Drawing Battle Lines

As the “Lipton Liturgicals” directed at the Leviathan liberal tax machine are taking place around the nation, everyone needs to keep in mind that if the momentum of these “statements” ends today, the effort was nothing more than empty symbolism. It is also important to know that the opposition, as the uncrowned masters of empty symbolism, will continue to march to the beat of their own demented drummer..

Those who are burdened by a tunnel vision, which is enhanced by the voluminous distractions utilized by the “free liberal 527”, otherwise known as the “impartial media”, will miss the collateral and concurrent liberal efforts to undermine the Constitution and western democracy. Their declared war upon America has many fronts and we must address each of them simultaneously, or else..

Seemingly brought to life by the “rant heard around the world” by Rick Santelli on February 19th, average everyday “victims” of the Obama caliphate will take to the streets today in what the left hopes will be a “cathartic exorcise” and nothing more.

On the other hand, the copious “protests” of the left are not motivated by any scruples or standards, they are fueled by boredom.. Since virtually none of the pimply progressives are gainfully employed, throwing rocks and painting placards keeps them otherwise occupied between visits to the Methadone and STD clinics. From the “Don’t draft me” college cowards to the liberal “beneficiaries” over the legal drinking age, assembling a crowd of leftists takes less time than it does for Michael Moore to hammer a box of Ding Dongs.. (You are what you eat..)

The collectivists are counting on everyone to just “go away” after tonight but if for some reason the “middle class” doesn’t give up on this effort, be prepared to be labeled as “right wing extremists” (scary..) by the liberal scribblers.. The media has been greasing the rails for this tactic and it is just another fascist flanking maneuver that those so stigmatized by the astigmatism of “tunnel vision” invariably overlook.

An article entitled, “US recession, 1st black president, ‘fuel extremism’”, we see front and center this attack angle in full stride. With absolutely no details whatsoever, (what a surprise coming from Obama and his administration..) we read that “right wing extremists are using economic worries and the election of the first black president as recruiting tools..”

This “report” comes from the Obama Department of Homeland Security. This “report” was “clearly marked as not for release to the media”. Will anyone from the Obama administration be taken to task for this “Deep Throat” leak to the duplicitous media? Where is today’s “firestorm” of outrage over this leak? Something along the lines of the trumped up stupidity that followed the alleged Novak “leak” of Valerie Plame “CIA agent” and her out-of-work useless husband Joe Wilson? (Who were busy posing for pictures with Vanity Fair magazine, “Vanity” being the perfect choice for these two boobs..) The bottom line: this “leak” BENEFITS the fiction being constructed by the Obama administration, so “no harm, no foul”..

This “document” was acquired by the “Federation of American Scientists’ Project on Government Secrecy”. This “group” has been around since 1945 but since 2000, (wasn’t that about the time when the Republicans “stole” the election?) they have published the “Secrecy News”. This timeline reveals no agenda at all, it is just a coincidence.. It would appear that “secrecy” under the Obama obfuscators will be as imaginary as the evidence used to create the appropriate “crisis” or warnings that they need to vilify those who disagree..

Is it possible that this ALLEGED “rise” in “right wing extremists” might have something to do with the ACTUAL “rise” in “left wing extremists” who occupy positions of power and decision making within what used to be the democratic form of government within the former United States of America? Isn’t it obvious that the actions of the “left wing extremists” have precipitated the Tea Parties taking place today?

These right wing “threats so far have been largely rhetorical..” Doesn’t that mean that they were made up by those with an agenda to misinform? Not a thread of “proof”, “no specific information”, yet the “right wing recalcitrants” will now be considered “extremist” until proven innocent, convicted by the ridiculous reactionaries of the left and their “friends” within the “impartial” media..

“The department did not name any active right wing extremist groups..” Even though they didn’t name any, these unnamed “right wing extremists” are a “threat to the first black president”.. On my handy dandy little “Homeland Security Mood Ring Danger Chart”, “fictional threats” would translate to being well below the “Green” setting which is a “low” risk of attack.. What color is “NO” risk or “an imaginary liberal diversion” risk? (Isn’t it great when someone’s race is a comforter that protects their own extremism, which not only excuses and blankets their own “extremism” but it simultaneously provides the “only possible motive” for anyone’s illogical and therefore “right wing” overreaction? The liberals love to multi task..)


The “Great White Dope”, Timothy McVeigh again makes a return for the sake of redundancy as the “right wing” poster boy for the liberals who seek to mislabel those who simply oppose them.. McVeigh was “anti-government”, not “right wing”. The liberals would like to portray ANYONE who is averse to THEIR oppressive “style” of government as an “extremist”. The real right wing believes in low taxes and as minimal as possible, the intrusions of the government into the lives of the citizens. The left believes in high taxes and the maximum amount of governmental intrusion as possible. In short, the left punishes productivity and they supplement sloth. Who sounds like the “extremist” in that exchange?

Those who cower and soil themselves over the imaginary “right wing extremists” of the Obama Homeland Insecurity Department don’t have too much to say about the terrorist incident and the squashing of their favorite “right of free speech” that took place at the “University” of North Carolina on Tuesday.

Tom Tancredo was to give a speech at that location. Tancredo has the audacity to speak out against ILLEGAL immigration. (Here is where you refer to the text from above..) “Dozens” of liberal “college students” “assembled” and threw rocks through the windows, causing the cancellation of the speech.

“There’s no debate, no space for hate”, the children cried. There is no “space for debate” if you disagree with the left. The LEFT decides what HATE is. The first amendment doesn’t apply to those who disagree, disagreement is then termed to be “hate speech.. Again I will ask you, WHO sounds like the “extremist” in this situation? Will anything like this happen when “Mr. Abortion” goes to Notre Dame to give the commencement speech soon? No, unless some liberals “gather” to “protest” the “protest” of those who have the “right to assemble” and express their opinions.

How much damage will there be to anyone private property during ANY of the Tea Parties today? None, unless some liberals decide to “gather” to “protest” the “protest”. Are you detecting an “extremist” pattern here?

Since the liberals are so fond of mythology, I equate them and their dystrophic politics to the mythical Medusa. They are snakes not unlike Medusa’s hair. Meeting the gaze of Medusa turns those who do so into stone, not unlike what happens to the gullible who listen to the pathetic progressive political palaver. It is up to us to become the Perseus in this fable..

The old saying goes that you “draw a line in the sand”. With the left and when it comes to all of us “right wing extremists”, I say we draw our battle lines in something a little less amorphous than sand..



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  1. Family,

    I will say this again..

    CPAC in February 2010 will be incredibly important.

    I am registered.

    Who’s going?


  2. .. Since virtually none of the pimply progressives are gainfully employed, throwing rocks and painting placards keeps them otherwise occupied between visits to the Methadone and STD clinics.

    Perfect. Made me laugh and made my day. Well written.

  3. ‘rhetorical threats’ – what dimwits o-bow-a has around him.

    The UNC protestors are a disgrace. YouTube has videos of “inside” and “outside” the lecture room . . . it’s on cnn.com, and many comments are not of a truly democratic sort – these are ‘real threats’ — it seems UNC is not giving them their money’s worth, not teaching them what they need to know.

    Our Constitution is being plundered.

    NC had tea parties 3/15, again today, and planning 7/4 Independence Day tea parties as well. Asheville is a very quirky city, and there are alot of liberals who protest anything and everything they can think of – when police intervene to curtail their inappropriate behavior, they scream police brutality.

    At the main post office today, on the sidewalk near the drive up drop boxes, information on the event this afternoon/evening were being passed out. They expect the kind of protestors that greeted Sarah Palin at the Civic Center last year.

    It’s too soon for me to commit to CPAC, Larry, but I am giving it serious consideration.

  4. Larry & company,

    Spot on. Read more on the subject from Glenn Beck.


  5. Larry:

    Your example of Republicans at college campuses reminds me of Ann Coulter. How dare Tancredo or Coulter speak out about conservative ideas!!! We should have the president of Iran come to Columbia. Now there’s a voice of reason! “Gay’s? What are you talking about? Iran has no gays!” Insane man. I can’t wait to meet you at CPAC. You’re a hero to a lot of us.


  6. Larry – Awesome post. You made my day! I finally know my place in the world. (Im standing up now) “I am a right wing extremist”. There is real freedom in that. I no longer feel so disenfranchised.

    CPAC? – Im in!

    I’d like to share with the family something I found on Wasington Post site which clarifies my thinking:
    Due to the terminal Budget and Stimulus deficits already incurred by Obama, he is now, paradoxically, President Irrelevant geopolitically–and this is BEFORE he demanded National Healthcare in today’s speech.
    China will surpass the USA economically as they have embraced Capitalism while Obama and Pelosi stumble drunkenly towards complete socialism.
    Even Europe will surpass us and the Euro will replace the Dollar as the world reserve currency–indeed Geithner and Obama have already publicly surrendered the currency.
    Meanwhile, militarily, Obama has surrendered Missile defense and naively denounced nuclear weapons in his quest for complete sovereign emasculation of the USA.
    China and Europe will decline to buy US bonds to fund Obama Entitlement Land, so Obama will just order Helicopter Bernanke to print and deliver worthless Obama Dolllars.
    First the USA will and has lost its economic sovereignty, then Obama will cede political sovereignty one treaty and International Organization at a time.
    President Obama inherited the greatest country on earth, the finest military, the largest economy and SQUANDERED it all to become President Irrelevant.

  7. blue state blues- RWG

    Hey Larry,
    Great article. I just read Michelle Malkin’s article. You could have written it for her. You both zeroed in with the same reaction to the DHS memo.

    I think this is just a prelude to suspending the Constitution. They are setting the backdrop of “perceived” national security risks. They have cast a broad enough net to snare almost anyone who has a dissenting opinion. They are obviously snooping the Internet as it was specifically mentioned in the memo.

    I do disagree with your premise that today’s protest mean little if the momentum fizzles. If 1 million people got out there today it does mean something. But more importantly, the threat of protest was like sending a recon platoon out to test the enemy’s reaction. Well, we just saw how they are going to react to any threats. In case there is any doubt, be assured that intend to start arresting people in the not to distant future.

  8. Joel,

    I am planning on having at least one impromptu NLTZ meeting at the OMNI.

    “Hero”? No, just a regular guy.

    Thanks as always,


  9. blue states,

    If the momentum fizzles, they win.

    They understand symbolism. They know how to weather it.

    If one million people show up today and they do nothing tomorrow, the message will be sent.

    Something needs to ignite momentum, something else from deep inside needs to continue to build upon what the momentum began.

    The Boston Tea Party was the beginning. There had to be a follow up..

    Thanks as always,


  10. Hey Larry isn’t it a definition of zealotry when someone believes THEY are always right and everyone else is wrong? That explains all of these so called “progressives”. They have no time for debate,since THEY have all ready made up their minds that THEY have all the answers. So that any disagreement with them is obviously hate speech. Ironically these are the same people who supposedly champion “free speech”, but only if THEY get to define what that is. And any disagreement will be shouted down. Very scary.Very totalitarian.

  11. Federalist86

    We need to just “Reverse” the “Rules for Radicals” and organize the conservative vote. It worked for them it can work for us. Network all of these grassroots organizations into a purposeful force and YES, take it to CPAC and the RNC! Bottom up rebuild. It will be much easier to gain the youth when the next terrorist disaster strikes, my guess is sometime this summer. Obama won’t know what to do and will be exposed. Out of the ashes will rise a conservative Phoenix….

  12. tsnamm,

    As I have said before, liberal lunacy does not become more lucid with volume..

    Speech is only free to those who malign America.

    They have no time for debate because due to “argumentative minimalism” they have stunted their ability to argue and their “no proof necessary” angle has made their arguments baseless..

    There you have it and there you are..


  13. Federalist,

    THAT is my plan! I may be insignificant but I intend to:

    Tell everyone in sight;

    “Never give up, never give in and never again”, my NLTZ motto.

    I think that it has a ring to it, don’t you?

    Thanks as always,


  14. Another great article, I don’t expect anything less. Always on point.

    I would love to go, Larry but my injury is unpredictable at this time. I just cannot commit the time or the money.

    I’ve never been there so I’m not sure about what’s available. If they have exhibits or booths available would you consider getting one and display your work, business cards, and samples for the members to take with them. I’m sure we could promote the hell at of this site. I’m sure there will be some scouts there from some of the publishing houses. This could go well for you literately as well as promoting this site on such a higher scale. Human Events, The Heritage Foundation, Townhall, the Weekly Standard, and American Spectator were all there this year. You could do live reports regarding what’s going on. I really want to help get you published and this Conference could get you noticed by the Republican Party and high ranking Conservatives by handing out sample’s of your work. You’ve got 10 months to put together something. Think about it. If you need help, doing anything let me know. I do have experience doing graphic work and would be happy to help. I hope you think about it seriously. Thanks as always for an entertaining dissertation on the liberal landscape known as Washington DC.

  15. Eileen,

    Your story is motivation enough for me. You will be there in spirit.

    I’ve already contacted CPAC about the exhibitos rates, they don’t come out until May.

    I may just hand out stuff until someone tells me not to, then I’ll do it some more..

    I’ve got buttons, stickers and possibly tshirts on the drawing board.

    “NLTZ: Conservative commentary served cold”

    “NLTZ: Navigating the Liberal Labyrinth”

    Still working on others..

    Thanks as always for all of your help and support. You make this site a better place to visit.


  16. Hey Larry…I have a suggestion to add to your motto…it is inspired by General Anthony McAuliffe, who was surrounded in Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge. When given surrender terms by German Generalleutnant Heinrich Freiherr von Lüttwitz, he responded succinctly and typically American….”Nuts” was his answer. I wholeheartedly agree.

  17. ts,

    It is a “double paly”.

    It also aptly describes the left..

    Thanks as always,


  18. Make that “play”..

  19. Larry,

    I left a comment over at Human Events for you. I hope that it helps.


  20. Dammit! I had just finished hand lettering my office door with CAUTION! Joe’s Office Conservative Ethical Self-responsible God Fearing Racist. Now I’m going to have to re-do the whole thing as your article, Larry, is the third time today that I’ve seen that tells me I am now a right wing extremist also according to the loopies.

    What in the world is going on here? Wasn’t the word “extremist” banned by the Tarnished One a while back when kissing up to Islamists? But then again I’m not an anally sand packed sheet-head so that wouldn’t apply to me, only those that disagree with Bamy Boy and his hilarious henchmen cabinet. The names don’t affect me as I’ve yet to one liberal that will say them to my face. They prefer painting signs with plenty media coverage that is more than happy to oblige and police that must protect them.

    The local paper (blessedly non-biased) carried an article about the tea parties planned. It also had interveiws with the organizers and Democrats and “others.” It seems that the demos and “others” say they can understand the concern protesters have over the rising deficit, but they question where the protesters were four to eight years ago when the nation’s spending rose under President Bush. Uh, gee fellas, I don’t know. But the simple difference between 400 billion and 1 trillion might give you a clue. And that “rise” in spending was primarily the war budget, defending this nation, not defending the salt water marsh mouse habitat!! Helllooo?

  21. Im getting a tatoo:



  22. William,

    Thanks for the help.

    I need every bit that I can get.

    Any spreading of the noleftturnz word is appreciated.


  23. Joe,

    Remember: liberal definitional inversion.

    They are “progressive” we are ‘extremists”..

    Excellent point on the Middle Esaterm Muslim extremists.

    If we keep the pressure on, maybe Obama will be bowing to the conservatives, too.

    CPAC 2010 or bust!!

    Thanks as always,


  24. Stitch,

    Lets throw a no left turnz international sign in red ink over the letters in black ink.

    Thanks as always, kid.


  25. the best tea party sign I saw this afternoon:

    We have the second amendment for a reason!

    Does that qualify for right wing extremism or what?

  26. I think I’m with Blue State. There are lessons to be heard and learned from the protesters of the late 60’ and 70’s. It’s not just here, it’s worldwide and the people all seemed to be fed up with Government and those Officials who always campaign and claim they care about the little people. Once elected their political rhetoric changes and they seem more concerned about themselves and how many lobbyists will there be to line their pockets with loads of cash and call it a campaign funds. Not just Democrats but republicans too, they’ve all lost focus on keeping America safe and sound; and what the Founders had in mind when creating the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It’s time they start hitting the unemployment lines to see what unsound policies mean to the little folks, as we walk on the backs of the politicians that put us there.

    What law will they write that allows them to keep their jobs, receive pay raises in private and push though legislation that creates less jobs or causes eradicate/eliminates other jobs and then turn around and say its for the better good. We don’t like what happened but we have no choice or options it had to be done. Saying we’re sorry while flipping us the bird. They need to discover what a million, two million or even 100 million middle fingers feels like parked up their butts (and of course the rubber gloves will be handy). It will take a 100 proctologist to remove those fingers of faith that they will look forward to their next Colonoscopy, because that area is sore, swollen but feels a whole lot better then the fickle fingers of fate.

    I think politicians have lost most of their common sense, never had to answer to anyone and believe their jobs are for life. We need to explain to them that it’s not. I have a little hope now watching the Tea Party movement on Fox News, which will mean that ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN ratings will be in the basement. And they’ll cry and whine about the unfairness of it all. Have Congress pass a law that forces the public to watch us. Then we’ll need a bailout for television manufacturers, because we through away our television instead of watching those cable channels.

    The Tea Parties represent the outrage of the American taxpayers, and the overspending from Congress and the President, who to date doesn’t seem to care that the American public is pissed off. They don’t seem to understand that we are sick of the corruption, finger pointing of “blame the other part” and a lack of knowledge that’s needed in the federal Government. It’s not about you, it about the rest of us, you know the, We the people. We don’t work for you; you are supposed to be working for us. When did the rules change? When did we start working for them? And does that mean you and I will get the federal government health care coverage. Federal Employees Health Benefits program is supposed to be pretty good. Since we are paying for it through taxes, shouldn’t we allow participating in the coverage? Then we won’t need the universal health care program that Obama’s been toting. Yeah, I like this argument.

    Larry, I believe if we can keep the outrage and distrust of politicians and let it be known to them they if you continue this course, you will be gone. So get those résumé’s in order. If we keep the momentum high and tell them there will be consequence for ignore the will of the people that you are supposed to serve.

    I guess in the eyes of the Homeland Security Division we are all enemy combatants. I guess in the eyes of these pinheads, if you disagree with their policies we become domestic terrorist in the eyes of the Obama Administration. If foreigners are called Overseas Contingency Operation, I guess that makes Americans or at least those who are religious, veterans of foreign wars and conservatives Domestic Contingency Operation and places us all much higher on the list then the real world terrorist.

    I went to do a search on foreign terrorist to see what is current. There are 44 terrorist organizations currently active in their pursuits to kill and destroy, people, building and lives. Most of these terrorist are located in the Middle East, Africa and areas in Europe. Most are part of the Muslim Extremist network (no I don’t mean CNN or MSNBC), who just wants to destroy everything and anything that gets in their way. To view the organization LIST go to http://www.cdi.org/terrorism/terrorist.cfm. Now, this administration wants to add just about anyone that disagrees with the Administration policies. They’ve lumped every former or military personal. Everyone that attends church or conservative beliefs is a danger to them and we need to be watch. I personally believe these morons need to have their heads examined all because of Timothy McVey who was conservative and ex-military personnel who attends church. Trying to lump every right leaning, conservative taxpayers as Timothy McVey worshipers is like saying all blacks are ignoramuses. Maybe that’s not the best example. Every Black is a hoodlum and crack addict, well maybe I shouldn’t use that as an example as well. Maybe all blacks are lazy and would rather sit on their ass playing video games or rap music all day so they can live off the other taxpayers dime while they stick their middle fingers at us and stick their pierced tongues out at us laughing all the way to the welfare office awaiting their just rewarded check courtesy from the Obama Spread the Wealth program, think now I can get my teeth fixed and cap those babies in solid gold. Get those new rims on my car. I like this plan, wonder what else Obama has up his sleeve?

    This is the most preposterous policy to date from the Sultan of Swing. I guess we’ll have to go underground if we want to make a common about the ACORN leader, Barack Obama. As we slowly watch our rights get taken away. What I am seeing is a pattern from Obama. The left obviously believes that Obama could become a target of sniper fire. They are already blaming Rush, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and any conservative or Republican who comments on Obama and his policies. Somewhere last week I saw a statement that said, if someone tries to kill Obama it should fall on the shoulders of the conservative radio host for whipping up a controversy that placed him in danger. Now this new policy from the Secretary of Homeland Security has decided that we are a danger to this Country because we don’t like the direction his taking us too. If I’m dreaming, please someone pinch me so I’ll wake up.

    We’ll see where I stand in the months ahead and if my Disability Insurance returns. Anything you need or any assistance you need to make this happen for you, count me in. We can use the banner from your site, and hang it above your table. Maybe a laptop out to view the activity live. Business cards with your name, website information and anything else you’d want to add. Bumper stickers, caps, t-shirts, cute sayings I think anything to make them laugh to get their attention.

    I also started to think going directly to a host such as Glenn Beck. They rarely see the stuff coming through, he has production assistants and/or interns. We might want to try the shows producer. I’ll have to do so research to see who they are. It might be another way to get in the door.

  27. We have enough time to come up with slogans that will catch the eyes of the convention goers. Something like…

    The United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights are not just pieces of paper. It’s the backbone that created this Country. Please don’t put it through the paper shredder.

    Stuff like that, the Founders meanings have gotten lost over the Centuries we need to remember how we came together as a Country.

  28. Larry, how do you get your site posted on breitbart?

  29. whosebone,

    I don’t know..I’d love to get a link to NLTZ on Breitbart.

    Did I miss something??

    Let me know.

    Thanks as always,


  30. According to Homeland Security, I am a right-wing radical,” writes the WND reader. “My extremist activities include: working on my 24th year of marriage, raising my four kids, believing that our inalienable rights are granted by God not the government, holding all life sacred, belief in American exceptionalism and, yes, attending Tea Parties to protest ‘generational theft’ of our childrens future.” …Ditto for me, if that’s a crime, you know where I live, DHS!

  31. http://bighollywood.breitbart.com/abreitbart/2009/04/15/bill-hollywood-crew-joins-tea-party-protest/

    You think they were trying to make a point. They are too much. They still would get the outrage from the public if a stream roller came by and ran her into the ground. CNN will say yeah we cover it, just a bunch of conservative facist whining once again.

  32. Hi Larry,

    Great post! I guess we can all safely figure our names have been added to the DHS’s terrorist watch list. In this new era of openness and transparency, I guess Chicago style thug intimidation should be considered a normal function of government. That was the whole point of the DHS report wasn’t it? Wasn’t it to intimidate us tax cows into not showing up for the tea parties?

    Maybe I’m wrong but you know when LEGAL US citizens LEGALLY gather and wave American Flags, sing the national anthem, and peacefully protest government irresponsibility and recklessness we all should certainly be afraid. This is far more concerning and certainly more dangerous than say our fellow “Palestinian” patriots gathering to BURN American flags and lob Katusha kisses at their Jewish neighbors. You know the same guys we are now importing by the thousands because President Telepromoter thinks they’re just “misunderstood” and need some freedom from their oppressors.

    NLTZ:Red, White, & Blue Linguistic Patriotism spoken here

    NLTZ:Grownups only, liberals need not apply

    NLTZ:Patriotism-the other red meat.

    NLTZ:Send more liberals, the last ones were delicious.

    NLTZ:The Internet’s Sanity Island

    NLTZ:Not for the faint of heart, and not for liberals period!

    Time for bed, TTYL Chris.

  33. Family,
    Just to let you know, we had a great turn-out of “right-wing extremists” at the tea party in Columbus, Ohio.
    If Obama and his crew consider us to be extremists, then I will wer that badge with pride and honor!!!!

  34. Eileen,

    I’ve tried every angle as far as Glenn Beck is concerned.

    Talked to his “right hand man”.

    This was back in January. They must be incredibly busy..

    I’ll just keep plugging away.

    Thanks as always for your efforts on my behalf.


  35. Oops! That should have been- I will wear that badge with pride and honor!!!!

  36. Larry and Family:

    I got an e-mail from Grassfire.org. They have a link on their ResistNet social network that has the .pdfdocument and full text on domestic rightwing terrorism (known as(U//FOUO) Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment)


    Our goofy government, admits “no specific information” of domestic rightwing terrorism, but they are trying to label conservatives as a threat!

    Good. If we’re threats then they must be afraid of us. Let’s give them some reasons to be.

  37. William,

    I caught your comment in Ann Coulter’s article and was amazed that they let you mention NLTZ. Everytime I put the “letters” in, I’m rejected as being “abusive” and have to edit.

    Perhaps your spelling “no left turnz” out the way you did is the answer.

    Again, thanks for Larry and the site.

  38. Margaret in CT

    The left will soon discover that “Never give up, never give in and never again” is not rhetorical. I have read about the “extreme” right, and to most of what I have read, I say “Sign me up!” I’m a card-carrying, right-wing “extremist” who wants to keep my honestly earned money and see my country defended against its enemies and those who would enter it illegally.

    The Libs Olberman and Madow have no defense against the “tea parties” except to twist the name into “tea bagging parties.” Ann Coulter informs us that this is a description of some obscure sexual practice restricted to San Francisco and the West Village (and Barney Franks’ condo).

    It’s interesting that they never have a ligitimate response to our “extremism.” They sent Michael Moore up against President Bush, who, right or wrong, had his country at heart. They sent Tina Fey up against Sarah Palin, who very publically refused to kill two human beings because one was “deficient” and the other was inconvenient. When threatened, all they can resort to is name-calling, vulgarity and Sat. Night Live. They are afraid of the military, because unlike other socialist dictatorships, they know that they do not really have control over it. Look for our military families to begin suffering from poor housing and pay again. It is the only weapon the left has against them.

    The tea parties may be symbolic; their impact may diminish with time. But when that first Obama tax bill arrives (and it won’t be only for people making $250,000+), this government is apt to see a rebellion that will make the 60s look like a Sunday stroll in the park.

  39. Joe,
    I guess that I’m just another of the silent majority.
    I saw people left and right putting links into comments and even what amounts to entire articles as comments.
    I saw no harm in it, free advertising.
    I went to a few of the sites but they didn’t match up.
    I felt like it was giving a hint to a friend about a great restaurant in town. Whats the harm.
    I tried a few times and got the same riciulous response.
    I spaced it out but I forgot to do something like, 3w and dot com.
    I cut and paste the link to each article to everyone in my mailbox, until they subscribe.
    Just trying to help.

  40. Here are the important people from Fox News.

    Larry, did you contact Stu? The Executive Producer of his radio show? Stu is a nickname his real name is Steve Burguiere. Are you an Insider member? Subscribe today to Glenn Beck’s Streamlink, your exclusive source for Glenn Beck on the web. You can choose Glenn Beck’s Streamlink Subscription for just $6.95 each month, $29.95 for 6 months, or $54.95 for 12 months. He’s got some funny T-shirts my favorite is the one that says Torches and Pitchforks–Protecting Americans from Politicians Since 1791 and the Michael Moore t-shirt that says Michael Moore is Fat. But the best item on his site is dashboard miniature bobblehead of Obama in front of a teleprompter and it will make just as many inexplicable decisions as the real thing.

    In my search there is a special email address that says send your email directly to Glenn Beck’s desktop. This email form is only available to members of the Insider. http://archive.glennbeck.com/insider/ is only for those who subscribe to the Insider. If you scroll to the bottom of the screen in the green column three from the bottom is the place where Insiders can email Glenn Beck. His toll-free phone number is 888-727-BECK.
    CNN/Fox News Series Producer by these names:
    Christopher Balfe …. consulting producer (unknown episodes)
    Kevin Balfe …. consulting producer (unknown episodes)
    Glenn Beck …. producer (unknown episodes)
    Conway Cliff …. executive producer (unknown episodes)
    Evan Cutler …. senior producer (unknown episodes)
    Virginia Leahy …. supervising producer (unknown episodes)

    I’m not sure if these names are still current or are from his former TV Show on CNN.

    Produced by Fox News
    Gresham Striegel
    …. executive producer

    This guy is a definite Fox producer.

    Here are more FoxNews Producers and the show they are affiliated with and their email address:
    The Big Story Weekend
    Jim L’Ecuyer, Producer
    Fox News:
    Marty Ryan
    Marty Ryan
    Hannity & Colmes
    Meade Cooper, Senior Producer
    O’Reilly Factor
    Amy Sohnen, Executive Producer
    David Tabacoff, Executive Producer
    Special Report With Bret Baier
    James Eldridge, Senior Producer
    Jay Wallace, Senior Producer
    Your World With Neil Cavuto
    Gresham Striegel, Senior Producer
    It’s not unusual for one Producer to control more then one program or segment. Gresham Striegel is currently the Producer on with “FOX & Friends,” will be senior producer of Beck’s Fox show. He works on both Cavuto show one on FoxNews and the other on Fox Business. The Baier show is in DC. All the others are in NYC.
    The NYC Fox News Radio Office phone number: (212) 301-5800
    Mitch Davis is the Managing Editor for Fox News Radio. He is quoted as say in 2005.
    At Fox, we have a parallel structure. Any story can come to general address. A business story can go to our business department, Neil Cavuto’s department. Send those to senior producer Gresham Striegel (stree gal) at Gresham.striegel@foxnews.com. You can pitch him or, if you’re elsewhere in the US, we have various bureaus you can pitch to. Those pitches all come back to the assignment desk where decisions are made. Actually sending your news to the assignment desk gets your pitch to where it needs to go. If you pitch often, I’m sort of a super assignment editor. The Professional contact numbers are listed as (212)301-3191 (212)301-4223

    Here are the names of the Featured Producers, Associate Producers, Producer and Executive Producers. There are other important news names from Fox.

    Roger Ailes, President, Fox News

    Ivey Van Allen, VP, Media Relations

    Gail Berman, President, Fox Entertainment

    Joseph Earley, SVP

    Scott Grogin, VP

    John Moody, SVP News

    Kathy Ardleigh, Politics Producer

    Steve Brown

    Jonathan Serrie

    Ken LaCorte, Los Angeles Bureau Chief

    Thom Bird, Fox News Producer

    Todd Ciganek, National News Editor

    Janet Alshouse, VP, News Distribution

    David Brown, Senior Producer

    Pamela Browne, Executive Producer

    Jerry Burke, Executive Producer

    Meade Cooper, Senior News Producer

    Brian Gaffney, Weekend Executive Producer

    Marvin Himelfarb, Executive Producer

    Oliver North, Host

    Michele Remillard, Producer

    Marty Ryan, Executive Producer

    Gresham Striegel, Senior Producer

    Mike Straka, Features Producer

    Good luck and I hope it helps in your pursuit to get published or recognition from the high powered Conservatives at Fox News.

  41. The Office of Homeland Security has also sent memeos detailing possible threats from disgruntled vets from Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Yet again, Obama and his crew of emasculated crows scream threats and tarnish the honour of men and women whom have more honour and guts that they.

    This may all be the prelude to mass arrests, martial law and the suspension of the Constitution. They won’t like it that the serfs in the fields have had enough. Remember, in the eyes of a liberal speech IS action. The million that showed up for the tea parties stand for the others whom wanted to go but could not.

  42. G. Nichols, Guess which one the average Americans will stand by our Troup’s or the bloat hard, career politicians who destroy anything they touch?

    I’ll go with the Troup’s who keep us protected even if the liberals object.

    If I’m going to be call some asinine label, then call we what I am. Constitution Extremist because I live my life based on the political philosophies that were started by our Founders and they should still remain.

    The comments today from the brain dead liberals in Congress, especially the Princess of Pork, it was just a few people, nobody cares attitude. She’ll start to care if the people in San Francisco who are getting taxed to death from the liberals in San Francisco, the state of California and the federal government. When their taxes take 1/3 of their paychecks, as well the increases in energy taxes, gasoline taxes and the tax anything that moves philosophy that got us into this mess to begin with. After all those taxes robs their livelihood where they no longer can make their house payments or their car payments or pay their astronomical energy bills will they look to the Democrats for help, we want a bailout too, and are told sorry, no can do, you’re just going to have scale back on your expenses. As Miss Nancy jets around on government business on her private jet that paid by the American taxpayers. I feel like going to Tuscany today to try the new merlot. Harry, Chuckie, Barry and Barney you want to come?

    Honestly, I think many Americans are fed up with the misuse of taxpayer funds that make THEM comfortable. To tell us it’s needed to relieve the stress of being a Senator or Congress person. What stress? What is Nancy smiling about and why is she so gleefully happy? Could it be I still cannot believe how stupid Americans are, we’re screwing you left and rig, you don’t even know it. You’ll never live in my Ivory Tower. So, go F*** off, you imbecilic peon. Now dance and grovel at my feet and get me a glass of Chardonnay and those little peanuts with the salt and sugar on them. They are just so delilish. Okay now kiss my ring and tell me how pretty I am and how rested I look.

    Am I they only one that thinks she believes she owns this Country as if she were the Queen of France? EVERY TIME I SEE THAT PLASTIC FACE, KNOW I WANT TO PUSH IT INTO THE MUD. God, please understand that I think she is one of the most horrible people in our Country and I pray and hope the citizens of San Francisco will grow a brain and remove her from her throne.

    Thanks, I feel better now!

  43. beyond disgusted


    The fact that Nancy Pelosi continues to be re-elected tells you everything you need to know about the majority of people in San Francisco. The same can be said for the people of Connecticut (Chris Dodd), Taxachussets (Barney Frank), et al. And how about Minnesota supposedly electing Al Franken? Again, that tells you everything you need to know about those voters.

    I know what the answer is, but it will never come to pass.

  44. Larry:

    According to the Democratic Drivel flowing, like sewage, from DHS (aka Department of Homeland Stupidity) Rightwing extremism in the United States can include groups and movements, that can be mainly antigovernment, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely. It also may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.” Doesn’t that mean that some of us are serial extremists?

  45. Great column, per usual! And the comments are just fab, too – really feels good to be part of such an august body of RWE! Oh, I forgot to add, RW Domestic Terrorist Extremists….

    Actually, I, too, had an odd & unsettling experience with the Human Events website that runs Ann Coulter’s (and Pat Buchanan’s) column: Namely, I used those very words (and proudly, of course) in a comment – and was told to “clean up my comments!” When profanity, vulgarity, 4-letter words and all that high-class stuff spews from so many posters, here I was merely using the words of our own vaunted gov’t – to wit, Right Wing Terrorist Extremist – and that was the surprising response. Of course, I deleted the comment altogether and rewrote a totally-defanged one instead.

    I will now be sure to insert the letters, “NLTZ” into my next comment on an AC or PB column – and see if that, too, “rings their bell!” Naturally, Human Events (HE) came down a peg or two in my humble estimation…

  46. Ladywolf,


    Go to today’s “Thought of the Day” site”, a link for the “Thought” will be in the upper right hand corner of the NLTZ page.

    Click on “Creating Monsters”.

    I think this will answer Ladywolf’s question and thank you for the motivation to come up with that thought with your question.

    That’s why I love the commenters here..


  47. Joy,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    As far as “Human Events” goes..

    I have been advised of this travesty.

    In looking into it, it would appear that ANY complaint, regardless of merit, is only important when it is brought to their attention.

    On any post within any article at that site, a little button called “report abuse” appears.

    ANYONE with an axe to grind, liberal or aotherwise can “report abuse”.

    Human Events is owned by Eagle Publishing and they are not known for being thorough or quick.

    Once the “abuse” is reported, they have a set up that has automatically identified a few variations of “noleftturnz” as being verboten.

    Willaim let me know that there are ways around this..

    Others put entire articles within their comments, links galore, comments that are as useless and rude as possible, but another conservative voice needs to be “cleaned up”..

    I would wager that both Human Events and Eagle Publishing don’t make conservativism mandatory on their job applications. If they did, it might be a bit more difficult to get around NLTZ being ostricized..

    Thanks as always,


  48. Thanks, Larry, for the heads-up re HE and their oddball forms of scrutiny & censorship. I have been less than enamoured of HE for many years now; and whereas in the 50s & 60s they might have been on the “cutting edge” of contemporary Conservative thought & writing (think John Birch Society, too, so the above is not an altogether ringing endorsement!), today they are definitely “also-rans” and simply cannot compete with the wit, wisdom & contemporary sensibilities of the new & younger writers & bloggers such as Larry the Magnificent!

    The only thing that recommends HE for me these days is the fact that they carry the biting words of the acerbic Ann Coulter. And also, of course, the totally unpredictable rantings of Pat Buchanan – which I alternately enjoy, but mostly detest. He richly deserves his fringe status on the Conservative spectrum! And, of course, he hs found the perfect cable “home,” if you will, on MSNBC – along with the now defrocked & identity-seeking Joe Scarborough (who has been totally lobotomized by that sleaze group of media tea-baggers if ever ANYone has!!).

  49. Check out http://www.howobamagotelected.com for the latest problems of John Zeigler in this expose of Katie Couric, receiving the Excellence in Journalism award at USC for her interview with Sarah Palin.

    There are two videos.

    I guess he, too, is a RWE….and grinning all the way.

  50. I do not agree 100% with anyone…but I would not dismiss Pat out of hand…his observations about our society and trends and philosophical outlooks is usually accurate. For instance his most recent column here about the secularizing of America. Its spot on…while I disagree with his opinions on Israel, US foreign policy(on occasion), and Russia specifically, he has far too many great observations to belittle him on what I perceive to be his faults.


  51. Here’s another interesting article I read in the NY Post Wed., concerning the soon to be coming mis application of Title IX equal athletics funding to be “stretched” to include academics as well. The fallacy of the athletic application is well known…however if this is applied to academics as well there will be far more serious consequences.Interestingly enough when the numbers go the other way, as they have been in general college attendance,admissions and Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, there is not a peep. I’m sure AG Holder can’t wait to get this crap launched as well.


  52. Joy,

    Just a litle junk food for thought,

    You could pick up Ann at her site or as a last resort, Frontpage magazine.

    Avoiding HE is not necessarily my suggestion, avoiding their “comments” and their incessant “buy this, subscribe now” mentality is good.

    I personally lover Patrick J.

    MANY years back when the first thoughts of writing crossed my mind, I began writing letters. This was before emails which are even easier for the anointed to ignore and discard..

    Pat wrote a wonderful response to me which I still have in a frame.

    Pat is occasionally a bit isolatioist, but his perspective is invaluable.

    All conservatives need to be heard. That is why I am continue to try to acquire a wider audience. No one agrees with me all the time. The bottom line is the conservative ethos is being forwarded at all times.

    Thanks for your support and spread the word.


  53. Joy, anything that appears in HE is also available at Townhall. I prefer them over HE. Her columns get re-print in numerous conservative magazine. They carry her, Pat, Chuck Norris and Dick Morris. I’m with Larry on Pat B. I’ve read a number of his books and the points he makes. He’s not a Republican, more a conservative idealist. His books are great and he’s gathers the evidence brakes it down and explains why it won’t work. My father doesn’t like him because he complains about Republicans as much as the Democrats. I constantly argue with him over these points that the Republicans are just as corrupt as their liberal counterparts. He’ll keep his blinders on. I’ve given up.

    Here’s the link. http://townhall.com/

  54. There is a good point in that our Founding Fathers would, by definition, be considered “right wing extremists” by Batty Obama and the Lecherous Left. I pride myself as being in good company with such great men.

    The liberal cattle herders have lost all concept of freedom and liberty unless convenient to their socialistic ideologies. Like old cowboys, to many years in the saddle, they cannot handle the mavericks who don’t follow the flow of the herd and go against their grain.

  55. Last night while watching Hannity he showed a clip from one of the NBC new show “Countdown,” MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann. His guest commentary was Janeane Garofalo, who has her own production house called I Hate Myself Productions. She just has a compulsion of diarrhea of the mouth no matter how much she hates America. She the female Al Franken and a regular left-wing loony tune. What she said about me and you all here really pissed me off.

    Here is the transcript from that show and the video:


    I wanted to start a campaign emailing that twit Olbermann or at least MSNBC and believe it or not II couldn’t find and email address. I’ll keep looking but if I cannot find anything I’ll pass on Jeff Zucker’s President of NBC News Division and CEO and Jeffery Immelt CEO of GE email. This pisses me off to know end and I hope you’ll agree with me to nail these jerks. jeff.zucker@nbcuni.com
    It is widely held, even by Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke, that the Federal Reserve System helped to bail out Wall Street when it agreed to “loan” $29 billion to facilitate JPMorgan’s purchase of distressed investment bank Bear Stearns. We will have more on the subject of that so-called loan in an upcoming posting. What has gone unnoticed and uncommented upon by the press, analysts and members of the U.S. Senate banking committee during its hearing last week, however, is the fact that key Wall Street figures, including Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Richard S. Fuld, Jr., chairman and CEO of Lehman Brothers and Jeffery R. Immelt, chairman and CEO of GE, are directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the institution that is putting up the money.

    Aren’t these the same guy’s that ruined these financial institutions? And, aren’t they the same ones requesting bailout money? I don’t recall hearing any of the news shows discussing this, do you?

    Sean has a blog and wants to hear you outrage.

    I’d hate to do this to you all the links in this post, really sorry.

    If I find anymore email addresses I’ll pass them on.

  56. How is that possible that the company’s getting bailout are the same CEO’s and board member of the same Government financial institution? Wouldn’t that be a conflict of interest? Why hasn’t anyone reporting this?

  57. Sure appreciated the good words deom our own Fearless Leader (Larry), who has yet to claim Messiah status – which, BTW, has been considerably downgraded now that The One is vying for the title (Jesus still holds the title, but for the more temporal one, Obama is somewhere down among junk-bond ratings….) and the indomitable Eileen.

    I certainly haven’t discounted Buchanan, because here I have a confession (and they say it’s good for the soul? I doubt it…): the HE/Buchanan email is the first one I read BECAUSE I can hardly wait to be enlightened, entertained & pissed off – all in one swell foop!! when I eagerly click on PB’s latest words from Olympus…. He never fails to disappoint. In fact, he’s the most amusing & thought-provoking of the bunch! I agree too much with Larry, Ann, Glenn & Michael (Savage) to be quite as stimulated as by that Professional Catholic, good ol’ PB!

    I spend very little time on HE’s website, so am not distracted by all the ads & pitches, etc. – which, of course, almost all the other “free” websites sport as well.

    And I agree (again) with Larry that ALL Conservative & Libertarian ideas & ideals need to be forwarded by any and all means possible. Alliances need to be forged, etc., because we are up against one helluva monster leviathan in the Liberal Machine, funded in part by that goniff & crook Soros, the totally corrupt Big Union machine, and countless well-intentioned but ultimately rotten trust funds of the Liberal elite (inherited wealth run amok BIG TIME!). Soros (who, actuarial tables assure us, will probably die in the next 10 years or so; in which case, Devil, be ready to meet your nemesis and a totally worthy contender for Commandant from and of Hell!) & the Unions are a lost cause, but there is (generational) hope for the Trust Fund babies and, Please, God! their more enlighted offspring and grandchildren, who just might turn the collectivist billions now focused on Leftist & Socialist nonsense, back toward a more patriotic vision, wherein God Himself is welcome! We can only hope & pray….

  58. Well, Joy thank you for the complement. Join me in my new movement I’m calling it the Constitution Terrorist Network. Citizens who are fed up with big government and the idiots who run it.


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