Prod Them Toward Action

The socialist standup routine of Barack Hussein Obama has decided to go “all in” as relates to the extermination of the middle class, capitalism and the free market. You may have thought that his “stimulus plan” (control) was a stretch, you may have thought that his “rescue” (control) of the banks and the insurance institutions was a far fetched grab and you may have thought that his “saving” (control) of Chrysler and GM were outlandish.. My friends, you ain’t seen nothing yet..

In “House Plans to Tax Millionaires to Fund Health Care” (Yahoo news) we learn that the “Democrats plan to fund the broadest U.S. health care expansion in four decades by increasing taxes on the wealthiest Americans..” Doesn’t that sound all nice and sufficiently “class separatist”? Please use the gigantic tax increase imposed by Bill Clinton in 1993 (Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1993) as your barometer for the inherent “flexibility” of the parameters of “wealthy” by the liberal left.. What started out as $250,000 when they were “selling Bill’s bill of goods” sadly but predictably ended up as $43,000.. How does it feel to be “wealthy” once again?

Further we learn that there are “additional taxes on households with more than $350,000 a year in income and calls for further increases if the measure doesn’t hit a target for cost savings.” Since when have the intellectually constipated liberals been “coupon clippers” when it comes to the “revenues” stolen from the middle class? Here the liberals led by mathematical socialist savants like Tim Geithner will be determining this “target of cost savings”.. Here is the bottom line for our new “wealthy” Americans: Prepare for “further increases” and lots of them..

That which was once voluntary is now “mandated” by the Obama oligarchs. It would appear that the Declaration and the Constitution have been supplanted by the progressive platform.. The requisite “coverage and a public health insurance option would cover 97 percent of Americans by 2019..” With the left, the “fine print” will end up killing you.. Literally.. In the end, that is what the Obama minions would prefer.

When a liberal government “controls” health care, you must look to the liberal “beliefs” in order to understand the scope of the “care” that they will be giving you, “care” that you HAVE to take.. Let’s see.. They believe in abortion all the way up to the moment of birth and they espouse and encourage the euthanizing of the elderly and the infirm.. It is as though the nation doctors will be given the Hippocratic Oath by Jack Kevorkian..

Henry Waxman said that “we cannot go home for recess unless the House and the Senate pass bills to reform and restructure our health care system..” As childish as the liberals are, it isn’t surprising that they are threatening to take away “recess”.. This is of course, the precursor to the typical Obama “don’t read it, just pass it and hurry the Hell up” plan for all of their Bolshevik bills.

Again, for the sake of political expediency we read that “Obama has made health care his top priority..” His “top priority” has always been the dismantling of America and he about two or three more “top priorities” away from accomplishing this revolting and repugnant goal..

Dick “Turban” Durbin, called the “Senate’s No.2 ranking Democrat” (when it comes to being “rank”, Durbin has a lot of competition from all of the Democrats..) said that “the chamber is unlikely to back the surtax on high-income people, further clouding the legislation’s prospects..” This wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that EACH AND EVERY member of Congress, with several hundred million dollars to spare, easily falls into the ridiculous “household with $350,000 a year in income” would it? This becomes a “good news, bad news” scenario.. The “good news” is that you are now “wealthy” according to the uber-wealthy limousine liberals. The “bad news” is that once they get done taxing you, you will be right back below the poverty line where you belong..

“The 1,018 page plan for the first time includes details on how to pay for the measure..” Here are the “details”: Step One; Bend over and grab your ankles.. “Don’t ask, don’t tell, 2009”..

Here is where the liberal sense of humor reaches its apex. “If the savings are $150 billion more than expected the government would scrap a planned second set of increases.. if the savings top $175 billion, the surcharge for those incomes would be eliminated altogether..” The liberal “creative math” will NEVER be the impediment towards the theft of more taxes from productive Americans. After all, the liberal Democratic base has some “hospitalin’” to do..

The biggest lie among the myriad of myths promulgated by the left with all of this health care puling is that the poor aren’t getting health care. Go to the emergency room of ANY hospital in ANY major city in America. At least 90 percent of the “patients” there are poor with no insurance yet they are receiving “health care”. Just imagine this emergency room once health care becomes “mandatory”.. If you think health care is expensive now, just wait until it is free..

This is all to be done in relation to “gross adjusted income”. Here we have yet another opportunity to punish those who are making money, those who are creative enough to “produce” income within this socialist liberal Democratic quagmire. Why would anyone want to “make money” when your efforts are forcibly taken from you and compassionately given to the bottom feeders of the liberal left? Mind you, these dividends and capital gains are already taxed at a rate of fifteen percent.. That is not enough when there are those without “health care..”

Even Charlie Rangel, another liberal who “forgot” or “overlooked” when it came to paying their taxes, said this “causes the least amount of pain on the least amount of people..” Who employs people? These people who are in “pain”. Who creates jobs and wealth? These people who are in “pain”.. When they shutter their businesses, Obama is there to “help”.. The left does not want capitalism to create jobs, they want the government to. History has proven that “government created” jobs do nothing more than create more government and we all know what more government creates.. Progressive perpetual motion..

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Donohue said, “Since when does our great free-market country punish success?” Since January 20, 2009 Sir..

The CBO has estimated that this scam will “cost” “more than a trillion dollars over ten years..” Something that will “cost” at least that much has absolutely no chance to “save” $100 billion or $175 billion by 2012, so these “second set of increases” are all but written in stone..

This will allegedly “reduce the number of uninsured by roughly 37 million..” The CBO also says that by 2019, “some 17 million people-about half of them illegal immigrants-would lack coverage..” The misnomer of “border security” will have to be re-titled “the deluge and downpour” as every ILLEGAL alive will certainly die trying to get here.. The “liberal lottery” just keeps getting better and better for those here illegally..

“Obama (will) summon top lawmakers to the White House (the Out House) on July 13 to prod them toward action..” This is all about “action.” “Results” are irrelevant. “Direction” means nothing to them. They are “Ready, shoot, aim” reactionaries who are buffing and polishing up their default “excuse” for their inevitable failure which is the tried and true “we inherited this mess”.. They have CREATED this “mess” and they EXPAND its effects with each passing legislative lunacy.

This is all about CONTROL and nothing more. Isn’t it interesting that back during the halcyon days of the sixties, the liberal called the government “Big Brother” and the “system” and they lived by the adage “question authority”. Come to find out that the only thing bothering the liberals about “Big Brother”/the government is that they weren’t the ones running it..

In Warren Michigan, Obama navigated into uncharted territory. “Don’t be fooled by folks trying to scare you saying we can’t change the health care system..” (“House bill would make health care a right” apnews Myway.) He has used this “scared” scam so often I just have to ask, if you were “scared” of anything, would you join the liberals as they turn to a bony basketball playing Bolshevik for solace?

This article called the legislation “The left leaning plan” and also said that it “lacked figures on total costs..” First off, to call this a “left leaning plan” is the equivalent of calling Rosie O’Donnell “slightly unattractive” and the lack of “figures” with the left and their unending numerical nonsense just “figures”, doesn’t it?

Is it all about “control”? “..a federal council that will make some decisions on benefits..” Another Czar or three? “Some decisions”? The liberals will never allow “some decisions” to be made by anyone other than themselves for they know what is best for everyone and they are prepared to give it each and every American, under threat of further financial fine, with both barrels.. “Under the House Democratic plan, the federal government would be responsible for ensuring that every person, regardless of income or the state of their health, has access to an affordable health plan”.. “Affordable” or effective? Such a question is absolutely irrelevant to the left.. If the federal government is “responsible” for anything, it will be neither affordable nor effective..


13 responses to “Prod Them Toward Action

  1. Family,

    Soryy for being away..

    Training, training, training..

    Obama isn’t planning on letting up..

    Are you?

    Thanks as always,

    Never give up, never give in, never again..


  2. Larry:

    I hope Basko is starting to adjust to retirement and that training with Damien is going well.

    Everyday it’s something else with the liberal jokers. The socialist scammer in Our White House is on overdrive with his schemes. I can’t speak for everyone, but, while there is a breath left in me, I’m not about to let up. Mr. Control Freak may think he’s in control but there are still a lot of us who aren’t about to let him and his liberal left wing radicals win.

  3. Larry and Family:

    I just received this link (from Europe) and I feel that these videos are very powerful. I had never seen them before and I don’t know how long they will be around. It appears that his liberal majesty in Our White House finds them “disturbing”. Good, they should terrify the lily-livered liberal. The citizens of this country should also get ” disturbed ” and take action. This man is the new Thomas Paine and he is calling Americans to action.

    Never give up, never give in, never again..

  4. I found the following video by Steven Crowder over at Big Hollywood. He was visiting friends in Canada and they decided to share their experience with the Canadian health care system. It’s 20 minutes long, but well worth it. Take special note of the fact that their dogs get better health care than their citizens do:

  5. The country has been drifting towards the left since Lincoln. Momentum gathered with Teddy Roosevelt and that swine, Wilson (and his disciple, Hoover), who would be very much at home with Obama’s ideas. FDR (Rosenfeld) more or less failed to destroy capitalism utterly, but Kennedy and Johnson did much in that direction – and with vigour. B.O. is the scion of this foul heritage.

  6. Does any of this sound familiar? Just look at any big city in America and tell me this “Social Services” nightmare doesn’t look at all like the “budgets” of any of these cities. And as most of them like the entire state of California are teetering on bankruptcy, as the productive citizens are driven away by the extreme taxation, high crime and arrogance for private property and private enterprise. The only problem here is, there’s no where to run to. White middle class Americans have spent 40 years running away from all the messes that big city Democratic administrations have done in the black inner
    cities. Now those same politicians are running the country. Why,why,why anyone who watched as cities like Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland,Baltimore, Newark etc. were driven into the ground with these welfare statist policies voted for a President who was going to inflict them on the entire nation is unreal. And frankly I still don’t hear anything approaching disapproval in the MSM or even on the streets. Most Americans I’m afraid appear to be morons.This administrations policies ought to be stirring up a revolution, but all I see is apathy. I sure hope I’m wrong.

  7. I’m afraid you are correct, tsnamm. The majority of Americans live with their head in the sand. I can’t get through to my wife, even. She says I shouldn’t be saying things about zero, but I just scratch my head and wonder. In the last years of the 90’s California was losing population like crazy because of their high taxes. But it seems nobody knows how to say no anymore. We really need to start living within and even below our means. I’m too old to own a gun and my wife wouldn’t let me have one anyway, but I do have cash available, food storage and a tiny mortgage, so I hope I can weather the tsnami of economic cylces that we are going to go through in the next three years!

  8. Hey Richard, its so true. Most Americans it seems through their lack of outrage or apathetic approval, do nothing about the fundamental philosophical change taking place in America. I’m afraid that we have too many generations who believe that there is an unlimited supply of wealth, and that it can be spread around liberally(sic), with no consequences. Our politicians and our country thru them are busily strangling the goose that laid the golden eggs( i.e. capitalism and limited government). I don’t know how long they will take to destroy it completely, but they seem to be accelerating the process. Does it not follow that the large number of urban voters and immigrants, all who come from politically and economically dysfunctional cities and countries, and all of whom are run with some sort of socialist 1 party governments, couldn’t wait to vote the same kinds of failures into national power? The real question has to be, WHY would a majority of white middle and working class people go along with them? They must realize they are the sacrifice on the serving plate for all of the woes of the underclass and all of the greed of the politically connected banks and big businesses. I personally place the blame on our education system, which has been hijacked from pre-school to PhD by Marxist socialist political and economic sympathizers. I believe the masses of Americans are politically and philosophically illiterate and totally ignorant of ideas and their consequences. That THIS was the country that won the cold war, defeating Communism with ideas and results with out firing a (direct) shot, has now adopted practically all the major tenets of this repudiated system,can only be because of lack of education/ignorance. The house of cards that is our fat and happy society could definitely come crashing down around us with disastrous results.

  9. The’ dumbing down ‘ has been going on for a long time , especially at inner city schools. There is even evidence of this in the BHO outhouse, when Joe ‘Absolut Genius ‘ Biden said that we must spend money to avoid bankruptcy . Of course, this is right in line with the administration’s wasteful spending of trillions of dollars.

    We have probably the best health care system in the world, and these idiots want to kill it for the benefit of a few million who are presently uninsured. Guess that makes a lot of sense to the libs. ( more proof of the ‘dumbing down ‘ ) . Canadians might have more interest in what is happening with our health care system than many Americans, since apparently many of them come here for treatment.

    Another winning article. You are batting a perfect 1.000 , and yet you’re not in the majors – I don’t get it ! But, hang in there – there are many more ‘games’ to be played 🙂

  10. JJ,

    Thank you for your kind words, they mean alot.

    As far as the “majors” goes, I have no idea how to “break through”.

    It’s all kind of a “who you know” sort of thing and I don’t know anyone.

    Maybe someday..that is my plan for the CPAC conference in DC in February.

    Once they figure out that I am there trying to get some “help” with either being published or syndicated, they will probably throw me out of the convention even though I have paid ALOT to get in..

    I can hear it now, “Sir, please stand behind the stantions speaking to the celebrites, Sir..”

    We shall see..

    Thanks as always,


  11. tsnamm,

    You mention “apathy” which is a pet peeve of mine..

    “Apathy” is EVERYWHERE even in these most trying of times.

    I see the proof right here at NLTZ..

    Prior to November, an article would rate anywhere from 60-100 comments in no time. Commenters all adding considerable substance to the debate, or just venting.. Either is fine, it means that they are paying attention.

    Look at things now. Ten, eleven, twenty five comments..

    People are giving up at the most crucial of times. 2010 is right around the corner.

    The “Thought Of The Day” will touch on this point further.. Thanks for the push tsnamm..


  12. This week Michael Cannon from the Cato Institute on “Glenn Beck” to discusses Obama’s Health Care Reform he brought a chart to show the level of bureaucratic bull excrement on the stages one would need to jump through the hoops to better health. I’ve been searching the internet to see if I can locate that chart and I haven’t been able to locate it just yet, but I did find the Glenn Beck segment. To view the 5 minute segment go here

  13. Larry and Family:

    This is the latest update from Natural Solutions Foundation on the Swine Flu vacine the WHO is trying to force on us.

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