought, and not of intelligence, in liberal liars would be associated with a good memory, necassary to being a good liar. But then, they have proved themselves worthless again.

  21. G man,

    “oligarchial oompa-lumpas”..

    Perfect. Very nice..

    Thanks as always,


  22. Mark,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Now that I know that you are out there, I will have to be on my toes when it comes to the Obama/Soviets analogies..

    If I do make a goof, let me know ASAP..

    Thanks as always,


  23. blue states RWG,

    That is the kind of weekend that we all need to have.

    Until we realize the value of what it is that the left wants to take from us, it might me hard to conceive of what it would be like for it not to be there.

    The value of what we might lose is all the motivation that I need..

    Thanks as always,


  24. Margaret,

    The “thundering herd” is nothing more than more redundancy within the redundancy that is Washington.

    More accountants, please and less lawyers and professional politicians..

    Thanks as always,


  25. triviaman,

    The closer to the truth, the more they will ignore..

    If enough squeeky wheels make noise though..

    Thanks as always,


  26. Windrider,

    Uncertainty and misdirection..

    Said with complete conviction, swallowed by the true believers..

    I believe that it was Voltaire who said that a liar should always have a good memory..

    He never met the Obama people. Even when caught in palpable lies, they say “it’s the fault of the previous administration”..

    Thanks as always,


  27. Records that Obama has refused to release:
    1. Hawaiian long-form birth certificate
    2. Mother and birthfather’s marriage license
    3. Mother and stepfather’s marriage license
    4. Stepfather’s adoption records
    5. Panahou school records in Hawaii (formerly known as Oahu College)
    6. Selective Service Registration document (not the falsified one shown at
    7. Occidental School records
    8. Passport
    9. Columbia University records
    10. Columbia thesis
    11. Harvard University records
    12. Harvard Law Review articles (maybe 1, but it’s not signed)
    13. University of Chicago scholarly articles
    14. Baptism certificate
    15. Medical records
    16. Law practice client list
    17. Illinois State Senate records (locked up to prohibit public view)
    18. Illinois State Senate schedule (“Lost”–all other Illinois state senators’ records are intact)

    To paraphrase a famous quote: “Methinks thou hast something to hide.”
    Stay tuned!

  28. A good part of my weekend was listening to some of the speakers at CPAC….they had a good turnout, over 9,000….not a HUGE number, but not a wash out by any means….Why, I wonder, do we bother with a Republican party?? aka Dem-lite? Why NOT a Conservative nominee for POTUS? just a thought….

  29. Larry, I hope you don’t mind if I show some thought-provoking statements by other NLTZers in recent posts, so the “newbies” who have recently joined, can enjoy these “blasts from the past”, as well as some I’ve picked up on the Internet. My thanks to all who contributed these gems!

    1. An original thought and a cold drink of water will kill the average liberal.
    2. “The betrayal of our past; the squandering of our future.” (Ronald Reagan)
    3. Leave it to the liberals to soften everything they touch. They are the equivalent of mental ExLax.
    4. Inauguration Day: The suicide of America
    5. “A wise prince will seek means by which his subjects always and in every possible condition of things have need of his government, and then they will always be faithful to him.” (Niccolo Machiavelli, 1469-1527)
    6. It appears as though Obama is going to impose a 40% tax on aspirin. Why? Because it’s white and it works!
    7. ACORN: Another Corrupt Organization Run by Nitwits
    8. Cowardly compliance.
    9. Hug a thug.
    10. Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something.
    11. Fifty-two million adults just voted for the equivalent of ice cream like a bunch of nine-year-olds; now the other 48 million of us are going to have to take care of the cow and clean up the mess.
    12. “I have wondered at times about what the Ten Commandments would have looked like if Moses had run them through the U.S. Congress.” (Ronald Reagan)
    13. “When injustice becomes law, Resistance becomes duty.” (Anonymous)
    14. Honesty is the best policy, unless you’re a lawyer.
    15. “Enlighten the people, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like spirits at the dawn of day.” (Thomas Jefferson)
    16. Liberals want to change us from a free market economy to a flea market economy.
    17. God is not a Republican, but Satan is definitely a Democrat.
    18. “Are there any men in Washington? Or, are there only cowards?” (Ahmad Shah Massoud)
    19. The Lord uses the good ones; the bad ones use the Lord.
    20. Obama wants to kill babies and raise taxes; Palin wants to raise babies and kill taxes.
    21. Obama doesn’t have skeletons in his closet; he has the entire graveyard!
    22. Obama, were you born stupid, or did you have to work hard at it?
    23. Just say no to Obama Bin Biden.
    24. Democrats, where am I going, and why am I in this handbasket?
    25. Demagouge: A leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power.
    26. Truth is a defense, and the best defense.
    27. CHANGE: The post-modern euphemism for Marxist revolution.
    28. The Great Obamanation of Desolation, sitting in the Oval Office where he ought not.
    29. CIC means “Commander-In-Chief,” NOT “Community Organizer-In-Chief”!
    30. Evil isn’t the opposite of God; it’s the absence of God.
    31. The drive-by media are terrorists, too!
    32. You! Out of the gene pool–now!!
    33. Obama: The Manchurian Candidate.
    34. Obama: Hitler revisited.
    35. Ninety-nine percent of the liberals give the rest a bad name.
    36. I carry a gun, because a cop is too heavy.
    37. Obama, the Oreo CINO, wants special-ed treatment as our untouchable affirmative-action president.
    38. Barack Obama: International man of mystery.
    39. Obama: The sad thing is, that if he said he was born in a manger, there are those that would believe him.
    40. Did you check your tire pressure today?
    41. Hitlery: das Butch von Buchenvald.
    42. Know the difference between honoring diversity and perversity? No? You must be a liberal!

  30. Some others I forgot to include:
    43. The USA: Welcome to Obamaland.
    44. “I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress on expanding, on the objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.” (James Madison)
    45. “Vote for change” (the campaign slogan of Raila Odinga, Obama’s cousin, that Obama campaigned for, in violation of the Logan Act.)
    46. “The Sermon on the Mount was a joke” (Barack Obama)

  31. blue state blues- RWG

    Thanks for articulating the list of missing documents. I am astounded by the amount of missing information. How is this mystery man able to sustain the curtain of secrecy?? For God’s sake, G W was scrutinized over where he took cat naps while in the Air Force. I cannot get my brain around why this isn’t a problem for our FBI, Justice and CIA.

  32. The Ultimate Opinion Poll:

    1. Repulsed by handout
    2. Works hard
    3. Never accuses racism
    4. Works and never complains
    5. Cries for God
    6. Teaches brother to fish
    7. Eagles
    8. Competes to win
    9. Baby’s right to live
    10. AMERICA

    1. Accepts handout
    2. Hardly working
    3. Always accuse racism
    4. Complains and never works
    5. God cries for
    6. Takes brother’s fish
    7. Lemmings
    8. Hates when you win
    9. Woman/man kills baby
    10. AMERIKA

  33. Hi Larry,

    Well I’ll tell ya, yesterday (Sunday), I’m standing in the Wally World check out line and there on the cover of one of those Hollywood gossip rags (actually on more than one) was ol’ Sour Puss Michelle with the article title printed below her picture, “The first lady we’ve been waiting for” and all I can think is “Man, she can’t even fake a smile! Right now her hubby is givin it to “ol’ whitey” even beyond her wildest dreams and she can’t even conjure up a decent fake smile”. At least when Hillary was first lady she could do a pretty good job faking “happy” while she and Billy Bob were screwing us over. Michelle reminds me of my grandmother-pure blooded doberman pincer.

    Had another thought too, you must have a pretty large readership now (I found you through a link posted on the comment section of Ann Coulter). Why don’t you sell your books right here. I’ll buy one (and a T-shirt and bumper sticker too).

  34. Chris

    Allow me to be cruel.
    There are those (liberal media) who are trying desperately to compare Michelle O to Jackie O.
    We have dubbed her: Blackie-O.

    Personally, I think she looks like General Aldo (planet of the apes).
    Ever seen her stomp her way across a stage??


  35. I can’t go back to Human Events, there is just too much good stuff here.
    I too came here from hearing about you on one of Ann Coulter’s columns. I like Ann’s writing but here your personal touch makes me feel like part of the family that evryone talks about.
    A subscription here is better than alot of other sites. You really pump out the articles. We should start a letter writing campaign to get the word out about no left turnz. Who should we write to? I think Glenn Beck. I think that he is the most approachable.
    Who is with me?

  36. Paul Mac

    Count me in.
    How do we go about writing Glenn Beck?


  37. I have another poll for you from Bill O’Reilly and I think it’s time we let the liberals know just how angry we are about the destruction of our Country. So take a few minutes out of your day and vote then pass it on to others for them to vote as well.

    The poll is Do you think President Obama will turn the economy around?

    Vote here.

    I think it’s obvious that he has no idea how to fix this financial crisis and it appears that Wall Street has no confidence in him either as the Stock Market has hit a new low.

    I’m sorry that so many people thought an Ivy League Harvard Trained lawyer isn’t the end all be all of our existence. It just ashamed that he fooled so many people; we should call it the con job of the Century.

    For me I am sick to death of wealthy millionaires who usually sit in the White House so often as well in the Capitol. They have lived a fairly wonderful life with there afternoon tea, massage at the spa and a weekend at the club with Bitsy and Biff. They are so far removed from how most Americans really live that they cannot contemplate the everyday struggle that most of us go through. What do wealthy people do? They continue to throw money at problems to make the ugliest go away, they buy people off and they believe signing a check is the best way to deal with any problem or issue. Bill Clinton was a professional liar and I have no doubt that he greased some palms to make the ugliness or problem go away, but without letting Hillary know. That money was her so handing out the shut your mouth money would mean giving up your wealth to some low life scumbag. Someone far worse then her husband, a regular Joe, a peon, a low life poor dude that she professes to care very deeply, deeply about on the campaign trial. But, handing over a check is like her Kung FO grip on the check and Bill needs to step in to get her to release the grip of death. I pity the check.

    The Bushes too, very privileged Yale/Harvard alums with a silver spoon in their mouths. They at least earned a little respect because they did serve their Country when needed, which is something most liberals won’t do, or in the case of Al “never miss a meal” Gore and John “I’m really Jewish not Irish” Kerry. Okay, let’s review their duty of service to the Country. Al “my daddy’s rich” Gore serviced in Vietnam behind a desk his Daddy worked feverously to keep him there and away from danger, who knew that that would include using a pen that would be deem a threat to the youngin’ or using a typewriter could be used as a weapon of mass destruction in the arms of a chicken shit Patriot. One thing though, he didn’t shoot himself and demand a Purple Heart and a promotion by submitting the paper work himself as John Kerry so ruthlessly tried to prop himself up as some make believe war hero.

    Yet these two imbeciles couldn’t touch the Number 1 anti-war hero of Bill Clinton the man who didn’t inhale and made the calculated move to become the United Kingdom’s Rhode Scholar extraordinary; who came from humbled beginnings but he as well as his ball and chain wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton both appear to be needing to take every dollar and hold it to their collective breast and fall to their knee to bow at the feet of the Arab shrieks to become a ward of the Arab state. I would never associate or become friends with the Clinton Clan because they seem to have quite a number of friends who mysteriously and tragically succumbed to a sudden and unexplained deaths. I’m sure it must have been so hard to move on with their lives after losing so many friends, they are probably still in the 7 stages of grieve and mourning. But, clearly Bill is stuck on number 4, Depression, Reflection and Loneliness because he seems to constantly seeking women’s attention and affection to help him through the pain to find some compassion from a chubby female intern. But Hillary is there for him in other ways, she is looking for any excuse to blame something or someone else to account for his behavior. But, claiming he as an abused child because his mother constantly fought with her mother and his grandmother. I didn’t know that, did you? He was so young, barely four, when he was scarred by abuse, Hillary claimed. There was terrible conflict between his mother and grandmother. A psychologist once told me that for a boy, being in the middle of a conflict between two women is the worst possible situation. There is always a desire to please each one. So I guess his still seeking a mother “figures” that explains why he cheats on his wife. Why not claim he’s allergic to zippers on his trousers. The makes as much sense as her explanation.

    I’m expecting the O’bama Clan to carry on the liberal tradition of hiding the truth and exaggerating their facts to fit his needs.

    I’m sorry that I’m prattling on, this nightmare that’s forming in our Country is horrible and I need a little laughter to light the mood a bit. My point was that most politicians have never had to struggle to find a meal or try to get by paycheck to paycheck. Some never actually work in the private sector or held a “real” job. Yet, we continue to elect these millionaires or wannbe’s millionaires to the White House and the Capitol. So they don’t have a concept or understanding of what will get us out of this hole we’ve gotten ourselves into because they want to spend, spend, and spend what we don’t have. I guess they see the American taxpayers as a big piggy bank, which may explain why so many Obama supporters and cabinet members decide to hold off paying their taxes because they view tax dollars as other people’s money and their money is their money.

  38. Eileen! stop! you’re scaring the kids

  39. WMiller,

    Scaring the kids us needed. They need to be woke up to the very real facts and figures of their government and what it means to their future liberties as free Americans.


    Remember way back in the early ninties, when history had ended? Global leaders and policymakers had more or less settled on the “Washington Consensus”: a combination of free market capitalism with at least a modicum of political liberty had won the Twentieth Century’s agonized debate over which system works best.

    Countries all over the world rushed to implement the new model after the fall of the Soviet Union. The common features were either market capitalism with a lot of freedom like Estonia or a little freedom like China.

    We Americans live in the only nation in history that has believed in freedom from the start. It’s all to easy for us not to appreciate that humans have always lived under the thumbs of some despotic rulers.

    Few remember the critical thing about the last two decades. That being it has enabled one, perhaps two billion human beings to rise up out of grinding poverty.

    And now everything is rushing back in the opposite direction. Some of the world’s “deep thinkers” that I’ve read are considering whether capitalism, and even freedom itself, harbor a fatal flaw, an genetic predisposition to financial self-destruction. Classifying myself as a “local shallow” thinker, I would dis-agree. As the number of socialist and tryanical governments that have failed throughout history are far greater in number.

    I think Americans will remember this coming decade as a lean period, I pray it will not be as bad as some we’ve lived through. But for the world’s poor, it may be an evil memory for a long time to come, something akin to the Black Death.

  40. “Extreme taxation, excessive controls, oppressive government competition with business, frustrated minorities and forgotten Americans are not the products of free enterprise. They are the residue of centralized bureaucracy, a government bya self-appointed elite.” — Ronald Reagan

  41. Glenn Beck can be reached at I contacted him last week, but no reply. Maybe if we keep him informed of this site and Larry some one will ask him to take a look. The other way to contact Beck is “”. I think we have to keep our congressmen/women informed all the time. I tell them how I think they should vote, thank them for doing as I would have done, and give them hell when they side with it left. I have notified Kay Bailey Hutchison That Me and my family will do all we can to keep her from being elected Governor or back into the senate. Some of the most heart felt responses have come from representatives from other districts when I thank them for their stance on items I either approve or disapprove of. Eileen I hope you enjoy Alabama. My wife is from Al. and we had 2 daughters born there. GOD bless the USA.

  42. Graywolf,

    Amen to keeping our congressmen/women informed all the time. I think too many Americans forego telling them directly of their thoughts about issues.

    Their representatives D.C. and home office e-mail address’ as well as their phone numbers, as well as phone numbers for both, should be right there in their address book as mine are and made use of frequently.

    While the representatives do work for us as voters, it seems they are trainees on a new job. Acting in our capacity as overseer of their actions, our constant communications to them do leave a mark.

  43. noleftturnz


    I had given some thought to going to CPAC in order to try to get two minutes with anyone to help with NLTZ. Couldn’t move the vecation time around.

    If it’s no too much trouble, could you give us a synopsis of how the event works?

    Do the “personalities” mingle at any time with those who are guests? What was the cost of the event? Etc, etc..

    I just signed up for the email information from CPAC.

    Thank you,


  44. urban czar”, Adolpho Carrion.
    How appropriate that his name is Carrion.

  45. Triviaman and al el,

    Very interesting information and it’s the main talking point in Alan Keyes lawsuit against Barack Obama. Where other lawsuits focused on his birth certificate Keyes focused on his parentage/linage. Barack Obama Sr. was NEVER an American and his mother left the Country to live in Indonesia with her 2nd husband and young Barry went with her. It’s one of the only lawsuits that haven’t been dismissed by some liberal judge. But this lawsuit isn’t being fast tracked in the California judicial system, and I’m not sure when or if the lawsuit will be heard at all during the Obama’s “1st Term” and may delay in having it heard before a liberal 9th District Judges. Let’s face it they control most of California and are the reason that California residences are facing the possibility of bankruptcy. Read the latest on Keyes. .

    I saw a few episodes of The Factor last week where Bill talked to some liberal pinhead from the young Liberal movement in California and he made the comment that this state is facing bankruptcy because of the Democrats ideals. They have destroyed the State of California by over spending to the disenfranchised illegal immigrants who dwell in that state. She retorted that “If I’m not mistaken but isn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger a Republican?” Isn’t the reason why Schwarzenegger won the election and why there was a recall election to remove Gray Davis from office? It is my understanding that the recall came about because of Davis policies of the California electricity crisis and the California budget crisis hit and hard. Also, Davis tried desperately to hang the California energy crisis on his Republican processor Pete Wilson who subscribed to deregulate energy in his state. He supported a Bill which was unanimously passed by the Democratically-controlled State legislature and signed into law in 1996. The law guaranteed reduced rates for residential consumers through the end of Wilson’s second term as Governor. But Davis was blamed for not building enough power plants to meet the needs of the California citizens in his state because of the liberal environmentalist that control most of California policies.

    I may have gotten some things mixed up and if I’m wrong in my understanding of the issues, I do want to know if I got anything mixed up. I have a number of relatives living in that state and also a lot of friends. One of those friends did show me her monthly electricity bill at the end in 2000, and it looked close to the national debt. Her monthly bill averaged to be about $2,100.00 a month. She explained to me WHY it was so high, because their elected officials refused to create more plants so they didn’t have enough power from Pacific Gas & Electric that couldn’t sustain all that was being requested by the public, so they became borrowers of other States electricity. She lives in North California where the electricity demand is high and they were borrowing the electricity from Oregon and Nevada to meet the high demand. So they were paying for that in each monthly bill.

    Anyway, Bill luckily he wouldn’t let her get away with that by pointing out this crisis was already in the works prior to Schwarzenegger’s election and the Senates or California legislatives branch and their irresponsible spending, knowing full well they didn’t have the funds but spend it anyway. I don’t remember if she conceded his point. What was clear to me is they really want to blame every Republican for this financial disaster, whether it’s Schwarzenegger or George Bush, are Republican leaders caused this, but totally and purposely fail to mention that the legislative bodies are controlled by the Democrats, the liberal Democrats.

    Bill O’Reilly believes that the disaster in California will become a national crisis in our Federal Government in the liberal Congress and White House. I agree with him and the signs are already there. So it’s extremely important that Alan Keyes lawsuit is heard and quickly before Obama and his liberal friends bankrupt and destroys our Country and America solvency. I have no doubt that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama will do to the Nation to what they did to California. My uncle said to us once that there were some 20 levels of tax laws on the books in California and being a lawyer and a millionaire the State and Federal Government took about 52% in taxes from his earnings. Who knew a litigator and lawyer would work for minimum wage.

  46. Everybody,
    There is more happening with the lawsuits about Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS. This is from
    More military officers demand eligibility proof
    Military officers from the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines are working with California attorney Orly Taitz and her Defend Our Freedoms Foundation, citing a legal right established in British common law nearly 800 years ago and recognized by the U.S. Founding Fathers to demand documentation that may prove – or disprove – Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president.

    Read the whole article at WorldNetDaily. The link SHOULD take you there.

  47. Stitch- “its a MADHOUSE!” Taylor! lol truer words were never spoken.

  48. No shortage of left wing criminals for Sultan Obama’s administration:

    By Michael Muskal
    March 3, 2009

    Ron Kirk, the nominee for U.S. trade representative, has agreed to pay about $10,000 in back taxes, becoming the latest top-level appointee in the Obama administration to face the embarrassment of dealing with an income tax problem.

    Kirk, the former mayor of Dallas, has agreed to file amended income tax returns for three years and to pay the taxes, which were discovered during a review by the Senate Finance Committee.

  49. Todd,

    Excellent article. All the while Obama is employing teams of lawyers across the nation to prevent access to his birth certificate, school, passport and other pertinent information.

    Obama being the pinnacle reprenstantive of his “govermntal transparency”, I would say he is a living liar.

  50. Another petition to sign, this one dealing with Domestic oil and gas production in our Nation.

    To sign it go here.

  51. A living liar and a neo-COM…

    God be with me, I am ready to march.

  52. And a narcissist. Check out

  53. Larry,

    I’ve noticed something from other sites I’ve visited at the suggestion of the family for articles and in taking part in petitions that may help you expand the reader/membership here at NLTZ.

    While a number of them are asking for donations, others are requiring fees to join the site before you would even be able to express your thoughts. One asked for a $50 with the expressed intent that it would help spread the “word” to 500 people who, evidently, were still in the dark.

    So, there you have it my friend. Start charging all of us and any who would lay type upon your site. Just think, you and your “working partner” may well be the first to pull up in a chauffeured limousine.

  54. Arthur Nankervis

    G’day Larry,

    My weekend heh? Well, this is between you, me and the kitchen sink … I was tied down with entertaining my older sister and brother-in-law visiting from OZ. They live on the outskirts of Melbourne and about 10 kilometres from the fires that are still burning (today is predicted to be 37 + deg C and winds up to 150 kilometres an hour). They fly back home on Thursday and are hoping that the worst is over. They usually get live embers onto their property from fires in the surrounding hills, but luckily, at the moment, all have been dead embers. So, my listening to 40 y.o. conversations along with the ticking of pacemakers, and helping them to shop-till-they-dropped is a small price to pay when considering the overall picture of what people of the State of Victoria have faced. Some good friends have lost all.

    Yesterday, I purchased and viewed a movie called ‘Defiance’ (Daniel Craig – The New James Bond), a true story of Jewish resistance in NAZI occupied Poland. A caption on the DVD cover reads: “FREEDOM BEGINS WITH AN ACT OF DEFIANCE” and I thought this appropriate and in line with many of the family posts. I truly hope we can all begin to experience better weekends from now on and not have to go through the entire lesson of socialism to see how lucky we have been in the past … How this will be achieved is anyone’s guess at the moment.

    I would be willing to subscribe monetarily to NLTZ Larry, provided it was open to Amex contributions (haven’t quite mastered PayPal as yet). I realize that not all would be in a position to contribute. Thus, I also realize that some hard thinking would have to be done to come up with a viable scheme. Please let us know of what can be done to keep ‘all family’ together.

    My best to all


  55. I sometimes get suggestions that I’m being racist because I don’t support Sultan Obama. It’s an occupational hazard working in law offices with a few left-wingers.

    At dinner tonight with my son, he gave me the perfect response:

    No, I’m not a racist, I just like to drive fast.

    It is amazing when you can’t have a reasonable conversation without the personal attacks.

    Robert Gibbs giggling in his press conference today is more annoying than listening to Robert Reich’s droll noises.

  56. Fran,

    The first thing that stands out in my thoughts, why would you be called (suggested as being) a racist in not supporting Obama. It is not your color differences that you find objectionable to you, but the political policies diffenecses presentened by Obama.

    “Racist” is a guilt trip forcably employed by the liberals but is no more than a picket fence, painted black or white.

    By all terms of the liberal left, I am a racist too. Join the ranks and above all don’t worry about it. They, in all actualiaty are the racitsts.

  57. Thanks,Windrider.

    I don’t take it personally, but one in particular, a Katrina transplant, who wailes the travails of New Orleans — late January I made the mistake of saying I was confused how 200,000 couldn’t make it out of NO with 4 days notice in mid 80 degree temps, when 2 million could make it to DC on one day in frigid temps. This is after num”B”erous opinons thrown out on bama’s virtues. Sometimes I have a touch of sarcasm and the diplomacy of a hydrogen bomb.

    After her attempted bait today about Steele and Limbaugh, I told her I was more concerned about what Steele didn’t say at the State of the Black Union — she had never heard of it. She’s my bosses daughter, and likes to emote feelings with no practicality. During the DNC in Denver, a slew of NC legislators flew back to Raleigh for a 15 or 20 minute meeting, then flew back to Denver. I mentioned this as being arrogant and a waste of money, and she popped up with businesses do it all the time, and there was no difference. I shared my belief that there was a difference between corporate operating funds and my tax dollars.

    I love my son’s snappy response, which will further confuse her hyper emotional brain cells!

    the following is from and March is upon us!

    Obama is an extraordinary rhetorician, and as Aristotle pointed out, rhetoric is one of the foundations of political power. Rhetoric has raised him to the presidency, along with the tremendous unpopularity of his predecessor and a financial crisis that took a tied campaign and gave Obama a lead he carefully nurtured to victory. So, as with all politicians, his victory was a matter of rhetoric and, according to Machiavelli, luck. Obama had both, but now the question is whether he has Machiavelli’s virtue in full by possessing the ability to exercise power. This last element is what governing is about, and it is what will determine if his presidency succeeds.

    Embedded in his tremendous victory is a single weakness: Obama won the popular vote by a fairly narrow margin, about 52 percent of the vote. That means that almost as many people voted against him as voted for him.

    Obama’s Agenda vs. Expanding His Base
    U.S. President George W. Bush demonstrated that the inability to understand the uses and limits of power can crush a presidency very quickly. The enormous enthusiasm of Obama’s followers could conceal how he — like Bush — is governing a deeply, and nearly evenly, divided country. Obama’s first test will be simple: Can he maintain the devotion of his followers while increasing his political base? Or will he believe, as Bush and Cheney did, that he can govern without concern for the other half of the country because he controls the presidency and Congress, as Bush and Cheney did in 2001? Presidents are elected by electoral votes, but they govern through public support.

    Obama and his supporters will say there is no danger of a repeat of Bush — who believed he could carry out his agenda and build his political base at the same time, but couldn’t. Building a political base requires modifying one’s agenda. But when you start modifying your agenda, when you become pragmatic, you start to lose your supporters. If Obama had won with 60 percent of the popular vote, this would not be as pressing a question. But he barely won by more than Bush in 2004. Now, we will find out if Obama is as skillful a president as he was a candidate.

    Obama will soon face the problem of beginning to disappoint people all over the world, a problem built into his job. The first disappointments will be minor. There are thousands of people hoping for appointments, some to Cabinet positions, others to the White House, others to federal agencies. Many will get something, but few will get as much as they hoped for. Some will feel betrayed and become bitter. During the transition process, the disappointed office seeker — an institution in American politics — will start leaking on background to whatever reporters are available. This will strike a small, discordant note; creating no serious problems, but serving as a harbinger of things to come.

    Later, Obama will be sworn in. He will give a memorable, perhaps historic speech at his inauguration. There will be great expectations about him in the country and around the world. He will enjoy the traditional presidential honeymoon, during which all but his bitterest enemies will give him the benefit of the doubt. The press initially will adore him, but will begin writing stories about all the positions he hasn’t filled, the mistakes he made in the vetting process and so on. And then, sometime in March or April, things will get interesting.

  58. noleftturnz


    I would never want for or expect”Family” to contribute to me except with their comments to this site.

    Things are in the works and once the “tax season” here passes (April 15th) and if I don’t get hit too hard (I have no debt, so literally no write offs.) there will be some surprizes to announce.

    Thanks as always cobber,


  59. noleftturnz


    WOW! What an incredible list.

    We have found the NLTZ ombudsman..

    Thanks as always,


  60. tsnamm
    LMAO! I got it!
    That woman does NOT have a graceful walk.
    She litterally STOMPS across a stage.

    Obama won’t release his Harvard transcripts simply because it shows that he registered as a “non-US citizen” student.


  61. Windrider and all,

    Since the left continues to portray anyone who disagrees with Obama’s policies is referred by them to be a racist. So, I decided to look up the definition of the word to better understand why they refer to us that way.

    Racist – a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race and here’s another – racial prejudice or discrimination
    Difference – an instance of differing in nature, form, or quality; a characteristic that distinguishes one from another or from the average: the element or factor that separates or distinguishes contrasting situations.
    Defiance – the act or an instance of defying: to challenge; disposition to resist: willingness to contend or fight
    Those of us who disagree with the left’s agenda and policies, particularly the three little pigs, Pelosi, Reid and Obama (and my apologies to all pigs I’ve got nothing against but respect, I’m only using the term “pig” to mock and ridicule these three politicians who seem to love all pork products. I’m sorry but the term the other “white” meat, according to the liberals I’m guessing that phrase would be viewed as racist? Who knows what PETA will say?)
    Anyway, I believe we fall into the last two, but the next time someone calls me that I’ll send those definitions and advise them to pick up a children’s Dictionary so that they could understand.

  62. Just heard on the morning news that our truly enlightened commander in thief has declared that now is a good time to buy a house a car and stocks. Hmmm….It’s becoming clear, he’s going to run our country in the ground so that evryone can own a house a car and stock. Not just those of us that get up and go to work everyday. He doesn’t want anyone to feel left out,that wouldn’t be very sensitive to their needs. And we all know what a sensitive guy BHO is.

  63. Margaret in CT

    If knighthood is your heart’s desire, just run a car off a bridge with someone inside and then fail to get help so that the person dies. According to the a.m. news, we are going to have “Sir” Teddy…and, eventually, Senator Vicky. Wonders never cease in this leftist world.

    BHO doesn’t understand that he has to DO SOMETHING to make the market go up. I can’t see what will keep it from descending all the way to 3000, nor do I know why it would stop there. I’m not considered among the wealthy now, but if history is any measure, we all will fit in that category in due course, as the Congress redefines the minimum income that determines “wealth.” It’s hard to plan for the future, when you have a government that is poised to invade your personal funds with no apparent ceiling on how much it can take.

    Get it, Barack? It is the freedom to buy what we want, rather than just what we need, that drives a healthy economy. We will not do any discretionary spending until we have some assurance that you and your tribe of thieves won’t steal so much that we can’t shelter or feed ourselves. And so, your royal highness, you can forget having an expanding economy.

  64. Eileen,

    I had looked that definition up some time ago. My understanding, other than racial, of it was if you and I were to meet for lunch, say for pork ribs, and I disagreed with you over which establishment we should go to, I then would be a racist.

    Michael P,

    Of course! How else to raise the spirits of your friend that will die in six months of untreatable cancer, had it not been for a forced change in health plan, than to say, “Buck up, big guy! What you need is a new car!”


    On occassion, a little of my deranged sense of humor/sarcasm seeps out. Larry and I think a goodly part of the family are aware of this quirk, as I’ve received no threatening e-mails over my suggestion of “membership fees.”

    However, should you still feel the need to spend your money, I would be more than willing to start a site. Just send your checking account and routing numbers to me and you would be it’s charter member! Almost like having Obama figure your taxes for you.

  65. Windrider —

    Comforting to know that others realize – untreatable cancer, often refractory to treatment, shifting parameters to receive care (ah, rationing) then throw in the projected shortage of oncologists by 2010.

    The fight the good fight mantra is now taking on new meaning.

  66. Midwest Mike

    “Figures never lie, liars can always figure” – no credit information…

    We need to take it to them in 2010 / 2012. But in the first 45 days we need to polish the armory and stitch some blue coats perhaps. The stars and bars might be coming, for all these proposals and offerings enslave all of us. Tyranny is at an all time high.

  67. I’ve got another petition for you to sign.

    President Obama says he owes the Big Labor Bosses who got him elected, and what’s coming is not pretty. Please read this urgent bulletin from Congressman Steve King and our sponsor National Right to Work Foundation.

  68. Eileen,
    Thanks for the link to the petition for preventing the Big Labor Bosses from taking over everybody’s choice about union membership.

    On another note, one of the service members involved in the law suit over BHO”s eligibility to be POTUS has been gagged. You can read it about here on WorldNetDaily.

  69. You cannot call Teddy Kennedy Sir per that United Kingdom rule of Parliament; Mr. Kennedy is not a United Kingdom resident so anyone outside the boundaries cannot be called Sir. He’s only getting the Knighthood because he’s dying. His treatment and surgery didn’t work and I heard he only has a few months to live. I believe they are affording this Knighthood for a few reasons.
    His corrupted father bought the Ambassador seat to the UK and headed to rule at the American Embassy in the 30’s. And like me is 100% Irish and Ireland is all part of the UK. But, I’m in no way like the Kennedy family nor follow their political profile. I would rather slash my wrists then be labeled a Democrat.

    This is one thing I will never understand about the Irish in this Country. Many vote Democrat, yet when they arrived in this Country they were treated like lepers. I remember my grandfather talking about what happened when they arrived on our shores. There were signs all along the business districts in NYC and Boston that read “No Irish Need Apply” or No Irish or Catholic need apply. It was the Italians/Democrats that posted those signs and both my grandparent despised all Italians until they died. My father’s father would never allow any Italian food to pass through his lips or be brought into his home. They all were so angry and resentful for what the Italians did. Yet they all were die hard Democrats through and though. Of course the party was much different back in the 30’s and 40’s; they represented the working man, blue collar men who worked with their hands. Now they work with a sledge hammer to destroy our way of life and generally have the blue collar workers handle the sledge hammer. They’ll hire someone else to do the dirty work and clean up.

    Now, don’t get me started about England, they despised them even more than the Italians.

  70. Windrider,

    I’ve never been offended EVER, and I subscribe to the sarcasm, mock and ridicule Express Train. All Aboard it’s going to be a liberal nightmare over the next few years. So having a laugh at the liberal’s expense works for me. Generally, my tongue in firmly in my cheek. Keep up the mock and ridicule, you’re good at it.

  71. Do you guys want me to pass on all the polls and petitions I get? I get about 1 a day. If you think its helpful I will continue.

  72. Eileen,

    I would welcome any polls and petitions. I always sign any petition that you put here on NLTZ.

    There are so many issues coming from so many directions.

  73. Eileen,
    Please keep the polls and petitions coming. I try to post the ones I get, too.

  74. Larry,

    I keep getting emails from Freedom Alliance regarding their Conservative Freedom Cruise for 2009.

    Mark your calendar! The 2009 Freedom Cruise and Conference sets sail on June 12, 2009, on Holland America’s ms Eurodam for the Gems of the Baltic Cruise from Copenhagen, Denmark, visiting the ports of Berlin; Tallinn, Estonia; St. Petersburg; Helsinki; Stockholm; and Kiel, Germany, before returning to Copenhagen. Our conference features lectures by conservative leaders such as our Founder and Honorary Chairman Oliver North and President Tom Kilgannon.

    Guests will participate in exclusive seminars, covering foreign policy, national security and domestic policy issues. Experts and insiders will discuss issues such as Russia’s role in the world; an analysis of President Barack Obama’s first six months in the White House; strategies for rebuilding the conservative movement; and a review of Reagan strategies that lead to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Empire.

    Continue to check this page for updates on speakers and addtional cruise news. For more information, please contact Jennifer Pusatere, Freedom Alliance Director of Development, at (800) 475-6620 or visit the 2009 Freedom Cruise and Conference website here.

    For those of you interested, here’s their website for the cruise.

    To see who’ who in the Conservative/Republicans speaking at this event you can go here.

    The guest host committee will be led by Christopher Ruddy of Newsmax Media, Inc. as well as legendary talk-radio host Bob Grant, and Steve Crowley, former Good Morning America money editor and host of American Scene Radio, the No. 1 investment show on radio. Newsmax has also assembled a team of the nationÆs leading alternative medicine doctors led by nationally recognized expert Russell Blaylock, M.D., editor of Newsmax’s Blaylock Wellness Report.

    Conservative news outlet Newsmax has organized yet another Republican gabfest at sea for 2009 that will include appearances by everyone from noted political commentator Dick Morris to Republican luminary (and former Secretary of State) Al Haig.

    Say what you will about Conservatives, but they do know how to travel in style. The 10th Anniversary Newsmax Cruise, June 7-19, 2009, will take place in Europe on the luxurious, 940-passenger Crystal Symphony — one of the most expensive cruise ships at sea.

    This cruise during economic times and the prices listed look like the Taj Mahal house payments. I thought about passing the information on to any who might be interested.

    I wouldn’t mind meeting and talking to Oliver North, Dick Morris, Newt, Michael Steele and Duncan Hunter. Alas, I will have to wait until the money rolls in or I win the lotto or Publishers Cleaninghouse comes to my door and say You are the winner. But, for Larry being a fan of cruises and your looking to publish, meeting Newt or Dick and getting advise or feedback from the might be a stepping stone to being a published author.

  75. Why do Rahm (Ratbert) and Co. care so much about Rush Limbaugh??? They are hysterically afraid of a talk show host!!! This is hilarious. Ratbert is salivating over this “fight” between Michael Steele and Rush. Ever notice how Chairman Zero mentions FOX NEWS and Rush as if they’re Boogie Men??? Bush, Cheney, and Rove are out and Fox News, Rush, and Hannity are in. For the record, I am so sick of this non-drama. BHO is ruining the economy and the MSM are whining about a talk radio personality. Will the adults please come and clear the children away???

  76. I just got another email from the American Conservative Union.

    I will share with you what they say regarding the latest swindle from our Congress.

    You, as an American taxpayer, may have to limit your personal spending this year but, Congress is still on an unlimited spending spree with your money. This week the Senate will vote on yet another spending bill filled with huge budget increases and wasteful pork.

    Last year Congress failed to pass 9 of the 12 appropriations bills to keep the government running, so they passed a Continuing Resolution for 2009, which kept spending to 2008 levels. Now, liberated from a presidential veto threat, they have rolled up those 9 bills into one massive Omnibus Appropriations bill that carries a $410 billion price tag. This is the second year in a row the budget bill has called for an 8% increase in spending, more than twice the rate of inflation. If you combine this spending with the just passed ‘stimulus’ bill, some agencies will receive an 80% increase for Fiscal Year 2009.

    It’s gotta be bad when Democrats object to it. Including Obama’s friend Evan Bayh isn’t for this Bill.

  77. Eileen,

    Keep the links coming. I’ve managed to get my John Henry down on most of them.

    And thanks for the compliment but I’m just a wanna be. The lord and master of NLTZ, our boy, Larry, bless his little heart, is the true wizard of wit and sarcasm. When I grow up I want to be just like him.

    Amy D,

    It’s not just Rush Limbaugh per se, it’s conservative reasoning et al. Democrats are concerned that they may lose a few of their blind mice by an awakening of some (sit back and use all your imaginative powers here) intelligent thought in their liberal soaked mind.

    The left has not backed of off the Fairness Doctrine either although defeated in the Senate. Senator Dick Durbin has introduced a bill, call it Son of Fairness Doctrine, which passed the Senate that provides a different roadmap to the FCC in order to stamp out free speech and destroy conservative talk radio.

    The Durbin Amendment is somewhat weaker than the Fairness Doctrine but with the Democratic, bureacracy of government in place today I would say that it will not take long to reach the Doctrine’s full strength.

    All in all it isn’t about stifling talk show hosts, it is about stifling us, American citizens, and our First Amendments Rights to Free Speech.

    The Senators that voted for this Amendment were voting in betrayal of the people they represent, their country and the oath they took to uphold the Constitution of this great nation.

  78. Arthur Nankervis


    I am sorry if my suggestion of a subscription fee has offended you and others. My apologies are extended to you .. but no one else.

    I will watch what I post in the future and try to discern what comprises an effort at having a moment of “deranged sense of humor/sarcasm.” The remainder of the post is pure piffle and below comment.

    Again, my apologies Larry



    The term “Nigger Rigged” is no longer acceptable effective immediately.

    It will now be referred to as a “Presidential Solution”.

    Thank You,

    The United States Government

    This is in response to the dem website http://www.i‘

  80. correct link for above.

    Thug life has moved from Chicago to DC.



  81. Arthur!
    you can’t be serious…
    this aint no liberal website.
    NO apologies required, none accepted!
    Speak your mind, freely.
    Sometimes our words cannot portray the facial expressions we are making at that moment, so sarcasm is lost.
    A simple, “oops”, will suffice.
    We’re all conservatives.
    Let’er rip, gov’ner!


  82. We have discovered an Illinois Congressman that is organizing immigrants to become US citizens so their illegal relatives to stay in the US:
    When you read about illegal immigrants that get arrested in all parts of the US, have you noticed how similar the articles are?

  83. The truth — the conspiracy behind the attacks on Rush, compliments of

    Rush Job: Inside Dems’ Limbaugh plan
    By JONATHAN MARTIN | 3/4/09 4:04 AM EST Text Size:

    Top Democrats believe they have struck political gold by depicting Rush Limbaugh as the new face of the Republican Party, a full-scale effort first hatched by some of the most familiar names in politics and now being guided in part from inside the White House.

    The strategy took shape after Democratic strategists Stanley Greenberg and James Carville included Limbaugh’s name in an October poll and learned their longtime tormentor was deeply unpopular with many Americans, especially younger voters. Then the conservative talk-radio host emerged as an unapologetic critic of Barack Obama shortly before his inauguration, when even many Republicans were showering him with praise.

    Soon it clicked: Democrats realized they could roll out a new GOP bogeyman for the post-Bush era by turning to an old one in Limbaugh, a polarizing figure since he rose to prominence in the 1990s.

    Limbaugh is embracing the line of attack, suggesting a certain symbiosis between him and his political adversaries.

    “The administration is enabling me,” he wrote in an e-mail to POLITICO. “They are expanding my profile, expanding my audience and expanding my influence. An ever larger number of people are now being exposed to the antidote to Obamaism: conservatism, as articulated by me. An ever larger number of people are now exposed to substantive warnings, analysis and criticism of Obama’s policies and intentions, a ‘story’ I own because the [mainstream media] is largely the Obama Press Office.”

    The bigger, the better, agreed Carville. “It’s great for us, great for him, great for the press,” he said of Limbaugh. “The only people he’s not good for are the actual Republicans in Congress.”

    See also
    Steele trap? GOP fears grow
    Moderates uneasy with Obama plan
    Love spat: GOP splits with big business
    If Limbaugh himself were to coin a phrase for it, he might call it Operation Rushbo – an idea that started out simply enough but quickly proved to be deeply resonant by a rapid succession of events, say Democrats inside and outside the West Wing.

    The seeds were planted in October after Democracy Corps, the Democratic polling company run by Carville and Greenberg, included Limbaugh’s name in a survey and found that many Americans just don’t like him.

    “His positives for voters under 40 was 11 percent,” Carville recalled with a degree of amazement, alluding to a question about whether voters had a positive or negative view of the talk show host.

    Paul Begala, a close friend of Carville, Greenberg and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, said they found Limbaugh’s overall ratings were even lower than the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s controversial former pastor, and William Ayers, the domestic terrorist and Chicago resident who Republicans sought to tie to Obama during the campaign.

    Then came what Begala called “the tripwire.”

    “I hope he fails,” Limbaugh said of Obama on his show four days before the president was sworn in. It was a time when Obama’s approval ratings were soaring, but more than that, polls showed even people who didn’t vote for him badly wanted him to succeed, coming to office at a time of economic meltdown.

    The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was the first to jump on the statement, sending the video to its membership to raise cash and stir a petition drive.

    We helped get the ball rolling on this because we’re looking and listening to different Republican voices around the country, and the one that was the loudest and getting the most attention was Rush Limbaugh,” explained DCCC chairman and Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.).

    The Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank run by former Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta, also pounced on Limbaugh’s “fail” line, drawing attention to it on their well-read blog.

    Soon after, Americans United for Change, a liberal group, was airing Limbaugh’s statement in an ad aimed at pushing Senate Republicans to support the stimulus bill.

    “It just cropped up out of how much play that comment was getting on the air,” said Brad Woodhouse, who runs the group and is about to take over as communications director at the Democratic National Committee. “When we did it and it generated so much press, it just started to snowball from there.”

    But liberals quickly realized that trying to drive a wedge between congressional Republicans and Limbaugh was unlikely to work, and their better move was to paint the GOP as beholden to the talk show host.

    This was driven home to them, according to one Democrat, when Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-Ga.) took a shot at Limbaugh in late January only to appear on his program the next day and plead having momentarily had “foot-in-mouth disease.”

    By February, Carville and Begala were pounding on Limbaugh frequently in their appearances on CNN.

    Neither Democrat would say so, but a third source said the two also began pushing the idea of targeting Limbaugh in their daily phone conversations with Emanuel.

    Conversations and email exchanges began taking place in and out of the White House not only between the old pals from the Clinton era but also including White House senior adviser David Axelrod, Deputy Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and Woodhouse.

    The White House needed no more convincing after Limbaugh’s hour-plus performance Saturday, celebrated on the right and mocked on the left, at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where he re-stated his hope Obama fails.

    “He kicked this into full-gear at CPAC by reiterating it,” said a senior White House official of Limbaugh.

    By Sunday morning, Emanuel elevated the strategy by bringing up the conservative talker, unprompted, on CBS’s “Face the Nation” and calling him the “the voice and the intellectual force and energy behind the Republican Party.”

    Even Republican National Chairman Michael Steele joined in with a surprising critique of Limbaugh as a mere “entertainer,” who is “ugly” and “incendiary.”

    “He took a little match we had tossed on the leaves and poured gasoline on it,” said one Democrat of Steele.

    Steele was forced into calling Limbaugh to apologize Monday, an embarrassing climb-down following the RNC chairman’s criticism of the conservative talk-show host.

    But Democrats kept at it in rapid-fire succession, thrilled that Steele had validated their claim that Republicans were scared to cross Limbaugh.

    Americans United for Change launched a new ad featuring Limbaugh’s CPAC appearance. A left-leaning media watchdog group began a new Limbaugh tracking homepage. Democratic National Chairman Tim Kaine tweaked Steele for his apology. Terry McAuliffe tried to inject Limbaugh into the Virginia governor’s race. The DCCC launched a new website,, mocking the Republicans who have had to apologize to Limbaugh.

    And Gibbs served up a made-for-cable-TV quote to end his daily briefing Tuesday.

    “I was a little surprised at the speed in which Mr. Steele, the head of the RNC, apologized to the head of the Republican Party,” Gibbs quipped with a grin, before striding out of the press room.

    David Plouffe, Obama’s campaign manager last year and a member of his inner circle still, will publish an op-ed in Wednesday’s Washington Post chiding Republicans for being “paralyzed with fear of crossing their leader.”

    A senior White House aide has been tasked with helping to guide the Limbaugh strategy.

    Outside, Americans United for Choice, a liberal group, and the Democratic National Committee are driving the message, in close consultation with the White House.

    Democrats can barely suppress their smiles these days, overjoyed at the instant-ad imagery of Limbaugh clad in Johnny Cash-black at CPAC and, more broadly, at what they see as their success in managing to further marginalize a party already on the outs.

    “I want to send Rush a bottle of vitamins,” said Begala. “We need him to stay healthy and loud and proud.”

    With President George W. Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney out of the White House and Tom DeLay gone from Congress, the left had been suddenly absent an unpopular right-wing figure.

    Few Americans know who the congressional Republican leaders are. Even Sarah Palin is now four time zones away from Washington.

    Enter Limbaugh.

    It’s something of a back to the future tactic for Democrats: painting the GOP as the party of the angry white male. But unlike Newt Gingrich or other prominent Republicans, Limbaugh doesn’t have to mind his tongue.

    And the liberal political apparatus is at battle stations taking note of his every comment.

    Media Matters, the left-leaning media watchdog and advocacy group, began a “Limbaugh Wire” web-site Tuesday to track him. “For a long time Americans haven’t really been aware that he’s so influential,” said Eric Burns, the group’s president.

    Democrats are now working hard to ensure that changes.

    “He’s driving the Republican reluctance to deal with Obama, which Americans want,” said Greenberg. “He’s the policeman [keeping them in line].”

    They’ll all get a fresh hook for the story after Wednesday, when a Democratic polling firm goes into the field to test, among other things, Limbaugh’s standing with the public.

    All the attention only offers upside for the buzz-hungry Limbaugh, said Carville.

    “The television cameras just can’t stay away from him,” Carville said Tuesday, a day when cable news played images of Limbaugh seemingly on a loop. “Our strategy depends on him keeping talking, and I think we’re going to succeed.”

  84. noleftturnz


    No one was anywhere near offended and there is no need for any apology.

    I’ll admit that the original post’s intent slipped by me took a couple of reads but that was my fault.

    No harm, no foul, cobber.

    Thanks as always,


  85. Let’s not get distracted folks!
    We have less than a month to organize. Attend one or plan your own….like I am.


  87. Margaret in CT

    My favorite column of the morning (on is from the liberal columnist Dana Milbank, writing in the Washington Post, no less. It begins:

    “Let’s be truthful about it: Things aren’t looking so good for the Truth Commission [the name of the commission is a howler in itself!].

    Chief Pursuer of Truth Patrick Leahy cut a lonely figure yesterday as he tried to persuade the Senate Judiciary Committee to endorse his plan for such a commission to probe the Bush administration’s treatment of suspected terrorists.”

    Apparently Specter, the cochair of the Judiciary Committee, poked fun at Leahy at the hearing yesterday. The column is good for a laugh, and it is very encouraging that even Leahy’s kompadres see him as a publicity-seeking fraud. It’s too bad that the “Take Back Vermont” campaigns have fallen short. The movement doesn’t die, however. May its supporters see more success in 2010! How pleasing it would be to see that smirk wiped off of Leahy’s face.

  88. Steve Lee,

    It would seem as though non-Representative for the American people, Gutierrez is not only forsaking the American people but is in direct defiance of the Federal Government.

    The government had or has a program called “Chain Migration” in place in which legal immigrants may come into the country and, after acquiring citizenship, call for immediate family members to join them. The family member being expected to becoming a citizen also.

    One problem, it was discovered that these innocent little immigrants weren’t playing by the rules and were calling for “family” members who weren’t blood related and in some cases they didn’t even know. The immigrant was making a tidy side income off of the extra invitations and the “family member” wasn’t fufilling his/her duty in becoming a citizen.

    The government at least made an effort towards legal immigration but has since tightened the security and purse strings on the program.

    It is in direct conflict with the government that taxpayers should have to pay Gutierrez’ website (as you noted) and his salary for the organization of illegal immigrants. His actions should be considered treasonous.

  89. Senator Mel Martinez, of Florida, claims Obama is eligible to be POTUS simply BECAUSE he was elected. Read the whole article here:
    on WorldNetDaily

  90. Todd,

    It’s articles like this that make it extremely important that we not give up on our efforts to get the word out about this usurper-in-chief. We certainly can’t count on the lame stream “media” to do it.

    On a slightly different note, one of my co-workers e-mailed me this link regarding the State Sovereignty Movement that the family might find of interest:

    Never give up, never give in, never again!

  91. Thanks Rayne for the information. I have contacted them to see if we have a local one here in the Mobile, AL/Biloxi, MS area. There is one being planned in Huntsville, Alabama but that’s a number of miles and hours away from us and I still am unable to drive. Is there anyone else from Alabama or Mississippi here?

  92. stock market is tumbling again today,
    …dumbass must have opened his mouth again.


  93. A couple of witticisms by Ronald Reagan:
    1. “Conservatives believe every day is the 4th of July, while Democrats think every day is April 15th.”
    2. “A rising tide raises all boats.”

  94. While Louisiana Governor Jindal has rejected, out of the stimulus bill, only $98 million out of the $9 billion his state is expected to receive, Palin has rejected more than 50 per cent that Alaska is expected to be in line for, and she was the first to do so!

  95. A quote by Patrick Henry:

    “They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot? Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power. The millions of people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us. Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations, and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us. The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave. Besides, sir, we have no election. If we were base enough to desire it, it is now too late to retire from the contest. There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! Our chains are forged! Their clanking may be heard on the plains of Boston! The war is inevitable–and let it come! I repeat it, sir, let it come.”

  96. Reported on a forum thread:

    The following is an excerpt from National Review Online and explains why some Governors, mayors and other local officials aren’t pleased with Obama’s “stimulus” plan.

    “CNN is doing a report right now on the first project funded by the stimulus, replacing a bridge in Tuscumbia, Missouri. The bridge had to be closed to large trucks in 2007 because of structural concerns.

    “If you’re wondering where that is, it’s about three hours from St. Louis. The population in the 2000 census? 218.

    “No, I didn’t forget a number in there. The town’s population is “several hundred” now.

    “They’re quoting the mayor of St. Louis, complaining that the first project in the state is using the money for a site, “in the middle of nowhere, and nowhere on the road to recovery.”

    From the AP’s report: “It’s so remote that Missouri transportation officials brought a special satellite truck to allow highway commissioners to meet and award the bridge construction contract.”

    “$8.5 million well spent!”

    Compare today’s expenditure of $8.5 million of our tax dollars with this line from a speech Presidential Candidate Obama gave in June 2008: “Instead of building bridges to nowhere, let’s build communities that meet the needs and reflect the dreams of our families.” What needs are met and dreams reflected by an $8.5 million bridge in a town where “several hundred” people live? So much for hope and change.

  97. For those of us who live in the South, here’s a quote by Jefferson Davis:

    “The principle for which we contend is bound to reassert itself, though it may be at another time, and in another form.”

  98. Comments seen on a forum:
    1. The Liberals’ interpretation of two parts of the Constitution:
    (a) General welfare= We can spend YOUR money any way we see fit.
    (b) Commerce clause= We have the power to regulate EVERY aspect of your lives, because there is always some convoluted way that we can show that ANYTHING affects interstate commerce.
    2. Obama keeps his copy of the Constitution hanging on the nail on the wall in his outhouse where the Sears catalog used to be…and is using it for the same purpose!
    3. The federal government is acting like a schoolyard bully that now needs a good kick in the pants from the states asserting their rights.
    4. Regarding the stimulus bill, instead of holding up their hands to say, “No”, most governors are holding out their hands!
    5. Vote now for your preferred method of government:
    a. Nanny state
    b. Self-determination
    6. New name for Demo(n)crats: Marxistcrats
    7. If Patrick Henry thought taxation without representation was bad, he should see it with today’s representation.
    8. Our lawmakers feel they are above the law when, in fact, they are lower than the soles of the shoes that were thrown at Bush.
    9. Obama: Dictator of the world in perpetuity. (Sorry, Chavez)
    10. Obama said he felt the Constitution was a document of “negative liberties.” He believes that the Constitution is a block to what the government can, and could, “do for” people.
    11. One good thing is that we will be able to deduct the taxes we paid this year, on next year’s 1040 form, because they will classified as donations!
    12. If I had 30 credit cards maxed out, 2 mortgages on an underwater house , and 3 car payments (also underwater), would you loan me some money, so that I could take a vacation to Hawaii? Barack Obama would…it would stimulate the economy.
    13. Obama’s speeches to the Congress and the rest of the country: Obamagasms.

  99. I am a singer/songwriter, and have written parodies in the past, although not quite as good as “Barack, the Magic Negro” and “Obamalot.” Here is a quick sample:
    “Sodom” (sung to the tune of George Hamilton IV’s “Abilene”)

    Sodom, Sodom,
    Wickedest city I’ve ever known.
    Women there don’t turn you on,
    In Sodom, Sodom!

    I don’t think anybody yet has written a parody song to the Platters’ “The Great Pretender.” Should I try to write one with the same title, regarding You-Know-Who? Give me some feedback, and we might all have a good laugh together. Who knows, I might be able to come up with at least 10 verses, based on the material he’s given us, so far!

  100. Trivaman, Sure why not the market dropped again today by almost 300 points over Citigroup (I paid off my bill last year). I need a good laugh.

    Obamagasms, is that what happened to Chris Matthew’s he had a Obamagasms, the ticking sensation that went up and down his leg? Is that why he’s for Prop 8 backer.

    Our lady of Perpetual motion, otherwise known as Hillary Clinton, is just a global trotter, who knew?

  101. I’m getting ready to send a fax to
    Janet Napolitano regarding the illegal immigrants, who are here illegally working and taking jobs away from 11.5 million out of work Americans. Before I sent it I’d like you to review it and tell me or comment on should be changed. (I’m still working on my fax to Senator Shelby).

    Ms Eileen Guthrie
    7745 Oakwind Drive, Mobile, AL 36619
    (251) 644 – 5213
    Secretary Janet Napolitano
    U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    Washington, DC 20528

    Dear Secretary Napolitano,

    It is completely unfair and un-American that 7.7 million illegal alien workers have jobs while more than 11.5 million Americans cannot find a job. How can you oppose ICE’s raids when they help Americans find jobs?

    I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that there are more than 11.5 million unemployed Americans. These are Americans who can no longer pay their mortgages or afford to put food on the table. I realize that the February 24th raid in Bellingham, Wash. freed up only 28 jobs for American workers, but that is better than none at all. It also goes without saying that this raid will discourage other employers from hiring illegal labor, thereby reserving jobs for American and legal immigrant workers.

    Do you oppose reserving jobs for American workers or do you simply oppose arresting individuals who are in our country illegally? How can you sleep at night knowing that 7.7 million illegal aliens have jobs when 11.5 million Americans do not? It is your job to prevent illegal aliens from taking Americans jobs. Yet, you have positioning yourself to ignore this travesty. I find your disregard for the plight of America’s unemployed to be absolutely disgusting.

    Please redeem yourself and Obama’s Administration by supporting, not opposing, ICE’s work site raids.

    We all know the real agenda as to why the liberal Democrat “support” of the illegal immigrants is about and if you believe the eligible Americans will put up with this crap that’s coming from Sultan Obama (I’m still waiting for him to provide the proof that he is eligible to be our President and Commander in chief. If he wants the American public to respect him, then he needs to respect us and offer up a legal birth certificate. Until he does that my President is still George W. Bush) then you and him don’t know the American people. The liberals have destroyed the world’s best countries and they have all failed their citizens and some have learned the error of their ways. Those who refuse to change will remain unproductive by force those citizens to look for Government hand outs.

    Barack Obama fooled a lot of American citizens to get his seat in the Oval Office and it’s a shame that he fooled so many. But those citizens are expecting him to live up to his campaign promises and you and I both know that will never come to fruition. There will be job shortages over the next few years as our economy tries to right a liberal over spending wrong. Be prepared for the upcoming revolution where the public demands to take control from you liberal destroyers, and regain financial and moral sanity back into our Country, starting with the illegal and sometime criminal immigrants who enter the United States.

    You are supposed to uphold the United States Constitution, you swore that under oath when you took your position and placed your hand on the Bible. And most Americans are expecting both you and Obama to stand behind the oath that you took. It’s fairly obvious that you and Obama have a hidden agenda, and will ignore or reinterpret the meaning of our Constitution that is different then was original intended by our founding Fathers. Do me a favor and just sit down and read the Constitution you’ll finally get a meaningful education and an understanding of what it means to most of us. The more wrong you do, the angrier the public becomes. The Constitution is a living document, there is nothing to be “interrupted“ the meaning and intent is clear for most of us. Yet you continue to declare it as being an antique, out of date and inadequate in our current world. If the laws written by our Founding Fathers within the Constitution and Bill of Rights is inadequate, then just do me a favor and rip up your law degree, because it’s clear you didn’t learn a thing in Law School and it’s just another worthless piece of paper. So keep the destruction to a minimum.

    Respectfully resentful,

    Ms Eileen Guthrie

    Earlier today Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) blocked debate on an amendment that would have reauthorized E-Verify for another 5 years. With the continued use of procedural tactics, Senator Reid is obstructing efforts to protect American jobs.

    This week, the Senate is debating a $410 billion Omnibus Appropriations bill (H.R. 1105) to fund the federal government until September 30, 2009. The bill has already passed the House of Representatives. The bill only contains a short-term, six-month extension (through September 2009) of E-Verify, a voluntary program that allows employers to verify whether new hires are legally authorized to work in the U.S.

    Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has been working tirelessly on behalf of true immigration reformers to enact a long-term extension of the critical E-Verify program. Sen. Sessions has filed an amendment that would extend E-Verify through September 2014. (Senate Amendment 604). You may recall that last month Senator Sessions tried to attach a long-term extension of E-Verify to the Stimulus Bill but was blocked by Senate Leadership.

    Earlier today, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) attempted to call up the Sessions Amendment to allow the Senate to debate this very important, common-sense amendment. Senator Reid objected to allowing any debate on that amendment saying: “I’m not as familiar with that as Senator Sessions… I object….”

    But on March 2, 2009, just a few days ago, Senator Reid sent out a letter to a constituent stating that he fully supported extending E-Verify. Senator Reid said “I support reauthorization of the E-Verify program….” and even went further saying: “I strongly believe that every job in our country should go only to those authorized to work in the United States. This is why I strongly support programs like E-Verify….”

    Senator Reid is clearly engaging in double-speak when it comes to E-Verify. He tells the American people he supports extending E-Verify but then blocks a long-term extension!! Senator Reid either knows what E-Verify is, as his letter suggests, or he is not familiar with this important program. If Senator Reid truly supports reauthorizing E-Verify why does he continue to object to any debate on an amendment to reauthorize the program?

    THERE IS NO TIME TO LOSE! Please call Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and tell him:

    Going after employers who hire illegal workers is the key to returning legitimacy to our immigration system.
    E-Verify, a voluntary program, is one of the most effective tools employers have to help ensure their workforce is legal. This program deserves to be permanently reauthorized.
    Finally, tell Senator Reid to stop obstructing the Sessions’ Amendment. Tell him to allow a fair up or down vote on E-Verify so that we can protect American jobs.
    After you call Senator Reid, please call Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator Jeff Sessions to thank them for working hard to pass the Sessions’ E-Verify Amendment. Let them know you support their efforts.

    Call Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid at 202.224.3542 and 202.224.5556

    Call Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell at 202.224.2541 and 202.224.3135.

    Call Senator Jeff Sessions at 202.224.4124

    Remember, there is still time to make a difference if you act NOW. To learn more about E-Verify, read FAIR’s talking points.

  103. Larry, please turn off the email notification on mew comments for me. I will be on a hunting trip until 16 Mar. Thank you. I will be looking forward to the articles and comments posted while I am gone. Everyone have a great weekend.

  104. Hmmmm…I wonder if Obama has been E-verified yet? After all, he IS a Federal employee!

  105. Eileen, you asked for comments, so here are mine. I am a natural proofreader, being an auditor for most of my life. I hope you don’t mind me noticing you of grammatical and word structure errors, so that your fax will appear to be more professional, when Her Highness reads it.
    I have copied most of your post and will show the corrections of the errors immediately following them in parentheses.
    I notice in your earlier posts that you have a tendency to leave out words in sentences. I will show those, also. This is done only to help you, not hinder you in your fine efforts. I believe you will not be offended by my remarks, as I have noticed you have received earlier corrections of your posts with a fine sense of graciousness. Here is what you typed, starting at the first error:

    Before I sent
    (Note: the word should be “send”, not “sent.”) it
    (Note: There should be a comma after the word “it.”)
    I’d like you to review it and tell me or comment on
    (Note: The word “what” is missing here.) should be changed. (I’m still working on my fax to Senator Shelby).

    Ms Eileen Guthrie
    7745 Oakwind Drive, Mobile, AL 36619
    (251) 644 – 5213

    (Note: I assume there will be at least a one-line space at this point in the fax.)

    Secretary Janet Napolitano
    U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    Washington, DC 20528

    Dear Secretary Napolitano,
    (Note: The comma should be a colon.)

    It is completely unfair and un-American
    (Note: There should be no hyphen between the syllable “un” and the word “American.”) that 7.7 million illegal alien workers have jobs while more than 11.5 million Americans cannot find a job. How can you oppose ICE’s raids when they help Americans find jobs?

    I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that there are more than 11.5 million unemployed Americans. These are Americans who can no longer pay their mortgages or afford to put food on the table. I realize that the February 24th raid in Bellingham, Wash.
    (Note: The word “Wash” should either be “zipped” [WA] or else spelled out fully, per the U.S. Postal Service.)
    freed up only 28 jobs for American workers, but that is better than none at all. It also goes without saying that this raid will discourage other employers from hiring illegal labor, thereby reserving jobs for American and legal immigrant workers.

    Do you oppose reserving jobs for American workers or do you simply oppose arresting individuals who are in our country illegally? How can you sleep at night knowing that 7.7 million illegal aliens have jobs when 11.5 million Americans do not? It is your job to prevent illegal aliens from taking Americans jobs. Yet, you have
    (Note: The word “have” should be “are” or else add the word “been” after the word “have.”) positioning yourself to ignore this travesty. I find your disregard for the plight of America’s unemployed to be absolutely disgusting.

    Please redeem yourself and Obama’s Administration
    (Note: The word “Administration” should not be capitalized, unless you want to emphasize the importance of it, or else express sarcasm.)
    by supporting, not opposing, ICE’s work site raids.

    We all know the real agenda as to why
    (Note: The word “why” should be “what.”)
    the liberal Democrat “support” of the illegal immigrants is about
    (Note: There should be a comma between the word “about” and the word “and.”)
    and if you believe the eligible Americans will put up with this crap that’s coming from Sultan Obama (I’m still waiting for him to provide the proof that he is eligible to be our President and Commander in chief
    (Note: “Commander in chief” should be “Commander-in-Chief.”)
    Note: You did not finish the rest of the sentence after “Commander-in-Chief.” What did you want to say what would happen if Janet Napolitano believes that “the eligible Americans will put up with this crap”?)
    If he wants the American public to respect him, then he needs to respect us and offer up a legal birth certificate. Until he does that
    (Note: there should be a comma after the word “that.” Normally a comma goes where the person would pause momentarily, especially to take a breath, if he/she was speaking.)
    my President is still George W. Bush)
    (Note: There should be a comma after the closing parenthetical mark, because you typed a long interruptive comment.)
    then you and him
    (Note: The word “him” should be “he.”)
    don’t know the American people. The liberals have destroyed the world’s best countries and they have all failed their citizens
    Note: There should be a comma after the word “citizens.”)
    and some have learned the error of their ways. Those who refuse to change will remain unproductive by force those citizens
    (Note: I think you meant to type after the word “by” the phrase “being forced to look,” instead of “force those citizens to look.”)
    to look for Government hand outs.
    (Note: the two words “hand outs” should be “handouts.”)

    Barack Obama fooled a lot of American citizens to get his seat in the Oval Office and it’s a shame that he fooled so many. But those citizens are expecting him to live up to his campaign promises
    (Note: There should be a comma after the word “promises,” since this thought and the one to follow are independent thoughts.)
    and you and I both know that will never come to fruition. There will be job shortages over the next few years as our economy tries to right a liberal
    (Note: If you mean “liberal” as pertaining to a person, instead of as an adjective, then the word “liberal” should be possessive: “liberal’s.” If you mean the word as an adjective, then it is the correct word.)
    over spending
    (Note: The two words of “over” and “spending” should be combined into one word of “overspending.”)
    ( Note: If you mean the word “liberal’s” as shown above, then the word “wrong” should be deleted. If you mean the word “liberal” to be an adjective, then the word “wrong” should be “wrongly,” since it is an adverb, and not an adjective. But using the word “wrongly” sounds awkward with the adjective “liberal”. It’s best to just delete it if the adjective is used.)
    Be prepared for the upcoming revolution where the public demands to take control from you liberal destroyers, and regain financial and moral sanity back into our Country, starting with the illegal and sometime criminal
    (Note: The word “sometime” should be “sometimes.”)
    (Note: There should be a hyphen between the words “sometimes” and “criminal,” since that combination is a compound modifier.) immigrants who enter the United States.

    You are supposed to uphold the United States Constitution,
    (Note: The comma should be a semicolon, since you have two independent sentences combined into one sentence. Or else, make two sentences of them. It would read more effectively if you made the second part that follows [“you swore that under oath…”] as a parenthetical remark, in my opinion.)
    you swore that under oath when you took your position and placed your hand on the Bible. And most Americans are expecting both you and Obama to stand behind the oath that you took. It’s fairly obvious that you and Obama have a hidden agenda,
    (Note: Here you correctly placed a comma after the word “agenda.” Very good!)
    and will ignore or reinterpret the meaning of our Constitution that is different then
    (Note: the word “then” should be “than. This is a common mistake occurring even among professional writers!)
    was original
    (Note: The word “original” should be “originally,” since the latter modifies the verb.)
    intended by our founding Fathers. Do me a favor and just sit down and read the Constitution you’ll finally get a meaningful education and an understanding of what it means to most of us.
    (Note: This is a case of “run-on sentences.” Either capitalize the combined word “you’ll” and start a new sentence with it, or else put a semicolon between the word “Constitution” and the combined word “you’ll.”)
    The more wrong you do, the angrier the public becomes. The Constitution is a living document, there is nothing to be “interrupted“
    (Note: Once again, you have two “run-on sentences.” Either put a semicolon between the quoted word “interrupted” and the word “the”–and type in the closing quotation mark, instead of the opening quotation mark after the word “interrupted”–or else put two dashes between those two words, or make a second sentence beginning with the word “the.” I think the “two-dashes” method is more appropriate than the other two, since it is more emphatic.) the meaning and intent is clear for most of us. Yet you continue to declare it as being an antique, out of date and inadequate in our current world. If the laws written by our Founding Fathers within the Constitution and Bill of Rights is
    (Note: The word “is” should be the word “are,” since the subject is plural [laws].)
    inadequate, then just do me a favor and rip up your law degree, because it’s clear you didn’t learn a thing in Law School and it’s just another worthless piece of paper. So keep the destruction to a minimum.

  106. Eileen, I goofed, too! Five times I forgot to drop down your next words after I noticed an error, and two times I forgot to put the open quotation mark before the word “Note”!
    “To err is human; to forgive, divine.” (Alexander Pope)

  107. Eileen, I goofed again! Where I mentioned about your not finishing the sentence after the words “Commander-in-Chief”, I was wrong. I lost myself after that long parenthetical phrase. Of course, I mentioned the missing comma before your continuation of the rest of the sentence (in the second error notice following)! Am I now suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, already?
    (I am ready to be whipped with a wet noodle, as Ann Landers used to say, when she made a major mistake in one of her columns.)

  108. Margaret in CT

    Words of wisdom that all public school students, parents, and the NEA should hark to from no less than Jeremiah Wright:

    “Barack’s name ain’t Jesus [this will come as news to a lot of people, including Brack, Rev. Jerry, but not to us]. Barack ain’t gonna improve your child’s reading score. There are things we’ve got to do on our own.”

    A slip of the tongue or a sign that he knows the truth?

    I think he knows the score. He knows that many people are no longer buying into the victimology that he has been hawking for so many years. Hammering whitey and covering up for the flaws in the black community has been a great career choice for him and the black liberation theology cabal. But now it is regarded by many people, white and black, as the same old, same old.

    Now all The Rev. needs to realize is that Barack ain’t Jesus, but he damned well may be a latter-day Karl Marx and that his policies will hurt the very people he pretends to want to help.

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