Still Waiting

The humor of having liberal beginners in the positions of power in the United States has to constantly tickle the odd little leprechaun with the lousy leisure suit from Iran. Our wonderful “talkers” are all agog at the chance to “negotiate” with this oily reptile. The historical lessons that the rest of us learned from the last liberal who gaily waved a “document” around after “negotiating” the 1938 Munich Agreement with a demonic despot have escaped the brilliant modern day appeasers who are simply hypnotized by the timbre of their own hollow voices and the resonance of their empty words..

In an article entitled, “U.S. does not see Iran’s nuclear claims as rebuff”, we read that our Secretary of Statists is apparently confused by this whole Secretary’s post that she was gifted for failing miserably as a Presidential candidate. “We don’t know what to believe..” I have yet to decide which is more frightening, “Hillary Clinton, top U.S. diplomat”, “President Ah-mad-inejad” or “President Obama”. All three will have permanent ramifications on America’s future. Ramifications that will take decades to correct and repair..

Using the same circular logic that was employed to mesmerize the liberal base during the election, Rodham said, “We do not attribute any particular meaning, with respect to the range of issues that we are looking to address with the Iranians, from this particular statement..” Translation: Her particular statement has no particular meaning..

When confused, “educated” liberals tend to vomit forth a volley of polysyllabic sophistry that perfumes the air with hilarious helium. The usual “targets” of this obfuscation are typically other liberals, so the facetious flatulence easily achieves its modest goals. Those not embalmed by the blue state Bolsheviks can dissect their buncombe with as little effort as it takes to steal blankets from the homeless.

The bottom line: She does not know. The Secretary of State does not know.. It is the job of the Secretary of State to KNOW. Whomever this “we” is, “we” do not know either, according to the “top U.S. diplomat..” The old saying goes, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. In this case a total lack of knowledge will prove to be considerably more dangerous..

The talkative tyros “voiced skepticism about Iran’s new claims that it had made major progress in its nuclear program and tested more advanced equipment for enriching uranium.” What is this “skepticism” based upon? It is true that the vast preponderance of Iran is a sixth century cesspool, but that cesspool sits upon pools of crude oil.. The profits from the sale of which could be used to buy the necessary technology that would help with the whole “major process” thing. How many Iranian “scientists” have been educated in America who have since returned to “ply their trade” at home?

“We don’t know what to believe about the Iranian program. We’ve heard many different assessments and claims over a number of years.” This “we” that she constantly refers to are the “fall guys and gals” who will be conveniently blamed when the “program” turns out to be the template for an Iranian atomic bomb. Since someone with “thirty five years of political experience” “doesn’t know what to believe” about the Iranian nuclear ambitions, I would suggest to her that she should just clear out of the way and allow the Israelis to do the “negotiating” for her..

How is Rodham going to “negotiate” with anyone? We are stuck with a Secretary of State who couldn’t “negotiate” with her husband in order to stop him from poking his progressive pickle into every pimply intern in Washington. She couldn’t convince him to honor his “obligations” to her and she is going to somehow “scare” Iran into concessions?

Rodham believes that “Iran must abide by their international obligations” over its nuclear program.. “International obligations” are of no concern to the Sharia savages of Iran. Just as the “treaties” of the past that that were signed by the Soviets and that the lachrymose lefties held so dear, an “international obligation” is about as important to the Iranians as Christmas is..

These “obligations” are figments of her fetid imagination. “If they abided by a set of obligations and expectations that affect them and by which we believe they are bound..” Here we have the liberals expecting “the world” to conform to their ethos. Rodham “doesn’t know” that a “country” that has shaped its government to be an arm of its “religion”, a “religion” that would prefer to overtake the rest of “the world”, doesn’t care what the Milquetoast morons of the Obama administration “thinks”. What Rodham “believes” is irrelevant to a country that constantly reminds the world that it would like to “eliminate” Israel for starters..

“We are going to continue to insist on that.” “We”.. Is there some “coalition”, similar to the one from Operation Desert Storm that has been assembled by the liberals or is this just another bout with wishful collectivist thinking? In case Rodham and the rest of the Obama hacks and shills haven’t picked up on this yet, Iran doesn’t care what she “doesn’t know” or what “we insist upon”.

The self imposed self importance of Rodham has to have the bearded brigands in tears. “It will be up to Iran whether it wants to engage with us”. “Engage”? If anyone else were in office, I would view the “engage with us” comment as the double entendre of talks/ordnance. (For the liberals; Ordnance: things that go boom..)

Mr. “I-need-a-new-job” said that Iran was “ready for talks” only if those discussions were based upon “justice and respect”. Hearing this Persian poltroon talking about “justice and respect” is almost as ironic as hearing John Edwards talking about “honesty and fidelity”. “Justice and respect” have altogether different meanings under the weird “laws” of Iran. Remember that Iran is asking for “justice and respect”..

Here are just a few of the examples of their “justice and respect” for the “citizens” (prisoners) of their own country. Under the “Diyya”, the “value” of a woman’s life is half that of a man. Everything from testimony in court to inheritance, an Iranian woman’s contribution or status is “half that of a man.” This is the “country” in which women “convicted” of adultery are routinely “stoned” to death. Anyone who converts to a different religion (“apostasy”) has also committed “a crime” that is punishable by death. Wouldn’t it be nice for Rodham as our “top U.S. diplomat” and as a woman to ask for “justice and respect” for half of the population of Iran? (Again I ask, where are the feminists on this one?)

The rush to “negotiate” comes from the liberal inclination towards capitulation as opposed to confrontation. The weak always want to negotiate first, the strong would rather “engage” in a much different way. In order for “negotiation” to be effective in any way, shape or form, there has to be an “or else” that is either directly implied or indirectly insinuated. The left has taken the “or else” out of the equation, therefore they send up only sophomoric sorties and hilarious hot air strikes.

State Department spokesman (one of those “we” that Rodham referred to..) Robert Wood said, “the United States was still waiting for a response from Iran”. Here is how the whole scenario breaks down, literally.. The liberal caliphate is “waiting”. The Secretary of State doesn’t know what she is talking about. Someone with courage should “talk” without removing the possibility of “acting”.. While the Obama minions are “still waiting” to “talk”, the Iranians are “planning” and “acting”..


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  1. If it were up to me, we would give Israel the go ahead for a tactical nuclear strike against Iran and the rest of the world be damned. My only condition for this strike would be that Israel wait until we can get BHO and Billary on the ground in Tehran in time to be sent to meet their creator along with the Islamo-fascists!

  2. I don’t know what’s worse, our top diplomat playing nice with Iran, or the fact that we can’t even blow up pirates without worrying about their rights. As it is, I have to agree with Todd on this one. We should reimburse the Israelis for services rendered, of course, but I can’t think of a better stimulus package.

  3. Although I agree a large portion of Iran is a 6th century cesspool, they also had prior to the Khomeini revolution, the largest middle class in the Arab world. So the idea that we can cavalierly dismiss Iranian ambitions to build a nuke, is a deadly mistake on the part of BHO and his minions of do gooders. Considering that they promise to use it immediately should be more than enough reason for a call to action, but the liberals continue to sit on their hands and talk ad nauseum. It is rather ironic that the so called “progressives” say nothing about the treatment of women, religious freedom, and the other liberal favorite group; homosexuals.No one seems to remember Admadinejad’s wonderful liberal sponsored visit to Colombia where he stoically proclaimed that there were “no gay people in Iran”. Of course not…they’re all dead. and that’s what’s waiting for all the liberal progressives in Europe as they are over run with millions of Muslims who are not going to tolerate Western progressive liberal pluralistic society at all. Not like the European state Protestant Churches who bend over backwards denying scripture, to overlook any kind of sin, in order to remain relevant in a disinterested liberal European society. Rest assured the Muslims will not be tolerant at all when the numbers fall their way, as they will in just a few short years. Very scary as they whistle past the graveyard.

  4. “….having liberal beginners in the positions of power in the United States” …. scary, isn’t it?!? The unknowing leading the unaware…..and those of us who are aware can’t do much more than prepare….and pray. Isreal will need to defend itself against a nuclear Iran….because no other country in the world has the b@lls to anymore. May God help us all…..

    Spot on as always, Larry!

  5. Patient in PA

    Months before “their” (not ours) President’s Coronation, I predicted if “Jug Ears” won, Israel would bomb Iran before Inauguration Day.

    I was wrong.

    I failed to take into account that during that time frame, Israel suffered from the same disease effecting us.

    To wit: Lack of Leadership.

    However, with the election, (Thank God), of Benjamin, (BiBi) Netanyahu, I can’t help but feel exonerated.


    The article below is from Slade Magazine, and I believe will put to rest any unnecessary speculation as to the perceived importance of the role “Thunder Thighs” or “Jug Ears” will play in wading through the quagmire of International Politics their incompetence has steered them both into.

    Please, if you can, let me know your opinion of Mr. Samuels Article.


    Why Israel Will Bomb IranThe rational argument for an attack.
    By David SamuelsPosted Thursday, April 9, 2009, at 6:13 PM ET

    The more Israeli leaders huff and puff about their determination to stop Iran’s nuclear program, the more sophisticated analysts are inclined to believe that Israel is bluffing. After all, if George W. Bush refused to provide Israel with the bunker busters and refueling capacity to take out Iran’s nukes in 2008, the chance that Barack Obama will give Israel the green light anytime soon seems quite remote—this being the same President Obama who greeted North Korea’s recent missile launch with a speech outlining his plan to dismantle America’s nuclear arsenal on the way to realizing his dream of a nuclear-free world. Israel’s performance in the 2006 war in Lebanon was widely depicted as catastrophic, and with Israel’s diplomatic standing hitting new lows after the stomach-turning images of destruction from Gaza, the diplomatic consequences of a successful attack on Iranian nuclear facilities might be worse than the prospect of military failure. There is also the fact that no one knows exactly where Iran’s nuclear assets are.

    Many perfectly reasonable people chalk up the rhetorical excesses of both parties to the hot desert sun and assume that nothing particularly awful will happen whether Iran becomes a nuclear power or not. From a U.S. point of view, at least, there is little reason to doubt the analysis that a nuclear Iran with a few dozen bombs can be contained at relatively limited cost using the same strategies that successfully constrained an aggressive Soviet Empire armed with nearly 45,000 nuclear warheads at the height of the Cold War.

    What the nuclear optimists miss is that it is not the United States that is directly threatened by the Iranian nuclear program but Israel—and the calculations that drive our Middle Eastern client state are very different from those that guide the behavior of its superpower patron.

    Less sanguine types—who think that Israel isn’t bluffing—generally fall into two camps: those who think that the Israelis are crazy and require the firm hand of America to restrain them and those who think that the Iranian leadership lives on a different planet and will use nuclear weapons against Israel. Yet it is not necessary to stipulate that either party is crazy in order to see why an Israeli attack on Iran makes sense.

    From the standpoint of international relations theory, the scariest thing about recent Israeli rhetoric is that an attack on Iran lines up quite well with Israel’s rational interests as a superpower client.

    While Israeli bluster is clearly calculated to push America to take a more aggressive stance toward Iran, that doesn’t mean the Israelis won’t actually attack if President Obama decides on a policy of engagement that leaves the Iranians with a viable nuclear option. In fact, the more you consider the rationality of an Israeli attack on Iran in the context of Israel’s relationship with its superpower patron, the more likely an attack appears. Given Iran’s recent technological triumphs, like the launch of the Omid communications satellite earlier this year and the lack of ambiguity about the aims of the Iranian nuclear program, it is hardly apocalyptic to expect an attack within the next year—assuming that the Russians continue to dither about delivering S-300 surface-to-air missiles to protect Iranian nuclear sites. A stepped-up delivery date for large numbers of S-300 missiles could lead to an earlier attack.

    The fact that U.S. and Israeli interests with regard to Iran may diverge in radical ways comes as a surprise to many mainstream analysts because of the tendency among both supporters and opponents of America’s “special relationship” with Israel to invoke various forms of mind-bending mumbo-jumbo—from dimwitted theories about an all-powerful Jewish conspiracy to childlike evocations of the community of democratic values that unites the two countries. While America’s embrace of Israel is partially motivated both by shared values and by the lobbying power of an influential minority group, neither Israel’s creaky democratic polity nor the hidden persuasive powers of AIPAC can claim much credit for the billions of dollars in American military credits that Israel enjoys—a vast corporate welfare program that benefits Pentagon defense contractors as much as it benefits Israel’s military.

    The key fact of the American-Israeli alliance that most commentators seem eager to elide is that Israel is America’s leading ally in the Middle East because it is the most powerful country in the Middle East. Critics of the American-Israeli relationship love to conflate American support for Israel before 1967 with America’s support since then by citing statistics for tens of billions of dollars in U.S. military credits and aid given to Israel “since 1948,” when the Jewish State was founded. In fact, Israel’s rise to becoming a regional superpower was accomplished without any significant help from United States. Israel’s surreptitious program to build nuclear weapons was accomplished with the aid of the British and the French, who joined with Israel to seize the Suez Canal from Egypt’s rabble-rousing President Gamal Abdel Nasser, and who were then forced to give it back by Dwight D. Eisenhower. The Israeli air force pilots who destroyed the Egyptian, Syrian, and Jordanian air forces on the ground flew French-made Mystère jets—not American-made F-4 Phantoms. The U.S. Congress did not appropriate a single penny to help Israel accommodate an overwhelming influx of Holocaust survivors and poor Jewish refugees from Yemen, Iraq, Egypt, and other Arab countries until 1973—25 years after the founding of the state.

    By shattering the old balance of power in the Middle East with its spectacular military victory in the Six Day War, Israel announced itself to America as the reigning military power in the region and as a profoundly destabilizing influence that needed to be contained. The parallels between Israel’s rise to superpower-client status in the 1950s and 1960s and the Iranian march toward regional hegemony over the past decade are quite striking. Both Israel circa 1967 and modern-day Iran are non-Arab states that utilized innovative military tactics to panic the Arabs. Yet where Iran is a non-Arab country with a population of more than 70 million, Israel was and is a tiny non-Arab, non-Muslim country whose small population and seat-of-the-pants style of leadership made even the country’s modest colonial ambitions seem like a stretch. In the absence of any fixed plan of expansion, or any long-term plan for dealing with its neighbors, Israel decided to use its excess military power and captured lands as a chit that it could exchange for resources provided from outside the region by its wealthy American patron.

    Israel earned its role as an American client with a series of daring military victories won by a tiny embattled country with a shoestring budget and its back against the sea: the capture of the Suez Canal from Nasser in 1956, the audacious victory in 1967, and the development of a nuclear bomb. Yet the terms of the bargain that Israel struck would necessarily relegate such accomplishments to the history books. Israel traded its freedom to engage in high-risk, high-payoff exploits like the Suez Canal adventure or the Six Day War for the comfort of a military and diplomatic guarantee from the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world. As a regional American client, Israel would draw on the military and diplomatic power of its distant patron in exchange for allowing America to use its control over Israel as leverage with neighboring Arab states.

    With each American-brokered peace move—from Camp David to the Madrid Conference to Oslo and Annapolis—the United States has been able to hold up its leverage over Israel as both a carrot and a stick to the Arab world. Do what we want, and we will force the Israelis to behave. The client-patron relationship between the United States and Israel that allows Washington to control the politics of the Middle East is founded on two pillars: America’s ability to deliver concrete accomplishments, like the return of the Sinai to Egypt and the pledge to create a Palestinian state, along with the suggestion that Washington is manfully restraining wilder, more aggressive Israeli ambitions.

    The success of the American-Israeli alliance demands that both parties be active partners in a complex dance that involves a lot of play-acting—America pretends to rebuke Israel, just as Israel pretends to be restrained by American intervention from bombing Damascus or seizing the banks of the Euphrates. The instability of the U.S.-Israel relationship is therefore inherent in the terms of a patron-client relationship that requires managing a careful balance of Israeli strength and Israeli weakness. An Israel that runs roughshod over its neighbors is a liability to the United States—just as an Israel that lost the capacity to project destabilizing power throughout the region would quickly become worthless as a client.

    A corollary of this basic point is that the weaker and more dependent Israel becomes, the more Israeli interests and American interests are likely to diverge. Stripped of its ability to take independent military action, Israel’s value to the United States can be seen to reside in its ability to give the Golan Heights back to Syria and to carve out a Palestinian state from the remaining territories it captured in 1967—after which it would be left with only the territories of the pre-1967 state to barter for a declining store of U.S. military credits, which Washington might prefer to spend on wooing Iran.

    The untenable nature of this strategic calculus gives a cold-eyed academic analyst all the explanation she needs to explain Israel’s recent wars against Hezbollah and Hamas, its assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists and engineers, and its 2007 attack on the Syrian nuclear reactor. Israel’s attempts to restore its perceived capacity for game-changing independent military action are directed as much to its American patron as to its neighbors. Israel’s current strategic posture was established by former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who alternated strong, unpredictable military actions like Operation Defensive Shield and the final isolation of Yasser Arafat with invocations of the importance of peace and surprising concessions, such as the unilateral Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in 2005. Sharon also took care to balance his close relationship with President Bush with a program of diplomatic outreach to second-tier powers like Russia and India.

    An attack on Iran might be risky in dozens of ways, but it would certainly do wonders for restoring Israel’s capacity for game-changing military action. The idea that Iran can meaningfully retaliate against Israel through conventional means is more myth than fact. Even without using nuclear weapons, Israel has the capacity to flatten the Iranian economy by bombing a few strategic oil refineries, making a meaningful Iranian counterstroke much less likely than it first appears.

    If the 2006 Lebanon war showed the holes in Israel’s ability to fight a conventional ground war, it also showed the ability of the Israeli air force to destroy long-range missiles on the ground. Israel’s response to fresh barrages of missiles from Hezbollah and Hamas while engaged in a shooting war with Iran would presumably be even less restrained than it has been in the past.

    Short of an Iranian-hostage-rescue-mission-type debacle in which a small Israeli tactical force crashes in the Iranian desert, or a presidential order from Obama to shoot down Israeli planes on their way to Natanz, any Israeli air raid on Iran is likely to succeed in destroying masses of delicate equipment that the Iranians have spent a decade building at enormous cost in time and treasure. It is hard to believe that Iran could quickly or easily replace what it lost. Whether it resulted in delaying Iran’s march toward a nuclear bomb by two years, five years, or somewhere in between, the most important result of an Israeli bombing raid would be to puncture the myth of inevitability that has come to surround the Iranian nuclear project and that has fueled Iran’s rise as a regional hegemon.

    The idea of a mass public outcry against Israel in the Muslim world is probably also a fiction—given the public backing of the Gulf states and Egypt for Israel’s wars against Hezbollah and Hamas. As the only army in the region able to take on Iran and its clients, Israel has effectively become the hired army of the Sunni Arab states tasked by Washington with the job of protecting America’s favorite Middle Eastern tipple—oil.

    The parallels between Israel’s rise to superpower client status after 1967 and Iran’s recent rise offer another strong reason for Israel to act—and act fast. The current bidding for Iran’s favor is alarming to Israel not only because of the unfriendly proclamations of Iranian leaders but because of what an American rapprochement with Iran signals for the future of Israel’s status as an American client. While America would probably benefit by playing Israel and Iran against each other for a while to extract the maximum benefit from both relationships, it is hard to see how America would manage to please both clients simultaneously and quite easy to imagine a world in which Iran—with its influence in Afghanistan and Iraq, its control over Hezbollah and Hamas, and easy access to leading members of al-Qaida—would be the partner worth pleasing.

    Bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities is the surest way for Israel to restore the image of strength and unpredictability that made it valuable to the United States after 1967 while also eliminating Iran as a viable partner for America’s favor. The fact that this approach may be the international-relations equivalent of keeping your boyfriend by shooting the other cute girl he likes in the head is an indicator of the difference between high-school romance and alliances between states—and hardly an argument for why it won’t work. Shorn of its nuclear program and unable to retaliate against Israel through conventional military means, Iran would be shown to be a paper tiger—to the not-so-secret delight of America’s Sunni Arab allies in the Gulf. Iran’s local clients like Syria and Hamas would be likely to distance themselves from an over-leveraged Persian would-be hegemon whose ruined nuclear facilities would be visible on Google Earth.

    The only real downside for Israel of an attack on Iran is Washington’s likely response to the anger of the Arab street and the European street, both of which are likely to express their fierce outrage against Israel and the United States. The price of an Israeli attack on Iran is therefore clear to anyone who reads Al Ahram or the Guardian: a Palestinian state. It seems fair to say that both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak see the establishment of some kind of Palestinian state as inevitable and also as posing real security risks to Israel.

    Yet, in a perverse way, the idea that the price of an attack on Iran will be the establishment of a Palestinian state makes the logic of such an attack even clearer. Israel’s leaders know that the security threats inherent in giving up most of the West Bank will be greatly augmented or diminished depending on how a Palestinian state is born. A Palestinian state born as the result of Israeli weakness is a much greater danger to Israel than a state born out of Israeli strength. Ariel Sharon was able to withdraw from Gaza because he defeated Arafat and crushed the second intifada. Desperate to rid themselves of the bad PR and the demographic threat posed by maintaining Israel’s hold over the West Bank, Sharon’s successors have been unable to find a victory big enough to allow them to retreat. Nor are they able to reconcile themselves to the threat posed by images of a defeated Israel being forced to withdraw from Hebron and Nablus by triumphant Palestinian militias backed by Iran.

    The inevitability of a future Palestinian state is the most powerful argument for the inevitability of an Israeli attack on Iran—unless the Iranian nuclear program is stopped by other means. Taking out the Iranian nuclear program is the one obvious avenue by which Israel can turn the debilitating drip-drip-drip of territorial giveaways and international condemnation into a convincing appearance of strength. Destroying a respectable number of Iranian centrifuges will end Iran’s march to regional hegemony and eliminate Israel’s chief rival for America’s affections while also allowing Israel to gain the legal and demographic benefits of a Palestinian state with a minimum of long-term risk.

    Israel’s version of a nuclear grand bargain that brings peace to the Middle East may be messier and more violent than what the Obama administration imagines can be accomplished through sanctions, blandishments, and the invocation of Barack Obama’s magic middle name. But who can really argue with the idea of trading the Iranian nuclear bomb for a Palestinian state? Saudi Arabia would be happy. Egypt would be happy. Bahrain, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates would be happy. Jordan would be happy. Iraq would be happy. Two-thirds of the Lebanese would be happy. The Palestinians would go about building their state, and Israel would buy itself another 40 years as the only nuclear-armed country in the Middle East. Iran would not be happy.

    But who said peace won’t have a price?

  6. Todd:

    Excellent idea. Can we ship the Congress over too? Let’s start a list of other dangerous socialists to send with them.

    Oh, if only it were only that easy.

  7. Another 10.0 Larry what a great article, keep them coming.

    Stupidity is also a very dangerous thing as well; but it seems that’s all that is in this Administration. Those same corrupt individuals lining their pockets at the expense of all Americans. We are to remain silent and not object to these policies that go against the Constitution of the Unites States. We all know war is bad for both (or more) participants, people die, and some of them are civilians. What Obama is doing is trying to placate Iran and hope they will see the light and stop making WMD. Kind of like they’re to smart for us so let’s just give up; which is exactly what Europe has done. They have threatened us as well as Israel and I believe they will do it if given an opportunity. The Iranian President Ahmadinejad is an arrogant prick who is salivating just thinking about blowing Israel off the map. He needs a really strong message that if they attack Israel there will be real consequences worldwide for doing that. But those chicken shits in Europe are terrified by the gross and horrible tactics and methods used by the destructive but well known Muslim Extremist, our Enemy Combatants and Islamic Terrorist.

    But those European Countries are cowardly holding their collective breathe and hoping they won’t be called on to defend their own Country much less someone else’s. Europe is terrified of the Middle East with the entire terrorist groups vying to knock each other over to be called the King of Death. So al-Qaeda and all the terrorist organizations in the Middle East are sitting back and watching who is the biggest wimp. They rather sit on the sidelines and criticize those that do come out to fight for what is right. Our narcissist President thinks he can talk and negotiate with Iran’s President Ahmadinejad so he can explain that it’s not nice to be so mean. What purpose does it serve? Tell them Hillary. Yeah, don’t be so mean. I’m sure they negotiated with the playground bullies when they were younger and I’m sure those bullies left a few bruises. Quick, get my lawyer on the phone! If these European leaders were around during the Second World War, we most likely would still be fighting.

    Hillary and all her vast experience on the World stage is much closer to vaudevillian act then being the head of a government agency, especially one so important. But, as she primps and prate her way through a very stern and harsh admonishment to the misunderstood Iranian President as she waves her finger at him telling him like he was a puppy who just had an “accident” on her new Iranian rug, all the while trying to look the most like the next liberal Presidential impostor to set herself up for the next Presidential election. She yells look you greasy slug you cannot do anything you want, you have to ask permission first before taking your nukes out. There is a world protocol that needs to be followed that has nothing to do with the Goldie Hawn comedy with the same name. You are not the Emir and I am not Sunny Davis, amen!

    It just seems that this administration believes that Iranian President Ahmadinejad is an unmotivated procrastinator, who will put his nukes away to come out to play for the next Republican President to undermine, blame and ridicule. They still don’t get it. He would have never done this if John McCain had won or during the 8 years of the Bush Administration. He knew we would retaliate and Israel would be standing right next to us. Two of the world’s most powerful military forces. Tell Iranian President Ahmadinejad to watch the film “Munich” and see if he still thinks they are a weak Nation, who would never retaliate for the misdeeds from the Jew haters of the World. The Mossad retaliate under Prime Minister Golda Meir, who approved of a 5 man black-box operation to hunt down and kill all involved in the Palestinian terrorist group known as Black September after the assassination/murders of 11 Israeli athletes during the 1972 Olympics. I still think they are picking up the body parts.

    Diplomacy seems to be the answer for this administration, and then maybe they should start with a better negotiator then Hillary Rodham Clinton. Part of diplomacy is the skill in handling affairs without arousing hostility and requiring the art and practice of conducting negotiations between nations. She couldn’t negotiate a truce between to snails. If that’s the liberal idea of being tactful, and there is nothing tactful about Mrs. Clinton. She is an in your face broad, who spits, farts and curses like a Navy SEALs. Yet tries to behave in public with the camera and reporters as some 62 year old ingénue, asking was I powerful enough? Did I get the message out clear and concise? Was it a good balance between being soft when I needed to be and tough when I needed to get Obama’s agenda out to the American public and the world’s citizens? Who will play me in the movie version when Hollywood makes a movie about Barack Obama? Oh! I hope Sharon Stone or Glenn Close is available.

    Dick Morris has a weekly video message to the folks.

  8. I fear the response that we receive from Iran will be a loud “BOOM.” And unfortunately it will probably happen somewhere within our borders.
    Of course the rookies in state will continue to talk to Iran. They believe they are smarter and more persuasive then the ones who negotiated with Hitler. They are soo deluded.

  9. LadyWolf,
    I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t send at least the libs in congress. WE could just tell them there is going to be a light show in their honor.

  10. Iran is controlled by the most dangerous people in the world, religious fanatics. They believe that their god is on their side and will protect them. They will not be deterred by the threat of an attack by Israel because they think their god will save them.

    Many Israeli’s believe in the Sampson Complex. You have to understand a little of Jewish history, which is filled with one persecution after another, to understand what the Sampson Complex is and what it has developed into. In Hal Lindsey’s book The 1980’s : Countdown To Armageddon, he recounts a conversation he had in 1976 with an Israeli general regarding whether or not the Israeli’s still had the “Masada Complex”. (Masada was a Roman garrison captured about 66 C.E. by Jewish rebels at the outbreak of the Jewish War. It became a refuge for all who were in danger of capture and the rebels’ base for raiding operations. After the fall of Jerusalem in 70 C.E., Masada remained the only point of Jewish resistance. In 72 C.E. the Roman governor Flavius Silva resolved to capture this outpost of resistance and he marched against Masada. It took the Romans about a year to finally breach the fortress walls and when they entered they found a silent fortress and dead bodies. The writings of the historian Josephus are the only significant source of information about Masada. According to Josephus, rather than see the survivors condemned to slavery, the Jewish rebels voted to take their own lives. Two women and five children survived the mass suicide by hiding in a cave; they came out to the Romans. Josephus described all the details of the last hours of the Masada defenders as told by these survivors.) At Masada the Israeli’s chose to die rather than be sent back into slavery.

    The Israeli’s had the Masada Complex until after the Yom Kippur War of 1973. The General told Lindsey that the Israeli’s now had the Sampson Complex. In the Bible, Sampson pushed apart the pillars of a Philistine temple, bringing down the roof and killing himself and thousands of Philistines. He chose death over slavery and destroyed his enemies as well. In his 1991 book The Samson Option: Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy, Seymour Hersh detailed the history of Israel’s nuclear weapons program and its effects on Israel-American relations. The Sampson Option (Complex) referred to the nuclear strategy whereby Israel would launch a massive nuclear retaliatory strike if the nation itself was being overrun. If the Israeli’s are forced to strike, it won’t just be Iran, they will strike other Arab nations as well as Russia, who has armed their enemies.

  11. AWWWW! Eileen! You ruined the surprise! Obama was going to give ahmejinaded(sp?whatever) the cd of Munich for his gift! Will the American version work in iran?????

  12. make that a dvd

  13. Choppie, it’s not the movie title that’s the gift, it’s that the thought behind it that was… in the correct Region to view it. Well, it’s still the thought that really matters, right?

  14. Lady Wolf and al et,

    An interesting account of what has transpired over the History of the Jewish people. I have had many Jewish friends over the years. I’ve discovered numerous similarities between Christians (especially Roman Catholics) and Jews. Both religions use guilt as a definer of behavior and forgiveness. We are flawed individuals and we sometimes forget our beliefs but in times of crisis we look to God to help us get through the crisis (or in Hollywood you acknowledge God when you win an award. The rest of the year they are critical of religion). We are both feared and hated in the World and a practicing Christian and/or Judaism the hate becomes twofold. I worked with a woman who was born and raised in Egypt and they were Christians in the Coptic or Egyptian Orthodox Church of Alexandria. She said it was similar to the Greek or Eastern Orthodox churches they lived in fear most of the time for living with their Christians faith in a Muslim World. They would murder or prosecuted Christians for their faith/belief or for worshiping in public. Since most of their military and government are controlled by the Muslims and the Sharia law.

    She told us some pretty scary thing that happened to her, her husband and their respective families. One night one of her Uncle’s was taken from their bed and the rebels demanded that he deny God’s existence and except Allah as their God, when he refused they beheaded him right there on the street with his wife and children watching (some as young as 5 years old). She met her husband and married there and her husband was a very intelligent man. One of them had family who had previously come to the US. They contacted them to see if they could come here to live. They were granted asylum for fear of prosecution over their religious beliefs. They arrived here in January, 1980 during a snowstorm (she had heard about snow but this was the first time they saw it). They went through the process to become citizens and passed. Her family is now very proud Americans and always vote conservative. She loved and admired Ronald Reagan so much that they traveled to Washington DC where he was giving a speech.

    She once told me she though US Citizens born here seemed don’t seem to understand what we have is special and unique to the rest of the World. Where most Americans take it for granted that we will always have our freedoms that the Founding Fathers afforded to us. We don’t know the struggles most of the World’s citizens go through on a daily bases. Many admire us, but more hate us, because they don’t want us to live this way. I guess a worldwide version of spread the wealth philosophy which never works in favor of the citizens of these Countries, more in favor of the politicians who retain power.

    When 9/11 happened and we all learned and saw it happened. We were able to see it live; we saw the first building collapse even though we were miles away. The NY skyline suddenly had a new whole. As we ran back into the building and went to the cafeteria to view the live footage coming across CNN. We both looked at each other and said Osama bin Laden. He is considered a folk hero in the Middle East, like George Washington, Ben Franklin or Thomas Jefferson were here. She told us some stories that she had heard. We knew it was going to be really bad, especially after we hear about the Pentagon. I picked the phone up and called a friend who works in DC. We were all saying can you believe this? She had heard the blast that hit the Pentagon. Her husband is an FBI agent in the computer division and as she was talking to me, he called her on her cell phone. For him it was going to be a long night. Her boss sent everyone home and it took her close to four hours to get home. Her route went right passed the Pentagon which was closed to all traffic, except for emergency medical technician and police and firefighters.

    We all felt the same thing though and that was a helplessness and anger; we prayed that those who died did so and quickly, those injured and hurt receive medical help and hoped their recovery would be quick. And we prayed that the heroes that came out of the nationwide despair that their unselfish actions may have saved more lives.

    Believe it or not there were those within my company immediately blamed George Bush. (These were the liberals in the company, they were generally young, early 20’s to late 20’s, and they were the arrogant workers the ones that thought that they needed be there to save the Company from itself. We watched the second building fall, knowing that the police, firemen and EMT’s had just gone in to help those who were wounded and badly injured. By then the cafeteria was full and the 5 TV’s were all on, some people were crying and angry then in the middle of this chaos this liberal twit said this is about our greediness and George Bush’s policies (this must have been a precursor to the liberal mandate that was planned for years to bad mouth Bush).

    My co-worker, Mona turned and looked at her and said, will you shut up! Don’t you get what just happened or are you too into yourself to realize that the United States has just declared War on the people who did this? Do you get that? You’re too young to know what the cost of freedom entails. You’ve never lived anywhere where you can’t do what you want, when you want. I grew up with this same hatred; there was nothing that was liberal in their thinking because they were about removing any small ones that we could find. That 22 year old numb nut heard the anger from those of us watching the damage unfold and she slowly backed out of the cafeteria. We had numerous employees who spouse either worked in one of the buildings or one near by. It was certainly insincere and insensitive to make those comments, knowing these people whom she worked with had loved ones in jeopardy. (She was also the same girl who had Kerry bumper stickers on her car and tried to hold a rally in the cafeteria for him in 2004. She didn’t get too many nibbles during her lunch break. She is also the one that complained that we were praying for the victims and it was inappropriate in her mind). These are the idiots our educational system are breeding.

    Honestly, I hope we never forget that day. Our fearless leader seems to want to make sure it happens again, by removing the things that have kept us safe. He wants to release these same people who helped plan it, released from Gitmo, and possibly live here so we can give them free healthcare and give them the funds to live the American dream on the backs of families who lost a love one in the attacks or those fighting the Taliban and al-Qaeda overseas. How did we get here to this place in our history? When did it become okay to give America’s enemies carte blanc to enter the US territory pay for their health care and necessities to make them comfortable because they think by doing that it will stop the hatred? That’s exactly why they hate us and the liberals in this Country don’t or can’t see that.

    On this Easter Sunday that honors a man who is the figurehead of a global religion that exceeds over 3.1 billion worldwide and give thanks, that at this time in our lives we are still allowed to worship whom we like. Happy Easter everyone!

  15. Such harsh words from the Sultan of Swing for his running mate. What is this world coming too?

    President Barack Obama is “bitterly disappointed” in his vice president, Joe Biden.

    The sources say Obama feels Biden was excellent in the Senate, where he chaired the Foreign Relations Committee. But they whisper to the media that the president and some advisers believe Biden has been a dismal failure as vice president, often being “not on message” and unpredictable.

    Biden raised concerns within the Obama camp even before the November election, when he said that if his running mate was elected president, he would almost immediately be challenged with an international crisis that would test his strength and character.

    The remarks prompted newsman Dan Rather to say that the Obama campaign “can’t be happy” about the comments.

    Obama also couldn’t have been happy when Biden poked fun at the president’s ego at the Gridiron Club’s annual dinner on March 23. He said Obama “can’t be here tonight, because he’s busy getting ready for Easter.” Then he added in a hushed voice: “He thinks it’s about him.”

    More recently, Biden caught heat from Republican strategist Karl Rove, who called Biden a “liar” for concocting a story about President George W. Bush “out of whole cloth.”

    Biden told CNN on Tuesday about what he claimed was a meeting with Bush in the Oval Office: “’Well, Joe,’ he said, ‘I’m a leader.’ And I said, ‘Mr. President, turn around and look behind you. No one’s following.’”

    Said Rove, a close Bush adviser: “It didn’t happen . . . He’s making these things up out of whole cloth.”

    Rove also called Biden a “blowhard” and “serial exaggerator.”

  16. Eileen,
    I guess this mean that BHO now understands how we feel about him!

  17. Tax Day Tea Party – banner suggestions:
    (PERIODS create SPACES- cause wordpress suppresses them)

    NO Government

    Let…A I G

    (highly infectious,
    no known cure)

    ………GM Recall
    Give us back our money!

    Barney, Freddie, and Fannie.
    Government Corruption?
    ……or Gay Porn?

    Kid- start a “thought of the day” for Tax Day Tea Party banner suggestions????


  18. Stitch,

    It is done..

    At the request of Stitch, the Secretary of Defense at Noleftturnz:

    The Thought of the Day:

    “Tea Party Banners”

    Go there, have at and have fun.


  19. Stitch,


    Attention Family, at the request of the NLTZ Secretary of Defense, Stitch:

    The Thought of the Day..

    “Tea Party Banners”

    Go there, have at and go to..


  20. Another story the American press refuses to release.

    Obama’s Brother Refused UK Entry Over Alleged Sex Assault

    Monday, April 13, 2009 The Times of London

    The brother of President Obama has been refused a visa to re-enter Britain after being questioned by police over an accusation of attempted sexual assault and receiving a caution for a public order offense.

    Samson Obama � one of the president’s 11 half-brothers and sisters � is alleged to have been living illegally in Britain when he was arrested in Berkshire last November. A group of girls, one aged 13, told police a man approached them and followed them into a cafe a mile from the home of Samson Obama’s mother in Bracknell.

    Obama, 41, was questioned by Thames Valley Police for several hours, during which his fingerprints and a DNA sample were taken. He is alleged to have told detectives that he was Henry Aloo, a genuine asylum-seeker, but gave the address of his own mother, Kezia. Obama denied any sexual assault, but is reported to have accepted an official caution for a public order offense. A caution is an admission of a criminal offense. Police were reported to have also discovered that Obama had been living illegally in Britain for seven years.

    Obama was refused permission to re-enter Britain at Heathrow in January while travelling from his home in Kenya to Washington for his brother’s inauguration. An immigration officer used his discretionary powers to allow him to remain “airside” in the terminal overnight before catching his connecting flight to Washington.

    A source at the UK Border Agency said that Obama originally applied for a visa at the High Commission in Nairobi in January. He withdrew the application before flying to America for the inauguration. On returning from Washington, Obama reinstated his application for a visa.

    President Obama’s stepbrother-in-law, Ian Manners, said that Samson Obama insisted that the allegations linking him to a sex attack were “absolute lies.” Obama told him: “I was involved in a pub fight which had nothing to do with any young girls.”

    Obama, who runs a mobile phone shop in Nairobi, claimed he could not recall why the fight occurred.

    “It seems he was drunk but I don’t really know what the truth is,” said Manners “Abo is not married but is in a relationship with a woman. He is a bit of a playboy but would not get involved with 13-year-old girls. It is unthinkable.”

  21. It appears the Obama family likes to enter other Countries illegally. His half brother, an Aunt and a possible President have all entered Countries with expired visa. What a great legacy to leave behind.

  22. Stitch & Larry,

    How about the sign…

    Do you remember the days when our Government worked for instead of us working for them?

    Yeah, yeah he won and America lost

    You said you would create jobs, instead your policies have destroy them.

    Your half-brother earns a dollar a year is this the legacy you want to have in the US?

    Where are our Constitutional Rights?

    If the Constitution is a living document, then why are you trying to put it on Life Support?

    Is it too late to elect a true American hero? Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger or Captain Richard Phillips Are you guys available?

    Is it still too late for a recount?

    Let’s make ACORN just a nut again

    We already know Socialism doesn’t work. So WHY are taking it on?

    Where’s that transparency you promised? Or is it just another disappointment we’ll have to endure?

    Who was the last honest politician from Illinois? Abe Lincoln

    Call them what they are? Enemy combatants, Islamic Extremist and Muslim Terrorist.

    Do you need you teleprompter to kiss your daughters Good Night?

    Maybe if your Cabinet members paid their personal taxes we wouldn’t need to raise them.

    The White House, there goes the neighborhood!

    We are a nation of citizens, who believe in a higher Power.

    When can Americans expect their bailout?

    Stop spending our Future

    Get rid of the Wicked Witch of the West (photo of Pelosi

    Castro, Race and the Black Congressional Caucus that’s the REAL An Inconvenient Truth

    A new climate change, remove Obama from the White House

    That’s just something off the top of my head. I’ll keep at it. I don’t know if they are worthy of a sign. You can uses them if you want.

  23. Made an error it should have been… Do you remember the days when our Government worked for us instead of us working for them?

  24. Here’s a link to great article concerning the unconstitutionality of our current govt. By Joseph Sobran. Is king of a corollary to Glenn Becks program today. Puts all of the big government and individual rights crushing activities in focus, as well as my own pet peeve the lack of education about what our form of government stands for.

  25. oops should be…kind…

  26. Wow! Obama’s half brother runs a phone store? Sounds like he has more experience for POTUS than the brother we are stuck with…

  27. What happened on Beck today? I go out of the room for a few minutes and I found out someone collapsed on air. Is that right?

  28. “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.” (Thomas Jefferson)

    “Greater is an army of sheep led by a lion, than an army of lions led by a sheep.” (Defoe)


  30. Eileen,

    the guy who was there last week talking about the collapse of our economy came back to explain further. He twice said I’m going to faint, then slumped to the floor. Buchanan is his name – he had felt ill all day. Medics were called, and he is doing ok.

  31. Yeah, Glenn later commented that after it happened everyone stood around and looked thinking it was part of the show….now his ratings will jump through the roof! lol…EMS was called and the professor is fine…maybe too much excitement or low sugar.

  32. here’s an excellent commentary by Thomas Sowell on the meaning of words and the current administrations effort to obfuscate them.

  33. tsnamm, you posted the URL for the second page of the article, instead of the first–easily corrected by exchanging the “2” just before the “.shtml” ending. So, it should read:

    Thanks for the link! As a lover of correctly using words, I appreciate it very much!

  34. George, I’m afraid the liberals would never let the happen. Most of the hate in the world is the direct result from the Middle East and Islam religion. Their leaders loathe each other and the religion they worship. Whether it’s Israel and Egypt, Iran and Iraq, or Syria and Libya. They all think they are right and their religion is the best. Instead of allowing their Countrymen to chose for them.

    Thanks both to Fran and tsnamm for the update on what happened on Glenn Beck yesterday. They showed the clip of what happened his morning on Fox and Friends. Wow!

  35. Family,

    I have signed up for CPAC 2010.

    Last year, they had to turn people away from the event, the room wasn’t big enough..

    I STRONGLY advise any NLTZ family member that can to attend.

    This will be the mid-term election year.

    If enough family members sign up, there will quite possibly be an “impromptu” NLTZ gathering at the Omni across from the CPAC convention after hours..

    Its Feb 18-21. Hotels are always at a premium in D.C., this will be no exception.

    My goal: Push NLTZ onto the front lines of conservative commentary.

    Thanks as always,


  36. Well… finally he speaks.

    Republican National Committee Chairman Michael S. Steele has launched a direct attack on the Obama administration in a new party mailing, accusing the president of being part of the & quot;blame America first& quot; crowd, The Washington Times has learned.

    Criticized by some Republicans for not taking on the Democratic president hard enough or often enough, Mr. Steele took the gloves off in a fundraising letter sent Monday to 12 million party supporters.

    Recipients included RNC donors and the mailing lists of two conservative organizations, Human Events and GOPUSA, according to RNC communications director Trevor Francis.

    Mr. Steele wrote that President Obama’s comments criticizing the United States on his recent European tour showed & quot;an absence of wisdom.

    Mr. Steele’sletter also slammed the president for saying he was open to possible talks with Iran.
    Apparently, he believes he can make peace with crackpot tyrants and heartless terrorists simply by sitting down and talking it said.

    The RNC letter noted that Mr. Obama while in Europe said the United States has displayed & quot;arrogance& quot; at times in its foreign policy.

    But Mr. Steele said it was the former senator from Illinois who was arrogant when he boasted his election would be remember[ed] as the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.

    He said the president showed similar arrogance earlier when he & quot;indicated disdain for small town and working Americans who cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them.
    It was only after the string of critical remarks on the president that Mr. Steele made a pitch for contributions to the party.

  37. Something that some of us have wanted a true conservative running for office in 2012.

    Read on.

    Newt Gingrich Eyes Presidential Bid

    Tuesday, April 14, 2009 3:20 PM

    ATHENS, Ga. “More than a decade after he stepped down as speaker of the House into what seemed like almost certain political oblivion, Newt Gingrich is back and seemingly more relevant than ever.
    Gingrich seems to be everywhere these days, headlining an endless circuit of GOP dinners, popping up on TV news shows, authoring yet another best-selling book and acting as a policy guru to out-of-power congressional Republicans on how to do battle with the Democratic White House.
    As beleaguered Republicans look for a standard bearer after last year’s disastrous election, they’ve been tossing around the names of flashy new stars like Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the 2008 vice presidential candidate, and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, young and Indian American in a party that’s increasingly identified with older white men.
    But could the GOP’s savior instead be a wonkish, twice-divorced throwback to the fiercely partisan Republican revolution?

    Gingrich has managed to keep himself in the public eye since leaving the House, but the blitz of public appearances in recent months is reminiscent of the run-up to 2007, when he toyed with a presidential run only to abandon it before the primaries began. Now, some are speculating that the former congressman from Georgia is laying the groundwork for a White House bid in 2012.
    Grover Norquist, a prominent conservative and president of Americans for Tax Reform, said Gingrich is on nearly every Republican short list of possible White House prospects.

    “One of the ways you judge these guys is how hard they’re working, and Newt is out there hustling,” Norquist said.

    Gingrich does not exactly discourage such presidential speculation. Instead he argues he is busy with work for a pair of think tanks “ American Solutions and the Center for Health Transformation “ that give him a platform to speak on a dizzying array of issues: from childhood obesity and nuclear weapons in North Korea to offshore oil exploration.
    “I really love trying to solve problems. I get very excited about it,” Gingrich, 65, said after teaching a law school class recently at the University of Georgia.

    With Gingrich, a former college history professor, the ideas sometimes come so fast and furious that even supporters say they can feel overwhelmed by a conversation with him.

    Rich Galen, a Washington-based Republican strategist and former Gingrich aide, called him the GOP’s “intellect-in-chief.”

    “He’s always been the idea man,” Galen said.
    If Gingrich has his way, those ideas will spawn a movement, something akin to what Barack Obama found himself leading in 2008 as he ran to replace President Bush. There are no signs that Gingrich has such a movement building yet. But some point to his history of rallying the Republican revolt in the mid 1990s.

    “Gingrich alone, of all the guys who may be running, brings a history of being a movement and party builder,” Norquist said.

    That movement ultimately imploded and Gingrich resigned following heavy GOP losses in the 1998 midterm elections. But Norquist and others said he is smart enough to have learned from that stinging defeat.

    Gingrich showed he still had his finger on the pulse of his party when “ amid soaring gas prices “ he helped popularize the phrase “drill here, drill now” that was adopted as a mantra on the 2008 GOP campaign trail.

    He’s taken on an unofficial role counseling congressional Republicans and is credited with helping rally opposition in the party to President Bush’s bailout plan for financial institutions last fall. For conservative Republicans fed up with what they saw as out-of-control federal spending and meddling in the private sector, it was a sign the GOP was rediscovering its values.

    Gingrich is in frequent contact with Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia, the second-ranking Republican in the House. He’s been all over the web promoting anti-tax “tea parties” set to take place around the country on April 15.

    And in a telling signal of his influence, Gingrich has been tapped to headline the GOP’s House-Senate marquee fundraising dinner in June, replacing Palin. She had been scheduled to appear but then said she couldn’t commit until the Alaska legislature wrapped up its business.

    Still, Gingrich has a reputation as an angry partisan crusader who delighted in firebombing Democrats with vicious verbal assaults. He was labeled a hypocrite when it was revealed he was carrying on an extramarital affair with a Capitol Hill aide at the same time he was working to impeach President Bill Clinton for lying about his own infidelity.

    In those days, his temper was notorious. After complaining about the seating arrangement on Air Force One returning from a state funeral in Israel, Gingrich was famously depicted on the cover of the New York Daily News as a wailing baby in a diaper. He was blamed for shutting down the federal government in a budget dispute.

    Some question whether he can reinvent himself and move past those images still seared in the minds of many who lived through the failed Contract with America. To some, Gingrich is viewed as a polarizing figure for a party looking to expand its base.

    “I’m skeptical,” said Alan Abramowitz, a political science professor at Emory University. “I see him more as someone who’s been sticking to an orthodox conservative philosophy than as someone who would broaden the party’s appeal.”

    Whether Gingrich will be effective opposing Obama is an open question. He said it’s important for Republicans not just to be seen as the party of “no” but to put forward workable alternatives. He blasted Obama’s $787 billion stimulus plan“ which the House GOP went on to oppose unanimously. But he also outlined his own conservative stimulus package, which would slash payroll and business taxes.

    And he wastes no opportunity to criticize Obama on virtually any topic. Gingrich has labeled the administration “anti-religious” and criticized “ via the social networking Web site Twitter “ the president’s early handling of the Somali pirate crisis.

    For Republicans struggling to regain their footing, Gingrich is a battle-tested veteran with experience going head-to-head with a Democratic White House. Republicans flailing to find a message have turned to Gingrich for help.

    “When you are the party in the wilderness you turn to an intellectual leader of the party, like Newt, to get you out,” GOP pollster Whit Ayers said. “He’s clearly playing a key role in revitalizing the Republican Party.”

    Gingrich describes his role this way: “I’m a citizen leader who’s also a Republican.”

    Asked whether he will make the transition from citizen to candidate, Gingrich gives an impish grin.
    “We’ll see,” he said.

  38. Eileen:

    When 9/11 happened I was in my office and a friend called me and told me that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. I said to her, “It had to have been Osama Bin Ladin. He’s been threatening an attack on the US.” She had no idea who he was, so I explained to her what I knew about him and his rabid hatred of this country. I had no idea until several weeks later that 49 people I had connections with had been killed in the attacks. One, Jeff, was a chef in Windows on the World in the North Tower. He was working in the restaurant when the North Tower was hit at 8:46am. The restaurant was on the 106-107 floors. No one above the 91st floor survived. Two others, Chuckie and Joel, had recently retired from the Justice Department and were in the building picking up their last checks. The Justice Department had a office in the North Tower. These two men saved my life. They had been following me one night because they heard something that made them think I was in danger. I was, someone shot my tire out on a steep hill and, if I hadn’t been able to control the car, I would have run into a rock ledge. They chased the truck they were in , pulled them over and arrested them. They found a 22 rifle and it had been recently fired. There was a hole in the back door of the truck which they used to shot at me. Unfortunately, they couldn’t prove anything conclusively, so they walked. If Chuckie and Joel hadn’t been there, I don’t believe I’d be here today.

    Additionally, a Mohawk friend of mine, Louie Deer, from the Akwesasne Reservation on the Quebec, Ontario, New York borders was a beam walker (steel worker) who worked on the WTC towers. He retired some years before the attacks but many other Mohawks I met who were from his reservation worked at ground zero.

    Fortunately, none of the people I worked with when the attack happened were liberal loons like the one you described in your office. If they had been, they would have been told to leave while they were still standing. Two of the people I worked with had family members working in the towers. God was certainly watching over them. One woman’s son, worked in the North Tower. He got stuck in traffic and didn’t get to the building because the road was blocked after the first plane hit. The other woman’s daughter called in sick. Their mothers couldn’t reach them until much later and didn’t know if they were alive or dead. The county brought in TV’s and, like your office, people were crying and angry. Most people were in a state of shock. I know I won’t ever forget that day.

    I recently found this link which really bothers me:
    · Cached page

    When I saw it, I could feel the cat’s paw on the back of my neck. The cover of this training manual pictures the north tower of the World Trade Center in the cross hairs of a gun sight. It was issued in June 1999.

    The liberals think they can play patty cake with religious fanatics. Like I said, religious fanatics are the most dangerous people in the world; they believe that their god is on their side and will protect them. If you don’t believe what they do, they will kill you.

    You asked, “How did we get to this place in our history?” So many things contributed to our present situation. One thing was that we forgot what Thomas Jefferson said: “The price of Freedom is eternal vigilance.” We trusted our government to do the right things and failed to watch them to see that they did so. We didn’t voice our displeasure with our elected officials when they supported legislation that was not in the best interest of the citizens or the country. We didn’t work to vote them out of office when they failed to represent us. People failed to vote thinking that their vote wouldn’t count.

    One of the worse things that has happened is that we allowed multicuturalism to replace our common bond as American citizens. I am of Irish, Scottish, German, Native American and English decent; but I am 100 % American. I value my ancestors because their collective experiences make me what I am, an American. I am here because these ancestors left their former homes because of religious persecutions, starvations, wars, and a myriad of other injustices. My and your ancestors learned English, became American citizens and obeyed the laws of the land. They did not isolate themselves in non-English speaking groups like the illegal immigrants the liberals want to permanently burden us with. In the past, when times got tough, we stood together as Americans.

    I could go on and on about how we got here and I‘m sure that the NLTZ family can supply many, many more reasons.

    Can we stop what is happening? We are in the hands of God and I believe that in the end that good will triumph over evil. It’s what happens between now and then that I worry about. Things certainly won’t be easy for quite a while.

  39. Well if we all look at life logically and realistically, we will come to learn that, democracy is on the decline, because governments do not consult the people any more, they don’t appear to feel the need. Only when electioneering do they falsely include the people. After they are elected they totally disregard the people who have no say in any matter. Hypocritical leaders of democracy have the audacity to condemn other extreme countries, such as Iran Or North Korea, even Russia and Burma etc. Stop lying and deceiving your own people before you begin your tirade of abuse to other countries. Once the truth has been told then there is nothing to fear or hide, this is not the case, and it is the reason why other countries pay no attention to democratic governments, well we could have told them that…


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