Sand In The Gears

The “hurry up offense”, so popular during the fourth quarter of American football games has been the standard operating procedure since the onset of the Obama oligarchy in January. Once the necessary “hysteria” mythology is shaped and molded, once the mandatory “crisis” is embellished and inflated, the only answer from the insatiable socialists is to work for “quick action”. “Results”, inevitably cataclysmic with the liberals, is irrelevant, it’s all about “action”, “doing something” regardless of the aftermath.. This narcissistic need for speed is an obvious diversionary technique in order to ram dystrophic and carcinogenic legislation past willing congressional dupes, legislation that invariably victimizes the middle class.

This “leap before you look” or “ready, shoot, aim” strategies, which have worked so well (sarcasm..) with his collectivist stimulus scam has recently begun to leak oil since he targeted Chrysler and GM. Now we come to health care, something that WAS his “number one priority”. A “priority” that if his chronological communism were placed in its ascending order, would place this “number one priority” at number five.. (Numbers appear to confuse the tax cheats of the Obama administration..) Now Dr. Strangelove’s “number one priority” is limping towards the liberal life support system. Since the liberals are so fond of euthanizing the infirm, I would hope that this fascist phantasm would get its own special trimester abortion..

Simultaneously, we read “Obama Initiatives Hit Speed Bumps On Capitol Hill” (Washington Post) and “Dems work to push banking overhaul quickly”. (Breitbart) While several Obama shills are “pushing” the health care nonsense, “Turbo Tim” is working them over and “pushing” them relative to their bank takeovers. The faster they go, the less we will catch.. Until it is too late and that is precisely how they want to do it..

Withering under the intense questioning relative to creating a “council of regulators” to oversee the banks, Geithner actually said, “You cannot convene a committee to put out a fire..” Dimwit Democratic Def Con V: this boob actually has been given considerable power by Obama..

When someone’s barn is on “fire”, how many firemen show up to “put it out”? 10? When a twenty-story building is fully engulfed in flames, how many firemen show up? 60? 100? How many pumpers respond to the scene? 10? 15? One “fireman” can’t do the job himself. Unless of course our “fireman” is yet another megalomaniacal Messiah of malarkey like Barack Obama. There are a lot of fires that have been precipitated by the liberal politics of destruction and the only other leftist who has done this much hose work in Washington would be Bill Clinton..

Here the people who have intentionally set the nation’s economy on fire, the people who have systematically poured accelerants onto the savings of the middle class since the phony economy of the Clinton/Frank days, think that they can put out this “fire” with one knucklehead, someone like Tim Geithner.

“We did not want to put you (Congress) in a position of having to spend a lot of time on changes that may be desirable, that may leave us with a neater system, maybe a more efficient system, but were not central to the cause of the problem..” Would a “neater, more efficient” system have a better chance of finding the “central cause of the problem” with a higher probability of success than another liberal like Tim Geithner? Since when has “the cause of the problem” and it’s eradication, been even a secondary concern to the “speed minded” liberals?

Speed. They want everyone to hurry up over the banks, hurry up over health care and don’t forget, right around the corner will be the “hurry up” over the hearings on “Shemp” Sotomayor.. I say we slow things down a bit.

Now the “snags” are starting to mount relative to the health care “priority”. “A set of unexpectedly high cost estimates sent shock waves along Pennsylvanian Avenue..” The Post called the information “arcane”, I call the statistics, “an unnecessarily optimistic underestimate..” The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) has estimated that the Obama socialized medicine pogrom will cover “just 16 million people at a cost of $1 trillion dollars..”

That statistic is bad enough, the real problem comes from the fact that that number only compassionately “covers” about “a third of those currently lacking coverage”. (Old fears plague health reform” The number of currently uncovered individuals could be as high as 50 million people. Applying the “Obamanomics” of “care and compassion regardless of the destruction of the middle class”, the tally would come to nearly $4 trillion dollars. (Which actually looks like: $4,000,000,000,000.00) With these socialists in power, money had better start growing on trees..

Another pristine example of idiot Obamamath, more of the “I say it, therefore it is so” imbecility again came from the Wizard of Sods in a speech before the AMA on Monday. He alleges that he has located $950 billion dollars worth of budget cuts and tax increase over the next ten years which will take him “almost all the way to covering the full cost of health-care reform..” At best, these lies would “cover” about a third of the mendicants. When all is said and done it will probably only “cover” about a tenth. Wouldn’t it be nice to know just exactly which “budget cuts and tax increases” he was glibly talking about? “Transparency” has been superceded by the “hustle of haste”..

Creepy Harry Reid (L-Nev.) blamed the “delays” on the Republicans. “I’m sorry to say, they have subscribed to more of the same stalling strategy that the American people are sick and tired of..” What the “American people are sick and tired of” are the licentious liberals claiming that they “speak” for them. The “American people” are GLAD that someone is finally “stalling” the liberal’s desire to see America upon the “ash heap of history..”

According to the FT article, “A number of Democratic groups launched a rearguard action against their moderate colleagues..” If anyone is going to be launching a “rearguard action”, it would have to be bath house Barney so whoever these “moderate colleagues” are they had better watch the back door..

Christopher Dodd (L-Conn.) flat out said, “My goal is not bipartisanship”..” I appreciate his honesty. Our goal should be to derail the liberal fascist freight train of fabrications and falsehoods before it is too late..

Here the left is trying to do what their last deity and his better half/battle-ax couldn’t accomplish. Back in 1993, Bill needed to divert the attention of the future Secretary of Statists so that he could properly “expose” himself to the female interns. He wisely handed the idea of socialized medicine to her in the hopes that her utter failure would quell her need for political power and prestige, then she could go back to “staying at home, baking cookies and having teas..” She failed miserably but a “historic” failure as a Presidential ass-pirant lay ahead for her.. Socialized medicine would have to wait..

Judd Gregg, a Republican who was once chosen by Obama to serve as his Commerce Secretary but who backed out because he didn’t want to be yet another Communist Secretary under the King of the Universe, said that the progressive price tag could easily hit $2 trillion dollars for this health care heresy. Barbara Mikulski (L-Md.) said that Judd was merely throwing “sand in the gears..” of this fascist free-for-all. Senator Gregg, throw sand, rocks or hand grenades, what ever gets the job done and in the spirit of the Obama battle plan, “hurry up”..


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  1. Ah, yes, Larry, the art of “Shoot first; ask questions later” taken to the highest level of “inefficiency” by the Obamatron!

  2. noleftturnz


    The problem among many, is that “questions” aren’t allowed at ANY time.

    Before, during or after.

    “Questions” have been substituted by “blame”.

    They are WORRIED about 2010.

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Thanks as always,


  3. Larry:

    I agree, they are WORRIED about 2010. They need to get as much of their liberal plans in place as they can before then.

    In their arrogance, they thought everyone in the USA would follow the picayune pied piper to their doom. However, as Abraham Lincoln is reported to have said, “You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.”

  4. Arthur Nankervis

    A reply to Stitch concerning the march on Washington and your constitution in previous article : “Correlations.”


    Thank you kind Sir! Those beautiful and stirring words of Patrick Henry ring true today as they did when they were written. I agree with you wholeheartedly, in that the conditions which exist today, mirror the exact same circumstances that Patrick Henry and others were encountering all those years ago. I have breezed over your constitution a number of times, but find when reading those words included in your communique, combined with the current state of foment in the United States, the true meaning and intent are borne out.

    Americans can be thankful that you had a band of men who were as astute and forwardthinking as Mr Henry, for without those words, the truths and focused visions contained within, I would say that you would have waited another 100 years plus to achieve your independence. Australia has nothing like your constitution, although we still refer to a document as such. I would be safe in betting London to a brick, that no one in Australia at the present time, has ever read it through. Here’s an example, which you will see is a very ‘cold’ (almost foreboding) draft from those in Westminster:

    An Act to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia. [9th July 1900]

    (The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom at Westminster)

    Whereas the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and under the Constitution hereby established:

    And whereas it is expedient to provide for the admission into the Commonwealth of other Australasian Colonies and possessions of the Queen:

    Be it therefore enacted by the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows: …..


    As you can see, the above segment of the complete document, is mostly gobbledygook and all designed to protect British investment in Australia, still being termed as a colony. I think the Poms got tired of trying to manage (by then) all the free men of Australia and probably had their war with you blokes in mind when settling those affairs.

    I will say one thing though, when I joined the army, I gave my allegiance to the Queen (Elizabeth II) and as I was in a form of Twilight zone when Australia adopted its new anthem, I’m afraid to say that I do not know the words, but I can still sing God save the Queen. Luckily, the word ‘Patriot’ is very rarely used in Australia.

    Stich! When you do march on Washington, please leave Gibbs for me as I would like to take him out the back were the bull feeds (or is that now ‘where the watermelons grow’). For me, he is the epitome of all that is abhorrent in the Liberal camp.

    Thanks again for your reply cobber

    My best to you and all the family


  5. The Kremlin on the Patomic has been populated by nothing but lemmings.In 2010 ths country must throw out the bums that are only interested in being reelected. I read on article on survival on Bob Livingstons site, and was shocked to find 100 comments with only a couple Left nuts there. The people there are looking for others that think like them, so I suggested this site. They had a lot of good suggestions on how to survive what is comming. Great job Larry. GOD bless the USA!!!

  6. Look to the president’s record in Illinois if you want to see a carbon copy of what is now coming to bear in Washington, D.C. Check the archives of the Chicago Sun-Times and Tribune for some very interesting reading… If the stories are still there, anyway.

    Any good, reputable news agency (try to find one) could hold the pages of the former and latter to the light, and see an almost identical format in it’s progression to utter failure and misplaced expense. Project after project fell into disrepair and chaos, as unqualified contractors to his often stolen ideas were left knee-deep in controversy as he then moved on to the next “burning issue” on which to release his “golden flow of rhetoric.”

    With Democrats, getting the job done is not half as important as looking terribly busy in the process. They are often blindly preoccupied with building and (occasionally) producing a “Rube Goldberg” device at a cost of billions which will shut off the lights to save the taxpayer pennies on the electric bills.

    The president’s need to move on to the next major issue without any appreciable results on the last is the “chink” in his administration’s armor which must be exploited if we are to display to our fellow countrymen and women the “shellgame” which is draining their finances.

    Yes, healthcare reform is a must, and a revision of financial markets is a necessity, but that won’t be accomplished by appointing czar after czar until everyone has one standing in their livingroom. “Block Captains” is what I believe the USSR use to call them…

    Just as true freedom comes at the high cost of lives on the battlefield, the economic freedoms which have given us all the highest standard of living in the world unfortunatly comes at a cost to those who cannot grasp the basics of financial solvency.

    The key is not to regulate, but, instead to educate. To educate the individual’s understanding in regards to risk and reward. We all know that our education system (which is now firmly in the hands of our counterparts) has yielded a society which is somewhere around 20th in education on the worlds roster. To educate is to empower, and it’s quite evident that the politcal Left will only empower those who can be easily controlled under their system of redistributed entitlements.


  7. You guys are so brilliant. You make me laugh out loud and then cry with the weight of the truth of what you say.

  8. beyond disgusted

    I heard yesterday that Obamination wants Congress to take up illegal immigration & amnesty next week. He is cramming every socialist/communist thing he can down our collective throats, as fast as he can. If they succeed this time, we can forget about ever winning another election again.

  9. beyond disgusted // June 20, 2009 at 9:54 pm

    “I heard yesterday that Obamination wants Congress to take up illegal immigration & amnesty next week. ”

    Anything to get us off-track to the fact that his “spend our way out of debt” plans are already showing major flaws to the voting public, and his foreign policy has given new life and rise to some of the worst dictatorships in recent history…

    Lest you forget, there are only 25 million illegals in our country, while roughly half the nation’s voters are firmly against supporting what would no doubt become a brand new wing to the welfare state.

    All this running around and hollering for “change” will surely wake that sleeping beast at some point in the (hopefully) near future.

    This is actually kinda’ fun.

    I can’t wait until the “silent majority” of middle America finally finds it’s voice and says, “Not NO but, HELL NO!” to what they plan to propose.

    Keep watching the polls… they’re slowly beginning to turn.


  10. The bailouts of last spring and fall had approached $1 trillion dollars and Obama is looking to make it a triple play with his socialistic healthcare plan. Beings there is only $900 billion dollars total of all cash in America, are Americans this enamoured, this ignorant to be unable to comprhend the fiscal destruction Obama is causing to our nation?

  11. It is becoming more and more apparent, to me at least, that the only action that will stop this illegal alien dictator is an armed, violent upheaval and revolution.

    The options at this point are bleak. One I have just suggested, the other is to submit to the Hugo Chavez clone now occupying the White House, which if you noticed, he again called “my house” in his latest rambling.

    The arrogance of this man-child and those that litter his administration is breathtaking and I for one am willing to risk it all to put a stop to it.

    Rise up America, our future, our children’s, and their children’s freedoms are under attack.

    We,,,,,WE THE PEOPLE, must organize and oppose this assault……..

  12. Arthur,

    Always remember, the first “Americans” were Englishmen who had had ENOUGH!
    That’s something we share with you Aussies, Canadians, and eventually to the English homeland itself.

    Can you believe the illogic in Obama’s arguments.
    WE (you and I) spend too much on our health care.
    My health care costs me less than 2% of my annual income.
    And no, Im not rich.
    Who is Obama to tell me that I am paying too much for something?

    I ‘could’ buy a regular old ice cream cone but, I prefer to pay a little extra and get some “sprinkles” on mine.
    Obama (Obama!!!) is telling me I shouldn’t be allowed to pay more to get more!!!!!


    Again, the 40-50 million “uninsured”, is a LIE!
    First, since when do politicians NOT lie?
    So its a lie.
    They also conveniently dropped the work “under-insured” from this.
    It started as 40 million people were “uninsured or under-insured”.

    But 11-12 million of those are illegal aliens.
    Half the rest are single, working, people under 35.
    Half the remaining are married people making over $50k per year.
    Oprah, Trump, Gates, etc, are listed in their list of “uninsured”.
    Most of our employers pay for half our insurance, now you have to pay it all (in higher taxes).
    Duh Gubment collects $3 for every $1 it spends (waste, bureaucracy, corruption).
    So tell me again, Harvard Wiz Boy, how do I benefit from this??

    What happened to those stories about busloads of people going to Canada to buy “cheap” drugs.
    They only seem to do it once, then no more.
    The Canadians told them to get the F out.
    The Canadians are paying through the nose for those drugs in higher taxes and, they dont have enough to go around as it is.
    So they dont need a bunch of rich Americans coming up their buying up what little drugs they have left that THEY have been heavily subsidizing through sky high taxes.
    The Canadians told those buses to get the F out!

    The sadest thing about all this is that there really are a few million people out there without insurance, who need insurance, but cannot afford it (and no employer is providing it), and we ARE willing to help those.
    But for each one of them, Obama wants us to pay for:
    1 illegal
    2 single working people under 35
    1 married person making over $50k
    Oprah, Trump, Gates, etc
    3 times as much for the gubment waste and corruption.
    The companies’ half of the premium.
    And all that tax money they collect from you to pay for this goes into what??
    Just like Social Security does.
    To be spent on whatever the hell they want to spend it on.
    If you get sick, well then, lets see, umm, uhh, umm, oh, I think there’s a doctor in a town about 45 miles from you that is open on Tuesdays that might fit you in next month.



  13. Stitch-

    Kudos for laying it out, clearly.

    …..and you didn’t even have to shoot anyone in the process!



  14. blue state blues- RWG

    Hey gang:
    As usual Larry, a very worth while read.

    We don’t even realize how fast they are running. And I am convinced that they are planning to bring our economy and our lifestyle to their respective knees within 2 years. And of course you all know who “they” are.

    It almost doesn’t even matter why they are doing it anymore. But THEY are doing it. And they are doing it in every aspect of our lives. They are starving farmers in the San Joaquin valley in California which produces the bulk of our food. They are conditioning our kids in schools and colleges (my 14 year old has to sit through lectures and videos of the Left Wing political agenda in his friggin English class)! We could go on and on with the same rhetoric and repeating the same outrage. Pointless!

    I’m not giving up. I can’t wait to see what happens in 18 months. But I am making contingency plans. As much as I hate to admit it, this thing may be too far gone. I’m thinking that I need to get to Texas, Montana or SC before they close the borders to those states. I guarantee that they will do a MUCH better job of securing those borders than they have securing the Mexican border.

    Be smart my friends. It is going to take a miracle to stop them.

  15. It is natural for the likes of someone like Harry “The Red” Reid to blame Republican lawmakers of “delaying” legislation, although they themselves have worked to come up with a more fiscally and sane healthcare bill. In no other way do liberals gain support for their socialistic agendas other than by pointing fingers and lying.

    Just as the Obama campaign did against John McCain in the 2008 election, Joe Biden pounded the taxation of employer-based health as “the largest taxpayers increase in American history.” Completly ignoring the fact that the money would be returned to the taxpayers in the form of individual subsidies in which they could buy insurance.

    The attack was dishonest but effective.

  16. beyond disgusted


    I so hope you are right, but we’ll have to wait and see. We won the battle in the summer of ’07 when there were more republicans in Congress than there are now. But, then again, one of my Republican Senators, Mel Martinez, was totally in favor of amnesty, as were Juan McCain & Lindsey Grahamnesty. With progressive Republicans like these, who needs enemies?

    The silent majority needs to wake up, big time!

  17. Thanks Larry, as usual Spot on. There are FUD (Fear Uncertainty Delay) managers where I work who literally get almost nothing accomplished and what little work done is more often than not late. OBOMAYOMAMA has created a new form of FUD. Fearless Unabated Deceit. He has left most (if not all) of the wiley coyote Republicans pansies paralyzed in his road runneresk rush to socialism dust. Who can keep up with it. Implement it like cow shit off a teflon shovel and don’t worry about the unexpected consequences , we can always beat the Bush. Have you heard about zoning the ocean? More Flamboyant Unadultered Drek.

  18. Obama is a malignant narcicist and as such wants t o mold our cuntry into his communist fantasies. He is quite ruthless and willing to twist facts and lies to build his empire. He will sacrifice anyone who stands in his way.
    And, he will put any crook, thug, or cheat in place to aid in his warped, crazed, and insane plot to take away our freedoms and our way of life.

    Never forget that this president, Barack Hussein Obama HATES our country. It is not his country, after all. He is made in the image of Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers,Saul Alinski, Louis Farakahn, Tony Rezko, and other hate- mongers. Everything he is doing and will do comes from these traitors. Is BO a traitor? I sincerely believe he is.

    Because of the breakneck speed of BO and his evil administration to knock us to our knees, it is realistic and savy to make contingency plans for ourselves and our loved ones. 2010 is a long way off.

  19. blue state blues- RWG

    He is a traitor, but only in our eyes. To his followers, both Libs and starry eyed others, he is a working class hero. He is going to take care of everybody. They have their eyes wide shut. That’s how is getting away with it. He has the media, the courts, the House, the Senate, the banks, the lawyers, Wall Street and the morons who are still looking for the new JFK.

    Why do you think there has been no real rebuke of Iran for the brute force they are using on the demonstrators? It’s because he knows that he is going to have a similar situation here when we take to the streets. And guess what? His response is probably going to be the same as theirs. Brute force.

    As soon as the price of food and gas gets to where it is being lead, we will all be in the streets. He and his envirowackos have shut down the farms in the San Joaquin valley in California. That’s an area equal to the size of North Carolina. Why do you think that Obama would allow such a disastrous event to take place. He knows we are going to have replace the fruit and veggies that have turned to sand with fruit and veggies from S. America and China. He is deliberately creating the biggest disaster since since the Irish Potatoe fammine.

    He is not going to be stopped by the current status quo. Republicans could not muster the balls to confront him on his birth certificate. I mean think about it. We probably have a sitting POTUS who is unconstitutionally in office. And I am tired of hearing lame ass conservatives tell me that it’s too late to do anything about it. WHAT??? I’ll tell what it is too late for; our freedom.

  20. Joe // June 20, 2009 at 10:28 pm
    “are Americans this enamoured, this ignorant to be unable to comprhend the fiscal destruction Obama is causing to our nation?”

    In a word…. Yes. In the longrun… No.

    Our economy has crashed before, and we had it in us to recover. Really. No lie. It’s on the books.

    Why we didn’t let those “too big to fail” fail is a mystery, if you ignore the fact that this administration, as well as some short-sighted Republicans, are “beholdin” to some and went along with a few theories which won’t hold true, no matter how much money we throw at it.

    General Motors had the technology in the late 90’s to produce a viable electric car, yet chose to keep that infomation mostly hidden. Google-up the movie “Who killed the electric car” and see for yourself how special interests and members from both political parties selfishly looked out for themselves, instead of the good of an entire nation.

    Blaming the market crash on Wall St. alone is about as useful as accusing a snake of being a snake. Brokers will sell fire to paper dolls if you let them, and the truth of the matter is that the instruments which Fannie and Freddie gave them to sell were terribly wrong in the first place. Instruments, some of which were originally designed right here in ol’ Chicago, at a bank owned by the family of one Penny Pritzker.

    Who’s Penny Pritzker?

    Why, until questions got asked, she was the national finance chairwoman (following Tony Rezko) for president you-know-who, and headed for the post of Commerce Secretary. She’s still on his staff, if you care to look into it.

    beyond disgusted // June 21, 2009 at 12:37 am
    I so hope you are right, but we’ll have to wait and see.

    We can’t just wait an see, we have to watch, and be ready to participate with factual, functional ideas. Ideas which come from individuals just like you and I.

    The “war effort” to save tin, rubber and gasoline in the past is really no different that what we must now do to survive and once again prosper. No, things won’t be easy as pie, but nobody ever promised you easy… except some of “their” politicians who haven’t a clue what they’re talking about in the first place.

    Just my take on a few things that might be of interest.

    BTW, I just killed a moth… please don’t tell PETA.


  21. blue state blues: Ah, yes, I can see it now: Russian tanks rolling down the Czechoslovakian streets (or was it Hungarian streets; I forget which), as the citizenry makes a last-desperate appeal for help, which, of course, the USA turned a deaf ear to!

    As Yogi Berra once said: “Deja vu, all over again”!

  22. I wish:

    …the Republican, Independent, Moderate, and Sane Democrat rank-and-file in Congress would get together and draft a letter.
    Then send a delegation with that letter to China, Japan, Russia, and any other country that might consider loaning this Bronze Bolshevik TRILLIONS of dollars.
    In that letter, they need to make it perfectly clear that:

    1. We will overthrow this tyrant soon.
    2. We will not pay back ANY of the money that you give to Obama.

    Tell them they better study up on Capitalism 101:
    1. check the credit-worthiness of your client.
    2. when they TELL you they have no intentions of paying it back, DON’T LEND THEM ANY MONEY!

    Think anyone has the balls to do that??

    Beanhead- my 9 mil jammed.

    It was Hungary in ’56 when the Soviet tanks rolled.


  23. “too big to fail is no mystery”.
    AIG is a moneytree to the Demonrats.
    The CEO and top execs were funnelling MILLIONS back to the Demonrats campaigns.

    Freddie & Fannie CEOs walked away with $100 million in bonuses (at the time of the crunch), both of them are BIG contributors of the Demonrats.
    And, they were being “watched” by??? Barney Frank (how creepy is that).

    When Pooloosi took over as Speaker in 2007 and the Demonrats took over all the committees, someone asked, “who wants to oversee Freddie and Fannie?”
    And old Barney thought they said, “who wants to go over and see Freddie’s Fannie?”
    Ol’ Barney jumped all over that one (literally).


  24. The fallacy of this entire socialized medicne debacle is that it will cover the uninsured citizens of this country. This is BS, no one here goes untreated, not even illegal aliens. The problem with health care is that the illegal aliens are breaking the bank of the hospitals by running to the ER everytime they have the sniffles. Many hospitals here in CA have closed due to th illegal alien problem.

    Obama’s plan is to include these border breakers in the health plan he is prescribing so that WE ALL (citizens) can pay for their health care and alleviate the financial drian facing hospitals where illegals bed down.

    Soon, we’ll all be paying for goods and services in pesos.

  25. Arthur Nankervis


    “It was Hungary in ‘56 when the Soviet tanks rolled.”

    I can remember that as if it were yesterday. The 1956 Olympics were in Melbourne (Australia) and I was able to see some of the ‘track & field’ events. There was ‘blood in the water’ when the Hungarian & Russian teams squared off in an ‘unfriendly’ water polo match (Hungarians went on to Gold).

    The following link shows Vladimir Kutz who won the 10,000 metres.

    I was there at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on that day. We (my school mates & I) all just looked in amazement as Kutz ‘sprinted’ the first few laps and left the (has beens) world’s best for dead. The four TV channels only showed 2 events for days ‘The Russian invasion and the Olympics’. Five years hence, I ‘signed up’ to fight the Ruskies, but had to be satisfied with going after Indonesians (Malaysia & Sarawak 1964-65).


  26. blue state blues- RWG

    To all the fathers out there who have had the privilege of hearing the four most precious words I have ever heard “I love you Daddy”; Happy Fathers Day!!

  27. SUCCESS!

    According to Rasmussen Reports, Sultan Obama’s poll numbers are NEGATIVE (-2) for the first time!
    Remember this date: 6/21/09.

    The lowest he had been before was 0 (zero) on 6/5/09.



    in ’56 I was a rookie benchwarmer somewhere at the bottom of my dad’s left testicle.
    in ’58, it was “batter up!”.

    Iran: WWRD (What Would Reagan Do):

    Running against Dhimmy Carter in 1980, Reagan had this to say about the “hostages” in Iran.
    These are not hostages, they are “prisoners of war”.
    The hostages were LITERALLY on planes on their way home at the VERY MOMENT Ronald Reagan was being sworn into office.
    Just minutes after being sworn in, we got the word that the “hostages” were on their way home.
    Dhimmy Carter and his state-run news agencies all want to give the credit to Dhimmy.
    But TO THIS DAY, no one (NO ONE !!!!) can tell us WHAT the deal was that convinced the Iranians to release those “hostages”.
    No One!

    Ronald Reagan never sat down with those tyrants.
    Ronald Reagan never called them on the phone.
    Ronald Reagan never spoke directly to them.
    But they heard his words LOUD AND CLEAR.

    3/1/1985 Reagan said this about the Nicaraguan rebels:
    ”You know the truth about them, you know who they’re fighting and why.”
    “They are the moral equal of our Founding Fathers and the brave men and women of the French Resistance.”
    ”We cannot turn away from them.”
    ”For the struggle here is not right versus left, but right versus wrong.”

    Let’s start with that, Barack HUSSEIN Obama.
    (I know its tough to show a rift in your muslim brotherhood, but give it shot. Be a man.)


  28. Arthur,

    I forgot, tip of the hat to you for joining in to stand against the Communists.
    Larry and I were in high school when the US pulled out of Vietnam, and just finishing our junior year when Saigon fell in April ’75.
    All the rumor was the US was going to reinstate the draft and make a big push back into Vietnam.
    With one more year of HS to go, we would have been in the thick of that dance.

    We all thought it was just bluster, and it was.


  29. blue states blue- RWG,

    Thank you, and I too join you in wishing all fathers a happy day.

    Eeeh, in my case however, I recieved a message from my daughter apologizing that “She hadn’t gotten any cards in the mail.” ANY cardS in the mail?!

    Now I’m wondering what my ex-wife was doing those forty-two years ago that would give need for my(?) daughter to play multiple choice on Father’s Day. That could get expensive, you know? I mean, have you looked at the price of cards lately? Geesh!!

  30. Listen very carefully to what he says…watch what he does….take lots of notes.

  31. Blue state blues, we’d love to have you (and any other true conservative) in MT!

    As someone who personally heard the Annointed One’s AMA speech (nicely read off the teleprompter, of course), he didn’t really say anthing surprising. What was funny was how upset the MSM were over the one boo that he got (and actually it was more of a 2100 person collective groan than a boo). He claims he wants to reform the heathcare system, but came right out and said that he refuses to discuss caps on non-economic damages (pain and suffering), which really do help decrease liability insurance costs in states like MT and TX). Hence the groan. How can you reform the system without including liability reform in the discussion? He’s a clueless moron and totally in the pockets of the trial attorneys…

    Thanks always, Larry. Your columns are great and I continue to pass your website address on to conservative friend after conservative friend!

  32. Arthur Nankervis

    Stitch and Larry (Young men all) and Family,

    ‘58, it was “batter up!” ?? … I think I’ve got the ‘correct bead’ on this one, but could be wrong (which would not be a first in relation to ‘American Humour and/or Sayings’). When it came to jokes and funny incidents, my US mates (SVN, 2nd Tour), would roll about in absolute, uncontrollable mirth, whilst us (OZ blokes) would look-on dumbfounded and wonder what they were laughing at. Of course, the shoe was on the other foot whenever we ‘cracked’ a funny. Still, for two groups of men with a (mostly) similar heritage, the initial ‘divide’ soon closed and we adopted sayings and slang from ‘both languages’. When to use it was another thing! One day, a group of Australian ‘brass’ were visiting our base and on being shown around, nearly ‘cacked in their boofers’ when their US guide, requesting that they move to a particular place, came out with: “If you mob of bastards could just step over here.” Aussie mateship allows that one could refer to another as a ‘bastard’, for anyone else, it was a definite No-No. And to refer to a ‘group of gentlemen’ as a mob (a flock or herd of animals) is an absolute disaster (all acceptable between mates though). One of the more senior ‘mob’ looked at me in bewilderment and as I had served with him in a previous stoush, gave him a ‘wink’ and with a nod of affirmation, they went on their way. “A mob of bastards” was the catch-cry for weeks afterwards.” I think that was when I suffered from my first hernia.

    “We have really everything in common with America nowadays, except, of course, the language.” – Oscar Wilde, a ‘Practicing Poofter’ – (Churchill & Shaw wrote of a similar similarity/difference).

    You can thank your lucky stars (or your father’s late start at horizontal dancing) that you blokes never got to Vietnam. For Americans, the war had ended many years before the final pullout. Betrayed by politicians, the socialist left and liberal timidity, America could not go on sending good, young men to Vietnam and at the same time, withdraw most of the aid, military support, encouragement etc. that SVN (and the US forces still in-country) had come to rely on. In a lot of cases, your young men were sent to almost certain death. That is the sad part of the tail end of the war. I spoke out against that silly waste a number of times, but was ‘overuled’ and so I decided that I would make special efforts at ‘taking an interest’ in your young fellows -fresh out of SF training facilities i.e.: ‘Panama’. Those young men soon got rid of that ‘Panama Patch’.

    I could go on, but whats the use. Many funny/sad stories – maybe later.

    Joe (“ex-wife”) Ahhh! another casualty – Its a big club cobber.

    Father’s Day! Now that one just slipped by. Haven’t been up to the Shopping Complex (which is a sort of calendar for me) for over a week now, and as it doesn’t appear on Thai calendars, I was none-the-wiser.

    Best be off and make some Brochan lom (porridge). And a hearty pòg mo thòn to Obama and the mob (LadyWolf to translate).


  33. I posted this under Temerity but since then I found more information, so I’ll post the entire article which includes the updated info.

    This is a horrible story to hide corruption from an Obama supporter who misused funds. In looking into AmeriCorps they are very similar to ACORN. Allegations that revealed e-mails may have been destroyed were disclosed in an April resignation letter from the group’s former executive director, which was obtained by The Sacramento Bee. In his resignation letter, Rick Maya said a member of the charter schools’ board deleted Johnson’s e-mails while the academy was under federal subpoena for misspending money it had received under the AmeriCorps program.

    The arrogance from these folks is truly amazing something is fishy here and smells like a killer whale lying dead on the beach for 30 days. Upon reading this story in the Sacramento Bee there is more to this story. AmeriCorps and ACORN are legally bound together as they switch staffs along with that of SIEU.

    Chancellor Michelle Rhee was appointed by DC Mayor Adrian Fenty June 12, 2007 and D.C. Public Schools, which is a district numbering 50,000 students and 144 schools. In the Mayor’s search for a change agent for schools in the District, experts in education recommended Ms. Rhee, even though she lacked the experience and who had already transformed many urban public school systems through her work with The New Teacher Project (TNTP). Michelle Rhee, also happens to be Kevin Johnson’s girlfriend. Ms. Rhee was paid by Mr. Johnson as a board member. Who paid her salary? Who pays for her travel to and from Sacremento? Was that money used to pay for the long distance canoodling?

    Did they acknowledge their relationship to either Kevin Johnson’s board members or the District of Columbia council? Did they report income on that tax? I have to question their ability to perform, as their foundation and the prior executive director had to return over $400,000 of the $800,000 granted them by AmeriCorps; because they had used those funds for something other then what was intended. And does the removing of the charter schools/voucher program in DC have anything to do with some of this stuff? The federally funded program was working for the student in DC, then why did Obama, through his hyperbolic rhetoric canceled the program? During the campaign he even acknowledged that it was working. So what changed in a few months? So the question becomes… Are you more interested in backing the Teacher’s union over the students education in the District of Columbia? By the way, the teacher’s union was against this program. The funds are also significant in the repayment in the grant purloin as well as the almost million dollars stolen by the Dale Rathke brother of the ACORN Founder, Wade Rathke. This is where George Soros comes into play as it was he who repaid both outstanding debts so that these people wouldn’t be tried in open Court of law and exposes the deceptive business practices.

    Obama stopped the program that was clearly working and helping the minority’s students who benefited from the program by being subsidized by their parents through a voucher by receiving money to attend other schools other then the public schools in their district. In farther investigation, George Soros’s name happens to keep popping up. His stench and billions seem to meld into place. This President’s current and past history comes close to the Clint Eastwood movie, Absolute Power. His corrupt staff, trying to hide a murder of his best pal’s young wife and political supporter/money man. They hide his crimes and in the process they implode. Three died and the other, his Chief of Staff goes to prison.

    There is no reason as to why D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty let school superintendent of the DC Schools system, Clifford B. Janey knows that he was out of a job. And it’s true that the mayor gave short shrift to consultations with the community and the D.C. Council in the search for a successor; relations with the governing body are too important for the mayor to make that a pattern. But bruised feelings about this process are secondary to the interests of city students. What matters as the council debated during the confirmation of Michelle A. Rhee in 2007as chancellor is her fitness to lead the schools. She was an unorthodox choice when she has never managed a school system, and her teaching experience is just a mere 3 years.

    Legally, they should all be tried for “obstruction of justice” for blocking and/or stopping an investigation into Kevin Johnson affair, where the money went and if it went to his girlfriend Ms. Rhee, her role in the far-left group she founded, the New Teacher Project, AmeriCorps role and connection with both the SEIU union and ACORN. Why has Obama stopped the DC school program and placed one of his supports to head the title of DC School Chancellor who misused of public funds they received through an education grant given by AmeriCorps. At best “obstruction of congress” which if found guilty you could be sentence to 10-15 years. A real investigation needs to be done, but the drooling idiots in the press will never look into any of this. But certainly would if a Republicans name is attached.

    As the DC Council earlier this year re-created the school board that was so rightly, abolished prior to her appointment at the beginning of 2007. I personally believe the firing has nothing to do with Inspector General Gerald Walpin, mental state, if the investigate have stopped then we should all question why? FBI Director Robert Mueller’s job may also be in jeopardy. Word is out the FBI is investigating Sacramento Mayor and former NBA Star Kevin Johnson for his dealings with the St. HOPE Academy, which his girlfriend worked for prior to becoming School Chancellor and her work with AmeriCorps. Someone else’s name popped up from Obama’s past in relations to AmeriCorps, yes… Obama’s favorite felon Bill Ayes has some involvement with them as well.

    Now, let’s add George Soros to the mix of ingredients as the money man, and the puzzle pieces start falling into place. With a vast fortune estimated to be worth well over $12 billion dollars, Soros is the money-man behind much of the far left agenda. Through his many organizations, including his Open Society Institute, Center for American Progress,, America Votes, America Coming Together, the Media Fund, Joint Victory Campaign, the Thunder Road Group LLC, AmeriCorps, the employees Union, SIEU, ACORN and more, he wields tremendous power behind the scenes. He has left a stench with everything he touches.

    Obama won the Presidential election in part to his impressive online social media marketing campaign through the internet and other methods. This is where he raised most of his huge campaign financing through George Soros and of course those lame-brains in Hollywood.

    Key agendas for George Soros and his groups of merry maddening man:

    -promoting the view that America is institutionally an oppressive nation (conservative translation unions)

    -promoting the election of leftist political candidates throughout the United States (bring corrupt shouldn’t matter, it’s actually a plus)

    -opposing virtually all post-9/11 national security measures enacted by U.S. government, particularly the Patriot Act

    -depicting American military actions as unjust, unwarranted, and immoral (something that the left seems to champion, we’re already guilty before getting off the plane)

    -promoting open borders, mass immigration, and a watering down of current immigration laws (ICE will be undermined, sanctuary cities and states)

    -promoting a dramatic expansion of social welfare programs funded by ever-escalating taxes (the Obama tax plan is starting to take shape)

    -promoting social welfare benefits and amnesty for illegal aliens (more over spending, state bankruptcy such as California)

    -defending suspected anti-American terrorists and their abettors (the Democratic Party and those who fund them)

    -financing the recruitment and training of future activist leaders of the political Left (starting in kindergarten and up)

    -advocating America’s unilateral disarmament and/or a steep reduction in its military spending (so if our troops are in jeopardy because they have no weapons they can say, “then we shouldn’t have been there to begin with.”)

    -opposing the death penalty in all circumstances, but they have no problem sentencing a baby/fetus. They whole a fly above a child. (I must have missed that memo)

    -promoting socialized medicine in the United States (Obama care)

    -promoting the tenets of radical environmentalism, whose ultimate goal, as writer Michael Berliner has explained, is “not clean air and clean water, [but] rather … the demolition of technological/industrial civilization” bringing American foreign policy under the control of the United Nations

    -promoting racial and ethnic preferences in academia and the business world alike (Sotomayor should help with this)

    – find legal loopholes in current legislation, and if the Bill was sponsored by a Republican, milk it for all it’s worth. Shaking their clawed fingernail, bad republican, bad. Media jumps on it, as Nancy Pelosi calls for a Congressional investigation into the twisted facts and says it’s warranted. (but no investigation of her claim the CIA lies)

    -the legalization of all drugs, including hard drugs (to keep us doped up and confused and one more thing to tax, usually people who buy drugs are never worried about paying their taxes)

    What appears to be happening here is that Obama is taking his training as a Political Organizer and plans to global and change the course and direction that the United States of America will head toward; all with the steely glare and white smile. Obama and friends seem to have outshined the Clinton Administration in the corruption Department and in record time, only 5 months. Bill looks more like a choir boy compared to Obama and could that be why he chose to use the Clinton retreads, he already knows their corrupt and they won’t have a problem with it.

    I have a whole bunch of questions for Mr. Obama which our slobbering media will never ask him, NEVER. Everything is layered and intertwined like a handmade rug. Thanks for that transparency and accountability, Obama.

    There is a hell of a lot more to this story. I’ve been gathering information as the puzzle starts to shape into place.

    It didn’t take me all that long to undercover this information, maybe a half hour. So clearly it would take a “professional” journalist even less time to uncover the facts. They have access to legal and civil databases that I don’t have. All I hear are the cricket chirping. Mr. Walpin is a whistleblower so the media will be unmerciful to him and his family, by demonizing him by the far-left. They don’t need to provide the facts only speculation, disguised as truth. Let’s hope he has a strong stomach. Glenn Beck as been on this story and he said on Friday that some more facts will be released this coming week. I wonder if he found the same information that I did.

  34. Right on Arthur.

    Translation: “pòg mo thòn” = Kiss my a$$.

    Your Grandfather’s lessons didn’t go to waste.
    The Scots and the Irish do have a way with words, don’t they? They mean what they say and say what they mean.

  35. Obama has been playing with fire and is painting himself into a corner. Our “old” economy cannot be recovered. By any mathmatical equation, there is no bringing back the economy. It is lost. Obama’s rhetoric cannot dig him out of this fact amongst all the star struck morons who’ve followed him. It is becoming increasingly evident, even to moderate and some “down the line” liberals, that the choice we face really comes down to this; Do we continue to put our dwindling resources and “hopes” into resucitating dying systems, or we move forward to the next chapter of American life, cut our losses, and make new arrangements with the realities offered?

    To take it a step further, can we as a nation, remain one, remain a common culture and do so without a concious repurposing of our collective spirit as in “Change and Hope.”?

    Do you think that the natural procession of bankruptcy involving banks, lending and other financial institutions and car makers would have destroyed the American economy?

    The bizarre spectale being played out right now by Obama and his Marxist team only adds to the mystery of the whole damned question. It’s not only disheartening but sickening to see the Obama White House mount a campaign to sustain the unstainable in the economic realm. Everything the Guiled One has done for four months involving money management and private policy (aside from it being non-Constitutional) from backstopping hopeless banks, to gaming the bankruptcies of the big car companies, to the bungled efforts to prop up artifically high-house pricing, amounts to a gigantic effort in futility!

    Even worse, Larry and my family, as if we weren’t already aware of the stench, it reeks of dishonesty or stupidity, or the combination of both.

    It’s one thing for a business such a bank to fail; it’s another for the public to lose faith in banking. Or their own currency, or all the people who work in banking, or the authority and those charged to regulate these activities, or the courts and their officers who are supposed to abjucate misconduct in them.

    Enter “Gaza” Geithner, having stood in one to many sand storms. Following orders from the “Great Smiley One”, Tim will shake his head and spread “prairie” dust upon the hapless wheels of the Fed.

    When faith in things start to go, all bets are off for even the larger constructs of society like democracy, justice and the destiny of a federal republic.

    It is the liberal Democrats vs. our freedom and liberties as God fearing, self-responsible, moral people!

  36. Before I get distracted again, Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers at No Left Turnz.

  37. There is no provision in the US Constitution that allows government to give anything to one American at the expense of another American.

    When BB can give me the same health plan that he, Michelle and the girls have — I’m all for it.

  38. I got this email this morning from the Heritage Foundation requesting help to stop the EPA not to move forward with carbon dioxide regulations. Visit today to voice your concern to the EPA about these regulations. The website is

    Pass it on. Thanks!

  39. Giannoulias


    I’ve seen the documentary “Who killed the electric car” a number of times and thought it was a well made documentary. It’s shocking to see the lame ass excuses for why they stopped the environment vehicle program from both General Motors and Toyota. Those excuses ranged from the cars are ugly to they aren’t selling. First, those cars look very close to the Saturn brand and second, there was a waiting list for those who wanted one so how is that not selling. This all took place as a test for California to see if they could take it globally. They confiscated the cars from their owners; they placed them on a flatbed truck for destruction, they were eventually shredded. They never gave a believable explanation was to why they did this.

    One of those interviewed believed that the gas company’s objected and were willing to compensate the car manufacturers to stop this program. Now, for me that makes more sense then they were too ugly. I recommend you watch the DVD its good.

    Also, when I was doing a background check on Obama I ran across a name who was entangled in the Blagojevich, Rezko, Rahm Emanuel, Obama, Mayor Daley and of course ACORN were all entwined in the corrupt Chicago Political game of you’re it. If I remember it correctly Rahm Emanuel, made at least $320,000 for a 14-month stint at Freddie Mac that required little effort or knowledge.

    He is now gatekeeper to Obama and Emanuel now plays a critical role in addressing the nation’s mortgage woes and fulfilling the administration’s pledge to impose responsibility on the financial world. Emanuel’s Freddie Mac involvement has been a prominent point on his political résumé, and his healthy payday from the firm has been no secret either. What is less known, however, is how little he apparently did for his money and how he benefited from the kind of cozy ties between Washington and Wall Street that have fueled the nation’s current economic mess?

    A banker’s name keeps popping up in this political game besides Penny, Alexi Giannoulias. Who is now Illinois’ State Treasure and I believe he is contemplating running for Governor. It might be a tough sale because his family has ties to the gave multi-million dollar loans to Michael Gioranago, who was convicted on bookmaker and prostitution ring promoter.” Barack Obama was quoted in the article as saying that he “is concerned by revelations that the bank owned by Illinois Democratic treasurer nominee Alexi Giannoulias’ family gave loans to a Chicago crime figure and said the candidate owes him and the public a full accounting.” There is another bank and I believe it was Penny’s family’s Superior Bank, who was one of the banks that went under after making a lot of subprime loans — leaving 1,400 of its customers without part of their savings — was that was her Chicago’s Superior Bank. Penny pushed for the bank into the subprime mortgage meltdown in an effort to revive the bank. Which eventually left 1,400 of its customers without part of their savings?

    The ties between Giannoulias and Obama may be even more troubling that those between Obama and the likes of Jeremiah Wright because there seems to be so little upside for Obama in this relationship. Perhaps the former community organizer who is also known to shoot some hoops felt some common bond with the self-described community banker and basketball player for Boston University. In fact, the Sun Times’ Mike Sneed reported on January 18 2008 that Giannoulias “was last spotted trying to set up a Saturday morning basketball game in Las Vegas so Barack Obama could loosen up on primary day.”

    Whatever the attraction for Obama, the friendship certainly has paid off in a big way for Giannoulias. In 2004, Giannoulias was an early supporter of Obama. Obama repaid the support to his campaigns by having his Senate campaign use the Broadway Bank. In 2006, Obama give Giannoulias an early and avid endorsement that helped him become Illinois State Treasurer at the age of 30.

    This was despite some well-publicized involvement with a fraudulent loan made by the bank to an 83 year old woman who had been brought in by two convicted felons. During the campaign, another story about a Broadway bank loan to a John D’Arco, a former state senator twice convicted of federal corruption charges and two convicted bookmakers also made headlines. One of the bookmakers, Michael Gioranago, is an alleged prostitution ring promoter, too.

    This alleged mortgage fraud occurred five years ago when Mr. Giannoulias’ family bank the Broadway Bank in Chicago made a $1 million loan to an 83 year-old woman who could not fill out the loan forms and who was brought to the bank by two felons and another person. One of those men had twice been convicted of bank fraud. Mr. Giannoulias admits that he knew that the felons were involved and that in his own words “I’m not sure it would be a prudent loan.” Well sure, the loan payments were $9,845 per month while the bank’s own loan documents show that Ms. Billings had an income at that time was working at the family bank he saw the collateral of property in the 1100 block of West Washington St., just west of the traditional Greektown. However when on the witness stand Mr. Giannoulias had a revelation, hey maybe $165 per month is not reasonable for an 83 year-old woman to live on. You think?

    My point is that all these people in Obama’s life are all dirty and corrupt and can they still be living on the street and not sitting behind some bars. There is no way Obama could have survived in Chicago around all these cheating, lying, hypocritical idiots and not have some blood on his hands. Pritzker was Obama’s choice for Secretary of Commerce but she felt the Congressional background stress test would fail and she took her name out of contention.

    Bean if I got anything wrong or some of the facts twisted, please let me know. I know it goes much deeper then what was written here.

    YOU ARE A MURDERER, you killed a helpless creature from God. Don’t worry my cat killed a roach Saturday night and she told me it was the survival of the fittest. Who knows when Obama is done all that will be left would be Obama and the insect brigade they have no money so they cannot pay taxes, but I’m sure Obama will figure out a way.

  40. In viewing some great political quotes that should be made public again on a bumper sticker or t-shirt. Based on the events this week in Iran there is a few that stands out that I like you to read.

    “Whenever a free man is in chains we are threatened also. Whoever is fighting for liberty is defending America.” —William Allen White

    “We have built no temple but the Capitol. We consult no common oracle but the Constitution.” —Rufus Choate

    “Our government conceived in freedom and purchased with blood can be preserved only by constant vigilance.” —William Jennings Bryan

    “Here, sir, the people govern.” —Alexander Hamilton

    “One country, one Constitution, one destiny.” —Daniel Webster

  41. I can just see it now:

    ACORN census taker: “Are you a right-wing extremist?”

    Triviaman: “I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that it might tend to incriminate me.”

    ACORN census taker: “I’ll take that response as a ‘Yes’ answer.”

  42. Arthur Nankervis

    Joe & Family,

    I do agree with most points in your submission Joe and concede that things do look bleak for the renewal of America and a return to the ‘Days of Glory’. My one exception is that a return to glory by the United States is not all that hard to ‘imagine’ and if it can be imagined, it can be done. I suppose I have the luxury of being one who is on the outside looking in and who has personally experienced the power of The U.S. from a cold start, like diving without ear-protection and on surfacing, cannot clear the water from the inner ear – later, when the water finally exits under its own steam, the roaring sound of everyday life is almost deafening. The roaring sound is America and it will come again some day and woe betide those who stand in her way. Yes, I do believe that America will rise up and become far greater than she has ever been. What we all must first understand is that government does not control America. The government (literally, those weak minded individuals who constitute the ruling party) is only the tool of those who truly govern from ‘behind the curtain’. If you have followed the recent scandals and how companies are linked and how they can be traced back to people of note, or sometimes, the peters out into what looks like a dead end. A simple example is NBC > General Electric’s > Obama’s policies/rake offs. This may be only a simple example, but it is indicative of how those powerful societies and organisations operate and control almost all facets of American (World) life. Believe me, most Americans and law-abiding citizens worldwide, have no idea just who or what controls America and some say, it is best not to find out. One of the family (was it Eileen?) did some digging on the ties between American and Nazi ‘pharmaceutical’ companies … that was just scratching the surface and was nowhere near the world seat of power that still controls most of our lives. Enough said!

    So, what should be done to get back to those golden days of yore? Firstly, through fair means or foul, America must regain control of the White House. Remove all politicians and traces of ‘party line thinking’ and replace them with men and women of honour, who know exactly what they are doing – these people could be farmers, car salesmen, the honest bank manager from the bush, the retired General/service personnel, etc In fact, can you imagine the wealth of experience that is sitting down in retirement in America today. There must be a billion years, or more, of ‘experience’ who sit down in front of their TVs every night and shake their heads, knowing full well that they themselves, can do a far superior job than the clowns currently in charge. Without going into the volumes one would have to read to find all this out, I put forward the following:

    What would I do if I were king of America? King you ask? Remember: Brendan Fraser as Montgomery ‘Monty’ Kessler, Joe Pesci as Simon Wilder in the movie “With Honors” Simon (a bum) responds to a Harvard Professor of Law:

    Simon Wilder: You asked the question, sir, now let me answer it. The beauty of the Constitution is that it can always be changed. The beauty of the Constitution is that it makes no set law other than faith in the wisdom of ordinary people to govern themselves.

    Proffesor Pitkannan: Faith in the wisdom of the people is exactly what makes the Constitution incomplete and crude.

    Simon Wilder: Crude? No, sir. Our “founding parents” were pompous, white, middle-aged farmers, but they were also great men. Because they knew one thing that all great men should know: that they didn’t know everything. Sure, they’d make mistakes, but they made sure to leave a way to correct them. The president is not an “elected king,” no matter how many bombs he can drop. Because the “crude” Constitution doesn’t trust him. He’s just a bum, okay Mr. Pitkannan? He’s just a bum.

    Why do I use the analogy between the President and his standing as an elected king? For me, in that I disagree slightly with Simon, the president of the United States wields more power than all the worldly king’s combined. If you look at the White House today, you will see that there is someone in residence who firmly believes, that he is king. Elected? But a king nonetheless!

    What would I do? : Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less; Forget about wind power; Reinstate the production line of GM and Chrysler; Resurrect (if possible) the dies and equipment for reproducing The PONTIAC TRANS AM ; Double the defence budget/increase military personnel wages; Banish abortion on demand; Reintroduce Christian teachings in all schools and segregate Muslims to their own schools; Adopt strict immigration laws/tests (something like those of Denmark – I’d probably fail those tests); Introduce compulsory education on the use of handguns, sporting and assault rifles; Bring all those involved in health care, health insurance and a cross-section of the general public together to formulate a workable health care system for all; Be prepared for a hefty bill for the negation, redecoration and reinstatement of order in the White House (no skateboarders allowed)… I could go on (my wish list is endless), but I think the family gets my drift.

    I still think it is criminal that no Conservative has stepped up to a position of leadership. Some are beginning to make a noise, whilst others are lost in a deafening silence. I do sense that the people, like the family at NLTZ, are beginning to put the right amount of pressure where it is needed to activate a movement that will ‘install’ a leader with honour and who will carry the day. Time is running out though, dear family.

    So Joe: Yes, I do think you can attain the ideal of: “remain one, remain a common culture and do so without a con(s)cious repurposing of our collective spirit.” Likewise, I think within a very short time, America can become the world economic powerhouse, but please, not with any of the failed concepts of the “old” economy. It’s time for new thinking, new people and for sure, the reinstatement of the laws that compel the United States to have a ‘Gold Reserve’ equivalent to the amount of money that is in circulation at any given time.


  43. Arthur Nankervis

    Sorry folks:

    In the line: “Be prepared for a hefty bill for the negation, redecoration and reinstatement of order in the White House” … negation should be fumigation … (Dragon NaturallySpeaking has a way unto itself sometimes, even in the OZ mode.


  44. Arthur Nankervis


    Hurry! If you go to The Drudge Report, just under the heading :

    … you will see the latest picture of Sasquatch. Fair dinkum, if that’s not the Yowie with a rubber mask, I’ll bare my behind in Sears Roebuck (if the company is still operating). The Yowie is an affectionate term for an unidentified hominid reputed to lurk in the Australian wilderness.


  45. Well, yesterday on Glenn Beck he told us that the organization formerly known as ACORN plans to go Global to spread unhappiness worldwide. The new and disproved name is Community Organizations International. Could be they can go to Iran and Iraq to show them how to really steal an election. Glenn asks what you would choose for a new name. I came up with TREES.


  46. Hmm, it would seem this humble country boy’s comments have come up in the world from “pure prattle and being below comment.”

  47. Eileen,

    In keeping with your “TREES”, how ’bout ROOTS?

    Repulsive Organization Of The Socialists


    With Obama’s rush to “supervise” the banking system we’re likely to see the addition of another big bureacracy in reaction to a “crisis” (Obama’s favorite word) partially caused by a poorly structured banking system and toothless enforcement of existing regulations. As always, the answer to sloppiness in bureaucratic regulators is, another layer of bureaucratic regulators. Regulative reform will not be effective if its architects incorrectly diagnose how the system blew up under the existing system of oversight. Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, who fully understood his new job as to be only taking dictation and answering phones, will be the “architect.” I am taking bets on his being able to draw a straight line.

    Banks have screwed up because they haven’t ran on the discipline of a free market. Free market discipline refers to the fact that in a business if you make mistakes, your customers will let you know by leaving. If you make bad enough mistakes, your rear-end may be the receptor of buckshot. If you don’t reform, improve your product or service, your flat out of business By promoting competition, free market discipline imposed on business has done more for the “little guy” than government handouts by spurring advances in productivity and living standards.

    Banks make their money by extracting huge economic rents from savers and borrowers. They, for the most part, have failed in their supposed intermediary role between savers and borrowers.

  48. Arthur,

    It wasn’t me who discovered that connection, I think it may have been Fran or LadyWolf.

    I own the film you speak of “With Honors” and I’ve always believed that Joe Pesci gave a great performance. That encounter with that pompous Professor was a great one and you can see the student show the changes on their face when he left the room. They looked at their professor with less awe. He answer was correct and the professor believes the same thing that the Democrats believe. The Constitution doesn’t provide “the sharing of wealth” because that’s what they were running away from. The Founders expected the people in this Country to pave their own way through ingenuity and the forethought that the reward should be equalized not the monetary outcome. If you wanted to succeed work for it, and if need be work hard the reward will be much better then the money you receive.

    The Professor Pitkannan, played by Gore Vidal looked down his nose at Simon cause all he could see was a bum. He already thought he was uneducated, an alcoholic and lazy. But Simon’s was a merchant marine who ended up with lung cancer because he was subjected to Asbestos and got lung cancer from it. He loved literature and hid in the Library basement to keep warm, he also read a lot of great books that most students now will barely read, Keats, Joyce and Dickens to name a few.

    Arthur, Joe and et al,

    I don’t know about what you both said. I’ve never thought for a second that Obama, Pelosi and Reid ever wanted to fix the economy. I always thought it was about gaining more control over businesses, industry and financial control to where American taxpayers won’t ever have a voice. They know better, just ask them. They can control the people by manipulating the economy. I’m sure we will see a change in the economy and have the press tell us his plan is working in April of next year. All that hatred will be redirected to the Republicans and the press will lauded Obama’s brilliance. Enough for the re-election of the same idiots that caused it. By January 2011, Obama will start to campaign for re-election as Congress tries to pass a new Bill (in secret) that will allow Obama to run again, no more term limits for the seat of President. It will become a lifetime job.

    I think after gaining control of those industries and businesses, the next thing will be to change the laws on elections. After that, they will be adding two more liberal Justices to the Supreme Court, making it 11. Which means 4 Conservatives will be out numbered by 7 liberals. I think they are trying to get a lot done before the bubble burst, which explains all the hurry up and the lack of that promised transparency and accountability. They won’t do this in the open; they will plot and connive behind the scenes with secret, unrecorded votes in Congress ala the Law of the Seas Treaty. Some of you may believe I’ve gone crazy and that I’ve lost my mind but there has to be something to explain why so many democrats in office appear to be so giddy. I don’t think they are only happy that they won. My instincts tell me there is something more going on behind the scenes. If Nancy and Harry continue to uninvited the Republicans and leave them in the dark without a flash light.

    Why would Nancy last week adjourn Congress to then tell them to return because she wanted them to vote now? Even some Democratic Congressman/woman weren’t even notified about the vote until it was too late. Hear any of that in the media? They all scrambled to get there and came in wearing flip-flops and shorts/t-shirts to get there. She is clearly playing games and she’s using the Republicans and the Blue Dog Democrats as pawns. But, pawns if used correctly they can take out the Queen or King. Check/checkmate. There is something going on here and I haven’t pinpointed what just yet, but I don’t trust any Democrats in Congress.

    The continuous blame game with the rhetoric of “we inherited this economy” from the previous administration is not only being used as a catch-all but it’s also a continuation of the demonizing of the conservative Republicans; which I think is their ultimate goal.

    This mornings Heritage Foundation’s Morning Bell wrote: The White House released new rules for counting the number of jobs created by President Barack Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus plan. Governors, mayors, and contractors will be required to keep track of every full-time, full-year job funded by Obama’s stimulus, but they are not required to submit their data to the federal government until October of this year. White House budget office deputy director Rob Nabors told the AP: “If governors or mayors or contractors make up numbers, it’s not going to take long for that to come to light.” But what about Vice Presidents? If this data isn’t even going to be collected until October, then why was Vice President Joe Biden running around the country earlier this month claiming Obama’s stimulus “has already created 150,000 jobs around the country” Talk about making stuff up.

    The Chicago Tribune also reported that… The Obama administration issued its long-awaited rules for tallying jobs Monday and warned that local politicians trying to inflate their numbers would surely be caught (who will do the catching?). Conservative translation is cheat, lie and steal and pump up your numbers and stats because we all know that the Stimulus is not working so lie and lie big.

    Also… The data collected could provide the most accurate count of workers employed by stimulus money, a number that is expected to be far more precise than the murky and unverifiable promise that 3.5 million jobs will be created by the end of next year. They are already saying it will be 3.5 million, so the goal would be is to lie and make it 4 million or above. “Just count the people being paid out of Recovery Act dollars,” said Rob Nabors, deputy director at the White House budget office.

    To avoid double-counting (which means they will double maybe even triple the count), a job means a full-time, full-year job. So a student working a 9-to-5 job for his three-month summer vacation will be counted as one-fourth of a job. The part-time teacher who works all year is half a job. And the full-time highway contractor who works all year is one job.

    As the figures are released every three months, the data will represent the closest to a stimulus head count as any information available in real time. The number is expected to fall well short of the 3.5 million mark. That’s because there’s no way to reliably tally jobs created by Obama’s $288 billion tax cuts. And the count will not include jobs created by the ripple effect of business spending. Last month they happily claimed that the unemployment numbers were down and the White House was trying to claim the Stimulus was working. I decided to see if that was real. It turns out the unemployment number was similar to April; the only difference was that 150,000 new jobs were created so they subtracted the number from the unemployment number to get the effect they desired. Those new jobs were temporary part-time and full-time for the summer, ONLY. So you can see how well that new math equation that’s being used by the White House cannot be taken at face value. Fuzzy math.

    The White House will issue those estimates based on the head count. (I cannot wait)

    “This whole thing is tricky. I’m not going to pretend it’s not,” Nabors said. “This whole effort is virtually unprecedented.”

    Only more political games by those who set up the rules which seem to constantly keep changing. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have had enough of this constant onslaught of telling us it Filet Mignon when they are serving dirt. I am exhausted and oh so tired of these games. I want the truth and I think we all know we will never get that from this administration.

    I believe Bush really was trying to make things better and was stopped constantly by the democratically, liberal controlled Congress. I never viewed him as an evil man the same way the press always tried to portray him. I do, however believed that he miscalculated how far the left would go to destroy him. By the time he realized it was too late to change the public opinion.

    But, as I watch this President I do believe he has an agenda and is working with Nancy Pelosi and some other high profiled democrats in both the House and Senate, and I am starting to view them as evil. They have an agenda and are trying very hard to mislead Americans. Question is why has he surrounded himself with idiots from Biden to Napolitano. I knew he would have never picked Hillary as VP; she would try to upstage him at every opportunity. He needed someone who would not be a threat or someone who would not overshadow him. So compared to them he looks like a rocket scientist. I see a sign in our future “I’m with stupid.” All that bad education to dumb down Americans is finally paying off.

    He has taken the Clinton’s and he is using both of them so that he can keep his eye on them. Either holds much power, technically Hillary holds no power, she’s got the title but others are doing the real work. He is showing himself to be very shrewd, convining, manipulating prick. He has even separated Hillary from Bill by keeping both busy with nonsense. All of it is very calculating which has leaded me to believe what I wrote above. I am terrified and horrified for my Country that when these idiots are done, there won’t be anything left. Everyday another horror story is leaked out and I think they’re just getting started. Who is the architect of this plan? And when did it start? I think the Clinton’s tried and they may have gone off course with all the affairs and his love tryst from Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and of course Monica Lewinsky and her friend, Linda Tripp. He lost focus but Hillary never did, which is part of why she was so angry. I don’t for a minute believe she was ever upset about his affairs. Their marriage isn’t based on love; it’s more like a business arrangement. I’ll support you but you will need to support me when the time comes. I’m not real old but I’ve always viewed people who have craved control over others will always abuse it once they have gotten it. These are the Democrats and this is how I view them. They will take anything to get more power over the public. It’s not about the Country or the public it’s about them and how to gaining and retaining that power.

    I am sorry this is so long, I never intended for it to be so long. I start writing and cannot stop. Please except my apology.

  49. RE: Eileen // June 22, 2009 at 7:31 pm


    Is there a remote possibility that you would consent to becoming the mother of my children?

    OK, I’ll settle for e-friends of the highest order if that’s what’s available at the moment.

    You are only beginning to scratch the surface of the president’s ties to what is “normal” in Chicago politics. How BHO made it past the primaries on the national level is a mystery to be pondered for ages, though the signs of what we here in the Socialist State of Cook County know all too well are documented for all to see, if they will only take the time to look for themselves. How he rarely finished any project successfully, or without costing the taxpayers millions in folly after folly. (Deja Vu?)

    How he formed alliances with some of the most unsavory people in the Chicago area, and then claimed “simple oversight” when those alliances and “dealings” were brought to the surface.( Can you say, Chavez?)

    Google: John Kass, Chicago Tribune, Obama, or go to and search: Kass, Obama and have a few gallons of coffee ready so you can enjoy one of the best “no nonsense” op-ed writers we have in town. Yes, some fluff and off-topic, but good background flavor of life here in Entitlementland.

    Google: Obama with Rezko, or, Wright, or, Pritzker, or Ayers, or, Frank Marshall Davis, or, Emil Jones, or, David Axelrod and Daley. Emil Jones is actually the man who “made” him what he was in Illinois politics, BTW.

    Google: Jesse Jackson, Michelle Obama for an amusing surprize.

    You’ll find out how the president used good people as “stepping stones” and then discarded them when their usefulness was depleted.

    Google: Obama, Alice Palmer

    The president’s projects around the South Side of Chicago had a tendency to fail at staggering costs, too.

    Google: Obama, Botanic Garden in Englewood, the Woodlawn Group, The Chicago Algebra Project, Operation Board Games For Slumlords.

    Wanna’ know where the Sub-Prime Fiasco started? Google: Obama, Citibank, Redlining.

    None of this information will be “new” news to anyone who has followed the president’s trail, but it will give you a solid perspective into the way he starts projects and never finishes them, leaving the mess to be paid for by the taxpayers as he moves on to the next “hot button” on his agenda.

    Sound familiar?

    Get use to it.

    The good news is, people are already starting to wake-up. Did you read Stitch’s post about poll numbers??

    See the humor in it… Just 3 1/2 years to go.

    We’ll survive.

    BTW…Giannoulias? Best guess, not going anywhere in politics any time soon. The president used him up. lol,lol

    Have fun digging through the mess, and pass around the good stuff.


  50. Eileen,

    In the first place. Girl, don’t ever apologize for speaking your mind, your beliefs, your Americanism. That is what this country is about. The day you or any of us are silenced, we can no longer continue to call ourselves a society of liberty and freedom, indeed, Americans. I, for one, always find your posts interesting and truly worth the read so keep it up! I would ask one favor in you keeping a fire extinguisher handy save you set the keyboard afire.

    My “questions” in the post of ‘Obama is playing with fire’ werely strickly of rhetorical conjecture, not as queries.

    There is one thing no one can get away from is “The Natural Order.” It first applies to Nature but liberals refuse to accept this, and try to change, that it also applies to man. Within the liberals creating a “perfect world”, whether it be through socialism or any other repressive government over their followers, will never defeat The Order.
    Come to think of it, “The Natural Order Party” wouldn’t be a bad name for a third party.

    “I believe banking institutions are more danerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”
    ~~ Thomas Jefferson 1802

  51. “And now, direct from Washington, D.C.–from the land of mindless quislings– it’s the BARRY OBAMA Show!

    Here’s Barrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry!!!”

    (With apologies to Ed McMahon, who passed from this life last night.)

    Did anyone turn on their “Obama UH” machine today? I did not know the “Comedian-In-Chief” was spouting today.

    It was said that he had looked down at his notes to find out who the next pre-determined press “questioner” was going to be; the selected “Obamaites” had the answers printed for them to look at, so that they could phrase the “politically-correct” questions.

    (I think I’ll go out of the room and regurgitate in the toilet bowl now.)

  52. triviaman,

    Here’s something that’ll keep ya grabbin’ the porcelain poo-pooer for awhile.

    Tomorrow night, June 24th, Obam-A-Lama-Ding-Dong and ABC News are going to be wed at the White House in pushing for government run healthcare.

    Highlights on the agenda:

    ABCNEWS anchor Charlie Gibson will deliver world new from the Blue Room of the White House, EXCLUDING opposing voices on the debate.

    Oh, and by the way, the Director of Communications at the White House office of Health Reform ia Linda Douglass, who worked as a reporter for ABC from 1998-2006. Feeling quezy yet?

    Late last night, Republican National Commitee Chief of Staff, Ken McKay reportedly fired off a complaint to the headquarters of ABCNEWS pressing the point that if a fair and open debate were not to be allowed, Obama should not be allowed free air time but instead the Democratic party pay for it.

    ABCNEWS Senior Vice President Kerry Smith responded to the complaint saying it “contained false premises” and it was “criticizm from extremes.”

    Now there’s fair and responsible journalism for you, Marxist style.

    The network plans a primetime special, Prescription For America, originating from the East Room.

  53. Arthur:

    Eileen’s right, I’ve done a lot of “digging” into the ties between I G Farben and the American drug companies. I G Farben, was, allegedly, split up after World War II. It “grew out of a complex merger of German manufacturers of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and dyestuffs (Farben). Its major members were the companies known today as BASF AG, Bayer AG, Hoechst AG, Agfa-Gevaert Group, and Cassella AG.” They still have their hands in a lot of things. I.G. Farben manufactured Zyklon B-gas for Auschwitz. Its “partner” in the US is Monsanto which is considered by many, including myself, to be the most evil company in the world. Monsanto manufactured Agent Orange And Agent Blue for use in Vietnam. It is now involved in trying to completely control the World food supply.

    You mentioned those who govern from “behind the curtain”. I and others have been watching the “shadow government” here for decades. My Grandmother always said that the people who appeared to be in power in our village weren’t the real power. When I was old enough to look into things, I soon discovered that the “shadow government” went far beyond our small village and county and up to the state and Federal governments as well.

    We have a lot of eyes watching but they can’t be all over. Sometimes we’re able to learn what they are up to and throw a monkey wrench into the works. Unfortunately, the “shadows” are all over the world and in every government. The pure unadulterated evil of the “shadow government” and their plans for this world is almost beyond belief, but it is true.

    I don’t know if you have seen the following link but it is very informative.

    It’s quite long but it shows how and who took control of America. It is certainly worth looking at. These people are a large part of the “shadow government.” There are suggestions at the end of the video for how to correct the problems.

    I agree with almost everything you said but a return to the “Gold Reserve” is probably not the answer as the “money masters” are in control of that commodity as well.

    I believe that America can survive and become great again, if we return to our Judeo/Christian roots and trust in God to guide us in the right direction. We need a leader, but we will have to be very careful who we choose.

    In my opinion, we have the False Prophet sitting in our White House. The fact that we at NoLeft Turnz have all recognized him as the liar he is, makes me feel that we will survive. We will know the Anti-Christ as well. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I am not about to let these heathens take over. This is my country and I intend to fight them in any way I can.

  54. Joe, I won’t be watching the “wedding” if it is at the same time as Michael Savage’s show (7-10 PM CDT). I expect Savage will be “savaging” “you know who” (insert your favorite nickname here).
    But thanks for the other info, anyhow!

  55. Eileen, about your post at 11:15 PM of June 23rd, you wondered about “something more going on behind the scenes.”

    Think “George Soros”!

  56. I’ll respond tomorrow regarding everyone’s post, but I wanted to let everyone know that Barney Frank will be a guest on O’Reilly’s show tomorrow night (it also gives you an out from watching the slobber-fest on ABC). I’ll be there watching that idiot get what he’s got coming to him. There last encounter was rather entertaining and well worth a soda and a large container of popcorn.

  57. I try hard to dig up the facts before posting anything. Part for the possible bumpers stick or t-shirt and partly for gathering enough information to become informed. When Obama threw his straw hat into the ring to run for the Presidency it only took me one, one speech to say he’ll be the frontrunner. Not only because of his race but mostly because they would used his race against the Republicans and should one challenge him or made a negative comment he as well as the media would be start calling them racist. I told my father, I smell a winner and controversy. At that time Hillary was the front runner and Obama was a relative unknown. He sure could spin the media compost so much it could create a diamond. I think once the Democrats saw him as an opportunity and Howard Dean was trying like hell to promote him. Howard hates the Clinton’s so much and this little gem fell into his lap which was just what he wanted to take down Hillary. There is no love lost between the two warring fraction. So all that controversy was good “bad” PR. So if a Republican questioned something Obama policies or speeches the media spun the comment and called the Republican a racist. It didn’t really matter if the question was a genuine/legitimate one; the media still used it against the Republican candidates.

    It became very frustrating for me to have to hear some very lame questions from the drooling and slobbering press core. No questions about his time in the Illinois Senate, no background about his association with domestic radicals and communist associates. I joined a number of conservative sites such as Town Hall, Human Events, Heritage Foundation, Judicial Watch, and OpenCongress. American Civil Rights Coalition to just name a few. I was looking for information on Obama because our press core wouldn’t and I was becoming more and more frustrating. Then a gentleman on the Town Hall blog recommended I check out Op-Ed News and read the series of Obama and his Chicago and Illinois gang members. Those articles written by Evelyn Pringle. So I read all of them; which made me sick to my stomach if what she was saying was true. I set out to try and verify if it was accurate. She had a habit of linking her backup information with another article she wrote. I felt that she needed to go outside her employer and provide real information from a different source; that is what I was taught in my Journalism class. We know now that most journalists don’t follow that rule anymore.

    I was able to verify most of what she wrote and it was very clear she was a liberal who supported Hillary for President. What she wrote was pretty upsetting and disturbing. She laid out a clear path of all his business connections, friends and associations. I couldn’t find one unblemished person, they all came from radical, communist backgrounds; which for me it showed what as Americans what we would have to deal with as we head down some crocked red brink road.

    Bean, does that answer your question? All those names I am very aware of; from his former boss Alison Davis to Alice “communist member” Palmer. It also showed how ruthless Obama would go to get his way and he had help from David Axlerod.

    I also discovered that Michelle Obama isn’t the sweet First Lady; she just as corrupt as Obama and has an association with Bill Ayers wife. So that crap they were peddling about they were only acquaintances is a load of compost. Bernadine Dorn and Michelle were both Board Members on two separate communities and it was Obama influence to get Ms. Dorn names on the Board. They pulled some strings, slapped a few palms and all was right (or actually left) with their World. For the last 9 or 10 years they built up Obama, settling him up to run for the Presidency.

    In 2000 there was a meeting with members of Jesse Jackson Sr. Rainbow Coalition/PUSH in a Chicago hotel where the Illinois Democrats made the decision that they would support and back Rod Blagojevich for a Presidential run or at least that’s what Blagojevich thought and/or was lead to believe. Rev Jackson had no intention of supporting him. Someone mention Obama and the light came on above Jackson’s head. The plan was put into place, so they pushed Obama to the forefront. I think it was someone like Axlerod who started a donor campaign fund “Friends for Blagojevich” who believed he was the guy that they would push for the Presidency.

    Obama wrote his first fairy tale and was placed on particular talk shows such as Letterman and Oprah to promote his name “as a possible potential candidate for the Presidency”; he was invited to speak at the 2004 DNC conference. My question at the time was why anyone would want to buy a book about some guy no one outside Chicago and/or Illinois knew of and his so called “Black Experience”. I would never by a book/biography about a man I never heard of. The publisher which was most likely liberal created a hard and fast promotion for his book while he was running for the US Senate Office in 2004 “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.” I still don’t get why he wrote a book about a man he saw only a handful of times in his whole life, who abandon his wife and son. He made it about the ode to me, which I think goes along with the narcissist in him.

    To make a long story short; I dug deep into his background spent a great deal of time at the Library as well as the internet at home looking a reading whatever I could about this man. I must have printed close to a 1,000 pieces of paper.

    I became a member of Town Hall and tried to create my own blog so that I could post what I found. I ended up writing a 35 page report and post it on my Town Hall blog. Best made plans, I tried to post it there but I never was able to post it the whole thing, even with the help of their. Staff. The piece was called “The Great Illusionist” because I believe he’s not about substance, he’s more about the look at substance. He could give Siegfried and Roy a run for their money on the Vegas strip.

    I got the impression that both the Tribune and Sun-Times weren’t big Obama fans. They were critical of him for the people in his district, Southside of Chicago. He got grants for Tony Rezko to create low income housing on the southside as well as funds to fix dwellings in that area as well. He got a great deal of money but those projects never saw daylight, so where did all the taxpayer money go? That question has never been answered satisfactorily for me. Those people that were living in those apartments are still waiting for their heat and hot water.

    There were some recurring themes in his background, the Muslim religion, government radicals and Communism/Socialism/Marxism government. He got government money for a Muslim Mosque/temple in his district when there were more needy Christian churches that were just as needy and he created a Muslim Day as well. Where were those ACLU lawyers picketing the mosque and the taxpayer dollar that went towards a religious facility? Where the argument for the separation of church and state?

    Then there is the teacher’s union- in Chicago and DC Teacher’s unions. I again found another link between Bill Ayers and Obama. There friendship goes much deeper then what has been printed. An article by Professor Steve Diamond provided the details.
    Diamond is law professor on the faculty of Santa Clara University School of Law in Santa Clara, California. He has a strong background in technology and a particular interest in the way that technology and finance are impacting the entertainment and media industries (“EMI”). He, like myself questioned the sudden raise to glory from out of the shadow in political circles.
    It is the connection of some of these people to authoritarian politics that has me particularly concerned. And a key concern of this blog has been the rise of authoritarian tendencies in the global labor movement. And yet this question of Obama’s origins does not seem to have been clearly answered by any of the many thousands of journalists, bloggers and political operatives that have been looking so closely at Obama.

    The most recent effort comes from the Wall that links to some very wealthy and prominent Jewish community in Chicago. This article contains some important insights and is well worth reading. But, I think Kaufman gets it wrong.

    So, who “sent” or promoted Obama? The key I think is to infamous Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers – not just Bill Ayers, but Bill’s father Tom Ayers and his brother John as well. Obama was a community organizer from about 1985 to 1988, when he left for Harvard Law School. During that time a critical issue in Chicago politics was the crisis in the public schools. A movement was underway from two angles: below in black, Latino and other communities for more local control and from above by business interests who wanted to cut costs.

    In 1987 teachers’ strike brought those two sides together to push for a reform act passed by the Illinois legislature in 1988 that created “Local School Councils” (LSC) to be elected by residents in a particular school area. The strike “enraged parents and provided the catalyst for a coalition between community groups and Chicago United (a Chicago lobbying firm) that was forged in the ensuing year. Chicago turned a School District into a political cause and Obama had his hands blooded.

    This LSC’s would be made up by a majority of parents and have the power to hire and fire principals thus creating a new power center in the Chicago school system against what both reform groups viewed as the bureaucratic and expensive school board and the teachers union. In my personal opinion these types of councils are reminiscent of the manipulative community bodies set up in regimes by socialist Dictators used to control genuine democratic movements such as trade unions. Also active in the local control of the school systems was none other then Bill Ayers who had returned to Chicago in 1987 as a professor of education at the University of Illinois’ Chicago Circle campus, after surfacing from the underground, as well as a project set up and sponsored by Barack Obama’s Developing Communities Project.

    Ayers, of course, had long held beliefs what the far-left once viewed as “Maoist” politics – a view of the world that was opposed to Russian style bureaucratic communism from above, instead supporting sending revolutionary cadre to “swim among the masses like fish a fish in the ocean” or attempting to establish guerilla foco as romantically theorized by Regis Debray and carried out with disastrous results by Che Guevara.

    Thus, Bill Ayers vigorous advocated for local control along with a related concept called “small schools,” most likely because he believes it gives him the potential to build a political base from which to operate. He has discussed these ideas in speeches and writings on his blog. As he said in a speech he gave in front of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela in late 2006: “Teaching invites transformations, it urges revolutions small and large. La educacion es revolucion!”

    Bill raised the money to start the Small Schools Workshop in the early 90s and eventually hired another former Maoist from the 60s (and actually someone who was an enemy of Ayers in the SDS) named Mike Klonsky to head it up. [Bill’s brother John later got in on the small schools approach also, raising money in part from the Annenberg Challenge program started by Bill and chaired by Obama.

    Active in the Chicago business groups that were lobbying for cost cutting and “efficiency” in the Chicago schools in the 1980’s was Bill Ayers’ father, Tom Ayers. Tom Ayers, of course, was a very prominent Chicago business man, a retired head of Commonwealth Edison and a lifelong liberal, and a supporter of open housing as well as Martin Luther King movement from the 1960’s. Tom Ayers co-authored a 1980 report of a joint public-private task force on school reform and was later nominated to head up Chicago United, a school reform group, by then Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne, but was opposed successfully by black community activists.

    I1988 Reform Act was passed a group called Leadership for Quality Education (LQE) was formed, by the elite business lobby that was in part behind the new reforms, to train the newly elected local school council members. The head of LQE was John Ayers, brother of Bill, son of Tom. Some 6,000 LSC members were elected. And they became a huge thorn in the side of the school administrators in Chicago.

    But, in the fall of 1988, however, Obama left the city to go off to law school. Local speculation is that Obama likely met up with the Ayers family somewhere between 1987-1988. Why I believe that will become clearer in a minute. Interestingly, after his first year in Harvard Law School Obama returned in the summer of 1989 to work as a summer associate at the prestigious Chicago law firm of Sidley & Austin (the same firm that Michelle Robertson worked at later on along with Bernadine Dohne). This in and of itself is a bit unusual according to one of my attorney cousins. Very few top tier law students work at big, well known law firms during their first summer. The speculation being some the big law firms discourage it because if you work for them in the first summer you are likely to work for a second firm the following year and then the firms have to compete to get you. So some questions arose that there was someone high up in the Chicago legal circle could have used their influence to get Obama the legal gig, most speculate it was Tom Ayers.

    While at Sidley & Austin (1989-1991), Michelle would meet the terrorist, Bernadine Dohrn, who helped bomb something like 25 targets, including the Capitol and the Pentagon. Dohrn was also working at the firm as a result of the recommendation of the CEO of Chicago’s power company, Tom Ayers. His son, the unrepentant terrorist, Bill Ayers, ran the organization that put up the money to bring Obama to Chicago in the first place.

    So, why or how did Obama – at that point not yet the prominent first black president of the Harvard Law Review (that would happen the following year) – end up at Sidley?

    Coincidentally, or not, Sidley had been long time outside counsel to Commonwealth Edison. The senior Sidley partner who was their key outside counsel, Howard Trienens, was a member of the board of trustees of Northwestern alongside Tom. Coincidentally, or not, Bernadine Dohrn worked at Sidley also, hired there in the late 80s many contend through the intervention of Tom Ayers, although she cannot be a member of the bar (as far as I can tell) because of her past jail time for Weather Underground activities.

    It is possible that Tom Ayers introduced Obama to Sidley. That might have happened if Obama had met up with Bill and Tom and John Ayers prior to attending law school when Obama’s DCP group was supporting the reform act passed in 1988. Or it might have been Dohrn who introduced Obama to the law firm. It is a little unclear from her CV but Dohrn may have still been at Sidley when Obama was there since she left sometime in 1988 for public interest work prior to her starting a position at Northwestern, again hired there by some accounts because of the influence of Tom Ayers and his Sidley counsel Trienens. My best guess is that it would have been Tom Ayers who vetted Obama to Sidley and that would have helped him get the attention of someone like Newton Minow. (And that would come in very handy later in Obama’s career when some suggests but not just because of the fundraising prowess that Minow could help with but perhaps also helping with an introduction to the Kennedy clan, whose their endorsement of Obama came at such a critical moment in his campaign for President.)

    Obama went back to Harvard in the fall of 1989 where, of course, he became president of the law review. After graduation he went back to Chicago and to his old organization, DCP, to run a voter registration campaign. Then he joined the tiny, unknown outside of Chicago, public interest law firm of Davis Miner Barnhill. The partner who hired him was Judson Miner. Miner was a well known left wing lawyer in Chicago who had been counsel to the progressive black mayor in the 80s, Harold Washington. But Miner likely also had ties to the Ayers family. He was law school classmates with Bernadine Dohrn at the University of Chicago. He formed a lawyers group against the war after graduation and organized a left wing alternative to the local Chicago bar association. Then, in late 1994 or early 1995, Obama made what I think was likely the key move in his career. He was named Chairman of the Board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a $50 million grant program to funnel money into reform efforts at Chicago schools. It turns out that the architect of the Annenberg Challenge was Bill Ayers, who designed the grant proposal and molded it to succeed. The purpose of the program was to defend the clearly failing local schools council effort that had been put in place back in 1988.

    There was a report on the first three years of the Challenge program, when Obama was its Board chair, concluded: “The Challenge sought to build on the momentum of the 1988 Chicago School Reform Act which had radically decentralized governance of the Chicago Public Schools.”

    But there had to be some backer or supporter of Obama’s to create a sudden and fast track to the top of the political totem pole. Some rumors persist that he didn’t have the grades or money to attend Harvard. So someone high up in the Democratic Party either found a person who could change all that for him and who could also have the money to pay for his schooling and give a large donation to the law school. Possibly some wealthy, Arab Muslim. The lie that he worked his way through school is a blatant lie because I could find no company or business that hired him.

    So you can clearly see that Obama and Ayres were more then just two boats passing in the night. There is a whole other aspect regarding the two Chicago Teacher’s Union, the changes to the school hours, the focus on teacher’s salaries, even the ones that were poor teachers. Changes to the school hours, and the bankruptcy of Chicago because of the changes Obama made as an Illinois State Senator. His lying to the students, etc. The Teacher Unions that removed the silent ballot and the issues that arose from that change.

    This is a lot of information to throw at you. So, I let you catch you breath and if you want more I’ll be happy to return to pick up where I left off.

  58. Excellent post Eileen, but I sorta’ lean towards the importance of how he was actually “vetted” in Illinois politics. Yes, his associations in “white collar” social and legal circles are what gave him financial foundation, but it is his backing by one Emil Jones which fostered the notion that Obama was a “mover and shaker” in Springfield.

    What’s also important to note is that none of the successful legislation that Obama is credited with “chairing” in Illinois is actually his own work, from start to finish.

    Read the story here, by reporter Todd Spivak.

    The point to drive home is his evident lack of ethics and actual work history. Backing is one thing, ethics is quite another, and I strongly believe that, win or lose, ethical behavior is the full measure of an individual.

    Obama did not progress through the political ranks as he and his backers would have you believe. His bona fides was, and is, a marketing creation by many happy hands. A dimestore knock-off of a “genuine” item, presented and sold at a very high price to a largely unaware and misinformed public.

    In my feeble mind, what’s required is for us (the opposition) to go all “Ralph Nader” on his behind. To deconstruct, piece by piece, item by item, the “facade” of his supposed accomplishments and draw parallels from them to the very costly folly which he is now attempting to foist on the public. His “stimulus” is failing, just as The Chicago Algebra Project failed, and his
    healthcare “plan” will be money down the well, just as his Botanic Garden in Englewood produced nothing but questions concerning an empty bank account.

    BHO is far more reactive than proactive, when taken away from his script. He is no more “real” than John Kerry’s phony medals, or, John Edward marital fidelity.

    Note how he didn’t come out on equality in the workplace for Gays until the “Pantsuit Princess” made the call in the State Department. He didn’t come out on the elections in Iran until popular opinion backed him into the proverbial corner.

    We’ll never fairly defeat “Barak the man” until we dispel “Barak the image” from reasonable people’s minds. We won’t do that by “frittering” about his birth certificate, or throwing around the words “impeachment” or “civil war” every other sentence, either.

    Just as you can’t easily break a child’s relationship with a “swarthy” friend by demanding obedience or forcefully declaring “I know all about people like that”, you’re not going to change people’s mind about BHO without subtly, yet clearly pointing out his character flaws and his lack of ability to make sound decisions.

    The greatest challenge that Conservatives face is the lack of a credible mouthpiece who can put things in clear and simple perspective.


  59. CENSUS– I have a suggestion on how treat the ACORN nuts that come to your home to ask theirQuestions. We will not let them in our house. I’ll go outside to fill out their forms. I hope it is 100+ with a heat index over 106. We live with it so it will not adversely affecy us. I hpoe the one that comes here is from Mass. or NY. If you agree with this pass it on to other sites. The tea party in Longview Texas on 4 July will discuss gunrights, health care, states’ rights, religious freedom,personal responsibility, and federalism. If you are in East Texas, Northwest La. or South west Ak. please join us at 11Am in front of the Gredd Co. courthouse. GOD bless the USA. Join the NRA of other gun rights group.

  60. Sp. error. Gredd should be Gregg. Par for my typing and spelling ability

  61. Graywolf:

    I worked as a census worker during the last census and the workers hired were all from the area to which they were assigned. With the leftists in charge this time, with their GPS’s in hand, who knows where the workers will be from.

    I live in a rural county and some of the places are difficult to find if you aren’t a local even with a GPS. I don’t think that many of them are going to get a good reception here in my area. A lot of people I know don’t like people coming to their houses uninvited.

    I don’t care if they send me a questionaire or they come to my door, I will only answer the questions I choose to answer. What I don’t choose to answer will say “refused to answer”.

  62. I would like to recommend an interesting new book – a business book – to the family. The title is ‘How the Mighty Fall…’ by best selling author Jim Collins. Yes, its a business type book – but not really.

    Normally I would’nt come on and recommend someone elses writing Larry. Im a big fan of yours.

    But I want to point to the research this man has done on leaders who fail – and we’re talking some of the biggest and most heralded leaders in America of their time.

    What is so fascinating is that Collins describes five step-wise stages of decline. The first interesting thing is he didnt say “in companies” in the description of his stages.

    As I was reading this interesting study tonight it suddenly dawned on me: Hold on…these stages apply to everyone (with little exception) not just businesses – relationships, politicians, etc. And if you read about these stages you too will see that this naive and incompetent [president] has begun the decent. I always have said that in any relationship it takes 18 months to wake up to the realization this person who we so worshiped the ground they walked on for, is not the person at all who we thought they were. It takes 18 months to get to know the real person.

    So, Im going to paraphrase the stages here, but if you really want to see how this is all going to shake out – buy the book. Its a cheap and easy to read road map for the fall of the emperor to come.

    Stage one:Hubris born of Success. In Collin’s words: outrageous arrogance that inflicts suffering upon the innocent.
    Stage two: Undisciplined pursuit of more. I paraphrase: overreaching and building without regard for what makes sense. Including expanding beyond your core competency.
    Stage three: Denial of risk or peril. Im not on this chapter yet, but just take the case.
    Stage four: Grasping for salvation. I wonder who he’ll turn to for salvation. What unmittigated gall will he have to promise people whatever it takes to save his sorry ass.
    Stage five: Capitulation to irrelevance or death. Sound like any other democrats we know?

    The really neat thing about this is because liberals so despise enterprise they wont read this book. And they wont even see it coming. And by God its going to come crashing down. It ALWAYS does.

    Unfortunately it will take a long time to clean up the mess.

    The more this blog provides the contrast to those steps the harder the fall will be. Mark my words – the handwriting is on the wall. They wont even know what hit them. Lets keep it up.

  63. noleftturnz


    Sorry for the silence but I was out in L.A. for a few days.

    I feel that even though the “political” air is still ripe with the pull towards socialism, even but a few days in L.A. merits a bit of scribbling..

    I hope that everyone doesn’t mind the diversion..

    Thanks as always,


  64. Eileen,

    This is a couple of days late, but I have to tell you your research skills are incredible! I also want to let you know about a website I visit every few days or so, which you may have already heard of, ( It is the official website of Jack Cashill and he has written several articles about his research into the possibility that Bill Ayers authored “Dreams From My Father”. Some pretty interesting reading there if you are so inclined.

  65. Larry:

    Glad to have you back. Your silence was noticed. I’m quite sure that you will have some “scribbling” to do regarding your observations in LA. The “liberals” are certainly in the majority out there, so I’m sure what you “scribble” is going to be interesting.

  66. Glad you’re back, Larry! I almost started to worry. Then again, everyone deserves a break from the madness. Can’t wait for the next “scribbling”.

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