A Stabilizing Farce

Good old Dick Cheney STILL won’t take any grief from the fascists. Back in June of 2004, the Vice President told Patrick Leahy to “go cluck himself” (I think that you get where he was going there..) right on the floor of the Senate over Leahy’s ridiculous comments about Halliburton. The Vice President took the time this weekend to repeat other truths about liberals that he has spoken before..

On the “Face The Nation” show, now renamed “Deface The Nation” in honor of BHO/JFK/FDR/LBJ, Cheney again repeated what the sane, who are the “victims” of “Obamanomics”, believes to be true. “I think to the extent that those (Bush era) policies were responsible for saving lives, that the administration is now trying to cancel those policies…means in future we’re not going to have the same safeguards we’ve had for the last eight years..” The abbreviated version of this comes courtesy of the Washington Times headline is, “Obama endangers the nation”.. That is a mild understatement to say the least..

The Solomonic perspicacity of the Vice President covers a myriad of progressive political topics, not only the liberal lightweight’s lack of foresight when it comes to dealing with scary terrorists..

Cheney continues to explain the childishness of the Obama “Hug a Thug” diplomacy, using the “dealings” with Khalid Shakh Mohammed, who is probably the next terrorist to be freed for “good behavior” by the flaccid fascists of the Obama administration, not unlike the U.S.S. Cole terrorist, Abd Al-Nashiri..

“He (Mohammed) did not fully cooperate in terms of interrogation until after waterboarding..” Thus the Obama caliphate’s “techniques” of “laying like spoons” and watching the Lifetime Channel with Muslim bearded baboons might need a little “tweaking” if palpable “results” are actually desired by someone with the Constitutional responsibility to protect the citizens of the United States. As opposed to the imaginary responsibilities of invading the board rooms of the private sector, aborting fetuses in Europe and socializing health care..

The Vice President continued, “once he went through that process, he produced vast amounts of invaluable information about al-Qaida..” Although the U.S.S. Retaliation is all gassed up for another “hot air strike” from Obama the progressive pilot, it might take a bit more of the “hands on approach” to actually produce the kinds of benefits similar to the playing of a few rounds of “bobbing for crapples” with the Muslim buoy.. Look at the bright side, it was probably the only time that the savage in sandals has ever seen anything remotely resembling a bathtub..

Cheney said that it is his “duty to speak out” against the Obama administration “because I think the issues that are at stake here are so important..” Thank God that someone in Washington will “speak out”.. Please make note of the use of the word “issues”.. Plural.. Hmm..

Could one of these “issues” be the Obama sabotage of the budgetary process? Could the Vice President be referring to the IED’s that the leftist’s administration has planted within our economy that will be exploding for generations to come?

In “US red ink rising even higher, to 1.8 Trillion”, we read that “the government will have to borrow nearly 50 cents for every dollar it spends this year, exploding the record federal deficit past 1.8 trillion..” This computes to more than FOUR TIMES the amount when the left was apoplectic about the deficits of another only a few years ago..

Take the Secretary of Statists. (Please..) On April 11,2006, Rodham said to the Economic Club of Chicago that, “I think a return to fiscal discipline, living within our means, is essential for our long term health..” “Red ink fiscal policies will undermine America’s competitiveness..” Since the deficit is FOUR TIMES LARGER, I would hope that the caustic old cow is bellowing FOUR TIMES louder about the brown Bolshevik’s budgetary baloney.. Even the 143 day wonder himself chimed in about the dangers of deficits, they will “take our economy down a dangerous road..” It seems that there was enough leeway on this “dangerous road” for the Obama administration to multiply the “danger” by a factor of FOUR..

White House “Budget Director” Peter Orszag continues to chew the same communist cud and while blogging again said that this mess was something that Obama “inherited”.. “The deficits are driven in large part by the economic crisis inherited by this administration..” I’ll complete that sentence for the liberal liar, “inherited from Carter, Clinton and Frank, two vegetables and a fruit..”

It’s good to see that the “Budget Director” has enough time to “blog” as opposed to coming up with at least a more original excuse for the Obama failures or maybe, try to clean up the Democratic dung heap.. Being named “Budget Director” for the idiotic Obama administration is the equivalent of being named the hospitality director on the Titanic.. Smile while you hand out the life jackets..

As of this moment in time, Obama’s deficit will take 12.9 per cent of the GDP for 2009. In the time that it took you to read that last sentence, the Obama deficit went up another tenth of a percent.. Back when the Democrats cowered in fear over deficits FOUR TIMES SMALLER, Congress used to “launch efforts” to close the gap. Obama has a lot of promises to fulfill and a lot of Democratic bottom feeders to reward so as long as there are enough trees to go around, he can print more money to close one gap while opening up another “inflationary” one..

None of this matters to a man whose “popularity” in Arab countries “far outstrips that of the United States.” (Reuters: Obama more popular than U.S. among Arabs: survey) This comes as no surprise as this man loves to “apologize” for alleged “western wrong-doings” to anyone in a bathrobe who will agree to buy his dinner.. The “Arabs” understand that if their terrorist compulsions get the best of them and another one of them goes “boom” by mere coincidence, Obama will be sure to release the scalawag regardless of the infidel body count..

What are some of the reasons for the “popularity” of Obama with the “Arabs”? “Arab and Muslim nations were angered by the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, harsh interrogation of terrorism suspects at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, abuse of prisoners in Iraq..” At least the “Arabs” keep abreast of the headlines between stonings, decapitations and suicide bombings..

He is “popular” in a region that serves as a greenhouse for terrorists. He is “popular” because his pacifism is seen as weakness, a weakness that has translated into the closing of Guantanamo Bay, the releasing of terrorist murderers and the prosecution of Americans who interrogate prisoners of war.. He is “popular” because he is a terrorist enabler.

They understand the Obama “three core beliefs” when it comes to Middle Eastern miscreants: “appeasement, capitulation and retreat.. not necessarily in that order..” With his “reposit goodwill” in relations with the Middle East, Obama is a stabilizing force.. Make that a stabilizing farce..

The Vice President is right. Obama DOES endanger the nation. From “cap and trade” to global warming to Chrysler to economic stimulus packages to “no more waterboarding” to “reforming” health care to “closing Guantanamo Bay to Muslim bows and subservience.. The only thing is, the Vice President didn’t allow for the entire scope of intentional and targeted destruction coming from the facile fascist.. Then again, maybe he did.


25 responses to “A Stabilizing Farce

  1. noleftturnz


    Your eyes do not betray you..

    This is the “book” version of “A Stabilizing Farce”.. Two extra paragraphs..

    There is a reason for this. I had to submit this again in the hopes that the Feedburner notification MIGHT go out this time..


    I have had issues with the notifications not being sent before.

    Feedburner is all that I have but DON”T rely upon it.

    Simply put: Come here every day.

    There will either be a new article at NLTZ, a new “Thought of the Day” and there will ALWAYS be many more scintillating comments from the Family on all of the articles..

    PLEASE don’t rely on the Feedburner notifications..

    Just look at it this way: An NLTZ a day keeps the liberals away..

    Thanks as always and sorry for the confusion..


  2. Dick Cheney is a patriot. Did you know he didn’t even want to be VP in 2000? He was helping Bush find a VP and Bush knew that there was no one better for the job than Cheney. You know as well as I do the media is going to spin this and say Cheney is a hate monger and Obama is doing as much as he can to “solve” our crisis. Get him out of office with a few other leaches in Congress…ie…Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd, Murtha, Conyers, Shumer, Rangal, etc. Hey Larry, did you hear about Obama is taking away detectors and x-ray machines from our ports in CA? Yeah, cut important things out of the budget but, pork up your healthcare you p.o.s. I watched a special on the Discovery Channel and it showed what would happen if there was an attack and also what would happen for each day the port is closed. Scary stuff. I’m glad Cheney is speaking out. Him and McConnell seem to be the only ones with a backbone (political figures). I read something from Rush where he asked a great question “If Cheney and Rush hurt the GOP then why try to shut them up libs?” Makes a good point. Larry as always your the greatest and I don’t rely on the feed burner. It’s a nice suprise when I come here and see a new thought or article.

  3. Great article, Larry! I swing by every day for my next fix so notifications are not a problem for me.

    How do you enlighten people when all they watch is MSM who totally distorts the truth about anything & everything (unless it’s positive for The One)? Cheney (& the like) comes out and tells it like it is but seemingly semi-intelligent people won’t accept anything other than what generously flows from the lips of the liberal liars.

    Sidebar: You’re not supposed to call it “global warming” anymore – it’s “global climate disruption” or something just as idiotic. Bet the owner of that one is the same person that came up with “overseas contingency operations” and “man-caused disaster”.

  4. Larry,
    I love the additional pargraphs; it was kind of like putting the icing on the cake.
    I don’t think America is the only country being endangered by the big-eared, illegal alien, Fascist-in-Chief. Every country that enjoys even a facsimile of freedom has been endangered by B. Hussein Obama’s 3 core beliefs!

  5. My friend this was straight and to the point.

  6. Obama has already failed on promises, and despite whatever kind of denying spin the he and the liberal Congress may put on his policies, their lies will never defeat the inevitable truth of 1+1=2.

    At the rate of spending and interest accrued it will be generations before the country could possibly be monitarily solid again. That is if all the countries that we have borrowed from to pay for Obama’s ridiculous revitalization plans don’t call in their markers. For even if Obama got his secret wish, and had dollars printed up with his likness on it (at least he couldn’t use that lame excuse again) to pay off the loaning countries, the dollars wouldn’t be worth wiping your…apple with, if you were lucky enough to still have your apple.

    Obviously above reproach, The Haloed One “inherited” all that is “wrong” but nothing that is right. It would seem such a simple thing for an entity of his magnitude being the Messiah, to pass his hand over the Federal Buildings thereby righting all that is wrong with the nation. Come on “saviour”, get with it. Don’t stand around with your tele-prompter, smiling and lying with your ears sticking out. Do something to make us believe that you really are capable of your job and not just another example of Affirmative Action.

  7. noleftturnz


    Imagine that, Obama making Californis “less safe”.. Just another “promise” broken..

    With all of the imaginary “Constitutional” actions by this group of Socialists, “provide for the common defense”, one of the ACTUAL Constitutional responsibilities he is tasked with, is “overlooked”..

    Thanks for your kind words and for your contributions to NLTZ.

    The best commenters on the net.. Period.


  8. noleftturnz


    Thanks for the kind words.

    How do we enlighten people when they watch the MSM? One paycheck at a time..

    Once they see the difeerences or the “change” under Obama, the MSM can say whatever they like..

    Its our obligation to confront our associates and regale them with the truth. If they can’t handle it, so be it.

    That is what I am hopefully doing with NLTZ, one “moderate” at a time..

    Thanks for your comments as well. You make this site a better place to visit.


  9. noleftturnz



    His “scope” of damage goes far beyond our borders.

    The “world” has bought in to the baloney. They get what they deserve as well.

    Thanks as always,


  10. noleftturnz


    Welcome to the “Family” and may I conclude with a final thought on the Obama “kinder, gentler” gibberish..

    All the “talk” in the world wouldn’t have made Hitler a nice guy..

    More than a few people tried..

    Thanks as always,


  11. noleftturnz


    Can you imagine what “Progressive Promissory Notes” would look like?

    That is all that he has to hand to the Chinese, even after he depliciates the nation’s PRIVATE 401k’s..

    Next stop, my friends..money in a mattress..

    That will be when a “dollar” is worth “ten Obama cents”..

    Thanks as always, my friend.


  12. alex in the uk

    yep – they discovered the earth is actually getting cooler- therefor what do they do ?? … why they simply change the term from global warming to “climate change” then if temperature goes down its ‘climate change’ or if it goes up its ‘climate change’. What a joke ! – sadly we have a generation of kids indoctinated with this rubbish doing their little projects to save mother earth ! God help us all !!!

  13. Ah yes, Larry, the new Obama money. To fulfill his narcissist phsycopathic dream the ink would be changed from green to black. Leaving any markings on the bill and of course the image of him, white. This is not all that hard to imagine in that he has no interest or intent of carrying out his promises to the bottom-feeding color blinded minions that elected him.

    “The Farce Is Upon Us” and “The Dark Side”, along with his team of congressional miscreants and the morose mass media, is doing everything they can to shove us into the forced slavery of socialism. I ain’t havin’ any part of their “rosey for all” little world.

    When nearly three thousand men, women and children die or are crushed to death as a result of two planes flying into the Twin Towers building by Muslim zealots and then captives complain they were “tortured” by waterboarding. If those “flower garden” enemy combatants were being given a little tingle off of a car battery to refresh their memory, I’d been the first one making sure that “red” was on the positive and “black” was on the ground posts. Get a clue, humanitarians, I care less about those un-washed, anally sand- packed, sheet headed cavemen that would sooner relieve you of your infiidel head than talk “nice.”

  14. I stumbled onto a site(blacksphere.blogspot.com). I was impressed with the article and the many comments that mirror the thoughts of us here. I left a comment and included the address to this site. When ever I find a conservative site I leave a comment and include this site. I hope we grow by the millions.

  15. noleftturnz

    Alex in the UK,

    Hope things are well for you across the pond..

    Words have no meaning to the liberals. When one “grouping” of them doesn’t seem to be having the proper impact, they just glom a few more on in the hopes that something might eventually stick.. They are a slow group so occasionally they have to resort to an acronym. TOO many words confuses the dopers..

    If they spent as much time RESEARCHING their theories as they do NAMING them, they might discover the pablum for what it is..

    Thanks as always,


  16. noleftturnz


    Bless you for helping with the NLTZ project.

    I appreciate it immensely.

    Thanks as always,


  17. Beyond Disgusted

    “inherited from Carter, Clinton and Frank, two vegetables and a fruit..”

    I’m laughing so hard I can hardly stand it! Thanks for such a good one, Larry.

    I so applaud VP Dick Cheney for telling it like it is, but sadly, the Marxist has set it up so that if we get attacked again, his administration & the deranged media will blame it on “enhanced interrogation techniques”, and way too many stupid Americans will believe that.

  18. Larry :

    Dick Cheney is 100% right about the administration endangering the nation by canceling the policies of the Bush era. The leftist race to put us in the crosshairs is a calculated plan. They don’t want us to be safe, after all, the more of us the terrorists kill the less right wing radicals the left has to deal with.

    As far as Billary’s statement: “Red ink fiscal policies will undermine America’s competitiveness..” goes, she and Billy Bob and the Bilsheviks already started the ball rolling on that. This government can’t live within their means; they’re far too busy trying to live beyond ours. Besides, liberals never budget; they just spend. Under this government we have a Fudget Director and he probably can’t add 2 and 2 together much less direct a budget.

  19. GrayWolf, I went to blacksphere.blogspot.com, using both the http and www URLs and found out that it is an Italian language site with very little stuff! It looks like it is a brand-new blogsite. Would you please check it out and give us the correct URL? Thank you.

  20. Obama talk: Aggressively inarticulate, every time, all the time!

  21. It would seem as though our cheap seat commander is becoming more diplomatic. Yesterday he refused to release pictures of the abuse that had taken place at Gitmo out of concern that it may raise ill feelings towards America from countries around the world and Middle Eastern terrorist nations. You know, the ones that hate us anyway and could care less what happens to their “enemy combatants” if their captured.

    The “content of the pictures being too distressing”, Obama has kept them from the moronic mass media. I guess the shots of the guards spoon feeding the prisoners their ‘special food’ while wearing their gloves so there wasn’t a cause for alarm if they accidently touched to Quran were shocking. Along with those of the guards patting them (softly) on the head while tucking them into their cots and placing the prisoner’s favorite ‘teddy’ next to him on the pillow, was to humanitarily horrifying even for the most hardened liberals.

    Had it been Bush who withheld the pictures, would be storming the White House with torches and signs proclaiming what a socialist tyrant he was and screaming about their right to know. (more like their right to smear) However, the mind numbing media, in decades having not produced anything with responsible journalistic integrity, looked up at Obama from their kneeling positions and said, ‘Uh, oh, OK boss, anything you say, massa. You just let us know when you want your boots licked again, you hear?’

  22. Margaret in CT

    Courageous Rep. Michele Bachmann (C-Minn.) has it right. Acorn should receive no housing funds. I believe that the experience in the Johnson years holds for the present confiscation of wage-earners’ funds: The money will go into the pockets of a few, rather than benefit the many.

  23. I am so glad Dick Cheney calls it like he sees it & stands for principles and is not afraid of the left wing & all the garbage they throw at him. Dick Cheney is a patriot. Thank you for a great post!!

  24. Thank YOU, a red voice, for an incredibly great blog at aredvoiceinabluestate.blogspot.com!! I read WORLD magazine, also, not just for its very true cartoons!

  25. thanks triviaman – stop by the blog anytime.

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