The Rules Of The Road

The word is that BHO/JFK/LBJ is “troubled” about his “massive spending bill”. He is nowhere near as “troubled” as the rest of us justifiably are. Obama wants to knock off Smithfield Foods, Incorporated of Virginia as the largest pork producer in the United States.. “Mission Accomplished”, Commander in Thief..

The blowsy and vacuous campaign promises of the progressive poltroon have all but disappeared, now replaced by the “historic” nature of his election. Just because a slim majority bought into the last vestige of the “Affirmative Action” ruse, doesn’t mean that his failures and his inherent liberal destructiveness aren’t available for dissection and discussion. With the left it is always folderol over fact, sophistry over substance.. Especially when the frivolous wasting of the middle class’s hard earned tax revenues are in the balance.

In an article entitled, “Obama to Sign Spending Bill, Push for Earmark Reforms”, we learn that the Obama spend-a-thon “is stashed with the very kinds of pet projects that the campaigning Obama promised to resist.” It’s only $410 billion in “spending”, so why all of the hubbub, bub?

The bill is to be signed even though Obama is “troubled” about the earmarks that “Republicans and moderate Democrats have eviscerated as unworthy pork barrel spending.” Obama isn’t “troubled” enough about the 7,991 earmarks totaling 5.5 billion dollars to demand that they be removed from the bill, that would be considered “responsible” during a time of economic troubles.. Obama is “planning” on working on the “earmark” problem AFTER he gets this bill signed. We must “move forward”. Remember that it is all about “motion” with the lefties. “Direction” is irrelevant.

The liberals take one giant leap backwards, which is followed by two tiny steps “forward”, which leaves you at least eight steps farther back from where you began and this is “moving forward” for the lachrymose liberals. If they are called out by anyone on the “eight steps back”, then it is the fault of the “economy that they inherited” (from themselves).. It’s the “collectivist conundrum” for those who fail to see the progressive pattern.

Obama lackeys have “been dismissing criticism of the earmarks in the bill saying the legislation was a remnant of last year.” Obama will “turn his attention to future spending instead of looking backward..” See, I told you.. A “remnant” of last year? It is actually a remnant of “The New Steal”. It is a remnant of every liberal redistribution rook and racket that they have ever perpetrated.

“Aides say that the administration would move to introduce new “rules of the road” that could allow Obama greater sway over lawmakers, particularly on politically embarrassing spending that generated mockery from pundits and rival politicians..” That sounds to me like a “line item veto” for Obama, or the “Liberal Longshanks”. “Greater sway”? For someone who is allegedly “so popular”, couldn’t he just wave his magic wand and spread his fairy dust so that everyone would prostrate themselves before him and cooperate? Demagogue AND dictator..

Obama’s budget plan calls for a $1.8 trillion dollar deficit. Pray tell, what happened to all of the liberal sob sister soliloquies of days past where the “deficit” was as frightening to the inherently incontinent liberals as global warming, the population explosion and the impending ice age? Suddenly the “we will just print more” Marxists have bigger and smellier fish to fry than the deficit..

Whatever you do, do not do as the liberals of yesteryear used to advise, “Question authority.” When the liberals are in charge, “authority” is a good thing so no one needs to be disputatious or argumentative. What happened to the 2003 Rodham railings at the Jefferson Jackson Bailey dinner in Connecticut? “I am sick and tired of people who say that if we debate and you disagree with this administration somehow you are not patriotic.. (You aren’t, your idea of being “patriotic” is paying more taxes, right, Joe?) “We should stand up and say we are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration..” Where did harpy Hillary’s enthusiasm for “debate” go after January of 2009?

This “massive spending bill to keep the federal government running contains significant increases in food aid for the poor, energy research and other programs”. “A 14 percent boost for a popular program that feeds infants and poor women (who do little else except create more of the afore mentioned infants/enslaved future liberals..) and a 10 percent increase in housing vouchers for the poor..” THIS is the kind of government that the liberals create and this is the kind of government that NEEDS to be shut down..

This new “super hero”, our new “man of action” is chiefly concerned with his image in the history books yet to be written by those who idolize him, not with the waste within his “pasta against the wall” inspired alleged “stimulus packages” and “spending” bills.

Obama is quite fond of “talking”. He “talks” to the Syrians, the Palestinians, the Iranians and any other Middle Eastern malcontents and soiled savages. The excuse always used by the liberals is that the “earmarks” are the concessions needed to secure the passage of their bloated bill. IF Obama was concerned with “efficiently” addressing the problem created by his contemporaries from the nineties, he would TALK directly to THE PEOPLE with his demand that the Demokratic congress do what is best for the nation. The only time that the will of THE PEOPLE is of any concern to a liberal is during the “election process”. After the election, the roar of the constituents becomes a whisper and the whispers of the lobbyists become a roar..

What we are left with is the socialists trying to “fix” capitalism, so what could possibly go wrong there? All of this proves conclusively that, like the environment, the LESS that the liberals are involved in anything, the better the chances that things will improve..

So who is it that wants to “change” the “rules of the road”? The group that history has proven to be the worst “drivers” in America. Here we have the psychotic and under medicated liberals “driving” the economy around, a group who figures that if they make enough left turns, they eventually might arrive at their destination. It’s this “destination” that worries us..


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  1. jrnotofdallas

    Glad to see you insert your title of this web site in describing the liberals.
    All the left turns result in them running around in circles and eventually end up with their head up their ass where it belongs

    Saw a Richardson and Clinton campaign person on TV both singing the praises of the big O One of them gave him an A+ Rating on performance to date IT was a sickening display.

    Neveda reid earmark for the LA to
    LAS VEGAS train is the most corrupt
    earmark to date

    Here ar home they have awarded
    TUBBY TEDDY before he dies.
    drove his olds to the levy and left his
    passenger stay down below GREAT COURAGE

  2. From what I have seen, so far, the only rules of the road that “The Anointed One” would be willing to follow would be:
    1) Bow down to Sultan Obama
    2) Lick Sultan Obama’s boots
    3) Sultan Obama is always right
    4) If Sultan Obama is wrong see Rule #3
    If these ignorant libs go any farther to the left, they’ll make Satan appear to be a moderate!

  3. Larry you are my favorite conservative blogger. I love your articles. Hey did you happen to see the guy from ambush Charle ‘scumbag’ Rangel? He nailed him on his Escalade that we pay for and his taxes that he hadn’t paid on rental property in the Dominican Republic. Rangel responded, “Why don’t you mind your GD business?” I would think when he spends our money it IS our business. Are we ever going to take back America and exterminate the rodents in office? Oh and did you hear about Pelosi having a fit because she didn’t have a G5 availabe for Memorial Weekend? Disgusting. Oh figured I’d spread the word…don’t forget to check out Glenn Beck this Friday on Fox he’s having a special and it sounds like it’s going to be pretty intersting.

  4. I just posted a response to Cathy under “Money Talks” and I feel it should be repeated here.

    When watching Sean Hannity’s program last week he mentioned that the national deficit under the “anointed one” will be higher than under all of the Presidents from Washington to Bush combined.

    And now we have princess Pelousy saying yesterday that we need another stimulus. This is the dimwitkrats standard M.O. – when something doesn’t work, throw more money at it.

    I’m getting so sick of this. I wish we could just kick them all of out office now instead of waiting until 2010.

  5. Sorry, that should be “kick them all out of office. . .”

  6. The only thing “historic” about this administration is the amount of debt they are putting on America’s back and the speed at which they are doing it.

    Does anybody else feel like puking when they hear the Obamanation’s voice?? or is it just me??

    Don’t forget folks….WE SURROUND THEM ! It’s time they learned that lesson…..

  7. They are still whining about the “economy that they inherited” …it is beyond me…but I should know better. Once again, they take no responsibility, no accountability, and point fingers everywhere but at themselves. So what is their solution? Spend some more! Brilliant geniuses like Pelosi are slavering over this and we still have to listen to the demokrat morons saying, “oh just give Obama a chance”. He’s had his chance, its been 50 days and we are in worse shape than ever. Impeach the whole lot of them, I say.

    Liberalism is a disease and this country is infested. Anyone who believes this “stimulus” is going to work should be shot at dawn.

  8. Why wait til dawn? That would just give the liberal morons time to spend a few billion more!

  9. Obamaid: From womb to tomb!!

  10. Come March 17th, no doubt His Highness will probably tell us he is part Irish, and he once spelled his name as O’Bama! (Ironically, he IS part Irish, because part of his mother’s ancestry is Irish!)

  11. Vincent MVNY

    You wrote:
    “We must “move forward”. Remember that it is all about “motion” with the lefties. “Direction” is irrelevant.”

    There was a joke going around during JFK’s presidency that his symbol was his famous rocking chair and that it was approriate because “it gave one the sense of motion without real movment forward.”
    Things just don’t change.

  12. Parody to “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” (posted by nobama777, commenting at, which confirms what I said about the book Law of Nations.)
    Enjoy it, Eileen!

    You know Frank and Ayers, Rev. Wright and Father Flaeger,
    Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Oprah,
    But do you recall
    The biggest threat to America of all?

    Verse 1:
    Obama, the bald-faced liar,
    Had a very slimy tongue,
    And if you ever heard him,
    You would say he should be hung!

    Verse 2:
    All of the other Democrats
    Used to laugh at his funny name.
    They never thought much could happen
    With a terrorist named Hussein!

    Then one foggy election eve,
    Axelrod came to say:
    “Obama, with ACORN on our side,
    Let’s steal the election tonight!”

    (Repeat verse 1 with the final high note ending)

  13. “A government big enough to give you everything, is a government big enough to take everything away.” (Ronald Reagan)

  14. New name for Democrats: “Dumbocrats”

  15. To the King of the Road, Larry another great article. You never write fluff pieces and you do your research from legitimate sources and don’t rely heavily on the Hype Patrol, the Mainstream Media, who they themselves refuses to do any “real” investigating into this man promises, background, voting record and giving it just a shellacking over and saying “it’s not relevant” to the story or his background.

    Right before I had my stroke I brought the book “The Audacity of Deceit: Barack Obama’s War on American Values.” I really didn’t have the time to read it until now and what Brad O’Leary states that Obama and his wife Michelle subscribed to the new Christian values from the man who advocated “change” and as a former member of the Trinity Unity Church of Christ and its pastor demigod Reverend Jeremiah Wright, an ex-Muslim and now currently a member in the Christian Black Liberation Theology movement. This is not an every day Christian theology; they prescribe to the theory that true Christianity is only specific to just Blacks liberation, wherein all Whites and Asians of the Unites States are racist and as long as whites view themselves as superior, they can never be truly “Christians.” Gee, doesn’t racism go both ways? Did you know that? I guess in the extreme of his values and morals seem to not matter to those Black Liberation Theologist. They sound more like the Black Panthers then members of a Christian church. Michelle did say, Down with whitey in that church and on camera. I’m sorry we have a First Lady who is hate charged and they are trying to mold her into a modern day, Jacqueline Kennedy. My has our Country sunk to a new low. I prayed for an Abigail Adams or a likeable first lady. I should have lowered my expectations. Foolish me. Are Barack and Michelle Obama are raising their two daughters to hate whites?
    Her comments that were made along the campaign trial were nothing I wanted to hear from the historic First “Black” Lady. I was expecting a Clair Huxtable type. An educated lawyer, mother and what I thought was a great role model for the black community and the message that Bill Cosby gave by wanting to make and get across to those whining blacks who want everything and refuse to work for it. Bill Cosby is very critical of his own people. If you educate yourself and raise above life’s predicaments positive things can improve your life. And that doesn’t go for just blacks, but all Americans. I feel that was a great message.
    So I guess the local gang bangers are just exercising their Christian beliefs that only blacks are created equal and are just taking their “fair” share. As long as police are allowed to own guns the gang bangers will continue to own guns as well and exercise their rights to the 2nd Amendment. And it appears Obama seems to think that as well. He sponsored a Bill in the Illinois Senate that gave the rights the gang bangers to own a hand gun and wanted to hamstring the police in their usage. What Barry said was apparently he didn’t like that it would include punishing blacks. In the Illinois state legislature, “He voted against a bill that would add penalties for crimes committed as a part of gang activity and against a bill that would make it a criminal offense for accused gang members, free on bond or probation, to associate with other gang members. Why, tell me why? As one reasoning for his opposition to it, he said it would affect “blacks and Latinos” unfairly. Unbelievable. More identity politics, racism, and soft-on-crime relativism from the most left-wing senator in congress. Meanwhile, dozens of people are shot, some injured, some killed, various weekends in Chicago, and entire communities are terrorized by murderous thugs. Is this more affirmative action at its worst? Or at least “fairness” to allow gang bangers special privileges the right to have a gun, discharge it whenever or wherever they wanted. Obama has even listed his “reason” for opposing tougher punishments because it would affect blacks and Latinos, as if only they are in gangs! If gangs consisted mostly of whites, would he then be for the punishment of murderers who are in gangs? If you want more reasons to punish murderers and be tough on crime regardless of the criminal’s race, let’s look at how the mainstream media ignores many murders committed by blacks against whites. There are people who are criminals that are white, black or whatever, and should be treated the same regardless of their race. Besides, can you imagine if a republican, especially a conservative stated he was against a tough-on-crime bill because it would punish white criminals? You’ll see how Obama is a racist and has only people “like him” in mind.

    Everyone should pay for a crime that they committed especially murder or rape. Actually, saying blacks should get a free pass just because they’re black is racist; remember the irrational people jumping for evil joy when O.J. got a “not guilty” verdict? They live their lives in a “white” world, like OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson, or any high profile black who commits a crime and as they get ready to go to Court, they suddenly and unexpectantly become BLACK MINORITY VICTIM.

    While Obama has a knack for portraying himself as an even-handed career politician, who is inspired by traditional religious values, (more like a traditional zealot) he has earned 100% ratings from Americans for Democratic Action, NARAL Pro-Choice America, the National Organization of Women, the NAACP and the NEA. All Unions workers come forward and raise your hand.

    Mr. Flip Flop seems to change his mind an awful lot these days from his campaign of promises; not only during his presidential campaign, but also while campaigning for the US Senate seat. You look over the candidate of “change” and face the erratic and dumbfounded voting record (if you can find it), other than the vote for change a said “present.” So while he campaigned in the 2004 election he promised the gay community in Chicago that he needed to drum up support for his Senate bid in 2004, Obama wrote a letter to the Chicago Sun-Times (going bankrupt), a publication targeted to Chicago’s gay community. “I opposed DOMA [the Defense of Marriage Act] in 1996. It should be repealed, and I will vote for its repeal on the Senate floor,” he vowed. I will also oppose any proposal to amend the U.S. Constitution to ban gays and lesbians from marrying. So, I’m a little confused by his statements.

    So to get a better understanding of this Bill I looked for information on the internet. The Bill was sponsored by the Libertian candidate for President, Bob Barr. The House Judiciary Committee who approved the measure and sent it to the House for a vote. It passed in the Senate as well and President Billy “Don’t ask, don’t tell” Clinton signed it into law. This law has two parts. First part is no state (or other political subdivision within the United States) needs to treat a relationship between persons of the same sex as a marriage, even if the relationship is considered a marriage in another state. I take that to mean that you may be married under Massachusetts law or California law. If a same sex couple is considered married under California law they are NOT viewed as being married in every state.

    Second part of the Bill revolves around the Federal Government may not treat same-sex relationships as marriages for any purpose, even if concluded or recognized by one of the states. I think this is the part that Prop 8 in California is about. So, if you are Ellen and her “partner” is viewed as married it does not give that partner the keys to the so called city. Her partner isn’t entitled to her house, finances and benefits should she pass away. So the man who said he was against this Bill that Clinton signed into law by not giving the rights to their spouse like a marriage between man and woman. Ahhh, but Obama said he wanted to repeal this ruling in 2004 to garner support for the gay rights activist in Chicago.

    So what does the man of eloquence and “fairness” believes now. Obama says that he personally believes that “marriage is between a man and a woman” but also says that “equality is a moral imperative” for gay and lesbian Americans. He advocates the complete repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) because “federal law should not discriminate in any way against gay and lesbian couples, which is precisely what DOMA does.” He supports granting civil unions for gay couples, and in 2006 he opposed a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. In March 2007, Obama initially avoided answering questions about a controversial statement by a U.S. general that “homosexual acts” are “immoral,” but Obama later told CNN’s Larry King, “I don’t think that homosexuals are immoral any more than I think heterosexuals are immoral.”

    Talk about the man of “change” I guess it comes and goes like a painful itch and burning sensation in the groin area. I look at it, which’s ever vote he wants to get, he’ll change his mind or narrow the focus on one point or two. He’s so afraid to give an opinion and keep that opinion for life. Which is not open to ridicule? The man can keep the change; I’ll keep my house, my tax monies and my opinion. What he is saying he’s against firearms but I want the minorities in our Country to keep theirs because they’re black and Latino and denying them their Constitutional 2nd Amendment to own a firearm but in doing so is offensive in the extreme and by denying them their firearms can be viewed as racist. Eric Holder may be right we are a nation of cowards and the Commander in Fraud is Barack Obama. His voting record and political rhetoric shows us he can’t make a choice on what to oppose and what not too. One day his for something the next day he’s against it, kind of like voting “Present” huh. Just like his rhetoric that he’s against the earmarks and then sign a bill full of pork, you would think that the White House barbeque. He’ll worry about that next year which happens to be an election year. Coincidence, I don’t it.

  16. Hey Larry,

    Remember when Congress let Bear Sterns go under, pushed a bunch of bank mergers etc. Then they bailed out AIG, an insurance co.?

    Is it true that AIG underwrites the PENSION TRUST OF THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS!!

    No wonder there was such a rush on “getting their stimulus package passed”, to protect themselves.

    To hell with the rest of us – nothing but a bunch of money grubbing, creedy, self deluded parasites (worse than the welfare parasites).

  17. The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.

    James Madison

  18. Im sitting here watching Shep Smith on Fox News discuss the Bernie L. Maddoff scam.

    I think it’s more like BLM. This scam against ALL Americans makes Bernie look like a warmup. I’m holding my breath to hear what his tele-promter will be telling him to read to us tomorrow.

    OK – now for fun take a look at this guy’s idea:
    I wonder if they could put BHO’s picture on them for us?

    Now to get serious (or maybe not) browse through this website and you can see where this is all headed: Nationalized Socialism as they say (Google it) then go here to read what the real Obama Kool Aide drinkers are saying: The nuts are falling out of the trees.

  19. Sil, you’re not alone, I fear every morning awaking up for fear our Country is gone or sold to the Chinese (remittance of Clinton). Every morning there’s worse news for Conservatives by what an incompetent morons this Country has elected. And the left is doing high fives over the destruct Obama and friends have perpetrated on the American public.

    Michele said… Anyone who believes this “stimulus” is going to work should be shot at dawn.

    Yeah, but would they notice the big hole where their head once was. My guess would be no.

    Triviaman that was good. I had a good laugh at the end of my day. Thank you.

    Sorry typing error it should have been… Coincidence, I doubt it.

  20. triviaman

    I’m part Irish as well, and if the Big ZER- O is part Irish he could only be in the group my Irish great grandparents called the “sean ti Irish” (pronounced Shan tee, which means old house in Irish) They were not considered to be good people at all and were avoided. My great grandparents were the “lace curtain Irish”. This group was considered to be good. Even if they were poor they always had lace curtains in their windows and a cup of tea and a piece of soda bread for anyone who stopped at their houses.

    Up the Irish, but not him. He is an insult to a people who have fought for freedom for centuries.

  21. I visited Ireland last summer, and our tour guide mentioned that Obama’s ancestors were from a town called Offaly. A few days later my daughter and I were shopping in a Killarney bookstore and found a book on Irish slang, one of the terms being BIFFO…which means Big Ignorant F**ker From Offaly. And there you go…

  22. Yes indeed. For the first time in my adult life, I am truly ashamed of my country. How could this have happened, other than we took our eye off the ball??
    And yes, every time I hear Obama’s voice I want to puke. It’s nothing but the brown clown and his three ring circus. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.
    God is definitely trying to get our attention.
    Never give up, never give in, NEVER!!!

  23. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people as an instrument with which to maintain a balance in powers of a bi-partisan, minimally intrusive, government.

    America’s Declaration of Independence states:

    “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying it’s Foundation on such Principles, and organizing it’s Powers in such Form, as to them most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictated that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient Causes; and accordingly all Experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long Train of Abuses and Ursurptations pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Depotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security.”

  24. Georgia Dawg

    I do enjoy and relish your style of writing,it is pleasing and full of zestful flavor.
    I can spend hours with it and all the post from your readers and family are very complementarity.
    “Great Work” please keep it up!!.

  25. Georgia Dawg

    Maybe you can find a book in your future, at least think about it.

  26. Dawg,

    Can you keep a secret?

    The first book is done. The first draft of the next two are done.

    After Obama takes me to the cleaners on April 15th, the project goes “full bore”..

    Don’t tell anyone..

    Thanks as always,


  27. Well, according to Pelosi they have “…already drastically cut earmarks.” :

    Pelosi said: “Since taking control of Congress in January 2007, Democrats reformed an earmark process that had grown out of control, spent too much money, fostered corruption, and offered no accountability to the American taxpayer. We immediately imposed a one-year moratorium on appropriations earmarks in order to institute new rules that provided for historic transparency and have already drastically cut earmarks.”
    Source :

    She made this statement after sponsoring a bill to reduce earmarks and make the process more transparent–this was done on the same day that Obama signed the porker bill! So, I guess the Dems wanted to make sure they got all their programs funded before changing the rules!

    To be fair—according to another source, 40% of those earmarks were proposed by our “fiscally conservative” Republicans. Only 5 Senators, including John McCain, did not request any earmarks. And 8 RINOs voted for this porker ! Here is their contact info, please contact them and let them know how you feel :

    Senator Murkowski Lisa R 202-224-6665 202-224-5301
    Senator Wicker Roger R 202-224-6253 202-228-0378
    Senator Alexander Lamar R 202-224-4944 202-228-3398
    Senator Snowe Olympia R 202-224-5344 202-224-1946
    Senator Shelby Richard R 202-224-5744 202-224-3416
    Senator Specter Arlen R 202-224-4254 202-228-1229
    Senator Cochran Thad R 202-224-5054 202-224-9450
    Senator Bond Kit R 202-224-5721 202-224-8149

    (Note : The first number is the Phone, second is for faxes. You can also visit
    to send your messages. )

  28. ah, please change “liberal(s)” to “progressives”, I was corrected today (wopppTsh*t:)

    Equality by command

    Larry: see if you can’t translate James Kalb’s book, “The Tyranny of Liberalism”, I’ve read only 28 pages but he’s over my head. Got a few glimpses out of it but not much yet.

  29. Danno,

    I prefer Jonah Goldberg’s fine tome: Liberal Fascism.

    An excellent read.

    Give that one a try.

    Thanks as always,


  30. Michele

    The Irish do have a way with words, don’t they?
    They call it as they see it.

    BIFFO. I like that one. Everytime I use it, I’ll be

  31. Hi Larry,

    Hey I want an autographed copy of your book when it comes out. I’ll pay extra if I have to. Big fun, can’t wait!

    I was surfing around the net the other day and I came across a way to get a great vascular workout without ever getting up from the computer. Go here: (sorry I don’t know how to attach the link) It’s the communist party USA’s website. Guaranteed to get your heart pumping and the blood flowing! Great cardio! There’s even a link to the Young Communist League, so there’s fun there for the whole family! A slow jog around the site will be all you need I assure you. The Sultan’s whole game plan (Sultan Obama Bin Lyin-thanks Stitch that’s my go to name for “The One” now) is laid out there.

    Now I have solid evidence to back me up when I call this flag burning usurper that currently sits in the oval office a “100% communist jihadi traitor!” That’s not too ambiguous about how I feel is it? I try not to be. Every move he makes reveils his ties to Islam and Marxism. I can just see him sitting on “Air Force One” when they hit the USA with nukes he’ll be up there, “Hey honey, come here kids, you wanna see a really great fireworks show? Come over here and look out the window. Wow! Spectacular!”

    TTYL Chris.

  32. Larry, another great one!

    Michele, good to see you back and hope the recovery is going well.

  33. Thank you Fran…still got issues, but feeling better.

  34. Margaret in CT

    Is there no end to the scum this government is digging up to guide and protect us through the next four years? This from this a.m. regarding Holder’s new deputy AG at DOJ:

    Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., one of the opponents, said [David] Ogden “is more than just a lawyer who has had a few unsavory clients. He has devoted a substantial part of his career, case after case, for 20 years, in defense of pornography.”

    Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., said he was “alarmed that President Obama has nominated a candidate to serve in the No. 2 post at the Department of Justice who has repeatedly represented the pornography industry and its interests.”

    The libs are trying to pass this guy off as a lawyer who might have accepted a couple of porn clients who found his name in the Yellow Pages. However, for 20 years he has been the go-to guy for the porn industry when it ran into problems spreading smut. Where there’s porn, there’s often the criminal underworld.

    I’m all for freedom of speech and, within limits, action. But everyone knows that this industry preys on children. I’m certain someone is digging through this guy’s history of court cases. I doubt we have heard the end of David Ogden. At least 28 senators, most of them Republicans, had enough steel in their spines to vote against him.

  35. Another slogan to be seen on T-shirts in the not-too-distant future:

    “We would not be failin’
    If you’d have voted for McCain and Palin”

  36. Someone said on the Internet:

    “The problem with our president is not with the color of his skin; it’s with the color of his soul.”‘

  37. Another comment seen on the Internet:

    “The USA currently does not have a President. The USA today has a Presidunce.”

  38. “There is nothing more permanent than a temporary government program.” (Ronald Reagan)

  39. “The government’s track record is unblemished by success.” (Rick Rule)

  40. Obviously, either through training or lack of thought, the Expressway of Entrepreneurship, Interstate of Independence or the Causeway of Capitalism, never occured to our bubbleheaded black leader. He chose instead a side road to socialism, a road steep in grades and sharp turns and is just as, if not more, perilous as “the rules of the road” themselves.

    As candidate for president, Obama told NPR that “he might use signing statements to clarify his position on ambisgous law, he would not use signing statements to undermine the will of the Congress.”

    Obama used a signing statement on the $410 billion dollar omnibus spending bill passed by Congress. Undoing any provisions of this omnibus bill would seem to be an abuse of the process and is clearly an act of undermining the Will of the Congress.

    If Obama was unwilling to issue veto threats to force Congress to remove the supposedly unconstitutional provisions in the omnibus bill, it proves once again how inconsistent he is with his campaign promise of “Change.”

    There are many provisions in a President’s signing statement and they are constitutional. Both Congress and the President have responsibilities and a signing statement is just a presidents way of expressing constitutional reservations about a bill.

    One provision of Obama’s signing statement with regard to Whistleblowers will prevent transparency in the government and will allow government officials to intimidate employees when they want to communicate with Members of Congress about illegal or improper activities on the part of the Obama administration.
    Someone should tell this boy that whimpering an “expression” isn’t going to “Change” anything.

    To date the leader/driver is paying as much attention to the road or the rules of it, as a drunk driving at night with the headlights off.
    To make matters worse, none of the “Daylight Doughmocrat nuts” back at the station want to apprehend him. Their to busy butchering their next hog.

  41. W. Miller

    Sorry sir.
    Bogus info:

  42. Michele,

    Glad to see you back with the Family.

    Continued prayers for your speedy recovery.


  43. Folks…I’ll be out of commission for about 6 weeks after having surgery. I plan on using the time to catch up on my reading 🙂 I”ve picked up Atlas Shrugged and The 5000 Year Leap. IF I have any more time (Atlas Shrugged looks like a long one!) Any other good reading materials you can offer me??

  44. “Name one honest politician, and I’ll call you a liar!” (John F. Kennedy)

  45. To see graphically what a trillion dollars looks like (compared to a million dollars and a billion dollars), click on this link:

  46. Triviaman….”what a trillion dollars looks like” definitely brings it into perspective….I passed the link along 😉

  47. How is that Obamba inherited this economy? Funny, he and the other liberals were IN CHARGE of Congress (both Houses) for two years. If they knew there were problems why not fix them before the blow up? Simple, they wanted to a slam-dunk to ensure the new Commander in Thief was theirs. Obama could have done something besides vote ‘Present’, but he chose not to lead then, and he doesn’t lead now.


  49. triviaman: where is your t-shirt OneBadAssMistakeAmerica available, if you please?

  50. triviaman:
    at least, I think you posted that

  51. George Sladek:

    which “ideas of his” do you think we may ‘have a chance’ with, pray tell?

  52. Stirling
    Try The Patroit Depot for the O.B.A.M.A. stuff. I know they have bumper stickers

    Thanks for reminding me about the Hillrod rant. I had forgotten about her being ” Sick and tired…” But we are just supposed to shut up and support poor ol’ Berry. Sorry, no chance of that unless he offers to resign.

  53. Stirling, that wasn’t my slogan for a T-shirt. I have seen that acronym shown on other forum threads before.

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