Peaceful Aspirations

According to the Washington Post, (“Obama says Iran’s energy concerns legitimate”) our “Peerless Leader” has now said that Iran has “some right to nuclear energy”.. Here is the important part: “..provided it takes steps to prove its aspirations are peaceful..” Mr. “No Details” also left out the MOST IMPORTANT part: What is he willing to do to ASSURE that these “aspirations” are “peaceful” other than TAKING THEIR WORD FOR IT..

During the BBC interview which was broadcast on June 2nd, Obama even in his own words continued his tradition of speaking “without going into specifics..” NOTHING demands the need for specificity MORE than the terrorist greenhouse of Iran and it’s “nudge, nudge, wink, wink..” nuclear “energy” aspirations..

Obama’s answer to the issue? “Direct diplomacy with Tehran to encourage it to set aside any ambitions for nuclear weapons it might harbor..” Pray tell, who will be doing all of this “diplomacy” business? Barack “Present” Obama and Rodham, otherwise known as “Ms. Pantsuit Moot”.. Our Secretary of Statists, who couldn’t “diplomatically” convince the “First Philanderer” to keep his weenie out of every campfire in sight is going to “convince” Iran that it should keep its “aspirations peaceful”?

Since Obama feels that “Iran may have some right to nuclear energy”, could he convey that same right to America? If he and the liberals are as concerned about “energy independence” (oxymoron) as they bray that they are, then why haven’t they produced a few dozen nuclear power plants here in America? The bottom line is that more people have died as a direct result of being in the Clinton administration than have died as a result of nuclear power in the United States of America..

If the sagacious socialist took the time to dissect the quote within the article, he might see the concerns that go beyond his destructively driven agendas. “..encourage it to set aside any ambitions for nuclear weapons that it might harbor..” His Muslim friends and those who are percolating within the cauldrons of radical Islam within this “country” have “ambitions” that they “harbor” that Obama’s approval of their “right to nuclear energy” will enable to come to an explosive fruition.

“Iran has insisted its nuclear program is aimed at generating electricity”. No one wants to believe that tripe more than Barack Hussein Obama. I am of the opinion that Iran’s “nuclear program” is aimed at ISRAEL.

With the liberal’s insistence upon the neutering of the CIA and their demands that the military be emasculated, there will be no substance behind the empty rhetoric that Obama and Rodham will humorously call “direct diplomacy”. Another “signed document” from another Hitler with a different shaped moustache and a greasy leisure suit is of no consequence to anyone other than the appeasement-oriented progressives and the pimply “don’t draft me” campus cowards.

“But the U.S. and other Western governments accuse Tehran of seeking atomic weapons.” Since the “U.S.” accuses Tehran, what are “they” going to do about it? “They” is Obama and his crew of “progressive pacifisters”. Their answer? “Direct diplomacy”. “Open a dialogue.” “Reach out.” In short, the liberals want to talk the Muslims to death. The rest of us would prefer a more expeditious/explosive method as opposed to the useless verbal calisthenics endorsed by the left.

Obama says, “the international community has a very real interest in preventing a nuclear arms race in the region.” Who is this “international community”? Can they speak for themselves or did the United States elect a “King of the World” back in November? This “international community” talk invariably arises whenever Obama wants to act as though he is not imposing “values on another country with a different history and a different culture..” (More on this juicy quote later in the program..)

The left is so afraid of acting in the best interests of America and it’s allies that it HAS to create an “international community”. There is no doubt that when the topic of nuclear weapons in Iran is being discussed, there IS an “international community” with a “very real interest”. Would they please step forward and speak up with an alternative plan or two, other than another round of useless chin wagging by the “ego with ears”? If not, your “de facto spokesman” will continue his “politics of passive persuasion” which might negatively “impact” your country..

A man that would willingly “trade” our ballistic missile defense capabilities in order to get a hug from any demented despot or delusional dictator isn’t someone that I would want speaking for me within the “international community”.. It’s bad enough that he now speaks for “America”.. (60,000,000 actual “Americans” in November disagreed with that dangerous irrationality..)

In Prague last month, Obama said he would “support Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear energy with rigorous inspections”..(which is something that the green weenies here in America would not allow..) “If Iran proves it is no longer a nuclear threat..” “Proves” to whom, Barack “The True Believer” Obama? Will the vaunted U.N. be handling these “rigorous inspections”? Will we need to call Hans Blix out of retirement again? Will the Iranians shudder with fear at the thought of the powder blue helmets amassing on their borders? Doesn’t this “international community” understand by now that the Obama “defense strategy” is “roll over and play dead”?

“Timetables” when the left disagrees are mandatory but here Obama says, “Although I don’t want to put artificial time tables on that process, Tehran has until the end of the year to show it wants to engage..” Sounds like a timetable to me.. That will be plenty of time for the Iranians to step up their “peaceful” nuclear weapons program to the point of no return. As the Iranians “engage” the idiot liberals, as the flash bulbs pop, as another progressive parchment is signed and there are wet kisses and hugs all around, as his liberal predecessor has done before him, Obama will have produced “peace in our time..”

Talk is cheap and that is why it is so important to the progressive poofters. “What we want to do is open a dialogue.. you know, there are misapprehensions about the West on the part of the Muslim world and obviously there are some big misapprehensions about the Muslim world when it comes to those of us in the West..” Let’s take a look at two very important words in that protracted paragraph of piffle..

“Obviously”. When used by the gullible galoot, this is intended as a swipe at the “obvious” “Islamophobia” within the backwards United States.. The word “obvious” for those of us who have not forgotten, involves the “Magnificent Nineteen” as they are known in the Muslim “world” (cesspool) and their actions which have never been denounced with any ferocity by the those within the fetid “Muslim world”..

“Big”. Why according to Obama whose father was a Muslim, are the “misapprehensions” “big” from “those of us in the West”? Would it have anything to do with that rather large hole in lower Manhattan that the practitioners of the “religion of peace” put there? Remember that place, the one where you just did a “drive by shooting” for over $328,000.00 tax dollars? How about the Pentagon which went from a five-sided building to a four-sided one for awhile? What about the Shanksville Pennsylvania monument to the victims of flight 93? The Muslim “extremists” who have the tacit approval of the “Muslim world” have some pretty “Big” misapprehensions themselves and in case you have forgotten Mr. President, a number of them carrying box cutters carried them out in 2001..

“Obama added that there is a danger “when the United States or any other country, thinks we can simply impose these values on another country with a different history and a different culture..” Nonsense, the REAL danger involves Obama or any number of his flaccid administration “negotiating” with Iran over their nuclear “ambitions” while being gulled by their alleged “peaceful aspirations”..


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  1. Wow! Another great article about our Commander and Thief I tried to watch another historic speech and within the first five minutes I was screaming at the television and had to shut it off. Being that is was 5 am I tried to get back to sleep but couldn’t, I was way too wired by 5:20 am. I made the decision to check out the movie channels and discovered a funny movie on Cinemax, Outrageous Fortune with Shelley Long and the Devine Miss M. I always liked the film and I still chuckle at the same parts I did when it when it was first released.

    I kept clicking back to Fox and Friends to see if he was through, yet he was still talking. (God, does that guy love the sound of his own voice. I’m sure he had it taped so he can relive every moment and update Queen Elizabeth II catalog for her iPod). When he finally stopped, took a breathe and continued on (he’s such a trooper don’tcha think?)

    When he was finally done and was receiving his praise from the Egyptian students, faculty and an audience of mostly Muslim (the polls their show that most people believe his still a Muslim, as they do in most third world countries). To have Hugo Chavez say that Obama is even more left then he is should give every US Citizen to pause, reflect and wonder out loud to scream “What have we done?

    The comments that Fox and Friends made gave me pause. I didn’t know we have 7 million Muslim in this Country did you? Are you sure that they aren’t some relative from Kenya coming by for the tour of the White House? Well you know me I cannot let that one slide and went to work to get the real number. They “estimate there are anywhere between 5 million to 8 million, practicing Muslims here based on the United States Institute of Peace (catchy name) which is basically another left wing organization probably receiving tax dollars to fund their organization.

    Qamar-ul Huda, (also a catching name, just rolls off the tongue don’t it? All together, let’s repeat his name Qamar-ul Huda) who is a Senior Program Officer in the Religion and Peacemaking Program at the United States Institute of Peace. Formerly a professor of Islamic Studies and Comparative Theology at Boston College, he examines ethics, violence, conflict resolution and nonviolence in juristic and nonjuristic Muslim authorities in contemporary Islam. This report is part of a larger book project on American Muslim identity formation and Islamic approaches toward mediation and peace building. He is probably another bipartisan warrior trying to convince Americans that Muslims mean no harm. That they are a peaceful group of people, just trying to live their lives in peace.

    The man is making a lot of claims that I don’t think are true until Obama stole the White House. He claims there are approximately 6 to 7.5 million Muslims in the United States who identify themselves as Americans. The community consists of a combination of immigrants and second- and third-generation Arab, Latino, Asian, European, African, and African-American Muslims. Or, the diversity of American Muslim organizations provides a vast number of voices addressing such issues as terrorism, democracy, peacemaking, and human rights (Really? I haven’t heard any have you?) Then, American Muslims do not see contradictions between Islam and such ideals as democracy, pluralism, or political activism; rather, in recent years several national groups have made it their primary mission to reconcile all three with Islamic values. (Gee, these are just swell people).
    After reading this garbage I went patrolling the internet. Found a study by the Center for Immigration Studies stated that in 2002, I discovered this passage… The first challenge in studying Muslim immigrants in the United States is counting them. By law, the U.S. Census Bureau cannot count adherents of a religion and Muslims are too few to show up reliably in most survey research.
    In addition, there are questions about whom to count (do Ahmadis, legally not considered Muslims in Pakistan, count as Muslims in the United States?). Taking these and other complications into account, a statistical picture is emerging that points to a total Muslim population in the United States of about three million, of which immigrants make up two-thirds to three-quarters.
    Accepting that this number is necessarily rough, it does point to somewhat over two million Muslim immigrants, or slightly less than one percent of the U.S. national population. The question is then if we have 3million in 2002 and anywhere between 5 to 8 million is it at possible that we gained that many in 7 years?
    Continued to view more data from a website Islam 101. What is represented in this report is based on estimates made in 1991, the World Almanac reports that Muslim in the United States number approximately 5,220,00. The total worldwide Muslim population is generally estimated at slightly more that 1 billion. David Barrett’s publication, “International Bulletin of Missionary Research” cites a lower figure, 988,004,000. These numbers go back a ways. So, I went further researching and discovered this website.
    Read it and tell me what you think.

    I didn’t know that both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were supporters of the Muslim faith did you? I’ll look that up tomorrow myself.

  2. Larry and Family:

    I just got this from American For Prosperity. They’re active in organizing rallies on issues such as spending taxes, limited government, energy, education. They are in about 24 states.


    They are headed for Nebraska later this month but I’m not sure just where they’ll be . They don’t have a chapter there yet, but I’m sure that will change soon.

    “It’s Thursday morning and we just finished another “Hot Air Tour” rally in Fayetteville, Arkansas with a whole bunch of fired up activists who sent a strong message to Senators Pryor and Lincoln to vote NO to the job-killing, energy tax increasing Cap and Trade legislation. I met a great American named Sim, who is an 84-year-old World War II veteran. He served 28 months as a combat engineer in the Pacific in battles like Saipan. What an honor it is to have a hero like Sim on our side.

    This 2nd leg of our “Hot Air Tour” started Tuesday night in St Louis where over 340 folks roared back “YES” when I asked them if they were ready to take back our country for freedom and prosperity. One of the first folks to arrive at that rally was a man who drove 90 miles to, as he put it, “send the politicians a message.”

    An older couple I spoke with from the St. Charles area told me they were attending their first ever political event because they heard about AFP on the local news talk radio station and had to get involved. A grandmother was there with her daughter and two granddaughters, all of whom went up for a ride in our “Hot Air Tour” balloon. We’ve got great pictures of this event so click here to take a look.

    Nationally syndicated talk show host, Phil Valentine, was the star attraction at our rally in Nashville on Wednesday morning but the real heroes were the over 240 activists who poured onto the Tennessee fairgrounds on a hot June morning to tell their two Senators — Corker and Alexander — to vote NO on Cap and Trade. Click here for pictures.

    Last night in Little Rock, we had a group of radical environmental protestors show up at our event and it was helpful. I’m serious.

    Hearing what these guys really believe helped our activists understand the threat we are facing. You see, they admitted through their taunts and jeers that they actually want higher gasoline prices and higher utility bills on American families. They want to change how Americans live their lives because of a radical Global Warming ideology that says people are the problem. They want GOVERNMENT to force us to drive less and live in smaller homes and they want fewer jobs that in their view harm the earth.

    Forget freedom. Forget the American Dream of hope and opportunity. They want GOVERNMENT dictating our lives.

    We’re not going to let these radicals win on Global Warming…or should I say Climate Change. They keep changing the name of their ideology depending upon the weather.

    We’re going to keep fighting and keep working and keep organizing.

    Heck, I’m already looking forward to the 3rd leg of our “Hot Air Tour” that begins in Montana on June 22 and goes into North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska.

    As you may know, Cap and Trade legislation is moving its way through the House of Representatives, and Nancy Pelosi is preparing for a big fight – even within her own party. You can read more the impending showdown on the AFP blog. If you haven’t contacted your member of Congress yet to tell him to vote “NO” on any cap and trade proposal, you can do so by clicking here now. (Or if you have already, it never hurts to let ’em hear from you again!)

    Thank you for all you do for freedom. But, get ready for a long, hot (and I mean politically hot) summer.

    Much lies ahead and we’re going to need your passion and commitment to turn our country around.

    Tim Phillips

    Nationally syndicated talk show host, Phil Valentine, joined us in Nashville along with a superb speaker from our friends at the Tennessee Center for Policy Research at the second event of our second leg of the “Hot Air Tour”.

    Most important however, were the over 240 grassroots activists who poured onto the Tennessee fairgrounds on a hot June morning to send their Senators a message — vote NO on the job killing, energy tax increasing Cap and Trade legislation!

  3. Here’s the link, in case anyone is interested:

  4. Arthur Nankervis


    Thankfully, the owner of the ‘handyman shop’ in this little packet of ‘pork pies’ is not ‘OUR’ Larry!

    This message (just received from my mate in OZ). The name ‘Larry’ included in the establishment’s name is sheer coincidence. The story couldn’t be real .. could it? Then again, if the hapless fellow was/is a Liberal Democrat, then who could argue. It could very well be a day in the life of Slick Willie. Well thought up really and worth letting family have a squizz.

    Not sure where this piece originated. If family members are not conversant with some of the words/terms, then it may have been OZ. Been out of OZ for 26 years now, so your guess is as good as mine.



    Pocket Taser Stun Gun, a great gift for the wife. A guy who purchased his lovely wife a pocket Taser for their anniversary submitted this:

    Last weekend I saw something at Larry’s Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest.. The occasion was our 15th anniversary and I was looking for a little something extra for my wife Julie.

    What I came across was a 100,000-volt, pocket/purse-sized taser. The effects of the taser were supposed to be short lived, with no long-term adverse affect on your assailant, allowing her adequate time to retreat to safety….??


    Long story short, I bought the device and brought it home. I loaded two AAA batteries in the darn thing and pushed the button.

    Nothing! I was disappointed.

    I learned, however, that if I pushed the button AND pressed it against a metal surface at the same time; I’d get the blue arc of electricity darting back and forth between the prongs.


    Unfortunately, I have yet to explain to Julie what that burn spot is on the face of her microwave.

    Okay, so I was home alone with this new toy, thinking to myself that it couldn’t be all that bad with only two triple-A batteries, right?

    There I sat in my recliner, my cat Gracie looking on intently (trusting little soul) while I was reading the directions and thinking that I really needed to try this thing out on a flesh & blood moving target.

    I must admit I thought about zapping Gracie (for a fraction of a second) and thought better of it. She is such a sweet cat.

    But, if I was going to give this thing to my wife to protect herself against a mugger, I did want some assurance that it would work as advertised.

    Am I wrong?

    So, there I sat in a pair of shorts and a tank top with my reading glasses perched delicately on the bridge of my nose, directions in one hand, and taser in another.

    The directions said that a one-second burst would shock and disorient your assailant; a two-second burst was supposed to cause muscle spasms and a major loss of bodily control; a three-second burst would purportedly make your assailant flop on the ground like a fish out of water. Any burst longer than three seconds would be wasting the batteries.

    All the while I’m looking at this little device measuring about 5′ long, less than 3/4 inch in circumference; pretty cute really and (loaded with two itsy, bitsy triple-A batteries) thinking to myself, ‘no possible way!’

    What happened next is almost beyond description, but I’ll do my best…?

    I’m sitting there alone, Gracie looking on with her head cocked to one side as to say, ‘don’t do it dipshit,’ reasoning that a one second burst from such a tiny little ole thing couldn’t hurt all that bad.

    I decided to give myself a one second burst just for heck of it. I touched the prongs to my naked thigh, pushed the button, and ..

    I’m pretty sure Jessie Ventura ran in through the side door, picked me up in the recliner, then body slammed us both on the carpet, over and over and over again.

    I vaguely recall waking up on my side in the fetal position, with tears in my eyes, body soaking wet, both nipples on fire, testicles nowhere to be found, with my left arm tucked under my body in the oddest position, and tingling in my legs?

    The cat was making meowing sounds I had never heard before, clinging to a picture frame hanging above the fireplace, obviously in an attempt to avoid getting slammed by my body flopping all over the living room.

    Note: If you ever feel compelled to ‘mug’ yourself with a taser, one note of caution: there is no such thing as a one second burst when you zap yourself!

    You will not let go of that thing until it is dislodged from your hand by a violent thrashing about on the floor. A three second burst would be considered conservative?


    A minute or so later (I can’t be sure, as time was a relative thing at that point), I collected my wits (what little I had left), sat up and surveyed the landscape.

    My bent reading glasses were on the mantel of the fireplace. The recliner was upside down and about 8 feet or so from where it originally was. My triceps, right thigh and both nipples were still twitching.

    My face felt like it had been shot up with Novocain, and my bottom lip weighed 88 lbs. I had no control over the drooling.

    Apparently I shit myself, but was too numb to know for sure and my sense of smell was gone. I saw a faint smoke cloud above my head which I believe came from my hair.

    I’m still looking for my nuts and I’m offering a significant reward for their safe return!!

    P. S. My wife loved the gift, and now regularly threatens me with it!

    ‘If you think Education is difficult, try being stupid.’

  5. Arthur Nankervis

    Eureka! I’ve got it!

    Reading through it again it has to be about Chris Mathews “tingling in my legs.” As well, folks in OZ would probably have never heard of “Jessie Ventura.”


  6. Arthur,

    That is a VERY FUNNY article – thanks. My eyes are still watery from laughing so much! But, my question would be : did he get one for himself ( to protect himself from the wife) ?

  7. Larry,

    Another great article . I would love to hear the ‘annointed one’ explain why it is OK for Iran and North Korea to have nuclear energy programs, BUT not for the USA !! Why does he not want the same thing for his subjects, as does his dictator friends ? Maybe he is waiting until we drop down to third world status.

    “How can so few cause so much damage?”

  8. “Will the Iranians shudder with fear at the thought of the powder blue helmets amassing on their borders?”

    You crack me up! Yet another fantastic article, Larry.

    Eileen – me too. I tried to listen to it while getting ready for work – – I dried my hair for a very long time that morning!! I’m much more calm when I can’t hear him. (I think I may have fried my hair)

  9. I will believe Iran’s aspirations are peaceful about 5 years AFTER the Battle of Armageddon!

  10. They want GOVERNMENT to force us to drive less and live in smaller homes and they want fewer jobs that in their view harm the earth.

    I’m reminded of an Eastern European country, formerly Soviet controlled, that tore down all the houses and moved the occupants into apartment buildings. This was from someone who experienced the move. Hope that doesn’t happen here.

  11. Citizensailor

    Great article…again! When your book comes out I’m buying a bunch for Christmas gifts. What a great following you have on this site.

    Perhaps Arthur N. can have his wife introduce her new toy to the GPS unit the census folks will be carrying around. Don’t be tempted to “touch” the census taker…just their GPS unit. Sorry for being off subject.

  12. noleftturnz


    “Fairness” rules..

    In order to achieve the “fairness”, the left MUST bring down those who are superior and they must artificially elevate those who are inferior.

    This “works” for them both in foreign affairs and domestically.

    “2010: never give in, never give up and never again”

    OUR campaign slogan..

    Thanks as always,


  13. noleftturnz


    Thank you for your kind words..


  14. noleftturnz


    Thanks for your kind words.

    I will be sure and let everyone know as soon as the final details are ironed out on the first NLTZ book : “Navigating The Liberal Labyrinth”


  15. blue state blues- RWG

    I find myself murmuring the refrain I heard so often growing up in an Italian family when the situation was hopeless and not worth even thinking about;……………….fagetaboudit!

    If this administration is allowed to continue, unfettered, doing whatever they want, saying whatever they want, forcing States, banks and manufactures to take money with many strings attached, then there is no chance that we will prevail in 2010 or 2012.

    They will lock themselves into a break proof majority. Most of the population will be dependent on them or, at least, they will believe that they cannot survive without them.

    We have to start thinking like our founders did. Where can we go to start over and get rid of the tyrannical government.

    Let’s face it; they are trashing the constitution with impunity. They are deciding who gets justice and who doesn’t. They are deciding that they are above law in many instances. They are embracing the bad guys, home and abroad. They have dropped charges and some pretty bad people in Philadelphia while totalling ignoring the monster that shot two soldiers and killed one of them.

    Texas, Montana and Alaska are looking pretty good right now.

    As for the rest of the mess, you can keep it, keep all Czars, keep the Change. FAGETABOUDIT!

  16. Arthur Nankervis


    No mention of ‘My Wife’ having a “new toy” … Thankfully, we are not that degenerate here .. Yet! The same goes for “census folk(s),” as census here means an ‘educated guess. As well, there is very little ‘touching’ here and is the credo in the Australian Army, … “If the occasion arises that you ever need to ‘touch’ someone, better may sure they that they ‘stay down’ for the count”.


    Sorry if my attempt at humour has diverted people’s thoughts away from the subject matter at hand. I will desist from further endevours.


  17. noleftturnz

    blue states,

    Keep in imnd that the majority of the “cash free for all” wil begin being handed out in..


    Unless the situation turns even graver in the near future, they will follow this plan in order to play Robin Hood during the mid term..

    Never give in, never give up and never again.


  18. Are there still people out there stupid enough to believe that BHO is not a Muslim? If so, I’ll make them a great deal on Washington DC and throw in California for free. I won’t say that he is the anti-christ but he is sure trying very hard to fit the mold. If you could discount the fraud votes cast by ACORN, the illegal allien would not have come close to winning last November. To all who think their vote still counts, forget it, the fix is in.

    I’m beginning to believe that the only hope left for our country to survive would be for the military to nuke D.C. Why does the Supreme Court continue to let an illegal stay in the oval office?

    As the bionic mouth worms his way around the muddle-east betraying America, he is finally showing his true colors. And they are not Christian or American. Wake up, America!

  19. noleftturnz

    Arthur ol’ cobber,

    You do as you see fit.

    The comments are for the readers to talk, vent, rant..whatever.

    I apprecite your contributions to NLTZ.

    All of them.

    Thanks as always,


  20. noleftturnz

    Photo Joe,

    On that subject, did you check out the latest “Thought of the Day”?

    It’s a doozie..

    Thanks as always,


  21. To Family

    I made no effort to listen to BO speak to the muslim crowd. By now, all the speechs sound alike to me.

    One of BO’s henchmen sent me an email today……David Axelrod or Axlerod…whatever. He invited me to listen to the speech onlne. I have no idea how and why this happened and howI got on the mailing list.

    However, it was an opportunity to send BO a pesonal note, detailing his prolific signings of anti-Amerian executive orders, etc. I won’t be surprised if the Obama gestapo turns up at my door.

    Does the muslim crowd really give a damn what BO says, insinuates, promises, etc? I think they are laughing like hyenas when they are stalking prey. BO is easy for them to read; afterall, he is a “brother,”

  22. Eileen:

    I am so glad I cancelled my cable tv years ago, so I don’t have to listen the Big Bore. I do enough screaming regarding the media reports on his escapades. Watching his speeches on tv would send my blood pressure up so far the cuff would explode.


    I appreciate your humor it helps to lighten any black moods that set in, and they have been black lately. Laughter is the best medicine. Keep them coming.

    Photo Joe:

    Unfortunately, the illegal alien in our White House is only the False Prophet. The anti -Christ hasn’t made himself known yet. He’ll be even worse than this lunatic.

  23. Margaret in CT

    While other polls are telling us that the Apologizer in Chief has a 65% approval rating, the Real Clear Politics poll shows his approval falling below 60% for the first time. Is it finally “morning in America.” The coffee’s on the table, voters. Do you smell it?

    The man who operates under the delusion that this is no longer a Christian country (with the second largest Jewish population in the world) today defiles the ground that heroes walked 65 years ago.

  24. This administration is giving us a veritable mine for politicial cartoonists. Most are too true to be made up.

    I have to say I enjoy and appreciate all those who post. It actually feels like family talking and venting and exchanging ideas and that is why this is my favorite site.

    My brother sent me an e-mail regarding a song written by Keith Carradine and performed by people throughout the nation. It is going to be performed at a Gala at Washington’s Renaissance Hotel Sunday evening. Here is the web address if you like patriotic songs:

    Thanks, Larry for always delivering the goods and keeping my mind sharp. I too am looking forward to your book.

  25. Dick Morris article today shows what we will have to put up with under healthcare.

    The photo op was too good to be true. Health care providers trooped out of the White House and trumpeted their goal of saving $1.7 trillion of costs over the next decade in health spending. Now these drug companies, hospitals, insurance companies, medical device manufacturers, labor unions and doctors have laid out their plans in more detail.

    And right there, in plain print, is the beginning of medical care rationing. Now that the cameras have been put away and the media is no longer watching, their secret emerges: They are going to cut medical costs by cutting medical care. Right now, they cite four targets. They plan to:

    1. Cut diagnostic imaging tests like MRIs and CAT scans.

    2. Reduce the use of antibiotics.

    3. Perform fewer Caesarean sections.

    4. Cut care for management of chronic back pain

    These decisions will not be medical but financial. They will not be based on a doctor’s opinion of what his or her patient needs, but a bureaucrat’s and an accountant s opinion of what the new health care system can afford.

    And you will not be able to bypass their rulings and pay for this care yourself. The rules laid down must be followed and private payments will not be permitted to override them. What we now call a private fee for service will metastasize into a bribe.

    But this is just the very beginning of rationing. The total of health care spending now runs about $2.3 trillion a year in the United States. Over ten years, that’s likely to reach $30 trillion. So a cut of $1.7 trillion is a mere drop in the bucket.

    More rationing is coming, and coming soon.

  26. I found a legal website that might be able to answer my question about a legal injunction regarding Congress. Until Obama refuses to submit his long form birth certificate no money will be aloud out or in. Where is his promise of transparency and accountability that he promised? The website is|ysp|1||&utm_source=yahoo&utm_medium=ssp&utm_campaign=

    They of course charge and I don’t have the money to pay for the answer. My question is… Injunctions and Constitutional Law. Is there any recourse for the public to stop the endless spending from Congress? As we watch our debts grow bigger and bigger every day, the wasteful spending with earmarks and pork in the Billions for both parties returning the favor once elected. Many of my friends and family what to know is there anything legally to stop and halt of this process other then waiting until 2010? Can an injunction work to stop it in its tracks? I understand an injunction is an equitable remedy which is similar to a Court Order to refrain from certain acts by the Courts. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

    If someone else wants to submit the question they are welcome to use mine or ask one of their own.

  27. noleftturnz


    Thank you for your kind words.

    I love the comments here as well.

    This IS “family” and we are proud to have you along side.

    Thanks as always,


  28. Engraved upon the monument “WE WILL NEVER FORGET”, there is one person who has either forgotten, never did, or in his heart, never found blame for the Muslim terrorists. That sympathizer now runs our country.

  29. How do the proponents of health care rationing expect to be exempt from it ? Obviously not all libs are ‘rich’. Therefore, where will they (and their relatives, friends, co-workers, etc. ) get their health care? Will all libs be exempt? Will there be one system for the libs ( and illegals) and another for the rest of us ? Will this lead to an underground system for health care paid with bribes? If so, just think how much that will really cost ! Socialism has not, and does not work, neither has nationalized medicine. Why, why, would anyone w/ just half a brain vote for it? Have the masses been dumbed -down to such an extent that there is no hope? Apparently so, – look who they voted into the White House !

    Ultra liberal California , with their love for illegals is in serious financial straits . Hospitals on the border are closing, the welfare system is out of control, and now the state wants a federal bailout ! Maybe Arnold should appeal to all of his rich Hollywood libs to help out.

    “How can so few cause so much damage?”

  30. noleftturnz


    There has ALWAYS been two sets of rules.. one for the left, one for the rest of the civilized world.

    The libs will “reward” their lowest constituents to pay for the health care that they receive (and have ALWAYS received, just look at ANY emergency room in a metropolitan area..) by taxing the rest of us.

    The libs will have a “buy out”option for the elitists so that they will not have to wait around for “service” with the rabble and their high cost physicians will obviously prioritize them.

    Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

    Thanks as always,


  31. Arthur Nankervis

    Larry and the family,

    Well, I must be getting weak and sentimental as time goes by. I thought I was tough, I thought I had no time for the weakness that seems to pervade the very fabric of world society. Although I still think it is not a man’s place to weep over things sentimental or the flash of sad memories tugging at one’s heart, but just maybe in seclusion, one can let their guard down. I thought I had control over that special place in the human brain that allows the release of pent-up emotions. This of course, was up until a few days ago when I purchased two little Labrador Retriever puppies (one Golden [F] Jill or Jillie, and the other Chocolate [M] Choco. Just like kids.

    What set me off today, was an article at Rush, titled “This Lady Loves El Rushbo.” The lady caller was 72 and yet she spoke with a firmness of someone much younger. She really paid Rush the dues that he deserves (most times). It would be good if the family could mosie on over to that site and read the transcripts of the conversation. I suppose what she was saying made me think along similar lines about Australia, two great countries that may be destined to save this planet. Who knows? Rush was rather taken aback, as was I … and I think it left us both a little fragile, albeit half-a-world-apart geographically, yet so close together on today’s important issues.

    All this gave me cause to ponder and I came up with this question: When was the last time family members heard the Leftists/Liberal/Democrats say that they love America. Maybe that is next to be outlawed.

    So, what is there left to say, except that it would be beaut if family could post on how they felt when reading those transcripts mentioned.

    God bless America, God bless Australia and prayers for Israel


  32. JJ,

    I’ve also seen talk of a proposal in which a person would also be taxed depending on the amount of medical services he/she required through a given year.

    In the event of a catastrophic illness, how this would differ from a rate hike on an individual private insurance policy or a higher rate rider on a private policy to a due to a pre-existing illness, I haven’t a clue.

    Along with this, getting proper medical attention in a timely matter is another point of conjecture of the so-called “socialized” healthcare the liberals are trying to gloss over on the American people as being the cure-all for their ills.

    If you thought health insurance was broken and costly before, just wait until the government starts running it. Stretched to the point of disrepair, the cost will be exhorbatant, but the program surely would fit nicely in the Democrat’s tireless quest of taxing the masses into poverty.

  33. Arthur,

    I think women may have it easy, we openly cry to release tension, anxiety and stress, but men don’t have that luxury. Everyone views it as a weakness in both sexes. I don’t think any of my bosses, ever understood why I sometimes cry and when I tried to explain it they just didn’t get it. Then, my last boss, Kathy in NJ figured it out. I liked to be challenged which she was happy to do but wanted to make sure she wasn’t taxing me. The tension or anxiety builds for me sometimes, that I just have to release it. Blasting tunes in the car also helps when I sing along, I just can’t do that at work unless I went in on a Saturday and was alone. I was awarded for my dedication receiving the highest raises the company could give, I won many trophies and monetary awards for the 4 and 1/2 years I worked there.

    So happy about your new arrivals and hope they bring you a lifetime of joy, this coming from a women with two Golden Retrievers.

  34. Arthur:

    Congratulations on the arrival of your “furry children”. I’m sure Jillie and Choco will give you years of conditional love and lower your blood pressure as well. I’ve had Black Labs in the past and they were all wonderful dogs.

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