Rote Recitations

Princess Porcelain Puss, or Nancy “Where’s my 727” Pelosi is without question the premier “purveyor of partisan politics”. If you ask her, the “problem” lies with others. No, the “problem” is Pelosi’s lies..

In an article entitled, “Pelosi Denies She’s Partisan, Accuses GOP of ‘Process’ Politics”, Pelosi, a nearly seventy year old liberal with absolutely no conscience (or wrinkles..) whatsoever, isn’t “bothered” by what others have to say about her. You have to admire her feral concentration, the defiled Demokrats have a “mission” and this shameless serpent is the best choice to “lead” the progressive pogrom. “Pelosi denies she’s partisan”? Next we will hear, “Moore denies he’s obese” or “Reid denies he’s a rodent”..

Nancy Pelosi comes from the left coast, specifically the “city by the gay”. Pelosi hails from one of the “safest Democratic districts in the country”. The dystrophic deviants there have voted Demokratic since 1949 and Pelosi has been sent back eleven times to continue her dirty work. She has never participated in a debate or forum against other candidates and she is one of the largest contributors to other like-minded Demokratic destructivists. Another reason for that “dis-stink-tion” is that she is one of the richest members of Congress, estimated to have at least fifty million dollars in allegedly above board assets. As with all of the “monied” liberals, if you were allowed unfettered access to all of their bank books and “portfolios”, a large number of multi-million dollar “accidental oversights” or “mistakes” would undoubtedly be unearthed.

The lapse in logic that prompted Dick Gephardt to run for the Presidency in 2004, allowed the veteran virago to step up from House Minority Whip (With liberal racism being so “transparent”, I find this “Minority” and “Whip” title for a Demokrat to be all too coincidental and all too appropriate..) to the Minority Leader spot in 2002.

One of the Pelosi “bipartisan” victories very early into her tenure as Minority leader was the defeat of the privatization of Social Security. The Demokratic dominatrix “imposed intense party discipline” (she just can’t get away from the Whip thing..) which led to the defeat of the measure. Please note that in 2009, this type of party “unanimity” is otherwise known as being “acrimonious” or “process politics”.

Pelosi also worked against the bringing of impeachment proceedings against Bush. In a way, you have to feel for someone whose primary responsibility it is to hand out the psychotropic medications to her parasitic party members who caper and cavort under the liberal hammer and sickle flag before they expose their Demokratic disorders to the CSPAN cameras in the gallery..

This was no “bipartisan” favor for Bush. The primary difference between the impeachment of Clinton and the ridiculous rumors of an impeachment for Bush was that Clinton was GUILTY of at least one impeachable offense. On the other hand, the maladjusted mental meanderings of lunatic liberals like Dennis “I’ve seen a UFO” Kucinich and Robert Wexler had absolutely no basis in fact. (Fact: a liberal four letter word, to be included with “work” and “soap”..)

The liberal histrionics and diarrhea epidemics had to do with America and its War on Terror, a war that still frightens the liberals more than their friends, the radicals on the rugs.. Pelosi knew that the liberal “Chamberlainian impulse” along with a spotlight suddenly cast upon their cowardly “appeasement gene” and the liberal aversion to defending America from attack, would all stand in the way of the plan to take the midterm elections by deceit.

Even through the “historic moment for the women of this country ” driven drivel of her speech in acceptance of her new role as Speaker of the House, the liberal urge to lie was too much to restrain, “I accept his gavel in the spirit of partnership, not partisanship”.. “We may belong to different parties but we serve one country”.. The only people who actually get the olive branch from the liberals are the terrorists and their enablers because the fact is, they both share similar objectives for the American economy and its citizens which makes for a perfect progressive partnership.

Compulsive lying is reflexive to the Botox Bolshevik who was quoted in the article as saying, “There seems to be a market for saying that I am very partisan.” A “market”? Not big enough, try a “mall”.. She prattled on, “Republicans were complaining about the legislative process as a political ploy because they were losing the battle.”

To the left, “the legislative process” has become null and void because, “I won.” The “complaining” was the result of the liberal demands for complete compliance with their desire to “hurry” their chicanery through and the LACK of what used to pass for a “political process”. Here was a bill that truly made “history”, nothing of this ridiculous magnitude had ever been tabled before and the liberals wanted it passed sight unseen. The reality was that the left was “complaining” that their “political ploy” of subverting the “political process” was meeting with sensible resistance.

“If you can’t win on policy, then you go to process”. “If you can’t win on process, then you go to personality”.. Try, if you can, to follow the bouncing Bolshevik ball.. Any step away from the rote recitations of the stock Demokratic diversions always causes the liberals to stumble. (They invariably remind me of when Private Louden Downey is on the stand in “A Few Good Men” .. “Hal…Hal..”)

The opposition disagreed with the “policy” of “infinite deficits and perpetual promissory notes”, they were not allowed to be a part of the “process” and identifying Pelosi as being politically “partisan” is “personal”. “Partisan” is not defamation of character when applied to Pelosi, it is definition of character.

Allow me just TWO examples of liberal credibility/partisanship. FLIP: “The deficit is going to be a symbol of their credibility problem, and the budget is going to be the document we use”, Rham Emanuel (L-Ill. then, Obama Generalissimo now) over a $375 billion dollar deficit.. (USA Today 02/21/04 “Democrats will use deficits to attack Bush, GOP credibility”.) FLOP: The opposition also disagreed with the “speed” demands from the formerly methodical Marxists who used to weep and moan, “Where’s the exit plan?”/”We rushed into war”..

Who can forget the “good old days” when “complaining” was progressively patriotic.. Connecticut, 2003: “I am sick and tired of people who say that if we debate and you disagree with this administration somehow you are not patriotic.. (Liberals absolutely aren’t and to prove it, their idea of being “patriotic” is having everyone else paying more taxes, right, Joe?) “We should stand up and say we are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration..” The “acrimonious” ways of old have to give way to the “historic” President and Speaker and their Demokratic destructiveness.

“I can’t be bothered about what they say about me, all I am interested in is getting the job done”.. When Pelosi speaks, combined with the liberal aversion to “definitional specificity”, this “job” part is what concerns the cognizant amongst us.


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  1. Great article Larry. On point as always.

  2. I wonder what Piglosi would say if she ever learned that her job, as Speaker of the House, is to represent the interests of the American people! Apparently, the libs believe their only job is to destroy America and anybody who tries to defend her.

  3. Todd,

    You have to also wonder about the merely ceremonial position itself.

    Historically, the Speaker never involves themselves in floor debate and they almost never vote.

    The Speaker choses the overwhelming majority of those on the “Rules Committee”, so you can see why there are “no rules” within this branch of the liberal armada, they can’t find a single liberal to pass the pedestrian “vetting” process, sort of like the Treasury Department..

    They just, depending upon the vanity of the Speaker, make alot of noise to the impartial press and, depending upon the Speaker, inhibit the process once known as democracy.

    Thanks as always,


  4. Princess Porcelain Puss, shameless serpent, “city by the gay”, veteran virago, Demokratic dominatrix, the radicals on the rugs, Botox Bolshevik,,,OMG. I can’t read for all the tears of laughter streaming down my face.

    Well, that’s nothing new. You have them zeroed in and are firing at will. What’s even better, you are hitting them with every salvo, right where they live.

    Keep up the wonderful work. I’ve got to convince my liberal “friends” (no they’re not Amish, although I do live in Ohio) that what they are accustomed to believing in is absolute trash and must be removed from whatever remains of their brainwashed neuron cells. Your dissertations go a long way toward helping me achieve that dubious goal.

    Never give in…
    Never give up…
    We surround them!

  5. Wow.
    I’m going to call you Hammer.
    You hit every nail on the head!

    Pelosi was worth $90 million, back in Sept.
    Now I understand why she’s taking the debit card away from Sultan Obama.

    That’s NOT the letter I’ve been using!

    When P-word Pelosi became Speaker, and became ‘boss’ of all the Kongressional Kommittees with all their top secret information on the war, what was the first thing she did?
    She donned her little scarf, made a beeline for Syria, subjugated herself as a second-class citizen, and then had closed-door meetings with the ENEMY.
    We have no idea what they talked about, or what information she passed along.
    However, we do know that, within 2 DAYS of her return to the US, the Green Zone in Baghdad (one of the most secure areas in the world), was bombed – for the first time—- EVER.

    New Websters addition:
    Partisan Pelosi: Bay Area Bolshevik Bullshitter.


  6. KC,

    You are too kind.

    “Converting” the liberal is a difficult task.

    If they are employed, have them produce a check stub. Show them the liberal “deductions” and ask, “wouldn’t it have been nice if YOU could have spent that as opposed to the government?” Try this as close to April 15th of the year as you can.

    Take them to the closest “large” metropolitan area. Take print outs of the area’s crime statistics, drive the streets, point out the “Obama zombies” shopping in trash cans and sitting in puddles of their own making. Say, “Maybe if the left hadn’t turned the government into an adult day care center with their handouts, these people might be productive, other than just reproductive..”

    I would suggest at least one exorcism and always have garlic, a cross and a wooden stake on hand in case things go south..

    Thanks for being in the trenches fighting the good fight with “the Family.”


  7. Stitch,

    I’ve seen you in the ring, YOU are the “Hammer”..

    No one has ever disproved your “green zone” theory. I am glad that you again brought it up. The MSM chose to ignore it, No one at NLTZ should ever forget it.

    Thanks as always, kid.

    P.S. Family, don’t forget: Go to Youtube, put c128d into the search bar for the “Five minutes with Stitch”. Mandatory conservative insight.


  8. Today’s petition is to support Israel.

    I’m not sure if I heard it right, but did Hillary offer a scholarship to the Palestinian. As Obama and Clinton send the Gaza 900 million of taxpayer’s money, after Israel’s offensive against Hamas and strengthen the Palestinian Authority. So, Obama has pledged $300 to Israel and the rest goes to Palestine.

    Then, last week on the ticker at Fox News it said that she would give a scholarship of Million-Dollar Scholarship Program for Palestinian Students. Huh?

    American taxpayer funds to pay for a Palestinian student to go to college.

    Here’s the write up from

    Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has announced a new million-dollar scholarship program to help Palestinian students enroll at Palestinian and American universities.

    Mrs. Clinton announced the Middle East Partnership Initiative during a visit to this Palestinian town last week. The four-year program will support about 10 scholarships each year for disadvantaged students to attend four-year courses at Palestinian universities. The program will also offer 25 “opportunity grants” to enable promising but disadvantaged young Palestinians to apply to American-accredited institutions in the United States or the Middle East, a State Department official told The Chronicle.

    Once funds are approved by Congress, Mrs. Clinton hopes to begin the program in the 2010-11 academic years. The money is in addition to $900-million in aid to the Palestinian Authority announced by the secretary last week at the donors’ conference, in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

    During her visit to an American-sponsored English-language teaching program in Ramallah, Mrs. Clinton said the opportunity grants would create “a larger pool of capable young men and women from places like the West Bank and Gaza” who can “compete along with students in other countries for the opportunity to further their academic training in America.” The secretary spoke on a youth program aired by Palestinian Authority TV.

    Last year several Palestinian students from Gaza who were awarded Fulbright scholarships ran into difficulty entering Israel to complete the application process, and two of them were subsequently denied entry visas to the United States on security grounds.

    Micaela Schweitzer-Bluhm, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem, said efforts were being made to enable Gazans to participate in American-sponsored projects despite the security challenges.

    “We’ve had several dozen Gazans participate in our programs over the last few months, both educational and professional,” said Ms. Schweitzer-Bluhm.

    “It is difficult,” she said. “It’s a challenge to bring Gazans to participate in these programs, but we go through great lengths to try and facilitate their participation, and we have advance coordination with the Israelis to get them the necessary permits.” —Matthew Kalman

    So my guess, and knowing these two liberal jerks, the “Palestinian” student could also be a member of the Hamas. They will be more unlikely to investigate what the student political leanings are.

    Well many of us were disenchanted by the Obama’s “take” on the Middle East, specifically Israel. Are fears have risen to the surface. The part that pisses me off is they are using American taxpayer’s money to hand it over to an enemy combatant of our allied, Israel. There are poor and bright Americans who want to go to College. Worry about us then worry about a Country that harbors radicals.

  9. Eileen,

    03/10/2009 “Promising But Disadvantaged”,

    The Thought Of The Day on the Palestinian freebies.

    Don’t forget the Obama directive from late JANUARY allowing unfettered and compensated Palestinian emigration from the Gaza strip..

    They never let you down..

    Do you subscribe to The Thought Of The Day?


  10. Eileen,
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama would prefer the students to be from Hamas. That would go right along with his opinion of Israel and our own Constitution. Unfortunately, this country is harboring more than it’s share of radicals, too; just look at Congress and Obama’s friends.

  11. Conservatives lost another voice in Hollywood this weekend. The once ultra-liberal actor, Ron Silver, 62, succumbed to esophageal cancer after fighting it for two years. Silver is one of the creators of the conservative group known as the Creative Coalition. I’m a member and have donated to their cause in the past. Silver spoken at the 2004 Republican Convention and abandon the liberal Democrats after 9/11. If you want to find out more about his organization he helped create, go to

  12. Margaret in CT

    ‘“Partisan” is not defamation of character when applied to Pelosi, it is definition of character.” How true, Larry.

    You have seen it happen many times: “Bipartisanship” is always called for by newly elected presidents, and it is always a one-way street in the direction of the democrat side of the aisle. Thus, all democrats are by definition partisan. As Rush Limbaugh has said, “That is who they are.” How many times does this have to happen before the wussy republicans stop supporting efforts at bipartisanship and “changing the culture” in Washington?

    The democrat leadership and their komrades always end up holding “star chamber” meetings to plot ways to trample on the Constitution and confiscate our property and the republicans always react with “outrage.” The whole thing would be ho-hum, except that now they have gone a bridge too far and seek fascist domination. I don’t want to convert liberals, just vote them out of our path so that we can turn our country in the “right” direction.

  13. Family, if you are able and there is one near you, please sign up for an event. While it takes a bit of work the results last a lifetime for all who participate. April 18-19 in Ma. Happy hunting.

  14. The latest from liberal-land:

    A school district nearby has proclaimed tomorrow “Cultural Day” because they feel St. Patrick’s Day is too “biased”.

    This is one of the (many) reason my kids go to private school.

  15. Stitch,

    You are absolutely right about Peelosi and her trip to Syria. What’s more it was totally illegal as her standing as a representative/congressperson of our government. It was not condoned by President Bush, the Secretary of State or Congress. Her action was in violation of the laws of the Constitution of the United States yet no one did anything.

    That is part of the problems America has today. The politicians are not held accountable, either by the media, the public or our judicial system for the wrongs they perpetrate on the guiding laws of our country. It’s like everyone says, “Oh well.” Dumbasses……

  16. I find your Green Zone theory compelling, and has just enough circumstancial evidence that a Special Investigation ought to have been called by the Bush White House. Of course, the libs would never have allowed this to happen. With liberals, treason is in their blood, liars are on their lips, and our money is their eyes. Had a President with more cajones been in charge at the time, all of these yutzes would have been hauled off to Club Gitmo, pending charges of treason. What difference that would have made in the 2008 Election.

  17. Haven’t we all heard and seen enough? ENOUGH already. AIG pays out $165 million in bonuses….FOR WHAT?
    Can anyone explain why after the Federal Government bailed them out and we the taxpayers own 80% of this “too big to fail farce” the “assholes” in Washington didn’t put stipulations on spending….and said “all bets are off?” Does anyone know or care who got “paid off?”
    Does anyone know or care why Citibank lent $8 billion of TARP funds to an unknown entity in Dubai? A country who has more money than “GOD?”
    The last 50 days reminds me of the story my father told me about being torpedoed during WWII…and the “shell shock” he experienced for 6 months following.
    I’ve never been an activist…never felt the need…until now.
    Is there no end to this nightmare?

  18. No Rayne. Learn to shoot.

  19. The tent marked AIG being the only one marked for a bailout happens to be the insurerer of Congress’ retirement. Gee, Tonto, wonder how all the indians qualified for that money?

    Ol Obamaears is throwing a prissy fit according to Associated Press, in “joining a wave of public anger” he’s “blistered”? AIG for recklessness and greed. Let’s see now, the same recklessness and greed is what got the company into the problems it faces in the first place, the dimwit democrats bailed them out, they continue with the same practices and now they’re getting pissed? Like Duh! What is that definition of stupidity? You bang your head into a wall repeatedly and expect different results?

    Obama went on to say, “How do they justify this outrage to the taxpayers who are keeping the company afloat.” This isn’t a matter of dollars and cents, it’s a matter of our fundamental values.”

    I would like nothing better than to get in his face and remind of that when it comes to his ‘stimulus plan.’

  20. Let us not forget, one of Sultan Obamies other campaign promises was to “close corporate loopholes” and this would somehow pay the trillions and trillions in new spending.
    Of course, no one, FRIKKEN NO ONE, can explain how a company like GM, only worth about $1 billion, has already been loaned $14 billion, and is back at the trough with their hand out – again, can PAY any more taxes.
    How the hell do you loan a company $14+ billion and expect them to pay more taxes??
    More than what?
    More than $14 billion?????????
    Its a joke.
    Obamie is the Clown.
    And we’re all sitting in the audience.
    Waiting for this damn thing to be over with.


  21. I’m afraid that our government, its legislature and various agencies, departments and divisions no longer care what “We, the People” want anymore. Everything now appears to be a game for them. The longer the game continues the worse it will get. I’m not blaming just the liberal Democrats, it is all of them. I think the American public has had enough of the bureaucratic bullshit. Nothing will ever change unless all voters start holding their state and districts representatives accountable. This last election it was only the Republicans that held their representative libel, mostly the RINO’s.

    A friend here in Alabama who has been very critical of this current administration, she wrote a letter to the Editor of our local newspaper and the local radio shows have picked up the mantle, everyone has been irate over all this nonsense. She received in the mail today that she will be audited by the IRS for the last 5 years. We are both thinking there is nothing wrong with her taxes; she had them done by Hewlett-Jackson who will have to explain some of her deductions to the local IRS Office. It’s more political I think then anything else.

    I think it is a start for some more things to happen to conservatives in this Country. What has her so irate is that Obama’s Cabinet members as well as his Treasury pick Tim Geithner (who still can’t find a staff, let alone a competitive staff), failed to pay their taxes, yet she has and they are questioning her over deduction in hers. When she goes there to speak with them, she promises to “rip them a new one.”

    I think it is about time for American to demand term limits of the frauds in power. If they signed the Bills over the last 5 months, included earmarks, special projects the benefited them financially should be removed. Being a Senator or Congressman was never supposed to be a full time, life time positions .Kennedy, Byrd, Stevens (removed) etc. If you pull up the Senate stats on who has been in their seat the longest. They are mostly Democrats. What has always concerned me is that the longer in Office the more likely they will cheat, steal, lie and take bribes as with Stevens. Byrd has been in Office since 1959. His held that job longer than I’ve been alive. I don’t believe that’s what our founders had in mind. How many building, monuments, and federal buildings in the state Capitol does he have his name on for the residents of West Virginia? I’m expecting to see everyone’s dog house will honor him by naming it, Bruits Byrd Dog House. Over that last 50 years just how much pork/earmarks did the state of WV get? Plenty is my guess and the evidence of the buildings erected in his name is the proof of wasteful spending. Go to the Senate site to get how long they’ve been at their jobs.

    Is Gitmo US land? If it is we can turn it into a spa. Then the enemy combatants would want to stay. They are given free medical aid on the taxpayer’s dime. One Muslim Extremist was given a $75,000 prosthetic leg when he tried to kill Americans and the bomb went off accidentally. He was captured and brought to Gitmo. He stayed rent free, given 3 meals a day, showers, etc. He blew his leg off and we gave him medical care, etc. They try to rehabilitate this Muslim Terrorist and he returned to his Country and the al-Qaeda to kill Americans again. But, he screwed up again but this time there was nothing to save. He died trying to kill Americans.

    In New Jersey we had a maximum Prison very close to my home. It housed some of the most ghastly criminals (Diana Downs is being held their after she escaped twice from Wal Wal in Washington state. She killed her youngest daughter, shot and paralyzes her son, and shot her oldest daughter in the face and neck. Both children will be permanently damaged for the remained of their lives. She signed her kid’s parental rights as did her former husband. The Prosecutor who tried Diane in court and his wife adopted both children. They are doing much better, but Robbie will always have limited movement and will be confided to a wheelchair for life. Interested in this story you should read Small Scarifies by Ann Rule.)

    Anyway, Clinton, New Jersey housed some of the most dangerous criminals in the US. From what I see on Gitmo on TV, it looks like a Club Med compared to the Clinton Maximum Prison. They should count themselves lucky.

  22. Arthur Nankervis

    In learning of the death of Mr. Ron Silver and reading Roger Simon’s ‘In Memoriam’ (PJM) and subsequent re-post of Ron’s article on ‘Fear’, I decided to once again view The Movie : ‘TIMECOP’, one of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s better movies. Ron Silver plays a corrupt senator and very well, I might add. If you are able, it is well worth the time to view ‘TimeCop’ as it portrays, almost to the letter, what is going on in Washington today. You will see (at the conference in Washington) how business is done as well as frightening likenesses to some characters of the current administration. There are some role reversals, but you will see: The arrogant AA (asking for money); Barney Frank smoking a pipe (for a change); The oily Senator McComb (can be applied to any one of the Liberal Senator on the hill); and just for a laugh, you’ll see how the socialists have been able to finance their run at control of government. As well as giving food for thought, ‘TimeCop’ is a most enjoyable movie. Enjoy if you can.


  23. blue state blues- RWG

    You guys are the best and the brightest. Thank God Larry got us all together and that he continues to provide us with intellectual sustenance. Every week I look forward to the articles and the subsequent posts. Without the clarity that prevails on this site I might lose my mind.

    It is becoming increasingly harder for me to believe that there is a sound, logical, solution that will eventually emerge from the ashes of the disaster that is being perpetrated upon us by Obama and Pelosi. Rather, I believe that we may never be able to undo the damage they are doing and remove the shackles that will be placed upon us by this regime.

    We are being railroaded into poverty and dependence on big government and foreign oil and foreign governments. We are borrowing ourselves into dependence on China. There wasn’t a single penny spent, in either stimulus package, on developing our oil reserves or nuclear power. It has to be a willful act of malfescience to deliberately place the US in a position where we will soon be subjected to hideous oil prices from foreign producers. And it will happen soon. The idiotic notion that we can put up enough wind mills and solar panels to offset our oil consumption is folly for imbeciles. Obama is dooming us and the congress is complicit.

    You cannot tell me that Obama and Pelosi didn’t know that AIG was sending billions of the stimulus they received to foreign governments. You cannot tell me that they didn’t know that AIG was going to give hundreds of millions out in executive bonuses. You cannot tell me that they gave hundreds of billions of the dollars to the financial community without knowing where that money was going. They are complicit in raping and violating every American tax payer on multiple counts and they are getting ready to do it again.

    It will take an incredible act of courage to get rid of these radicals and thieves and I don’t believe that the majority of Americans are up for it.

    We will either have to shut up and bare it or stop sending in the checks. The only way to stop the insanity is to either change conductors or get off the train.

  24. Arthur, I too was a fan of Ron Silver. Living near NYC, I was able to see him live on Broadway and he wowed everyone. He was amazing actor.

    He was the classic working actor. He did stage, film and television. He had roles on a number of television series from Chicago Hope, ER, The Practice, The West Wing, Law and Order: SVU, Wiseguys and Rockford Files to name a few.

    Some of my favorite films of his are TimeCop (actually one of the rare Van Dammes films that’s watchable.), Reversal of Fortune (Sunny von Bülow appeal. He played real life lawyer Alan Dershowitz), Blue Steel, Silkwood, just to name a few. But, my all time favorite was the Billionaires Boys Club. He was always attracted to real life events. The Billionaire TV mini series was a true story and got me interested in Ron Silver as an actor. The story was about was depicted was an authentic case: Ron Levin, a wealthy businessman has disappeared. No body is found, but there was a list with instructions in his house – a recipe for murder. Its author is the defendant. The successful young business man had formed a team of prestigious former fellow students for a risky project which should make them all rich. His partners claim they didn’t know about the means.

    I always believed he was a patriot and a good guy. He was passionate about the US and always wanted to do what was right. He became a 9/11 conservative and since then he remained a conservative. He said growing up in NYC and living there most of his life he was distraught when the towers fell. I remember seeing an interview that he gave the local WCBS station, like everyone living in or near New York City, he was numb after a while. You watched them fall, but I and co-workers watched them fall live, in person, so I knew how he felt. Take an opportunity to rent or watch any of his films mention above, you won’t be disappointed. Rest in peace Ron. You will be missed.

  25. *Porcelain Puss:).
    *Look up on YouTube “Maxine Waters Socialism”.
    *Did you hear L-Durbin introduced a Killer talk radio bill? It’s in the works but I don’t know how it will work/operate etc.
    *Porcelain Puss, you just wanted to trump Tokyo-Pelosi, you did:)

  26. Fannie Mae Eases Credit to Aid Mortgage Lending – New York Times

    September 30, 1999

    By Steven A. Holmes

  27. Danno,

    While the White House says it doesn’t want to re-inforce the Fairness Doctrine, it seems to be trying to implement it through Durbin’s bill via the “Center For American Progress’s proposal. (And I thought only Nancy lied)

    This proposal, becoming known as “Son of Fairness Doctrine”, would have the same results without actually passing the Fairness Doctrine itself.

    The Center For American Progress new regulatory scheme is the same. It wants to regulate/penalize conservative talk radio and force far left veiwpoints on American listeners.

  28. 2006 quotes of perilous Pelosi;

    “Elect us and the price of gas will go down.”

    “You don’t need God anymore, you have us democrats.”

    Further study of this senility’s effect when combined with in-breeding would prove to be interesting. But not within the confines of our Congress. This spectral Speaker should be removed to a nice quite lab and given a box of crayons.

  29. Danno, the web site link for the NY Times article doesn’t work. Besides deleting the three periods at the end, you probably need to add more characters. When you print a web page that has more characters than the top right-side of the page will show (with the three periods), it means that there are more characters in the URL.

  30. Alabama Redneck

    Larry and family. Thank you all once again for an outstaning article and all of your comments. As a senior citizen taking care of my invalid wife I find great comfort and hope in all of your comments. So my heartfelt thanks to all.

    Eileen.. I prize your comments not only for your obvious knowledge but also as a fellow Alabaman. You sound like you are either a military wife or a military brat. Either way it works for me.

    Amy… Good to know you are back. Missed your comments while you were gone.. Want to read some more of your rapier tongue.

    Stitch.. As usual your commets are right on and yet amusing. Hope you never change.

    Good to see so many new people in the family. Just proves that Larry is a leader and someone we can all support. He all ready has enough material from Never Never Land to write for the next ten years.

    Madam Pelosi (and I do mean Madam because you run the largest string of pimps and prostitutes in this country) may I just say that you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still just a pig as in Piglosi.

    Once again my thanks to all.

    Never give up. I am still buying ammo while it is available.

  31. Michele: “Culture Day” ? Hah! Next will be the abolition of birthdays among students. It’s unfair that only one person becomes the favorable focus. Liberal mental midgets.

  32. Alabama,

    Our best to you and your Mrs.

    I hope that all is well with her and our prayers for the both of you will be heading your way.

    Thanks as always for being part of the family.


  33. Joe,

    Well I am afraid if a liberal’s mouth is moving they are generally lying.


    Some news from the land of liberal thinkers in Hollywood land comes the sudden protests regarding taxes policies from NY State Democratic Governor David Paterson.
    From the Hot Air site I saw this article. We’re constantly told that taxes don’t matter to business and investors, but listen to that noted supply-side economist, Alec Baldwin. The actor recently rebuked New York Governor David Paterson for threatening to try to help close the state’s $7 billion budget deficit by canceling a 35% tax credit for films shot in the Big Apple.
    “I’m telling you right now,” Mr. Baldwin declared, “if these tax breaks are not reinstated into the budget, film production in this town is going to collapse, and television is going to collapse and it’s all going to go to California.” Well, well. Apparently taxes do matter, at least when it comes to filming “30 Rock” in Manhattan.
    Believe it or not, Mr. Baldwin’s views are shared across the movie industry, which is pleading in state capitals across the country for most-favored-tax status. Hollywood productions are highly mobile and can film just about anywhere. So they have taken to shopping around the country — and the world — for the most lucrative tax avoidance deal.
    So it appears they still want to use other people’s money. They are afraid that the jobs would dry up. They are only concerned when it affects them. To read the full article go here.
    We are so lucky to have these people point out all the bad behavior.

  34. Alabama Redneck,

    No, I am not a military brat, what I am is a very proud American who believes that are military men and women provide a service for this Country and try to fight those who want to destroy us and our allies. Most of the men in my family have served at some point in the military.

    I love my Country very much and don’t want to ever see it failed and up till 9/11 until now, it appears that our political leaders are trying to destroy it. Look at what’s currently happening in Europe, especially uk, who are now being told what they want and demand from the Muslim that have taken more control over their government.

    That will be us if we don’t stop it now.

    Your statement was a great moral booster though.

    I’m sorry to hear that your wife is ill. I hope all is well otherwise. Hang tough everyone. We can take these jerks down.

    Never give up, never give in and say never again!

  35. blue state blues- RWG

    Eileen and friends;
    Neil Cavuto opened his show with a scene from Moon Struck where Cher’s character slaps Nick Cage’s character across the face and says sternly and loudly, “Wake up”!! He then cut to Liberal Democrats threatening all kinds of action over the $165 million dollar bonus package that AIG gave it’s derivatives traders. So, for sure, some Libs are waking up and other are just faking outrage.

    Folks, as far as I am concerned, we are witnessing the biggest heist in the history of the world. While the MSM and the vaudevillian Democrats like Schumer, Frank and Obama, feign outrage over the $165,000,000 that got paid out by AIG, $1,200,000,000,0000 went out the back door to God knows where. They are using the $165 mill as a ruse to divert our attention from the fact that we just got fleeced for hundreds of billions. AIG alone sent $66 Billion dollars to European banks. In the front door and out the back.

    Where’s the damn Budget and Accounting office. If this were a bank robbery and the bandits got away with $1 million we would have 1000 FBI agents, 500 ATF agents, and 1000 assorted other law enforcement people all over it.

    Now Schumer wants to tax the recipients of the AIG bonus at 100% to teach them a lesson. What are we………..stupid. That is never gonna happen and it shouldn’t happen and he knows it.

    The fact is that AIG and other banks should have been allowed to become insolvent. Filing bankruptcy would have protected assets during a reorganization. Then, if the Democrats were really so anxious to provide a rescue, the Fed could have become the Stalking Horse in the bankruptcy and purchased all the assets for a lot less then it cost us to buy 90% of AIG. The bankruptcy would have also voided the lucrative contracts that just cost us $165 million.

    That would have been the right thing to do. But that would have put a bankruptcy judge and whole friggin army of accountants into the picture. NOT something the Dems wanted. They don’t want anybody following this money trail. Oh they’ll throw us a bone and pretend to be outraged by the $165 million. But what happened to the hundreds of billions?? It’s gone and no one is answering.

    Change conductors or get off the train!

  36. I just sent an email to Fox News and Megyn Kelley regarding these AIG Contracts. Here is what was sent.


    I’ve worked for large companies in the Contract Department and we worked closely
    with the Legal Department. Every single contract had an out clause that should they not
    meet they contractual obligations, we wouldn’t have to pay them and the contract would be
    null and void. So, I’m having a hard time believing that AIG and their contracts with
    these Executives didn’t contain that same type of out clause. Your a lawyer so what do
    you think?

  37. G. Nichols: Treason? You must be mistaken. We don’t punish treason, sedition, etc., anymore. That would have required a president with the courage to do the right thing. Even though I voted for W twice, he wouldn’t do the right thing in this regard. Must have been ‘afraid’ of angering Old Media or that people wouldn’t ‘like’ him or something. These days, it’s perfectly okay to hand over our military secrets to most any country if there’s a political donation in it. It’s also perfectly okay to travel to countries involved in war against us or that support our enemies and have ‘discussions’ with them (Kerry, Piglosi, etc.) that could be tantamount to aiding and abetting. Treason and sedition are terms about things that used to be punishable by death, in some cases. But not anymore. We have ‘progressed’ beyond that. s/

  38. blue state blues- RWG

    The truth is that there is a number a ways that they could have avoided paying those contracts including as you described to Megan. They also could have and should have filed bankruptcy. Then those bonus babies would have to get in line to get paid pennies on the dollar like the rest of the creditors. But that is not the plan as orchestrated by Barney, Obama and Geithner. This was a fraudulent heist of hundreds of billions and this little pimple called bonus money is a distraction to draw attention away from the big theft.

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