Silent No More

The last article, “Making Workers Pay” brought to mind a theory of mine that seems without flaw. The reason that the liberals relentlessly penalize the middle class under the guise of “getting/taxing the rich” is that the middle class is the only group that willingly accepts this progressive punishment year after year.

The initial torrent of liberal anger is always directed at the “rich”. Each socialist salvo is laced with lachrymose leakage and petty pandering. This of course agitates their ample base, the “have nots”, the “lazy”, the “enslaved”..etc.. The liberals laughingly claim to be “looking out for the little guy”. This is usually said as the liberals are lining up the crosshairs of the 50 caliber “revenue repeater” upon said “little guy”.

There are two primary points to the theory. When the left begins braying about the “rich”, the liberal base, and I do mean “base” knows instinctively that it will soon be time for a “pay raise” and the middle class needs to realize that whenever the “rich” are being castigated by the communists, that is the time to get out the checkbook.. The liberals accomplish this “magic” (deception) in a number of ways.

The usual first step in this demented dance is the claim that they are going to “tax the rich”. These are mere words from the liberals and words have no meaning when spoken by the left. They are mostly concerned with mastering the hypnotic epiglottal tone that entrances the bottom feeders, sort of like the eerie tones that only canines can hear. Need proof? Bill Clinton said he would “end welfare as we know it.” This example meant “I’ll just change it to a different and more friendly sounding acronym”.. With the liberals there are at least a million more examples of this phenomenon..

After the “tax the rich” clarion call is sounded, the “impartial media” then starts to crow about the “courage” of the licentious liberals. The “rich” avoid this acrimonious attention in a number of ways.

The “rich” employ both accountants and tax attorneys. Their job is to deftly circumnavigate these proposed penalties. The liberals always provide ample loopholes within their punishment of the “rich” because all of the liberal members of Congress are themselves.. “rich”. They know that all of this palavering is just the Democratic dog and pony show that diverts the attention of the real victims of the impending redistribution.

Others are “LIP’s”. “Liberals In Public”. These uber-rich simpletons simply (literally..) “say all of the correct things” when surrounded by the free “liberal 527” known as the adoring “impartial” media.

The bank accounts of the LIP’s, legal or shady, are of no interest to the unwashed (m)asses.. They “raise awareness” over each and every liberally approved “crisis” and “epidemic”. In their monosyllabic way, they “speak to power” and they “bring attention to” the pandemics of global warming/the impending ice age (whichever is more profitable at the time..) and all of the other socially acceptable and imaginary pogroms victimizing irrelevant lands far, far away.. Such “concern” merits the apparent and unspoken “trust” that these uber-rich are “putting their money where their mouth is”. Truth be told, they spend their “time” asking me for my “money” to “cure” whatever it is that they are “concerned” about today.. There are no protests outside of their gated compounds, they are the “good guys”..

The “poor”, the liberally enslaved, the “slugs” are always the victims of something. Liberalism is based on “victimology”. They are always “struggling to survive” and the vacillatory vagueries of the parameters of “poverty” is just one of the “demons” that they bravely fight. The liberals who have turned the government into a warm and fuzzy adult day care center have over time have altered their own unique angle upon Democratic slavery. The old Democratic ball and chain of the past has been replaced by today’s “benevolent benefits” forcibly extracted from others.

The “poor” courageously fight the “demon of poverty” by painting up a few misspelled placards and assembling in a place of prominence. Soon the lapdog media arrives to cover the “event”. Utilizing intriguing camera angles, the three mendicants who managed to show up are usually filmed up close and from the ground up so that the real scope of the “problem” is left out of the picture and to the imagination. This creates a flurry of activity on the left, the “plague of poverty must be addressed” and the only method ever employed (poor person/liberal curse word..) by the liberals is to give the ungrateful invertebrates “a raise”. We must supply their sustenance. (WIC, EBT cards, food stamps, welfare, TANF..) (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.. Temporary? Families??) We pay their rent. (Section 8) We pay to cool and heat their homes. (Dollar Help, etc..) We medicate them (Medicaid) ad infinitum and no matter what, it is NEVER enough.

When the leftists need exorbitant amounts of “revenues”, they simultaneously employ the “oily liberal accounting” practice. The liberals simply devalue monetary levels as surreptitiously as possible. This is when $250,000 becomes $100,000 which then becomes $40,000.. We know that the liberals are “bad with numbers”, look at the entire Obama administration as your template for mathematical miscalculation..

So when the left intrepidly stands up and bellows at the “rich”, who else is left to pay for the liberal’s redistributionist ways? The middle class.

The “rich” who own businesses and who therefore “employ” people, for the sake of expediency fire and/or lay off employees and they pass the progressive penalties from the posturing progressives onto the consumers. The middle class ends up footing the bill for that which the liberals had said was going to be extracted from the “rich”.

If the “poor” pay any taxes at all, it is gleefully returned to them on April 15th. If any “user” type of taxes such as a sales tax is invoked, another moronic “march” informs everyone that this “unfairly impacts the poor” and the liberals then reflexively give the downtrodden another well deserved “raise”..

No matter how the left likes to crow and caper, their anger at the “rich” always presents itself as another revenue grab from the majority, the middle class.. You and me.

Isn’t it about time for the majority to be silent no more?


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  1. noleftturnz


    Sorry, but the stupid smiley face is supposed to be the number in Section 8.


  2. Larry,
    Would I be wrong to assume that the section 8 is intended for those who are insane enough to vote for the liberals in the first place? After all, would any sane person really believe that the government is going to take all this money from the rich without the rich knowing how to pass the cost down to us? I know the bottom feeders will continue to vote for the liberals, no matter what is happening, but is it possible that insanity has actually been induced in a large enough percentage of the middle class to allow this to keep going on?
    At last count, there were over 1600 scheduled TEA Parties for April 15th. Maybe Americans are actually regaining their sanity along with their voices and becoming enraged enough to put a stop to the leftist loons in D.C.
    Unfortunately, I am afraid the TEA Parties may be too little, too late.

  3. The main man that’s pandering is to the European Union and their socialist agenda are sucking up to the man with the tan. OMG, he looked directly at me and I got the same shiver down my leg like Chris (Marry me Obama) Matthews. His being perceived as a rock star, a liberal darling to be opening drooled on by the European newspapers, who are falling inline with the US media.

    We have a great man; everyone loves him who won’t be dipping into their pockets to pay for all that glory. We fall into three categories: givers, takers and receivers. They get to chose how much they take and who gets the most from the professional whiners, gimme, gimme and give me more. Sort of like the New York society babe, who went bank into court to demand more monthly payments? She got over $40 million from her prenup that she signed prior to the marriage. She just cannot make it through the month with her current stipend. She needs money for shopping, hair, restaurants, food, clothing, nails and for pampering her pooch. My life is so hard… I can’t get by, I going to have to go to the bread lines on 5th Avenue. What I’d like to do is take that $40 mill and shove it up an orifice that’s dark, cold and smelly.

    People like that deserve what they signed up for. I’m waiting for her to ask for a bailout. It’s just so expensive to be me. What an asshole.




  5. A new poll for you to fill out at SodaHead.

    I filled it out and made a comment. See below.

    Question: Gingrich Wants To Form Third Party. Should He?
    Gingrich: GOP-ers may form third party By: Andy Barr April 2, 2009 12:40 PM EST Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is warning fellow Republicans that conservatives may leave the GOP for a third party.

    My answer: Conservatives are ridiculed by the press, Hollywood and I am sick of it. We are not constipated, uptight people as we are portrayed in the movies. We are people who are concerned with the direction our Country seems to be heading. Every day Obama bad mouthing our Country as we watched corrupted Senators pillage and steal from the same “evil” Corporations that always seem to donate to their re-election campaigns. I am sick of it and we need to come together to stop this joke that seems to be perpetrated on the American taxpayer’s. I think Mr. Gingrich is a very smart and well educated man. He’s not perfect, no one is, but his ideas reflect conservative values that represent my ideals for this Country and reveal the original ideals that our Founders saw in the Future of this Country. Their is NOTHING in our Constitution that allows a President the power to hire and fire people from a privately own business. Or demand Unions take control over American business. The Constitution was created to limit the powers of government and the Obama Administration is taking more power and control that is not in our Constitution. I find it very odd that a man who claimed to be a Constitution lawyer, seem to have not read a single word. Our Founders fought England to gain total contract and set out to chart a map in history to give us the tools to stop these same controls that is happening to us now. Tell Obama no. And if he doesn’t like it, I’m sure socialist French will take him. I’ll follow Newt and if that means a third party the so be it. Good Bye, Barry.

    Take the time to fill it out. I’m sick of the liberals who post their crap, bile. stupid responses. We need more conservatives there.

  6. For years we preached to the liberal “little people” that “RICH” ment anyone that works. This administration has no concept of constitutional law. Our community organizer on ly knows that it is an old piece of paper that needs to be updated to European standards. Larry please turn me back on to recieve the news letter. After the hunt I guided on was over I tried to sign in and the computer said my name was being used.

  7. To JR, not of Dallas, this was in Austin, TX.


    thanks for the info
    WHEN EILL IT ALL END?????????

  9. It’s quite simple really, the democrats are intent on setting themselves up as Lords in what the vast Kingdom of America, not the United States. With loopholes exempting themselves from heavy taxation of the “rich” and laying burden on the “little guy”, there are slowly turning this country into a Third World Country.

    Illegal aliens are only part of the problem, albeit an outstanding one, legal, work permit foreigners admitted by the government into this country is an atrocity at this time of our economy.

    According to numbersUSA the March unemployment rate jumped from 8.1% to 8.5%. A loss of 663,ooo jobs lost in one month alone! But the government has given out 138,000 new temporary work cards (green cards) and temporary work cards for foreigners during March. This tallys up to the total of cards given out to foreign workers at 400,000!!

    The democrats, for all their “feel good” rhetoric, their grandois ideology, are lowering our standard of living folks until we all become peasants, willful to their beckoning call. Make no mistake about it my fellow patriots.

  10. I should have stated that the 400,000 foreigner work cards were the sum given out within the two months since the “Miserable Messiah” took office.

  11. blue state blues- RWG

    More and more Rich are voting Liberal.

    Liberals don’t pay taxes because they are either
    getting entitlement benefits or they are a member of Obama’s cabinet.

    Wall Street went Liberal in 2008 and look what they got.

    We are $52 trillion dollars in debt as a nation.

    Half of that debt belongs to our governments; State, Local and Federal.

    Federal debt is approaching $15 trillion with another 10 coming from Obama over the next 3 years alone.

    By the time he leaves office the Federal debt alone will be over $30 trillion.

    By 2012 our national debt will be over $80 trillion dollars.

    Our GDP is shrinking but lets say that it stays the same at $15 trillion annually. Our debt to GDP ratio will be 6 to 1.

    Currently we are borrowing $3.50 for every dollar of GDP.

    By 2012 we will be borrowing $8.00 for every dollar of GDP.

    We are a dying economy. And Obama is pushing us into the grave. He is going in the absolute worst direction that we could take.

    And where is our fearless leader?? In Europe telling countries which abort 70% of their births and sell children on street corners for sex, that Americans are arrogant and spoiled.

    He needs to stay in Europe. We will box up his cigarettes and clothes and ship them over to him.

    There is no need for further analysis. There really is no need for discussion. We either stop this insanity now, start auditing the Government spending, start investigating the likes of Barney, Dodd, Geithner, Emanuel, and Obama, or it is all over for us. We will be owned, lock stock and barrel, by the New World Order.

  12. Joe:

    The plan is to take us all back to the old European Feudal system with the vassals and the lords.

  13. Every day I hear that someone will put a bullet to his head and pull the trigger. That’s not good, you know there is so much hatred for him and he seems to be unaware of the hatred that being directed at him. He walks around in this arrogant pose and thinks everyone loves him, because loves himself so much. Just ask him, I’m sure he will agree.

  14. blue state blues- RWG

    I’d like to send all of Congress over there to stay with the Oreo Cuckoo. If we paid the Europeans to keep them all, I’m sure it would cost us a lot less than they are costing us now and will cost us in the future.

  15. At some point the economic house of cards the messiah is putting together will fall. The full effects of the unemployment numbers will not be felt for another eight to ten months, and by then will probably hit over ten percent. In a country that lives by the income tax there is no way the govt can sustain this spending. Unemployment tends to increase exponentially, not linearly. The statists are gambling on a recovery happening by 2010. Economic laws haven’t changed since ancient Greece. No recovery is possible with the policies being pushed by the obamanoids. The big question is what happens when the whole economy falls apart? Who is willing to tell the messiah to go pound sand, we are not going to comply with his unconstitutional dictates. At what point do the citizens of this nation say, in the immortal words of Popeye the Sailor, “Enough is too much and I can’t stands no more.” Tea parties are all well and good, but the statists won’t be impressed. After all, “they won”. The more I look at this situation and what to to about it, the answer keeps coming up “civil disobedience”. We just ignore their uncostitutional laws and go about our business. There will be repercussions, but are they worse than the alternative?

  16. blue state blues- RWG

    Things I remember about Obama so far:

    His pastor said “God damn America”. Obama attended services there for 20 years.

    His BFF said “I didn’t bomb America enough”. Obama served on boards and raised money with this guy.

    His wife said “I have never been proud of America until today”. Of course that was day her hubby won the Democratic nomination for President………….now she is proud of America.

    He was the only Senator to vote “yea” to a bill that would have allowed an infant to die on the delivery table by denying it life support if the mother intended abortion.

    Despite overwhelming evidence that adult stem research is infinitely more productive, he signs an Executive order to harvest infant stem cells from fetuses.

    Within his first 6 days in office he signs an Executive Order to provide $120,000,000 for Palestinians to immigrate to the US.

    He is now in Europe trashing Americans as arrogant spoiled brats.

    Yea Obama, you go warm up to nations that have relied upon America for 100 years to save their collective asses. The very same countries who refused to help us in combating terrorism since the 80’s. The same morally bankrupt collection of degenerating countries that abort 70% of their pregnancies, and sell 5 year old children on their streets as sex toys. Yea, you go boy! You go warm up to Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden!

  17. Arthur Nankervis


    I agree to the hilt on the following:

    “Tea parties are all well and good, but the statists won’t be impressed. After all, “they won”. The more I look at this situation and what to to about it, the answer keeps coming up “civil disobedience”. We just ignore their uncostitutional laws and go about our business. There will be repercussions, but are they worse than the alternative?”

    To me, “civil disobedience,” like beauty, is purely in the eye of the beholder and can be interpreted by those wishing to right a grotesque wrong, as a ‘Civic Duty’. If it was OK for Al Gore to advocate “civil disobedience” as a way of enforcing his notions of Global Warming onto the masses, then it must be OK for those who wish to protest against a more sinister threat on the very fabric of the American way of life.

    I’m not sure how you pay your taxes in The U.S. (automatically deducted from those on wages in Australia), but if the individual has the power to withhold taxes, then that would be a start. Tea parties, to be more than just figurative reenactments of an iconic event of American history, will also have to carry the tone and anger of the ‘drinkers’ and convey a message of substance to Washington that cannot be ignored. Even if the coming tea parties do gain substantial public support, those in the Obama administration will simply do as you suggest and quote Barney Frank saying “So what? Its going to take more than tea parties to “impress.” Therefore, a strong and viable message has to come out of these gatherings, to wit: “This is just the beginning – If you lawmakers in Washington ignore what we are saying, then more is to come and we will hold you responsible.”

    Of course, there are many other factors to be taken into account. Such as” What is Obama’s Army of riffraff doing whilst all this is going on? A march on Washington would be a huge exercise in logistics, just supplying the hotdogs and tinnies (beer) would tax most communities along the way. No, I think some form of disobediance, ‘against the system’ in place in the capitol and not against fellow citizens and their property is the best way. And yes! There will be “repercussions.” That too, must be paramount in the thinking of the people when they decide on a course of events.

    The following snippets from ‘Plumb Bob Blog’:
    ( stung me into writing the above. I wrote about this before your elections (at another blog site) and nobody agreed or listened.

    Commenting on Obama’s deference toward King Abdulla, the Saudi Monarch, PBB wrote:

    “I freely admit, there seems to be more — or perhaps less — to President Obama than any of us suspected.”
    “The short version seems to be that President Obama has just signaled to the entire Middle East that the US is weak and subservient to Saudi Arabia.”
    Obama’s action alone should be enough to raise the hackles and set into motion those actions deemed necessary in ‘Reclaiming America’.
    Years ago, (when I was young), I attended a briefing given by one of ‘The Company’s’ senior operatives in ….. during which we were given updates on American Global Policies. One such policy has always ‘stuck’. Within the next 20 years (of the briefing) it is America’s aims to have the Saudis “Eat Sand.” Well, those 20 years have come and gone (times over), and still The Saudis and OPEC rule the roost and Americans are lumped with a President who has not been briefed on that policy, but rather, is in their camp.


  18. Ken in Baghdad

    The Tea Parties scheduled for April 15th across the United States must start a loud and sustained demand by the majority formally known as silent to STOP selling this country down the river by BHO and his minions.

    If we do not build off this momentum to take back at least one of the houses of Congress in 2010, it will be time to start hunkering down in your abode to await total collapse.

  19. Has anyone given thought to just how “silent” the American citizenry has become? Think about it. From the birth of our nation our people have evolved (or degenerated) into a reactive rather than proactive function of this country’s government.

    At the same time the government has steadily grown beyond it’s Constitutionally set boundaries as a non-intrusive federal government. A dangerous thing when a law-making body has control over the masses and the masses do not or have not called for a righting of this injustice a long, long time ago.

    This is not the government our founding fathers envisioned for us in the Constitution and in the Bill Of Rights. Yet we, through our “silence” (and it is all citizen’s fault only) have despoiled a unique and almost perfect form of government.

    We need not keep banging our heads in trying to rid ourselves of either political party’s dead wood, it will never do any good. It compares to popping pimples on an ass when it is the ass that needs to be gotten rid of. We, as citizens, have the power to do that with the 10 Amendment.
    The 10th Amendment allows us to replace, with reasonable cause, the federal government should the majority of Americans find it disfavorable to the well-being to the nation as a whole. It does not change the type government, but would simply allow us to oust everyone currently holding office in it.
    A Hurculean undertaking? Yes, one that would have to be carried out with extreme caution and forethought and foresight. But it is do-able.

    We cannot afford to be silent any longer.

  20. blue state blues- RWG

    I agree with your conclusions. And the Constitution does provide that option. I don’t think that the level of discontent has yet risen to the level required to evoke the 10th Amendment. It is going to take some real pain for the contented masses to start paying attention.

    The financial mess, Obama spending like a drunken sailor and the systematic deconstruction of the Constitution by the Obama administration simply is not getting enough mind share. And even though Fox News, O’Reily, Hannity, Rush, Coulter and Ingram are enjoying a lot of popularity, the average American is not seeing what is happening right under their noses. It is going to be too late when they finally realize that a lot of their freedoms are gone and the cost of living has skyrocketed them into a depression (by the way I think that a depression is what Obama wants).

    I think that the only way to get heard, and issue an ultimatum, is to opt out. We need a really smart lawyer with a lot of guts. We need that lawyer to craft a constitutionally correct Notice of Demand to employers whereby, when signed and submitted by an employee, the employer is prohibited from deducting or paying any taxes, State, Local and Federal, on behalf of the notifying employee.

    I am certain that the current Administration and Congress are way beyond the limits of the Constitution when it applies to how they are passing legislation without review, spending tax payer money and imposing a NON- representative government.

  21. bluestatesblue- RWG,

    I agree, it is not until the bottom feeding “contented” population know the meaning of less entitlements and federal funding that they too will fully open their eyes to the loss of freedom and liberty. Some may never even care.

    The 10th Amendment will never be carried out until the population en’masse is united in the movement. Those that see only greater “gifts” from the federal government today are not looking at the big picture when the taxes Larry speaks of, reduces those money gifts.

    Also producers will more than likely produce less in order to avoid the higher and higher taxes, presenting another loss of income to the state and federal governments. This falls much in the same line that led to the downfall of the Roman Empire, who for centuries, operated as a Republic form of government.

    The nation, if left under democrat ideological rule would turn this country into a country of poor people with a ruling class. As LadyWolf says, “the old European Feudal system with vassals and Lords.”

    With all the common sense of holding up a burnt-out light bulb on a moonless night, the liberal’s mathmatical figuring is shady at best. Add to that, if you’ll all remember, the slightly left-of-left wing “shaded” president issueing an Executive Order taking over the Census Bureau. This too has strong monetary weight behind it, to the tune of $300 billion dollars a year in federal and state funds.

    The Bureau estimated that 1.87% of blacks were missed in taking the last survey and forces are already being organized for 2010’s. (read ACORN) New schools, transportation and hospitals/clinics are a few of the uses.

    Plus, more than 1.4 million workers (community organizers) will be hired to get respondents to fill out the survey. This could weigh heavily on the state gaining seats in Congress. The greater the population, the more seats thus influencing overall voting. In my opinion, not a good idea if a point is being made of dredging up the canaille of society.



    of excess itmeized deuctions you can add one more dependent.So if your total deductions were $35000 dollars you can claim an additional 10 dependents on top of your own ,your spouse and your children.THEY USE TO HAVE A LIMIT OF 14 BEFORE A COPY OF THE FORM HAD TO BE SENT INTO THE IRS.This is one way to reduce the amount of taxes collected and available for these spenthrifts
    Mandatory withholding was instituted for World War II to fund governments needs.
    even if you under withhold the penalties are spread evenly over the year and are not too bad.If you owe more than you can handle they have a form to request installment payments.

    83% of the taxpayers get refunds each year giving the government interest
    free loans.



  23. excellent!
    Middle class Americans are the RICHEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET.
    We earn $10 TRILLION a year – each and every year.
    EVERYONE wants to get their hands in our pockets.
    And the liberals (who want to be called “Progressives” – yeah, as in progressively stealing more and more of my money) will do, say, lie, and cheat any way they can to steal more of our money.

    Check this out (I’m so good with numbers…..its scary…):
    Nancy “porcelain puss” Pelosi takes a military C-32 (Boeing 757) jet back and forth to work that gets 5500 miles on a tank of 92,000 pounds (13,731 gallons) of jet fuel.
    Its about 2500 miles from San Fagsisco (her home) to Washington DC (her job).
    So, basically, let’s just call it a tankfull for the roundtrip.
    If YOU use 30 gallons of gas a week driving back and forth to work, you could drive for 457 weeks (or 8.8 years) on 13,731 gallons.
    If she did this every day for 1 work week, that’s 44 YEARS worth of gas to us mere mortals.
    If you worked from 18 years old till you were 68, that’s 50 years of work.
    So, Nancy “we’re trying to save the planet” Pelosi uses more gas in 6 trips to work than you do in in your ENTIRE WORKING CAREER!


  24. Arthur Nankervis


    We all seem to be down in the dumps at the moment, so here’s a Cheer-Me-Up from me to all you blokes


    True Friendship “Aussie Style–” None of that Sissy Crap

    Are you tired of those piss weak ‘friendship’ poems that always sound good, but never actually come close to reality?

    Well, here is a series of promises that actually speak of true friendship.

    You will see no cute little smiley faces on this card — Just the stone cold truth of a great friendship.

    1. When you are sad — I will help you get pickled and plot revenge against the bastard who made you sad.

    2. When you are blue — I will try to dislodge whatever is choking you.

    3. When you smile — I will know you are thinking of something that I would probably want to be involved in..

    4. When you are scared — I will rag you about it every chance I get until you’re NOT.

    5…. When you are worried — I will tell you stories about how much worse it could be until you stop whining.

    6… When you are confused — I will try to use only little words.

    7… When you are sick — Stay the hell away from me until you are well again. I don’t want whatever you have.

    8. When you fall — I will laugh at your clumsy backside, but I’ll help you up.

    9. This is my oath…. I pledge it to the end. ‘Why?’ you may ask;
    because you are my friend.

    Friendship is like wee in your pants, everyone can see it, but only you can feel the true warmth.

    Send this to 10 of your closest friends,

    Then get depressed because you can only think of 4

  25. Arthur Nankervis


    I haven’t seen this quotation before and thought you might like it. It is more or less giving us a hint on how fragile freedom really is.


    Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.

    Ronald Reagan

  26. Vincent MVNY

    Larry: Another great piece.
    As to the ‘rich’ passing any increase down to the middle class, when the grandstanding bufoons in Congress were threatening Exoon with an “excess profits tax”, I would explain to my friends that any excess profit tax charged would simply be passed down to “us” in the form of increased price for the cost of gasoline. I was constantly amazed and surprised how so many of my supposedly well educated friends were surprised by the concept that coproprations don’t pay taxes, we do when we buy their products.

  27. Arthur,

    Thank you for the Reagan quote, we’ve seen it before but it’s nice to get a reminder to remember why we are here and how we can possibly place a tourniquet to stop our freedoms from evaporating or bleeding out.

    Thank you.

  28. Whereas I was going to call the democrat’s figuring of their taxing as “new math”, mathmatics infers a certain accuracy and scrupulousness about it. Such is not the case with the liberals let alone the logic of it would have Albert Einstein scratching his head.

    So I decided to name their audacious accounting “new addition” in order that my stocks that I own in the foot odor powder company will go up as they will have to take off their shoes to count beyond ten. Division will become impossible for them thus dispelling any of their “hope” of spreading the wealth getting off the ground.

    If the lemmings that follow the Black One would ever get their head out of the dark recesses of their anatomy and back on top of their shoulders where it belongs, they would see what an shining (or should that be shiner) example of spreading the wealth they have in their own great speechifying president.

    Obama and his “I was never proud of America” (until I got the chance to be First Lady) wife made $500,000 during the years between 2001 and 2005 and only contributed 2% of that to charity causes, according to financial disclosure records.
    In the meantime, Obama’s illegal alien aunt, trying to gain asylum in the U.S., is living in a row house on welfare payments.
    And last but not least, Obama’s half-brother still living in Africa exists on one dollar a month.

    Liberal’s true political slogan; “Spread the Wealth”…. as long as it’s YOUR wealth and not mine

  29. What is the message that Congress and especially the head numb nut, Obama trying to convey to the American public and our corporations who provide jobs to those who don’t work for the government (included the recipients of the government dole)? That it’s only the President and Congress that have the right to make a profit or benefit from capitalism through donations from the same corporations that they claim to be evil and greedy? I don’t recall the corporation or business named The Pelosi Group, Dodd Unlimited, Inc. or Obama LLC. They are good only when they receive a donation to a politician or a liberal political cause and bad, greedy and corrupt when they don’t? That seems to actually highlight their own hypocrisy not ours.

  30. Joe,

    It is only more hypocrisy from the liberals. They benefited from capitalism and prospered from conservative policies and programs, as well as lower taxes (when they paid them). So the message they are sending appears to be what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine. As for Obama’s half brother living and trying to exist on a buck, he’ll probably will be the poster boy for a new book. An Idiots Guide to Live during a Recession and stretching a dollar.

  31. Eileen,

    Ah, but Obama does own a corporation and it’s called GM. I wonder if those little crackerbox greenie cars he’ll force them to make will be called Gomamas?

    I kind of like the way Walter E. Williams, George Mason University economics professor, put it;
    “There is no moral justification or constitutional for what amounts to legalized theft. This not an arguement against paying taxes. We all have a moral obligation to pay our share of the constitutionally mandated and enumerated functions of the Federal Government…But now that the U.S. Congress has established the priniciple that one American has the right to live at the expense of another American, it no longer pays to be moral.”

  32. Members of Congress should be compelled to wear uniforms just like NASCAR drivers. That way we would be able to identify their corporate sponsors!

  33. Joe, bluestatesblue- RWG,

    I’ve been saying all along – to stop these arrogant power mongers, you have to kill the goose that’s laying the golden egg.

  34. Joe,

    Just a technicality but the taxpayers own a portion of GE as do the stockholders. Obama broke the law and he has no constitutional rights to remove a CEO and/or CFO who should be the ones to be fired by the board of dictators. Should a lawsuit ensure and the local appeals process is extinguished it will come before the Supreme Court which should reverse the damage done by the head of the horses ass. There is nothing in the Constitution that gives the government the right to control privately owned businesses.
    The closest thing I could fine in the law as well as the Bill of Rights and the Constitution is Eminent Domain. So I went to Findlaw to see what I could find there.
    This is what I found there.
    ”The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution says ‘nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.’ This is a tacit recognition of a preexisting power to take private property for public use, rather than a grant of new power.” Eminent domain ”appertains to every independent government. It requires no constitutional recognition; it is an attribute of sovereignty.” In the early years of the nation the federal power of eminent domain lay dormant, and it was not until 1876 that its existence was recognized by the Supreme Court. In Kohl v. United States any doubts were laid to rest, as the Court affirmed that the power was as necessary to the existence of the National Government as it was to the existence of any State. The federal power of eminent domain is, of course, limited by the grants of power in the Constitution, so that property may only be taken for the effectuation of a granted power, but once this is conceded the ambit of national powers is so wide- ranging that vast numbers of objects may be affected. This prerogative of the National Government can neither be enlarged nor diminished by a State. Whenever lands in a State are needed for a public purpose, Congress may authorize that they be taken, either by proceedings in the courts of the State, with its consent, or by proceedings in the courts of the United States, with or without any consent or concurrent act of the State.
    ”Prior to the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment,” the power of eminent domain of state governments ”was unrestrained by any federal authority.” The just compensation provision of the Fifth Amendment did not apply to the States, and at first the contention that the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment afforded property owners the same measure of protection against the States as the Fifth Amendment did against the Federal Government was rejected. However, within a decade the Court rejected the opposing argument that the amount of compensation to be awarded in a state eminent domain case is solely a matter of local law. On the contrary, the Court ruled, although a state ”legislature may prescribe a form of procedure to be observed in the taking of private property for public use . . . it is not due process of law if provision be not made for compensation. . . . The mere form of the proceeding instituted against the owner . . . cannot convert the process used into due process of law, if the necessary result be to deprive him of his property without compensation.” While the guarantees of just compensation flow from two different sources, the standards used by the Court in dealing with the issues appear to be identical, and both federal and state cases will be dealt with herein without expressly continuing to recognize the two different bases for the rulings.
    It should be borne in mind that while the power of eminent domain, though it is inherent in organized governments, may only be exercised through legislation or through legislative delegation, usually to another governmental body, the power may be delegated as well to private corporations, such as public utilities, railroad and bridge companies, when they are promoting a valid public purpose. Such delegation has long been approved.
    The Supreme Court has approved generally the widespread use of the power of eminent domain by federal and state governments in conjunction with private companies to facilitate urban renewal, destruction of slums, erection of low-cost housing in place of deteriorated housing, and the promotion of aesthetic values as well as economic ones. In Berman v. Parker, a unanimous Court ob served: ”The concept of the public welfare is broad and inclusive. The values it represents are spiritual as well as physical, aesthetic as well as monetary. It is within the power of the legislature to determine that the community should be beautiful as well as healthy, spacious as well as clean, well-balanced as well as carefully patrolled.” For ”public use,” then, it may well be that ”public interest” or ”public welfare” is the more correct phrase. Berman was applied in Hawaii Housing Auth. v. Midkiff, upholding the Hawaii Land Reform Act as a ”rational” effort to ”correct deficiencies in the market determined by the state legislature to be attributable to land oligopoly.” Direct transfer of land from lessors to lessees was permissible, the Court held, there being no requirement ”that government possess and use property at some point during a taking.” ”The ‘public use’ requirement is . . . coterminous with the scope of a sovereign’s police powers,” the Court concluded.
    If Obama defense himself regarding his legal actions, he will most likely use Eminent domain as the leverage that allows him to do that. But, the reason for the rule means a State or Federal Governments can cede your private property and will be financially compensated the fair market value of the said property. I don’t believe the Constitution recognizes a person is a property. Consider that GM and the other car makers are not in just one city or state. I don’t think he has the power as a President to take all those physical factories, in every State where they are located and deem them all as government properties under the banner of eminent domain. So, if he is allowed in the Constitution to deem GM as a property by taking it under an eminent domain. The statute is physical land, not cars nor does it allow him to take the property from various Cities and States. The original intent of the statute was to allowing the government to purchase someone’s property (in a fair market value) that has been decided by a local, state or federal government that it was needed.
    When I lived in New Jersey a federal interstate roadway was put in place. Most of the land there were farms. The state took some of the acreage and paid the land owners not only fair market value, but over the market value. In one area there was a section of land owned by a popular Veterinarian, who had just renovated and expanded his facilities. He put in a built in pool, new lawn nicely landscaped and he even paid for fixing the holes in the road and had it repaved. A few months after all this the announcement came about the expansion of the Interstate 78. He spent so much money. He got angry and decided to fight the State of New Jersey because at the time he had gone to the Warren County Planning Department knew that expansion was coming right through his business. They allowed him to submit his building plans, expansion and pool, he got the permits and he paid his contractor and professional people, even paid for the re-pavement of the road that lead to his business. He could not understand why they allowed him to build, paid and submitted his plans when they knew the interstate was going right through his home and business. So when they offered to pay for his land, he told them absolutely NO. The case went to Court (and delayed the interstate construction). The local County tried to use the eminent domain language that allows them to take his property. Well, the local court ruled against the Veterinarian. It went up the judicial system where the rulings went to the Veterinarian. It ended up in the New Jersey Appeals Court. Which upheld the lower courts opinion? It was the fact that they knew at the time that the 78 extension was coming and knew where the roadway was going and let him upgrade his business. It was very underhanded what the Freeholders and Planning Board members were all voted out. He was a nice man, a great Veterinarian and had most of the Community standing by him. The state was ordered to recalculate the roadway and work around the Veterinarian property. Sometimes the little guy wins.

  35. blue state blues- RWG

    Good friends;
    We are chasing our tails. They (Obama and Congress) have us yammering on about 100 different topics. They are creating mental chaos by throwing so much at us that we have become mired in the discussion without action. While we are yammering, they are stealing the country. We have to get out of the yammering phase. If we can show any sign that we have had enough, we might find that our political leaders develop some spine quickly.

    Effectively they have turned us into a herd of sheep that are being corralled from end of the pen to the other while we yammer on and on.

    I have to give the Administration credit. They are playing us like a cheap violin. They know how to keep us distracted. Obama seizes GM then runs off to Europe, makes outrageous statements while there and we start yammering about his statements while the GM controversy slides under the rug.

    It’s beautiful. We are going to yammer our way through the next 4 years and wake up in 2012 and find the government running everything.

    If we are not out in the streets , en masse, on April 15 then our level of pain and outrage is insufficient to do anything but yammer. As far as I can tell, the Tax protest scheduled for that day in many cities around the country is the only demonstrable action scheduled that has the potential to make a statement.

  36. Eileen,

    I may be wrong but I remember reading that GM’s CEO was already being lined up to go down the tube before Boy Bama got into the act. And I do mean act. Whether it was for media or personal self-gratification the “shaded” leader had nothing to do with the firing of General Motor’s top dog.

    Actually none of this is about the bailing out of GM, the Demos could care less about a bunch of people interested in capitalism, even silly capatilists who thought they could get along with the unions and democrats.

    GM would have recovered in bankruptcy, but it would have done so at the expense of the UAW (and the taxpayers on the retirement H&W costs). This government simply isn’t going to let GM use bankruptcy to get out of it’s contract because the others will have to follow suit to stay competitive. A kind of pattern bargaining in reverse.

    The only solution for this from the democrat/UAW prespective/ideology is feed GM and Chrysler from the public teat until EFCA is passed and Southeren plants are organized and put on the national pattern agreement.

    In as far as eminent domain goes, I do think it varies tremdously, fair pricewise, from state to state. The city that I live closest to, when widening a street will rely regularly on eminent domain when taking away a person’s front lawn. This would be all well and good if only the inhabitants were paid fair market value which in most cases, it they are paid pennies on the dollar.

    When I was a teenager Interstate I-80 was in the process of coming through the heart of Omaha, NE. Houses were bought by eminent domain but then auctioned by the city to the public to reap the various building materials from them. My Dad, bought one and he, being a very frugal man only tells me that the original property owners were not paid the full value for their home.

    What the Constitution had originally intended to be a fair and rightful transaction between the state or federal government, for the good of the state or federal government, has since been despoiled by the politicians that we, as citizens, have increasingly looked the other way from.

    I’m fascinated in the court’s conclusion that, “Public welfare is broad and inclusive. The value it represents are spiritual(?) as well as physical, aesthetic as well as monetary. Perhaps those impartial, non-partisan judges were thinking they’d leave them two out of three. Give them the money and basketball but let them pick their way through trash laden streets to G-D America preaching churches.

    And by the way, Eileen, I made a statement on the new article about Obama…no offense to your dog.

  37. As someone above mentioned, I am convinced that Obama wants an actual depression, not a recession. Why? So he and his fellow travelers in D.C. can “rescue” America – their way, of course – and that’s the important part – their way. He wants to tear down the country so he can rebuild it by his design – which translates into a Socialist utopia of some kind. He’s in Europe gathering up “global” support for his New World Order plans. It’s all right out of his Marxist textbook. I agree that the upcoming tea parties need to be the beginning of more loud protesting and ultimately revolution. But Obama will lock up the dissidents in his emergency camps. (For the sake of civil “order”, of course.) He’s way ahead of the average citizen. He has this plotted out well down the road.

  38. Rick2:
    “Obama will lock up the dissidents in his emergency camps”.

    Now, now, now, let’s not become the DailyKos.

    This is America, this will NEVER happen here as long as we have the 2nd Amendment.

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