Statistical Anomalies Become A Communist Conundrum

The “Boycott Chrysler” wailing of insignificant folks like me needs a bit of further clarification.. Chrysler’s precarious predicament falls at the feet of a few statistical anomalies. That which has befallen Chrysler will befall others if left unchecked..

Obama himself is “shooting them (Chrysler) in the foot” (thanks Joe.) all by himself by demanding the type of vehicles that the “new Chrysler” will be building. Obama is not content to just sit back and play “banker” as a capitalist would. He wants complete control of all of the elements of a formerly private corporation as a socialist DEMANDS. All of this is endorsed by the environazis, the UAW beneficiaries and the “bring down those above us” socialist swine of the liberal base.. He knows who “brung him to the dance”..

Short of governmental protectionism (talk about shooting yourself in the foot..) and a short of “mandatory Chrysler purchase plan” directed at the American “victims” of the Obama oligarchy, Chrysler will die on its own because no one will WANT to buy the “green” electric roller skates coming off of their assembly line. The process USED to be called the “free market” where the “survival of the fittest” or “Darwinism for business” dictated who stayed in the business making automobiles and who moved on to another endeavor of some sorts..

Play these Chrysler scenarios out to their liberal illogical extreme: These electric “powered lawn mowers” get about forty miles to a “charge”. The electricity for the “charge” will come from a coal burning plant. That’s too much pollution, and NO you can’t build any nuclear plants so don’t ask (green weenies).. All of the windmills and solar grids combined can’t keep up with the demand to constantly charge these silly “green machines”. Chrysler will soon have to re-tool in order to build the bicycles demanded by the Obama caliphate.

Then again, the bicycles will need to be built in China because the UAW will demand that their superior workfarce be compensated in the same exorbitant manner as they were when they were manufacturing Fords. (“Ford” is a UAW acronym for Fix Or Repair Daily..) Workers putting one screw in a Schwinn will still need to bring home over eighty-five dollars an hour with “benefits” causing our bikes to be in the $35,000.00 apiece range.. This will necessitate the government’s “subsidizing” of the bicycle industry as well as the need to “put aside funds” that will be directed to the “underprivileged” so that “they may be able to participate in the “liberal American dream” of owning a bicycle.. A “dream” that has eluded them for far too long due to the “unfairness of the lending practices of greedy corporate fat cats who take advantage of the vulnerable with high interest loans..” (See how silly that sounded when the left bankrupted America over the “discrimination” in home loans?)

The conversion will be complete. WE will become what China USED to be and China will replace America.. (As predicted by me: “we used to boycott our enemies, now we bankroll them”..)

This experiment in socialism is taking place with “our money” which is of no value to the liberal louts of the Obama caliphate. Besides, that is why this “gamble” is taking place, it is OUR money, not theirs, and they are doing this because “they know what is best for you..” whether you like it or not.. If it fails, they have lost nothing. We lost EVERYTHING the first Tuesday in November of 2008..

If we are passive about the destruction of Chrysler (and even capitalism..) the next step in the process is GM and its six or so car lines.. We must TELL the liberals in no uncertain terms that this will not stand. Drastic times call for drastic measures.. The “drastic” is coming down by the bucket load.

This is the left’s angle: They tip their toe in the water (Chrysler) no one bites, they then dive straight into the deep end knowing that their actions are unopposed by the “American public”. (Goodbye GM.) Conservatives are “nice” people, we tend to think the best of people, even the liberals.. It is about time to figure out that the meek inherit NOTHING.

I would personally rather “cull the herd” at Chrysler’s expense (and the Obama administrations and the UAW’s..) before they complete their mission to eliminate America’s role as the world’s leading car manufacturer. Our “involuntary contribution” to this “cause” was sealed on November 4, 2008.. Thus the difference between nine million votes will end up becoming nine trillion of our dollars..

Consider these statistics and ask yourself if you did enough to prevent this progressive plague from incubating..

As of 2008, there were 208,323,000 eligible voters. The turnout for the election was 131,200,000. That means 77,123,000 eligible voters STAYED AT HOME. Here is another way to look at that: seventy seven million, one hundred twenty three thousand.. In Nevada, 6,251 votes were cast for “None of these candidates”. Three states officially keep track of “blank” votes for President and in those states a total of 103,193 votes were “blank”. More than 100,000 votes were cast for any number of individuals including 62 for “Santa Claus” and 11 for Mickey Mouse. 112,554 votes were tabulated in the seventeen states that record votes for non-listed candidates. The other egomaniacs (Ralph Nader, Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin, Cynthia McKinney and “other” received a total of 1,862,347 votes.. All of these “wasted” votes come to 2,184,345. Add these “should have stayed home” votes to the “actually stayed at home” votes and the total comes to 79,307,345..

McCain lost by nine million votes. He also gathered the highest vote total in the history of our presidential elections by a losing candidate. McCain lost by the population of the city of New York.

38.3% of the eligible voters “stayed home” in America in 2008. In the elections held in Afghanistan in 2004, 70% of the eligible voters made it to the polls. In the 2005 Iraqi elections, 79.6% of the eligible voters managed to participate. This is no small task as in both of these countries the voters were in mortal danger, several dying in cowardly attacks while they waited to cast their votes. Here in America, 61.7% bravely made it to the polls where the biggest “threat” was some unwashed liberal sneering at your McCain/Palin button..

Until the unbridled socialism of Obama and company are blocked, (think 2010) this is “our country” in name only.. Isn’t it telling that the right to vote apparently means more to the Iraqis and the Afghanis than it does to the citizens of the United States of America?

Bicycles and rickshas are not an option in America. I did not wish this upon Chrysler, those who stayed home on November 4, 2008 have put this communist’s conundrum in place..


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  1. Well, Larry, I think you have definitely nailed the problem this time; the apathetic members fo our society are at least as much to blame as those who openly voted for the jug-eared socialist. Personally, I made phone calls urging others to vote for McCain and even called them with reminders about the polls being open and what time the polls would close.

  2. Flying Rat

    I wish I was a good at lying, I would have made a great politician.

    Just like the original participants in the Boston Tea Party, I am willing to make the sacrifices it takes to get our point across.
    Tossing tea into the harbor is a joke by today’s standards, but in the 1750’s, 1760’s, 1770’s, tea was hard to come by. Sort of expensive. And looked upon as a luxury that folks could look forward to after a long, hard day (or week!) of work.
    Not to mention the merchants who saw a good source of income for them tossed into the bay.

    Boycott Chrysler and GM.
    Yes. It will put a lot of people out of work, but, those companies are dead anyway.
    The only left of them in a couple years will be the UAW pension funds.

    Lying Liberal News outlets are reporting that the top execs at GM sold off their stocks.
    They’re trying to make it sound like a big frikken deal.
    I think the MOST one of them owned was about 80,000 shares.
    At $1.50 a share, that comes to $120,000.
    After taxes, about $72,000.
    I hope that on May 29th, the Friday before the Monday, June 1st, deadline, ALL of the top execs and upper management at GM WALK!
    Tell Obama, “its all yours, baby!”


  3. Flying rat: we have ouned 17-19 GMC cars and trucks in our 48 years of marriage, but no more. We will not buy a car or truck made by a UAW company.I recieved an Email today asking us to join an effort to send a message to China by not buying any item made in China from 5 June to 5 july. We will start today. We have also become very careful of how much money we spend. We eat out less, and buy only what is necessary. Lets all start today to send a financial message to China. GOD bless the USA.. Join the NRA and Gun ouners of America.

  4. My god.

  5. Excellent blog. Thank you for this type of exposure. Lee

  6. Larry, now, now, let’s not denigrate bicycles!

    I will be going the way of the Chinese, Japanese and other Far East citizens who traveled by way of bicycle, which was their main mode of transportation up to the early 2000s, using the most efficient, less pollutive, energy-generated system available to me: an electric motor!
    I have no other vehicle available, because of not having the economic wherewithal to purchase other means of transportation. (I am on Social Security.)

    I can buy an electric motor for a bicycle for $199 at this time (which creates no carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases, and other so-called “global warming” [oops, make that “climate changing”–have to be politically correct, you know!] human [oops, make that “man-caused”–have to be politically correct, you know]-devised environmental horrors. The electric motor is humanely powered by human feet causing the wheels to turn.

    Why not use the bus to get to places, you ask? Would you believe I live in the largest-populated city in the entire USA without a public bus system? Requests for implementation of a public bus system have been turned down by the City Council every year since I have lived in this city (1996). It seems the Council believes that everyone here has no need of using a public bus.

    The last time I went to the web site, where you can click on any state, then click on any city listed to find out how much is requested for every one of its programs it wants to implement, there was absolutely nothing about a public bus system being desired by the city that I live in!

    If you haven’t figured out what that city is yet, it is Arlington, Texas. The cab companies are raking in the big bucks from the people who can least afford their services. The cab companies basically have no competition, except for church and handicapped bus services, which are only available during certain hours each day.

    When the Dallas Cowboys start playing football in Arlington this year, the cab companies’ profits will even ratchet up even more!

    Thank your God that you have other modes of transportation!

  7. I goofed! The correct web site for the stimulus details for each city is Sorry ’bout that!
    What a wonderful web site!

  8. Larry – your critical thinking genius is amazing.

    thanks for the link, triviaman.

    I’ve lost my appetite.

  9. alex in the uk

    at the end of the day obama MUST comply with the directives of his liberal sponsors. At the moment he is balking at going all out with the crazies of the left and releasing the pow photos and all the CIA info etc, since he knows the CIA will tear “pants on fire” pelosi to pieces and that Cheney would cripple his credibility simply because Cheney has integrity on his side… (something pelosi and the rest of them know little of)
    Obama cannot countenance this because the simple fact is that obama is primarily a narcissist – he loves obama and will do anything to protect him. He knows he cannot win by joining the crazies BUT this will not last – he MUST placate his masters at some point . He knows they are demanding socialism and will get it or they will throw HIM under the bus and a narcissist cannot tolerate this.

    BTW – isnt it hillarious about all the UK MPs who have been caught with their snouts in the expenses trough !… they have violated the 11th commandment “thou shalt not get caught” – I have found if you learn to laugh at all the crap it lowers the stress !

    oh dear !

  10. We’re getting a whopping 100 jobs in an area of 400 K people, and a state unemployment rate in excess of 10% . . . . am sure many of the recipients of these 100 jobs will be the illegal aliens skulking around . . . we have directional signs in English and spanish in downtown Asheville, the most humerous is the one giving directions to the county courthouse . . . they have a disproportionate criminal poplulation.

  11. This is a post on the stimuluswatch site that seems appropriate to the topic:

    Rickr 1 week ago

    Let me try to explain something to you, if that’s possible. People possessing two or more functional brain cells, which are not engaged in the act of warring with each other, look around themselves and observe the voting majority of the USA mindlessly wandering off in search of the perfect welfare state. EG: A welfare state from which they can personally benefit, without expending any of their own effort, save for casting a vote on election day.

    Along comes one Barry Soetoro, who changed his name to Barak Obama for political purposes, and is willing to fabricate reality in accordance with the wishes of all the brain dead fools who believe it is both possible and acceptable to legislate money out of the pockets of those who earn it, and in to the pockets of those who, like themselves, wish to sit around on their asses doing next to nothing. The same class of fools who honestly believe that walking to their mailbox to retrieve a “much deserved” government assistance check comprises “work.”

    Mr. Soetoro, who is probably not even a citizen of the USA, who hires an army of lawyers to block any release of his personal and citizenship information, is very eloquent. Though he is not particulatly bright, other than his command of the English language and his ability to deliver verbage in a persuasive manner, he has proven that he can rouse the rabble against, and demonize those motivated Americans who enjoy workingand enjoy it to the point that they actively produce valuable goods and provide lucrative employment for those willing to work hard and with competence.

    The recent presidential election results tell the whole story. The majority of voting Americans used what sparse logical abilities they possess, not to rationally assess the state of the country and the world in order to arrive at a viable choice for Pres-USA (starting even before the primaries), but rather to justify their own selfish animal emotions related to “how much stuff they wanted to buy.” Emotions that drove and still drive them to seek that which they did not earn, from those who create the goods they consume and have been feeding them and their families over the course of their entire lives.

    Familiarity breeds contempt! Contempt breeds stupidity. Stupidity breeds the likes of Kennedy, Pelosi, Biden, the Clintons and then “Obama.” The latter of which being a social construct sharing no commonality with reality.

    If you have been unable to follow my short train of thought, I might suggest that you try wading your way through “Altas Shrugged,” by Ayn Rand. Or, if you have no prediliction for reading, maybe listen to, and understand, the studio version of the “2112” album by Rush.

    Both describe the same concepts. They just do so at different lengths of detail and via different media.

    For the past 30 years, I have not been a particularly right-wing or religious man, but recent events are causing me to rethink that decision. As I recall it goes something like: “Satan shall come like a thief in the night. Those who are unprepared shall be left with him!”

  12. Hey, has anybody in the MSM used the term “left-wing extremist”? (Just wondering.)

  13. Citizensailor

    What happened to the American backbone? Where were the stockholders when BHO told them what he was going to do with their money (their personal property I might add)? Where was the Board of Directors? The executive managers? All of them had no backbone to tell BHO where he could put his executive orders. What was BHO going to do, put all of them in jail…no. They didn’t show a bit of backbone. Chrysler deserves what it is getting. For those voters who voted for BHO, they are now getting what they deserve. Be ready for 2010…we will need a House and Senate willing to carryout the impeachment process.

  14. Why is it, with the far left, Darwinism is “all the rage” when it comes to humans but “Darwinism for business” is not to be allowed??? Humans can “evolve”, but not invention and material productivity?? I guess we’re all just a bunch of glorified monkey’s to them…

  15. noleftturnz


    I had hoped that this wouldn’t be taken as a “shot” at bicycles or bicyclists.

    I just don’t want them to be MANDATORY!!

    “Choice” is good, isn’t it?

    That is what I meant.


  16. noleftturnz


    Thank you for your kind words.

    This is a team effort.

    Everyones comments accelerate the thought process.


  17. There is no such thing as: ‘global warming’. We moreover know, that whenever the government manufactures another ‘crisis’, there will always rise a greedy, immoral element eager to capitalise on it. This is what happened in the ‘sixties, when it was decided that cars were ‘unsafe’ – and led to the decline of Detroit. Corners were cut with thin sheet metal and shoddy workmanship. Why then should people who prefer (relatively) well-made foreign cars, pay to subsidise something that belongs to the past?

  18. Fran(& the others)
    I’ve read Ayn Rand(Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal) Ludwig Von Mises Money and Credit, much of Milton friedman, The Naked Communist by W.C. Skousen. In all, probably 100 books on Economics and government and politics, and because most are fairly heavy reading, and the average American either can’t or won’t read them, I’ve condensed, interpreted, translated, and put all these ideas into an enjoyable read(for your average political junkie) that can be easily understood. Having read it probably 15 times or more myself in the writing and editing of the manuscript, I can tell you that when you finish you will understand this political situation we are in so much more clearly than before. While I hate this word, it will all come into “focus.” No matter what level of political sophistication you’ve attained, you are going to enjoy it. Again, you can google Krigbaum-Relentless and you’ll be taken directly to the publisher’s website. You can see it, read a short synopsis of it, and if you like, order a copy from the same place.

  19. noleftturnz


    One last stat that made it to the “book” version of this article:

    79, 307,345 “opted out” so to speak in the last election.

    That is the equivalent of California, Texas and New York sitting this one out..

    McCian lost by the population of New York CITY..

    Which leaves us with this socialist enterprise..

    Thanks as always,


  20. noleftturnz



    When the lefties all screamed, the manufacturers were told by the government to “conform”.

    Plastic replaced steel, plastic was replaced with styrofoam.

    Quality was replaced with machines that were manufactured to fail.

    Sad but true..

    Thanks as always,


  21. Well at least Ford is still PRIVATE. Which is more than I can say for the lazy 2. As far as what to expect from Chrysler, Google Lada and Trabant and see what you get…these were excuses for cars in the former USSR and East Germany respectively. And even in a market with NO competition, nobody wanted them but had no other option. Unless BHO and his cronies try and outlaw all the other car companies, or put outrageous import tariffs on imported cars or maybe force purchase by compulsion, Chrysler will be doomed. Your analysis of the conundrum of electric powered vehicles is spot on. The pollution is moved downstream to power plants which are mostly fired by coal, one of the dirtiest fossil fuels even with all the anti pollution scrubbers etc. So the result of going “green” will probably be more greenhouse gas emissions. A true liberal “solution”.

  22. If you have not read the Don Feder article in Grasstops titles Weenie Conservatives it is worth a look. It compliments what Larry said here. We have to FIGHT before they take the ability away from us.

  23. trivaman:

    The following definition is from page 6 of the infamous (U//FOUO) Domestic Extremism Lexicon that started the firestorm in DHS

    (U) leftwing
    (U//FOUO) A movement of groups or individuals that embraces anticapitalist, Communist, or Socialist doctrines and seeks to bring about change through violent revolution
    rather than through established political processes. The term also refers to leftwing, single-issue extremist movements that are dedicated to causes such as environmentalism, opposition to war, and the rights of animals.
    (also: far left, extreme left)

    Think we should send it to the MSM so they know what to look for?

  24. Larry:

    Unfortunately, I’m afraid that with the leftists, there is no choice, everything thing they want d0ne is mandatory

  25. Larry:

    However, we still do have a choice, no matter what they want. Their point of view just doesn’t count does it?

  26. No, we shouldn’t be “passive” at the destruction of Chrysler but why were we passive in the $800 billion dollar bailouts of Freddy and Fanny, AIG and the like? These were all business institutions where the business’ knew what they were doing and failed because of their poor practices. Practices which began decades ago and has brought us to the current state of affairs our economy is in. A natural and rightful “culling of the herd” would have taken place in bankruptcies had it not been for a forced calling of OUR money.

    A socialistic president can benefit from creating conditions like these and Obama does his best to spread the propangandistic fear that our country will fail without his leadership. I would say that without his leadership and with the natural course of the economy being based on good times/bad times America would be better off.

  27. Five thousand years ago, Moses said to the children of Isreal, “Pick up your shovels, mount your asses and camels and I will lead you to the Promised Land.” Nearly five thousand years later Ronald Reagan said, “Take a break! Lay down your shovels, sit on your asses, and light up a Camel, this is the Promised Land.” Now, a socialist Barack Obama, whether they need be or not, has made things “shovel ready”, kicked our taxpaying asses, raised the price of Camels and layed waste to the Promised Land by bigger government and “spread the wealth.”

  28. G. Nichols

    Its pathetic to see how far this country has fallen. The UAW has killed the auto industry by demanding wages that have bankrupted less companies. I work for a company that is union, and I make less after twenty fracking years there than a starting auto worker.

    Worse, our lovely Ebony Savior’s economic plan has caused our company to all but gut our retirement plan. I’ll now have to work twenty-one more years, to get full pension, which will be about half of what it should have been. They did this because they assumed that Social Security will cover the rest. We all know that won’t happen. You’ll forgive me if I’m a wee bit bitter, but I had hoped for a better retirement than a funerary urn.

    Chrysler should die, as should GM, as should any company that accepted government money. Now we’ll all be paying for yet another bailout, oh, and they plan on making us pony up another trillion to pay for the Obama Healthcare plan, and upwards of an additional one thousand dollars a year on our electric bills, courtesy of cap and trade.

    We have all become serfs in our own country, and we our braindead neighbors to thank.

  29. There is one other thing we need to look at and that is the trampeling of the Constitutional laws being done (again) by Obama in this Chrysler takeover.

    While the Constitution affords the Federal Government the powers in dealing with bankruptcies, it does not give it the right to take over or operate any businesses.

    The Bankruptcy Clause of Article I, Section 8 delegates to the federal government the sole authority to enact “uniform laws on the subject of bankruptcies.” Obama has ignored and stepped over that line.

    By stepping over that glaring line set down by our founding fathers, Obama may have created a thousand new failing businesses. That is, businesses that might have received financing before but now will not since lenders face the future possibility of being ran by the government. In other words, Obama may have helped save the jobs of thousands of UAW and other union workers whose dues, in part, helped elect him. But what about the untold numbers of job losses in the future caused by the trampling of the sanctity of our Constitution today?

  30. Joe, I am not sure you understand, but Obama does not care about the repercussions of his actions as long as he maintains power! If 75 million people lose their jobs as a result of his actions, then there are 75 million more people dependent upon the government for what the liberals consider their “rightful share” of what the rest of the populace is producing!

  31. Todd,

    I understand, Todd. I was merely trying to point out the full scope of what is being done to our Constitution amongst our own and those who would listen to listen to the message of conservatism, that I’m trying to express more clearly.

    The question of, “what about untold numbers of job losses in the future”, was not a hypothetical question, we both know the answer to that as you stated. The people that caused it and the people that it will affect (ultimately that will be all of us) will be the hardest to convince at this time. Not until the continued lies of Obama finally forsake him will the blind ones that follow him open their eyes.

    Obama cares for nothing but himself, not even his party, he has proven this a few times already. He is into himself and cares for no one and no thing other than the promotion of Obama.

  32. Joe,

    I guess I just read you wrong when I thought you didn’t understand how little the Self-Annointed One cares.
    Of course, you are right about these people being so hard to convince. I know a few who think I’m just being paranoid even though the evidence is right in front of their noses if they would simply open their eyes to see.

  33. optimisticmomma

    Dear Larry, I love your blog and read it as often as I can. I agree with 99.9% of what you say. However, my husband works for a Detroit-3 auto company & we live in the Detroit area. Larry you are out of touch about the quality of Ford cars and I am sad you fell for the *very old* putdown that you quoted in this article. Flying Rat and Graywolf suggest boycotting Chrysler and GM. I don’t agree w/ the government bailouts, but you know what, the non-domestic automakers will benefit from Graywolf and Flying Rat’s solution. Toyota, Honda and such are NOT American companies. They may build them here but mainly the engineering is done overseas. Maybe it’s time to boycott THEM; which should have been done years ago if you value your job & country at all. While I don’t agree w/ the government bailouts of any industry, now’s not the time to boycott. Boycotting American car companies is cutting off your nose to spite your face.
    A struggling American automobile family (& true, blue conservative) in Detroit, Michigan.
    *Remember: buy a Ford!*

  34. Larry, as Chick Hearn of the Los Angeles basketball broadcasting fame used to say, “No harm, no blood, no foul.” Point well taken.

    But, if our country continues to go where it has been going since January 20, 2009–down the tubes!–it won’t be long before ALL of us “serfs” will be “driving” bicycles, because there will be no other vehicles sold in the “good old USA”, because of the collapsed economy, because we won’t be able to afford any other kind!

    “Green” transportation, anyone?

  35. noleftturnz


    Sorry about that .1%

    I still own two Chevys. I may go grab a new Camaro on the 20th, that’s when they rollout. From what I have seen it looks like one of the Chryslers. Chopped top, etc..

    Good luck, you’re going to need it once the “Car Czar” drops by..

    The unions have placed a number of Americans, who should have used their heads in the voting booth as opposed to their union cards, into harms way.

    It may be too late because the Socialist virus has already invaded its host..

    I tried to warn folks but it appears that the “requests” of the shop stewards and the newsletters took precedence over the writings of insignificant people like me.

    Who knows, maybe the union will get 55% of Ford.


  36. noleftturnz


    “Green” or otherwise, “mass” transit should be funded by “user fees”. If $1.00 to ride doesn’t get the job done, make it $1.50. Don’t raise taxes or start bond issues.

    I don’t ride the bus. I don’t demand that the bus riders pay for my tires, tune ups or license plates. Those are “user fees” that are MY responsibility.

    I think that I am done with this subtopic..


  37. I’m with you, optimisticmomma! And, to boot, although i owned a great Chevy Lumina in the past, I am, for the most part, a Ford owner – from my first Mercury in 1958 til my current Ford Focus. Reliability (if not sexuality!) has been my mantra re cars. And the Ford Focus is one helluva reliable (so far, please God!!) vehicle!

    But Larry is right: Once the Obamanation is on a roll in your direction, watch out! In fact, I dread the Gov’t’s taking over or having any major role if the operation of Ford Motor Company, but I know that the day may come, etc……

    The whole scenario is so tragic: None of this would have to end in such disaster had the Feds just butted out and let TRUE market forces prevail. Sure, perhaps a “blood bath” in some areas, but when unfettered capitalism prevails, eventually the economy in general and an individual industry in particular finds its footing and carries on.

    But the power-mad & super greedy UAW will do its damnest to destroy the domestic industry. And in so doing, will screw itself out of a HUGE source of financial support – all the while taking the industry & the country down with them.

    I also like the idea of one of the posters who suggested that GM’s execs might be well advised to just walk off and let the s–t hit the fan and the Anointed One try to bail out the disaster (good luck with that!).

  38. Larry, by “green transportation” I meant a bicycle only, no Prius, Volt, bus, SUV, et al.
    We’ll just have to see what happens in the future here.
    I’m done with this subtopic, as well.

  39. You guys are all right on target. But all this talk about bailouts, gov’t takeovers, the rightness ore wrongness of govt dictating exec’s salaries and bonuses, all these things and more show me that in general the American people don’t understand the true nature of Communism/Socialism/Fascism. To me, that’s the key. Until the American people become educated to the simple fact that these forms of government are EVIL, then we’re going to be on the short end of these arguments.
    Ed K

  40. Flying Rat


    I am boycotting ANY vehicle made by UAW.
    They (Unions) STOLE my 401k money.

    Duh Gubment “bailout” is does NOTHING more than illegal extort funds from the Hedge Funds (MY 401k money) and deposit them ILLEGALLY into the UAW Pension Fund.

    UAW cannot compete with the rest of the world.
    They MUST have ILLEGAL advantages.
    They do pushups on their knees (girly pushups), while the rest of the world work like MEN.


    The Boston Tea Party was about rebellion AND sacrifice.
    Only 8% of this country is unionized.
    We have MORE than that unemployed now.
    If ALL of those unemployed were union slugs, I would NOT have a bad day.


  41. Flying Rat

    Neither Toyota nor Honda STOLE my 401k investments.


  42. Flying Rat

    Todd, Joe,

    All we need to do is look at the ghettos.
    Once caught in the vortex, few ever make it out…alive.
    Their GOAL is to create a PERMANENT dependency class.
    Just enough of them in select states as to insure their continually re-elections.
    While they milk the rest of us for ever-increasing taxes.

    Texas voted for McCain by less than 1 million votes. There are more (much more!) than 1 million illegal immigrants living in Texas RIGHT NOW.
    Once they are granted amnesty, and given a Spanish-language voting ballot, Texas will never again vote for a Republican president.


  43. Flying Rat

    why is it when the LEFT talk about boycotting its ok, and we should all stop, bow our heads, and listen to them.
    But when we talk about boycotting someone, all we hear is “that’s just going to put Americans out of work”.
    60-some-odd million Americans voted for Obama, I wish they were ALL unemployed.
    Oh wait, half of them have never had a job before, so why should now be any different.
    And the rest are liberal elitists who only “work” and hour a day and that’s to teach some left-wing liberal arts class.
    To HELL with them.
    Put them out of work.
    Make the sacrifices.
    Rush is Right.
    I cannot separate “hoping Socialism fails” with “hoping America fails”.
    When America becomes Socialist, and THAT Socialism fails, then America fails.
    Then AMERICANS will wake the F– up.
    And Maaaaaaaaaaybe the stupid “media” folks will pull their head out of his well-annointed ass (at least far enough to see whose ass they’re kissing) and see him for what he truly is…
    .. a LIAR!


  44. Flying Rat,
    In many ways I agree with you. However, not everybody who is a union member is a member because they want to be. Many of us have found ourselves in a situation where we can only work if we are in the union. Personally, I believe the unions have outlived their usefulness, by about 4 or 5 decades at least. Over half the people in my shop spend more time sitting on their a$$es drinking coffee than they do producing anything and they THINK they work hard. Of course, I work in a very small shop, so these people are not going to make much of a difference.
    I believe the two unions which are hurting us the most are the auto workers and the government workers.

  45. Let’s give ’em an anamoly.

    David Plouffe, a former campaign manager, is sending out emails claiming the republicans are swiftboating heath care reform.

    Let’s make his prediction come true.

  46. Flying Rat

    that’s what I’m talking about Todd, are you willing to make the sacrifices to save your country?

    I would prefer to see every working person have some form of collective bargaining and representation, but, after seeing how downright corrupt, dishonest, evil, hateful, and arrogant the unions have been under His Annointed Ass, I will NEVER buy union.
    I will look for the union label in the stores, and not only will I not buy it, but I will damage it so no one else will buy it.
    They support (legally and mostly ILLEGALLY) this Obamination stinking up the White House (High Yellow House) and until they feel the sting of the failure of Socialism they will NEVER get their heads out of his ASS.

    We MUST point out to them the FAILURES of his policies in 2010 and 2012.
    If that means some of us need to find other work, then so be it.


  47. Flying Rat

    consider these words, and decide just where you stand when it comes to jobs, homes, vacations, etc.

    “It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace– but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death! ”
    – – – Patrick Henry – March 23, 1775


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