A Stabilizing Farce

Good old Dick Cheney STILL won’t take any grief from the fascists. Back in June of 2004, the Vice President told Patrick Leahy to “go cluck himself” (I think that you get where he was going there..) right on the floor of the Senate over Leahy’s ridiculous comments about Halliburton. The Vice President took the time this weekend to repeat other truths about liberals that he has spoken before..

On the “Face The Nation” show, now renamed “Deface The Nation” in honor of BHO/JFK/FDR/LBJ, Cheney again repeated what the sane, who are the “victims” of “Obamanomics”, believes to be true. “I think to the extent that those (Bush era) policies were responsible for saving lives, that the administration is now trying to cancel those policies…means in future we’re not going to have the same safeguards we’ve had for the last eight years..” The abbreviated version of this comes courtesy of the Washington Times headline is, “Obama endangers the nation”.. That is a mild understatement to say the least..

The Solomonic perspicacity of the Vice President covers a myriad of progressive political topics, not only the liberal lightweight’s lack of foresight when it comes to dealing with scary terrorists..

Cheney continues to explain the childishness of the Obama “Hug a Thug” diplomacy, using the “dealings” with Khalid Shakh Mohammed, who is probably the next terrorist to be freed for “good behavior” by the flaccid fascists of the Obama administration, not unlike the U.S.S. Cole terrorist, Abd Al-Nashiri..

“He (Mohammed) did not fully cooperate in terms of interrogation until after waterboarding..” Thus the Obama caliphate’s “techniques” of “laying like spoons” and watching the Lifetime Channel with Muslim bearded baboons might need a little “tweaking” if palpable “results” are actually desired by someone with the Constitutional responsibility to protect the citizens of the United States. As opposed to the imaginary responsibilities of invading the board rooms of the private sector, aborting fetuses in Europe and socializing health care..

The Vice President continued, “once he went through that process, he produced vast amounts of invaluable information about al-Qaida..” Although the U.S.S. Retaliation is all gassed up for another “hot air strike” from Obama the progressive pilot, it might take a bit more of the “hands on approach” to actually produce the kinds of benefits similar to the playing of a few rounds of “bobbing for crapples” with the Muslim buoy.. Look at the bright side, it was probably the only time that the savage in sandals has ever seen anything remotely resembling a bathtub..

Cheney said that it is his “duty to speak out” against the Obama administration “because I think the issues that are at stake here are so important..” Thank God that someone in Washington will “speak out”.. Please make note of the use of the word “issues”.. Plural.. Hmm..

Could one of these “issues” be the Obama sabotage of the budgetary process? Could the Vice President be referring to the IED’s that the leftist’s administration has planted within our economy that will be exploding for generations to come?

In “US red ink rising even higher, to 1.8 Trillion”, we read that “the government will have to borrow nearly 50 cents for every dollar it spends this year, exploding the record federal deficit past 1.8 trillion..” This computes to more than FOUR TIMES the amount when the left was apoplectic about the deficits of another only a few years ago..

Take the Secretary of Statists. (Please..) On April 11,2006, Rodham said to the Economic Club of Chicago that, “I think a return to fiscal discipline, living within our means, is essential for our long term health..” “Red ink fiscal policies will undermine America’s competitiveness..” Since the deficit is FOUR TIMES LARGER, I would hope that the caustic old cow is bellowing FOUR TIMES louder about the brown Bolshevik’s budgetary baloney.. Even the 143 day wonder himself chimed in about the dangers of deficits, they will “take our economy down a dangerous road..” It seems that there was enough leeway on this “dangerous road” for the Obama administration to multiply the “danger” by a factor of FOUR..

White House “Budget Director” Peter Orszag continues to chew the same communist cud and while blogging again said that this mess was something that Obama “inherited”.. “The deficits are driven in large part by the economic crisis inherited by this administration..” I’ll complete that sentence for the liberal liar, “inherited from Carter, Clinton and Frank, two vegetables and a fruit..”

It’s good to see that the “Budget Director” has enough time to “blog” as opposed to coming up with at least a more original excuse for the Obama failures or maybe, try to clean up the Democratic dung heap.. Being named “Budget Director” for the idiotic Obama administration is the equivalent of being named the hospitality director on the Titanic.. Smile while you hand out the life jackets..

As of this moment in time, Obama’s deficit will take 12.9 per cent of the GDP for 2009. In the time that it took you to read that last sentence, the Obama deficit went up another tenth of a percent.. Back when the Democrats cowered in fear over deficits FOUR TIMES SMALLER, Congress used to “launch efforts” to close the gap. Obama has a lot of promises to fulfill and a lot of Democratic bottom feeders to reward so as long as there is enough trees to go around, he can print more money to close one gap while opening up another “inflationary” one..

None of this matters to a man whose “popularity” in Arab countries “far outstrips that of the United States.” (Reuters: Obama more popular than U.S. among Arabs: survey) This comes as no surprise as this man loves to “apologize” for alleged “western wrong-doings” to anyone in a bathrobe who will agree to buy his dinner.. The “Arabs” understand that if their terrorist compulsions get the best of them and another one of them goes “boom” by mere coincidence, Obama will be sure to release the scalawag regardless of the infidel body count..

What are some of the reasons for the “popularity” of Obama with the “Arabs”? “Arab and Muslim nations were angered by the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, harsh interrogation of terrorism suspects at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, abuse of prisoners in Iraq..” At least the “Arabs” keep abreast of the headlines between stonings and decapitations, they understand the Obama “three core beliefs” when it comes to Middle Eastern miscreants: “appeasement, capitulation and retreat.. not necessarily in that order..” With his “reposit goodwill” in relations with the Middle East, Obama is a stabilizing force.. Make that a stabilizing farce..


16 responses to “A Stabilizing Farce

  1. When I was a kid and got in trouble, sometimes my parents made me stand in the corner.
    To this day, some 40-odd years later, I can still describe every nook and cranny in that corner.
    But, “Standing in the corner” is NOT in the Army Field Manual.
    Did my parents torture me?
    If a U.S. soldier captures an enemy combatant on the battlefiend, and makes him“stand in the corner”, is that torture?
    And we aint even going to talk about that bar of soap thing!

    Have they done the environmental impact study on the effect of cutting down all those trees to print all that extra money?

    I’m sure if another Muslim bookbag goes boom, Obama will be on his knees apologizing for not kissing their ass properly.


  2. Is Dick Cheney the only member of the previous administration with enough guts to tell it like it is? The policies being pushed by Obambi and crew have never worked and they won’t work now!

  3. Todd, and the rest,

    You’re not getting it.
    Socialism, Communism, Fascism, and Nazism, ONLY thrive in death and destruction.
    We CANNOT look at the Obaminations and ponder, “how will these move us UP towards that glorious new world of peace and wealth?”
    If you would simply turn around, and look down.
    Down towards death, destruction, high unemployment, high inflation rates, high interest rates, shortages of goods and services (except for the Annointed Ones), etc, etc, the path that these Obaminations will take us become CRYSTAL CLEAR.
    And that path is right into the cesspool where their ideology flurishes.
    Think about it. A union flunky does NOT care about the state of ANYTHING else, as long as they have their union card and a union shop to go to “work” at.
    Chrysler is Sultan Obama’s way around the law that says you cannot PAY people for their vote.
    What the hell else are we (read: WE) going to be paying those card-carrying union autoworkers for?
    It sure as hell isn’t going to be for their junk-boxes on wheels.


  4. ie, NO country has EVER, during times of peace and prosperity, EVER decided this was a good time to try Socialism.
    ONLY when the economies are in the dumper do those “alternative” ideologies get started.
    And just like FDR, the words, “give me 4 more years and I PROMISE socialism will work”, there are plenty of idiots around to drink the koolaid and keep idiots in power.
    Never forget, “Hitler was voted into office”.


  5. hey, come to think of it, that is a good response to those idiots who say, “we voted for this”.
    Remind them, “yeah, well, Hitler was voted into office too”.


    Adolf Hitler was a good speaker.
    Adolf Hitler was motivational.
    Adolf Hitler had questionable associations.
    Adolf Hitler was racially devisive.
    Adolf Hitler nationalized industries, banking, and the personal investments.
    Adolf Hitler had a Youth Group.
    Adolf Hitler had a goofy symbol.
    Adolf Hitler wrote a book about his struggles.
    Adolf Hilter was a Community Organizer.
    And Adolf Hilter got his arrogant ass kicked by AMERICANS!

    In case you’re wondering if Adolf Obama is really nationalizing YOUR personal investments, consider this:
    Obama threatened and extorted the “hedge funds” to accept 29 cents on the dollar for their investments, even though they were ENTITLED to 100% in a LEGAL bankruptcy hearing.
    But the UAW pension fund was moved to the front of the line, and eventually, will be reimbursed 100%.
    What was in those “hedge funds”?
    YOUR 401k investments.
    Sultan Obama “redistributed” your wealth (401k) to the UAW pension (Obama voters).
    Wouldn’t you call that “nationalizing personal investments”?
    Say hello to Adolf next time you’re in DC.


  6. noleftturnz


    AGAIN the “Feedburner” subscription program shot blanks..


    Its simple: just come back here every day. There is either a new article on NLTZ, the Thought of the Day, or there are some exceptional comments since you were here last..

    Sorry, Feedburner is all I have..

    A NLTZ a day keeps the liberals away..

    Thanks as always,


  7. Larry,

    I been creating and designing a line of bumper stickers and T-shirts. These can be displayed when you go the CPAC in February, 2010. I don’t know how to post them on the internet. Do you know of a way?

  8. Stitch,

    And, just like Adolf, the “Annointed One” (AO) told us what he planned to do. And he is doing it ! Apparently not many heard, or understood , or chose to hear and understand what AO said/wrote. AO said ” I do not want to run a car company”, but he just cut Chrysler’s advertising budget in half !! Is this how he creates/saves jobs, and increases revenue for Chrysler ? Since when does the POTUS get involved in auto advertising? Or is the plan to decrease sales, thereby creating another crisis for the admin. to “take advantage of “. Will this nonsense ever end ??

  9. Stitch hits the nail right on the head…BHO makes sure his union cronies get their pension money but screws the rest of us who no longer have company sponsored pensions, and must invest personal funds in order to protect our futures, rather than have to work till death. Here’s a headline not getting too much notice in the same vein, it seems that the Social Security “Trust Fund” (an oxymoron) will be exhausted 4 years faster than predicted. Here’s a link from of all places the Communist News Network nee CNN…


  10. Cheney’s daughter has been on Morning Joe and others reinterating her father and supporting him. Is there no one else out there with some clout to say something?

    Washington Post announces the remaining torture photos will not be released….

    Opposition to cap and trade aka energy tax on the hill. . . .taxation of employer paid health insurance premiums being considered by the thug.

    there’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.

    NLT once a day, at least!

  11. Fran,

    I don’t think anyone wants to risk being mocked and ridicule for agreeing with him. We all know what wimps we have in the republican party.

    Once again our ruler has been reading the polls and made the decision to listen this time. I think it was 68% wanted to let it go.

    Maybe we can fake a poll that says he’s evil and 89% of the public hates him and his policies and say Americans no longer trust him and want him to leave office.

  12. Eileen,
    I’m not so sure that would be a fake poll. Just don’t let the MSM touch it or all you’ll hear about is the 11% who are now actually on their knees and praying to the Self-Annointed One!

  13. Todd, I’m stilling waiting for my Obama check for the 95% of us who won’t have to pay taxes. We all know that’s not going to happen, because the reality is that 8 or 11 bucks will be going toward the the increase in taxes for fuel, energy and all the taxes increases across the board which now includes state and possibly cities such as San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia to just name a few. States such as Massachusetts, Minnesota, California and Wisconsin to again just to name a few have already passed legislation and there are two dozen who have the legislation coming soon. Yet, why do most of these cities and states that are taxing some people out of their homes to pay for those who should have never purchase one, are almost always liberal Democrats who either have a Governor, State Legislators and/or both.

  14. keep in mind, the Islamofacists planned their 9/11 attack for years.
    Most likely throughout most of the 8 years Clinton was in the Oral Office.
    And even though they killed almost 3000 Americans, their goals were probably many times more than that.
    Now that they have a true friend (a “BFF”) in the High Yellow Crib (formerly known as the White House), along with their scholarships, free money, airfare, and keys to the cities, I doubt it will take them long to “re-establish” themselves and pick up right where they left off.
    To the Islamofacists, these past 8 years under Bush was just one long “Battle of the Bulge”. Now they have pushed the “bulge” back to its former lines, they can once again press their advance towards their main objective, killing Americans.
    Only this time, I bet they get their own cabinet appointee, right down the hall from the VP.
    The Dept of Internal Disruptions (DID). Their job is to keep the Disaster-in-Chief informed as to the actual number of Americans killed in each of their coming attacks. Uh, sorry, I mean, Domestic Acts of Well-Deserved Punishment.

    I can’t wait to see this carpet-kissing clown explain to the American people how we’re not “kissing their muslim asses enough” and therefore DESERVED this retribution.

    The sad part, we’ll probably have to wait a few years before the Islamo-nuts are all in place to launch their attack.
    If it could happen sooner, the lynch mob would be storming Washington all that much sooner.

    But, the worst part is, in 2001 at least Bush stepped up and saw the enemy for what they were and immediately grounded all flights, put our military on alert, and took other steps to protect ALL Americans.
    In the next attack, Sultan Obama will probably be stuttering, uh uhh uh uhh uhuh, where’s my teleprompter, and before they can be stopped, many many times more than 3000 Americans will be DEAD!


    Stockpile: guns, ammo, food, water, fuel

  15. Obama’s mode of speaking: “aggressively inarticulate, every time, all the time”!

  16. Eileen,
    I’m not sure, but I think that 95% was only meant to be 95% of cabinet members.

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