Jostling For The Best Position

Just when you thought that it was safe to pick on the “evil businessmen” or to join the “beat around the Bush” leftist slugs, we have discovered that the imbecilic liberal political hacks are the ones to pick on. You have to be quick though, they specialize in oily evasions and dastardly diversions.

The “words” are flying faster and more fictitiously than they did during the Obamarama of 2008 when the beatification process was merely in the planning stages. Now the liberal bottom feeders are trying to feed off of each other like cannibalistic communists.

Just yesterday, Chris Dodd (L-Conn /”con”) was tap dancing for the bearded Bolshevik, Wolf Blitzer. According to CNN’s web site, at 5:56 PM EST, Dodd told CNN that “I added (the) bonus loophole”. That is all good and well, a liberal is taking responsibility for his irresponsibility, we may be getting somewhere.. Let us fast-forward one day. Now according to the Bloomberg web site, Dodd is now tossing the rotting “bonus” corpse back onto the stoop at the White House.

Just as the liberal team mascot was busying himself as a college basketball prognosticator, firmly ensconced within the warm and fuzzy knowledge that dopey Dodd was going to “take one for the totalitarian team”, the plan seemed to be subject to “change”.. The liberals can’t even trust each other so the adage that “there is no honor among thieves” is apparently true.

Soon after Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski, reminded the socialist sham dunker of what his responsibilities should be, (“The economy is something he should focus on, probably more than the brackets..”) Chris Dodd “Kerry’d” the homey team and the ridiculous ride upon the moronic merry go round of Demokratic politics began anew.

Dodd, the Senate Banking Committee Chairman and the most appreciative recipient of the generosity of AIG’s political benevolence, now claims that the Obama administration “asked him to insert a provision” that effectively authorized the now “outrageous” bonuses. Obama now realizes how the House Financial Services Committee Chairman feels when provisions are “inserted” by a friend..

The tried and true liberal excuse that works for a ridiculous rookie like Obama also gets trotted out by the wily veterans of the hammer and sickle party.. Dodd said that he did this “without realizing the changes would benefit AIG.” More Obama “change” “inserted” into the middle class.. “I did so at the request of administration officials, who gave no indication that this was in any way related to AIG, I was completely unaware..” Here the liberal juvenile justification of being notoriously naïve is just the liberal’s sempiternal avoidance of personal responsibility. The softies duck responsibility so often, the moronic mallards squawk when they squat..

“I was completely unaware” in no way excuses his liberal liability, except within the malignant minds of the Lilliputian left. As the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, you have an obligation to be “aware”, especially when you are personally involved in the drafting of the “New Steal”.

Then the reports of “anonymous administration sources”, who either crawled out from under the Obama desk or who are just the figments of the fertile “impartial” media’s imaginations, started to filter out. “Obama didn’t insist on the change” they all said “on the condition of anonymity”.. Not believing it. Remember that this is the candidate of “change” regardless of impact.

The solipsistic socialists are left out to dry on this one as no Republicans in the House and only three Quisling Republican Senators “supported the stimulus measure”.

The liberal “revenue reflex” is their apparent cure for their inherent ineptitude. Liberals Max Baucus and Chuckie Schumer have decided to “tax” the bonuses at the 90 percent rate which is the schematic that the Obama caliphate will emulate and inflict upon the middle class once this scandalous stink bomb manages to blow over..

Dodd doddered on, “Fortunately, we wrote this amendment in a way that allows the treasury Department to go back and recover the money for taxpayers”.. Great, a liberal loophole to replace a liberal loophole.. “Recover the money for taxpayers”? No, this “revenue” liberally stolen from the middle class will be put back into the redistributionist roulette wheel in the Offal Office. Try to follow this liberal chicanery, the liberal government takes money from us in the form of taxes, gives it to a corporation, takes it back from the corporation in the form of taxes.. Then they conveniently forget to give it back to us.. So many elitist enterprises, so little revenue..

Even useless Schumer sent out an omnivorous organ grinder and a Demokratic dancing monkey to perform for the media, “the Senator supported a provision on the Senate floor that would have prevented these types of bonuses, but he was not on the conference committee that negotiated the final language..” AKA: “It was someone else’s fault”..

Was Schumer “locked out” like the Republicans were? If Schumer was so concerned, wouldn’t the request of a liberal with as much communist clout as he has have gotten him the “final language” to peruse, “final language” that the Obama “Hurry up offense” wanted to obscure, “final language” that Schumer VOTED FOR? The Democrats have been “victimized” by their own idiotic plan of voting without any scrutiny. The liberals leaped before they looked because this was their own bill, they wouldn’t sabotage each other, would they?

The Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Barney Frank, the liberals lisping Bernie Madoff said, “I think the time has come to exercise our ownership rights”.. Barney, like all good liberal communists, wants to get his chubby sausage fingers onto another entity in order to properly and sufficiently “Obama” it. AIG is 79.9 percent “owned” by the Federal Reserve Bank so it would appear that Ben Bernanke calls the shots, so Frank can’t “insert” his frank into this campfire..

The liberals are actually well practiced at this ruse because the “bonus bonanza” is also ready to play out at Fannie Mae. The Federal Housing Finance Agency, which took over Fannie Mae last September, authorized over four million dollars in “retention” bonuses for four executives. When liberals like Barney start getting indignant about these “outrageous” bonuses, it is clearly another case of “The lady doth protest too much”..

So as the nation’s Napoleon (Obama’s “first hundred days”, are being lovingly tabulated by the grovelers at CNN, will probably mirror Napoleon’s “Hundred Days” which included Waterloo..) primps himself for a little chin wag with Jay Leno, (Picture: Nero fiddling..) everyone around him is doing the dazed and dizzy dance of Demokratic diversion.

Nothing beats watching as the liberals as they all start jostling for the best position to throw each other under the bus..


40 responses to “Jostling For The Best Position


    As I said in a previous post I have done business in the insurance industry for years and have participated in fringe benefits
    created for successful salesmen.
    A personal private negotiation
    that does not need government
    intervention. All of these lifetime politicians that have never operated in the private sector should keep their hands out of our business.B fRANKE has too many skeletons in his closet to
    be in the position he holds.
    The tax code should be even for all players and not written for a single incident. Half of the bonus money goes back in taxes already.

  2. So with the Baucus and Schumer “90% tax” is that where they really are able to twist the knife in this whole thing? I mean is this the path they intend to take to get to “salary caps?” Because look how many entities they’ve already got their hooks in that they can force this onto? Banking, insurance, autos, wall street. Soon they’ll have health care and the energy sectors. What wicked brilliance! These groups are all going to be on the government dole from now on, so won’t that mean they will all have to settle for whatever congress deems an appropriate compensation for their products and services? Congress can just Robinhood (it’s a morale obligation of course) everything after a certain price point right?

    You’ve got my brain spinning on this one Larry. What happens when the meddlecrats succeed in pushing energy prices back up? Won’t they be “forced” to swoop in and snatch away any and all of those “egregious” oil profits too?

  3. I heard a comment on one of the FOX shows that Democrats are just using this “outrage” to distract us from the REAL outrage–what happened to all the BILLIONS we’ve given AIG! According to FOX, the bonuses are less than 1/10th of 1 percent, and the real issue is that the rest of the bailout money isn’t being adequately tracked.

    As for Chuckie–I’m surprised he was outraged at all. After all, we all know that it is only the “chattering class” that cares about this money, the rest of America really doesn’t care–just like they don’t care about the “pork” bill.

    So far the only “solution” I’ve heard that makes even a little bit of sense is to just add it to the “tab” that they owe the taxpayers. I don’t see any legal conflicts there–of course, that will mean we won’t get anything back, but at least we won’t be voiding contract law–which would be a very bad thing to do if we want to encourage business expansion. If we allow government to indiscriminately void any and all contracts, then we might as well just close the doors now, turn off all the lights, and join the Socialist Revolution that our Comrade Obama is leading us to.


  4. Larry:

    This AIG is a big smoke screen. I just heard that the Fed printed up one trillion dollars Wednesday to loan to the treasury to pay off debt. That’s me wanting to buy a car and asking myself for money and then giving me an IOU. I heard that this sort of method has not worked in the history of mankind. Larry I’ll be honest, I’m a little scared. Any thoughts sir?

  5. Larry – excellent job as usual. Always have to stop and start reading at least a few times every article – to dry my eyes. You are a master of the English language.

    Joel – we should all be VERY afraid.

    The outrage is all a show for the sheeple still asleep at the wheel – and to cover up their own irresponsibility with OUR money. It’s a 2fer!

    I question whether this new bonus tax is even constitutional. Guess it doesn’t matter – that’s been thrown out the window along with personal responsibility, the bath water AND the baby!

  6. Sure, they will vote to tax the bonus recipients at 90% (which will be shown to be illegal in the courts, and those bonus recipients will get their bonuses PLUS legal fees, and maybe even punitive damages), but, they will “add-on” wording that increases everyone else’s taxes while they’re at it.
    This is HOW Demokratic Kongress raise taxes- lying.
    BILLIONS of the BILLIONS that went to AIG made its way to bailout European banks.
    These are the same people that pumped MILLIONS (illegally) into the Obama campaign fund.
    Basically, they are getting a 1000-to-1 return on their investment.

    I am NOT afraid.
    Our Founding Fathers were not afraid.
    Let NOT your hearts be troubled.
    The 2nd Amendment is still alive.
    Secure your weapons.
    Stockpile ammo, food, water, and fuel.
    REVOLUTION is in the air………..again!

    The ranks of your local militias are swelling.
    Economists (outside the liberal camp) are predicted 2 -3 times the deficits Obama is claiming.
    And, we have no way to pay this back.
    Once the rest of the world realizes this, that will be the end of the US dollar.
    Even our military is preparing for martial law.
    In times of economic collapse, they are REQUIRED to prepare for various scenerios.
    One of those is: Martial Law.
    I believe these soldiers, who swore an oath to defend our country against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic, will switch sides on the battlefield and join the lines of the free militias.

    Keep in mind, one of Sultan Obama’s speeches.
    He believes there should be a citizen army- equally equipped as our military- that serves at the pleasure of the President.
    Sounds like Hitler Youth Groups to me.
    This idiot will remove guns from airline cockpits, but plans to arm ACORN.

    Watch and Prepare.


  7. Wow. You all should check out this link if you’re already insane…that way you’ll laugh instead of scream and destroy anything around you due to its stupidity. This article is from Obambi’s publicist. There is one part that is particulary funny in the fact that it’s a lie (even though that’s pretty much the whole article) where it comments on “Mr. Obama’s appearing on the show tells people that he is a Washington outsider and not an insider….he’s just like the average person…” My god what a flippin joke. It continues to comment on his style and the way he dressed. I’m picturing all of the young girls at an Elvis or Beatles concert passing out in the front row from shear excitement. Let’s not mention that trillion dollar deal or these so called corrupt individuals from AIG or Freddie Mac that contributed to his demoncrat collegues as well as Hussien’s campaign. They shouldn’t mention either that people are buying guns like crazy about to start up militias when hell breaks loose.

  8. It seems patently unconstitutional to retroactively tax recipients of these bonuses. Yet the liberals are flippantly doing it to cover their own backsides.

    The power to tax is the power to destroy.

  9. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am sick of the finger pointing, lying, corruption, blaming everything on someone else. If the public has to save our Country from these slimes then let’s do it. Remember their names and vote all of them out of Office. It’s not that hard. It’s not rocket science. Bye, Bye and start updating your resume. But, rewarding crooks for being crooks is ludicrous and their excuses are just as preposterous as to why they just had to do it.

    If AIG has to fail because of corrupt executives were more interested in obtaining their own wealth by accepting bonuses, then doing the “right thing for our Country.” It was a farce that they are now blaming Liddy for all this and I was angry that they tried to hang all this on him. HE WASN’T THERE when all this happened. He was, as Lucy9 has acknowledged an appointed CEO by our government, so if he was corrupt (I don’t think he is) then why place him in that position? It falls in line with cabinet members who have failed to pay their taxes.

    Let all these companies should fail so that they can declare bankruptcy, file Chapter 11 papers to save these companies and renegotiate contracts with Unions and their subcontractors. Penalize the company for taking these bailout funds and using it outside the US. The bailout funds were never meant to be used in that way, especially with taxpayer’s money.

  10. I for one am sick and tired of hearing that the “bankers” are the ones to blame for all this crap.
    Sure, bankers, and every other CEO, rake in millions upon millions right off the top of their corporations.
    However, we have a $14 TRILLION economy.
    These bonuses, ALL the FRIKKEN BONUSES added together from EVERY CEO is but a small fraction of that $14 TRILLION.

    Its NOT the millions being siphoned off by CEOs, its the BILLIONS, and now TRILLIONS being squandered by the politicians.

    Banks get into trouble when they are FORCED to make bad loans to people who cannot pay it back.
    Case in point:
    Thanks to Bill Clinton, if 1000 people, of a certain minority group, apply for small business loans, that bank HAS to, HAS TO, make loans to xx% of those 1000 applicants. Or, be labeled as “racist” by the feds.
    Same for small business loans to people of one sex versus the other.
    Banks do NOT have unlimited supplies of money.
    And neither does AIG.
    When Pelosi/Frank/Dodd/Reid/Obama conspired to squeeze the credit market back in Sept 2008, they created an economic domino effect (that their pea-brains can’t understand) that is STILL “dominoing” around the world.
    As high as the unemployment figures are, only 30% of those are from large corporations.
    The other 70% are from small businesses.
    That’s because small businesses provide 70% of the jobs in this country.
    But, BUT, you NEVER hear a word about bailing out the small businesses – ONLY the big boys.
    The big corporations is where the politicians do their laundry – money laundering.
    When CEOs get caught stealing, they go to jail.
    When politicians steal, they get elected to office.
    Its time for these politicians to go…..the old fashioned way.


  11. Remember, folks, that timelessly legal axiom–upheld by the U.S. Supreme court:
    Every contract based on fraud is null and void on its face!

  12. I just heard a little while ago on a talk show that one of the plans of the G20 nations meeting in early April is to announce a new world currency.
    Get ready, folks!

  13. I also heard on a radio show yesterday that AIG HAD to pay the bonuses, because Connecticut state law required it; because if AIG didn’t do so, then AIG would have to pay the CEOs double the contractural bonuses, as a penalty (per Connecticut state law).

  14. I heard the same thing about the New World Currency.
    The rest of the world is basically fed-up with liberal spending and devaluation of the dollar.
    Just think: the world does NOT like what Sultan Obama is doing to our economy, so they are discussing replacing the US Dollar with a made up World Currency. Obama is NOT done spending money. There’s still the $600 billion “down payment” on free health care. And, let’s not forget almost $1 trillion he’s promised to African nations. And, frikken AND, he’s talking about ANOTHER stimulingus packge!
    Once the world sees this idiot start to write those checks, its all over.
    Right now, they’re only THNKING about a new currency. When Obama resumes pissing away our money, the rest of the world will have no doubt about the future of America.
    The rest of the world will throw up their arms and say, “that’s it. We’re done. We need something other than the US dollar”.
    Our economy is on the verge of collapse.
    Total collapse.
    Our money will be worthless.
    Ammo, food, water, and fuel will be priceless.


  15. “ridiculous rookie ” indeed…glad he feels the need to go to basketball games and continue being his celebrity self on talk shows while this country goes down the shitter. And the sheep are still fawning all over him outside Leno’s studio, once again calling it “history” and “I touched him!”. Great…now go take a bath.

    As for Shady Schumer the Schmuck he is so typical of a “it wasn’t me!” liberal loser, they should use him as their poster boy.

    Just enjoying them starting to attack each other…we all knew this was coming, there’s no more real Republicans to point fingers at. Thanks for another great article Larry, keep ’em coming, you got plenty of material to work with…

  16. OK, everyone I’ve started my search to remove members of Congress from Office by two ways. Recall election and petitioning Congress to remove certain members. I think we need to decide who will be the first Senators and Congressmen removed. The obvious ones being those currently embroiled in this AIG mess.

    There is a lot of information to go through and I hope some of you can help me with this.

    I’ve found a website that provides the online petition format that we can create one online for ourselves. There is currently a petition at this site already in progress. There is no PR about this petition. So we either need to create a new one or use the current one and advertise its existence. Tell me what you want to do, create a new one and work with the current one.

    Here is the current one already in progress. They need 10,000,000 what they have now is 187. At that rate the re-election will be in progress.

    There is also a petition for the removal of the Princess of Pork from her pedestal. To sign it go here and do the Country a favor and pass it on.

    Here are some of the current petitions out there:]

    To keep E-Verify petition.

    Petition for the Removal of Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid

    Wow, Nancy is very unpopular. So it’s just not me who finds her so repugnant.

    Larry, I’m really sorry for all the additional work you’ll need to do with all these links that are include in this posting. Really sorry.

    Who I’d like to see go down besides the obvious, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Frank, Dodd, Burris, Durbin, Rangel and any member of Congress and the Obama administration who failed to pay their taxes and received special compensation, special deals, basically any one who is dirty and untrustworthy, which is most of Congress.

    We need to make sure they know who we are angry with and why. They are just to dense to realize it’s them who we blame.

    Bill O’Reilly has a new poll out. Add your voice.

  17. What really bothers me about this whole mess is that we might not have a country to save by the time 2010 rolls around unless we do revolt. These idiots in Washington are too busy pointing fingers to even think about real solutions! Pretty soon, guns and ammo may be worth 10x their weight in gold.

  18. >>Wow, Nancy is very unpopular. So it’s just not me who finds her so repugnant.

    Unfortunately, the voters in her district are every bit as loony as she is and will reelect her every time.

  19. It should be no surprise to anyone here that the fat cat CEO’s of most of these bailed out banks and financial institutions were among the biggest financial supporters of the most left wing candidates. Unfortunately in our nation today, the biggest business leaders and biggest political leaders are all from the same stockpot. Most of the big financial leaders bought into all of the risky lending and subsequent investing tools that were foisted upon them by the dumb ass politicians to “re-make” America. Of course the guarantee for all of this risky and unwarranted social engineering was held by the taxpayers. Pat Buchanan’s latest column spells out the specifics quite nauseatingly succinctly. Lets be clear,a large amount of big business CEO’s were inculcated in the same left wing political and philosophical commie mills that spew out all the rest of the progressive Neanderthals. Frankly it seems only small business and entrepreneurs are left to recognize the virtues of free markets and capitalism. Most of the Fortune 500 seem to be Welfare statists relying on government largess for success. I don’t think any of them could run a lemonade stand.

    here’s a link to the article

  20. Eileen,
    Did you read the entire text of the first petiton to remove Piglosi from her position? From what I read, it was for the purpose of impeaching George W.
    It will take me some time to examine the other petitions for which you have posted links.

  21. Larry,

    Very clever and humorous dialogue and I especially loved the Frank frank which leads to a million jokes about this liberal moron. When he talks I feel like an audience member in the front row at a Gallagher show. There should be at least a piece of plexiglas between him and his “captured” audience. Just for safety reasons because who knows where his mouth has been. I don’t even want to take a hazardous guess. Is it just me, that sees him as a slob, dirty and smelly; who sees him wearing last night’s dinner on his tie and shirt to scratch and sniff the next day as a snack? Looks at a stain from last night as he touches his tongue to the stain to try and identify what it is. Ah, the meatballs sub. Boy that was good.

    He always looks unkempt, probably hasn’t taken a shower in the last decade. Probably doesn’t use deodorant or brushes his teeth. He makes my skin crawl. You look at him and how he dresses and then look at someone like John Boehner, who is a sharp dresser and changes his clothes everyday. Maybe Barney is just saving all his money for “male escorts” the question is do they ask for hazard pay? No, I won’t lick whip cream off your body and baby… their ain’t enough money in the world to do that.

    I’ve gotta stop talking about him, I’m about to lose my lunch.

    John, I saw the same show, it was Hannity, I think but in one form or another, all of the host from Laura Ingraham (filling in for Bill O’Reilly) to Greta they all covered it at some point in they shows on Thursday and Friday. The public doesn’t know how they are using these TARP funds because most of the media sits comfortably in the Democrats breast pocket (let’s all hope its Barney’s shirt his stains could block their view). To use our tax money to pay off their debts with other Country’s but 2/3 of the bailout went outside the US. That is reprehensible. The MSM is trying to place blame on the executives at AIG and now some employees are being threaten. This isn’t the real issue though. What it is really about are all the loopholes that are placed into these Bills. You have to look at how underhanded, manipulated they all are. When they all agree with all the legislation everyone who plans to vote yes have made that decision, always expect someone like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Barack Obama, Chris Dodd and Chucky Schumer to slide something in that only a few know about. Most loopholes are so big you can drive a monster truck through them and still have room.

    So, I am expecting to learn that an “new” energy policy was thrown in the last minute or a ban on drilling oil, whatever project or program they can sneaked its way into a Bill. So as long as they try to deceive the public and the media buries the story, they’ll stick their mantra, what they don’t know won’t hurt them. Especially from this group of “favors for us” liberals.

  22. Todd, no I didn’t it was 1 am so I typed it and cut and copied it. Just ignore any of those that don’t apply to our current situation. I did catch the ones for Harry Reid and some of the others. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  23. Eileen,

    The “Gallagher” visual was the best.

    Thanks for that laugh.


  24. Family,


    There is another version of “Jostling For The Best Position” at the top of the home page.

    There is a reason for this, the first comment after the article should hopefully explain everything to everyone..

    Thanks as always to everyone and let me know what you think.


  25. Eileen,
    No apologies are necessary. I just hope you didn’t sign something before reading it. I definitely know what it’s like to be working on soemting at such a late hour; sometimes the words just run together. Anyway, I have posted without verification a time or two and was grateful for somebody else pointing out my mistake. At least we can use the site you posted a link for to create our own petitions. Thanks for that!
    Your Gallagher comparison was priceless!

  26. Larry you need to copywrite the word “Kerry’d.” Its so similar to “Munson” from the Farrelly Brothers film “Kingpin”. He got munsoned in the parking lot waiting for the bus. He was hoodwinked by a con artist and fellow Pro Bowler, Ernie McCracken, who set him up and left him in a bad situation. Those that were conned got their revenge when they took Roy Munson bowling hand. Another really funny movie. Ishmael a naïve Amish farmer who joins Roy on a road trip to have Ishmael become the years champion bowler.

  27. Fran

    I found the Obama Deception at this link:

    I looks like the same one. I’m sending it to everyone I know, especially the ones who voted for this devil’s spawn. Maybe some of them will wake up from their Obama induced coma. But then maybe not, some of them are too far gone to help.

  28. Just saw on the local Sunday morning news show that a group of “protesters” chartered a bus, traveled to Connecticut and “protested” outside the homes of those “evil” AIG execs. Hmmmm… guess the thought of going to D.C. and “protesting” outside the homes of those that are really responsible never crossed their minds. Like the large white colored house on Pennsylvania Avenue? Just a thought…

  29. blue state blues- RWG

    Once again I am getting in on this late. I’m probably writing to myself at this point. So allow myself to articulate to………………myself!

    The new world currency is coming. We are obviously being set up for it. It won’t be a default reaction however. This is a well thought out plan. Obama is just a shill in this game, albeit, a willing Socialist shill. The trillions he is spending is just a means to push the demise of the US dollar over the top. I shudder to think where we are going to be in 12 months. We are going to see hyper inflation the likes of which will make Carter’s economy look like a boom time.

    The end game is the destruction of the US as we know it. Bye bye constitution. Hello concentration camp (oh, I mean FEMA camps). No more borders (come on; do you really believe that we couldn’t have built a friggin wall down there if we really wanted to). Step back and observe; these recent acts by our POTUS and Congress are not really understandable. Despite what it looks like, these guys aren’t that dumb. They think we are. And, for the most part, they are right. Most Americans don’t have a clue that they just got fleeced of trillions. They want to hang the AIG guys that $165 million. Why? Cause that’s what Barney, Barrack and Nancy want them to do. Do you realize that these idiots organized a bus tour of the Connecticut homes of AIG executives. They sent a bunch of morons on a bus tour!!! Now remember, these AIG executives funded and voted for Obama as did most of Wall Street. But they are about to become the sacrificial lambs so that masses of mentally anesthisized Americans don’t pay attention to the big picture.

    Buy more ammo while you can. They have already started to ask for ID to register your ammo purchases.

  30. LadyWolf,

    The more websites that carry The Obama Deception, the better.

    It sure explains how someone so incompetent in leadership could be propelled into the POTUS with no visible resume or educational credentials available, and be allowed to “perform” as he does with no consequences.

    When I ask people which branch of the government the Federal Reserve is, they say the executive! How pitifully uninformed our population is.

    I’ve watched this twice, there are so many pieces to the puzzle, it’s hard to see them all with one viewing…. and expect to be watching it in the future.

  31. Ladywolf,
    Thank you. I needed someone to confirm what my gut has been telling me for over two years.
    Everyone should invest the hour and a half to watch the pieces of the puzzle be put together….and then get it out to everyone you know. There is no time to waste…and we can only hope it’s not too late.

  32. Eileen,

    The americanpolicy .org petition site you gave is against E-verify, not for it.

    The guy comes across sounding a bit like a true believer in liberty with deep seated suicidal tendacies. He’s talks about E-Verify being encroachment of “big brother government” on all of us. He uses a lot of scare tactic in urging people to call their reps. but I don’t think he’s got a good grasp on how the system actually works. It does not effect Americans, only those of “questionable” heritage and documentation. (And smell like they had a burrito for breakfast.) One other may make an employer curious about seeing a E-Verify card is if you can’t speak a word of friggin English!
    Without E-Verify we’re gonna be up to our tacos in illegal Mexicans. That’s why this Congress is fighting so hard to get rid of it.

  33. I guess we should create all new petitions. The action Buffet from site most of the faxes and phone calls are about immigration. We should start there first to inundate Congress with angry faxes and phone calls.

    Tomorrow I will start the petitions. Who do we want to focus on? Dodd, he really needs to go. The lying about his involvement with the Dodd Amendment is just the tip of the iceberg. We have his special mortgages, kickbacks for legislation that benefited Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who then took those funds and donated to Obama and Dodd and labeled it as support. It’s still fresh in everyone’s mind. We won’t be able to remove Obama. I need to go to the library this week to research if we can demand a Presidential recall, to do a do-over. Which will include reviewing how to legally remove ACORN votes, questionable registrations? Can we declare them invalid the same way that Al Franken is trying to do in Minnesota? What laws are currently in place and review the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? I want to see also if the public can demand term limits and see if there’s any language in the Constitution and/or Bill of Rights that prevents us from doing that. If there is, then we would have to force Congress to create a new Amendment to the Constitution that allows us to demand changes. The likelihood of them doing that would be unlikely.
    What I can find out I will post here. Then we need to advertise the online petitions by flooding Fox News and their show host. Then, flood talk radio with information about the petitions, their websites address. Advertise on Town Hall blogs, Human Events blogs, Heritage Foundation Blogs, Red States, National Review, the American Conservative, Drudge Report, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Judicial Watch, and the American Spectator. Hit all Forums, Pundits and conservative columnist like Dick Morris, Michelle Malkin, Mark Steyn, Glenn Beck, Ted Nugget, Chuck Norris, the Wall Street Journal Editor section, Capitalism Magazine, and then hit the Military Times Network available. Contact, ArmyTimes, NavyTimes, AirForceTimes, and MarineTimes, PoetPatriot, the military blog BlackFive, the NRA, Neil Cavuto, Conservative Underground, Bernie Goldberg, Newt Gingrich, Michael Reagan, Michael Savage and Dennis Miller. We could also include the Libertarians as well.
    Everyone is just fed up and I read everyone’s frustration that Congress is no longer listening to us, and if they continue down this path, the public will tell them to pack up your crap and get the hell out. You are supposed to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of American and instead you want to manipulate it to fit your cause. That was never our Forefathers intension. The Constitution will remain as is and any Amendment Congress wants to impose will receive a big no from the public.
    I hope some of you will help me fight these traitors. I would love to try them all with Treason, because that is what they are doing. We have an opportunity here to change the direction that Congress seems to be taking it. It’s time to regain control. We, are the people. The Founding Fathers placed the language in the Constitution and the Bill of Right so if Government became too big, the citizens in this Country could regain Control and remove those that are set out to destroy it.

  34. Eileen,
    I think the 2nd Amendment was the only true provision written to give the American people the power to take back our government, but we should definitely try your way first!

  35. “Extreme taxation, excessive controls, oppressive government competition with business, frustrated minorities and forgotten Americans are not the products of free enterprise. They are the residue of centralized bureaucracy, of government by a self-appointed elite.” — R0nald Reagan

    That must be the long way around calling someone a “progressive” politician?

  36. Who knew that President Reagan was a medium?

  37. Todd,

    There is one other Constitutional way and that is the 10th Amendment. The founding fathers tried to limit the power of federal government with this amendment, which reads: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    There have been eight states that have filed 10th Amendment resolutions with twelve more states showing signs of following suit. Put simply, these 10th Amendment resolutions insist that the states and their people are the masters and that Congress and the White House are the servants. (As was intended and should be.)

  38. Joe,
    My reason for stating that I believe the 2nd Amendment is the only True provision, written into the Constitution, is that with the 10th Amendment, we are still assuming that the government will respect our laws. However, if the federal government won’t respect the rest of the Constitution, why should we expect them to respect the 10th Amendment? At least with an armed citizenry we can take back control of the government (by force) IF NECESSARY!

  39. Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.

    Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.

    Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth.
    It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.

    The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon.

    The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves

    The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.

    To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace.

    Is there a “George Washington” among us????

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