Politics Over Science

As a political tyro, Barack Obama has decided to turn to someone with “experience” to run the Census Bureau. Leave it to Beaver to chose someone whose “experience” will end up being detrimental to the assignment that he has been tasked to perform..

Obama has chosen Robert M. Groves for the job. Groves was a former associate director of the census from 1990 through 1992. In the article “Groves Rules Out Use of Sampling in 2010 Census”, we read that the “GOP” is concerned that Groves “might put politics over science”.. This is without question a genuine concern because the “science” that the Obama administration and its liberal lickspittles believe in is, for example, the “science” of global warming.. The only thing more imbecilic than the “science” of the left would be the “politics” of the left..

The position of director of the Census Bureau though somewhat insignificant sounding is actually quite consequential when it comes to the practical application of “politics”. The census will be used to redraw the congressional boundaries which in the hands of the conniving communists of the left, will be known to us as “gerrymandering”.

As well the Census data, the Census Bureau according to the liberal Wikipedia, “directly affects how more than $300 billion per year in federal and state funding is allocated to communities for neighborhood improvements, public health, education, transportation and much more..” Needless to say, several “communities” will have some severely skewed numbers when the result is an appreciable increase in the amount of handouts from today’s Uncle Sham..

Groves already sounds like the prototypical liberal lackey. He said, “adjustments won’t be used in 2010 to redraw congressional boundaries, because there is simply no time to prepare for it..” A lack of time has never been an impediment to the liberals. Who can forget the “rush” to pass the 1,500 page “stimulus” bill earlier this year? “We are dealing with an unprecedented crisis that has to be dealt with and dealt with rapidly.” (January 24, 2009 “Obama Hurries Congress to Hurry Along Stimulus Package” ABC News.) Time allows for “nagging details” to be discovered within the liberal chicanery, thus explaining their apparent allergy..

Groves is already “on record” SUPPORTING the use of “survey sampling” when it comes to something as important as the census. Groves “pushed” for sampling to be used during his tenure in the early 1990’s to “make up for an undercount of millions of minorities..” Please note the two VERY CRUCIAL words in that last sentence: “make up”.. “Make up” in this case means to “guess” and these “guesses” tend to favor the political party in power. There is nothing at all scientific about the imaginary “guesstimates” of survey sampling. Survey sampling IS “politics over science”.. It is the liberal math of two plus two equaling ten thousand, give or take a couple of million..

Groves said, “I am pursuing this post because I believe strongly that this country needs an objective, nonpartisan, professional Census Bureau..” These claims were quite similar to the “promises” made by the brown Bolshevik when he was singing for his supper on the campaign trail.. Groves continued, “If the information is believed to be slanted by partisan influence, the credibility of the statistics is destroyed..” There can be no “credibility” when it comes to a document produced by another socialist subordinate, especially one that has endorsed the fudging of the numbers on behalf of the “minorities” in the past.

Here the Roosevelt “pack the court” plan is falling under the “see you and raise you” fascist format of the Obama administration. By cooking the Census books, Obama can forever alter the prospect of “voter irregularities” in two crucial swing states Ohio and Florida. (On that note, the “voter fraud” and other such tommyrot and tomfoolery bandied about by the puling progressives in 2000 and 2004 mysteriously disappeared in 2008. Why? The “right” guy won.. Same machines, same idiotic voters, Democratic winner, no problems!! Ohio went Obama by a mere 4.54% and Florida by an even skimpier 2.82% but the results favored the left so there wasn’t a problem, right?)

Groves will be “leading” 1,300,000 Census workers. Helping with the whole “sampling” concept will be the accommodating acolytes of ACORN who have already submitted hundreds of thousands of applications for the Census positions. Until their proven record of falsifying, fabricating and outright lying relative to voter registration forms is dealt with, these goons should not be allowed to have anything to do with the process.

Groves said he “planned to work closely with Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and a team of experts so he can make the necessary tactical and quick management decisions within the broad plans already in place..” This “team of experts” is what should concern us. “The broad plans already in place” would have to be the Obama supplanting of capitalism with socialism. Why does the Commerce Secretary need to be involved with the work of a subordinate? Shouldn’t he be concerned with such novel concepts as “business and industry” or has Obama outlawed such capitalist concerns within the former United States of America thereby freeing up the Secretary to help?

Again from the article we read, “The Supreme Court ruled in 1999 that the wording of the federal law barred broad uses of statistical sampling to apportion House seats. Justices however indicated that adjustments could be made to the population count when redrawing congressional boundaries and distributing federal money..” There you have it, the penny dropped. Lets break that down..

“Broad uses”. If they get away with using it in places like Ohio, Florida and Texas, they can claim that that is not “broad” but the damage will be done. “Adjustments could be made”? If “adjustments” are OK, why the hell are we taxpayers being bilked for another 4.5 BILLION dollars for the Census Bureau’s budget and mind you, that was the budget for the 2000 Census Bureau. The Obama goons haven’t sunk their teeth into this project yet so a quadrupling of that 2000 number doesn’t seem to be too far out of the realm of possibility being that they have already quadrupled the deficit to that degree..

If “redrawing congressional boundaries and distributing federal money” is the payoff in the balance, what would stop the liberals from making these “adjustments” in each and every state in the union? They can permanently tip the balance of political power in their favor and they can shower the constituents with federal monies with which to buy their votes with for at least the next ten years..

The fix is in, kids. “Census officials have already acknowledged that tens of millions of residents in dense urban areas are at high risk of being missed because of language problems and an economic crisis that has displaced homeowners..” That sound to me like the “coverall” for the counting of illegal aliens. No problemo amigo, just do a little “sampling”..

In the 1990’s, former Commerce secretary Robert Mosbacher called the liberal move of “sampling” “political tampering” as he overruled Groves desire to implement the “science” of sampling. Please keep in mind that there will be no one standing in the way in 2010 for Grove to take over right where he left off..


33 responses to “Politics Over Science

  1. Hi Larry,
    Another great article. Your ability to dissect and define is second to none. The leftists have successfully orchestrated a way to guarantee Democrat voting majorities for the next 50 years. Undoing all that they will do may be impossible even if they are soundly defeated in 2010.

    This being Armed Forces Day, I’m really down about how this insane socialist republic now looks at it’s warriors.

    Being a veteran used to have so much meaning to me. To have participated in a war that freed a nation and protected our flag and Constitution made me feel proud. It was wonderful to have made a contribution in what I’ve always seen as America’s true purpose – offering freedom to oppressed and enslaved people.

    It doesn’t give me the same feeling these days – and that’s from an old guy! I can only imagine how badly it must feel to the young valiant military guys and gals of today!

    While the the party tries to regroup, I wonder if it isn’t time to unify by givng it a new name and a more effective identity. Within the party we have many different shades of Republicans. There is also a substantial amount of disagreement on issues: pro-lifers, religious views, et al. In the last election we had conservatives who wouldn’t vote for a Mormon, or a Baptist minister, or woman, or – well , you get the idea. If we continue to try to “unify” that group while trying to expand and attract new voters, we are doomed.

    In my opinion, there is only one way – and it is reminiscient of Pres. Reagan’s true strength. I say we rename the party, “The Founding Party”. We make our ideology, Americanism. We base all of our positions on the founder’s original intent and we project all of our beliefs on existing documents and proven methods.

    We will grow an energized party while minimizing the differences that exist. Even Democrats will yield to a strong, patriotic voice that would unify this great country. We should invest in lots of American flags, lots of patriotic songs, lots of photos of historical sites and the display of many of our past heroes.

    It might even work to get some of our traditional values back, to mollify differences on single issues and, who knows – we might even get our national pride and dignity back.

    God bless America

  2. I hate to say it, but I think the only way we are going to stop the fascists from completely destroying this country is through armed conflict. If we rely on telephone calls, faxes, and other methods of pressuring our so-called representatives and senators to do the right thing, we will lose any chance of saving this country. The men and women in both houes are ignoring the outcries fromthe American people and simply proceeding on their path of turning this country into a clone of Soviet Russia. This latest outrage, putting Robert M. Groves in charge of the Census when he has already proven he wants to fudge the numbers, should be the final straw. This is a BLATANT attempt to force states like Florida and (my home) Ohio into the ranks of the permanently blue states and guarantee Democrat victories for years to come!

  3. DrGene, I have to say you make good sense. I also feel the need to rename the party and I proposed The Founders Party less than a month ago. You have made a very convincing argument for the change and that is unity, something in very short supply right now. We must soon unify or fall.

    Regarding the census, it’s a bad time to take one with Zero stirring the pot. I think there should be a census bureau in each state and the head of this bureau needs to be voted in with a strong term limit of one term. Then each state would suggest workers in each county or district or however to be determined. Then they would have a deadline of when to submit their data and we would have time to question serious changes and order a possible recount by a second party. It is the only way I can see getting the correct count.

    Todd, I hate to say it, but you are right. It is going to take conflict to resolve problems now in the governing body(ies). I pray daily for leaders to make the correct choices, but I feel they are so far down the road they cannot be reached. My Senator took exception with me when I asked him to vote no and not confirm Geitner. Sorrry to say, he has had to eat crow since he praised the man so highly. I’m looking for a house and senate cleaning in the very near future, as I think that is the only way we are going to correct our compass, and when the new congressional members take over, we need to make sure they are there under term limits and few personal perks, like their health plans and Platinum retirement packages. Their perks and salary are quite obscene.

    I take comfort in knowing God is aware, so I too say GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  4. Richard-
    We agree on the benefits we may derive by renaming the party. The name is important – whether it is the one you selected or “The Constitution Party” or even the “GAP” – Grand American Party. The idea is to associate the party clearly with the founding documents and principles.

    By emphasizing the idea of coming together in Americanism we can reignite a lot of energy and pride.

    We will no longer have to rebut the looney leftists anti-American positions. We simply have to plant our flag at the feet of the country. It will attract those Americans who want to regain the honor and distinction of our heritage.

    I can imagine only the blame America first crowd voting against such a united front. At least they would then have to reveal themselves!
    God bless America.

  5. “Please keep in mind that there will be no one standing in the way in 2010 for Grove to take over right where he left off…” Oh yes there is….there’s US. We the People are not dead…or done…yet. Did you see the latest Gallop poll….over 50% of Americans now say they are Pro-LIFE and barely over 40% claim to be pro-choice….that’s a first….and a good start. We’re slowly, but surely, taking our lives…and our country back. I pray it won’t come to an “armed” re-taking, but if thats what it comes to….so be it….

  6. This fight must be about “States rights” and We the People….first. It’s a lot easier to tackle this issue from the ground up. I can’t think of a more important issue than getting the count “right.” I can’t think of a more important way to donate time at this moment. There is time to mobilize this effort. Besides we all need to learn something about “Community organization.”

  7. Good morning Larry,

    I’ve been among the missing for a bit, but I’ve been reading as often as possible, although I haven’t had a reply. Your articles just get better and better, I’m anxious to hear when your book comes out! I am in awe of your agility with the language, and enjoy every minute I can spare to read your articles.

    I was so frustrated at the “liberal lickspitles” (I LOVE THAT!!!!) that I felt I was losing my perspective, so, I went out and got busy. I’ve been volunteering with a local gun club in NRA sponsored events designed to introduce women to shooting sports and personal safety. I’m talking to my family members and friends and co-workers (when I can) making sure that they have the ‘facts’ about the issues of the day which means I’ve had to do some research about what is really going on as opposed to what the pundits and talking heads are spewing. It has been very rewarding and I feel better about our great country than I have in a while.

    So, as to your topic this morning, I believe that I might have a useful perspective, as I was involved in the 2000 census as an “enumerator” boots on the ground talking to the folks, and then later as a team leader verifying the data that was brought in, and making sure there was no “sampling” done. The folks I was working with were dedicated and hard working, and it is NOT an easy job.

    I truly hope that ‘sampling’ does not take place, but the best way to keep it from happening is for everyone to cooperate, so let me very clear:
    “It’s none of the government’s business” is NOT a valid excuse. Everyone has to be counted, so remember that, and don’t take it out on the census worker, they are only trying to do their job. You can say ‘I refuse’ if you don’t want to answer the data about the size of your home and the income of the household, but let your family be counted so that the constitutional requirement can be fullfilled.

    OK, I’ll get off my soap box now, 🙂

    Keep up the good work Larry,
    Keep the faith folks, we really are making progress, even though there are those who would like us to believe otherwise.


  8. …….and the beat goes on and the factionalization of our country continues to increase exponentially. Just wait until millions of white Anglo Saxons become disenfranchised through the art of gerrymandering. The day is rapidly approaching when we will resolve our identity crisis. Are we the worthy recipients of the precious gifts of freedom bequeathed to us by our forefathers and do we aspire to the proclamation of Patrick Henry as in “….give me liberty or give me death”, or have we succumbed to the empty promises of ‘something for nothing’ as proffered by those who seek to enslave us by addicting us to government handouts?

  9. Arthur Nankervis

    G’day Larry,

    Have also been ‘off station’ for a while now, but like ‘T’, I have been reading all articles and posts and enjoying them immensely. Bit busy down in southern climes (Phuket, Krabi, Yala etc.) making some rather unobtrusive observations of the crescent & star problem with the lads from the land of the six-pointed star. Some more than interesting times just around the corner, especially after Bibi’s meeting with the clueless one tomorrow (18th).

    Both Todd and T rightly express a measure of angst with the current situation in Washington and upcoming agendas. I came across PrisonPlanet.com the other day and there are some frightening articles therein. The following is an example:


    I hope the good people in the family are keeping an eye on these kids. Everyone scoffed at the Hitler -Jugend when they took over from the boy scouts (and went on to be one of the most feared fighting forces of the last days of The Third Reich).

    I hope I’m not being a party-pooper as it is getting quite insane / entertaining within the top levels of O’s administration. First Biden, then Polosi, Gibbs, O himself, along with the WH Military Office? It surely must be Barney’s turn soon. What a crew. Keep the good stuff coming Larry


  10. noleftturnz


    THANK YOU for picking out the subtle point.

    We are all that’s left..

    Straight from “An Introduction To NoleftturnZ”

    I even reread it myself..

    Thanks as always,


  11. noleftturnz


    It made my day to hera from both you and Arthur again..

    “Involvement” counts (pardon the pun) more than ever now.

    You’d be surprized to know how many conservatives there are in your area.

    Stitch sent me to a site called “Meetup” dot com. Sounded more like a singles kind of thing.

    I put “conservative” into the search bar and up pops several conservative metting groups who are working on the grass roots kind of conservatism..

    One voter at a time.

    Thanks as always,


  12. noleftturnz


    Great words.

    I believe that people still “cocoon” themselves within their lives, believeing that the problems are not only some one elses problem but that the problem will never effect them..

    Once they realize that it WILL effect them it already HAS effected them and it is too late.

    THESE are the people that we need to motivate.

    Thanks as always,


  13. noleftturnz


    If the results weren’t so sad old cobber, I’d be laughing till the sun comes up.

    The free fall implosion of the liberal lunatics also affords us an unparalelled chance to see the liberals in full blown denial.

    Their acolytes just fall in line and even though the steeple is sticking out of their backside, the leftists just pull out the Cheshire Cat grin and continue onward towards their next Nuremberg rally..

    Thanks as always,


  14. Tom Harrison

    Good job and right on as always.Its good to know thair alot more right thinkers in this GOOD country(Mack ect.)It gives me HOPE. Tom. Narvon Pa.

  15. I also agree with Dr. Gene and Todd and others that we should rename the party. The first thing that popped into my head was the America First party. But I like the Founders Party. Let’s see how the Party of Death would spin that: The Foundering Party. “Don’t be fooled, folks. It’s the same old ‘failed’ Republican Party with a new name.” And so forth. There’s something else that I have always wished the Republican party would have done: Take out full page ads in major newspapers outlining our beliefs and answers to Democrat smears. Put it right in the face of the entire country. A lot of people, a lot, get their so-called “information” from the libs on national television. If Charles Gibson says it, it must be true. That line of thinking.

  16. Arthur :

    Thank you for sending the very informative site. I’ve been afraid that might be the route the Socialist Fourth Reich would be taking. Now you’ve helped to confirm it. I passed it on and many eyes will be watching.

  17. Hi Larry!
    Great to meet you this weekend~
    I finally had some time to read more of your writings; you are incredibly perceptive, astute and articulate, no teleprompter needed, cool!
    Now that I see how much work you’ve put into this site, I’m taken aback how selfless your other job proves itself to be. We salute you.
    Where can I buy your book? Now I’m convinced it’s a must read.
    Mondays are impossible, but I hope to talk to you soon,

  18. Arthur Nankervis

    LadyWolf :

    Ma’am, Thanks for your note. Something has got to give and in a hurry. If you think the boys playing a man’s game was bad, have a look at the following:


    Girl Scouts exposed: Lessons in lesbianism


    But first, have a bit of a laugh at Alf. He asks a lot of questions, but gets few straight answers. @

  19. Arthur Nankervis

    Lord … Bugger me!

    I hope that doesn’t upset the applecart. I pasted the link in as it was playing on my computer. If it does cause problems and Larry gives the video the Kyber, here’s the link:

  20. Arthur Nankervis

    Crikey! I’m outa’ here

  21. noleftturnz


    Right back at you..

    It was great to meet you and your sister and the group.

    You have THE MOST IMPORTANT “DAY JOB” IN THE WORLD and you manage to squeeze the time necessary for the cause of conservatism to which you have devoted yourself.

    Thank you for you kind words and for all that you do.


  22. noleftturnz


    “The Kyber”? No chance!

    Haven’t heard “Poofter” since the last time I talked with me Mum..

    I didn’t need an interpreter as well, enjoyed it immensely.

    “all these poofters springing up out of the ground like mushrooms..”

    Still laughing at that one..

    Thanks, cobber.


  23. Flying Rat

    fortunately, I live close enough to Ohio so that I can plan an excursion to that state in 2010 and 2012.
    I will pack a big lunch. I plan to have a big day.
    You see, Ohio does NOT require “voters” to show proof of citizenship, proof of residence, or proof that they are not felons.
    I wonder if there is a Guiness World Record for the most number of times someone has voted in one day??
    I’ll let you know.

    our motto:
    vote early, vote often, and when you’re done, vote again.


  24. Flying Rat


    does the term, “hitting nail on the head” sound familiar?
    lock ‘n load.
    Stockpiling guns, ammo, food, water, and fuel.
    Just waiting for the “Fort Sumter”.


  25. Flying Rat,
    Actually Ohio does require the voters to show proof of identity. The poll workers in my town already know who I am but they still won’t let me vote without first showing them my driver’s license.
    Yes, I am familiar with the term “hitting the nail on the head.” Personally, though, I think we will have another Lexington and Concord instead of another Fort Sumter.

    I think the Founders’ Party would be an excellent choice !

  26. eh, I prefer Ft. Sumter.
    I think there can only be one Revolution.
    However, just like the first Civil War, we once again find our Founding Fathers’ words being torn asunder.
    And, once again, it will take armed conflict to “restore the Union”.


  27. the poll workers at YOUR voting location may have “AXed” for your ID, but I guarentee you the ones all along Martin Luther King Drive did NOT.


  28. What does the “family” think of this?

    Subject: OBAMA

    I got this from a friend and I can’t find anything to determine if this is true or untrue. I checked under many different things on Snopes.com and came up with nothing. Does anyone know??

    I wondered why Michelle came back home instead of continuing on with her husband as the new first lady, on the rest of his trip in the middle east. Is this perhaps true and explains why she did not continue on??

    Subject: Warning

    Received this from a retired Marine who says he received it from a friend……………….

    I was at Blockbusters on Saturday renting videos, and I was going along the wall and there was a video called “Obama”. I told the men next to me that I wouldn’t waste my time. We started talking about Obama.

    These guys were Arabs, and I asked them why they thought Michele Obama headed home following her visit in France instead of traveling on to Saudi Arabia and Turkey with her husband.

    They said she couldn’t go to Saudi Arabia , Turkey or Iraq . I said “Laura Bush went to Saudia Arabia ,Turkey , Dubai .”

    They answered, “Obama is a Muslim, and by Muslim law, he would not be allowed to bring his wife into the countries that accept Sharia Law.”

    Just thought it was interesting that the Arabs at Blockbuster’s accept the idea that we’re being led by a Muslim who follows the Islamic creed. They also said that’s the reason he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia . It was a signal to the Muslim world.

    Just thought you would like to know…..

  29. Linda,
    I don’t know if that is the actual reason for Michelle returning home, but it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if it is true. I have believed all along that the jug-eared illegal alien is Muslim!

  30. Regarding The Anointed One’s announcement about cars in the USA:
    Car salesman of the year: BARACK OBAMA!

    (Heh, heh, just kidding, folks!)

  31. triviaman,
    I think he is the best car salesman for the competitors of America’s manufacturers!

  32. Linda,

    Actually, the Muslims have a “thing” about pork, so they wouldn’t let that PIG in their countries.



  33. Linda:

    I’ve been told that a great many muslims not only accept him as being one of them, but they think he is either a muslim prophet or the 12th Imam or Mahdi.

    “The Shiite Muslim President of Iran, Ahmadinejad, is deeply committed to the Islamic Messiah, al Mahdi. There have been many through the years claiming to be the Hidden Imam but Ahmadinejad believes he is yet to come. He claims that he is to personally prepare the world for the coming Mahdi. In order to save the world, it must be in a state of chaos and subjugation. Ahmadinejad claims he was “directed by Allah to pave the way for the glorious appearance of the Mahdi”. This apocalyptic directive includes some very scary proclamations.

    While Christians look for Jesus’ 2nd coming, the Jews await the Messiah and Muslims await the 12th Imam. However, of the three, Allah’s designated Mahdi is the only one who demands a violent path to conquer the world. Mr. Ahmadinejad, and his cabinet, say they have a ‘signed contract’ with al Mahdi in which they pledge themselves to his work. What does this work involve? In light of concerns over Iran’s nuclear capabilities, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has reportedly stated Israel should be wiped off the map. He spoke to the United Nations in September ’05. During that speech he claims to have been in an aura of light and felt a change in the atmosphere during which time no one present could blink their eyes. Iran’s PM is also said to have spoken in apocalyptic terms and seems to relish conflict with the West whom he calls the Great Satan. This is while he proclaims he must prepare the world for the coming Mahdi by way of a world totally under Muslim control. He is working hard to bring about the world-wide horrors that must be in place for their al Mahdi to bring peace.

    This notion and goal, along with a violent hatred of infidels, America and Israel reminds us of Biblical prophecies of the coming anti-Christ and the pledges of millions to a deceiving False Messiah who will claim to bring peace.”


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