Kerry’d The Day

Yesterday’s “concerns” involving the earmarks firmly ensconced within the next financial flailing of the fledgling Obama caliphate have mysteriously dematerialized. Not only because Obama signed off on the nearly 8,000 earmarks today but also because the “promises” made during his capricious campaign against John McCain have suddenly flipped or flopped, depending upon your perspective. Obama has “Kerry’d the day”, if you will..

A momentary study of the impressive ailerons astride the Obama melon would also allow the observant amongst us to understand his sudden sensitivity towards earmarks..

It is difficult to imagine who is actually participating in the process of assembling these spending frenzies. Of the eighteen positions available within the Treasury Department, only one of them has been filled and that person’s “numerical preciousness” when it comes to tax time makes him the perfect “guess-timator” for the Alfred E. Newman administration.

In an article entitled, “Obama defends pet projects and signs spending bill”, we hear that Obama is “sounding weary of criticism” and he “defended Congress’ “pet projects” as he signed an “imperfect” 410 billion (dollar) measure..” It seems as though the peerless powers of the progressive Pied Piper to bend the will of an uber-liberal Congress has given way to a “change” relative to earmarks. If he has “grown weary” over hearing about earmarks, shall we just call them “Kmart Blue State Specials” then?

As far as earmarks are concerned, Obama now believes that “they can be useful” and in his next “definition of the word ‘is’ is” moment, he “noted that he promised to curb, not eliminate them”. It sounds as though the second black president has been getting lessons in obfuscation from the first black president..

Since the Constitution didn’t matter to FDR during the New Deal, it seems as though the document doesn’t matter to the sanctimonious socialist BHO during “The New Steal”. Obama issued a ‘signing statement” which allegedly will “raise constitutional concerns and would (should) be taken merely as suggestions..” Never mind that Obama pompously criticized George Bush for using signing statements. Never mind that Bush used the signing statement “tactic” for “anti-terror” measures in order to bypass the liberal terrorist enablers and protectors within Congress while Obama is using them to bypass the Constitution while subverting capitalism..

To reinforce the communist carnality of this bill, Obama “signed the bill in private”. I am sure that the lack of flash bulbs and shutter clicks upset the vainglorious vaudevillian, but he will more than make up for it tomorrow.

Later Obama said, “Done right, earmarks have given legislators the opportunity to direct federal money to worthy projects that benefit people in their districts..” Which, during the liberal Demokratic economic upheaval is the equivalent of saying, “Done right, genocide is an opportunity to end both poverty and mass starvation..”

For a few years Bill Clinton had the effective weapon of the “line item veto” at his disposal. In 1998, the robed rubes on the Supreme Court ruled the measure unconstitutional. The line item veto affords the opportunity for a President to really inflict their “message” and beliefs onto the constituents. When bills are interlarded with endless additions from so many others, there is too much blame to go around if and when things end up amiss.

Were Obama the “leader” that he tells himself that he is while he is preening himself during his daily “mirror, mirror on the wall” moment, he would actually “lead” when it comes to this pervasive problem. I have an answer that as an American “victim” of his latest IED attack upon our economy and my life savings, and I am willing to offer it to the President for free.

I am calling it the “Earmark evasion and evisceration Act of 2009”. From this point forward, each and every bill submitted to committee shall cover one topic or item only. A defense budget bill will not have riders requesting funds for gang member tattoo removal. A health care bill will not have earmarks for housing vouchers for the nation’s mendicants. Each bill will be a “stand alone” bill.

A secondary benefit to my Act will be to “streamline” the bills themselves. No more 1,200 page scams that everyone “needs to move quickly on”.. Since “speed” seems to be of so much importance, the reading (or the “vetting”, a new word of the day for the Obama administration..) of these bills by those who will be voting on them will be focused on the matter at hand. If there is a pressing need for the government to pay for swine and feces odor research, submit a bill in broad daylight and put it to a vote.

There is one reason and one reason alone that my Act would never be considered. It would bring about the “transparency” that Obama claimed that he would bring to Washington. Liberals cheapen words every time they use them.

The government also needs to be reminded that the “government” doesn’t “pay” for anything, the taxpayers pay for everything. “Government” merely acquires and redirects that which is forcibly extracted from the taxpayers. If the liberals actually PAID taxes, they might understand why their constituents are so upset over the liberal government’s constant demands for more “revenues”..

There were “five areas” in the signing statement that Obama said that he would not be “bound” by. “Negotiations with foreign governments”. Obama has already spent an inordinate amount of time woo-ing the Middle Eastern terrorist enablers and he is making noises about Cuba, another communist country in need of American “aid”.. “Limits on using U.S. troops in U.N. missions.” Let the U.N. do it’s own “missions”. “Protections for governmental whistle blowers”. I am not sure if he wants more or less “protections”, but since he is in office I will guess “less”. The last liberal’s “whistle blower”/humidor/intern caused undo problems for the sitting President.. “A congressional claim of authority over the spending of money already approved by Congress”. This is probably a “cover all” for any residual Bush legislation but it seems to go against his own silly “done right/earmark” statement that was quoted above.. “Congressional demands that the administration submit budget requests in certain forms”. Maybe if the Obama underlings had sharpened their crayons, this might have never become an issue..

Obama says he wants to “eliminate specific items that he believes serve no legitimate purpose..” You will be shocked to know that “he did not specify how”.. If he were at all serious about this eliminating items with “no legitimate purpose”, he would have started by dropping this 410 billion dollar boondoggle into the White House paper shredder..


29 responses to “Kerry’d The Day

  1. Family,

    I just can’t help myself, the left is a veritable geyser of imbecility..the material just keeps “presenting itself”.

    Keep the “Thought Of The Day” in mind as well. It is quick hits on a wide range of topics..Today’s: “Hold On To Those Bellbottoms”..

    Thanks to all of you for making both sites better with your commentary.


  2. Larry, I love your solution.

    I was amazed that Air Force one wasn’t running up a $ 67,000.00 per hour expense jetting off to Elkhardt, Ft. Meyers, Peoria or Denver to find the perfect setting for the signing.

    It’s as if bama bin-lying is in the back of the bus.

  3. Arthur Nankervis

    G’day Larry,

    “You mentioned KERRY!”

    Again, another article that invokes involuntary grabs at where the K-bar used to be, now long since lost to my post SVN, marital battles and my tactical withdrawal to more friendly climes.

    At least, when I was reading about “Alfred E. Newman(‘s)” forays into the realms of MADness, I could peek at the end to see how it all ended. Sadly, we are now at the mercy of those who portend that Daffy Duck is ably qualified to be at the wheel of the Titanic but who have failed to notify the bridge that we have already hit the iceberg.

    Alan Keyes provides a refreshingly sensible voice however in the form of a video clip at The New Media ( ) in which Mr. Keyes lays the current economic situation and presidential validity questions wide open. Worth a look – The video is located at upper/right of the page given.

    My best to all


  4. Arthur Nankervis


    Sorry for posting links to other sites, but the following would have to be one of the best articles on the road chosen by the majority of Americans. David Kupelian of WorldNetDaily has written a ‘ripper’ of an article entitled : “Why we elect liars as leaders” at :

    Worth more than a read and I would go as far as saying ‘Worth a Prayer” for those who are still less fortunate than us blokes.


  5. Arthur,

    Great article. In one of our pastor’s messages, he stated that God purposely created a “God filled void” within all of us. In other words, God wants us to seek him out to fill that void, however, when we turn away from Him that void is still there and we seek to fill it with something else – some other “god”.

    These are truly frightening times, but we must always remember that God is in control, He knows the final outcome and if we put our trust in Him, He will see us through it. And yes, we have been really blessed in this country and should pray for those in other countries who are less fortunate.

  6. Larry:

    Your idea is perfect. Too bad common sense in this ridiculous country will never be adopted.


  7. …we hear that Obama is “sounding weary of criticism” …. one day, the spoiled one will throw a tantrum while the cameras are rolling…and won’t THAT be a sight 😉 what will his adoring fans think then?!?

    I love “Kmart Blue State Specials” …. that’s perfect…then he can make it sound like its something GOOD for us little people….and a bargain to boot!

    And I am 100% for the “Earmark evasion and evisceration Act of 2009″. I think I’ll send that suggestion to my so-called representatives.

    NEVER give in…….NEVER give up……
    WE surround THEM!
    Its time they learned that…..

  8. TJ, truer words were never spoken.
    I thank you for that.

  9. Obama whimpered about the constitutionality of it but the provision about Whistleblowers still stayed in effect. Government officials can intimidate their employees if the employees wants to talk with Congressmen/women about any illegalities or wrongdoings of the Obama administration.

    Obama can whine all he wants to about what he wants, but until he gets his whole damned government under regulations he ain’t got pig shit….then again…

  10. It would seem Il Douce-Bag signed another earmark laden bill the other day, all alone, lest anyone see him break yet another campaign promise. Nobody has any business being surprised by what is going on these days in Washington. I do think that the piggy eyes of those retards whom voted for Obamabi may slowly start to open. I’ve heard about ‘tea parties’ on CNN (of all places) in protest of higher taxes. Even the Chinese, our largest creditor, worries that they’re investment may devalue itself. Sadly my fool of a ultra-libby sister and her hippy hubby still think Obamba-Bin Biden will be the best President ever, so there is much work left to be done.

  11. Patient in PA


    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, (though you certainly need no preening), forget, (not really), your command of the the “Kings English”, syntax, grammar, spelling, and punctuation, it’s your “DAMN VOCABULARY”, that blows my mind.

    At the risk of wearing out my copy of, Webster’s New World Dictionary, (Third College Edition), I was forced to find a way of defining the myriad of words that flow effortless from your pen.

    I found one.

    Mozilla Firefox has an add-on that lets you first highlight, then right click to produce a window that offers to research the highlighted word in Wikpedia or define it in Webster’s.

    Thank God!

    I’ve cut the time required to read your articles, (and understand) them, in half.

    Keep us thinking Larry.

  12. Patient,

    Sorry for the words, even though I managed to escape the liberal cesspool known as the public schools, (skuhls) I always used my library card.

    When I was young, my grandmother used to challenge me to find a word in the dictionary that she didn’t know the definition of. I would look feverishly, each time failing to stump her.


    In less than 24 hours, the liberals have provided me with over 5,000 words, three articles (the next “Squarehead At The Roundtable” is already done and will be put up later tonight..) and two Thoughts Of The Day (“Another One Bites The Dust” will be out later tonight.)

    Thanks for your kind words.


  13. please terminate asap…obama bin laden

  14. Georgia Dawg

    You my friend are on a roll, why is it that in only a few years since our Republic was born, all the things that were so right and carried our nation to greatness are all bad, and the left’s evil
    that will destroy her is all good.
    Can our people wake up in time to keep this ship
    afloat, ‘we can only pray”..
    My friend you have what it takes to make a difference,don’t lose it…

  15. Dawg,

    Nietsche’s “Transvaluation”:

    Old virtues become sin, old sins become virtues.

    That is my take on it.

    Thanks as always,


  16. Alfred E Newman! classic…what me worry? lol…apparently BHO may have to institute a “draft” in order to get anybody with qualifications to work at Treasury . No one with ideas to fix the financial mess wants to be anywhere near the place. Of course the only thing BHO seems to want to do is fund every liberal wish list, everything EXCEPT address the banking problem. So as the financial life of the country twists in the wind, BHO and all of his liberal cronies steal more of our wealth to fund all their collectivist wet dreams. And the cheering section (MSM) does absolutely nothing. When will the people wake up? BTW did you happen to notice how BHO’s foreign policy “experts” reacted to China’s confrontation with the US in the South China Sea. The word will spread fast, that BHO is a pussy, easily pushed around.

  17. tsnamm,

    Makes sense to me..

    We have Bernie Madoff and his “ponzi scheme”..

    We have Obama who is a “pansy schemer”..

    What do you think, my friend?

    Thanks as always,


  18. Family,

    In a matter of moments, I will be putting up “Squarehead At The Roundtable” here and “Another One Bites The Dust” over at the “Thought Of The Day”..

    Keep the comments coming. Nothing thrills me more than seeing 100 or more comments on every article.

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Thanks to all of you as always,


  19. Larry,

    If you watched Sean Hannity tonight he spoke of the latest “ideas” about health care for our soldiers. He (Obama) believes that our soldiers who were injured need to find their own health care through private coverage. So that means in defending our Country when a soldier is badly injured he thinks they should sign up for United Healthcare to have his injuries treated.

    This jerk, if he had a brain would be more dangerous. Unbelievable.

  20. Do you know that downsizeDC is already working to pass a ‘One subject at a Time’ Act.
    See it here;

  21. Larry, wonderful article. As usual. You’ve hit the nail right on the finger.

    Patient in PA…what is the add on you mentioned for Firefox? I want to get that as I know it will make it easier for my old mind to get properly connected to Larry’s writing. I agree…it’s the Vocabulary, Stupid! (That sounds like my 10th grade English teacher.)

    Arthur Nankervis …thank you for your reference to the article in WND. Absolutley spot on. I’ve sent it to a myriad of friends and liberals alike. Should be required reading in all PolySci classes in every school in the nation.

  22. Patient in PA…I found the answer (literally). The add-on is “Answers 2.48”, an add on for firefox. I just tried it and it is awesome.

  23. Margaret in CT

    As usual, I’m having trouble putting into words the thoughts I’m having this a.m. How blessed we are to have Larry to crystalize the conservative philosophy as the socialists continue to unleash “Fedzilla” (got that one today from Ted Nugent, “Human Events,” “Fedzilla Goes Quack”) on the still-unsuspecting populace. I say “unsuspecting” because I don’t think that those who were in school in the seventies have any idea what uncontrolled government spending does to the country. They were unborn or young children when Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society set Fedzilla I into motion. Guided by their “educator/indoctrinators” (from my generation of hippie philosophers) their thinking ranges from A to B: Take the money from the “rich” and give it to the “poor” in the form of food stamps, federal housing, “child care,” and unlimited spending on “education.” Done! Now, let’s go to the beach. In other words, they think the lovely life style that their country has provided for much of their lives will continue without interruption. They don’t realize that “the beach” now has a whopping entry fee that they and their children will pay long after the sun sets on life as they knew it.

    It’s obvious from the postings on this Web site that the thinking of some of that generation ranges across the complete spectrum from A to Z. Those who managed to avoid being totally brainwashed realize what a complete failure the Great Society was. It suppressed initiative among the poor, transformed our schools so that many who “graduate” are functionally illiterate, gave us a thriving underground economy headquartered in the Federal housing projects, and destroyed the nuclear family. I have some hope that as the Fedzilla onslaught begins to interrupt the “trip to the beach” of the younger generations, they will realize the havoc that some of my generation has wreaked and will reject this socialist catastrophe out of hand.

  24. Ronald,

    Your link never showed up.

    Send it through again.


  25. Margaret,

    Please head over to the “Thought Of The Day”.

    In your honor, “An Answer For Margaret” came to mind.

    Thanks for the spark..


  26. Margaret,

    Please consider The “Thought Of The Day’s” “An Answer For Margaret” to be my St. Patricks Day gift to you..


  27. Exactly Larry…and over at Treasury no one on the bridge to steer the ship…full speed ahead!!

  28. I just saw today’s newspaper headline that said AIG execs were getting $165 million in bonuses, despite the company now having received $170 in “funny money” from the Federalistas. It seems that AIG’s “hands are tied” because it is “contractually obligated.” (The bonuses range from $1,000 to $6.5 million.)

    Woo whee! What kind of executive gets a $1,000 perk? The CEO of the janitors? It looks like everyone there is “on the take”, including the “lowliest of the low.”

    I can hear it now: “Come on, get your free chocolate cookies while they are still hot!”

  29. Thanks Larry. Keep hittin em out of the park. I wish more people would see whats really going on. Oh that we had a Free Press and not leftist Kool Aid Drinkers who pretend to be objective!

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