Truly Historic

Today the Obama oligarchy along with the flunkeys and followers of the UAW and the EPA, announced “truly historic” demands for the entirety of the automobile manufacturing industry. “Truly historic” the occasion was for a myriad of reasons..

In an industry that has been rife with “truly historic” scenarios of late, the final nail in the coffin of the automotive free market was hammered home today. Surrounded by his grinning beneficiaries and buffons, Obama has laid bare his “demands” for all auto makers in order to cure the planet of the pandemic of “Al Gore disease”. Since the government hasn’t invaded every automobile manufacturer yet, (give them another week or so..) this was the quickest vehicle (pardon the pun..) for expediting the progressive process.

Carol Browner (with today’s liberal Luftwaffe, she should change her name to Carol Red-er..) another holdover from the Clinton caliphate, said that “what we are doing here is proposing standards for every category of car..” Doesn’t “proposing” sound so very innocent? It sounds as though there is going to be some kind of “debate” of the merits and demerits of this “proposal” or its “science”, doesn’t it? “Proposing” in the liberal lexicon of 2009 means “commanding”.

Obama is “ordering more fuel efficient cars” according to “Obama takes aim at climate-warming car emissions”. (Yahoo news) The left has told us that “there is no debate” about the “facts” surrounding their global warming ruse. They say that “there is no debate”, we say that “there are no facts”.. “Ordering more fuel efficient cars” isn’t a “proposal, is it?

The article whines over “growing public support for efforts to battle climate change”. This “growing public support” is coming from those who have “invested” in the bogus “science” of ethanol and all of the other faux fuels. They stand to reap a mighty windfall when the “government” goes all out with the subsidies for this scam. In the interest of “transparency”, I would like to see all of the portfolios of the politicians who are so enthusiastically endorsing this shell game. Shouldn’t all of that corn and sugar cane go towards feeding the world’s hungry as opposed to filling the gas tanks of the “liberal green machines”? What about the starving children in Africa? These “causes” all take a back seat when the leftists stand to gain financially from the project..

Soon the statistical analogies meant to goad you into being a true believer or to “guilt” you into submission started rolling out. The Obama plan will be the “environmental equivalent to taking 177 million cars off the road..” (“Automakers, Obama announce mileage, pollution plan”) or “the equivalent of taking 58 million cars off the road for a year..” (“Obama takes aim at climate-warming car emissions”) Both crow over the 1.8 billion barrels of oil that this chicanery will “save”. You may file this statistic in the same fetid file as the “Obama will save or create one million jobs” quote relative to his “stimulus package” in January.. He better get to work on that “promise”, Obama managed to LOSE 539,000 jobs in April alone..

We hear that these new “greenie weenie wagons” will be “more fuel efficient and 30% cleaner..” They forgot to mention that they will be about 100% more dangerous as these papier mache propeller driven soap box derby cars will make very nice cardboard coffins.. (At 30%, the cars will be “cleaner” than their liberal drivers..)

Here are a few more statistics that the simpletons forgot to mention. These communist Chryslers will cost an average of $1,300.00 MORE even though there will be LESS of a car for sale.. No problem, says the Obama mouthpiece who was “speaking anonymously ahead of the announcement..” (Why do the Obama puppets feel the need to have every story or program spoken about “anonymously” beforehand?) “The cost would be recovered through savings at the pump for consumers..” Would this “guess” be based upon the price of regular gasoline or would it be based on the ridiculously over priced and subsidized ethanol? Just for fun, lets assume that this is regular gasoline that the shill is squawking about.

How would the government make up for this appreciable LOSS in “revenues” that they normally steal from each and every gallon of gasoline that isn’t going to be sold? Maybe they will just “tax” the amount of miles that you drive, which was already mentioned by Obama Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood back in February of this year. (The great state of Assachusetts even wanted to place GPS chips in vehicles for this purpose. The citizens were outraged and they believed it to be an “Orwellian intrusion by government into the lives of citizens..” Talk about being up on current events..)

As always, the socialist sob sisters pule over the “dangerous dependence on foreign oil” or our “addiction to oil” and another statistic that made the liberal “back to the stone age” enviro-kooks soil themselves even further was that this imaginary reduction in greenhouse gas emissions was “the equivalent of closing 194 coal plants..” (“Obama to unveil new auto emissions standards”) Mind you, these statistics sound so definitive, “194 coal plants”, just where did these numbers come from? Joe Biden’s top secret “Al Gore Inconvenient Truth” decoder ring?

George Bush signed the “Energy Independence and Security Act” in 2007 which mandated an MPG of 35 by 2020 which was the first measure EVER passed that exceeded the CAFÉ standards which were established in 1975. I am sure that the liberal Sierra Clubbers and the other unwashed heathens of the left didn’t pay any attention or give him any credit for this environmental measure..

How about another “cost” as opposed to all of these alleged “savings” crowed about by the communist coupon clipper.. The Transportation Department in 2008 estimated that “requiring the industry to meet 31.6 MPG by 2015 would cost nearly $47 billion..” Obama “demands” 35.5 by 2016. Any wonder why these corporations are “bankrupt”?

GM CEO/ Obama marionette Fritz Henderson, who wowed the assembled reporters by not getting all tangled up in the puppet strings attached to his torso and arms said, “Energy security and climate change are national priorities that require federal leadership and the president’s direction makes sense for the country and the industry..” No wonder Obama “replaced” Rick Wagoner, Henderson appears to be able to read the totalitarian teleprompter better than Obama can.. (P.S.. GM appears to be heading to “a quick sale of the company to a new company initially owned by the U.S. government..” (GM bankruptcy plan eyed quick sale to gov’t. Reuters) “The government’s plans include giving stakes in the new company to GM’s union and bondholders..” Italics mine. Any guesses as to the ratio of shares for the union? Chrysler, now GM..)

Even a few useless political poltroons did some mugging for the cameras. Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm was there so that she could win a few cheap points with the union goons and to drop off her application for the “no men allowed” spot on the Supreme Court.. Even RINO-in-training Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, (who has to CAREFULLY write his name on his sticky name tag when Obama is around..) a politician fighting for his political life, couldn’t control himself. “The president has brought everyone together and now we are marching forward in the same direction..”

Those who are so short sighted are having trouble seeing that the real problem is the Horst Wessel Song (“Horst-Wessel-Lied” or “Die Fahne hoch”, if you prefer..) playing in the background as we “march forward”..


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  1. Excellent article Larry. You read my mind – and enlightened it. And the hits just keep on comin’. . .

  2. When are people going to wake up. This country is going down the toilet with oblivious idiots smiling…

  3. With efficiency requirements like these, we might as well go buy mopeds. I know I’m no expert, but is it even possible for the auto makers to comply with this latest INSANE demand? Doesn’t the left realize that if it was actually feasible, the auto industry would have already been producing vehicles which EXCEED these arbitrary standards, because the MARKET would have demanded it?

  4. noleftturnz


    Thanks as always for the kind words.

    “Transparency” of the liberal product makes the task of dissecting their chicanery all too easy.


  5. noleftturnz


    You and I and all of the others here at NLTZ have awoken..

    It’s our job to enlighten those oblivious.

    2010, my friend. The job begins NOW.

    Thanks as always,


  6. noleftturnz


    Gold star, my friend..

    The GOAL of the left and all of its satellite socialists is NOT this “mandatory global warming” charade. THAT is just another vehicle to bring about the end of America as a world power, via our abilities as the most powerful economy on the planet and as the world’s most powerful economic nation, which is their primary GOAL. They will take us down whichever path that WE ALLOW THEM TO.

    The destruction of Chrysler, GM and soon all of the rest just exacerbates this process..

    Allowing the “MARKET” to demand it would have involved the application of the “FREE MARKET” which is just another of the freedoms being targeted by the liberal Obama oligarchs.

    Thanks as always,


  7. noleftturnz

    Teaser time:

    Family, for starters, who do you think has alot to gain from not only the gay little cars but the ethanol ruse mentioned in the article?


    Illinois is the second largest producer of corn in America. He has been corted by Archer Daniels Midland for years taking many free flights on one of their corporate jets.

    Obama’s “push” for the ethanol/corn fiasco began when he was incredibly far behind the presumptive liberal nominee, Hillary Rodham.

    Than was before the left decided that they would rather be known as misogynists as opposed to racists..

    Iowa had alot to “gain” from the ethanol joke.. Guess who went front and center.. Ol’ Jug Ears.

    In the spirit of “transparency”, lets take a ganders at his portfolio.

    The list of liberals “benefitting” from their own benevolence will stagger you.

    The long and short of it is one of these articles could easily become 12,000 words long if I took it to the logical extreme..

    Thanks as always,


  8. noleftturnz

    Sidebar number two:

    Even if the silly little cars all ran on electricity (where does the elctricity come from? Coal burning plants..) would the WORLD’S thirst for pertochemicals dry up as well?

    China and India would MORE than pick up the slack. As the worlds new manufacturers (thanks again liberals!!) and being two countries that care not one whit for the “environment”, you can safely argue that oil products placed into the tanks of American built 400 horsepower vehicles would so LESS harm to their preciuos environment than that same product purchased by the Chinese and the Indians and then turned into unregulated greenhouse gas emissions from the smokestacks of their manufacturing facilities..

    The clean environment is NOT the goal of the liberal leftists. The destruction of America as a power base for the world IS THEIR GOAL.


  9. noleftturnz

    Wake up:

    Guess who already produces the world’s largest supply of ethanol product? Brazil.

    Guess who has an outrageous tariff on their import/export product so that the liberal “friends” can reap the windfall profits at the cost to the consumer? Brazil..

    Is this getting through?


  10. noleftturnz

    Guess who is ALWAYS among the top ten polluters in the world?

    Ethanol burning Brazil..

    The environment ISN’T their concern..

    Get it?


  11. Larry and Family:

    The sticky-fingered socialists have their grimy fingerprints on just about everything. My human rights organization has gas credit cards for our directors and counsel. We recently received a letter from one of the gas companies with some interesting requests. They wanted a copy of the drivers license of each person holding a card under the organization.
    This, as you can imagine, did not set well with the board and we are considering canceling the account. But, we wanted to see what they were up to before making a decision. As we just received new cards and they needed to be activated, we contacted the company. We were told that each card user would have to set up a PIN number before the cards could be used. Additionally, each user would have to put in the mileage on the vehicle being used. While we can’t prove the motive for these actions, the words “carbon tax” very quickly came into our minds.

    Now, rationally, we can understand that a company would want to monitor the use of gas in their fleet. When I worked for the county, we had a similar procedure which had been set up after it was discovered that some individuals were using their vehicles for personal use. However, my naturally suspicious mind tells me that there is a lot going on here and it wont be long before our other gas company contacts us for the same type of information. And, if they are doing this with companies or organizations, can it be long before every private citizen with a gas card gets a letter?

  12. LadyWolf,
    I could understand if your organization wanted the information, but the gas company has absolutely no need to know who is driving the vehicles or how many miles are being driven. In fact, the gas company demanding this information makes as much sense as a grocery store demanding to know the names of each member of your house-hold and who eats what.

  13. Lady Wolf,

    Maybe it is time to go back to using cash – obviously not as convenient , but – ‘no paper trail’ ! Also, it looks like the credit card cartel will be raising costs for everyone, especially for those who pay on time, and do not carry a balance. This will help cover the costs for those who do not pay. Isn’t socialism wonderful ??
    Just imagine how many dollars Visa International processes in just one minute !!
    BTW, does anyone know the actual physical location of Visa International?

  14. JJ,
    Here is the address for Visa International’s Headquarters : 900 Metro Center Blvd. Foster City, CA 94404
    It looks to me like it’s located in Liberal Land!

  15. Citizensailor

    Larry & family, another excellent article…your adjectives are hilarious. “Enviro-kooks soil themselves,” what a great oxymoron. The only truth is that they are Kooks, but they care nothing about the soil, themselves. I have to be careful when I read your articles…at my age, if I laugh too hard, I liquidity soil myself.

  16. noleftturnz


    Thanks for noting the “double play” with the soil/enviro-kook line..

    Most of them truly smell as though they just left a puddle of their own making.

    Yep, communist compost heaps..

    Thanks as always,


  17. G. Nichols

    ‘Liberal Luftwaffe’? Er, huhn? Granted it’s an amusing alliteration, but why slam the Luftwaffe? The German Air Force, so far as I know, has done nothing to deserve being connected to the Left-wing nutz running our once free nation.

    The handoff of Government Motors to the UAW and Uncle Joe, is further proof of the deals made to get the Whore of Chicago into the White House. The bald-faced grabs for power would have been seen as shocking not so long ago now rates a ‘so what’ from our lobotomized electorate. Machiavelli would be proud of Barry O, Reid and Pelosi, and the rest of their fellow travellers.

    Now we’ll be driving micro-cars that are rolling deathtraps. I’ve seen the crash tests for the Smartcar, that thing FLEW several feet off the ground after a low-speed crash, and the front third of it disintegrated.

    Liberalism and the enviro-wackos have already caused more preventable deaths and suffering than Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao se Tung combined. Next time somebody you know dies in a car crash in one of these pregnant rollerskates, thank a liberal.

  18. noleftturnz


    “Life” is of no value to the left.

    Fetus? Abort? Infirm? Euthanize. Still functional? Drive this particle board progressive coffin..

    Another pogrom from the left by any other name..

    Abortion, euthanasia, “peacemobile” or should I say “piece” mobile after impact..

    Thanks as always,


  19. I cannot find anywhere in the Constitution any provision which constitutes the Executive Branch, or any branch for that matter, the power to buy a bankrupt automaker.

    It would seem to me that eventually there would be someone come forward and file suit in a Federal court for the lucidity and legality of this issue.

    $1,300 more over a period of three years by the Obama propagandists output whereas outside sources liken the cost of a new car closer to $8,000. Even if you were to be able to re-coup the $1,300 the liberals would have you believe, are they now becoming future oil price analysts also. Does Obama and his socialist crew have the price of gas per gallon you’ll be paying in three years set?

    The more Obama opens his mouth, he shows his ineptitude. The more Obama spends, he shows his inadequacies. A village, somewhere in Kenya, is missing it’s idiot.

  20. Once again you hit it out of the park Larry…so many comments come to mind. First is concerning ethanol. You always hear the left screaming about how the oil companies have a monopoly on gasoline and other petroleum products. Exxon/Mobile the worlds largest oil company only held approximately 18% of the domestic oil market. Archer Daniels Midland ( an avid supporter of socialistic economic ideals BTW) controls 80% of the domestic ethanol market. Where is the “outcry” about cartels and price fixing? BTW Brazilian ethanol is much cheaper than domestically produced ethanol. Who makes sure ‘WE” have tariffs preventing the importation of foreign ethanol? You guessed it. ADM, who also employs more lobbyists than there are members in Congress. It is a myth that we can “grow” our way out of using fossil fuels for powering our vehicles. If every single acre of farmland currently being used to produce FOOD, were converted to producing ethanol for fuels, it would only cover 70% of our current needs right now. So this idea that we can domestically produce all the alcohol to power our motor vehicles is a lie, being pushed by 1 major corporation poised to make a killing over the use of fuels IT has a virtual monopoly on. I would recommend this book for anyone to read to open their eyes about the truth of “energy independence”.” Gusher of lies” debunks most of the fallacies of energy independence and specifically shines a light on the government scam as it concerns ethanol. Here’s a link to the book on Amazon.

  21. noleftturnz


    Thanks for the kind words.

    I threw out a few “teaser” comments near the top of this thread which were taken from the “extended” version of the article and you touched on them as well.

    Thanks for the tip on the book. Sounds like a must read.

    Thanks as always,


  22. As far as the “nationalization” of Chrysler and possible nationalization of GM is concerned, it seems to me we ought to look back and take a page from what happened to our friends in the UK. Britain already went down the central planning,government ownership of industry road.And it was a total disaster, only changed after Margaret Thatcher came to power and stopped the slide and only somewhat moved the UK back toward the “free market” ideal. Anyone remember “British Leyland”? That was the government created auto conglomerate. Their cars were so bad it made Trabants or Yugos look good., and they finally succumbed. The central planned liberal socialistic system was already tried in Europe and it has failed. What we see over there now is the wreckage remaining from that failed experiment, and not 1 economy in the EU has had employment or growth rates even close to anything the US has experienced in the last 30 years. Why anyone would want to emulate their mistakes in the name of social egalitarianism is beyond me. Most of the Democratic economic ideals are washed up, warmed over Euro-democratic socialist economic policies more befitting some cheesy Caribbean 3rd world pest hole than the United States. That the average voter keeps falling for the “capitalism failure” crap time after time, means we need to EDUCATE. No time like the present.

  23. Todd:

    Exactly, that’s why I think the sticky-fingered socialists have their grimy fingerprints on it. It sure sounds like an attempt to charge a “carbon tax” on every driver. It doesn’t make much sense because none of the gas pumps where I live have to capability to allow you to enter the mileage or the ID number. So how are the gas companies going to enforce it?

  24. JJ:

    As a non-profit organization, we are tax exempt so we get a reduction on our bill. However, if we don’t like what we find out when we finish our investigation, we will cancel the account. They can keep the tax break, we’ll keep our privacy.

  25. My ‘seventy Cadillac convertible will do nicely, until I buy a true classic – preferably a Packard Twelve roadster, weighing nearly six thousand pounds.

  26. Arthur Nankervis

    G’day Larry & Family,

    It appears that attacks on the freedom of the American people are starting to take hold. If the actions of the U.S. government against military personnel are as depicted in the following video clip, then I rescind my earlier hesitancy in saying that maybe the only way to regain control is for open rebellion and a show of arms. The clip from Alex Jones is at top-right of that page.

    I was going to write on the meeting of Bibi & The Boy Bastard, as well as a piece on the auto fiasco, but this clip got the better of me.

    Best I watch ‘Patton’ again with more than …te’ bheag uisge-beatha …Cardhu or Glenfiddich preferrably.


  27. beyond disgusted

    Looks like I’ll be keeping my ’05 SUV for the rest of my life, as I have no intention of purchasing a “toy car”. I did hear today that part of this bill is going to require mandatory federal emission tests on all vehicles (don’t know if this is true, or just someone’s opinion). But if true, this is designed to get rid of vehicles like mine, one way or the other. Imagine all the fraud & corruption involved with that nonsense.

  28. Arthur:

    Go raibh maith agut for yet another excellent link. I passed in on. I don’t think te’ bheag uisge-beatha will do it. You’ll need cuid mhaith acu. I think I have that right but my Irish is a bit rusty. Your spelling is slightly different so my guess is you might be an Albanach. Go bhfaga Dia do shlainte agat.

  29. Arthur Nankervis

    Lady Fox:

    “May God leave you your health” and ‘gurab amhlaidh duit’ (The same to you). Yes ‘Albanach’ (Scottish) ancestry. My Mum’s ancestry was Sasunnach (English).

    Sorry folks, I’ll stick to English as Gaelic brings back memories of forced labour (learning Gaelic from my Grandfather).

    Have watched BiBi and the Boy interview many times over (Seems subdued, but there is a message there – more later). Why do conservatives punish themselves? Watched Glenn Beck try to talk reason to the ‘lower IQ bracket’ on ‘The View’ … Barbara Walters and the other great excuses for celibacy … Whoopi Goldberg! – Chunder Downunder! “I have a dream” and Praise be to The Lord .. She ain’t in it!


  30. Margaret in CT

    Off the subject: The Tax Revolt is on! The budget referendum failed miserably in California. The resolution that garnered the most negative votes was a salary increase for the legislature. Most resolutions failed by more than 60%, representing a crushing defeat for the teacher’s and public employee’s unions, both of which spent millions trying to convince voters that they should work for the unions, whether they are members or not. Way to go, Arnold, baby. Yours is the perfect formula for expanding the “pockets” of right-wing extremism in Kelifernia.

    In the meantime, calling California “ungovernable” (meaning the voters refuse to vote their way), the politicos have a neat solution for the problem: Change the constitution so that they can more easily subjugate the voters and confiscate their funds. If age-old documents hinder, just dispose of them or rewrite them to fit the current statist agenda.

    If we can just make the rest of the nation equally “ungovernable” we may have a chance of turning the BHO juggernaut around.

    Do you think the US Congress might be feeling the heat today? Think their knees might be getting a little rubbery? By the way, don’t look for this story to be discussed on They are in full “rose-colored glasses” mode on the economy, which is now “thawing.” It’s such fun to read the liberals’ take on the news.

    On the subject at hand, now that Obama Motors is open for business, we can look forward to his trying to make it impossible for the more sane automakers to do business in the US. Without the military to help him do his dirty work, the socialist dictator has to be innovative. I wonder what subterfuge he intends to use to put across the inevitable tax bill that he must sign to fund this mess.

  31. There is no doubt that the Obamobiles will be smaller and lighter to achieve the mileage he predicts.
    Quote the ‘National Reveiw’: “Reasearchers from groups as diverse as the Brookings Institution, the National Research Council, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute have shown that after the first Federal-fuel economy standards went into effect in the 1970s, cars got lighter and traffic deaths increased as a result. The National Research Council has found that federal-fuel-economy standards result in 2,000 traffic deaths per year.”

    If these things get any smaller you’ll be able to stick your arm out of the driver’s and passenger’s side window. Then again, that may be part of the plan, if ever you can get the car going fast enough all you need do is put your arm out the window and the car will turn itself! Does away with those weighty old light bulbs of turn signals don’t you know.

    Again the Kenyan village idiot thinks, “I won.”

  32. Further to tsnamm’s last point, a great read on Britain’s destruction by New Labour (Blair) and the correlation to our own impending doom is Welcome to Obamaland; I Have Seen Your Furture and it Doesn’t Work by James Delingpole. He’s a conservative Brit (that means he has a job, one of seven remaining who do). Amazon has it, I recommend it.

  33. noleftturnz

    beyond disgusted,

    Keeping the ol’ ’05 may not be in the Obama “plans”..

    The OLD GM and others were required to not only manufacture but to keep on hand, parts for vehicles for ten years.

    If your window regulator goes out (junk yards will be illegal. Mandatory “recycling” of the materials collected there will be enacted.) then a fuel injector or three.. They will force your hand.

    The one “loophole” that they have fashioned into this so far as I can see, is the “fleet” mileage requirement.

    I believe that this means that they will average all of the vehicles in the line. So “averaging” the tin foil hummingbird unicycles (100 miles per gal.) with a nice actual vehicle (22 MPG) gets one within the range for the “fleet”..

    Just a guess..

    Thanks as always,


  34. Larry:

    I’m sure your “guess” is right. We aren’t going to be given any choices on our vehicles. When parts are no longer available, we’ll be forced to buy one of the plastic deathmobiles or find some other source of transportation. I have no problem with having a fuel efficient car, but I’d like to feel safe in it.

  35. LadyWolf,

    Yep, no shatterproof glass, airbags, not even a padded dash! OK, everyone have their hockey goalie’s gear on? Then we’re off to grandma’s!

    Imagine the burden in extra cost of insufficiently protected motorists will be on the brand new healthcare program. That is if you don’t die first of injuries suffered while the government is deciding whether or not you are worthy of treatment!

    My definition of sweet justice: All Congressmen/women’ personal vehicles be repo’d (whether paid for or not) and sold at public auction to the American people. The representatives then be given an Obamobile for their personal and business use with no cab and limousine services.

  36. uhh, if Gubment Moto and CrySlur are going to be FORCED to make lawnchairs on wheels just like the Euros and Japs have tooling around their little streets, don’t the Euros and Japs ALREADY have those vehicles ready to sell on American streets???
    AND, frikken AND, if WE wanted those little 3hp coke cans wouldn’t we have ALREADY been buying them?
    We already buy all of their other vehicles.
    We obviously DON’T WANT them!


  37. Joe

    just like the Pepsi-tax, we’ll HAVE to pay MORE for insurance as a penalty for owning such a little deathmobile.
    But if we buy a larger, safer, vehicle, we’ll have to pay MORE as a penalty for owning such an Earth-hating contraption.
    Either way, we pay.
    And THAT is the whole idea.


  38. Arthur Nankervis

    G’day Larry / All

    We have seen Obama’s questionable placement of left leaning personnel into defence and security organisations, as well as the destruction of the motor vehicle industry. The latter brings to mind a number of movies depicting evacuation of major cities prior to, or in the wake of a natural disaster / alien invasion etc. Can you imagine those scenes being played out (in reality) with everyone owning a plastic bubble car (where do you put the kids?)

    On a more serious note: I have been wondering through all the Obama shenanigans … Where does the Defence Forces stand on the supply of military type vehicles? Were GM and Chrysler responsible for producing any of these? Have defence contracts for these vehicles been reduced as have airforce contracts i.e.: F22A Raptor? I think it was Rush Limbaugh who said that The Ford Motor Co seemed to be going great guns and were producing cars that Americans wanted. Will Ford also be dragged down and forced to produce equivalent type vehicles as GM and Chrysler?

    Can members of the NLTZ family help by answering the questions I pose above?

    Best regards to all


  39. First the value of my house, then my 401K… the trade-in value of my SUV. I just can’t think of anything else this crook can devalue.
    I think this is what the true meaning of “level the playing field” is all about.
    “Mission accomplished” in my world.

  40. Rayne,
    I think the next thing the left wants to drop the value on, is your health care!

  41. I couldn’t agree more! My health insurance premiums are paid for by my ex-husband to the tune of $509 per month. I certainly couldn’t afford them and thought it was a good idea 10 years ago. He has contributed greatly on my behalf since I have yet to use it’s benefits….that’s a good thing.
    I’m seriously considering telling him to just send me the check since I believe we are headed for “leveling that playing field” as well.

  42. Oh by the way….that monthly premium carries a $1700 deductible…BCBS of LA.
    I believe outrageous covers it.

  43. noleftturnz


    BC “BS” of LA sounds exactly right..

    Soon to be outdone by:

    “BO” “BS” from DC..

    The BO healthcare “takeover”.

    This has to end.

    Thanks as always,


  44. Vincent MVNY

    “The Fuehrer has brought everyone together and now we are marching forward in the same direction..”
    I wonder where Schwarzenegger heard this line before?
    Undt vee vill be goosestepping with our right armz raised in zalute to ze Fuehrer.

  45. Rayne, I agree it’s outrageous!

    Wow, I haven’t used that word in quite some time, but I think it will become commonplace now that THE OUTRAGEOUS ONE will be dictating every intimate aspect of our lives not too many moons from now!

    Don’t forget: 12 USC 95b is STILL in effect!

    Heil, Obama!

  46. Since the CAFE standards do not apply to automakers producing less than 10,000 units per year, perhaps GM and Chrysler could sell each different model to companies or investor groups. And,the GM and Chrysler plants would also be sold off, but would make the cars for each of the new ‘automakers’, who would produce less than 10,000 units, thereby avoiding the CAFE standards. Granted, there would be many new ‘automakers’, but none have to invest in factories, or any part of the production process. The legacy requirements of GM and Chrysler would be gone, thereby lowering the production cost, assuming the UAW has an increase in mental ability!
    I know it sounds a little far -fetched , but is it any worse than the schemes of the”Annointed One” ??

  47. Not by a long shot! But, I’ll bet the “Annointed One” doesn’t like people outsmarting his nefarious plans!

    I like it; I like it!

  48. Larry –
    I have a personal message for you… do you have time to e-mail me?

  49. Margaret in CT

    Charles Krauthammer on the vindication of George Bush’s antiterrorist policies by the actions of the Obama administration make for interesting reading this a.m. (

    One of CK’s observations is worth reprinting here:

    “Of course, Obama will never admit in word what he’s doing in deed. As in his rhetorically brilliant national-security speech on Thursday claiming to have undone Bush’s moral travesties, the military commissions’ flip-flop is accompanied by the usual Obama three-step: (a) excoriate the Bush policy, (b) ostentatiously unveil cosmetic changes, (c) adopt the Bush policy.”

    Unfortunately, because he is handcuffed by reality (and by the suddenly weak-kneed dems in the Senate) and cannot carry out his campaign promises on Guantanamo, the Patriot Act, etc., he is pressing especially hard on the domestic front, where he stands a better chance of succeeding with the Keynesians and social engineering crowd in the Congress. If his vindication of Bush continues, however, we can look forward to a disgruntled far left returning to its support of the “green” candidate in 2012. That would be a boon for our side. There’s a ray of hope amid catastrophe.

  50. Think about it. There was tremendous hoopla and excitement amongst the liberal crowd over the start-up of so many “shovel-ready” highway projects around America. As if what was most needed was circumferiential freeways to enhance the happy motoring lifestyle of Americans. All amidst rising fuel prices, government take over of the auto industry building tin cans on wheels that no one wants that won’t go over 40 mph. (The time trials came in on an Obamobile; a salt water marsh mouse outran it.) How insane are the liberals? Is driving the only thing they think Americans know or want to do?

    I remain confident that the months ahead will introduce the American public to undeniable truths, known as “the real world” to conservatives, known as “horrors” to Democrats and their minion, that will begin to penetrate our collective imagination.

  51. Flying Rat

    the only thing “shovel-ready” in his Stimulingus package is the BS it shovels.

    Duh, don’t you guys get it, CrySlur is DEAD!
    The ONLY thing left of that company (and soon GM) will be the UAW Pension Funds.
    ALL those billions went straight into that fund and screw every other investor and the company.
    I have the CEO, top execs, and upper mgnt of GM walk away from GM before the June 1 deadline.
    UAW is folding their arms REFUSING to negotiate because they KNOW that Sultan Obama is going to GIVE them the company on June 2. So their motivation to negotiate is??
    And their motivation to NOT negotiate is?

    Boycott Gubment Motors
    Boycott CrySlur

    Health Care:
    I have deducted $125 per month from my pay for health care. My employer pays the other half – so about $250 per month total.
    Remember, for every (EVERY) dollar duh gubment spends it collects THREE!
    So, for Sultan Obama to provide me with the SAME LEVEL OF INSURANCE I CURRENTLY HAVE, he MUST collect $750 in taxes from each of us.
    However, 50% of the people DON’T PAY ANY TAXES.
    That means, the rest of us TAXPAYING TAXPAYERS are going to have to cover their $750 a month.
    Result: you and I will see our monthly “contribution” just to maintain SAME LEVEL OF INSURANCE WE CURRENTLY HAVE go from $125/month to $1500/month.
    OR, FRIKKEN OR, they will have to reduce services.


  52. Larry, you (and Beyond Disgusted) touched on a likely scenario about disposing of current “unacceptable” vehicles. As you portrayed wrecking yards (illegal) and so forth, I got a sudden rush of familiarization: Cuba. Cubans have had to make their own auto parts for years and they are a museum of 50’s American vehicles. I may be the only one left who’s still waiting, but is there any current news of progress about The Kenyan’s birth certificate? And, for that matter, any speculation about whether or not an actual Kenyan birth certificate would remove His Emminence from office? Hah! Just try.

  53. Rick2,
    Regarding the Jug-Eared Illegal Alien’s birth certificate, Phillip Berg still has 2 or 3 cases pending and I believe Orly Taitz (not sure if I got the name right) has at least one case pending.
    You can learn more at about the Berg cases. Also, WorldNetDaily has started a billboard campaign with billboards simply asking, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?”
    My representative, Jim Jordan from Ohio’s 4th district, told me that he wasn’t pursuing anything because he believed that if the Clintons couldn’t find it and release it tot he press, then there wasn’t anything to find; I lost most of my respect for my representative during that phone call!

  54. Thanks, Todd. A good website.

  55. Rick2, you’re welcome.

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