An Allusion To An Illusion

I sometimes wonder about the “exercise in futility” (or should it be an “exorcise in futility”?) that the writing of articles relative to the liberal political landscape has become..

The urge to take the easy way out, the lure to become one of the multiple millions of the “apathetic”, those that have seemingly given up and given in, is hypnotic..

Anyone who undertakes a project like political commentary hopes to make a “difference” of some kind.. Of course the cathartic benefits are numerous, but in stirring the embers of political discourse you always yearn to have an impact of some kind and variety. The motivation for such an effort comes from deep within. Needless to say, right is right and left is wrong.. Just hollering at the television isn’t good enough..

The cultural apathy where Nietzsche’s “transvaluation” (old virtues become sin, old sins become virtues) flourishes, may be one thing that has softened society to the idea of political apathy. The “what’s the use” syndrome has carried over into an area that has enabled this “progressive perfect storm”..

I will never understand apathy when it comes to the idea of government and its tentacles. “Apathy” about sports or movies for example, can be understood. “Sports” doesn’t effect everyone. You don’t have to go to the movies. Government effects everyone whether they want it to or not.. “Bad” government especially does and this particular government has gone well out of its way to effect (or should that be “infect”?) everyone and they are showing no signs of giving up on the idea anytime in the future..

The old “it’s someone else’s problem” is out of bounds today. From the “stimulus” to the “cap and trade” to the “health care” nonsense to the Bolshevik “bailouts”, this will unfortunately effect every single American. From what I can gather, that seems to be all right with everyone..

It’s not all right with me..

Yet we have “allowed” a “Super Majority” of 60 Senators who will ride roughshod and completely unchecked. The House fares no better. The “idea” of “debate” or “disagreement” has been designated as verboten when it comes to the liberal caliphate.. The Constitution is irrelevant. Scruples, standards and principles have deteriorated and are denigrated as well. As a matter of fact, the left has morphed scruples into “screw-ples”..

These strange “bills” will punish the middle class for years to come. The only “hope” is to AT LEAST stop them at the polls in 2010. Thus the “rush” to get things done now.. They know that their chicanery will catch up to them.. Or will it? Apathy tells people to sit down when they should stand up. It whispers pipe down when they should scream. Fascism foments futility..

The old “it’s someone else’s problem” hasn’t taken into account the liberals “contiguous communism”. Everything the left touches spreads their vile and dystrophic disease.. They are typhoid totalitarians. This seems to be all right with everyone.

The liberals haven’t finished urinating but the fire has gone out.. The noleftturnz and the thought of the day sites serve as an example. Where there were once sixty to a hundred comments an article, now twenty to thirty..

It could very well be that the idea of “making a difference” to those who for lack of a better term, “don’t care to get involved” is nothing more than an allusion to an illusion. I therefore wonder do I more closely resemble Sisyphus with his rock or am I closer to Quixote forever tilting at windmills?


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  1. All that I ask is that you think about it and then do something about it..

    That’s it and that’s all..


  2. Larry,
    I hate to say it, but I think part of the problem is that too many people believe we have already passed the point of no return and many others just take for granted that “It can’t happen here!”

  3. “It’s not all right with me…”

    It’s d*mn sure NOT all right with us either. God being with me, I don’t care how many times I keep beating my head against the seemingly impenetrable “brick wall”, I reckon it just isn’t in me or my beloved spouse to give up and quit trying.

    I think about our military, our tireless law enforcement personnel who keep on keeping on (however they do it with rising crime and terrorists arising, both from within and without, remains a testament to the moral foundation and never-say-die spirit this “one nation under GOD” was founded upon and once flourished … and we still believe it will again, we can not entertain anything to the contrary).

    We simply MUST press on and trust that others will arise from their slumber and malaise and join us … hopefully before yet another travesty on American soil – God forbid it ever happen here again … though why He should still be mindful of this nation in its current state of sinful moral decay and decadence, a mere mortal such as I cannot fathom.

    We still believe, we still keep pressing on and standing firm. Given the hardship our military men and women AND our domestic “sheepdogs” who keep tireless vigil 24/7, taking every precaution within each’s control – ALL our branches of local, state and federal law enforcement and security agents and officers – WE, the average American citizen for whose safety and rights they selflessly fight for daily, nameless and faceless though most all of them remain to each of us for the most part, can do no less … press on we MUST … and so we shall, trusting others will begin to arise and join us as we carry on.

    Thank you, Larry, for your own personal vigilance and service to America and those of us privileged to call her our homeland, whether by birthright or as proud adoptees!

    Godspeed ALL of you. Never quit, never give in, never give up … we cannot, we MUST not!

  4. Gotcha, Larry.

    I think since the election we have to deal with the consequences of the realities from this administration. Prior to that we were debating Obama vs McCain and their ideas for our future. Both candidates had different perspectives and most weren’t too good.

    I spend my days looking for answers to see if there is anything that we can do to stop this assault on our Country. People are pissed, all the scams (cap and trade, global warming, healthcare) being played to get more money from us for increased taxes, they are angry and fed up with this administration; as they watch their money fly out the door before seeing what dollar amount has left their pocketbooks and wallets. The reality has set in and they feel like fools for buying what he was peddling. I see a lot of buyer’s remorse and a lot are questioning now, why did I do this to our Country? Why did I not see the warning signs? They were played by a political charmer with a bright white smile.

    I actually think we should branch out use the social network sites/online communities and place accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, MyChurch, MyHeritage, LinkedIn,,, SocialGO, andTumblr. There are tons of Christian Conservative, Pro Military Conservative, Pro-Life Conservative, Pro-2nd Amendment Conservative, Urban Conservative website. You can access the list of sites here:

    I’ll take a few hours out of my day this weekend to promote more visitors to come here. Hopefully we can bring back a lively debates and more participates. Hang tough everyone, when the realities of Obamacare, Sonia Sotomayor hearings (more people are against her appointment and maybe we can start a email campaign to stop the appointment) and Obamanomics is shoved down everyone’s gullet they will need someplace to vent their anger and frustration.

  5. Larry:

    I refuse to give up. A lot of people I talk to agree with us. Most of them are too busy trying to keep food on the table and a roof over their famly’s heads to post on the internet. However, they do e-mail their, alleged, representatives, sign petitions and vote.

    You will always find people don’t care at all and other people, like those of us who still post on NLTZ, who do care, some times to the point of driving themselves crazy over the apathetic fools. God will open their eyes when the time is right. Meanwhile, we just need to stay on the path He has put us on.

    Never give up, never give in, never again.

    Keep the faith my friend, God is with us.

  6. Larry,

    Apathy abounds, tis true. But there has always been apathetic people. The difference for those who care, (such as yourself and those who come to your site to be informed and encouraged) is that the situation in our nation demands attention and involvement. I think it is old apathy not new at all. The old saying that “you can’t beat a dead horse” probably could be applied here.

    Think of all those who didn’t bother to vote at all! And millions of uninformed, hyped-up youth voted for the guy who said he’d give them everything they wanted……with no work on their part. He gave them permission to live as they pleased, immorally, unprincipled lives, with no consequences.

    Larry, I hope you will continue your commentaries with your resolve to make a difference intact. For you do make a difference to myself and the rest of the “family.”

    There is a scripture that says “continue to do your good works, especially to those of the household of faith, for you will reap in due season…if you faint not.”

  7. Larry,

    Just a quick thought. If I can get the emails for every member in Congress, and provide their email addresses and facts about when they are up for re-elections can you add that information on a separate page on your website? I have about half of them in Congress and most in the Senate. I think people are too lazy to do it themselves and gather the information. If we make it easier for them, then maybe they will write their representatives. Obviously all of congress will be up for re-election, so just getting their email addresses is all we will need. We could also include how they have voted since Obama took office. Let me know if you are interested in adding that info to this site. Take my word for it, they are out there, very angry and some for the first time are contacting their reps. We need to flood them with calls, faxes and emails. They will have to tell Obama no you cannot get your way and if you chose to force the issue it will be the last thing you will do as President of the United States of America. The next thing he will take up will be the 2nd Amendment, which won’t make the southern part of the US very happy.

  8. At least the windmills is go green, ah? Look at the dead birds and insects. They are all murderers.

  9. EILEEN,

    Many thanks for the link consolidating a group of like-minded sites! – Deb

  10. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    I went to Disneyland today and when I returned to my car I found a note under my windshield wiper.
    it said “I LOVE your stickers” and it was signed “a U.S. Marine and family.” The stickers on my back window read:
    Obama bin lyin’ Impeach Now!
    If Al Quida wants to demolish the country we know and love, they will have to hurry. Obama is beating them to it.
    Deport Obama
    and Free people own guns, Slaves don’t.
    I regularly send copies of your articles to a network of 15 people who agree with everything you write.
    There may appear to be apathy, but in reality, there are a lot of people operating under the radar to avoid shoot-outs with Obama’s Brown-shirts.


    Summertime and the living is easy
    This quote accounts for some of the apathy
    Unemployment rate is in real numbers 20%
    The entitlement crowd of 50% that do not pay any income taxes look to this BROWN CLOWN
    to keep feeding them.
    Some retired oldtimers have given up and don’t care
    People look at 2010 as far off in the distance and won’t get excited until September of 2010

    We who care now must lay the groundwork
    to capture all of our support when the time is upon us


    Larry keep up your comments so we can have
    the ammunition to wake the sleeping giant of

  12. Great article, Larry. I do think it’s less that people are feeling apathetic as that they’re feeling defeated. And the paradigm is such now that We the People are all kept so busy spinning our wheels just trying to keep up with the daily grind and to keep ourselves afloat, there’s little time or energy left over for doing the necessary self-educating to confront the ruling class. I do believe the latter group counts on this.

  13. There’s not much I can add; you are all so articulate and truly correct in what you are saying. But there is one thing left to do as well as all the other things you and I are already doing: we must pray! And pray hard! All the time! Remember our first beloved President, George Washington, kneeling in the snow and praying to the one true God for help. We had better do that right now.
    One other thing: I think our writer of NLT means to say the word “affect” not “effect”. The two words have different meanings.
    Thank you all; pray for our Country!

  14. Larry: my excuse is that I retired a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been buried under an avalanche of paperwork for this and that. Medicare signup, private retirement signup, on and on. I did catch one of your comments a week or two ago – lamenting (deservedly) the absence of Stich. Can you determine, since you and he appeared quite close, exactly what has happened to him?? It doesn’t seem at all likely that he would just ‘disappear’ for no reason. Is he okay? Also, I never was a really regular contributor, I just posted in spurts here and there.

  15. Sorry – I mis-spelled it. Should be Stitch, not Stich.

  16. Eileen. I fully agree with you. We need to use all possible sources available to reach the masses. Time is running out to save the country without bringing it down entirely, and I am against that if at all possible. I try to comment in other places, especially if there is a liberal tilt to the contents or comments. We will push hard at the “We The People” neetings here, and hope the word will metastasize like cancer. Never let the oppertunity to talk to people in shops, stores, etc. The economy always gets peoples attention. Talk loud, but do not shout. I will pass on the list of sites.

  17. Larry. Thanks for the printable comments. I eill spread them as I stated. They are in all the states I mentioned. I also sent them to our state senator.

  18. Just backed-up and read the posting above from Dave in Anaheim. I sincerely believe he is right about others operating under the radar to avoid entanglements with O’s brownshirts. There is something there. Let us never think for a moment that everything we conservative/patriots post anywhere on the internet is being ignored by O’s henchmen. I think there is more there than we can imagine. This guy (O) wants to flip America onto its back asap. It could be that Stitch is playing it safe and pulling away for personal safety. I dunno.

  19. I believe Todd (2nd posting) is correct when he says that he believes too many people feel we have passed the point of no return in this country, and have just given up. I fully agree with him. Too many on our side feel like they’ve been run over by a bus and are in total depression over all of this, unable to function anymore.

  20. Pete of Arleta CA

    Do not succumb to the Wacko in the White House. Don’t believe what the left wing nuts, and the follow him over the cliff media who wants to brain wash us with everything he does, “Bamo Slamo Dunk”. It’s crap and we must do everything in our power to expose and debunk his crap. It’s very scary to see all the hypnotized lemmings willing to jump over the cliffs while The Bama, and his socialist masters and followers lead them, and step out of the way for them to dive into oblivion. They get that blank brainless look in their eyes, and begin to repeat the same mantra fed to them by the demons of the media, The Bama and the rest of his merrymen and witches. Larry is one of the lone voices in the wilderness still carrying the fight. Let’s encourage him to carry the standard and not falter. It is his courage in the face of a relentless onslaught of fear and hatred that remains the shining light on the hill in an ever increasing darkness; that will be inspire the few who will also have the courage to resist the evil in our midst. It has become obvious that we cannot count on the ever growing cowards and weaklings, that refer to themselves as republicans and conservatives. They wilt with the slightest of pressure from The Bama and his minions. This will have to be from we the average joe and jane. Let’s not give in to apathy, let’s resist.

  21. I have not surrendered to apathy, but there is a very real feeling in my gut that the only way Americans will learn that voting in liberals is for Americans to languish long and hard under liberal rule. Those whom voted for Obama and his liberal czars and czarinas deserve the wage slavery they voted for themselves. They welded their own chains upon their own wrists and locked the collar upon themselves.

    Should we somehow see our way out of this mess as an intact nation, we should arrange for our liberals to excised from our land, say set up California as a liberal nation state (under OUR overwatch, natch), so the liberals can act as their own social experiment while we watch with the popcorn. Better still, send em to North Korea, they would fit in fine with Kim Il Doushbag.


  23. Larry,

    As you know, I have never been a regular writer here. However, I do read and agree with all your postings. I belong to several conservative groups and make a concerted effort to read all of them. I do send emails, faxes etc to the congressmen and senators when I need to. I don’t like this bunch of idiots in Washington any better than you. In all of my years I never studied, researched about the candidates. I have learned so much. I am amazed at the info a person can find.I did try to blog about my concerns. There were times when I was verbally abused therefore I would step back for awhile until I felt I could comment again. I “lurk” a lot.
    Anyway, from where I sit I still think people are real tired of Obama and are working to make a difference.

  24. ok..ok…ok, I’M BAAACK

    Rick2- first of all, that will be the day when I “play it safe”.
    I DARE any Obamite to cross my path.
    I live for the day when ACORN pickets my house.
    My life will be complete when attacks me!
    I was one of only 5 people that bothered to picket ABC in St Louis the day they aired the “Obama Show”. And that is NOT in the best part of town.
    No sir. I don’t back down from anyone.

    I have been busy.
    I’m working on something….big.
    In the next couple days I will be starting my own Meetup group on
    Though Conservative, I’m not building a party…..I’m raising an army.
    Local politicians around Missouri are starting to stir. Kit Bond is not running again in 2012, so people are starting to jockey for position.
    Others are speaking out about what they intend to do to stop the tyranny, others (like McCaskill) are speaking out to justify their positions on why it makes sense to vote on bills without reading it.
    I have been attending these events, meeting the politicians, etc.
    I do NOT like what I am seeing or hearing.
    NO ONE has the guts to stand up and say what needs to be said.
    Everyone is still walking on eggshells, afraid of upsetting the “annointed one”.

    So, I have been writing up my positions on various topics (most of which you have seen at my website, or my videos, but I need to clean/clarify them up a bit).
    I am working on flyers that I will put out door-to-door to invite people to my meetings.
    I am raising an army.
    When I have hundreds, or thousands, of people, I will make a “deal” with these politicians.
    If they want to fill the rooms when they give speeches, I will be happy to have my group attend, but it will cost them.
    They will hear what we have to say.
    And if all of the current politicians are either too scared, or too drunk on kool-aid, to want us, then I will start my own platform.
    Either way, they will know we are here, and they will hear what we have to say.

    We hold the Germans accountable for allowing Hitler to make himself Dictator.
    Hitler was elected into office. NO ONE stepped up to stop him from making himself Das Fuhrer.
    We will be held accountable if we do not do everything in our power to topple this tyrant – NOW!

    Make no mistake about it, people are pissed.
    People are waaaay past pissed.
    People are F*#$ng LIVID!
    But no one is tapping into this energy.
    Angry people attend meetings, and the meetings are as dry as popcorn farts, so guess what?- they do not come back.
    I intend to capture, magnify, and focus that anger.
    We WILL be heard.

    (hint: if you are not a member of, join. Its free. If you want to remain anonymous, you can make-up an email at Yahoo or gmail, and use that to make up a fake name on If you want to create your own meetup group, start the process to create your own meetup group. When it gets to the part about paying (its $72 for 6 months), cancel out. In a few days you will get an email from offering you 50% off if you start a group. That’s $36 for 6 months, heh heh hehh)


    PS – I’m stealing lots of material from this site.
    heh hehh hehhhh

  25. Stitch.. Welcome back. Boy does this country need more of you and Larry. I’ll be over to see your blog. We all have to make our voices heard. God created man, and Samual Colt made them all equal. That is why they will next go after our guns. As you say keep your powder dry.

  26. Alabama Redneck

    When I read your article I had the gut wrenching feeling that you were going to stop writing. I was almost sick with the thought. Hoever, when I read all the comments from the family I know you will continue your annointed work.
    Thank you and God bless you and all your family abunantly.

    Eileen: Thank you so very much for the conservative links. I was not aware of all of them. I also like your idea about posting all the email addresses as a side bar to NLTZ. I always enjoy your coments.

    My district, Alabama 2nd, congressman Bobby Bright (D) was one of the 44 dems to vote no on Cap and Tax. I sent him an email thanking him for voting the will of the people. He answered me with common sense reasons why he could not support that bill so I have no problem with him if he continues like that. I am currently emailing him about the Health scam but do not know what his position is or will be. I and many of my friends here in Cranshaw county will be watching.

    Apathy? Yea there is a lot of that and I am a young 77 working in this area to get the word out about this Obamanation. Don’t count us Old Geezers out just yet. My fear is that next November when the numbers get really bad for the annointed one and congress/senate, he may just very well declare marial law and cancel the elections. The fact that martial law may be illegal in this country due to the posse comitalis act would not bother him for a moment. There are a lot of people under the radar but they will rise when the time comes.


    By the way, I have not been able to find 9mm ammo in Pike or Crenshaw counties for the past three months.

  27. Alabama Redneck, sorry to disappoint you, but the Posse Comitatis Act was suspended quite some time ago by, I believe, former President Bush.

    Also, the USA has been under Martial Law since former President Lincoln declared it in the Civil War–it just hasn’t been announced to the Nation, for the most part yet.

  28. mellie,

    Affect, effect..they have always ended up backwards with me..

    I’ll try to slow down a bit..

    Thanks as always,


  29. Arleta Pete,

    Thanks for the kind and inspirational words.

    Still “in it to win it” as Rodham once said..

    Thanks as always,


  30. G.,

    Couldn’t we use another state other than California?

    The weather is too nice there..

    Besides, what would those savages do to the Reagan library and museum?

    How about Cuba? Liberals love Castro, sounds like a perfect fit..

    Thanks as always,


  31. Aznana,

    If anyone gives you any crap, come here.

    I cut the pukes off at the pass.

    You are family, you are among friends.

    Thanks as always,


  32. Stitch my friend,

    I’ve known you too long for you to “steal” anything..

    You may use any and everything you need.

    Maybe I could land a guest speakers spot at your Meetup meeting?

    We have gone out of more than one situation, back to back, filling the room with uppercuts and I don’t recall that either of us need any medical attention as a result.. Can’t say as much for the others..

    Why should we stop now?

    Thanks as always,


  33. Stitch:

    Welcome back. You were missed.

  34. Graywolf,

    Did you get my email?


  35. Alabama,

    I’m a bit too committed to the whole “conservative ethos” to give up on writing..

    Were something to ever break as far as the “big time” goes, I would be taking my “family” with me.

    P.S. Here in St. Charles I just went to Bass Pro and they were locked and loaded with ammo to beat the band. Lots of black powder and muzzle loader materials as well..

    Maybe I was just there at the right time.

    There could also be alot more dedicated shooters in the great state of Alabama who may see the writng on the wall and they are just being prepared..

    Let us know if we can help.

    Thanks as always, my friend,


  36. Alabama,

    Forgot to add:

    The “old geezers” are the representaives of America’s GREATEST generation.

    I consider myself lucky to have made your acquaintance.


  37. Stitch,

    So glad to see you back and still on your game. THANK YOU GOD!! I have been working on t-shirts, bumper stickers, lapel pins and even possibly dart boards. I think if we expose the truth to the masses they may finally understand what’s going on with this slug president who is destroying this Country and the people who live here. No one could ever know just how much I want to wipe that smug smile off his face. He acts like a spoiled 7 years old when he does NOT get his way. We have to hurry up and pass Obamacare. It’s a great deal of money on the line and I would hope Congress will take their time to sit down the legislation and actually read it. Shocking I know. They are busy people and don’t have the time to read. Let’s explain to them if they don’t then they will have tons of time on their hands to read the Bills they chose to pass, permanently. Pink slip these jerks. So, what’s the hurry Obama? AFRAID WE WILL TELL OUR REPRESENTATIVES NO? VOTE AT YOUR OWN PERIL.

    To everyone else here,

    Those who participate in the discussions and to those who prefer to lurk. As I’ve said before there are more of us, then there are of them. EVERY DAY our group gains more angry people. We might not be able to get all of them to speak out, but we’ll get enough of them.

    I’ve been looking into something and it may not be anything but let tell you about it anyway. Did you watch idiot boy gravel at the feet of Sotomayor this week? Did he ask any logical questions to her? He seemed more interested in talking about the television 60’s show Perry Mason and answer pertinent legal question regarding her pass legal history as both a judge and a prosecutor. We can forget about the prosecutor’s history since Bloomberg ordered them sealed. Now why would a mayor do such a thing in the middle of a legal background check on her? Like Franken I’m not a lawyer, but I have enough legal questions to coast by. I sent these questions to the republicans on the Judiciary Committee.

    Do you believe and follow the legal “rule” of the Separation of Church and State? Have you used it in your legal conclusions? If she answers yes, then the follow up would be. Can you tell me where can I find that in the Constitution and/or the Bill of Rights? Give me the Amendment that would uphold that claim. So if there is nothing in either United States documents that give that ruling to a Judge then what are you basing this “rule” on. What is the legal precedent? What are you basing your opinion on?

    While doing research on these questions I realized something else. We all know that Al Franken is nothing but a lot of hot air, no brains behind his faux exterior. He’s a liberal pin cushion or a chatty Kathy, pull the sting and listen to him repeat the liberal quotes. Obama has surrounded himself with a bunch of out of control, power hungry liberal’s buffoons. Al Franken is a joke
    And the only things I think he’s qualified to do is clean the bathrooms. We are so lucky to have these political jokers surrounded by so many other political jokes. We have Nancy Pelosi who will do anything to keep her prized position as Speaker of the House including lying to the public (it must be the air force plane she got to light heavy and lost her memory). She cannot anymore dishonest of her culpability by shifting the focus back on the Bush Administration, former Vice President Dick Cheney by thinking that for 7 years the Bush Administration kept us safe and she and her Democratic cronies think that was a bad thing. How in Gods name that he is on a high profile Committee, it takes years to get on it and this joker got on this Committee?

    Hillary and Bill Clinton have been played by Obama who named her his Secretary of State but removed that power from her and is using other State Department personnel to do the real heavy lifting and the work. Not since William P. Rogers as Secretary of State in the Nixon Cabinet, was drastically circumscribed throughout his tenure by Nixon’s determination to handle critical foreign policy strategy and execution directly from the White House through his national security adviser, Henry Kissinger. He held the title but not the critical duties. You would think she’d recognize the signs, because her own husband did the same thing to Warren Christopher. I guess the jokes on her. Obama has gotten the upper hand over his two Democratic reviles. Is it just happenstance that this week she criticized Obama and suddenly she comes out of hibernation?

    We have our current Vice President Joseph Biden who makes Dan Quayle look like a Rhode Scholar. But I have to question something here. He has been re-elected to the Senate six times, so why is he only known now as some blundering idiot. Has he had a frontal lobotomy since taking office as our Vice President? I’m currently thinking it is all a ruse from Obama, the king of political games. I would have to think the taxpayer’s of Delaware wouldn’t continually keep electing this nomad to the Senate every 6 years. It’s got me thinking that he too is just another distraction for the public, the republicans and Obama detractors to focus on while pushing his socialist agenda. Obama wants us to focus on Nancy Pelosi, Biden and all the other distraction in play from this administration. Every time someone focuses on Obama and his policies we are thrown another distraction and usually something to do with the Bush Administration. There’s a pattern. Whether it’s Nancy, Biden, Sotomayor or the constant threats to the Bush Administration, just so long as we aren’t looking at him. Biden was the senior Senator in a number of high profile committee’s in the Senate, why is it only now that we are shown what a complete boob he is?

  38. It is depressing at times, at times I sit in front of my TV. and cry, feeling helpless and not knowing what to do. But the idea that these “60” people can change the face of this country, scares me, makes me angry and gives me that little push to send one more forward, to copy one more article to MySpace, Facebook and to Twitter.
    I am surrounded by people that believe in what this Man is doing, and don’t think that it will be “all that bad.” Some of my own family makes fun of me for posting information on MySpace, Facebook on govt. health care on global warming, they ask me if I have started digging my bomb shelter!

    We need people like you to keep leading the fight, we need more information to spread out to our friends to our families, we need to continue to speak out for what is right, for this country and for Americans.

    It takes only a few voices to make the world hear us, and I know appreicate that you are one of those voices leading the charge against the tyranny that threatens to consume this country. Thanks for all your hard work, and don’t lose hope because in the end that is all we have.


  39. Once Obama and gang shove through immigration reform….we’re screwed.



  41. Alabama Redneck

    Stitch. Most happy to see you back and I am amazed at your activities while you were gone.
    Question: What can I do to help you? I don’t have any real organizational skills but I do have time on my hands.

    Larry: Thank you for the very kind words. You mantioned St Charles. Are you talking about Louisiana or some other place? Spent my high school days in NOLA and still have many fond memories. Have not been to Bass Pro Shops around here. Nearest one is about 60 miles away. May have to go if I can’t find what I want/need locally.

  42. noleftturnz

    Lady Di,

    The “true believers” are simply today’s Jonestown victims.

    They “believe” because they are lazy. It is the path of least resistance and it is apathy by any other name. They are the cowardly who feel safe in numbers as they pat each other on the back at their socialist soirees. These are the defective children of those who scoffed at the idea of Hiss as a Soviet spy and McCarthy was “way off..”

    Everything changes when their job disappears or when the Obama caliphate “steps in” and “takes over”..

    Shall we “hope” for “change” together?

    Thanks for your kind words,


  43. noleftturnz


    My apologies..

    St. Charles Missouri..

    NOLA is a place very near and dear to my heart..

    Canal Street is represented at the top of this very site.

    Take care, my friend.


  44. beyond disgusted


    Those of us inthe family love your posts. I don’t comment often, but read each & every article you post. You parallel my thoughts exactly.

    I have been emailing & calling my congressman & senators regularly. My congressman is not a problem, he votes the way I would. My senators are another matter entirely – Bill Nelson & Mel Martinez; progressive & progressive-lite. They are both hopeless. Perhaps this could explain the apathy amongst those of us who actually care. I’ll not bother speculating on the useless idiots.

    Our country now seems to be either a thugocracy or an oligarchy, or both. No one, in a position who can, will stand up to Obama. He has been masterful at implementing “Rules for Radicals”!

    Completely changing the subject, how goes the training with your new partner? Hope it is going well.

  45. I, too, am an off-again, on-again finnegan type of reader – mainly because I get so damn much in my in-basket as it is, I can only cherry pick a finite number of blogs to read for entertainment, enlightenment and encouragement – NLTZ being right up there near the top. (Guess I also have to confess to a growing weakness for Atlas Shrugs – a wide range of things from other sources are posted and commented on by uber straight-talking Pam Geller. When she’s pissed off, she blazes!) Maybe that’s a reason for the decrease in numbers of commentors on this site – too much else to read & things to do!

    I’m curious, however, about Stitch’s new website and miliary buildup center – must give it a shot and see if “joining an army” is the thing for me to do while I scramble for add’l clients & part-time jobs in this lousy, rotten economy!

    You DO have a following, Larry, it’s just that many of us read but are not always inspired (or energized) to post a comment. So, keep up the great work as the spirit and your muse so dictate to your passions, energies and skills!

  46. Is there anyone here who would like to run for Office we need uncorrupted candidates? I found some information online about what one needs to do.

    I think why so many people love Sarah Palin. She was one of us at some point. She got tired of the corruption and deceitfulness from our elected officials. She took action and the majority of the folks in Alaska loved her for it. And thanks to the pioneering efforts from John McCain he pushed her in the spot, but really failed to support her or get her vetted properly. Which was his failings and not hers?

    Why I think most Americans like her is because she’s real, genuine, humbled by the thought that people put their trust in her and the fact that no mattered how hard they dug into her past there really wasn’t anything to dig up, so they made up crap. They had to go back far, when her husband Todd got a DUI when he was 20. How shocking, they never seemed to care much about DUI when half of the Democrats in Congress do it daily. Biden, Kennedy and the others in the Buffoon Patrol. One thing for sure, Todd didn’t drive his car into a lake or ocean and left a young girl behind to drown and left her there for 9 hours so that the Kennedy’s could make up a story that might hold some water under cross examination.

    Anyway, the more the press harasses her the more the public will get behind her. It’s that one thing the Democrats and the liberal press fail to see. She’s not a lawyer and hasn’t spent a lifetime in politics. She remains me of Ronald Reagan so much who was as humbled by the thought that we entrusted him with our Country, he made the world a better place and now all the worldwide liberals have undone the work he and other world leaders did. When he was working with other political conflicted country’s I held out hope that maybe world peace is possible. Not anymore thanks to the Muslim extremist and those hateful Middle Eastern countries. How do you like it now? Russia is just drooling to bring back the cold war. The world is a mess because the liberal ideology has destroyed the foundations.

  47. Larry,
    I read and enjoy all of your excellent posts but I rarely comment. I served my country honorably and well for almost 31 years never dreaming that we would suffer under an illegal alien, communist president. I hear vets constantly saying that this is not the country they served. It has gotten so bad so fast that I believe the only hope we have to survive is for our military to lock the scoundrels up and take back our country.

    Over the next three years, this depression will make the 1930’s look like good times. You all need to stock up on gold, guns, ammo, food, survival supplies & first aid gear. Lots of combat training is also appropriate. Don’t give up but do prepare and get to know your neighbors well.

    BHO won because millions of dead voters were able to vote for him due to the efforts of those wonderful, honest folks at ACORN.

    Everything you have seen the past six months has been mis-direction. Watch the right hand on CBS, NBC & CNN while the left hand is stealing our money and destroying our freedoms.

    BHO was put into office to oversee the destruction of our country and our way of life. At this rate, there will not be another election.

  48. Hi Larry,

    Don’t worry, many of us do not comment, because you have said it all. Remember that Elijah felt the same way too but was reminded that he was indeed not alone.

    1 Kings 19:18 “Yet I have reserved seven thousand in Israel, all whose knees have not bowed to Baal, and every mouth that has not kissed him.

    Please keep on with your commentaries, they are a shining beacon in a dark world of news.


  49. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    Here is some interesting information that will explain exactly what the “evil monkey” in the White House is doing.

    What Obama meant by ‘change’
    Exclusive: Joseph Farah explains how demoralization of Americans is classic Alinsky
    Posted: July 16, 2009
    1:00 am Eastern

    By Joseph Farah

    We all know Barack Obama’s roots.

    We all know what he did to pave the way to the presidency

    We all know the company he kept.

    Obama was a Chicago “community organizer” who rubbed shoulders with some of the most radical and revolutionary socialists and communists of our time.

    One of his inspirations was Saul Alinsky, author of the infamous “Rules for Radicals,” a book he actually dedicated in its original manuscript form to Lucifer.

    “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins – or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.”

    Alinsky is living in that kingdom now, eternally I trust – having died 14 years ago.

    It was Alinsky’s Chicago disciples who took the young Obama under their wings. Though Alinsky was as subversive as they come, he believed in “working within the system” to achieve his Marxist-Satanist goals.

    And this is what we need to understand about the way Obama is leading the country today. Many of us look around and wonder if America can ever recover. We wonder why he’s moving so fast toward his goals of killing the free-enterprise system. We wonder why we’ve never seen anything like this before.

    Get “Taking America Back,” Joseph Farah’s manifesto for moral renewal, sovereignty and self-reliance.

    Americans are despairing. The man who preached hope is sapping them of it. We’re feeling lost, frustrated.

    I think this quote from Alinsky will help explain it all.

    It turns out it’s all intentional. You’re feeling the way you’re feeling because that’s the plan – that’s the goal.

    “There’s another reason for working inside the system,” Alinsky explained. “Dostoevsky said that taking a new step is what people fear most. Any revolutionary change must be preceded by a passive, affirmative, non-challenging attitude toward change among the mass of our people. They must feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system that they are willing to let go of the past and change the future. This acceptance is the reformation essential to any revolution.”

    Do you get the picture?

    You’re feeling that way because that’s the way they want you to feel.

    They want you to give up.

    They want you to look around and conclude there is no hope.

    They want you to feel as if resistance is futile.

    They want you to feel frustrated, defeated, lost and futureless.

    Isn’t that a loving social movement?

    The goal is total control – total victory by the forces of “progressivism,” a euphemism for socialism and Marxism, two ideologies soiled by the blood of a 100 million collateral casualties over the last century.

    I find it remarkable how well their plan is working.

    Clearly the policies of the Obama administration aren’t designed to promote economic recovery and social justice. They’re pushing all the wrong buttons to achieve those goals. So why would they want to frustrate, defeat, deny hope and make Americans feel lost and futureless?

    Now you know.

    That’s the playbook.

    One of Obama’s mentors and gurus wrote it down, spoke it, predicted it.

    Today we’re living it.

    The good news is that if you understand how they are trying to demoralize you, you can fight back. You can refuse to give up hope. You can refuse to be defeated. You can refuse to be frustrated. You can refuse to be lost. And you must refuse to be futureless.

  50. Norman Cross


    I have found that when one is preaching to the choir, the choir very seldom tries to tell the director anything. We are learning and the professor knows more than we, so it’s best to continue listening (or in this case, reading).

    I certainly appreciate your sharing your thoughts with us, and don’t feel the need to comment, in the same way that I would not attempt to improve the perfect diamond.

    Keep it up – I share your thoughts with many of my friends and we continue the discussion. You are not alone, and there are not as many complacent people as you might think. There are 27 people at my workplace, only two continue to be Obama supporters – the majority were on election day.

    The media has become an arm of the Socialist Democratic Party, so it is you, and bloggers like you, and talk radio at all levels that carry the torch of truth and freedom. Don’t let anyone or anything put it out. Carry a lighter.

    Norman Cross

  51. Larry:

    I myself am a pretty good writer, and I care about what’s happening to this country every bit as much as you or anyone else can (and probably more than most).

    Would it help if I offered my services as a columnist for NoLeftTurnz and similar Web sites?

  52. Obama has called himself a Muslim more than he has a Christian.
    Obama has addressed the Muslim world more than he has the American people.
    Obama has quoted the Koran more than he has the Bible.
    Obama has praised all other forms of government and has yet to proclaim the “American Way”.
    Obama has defended every other nation’s right to field an army, and yet is dismantling ours.



  53. Reason and logic are not a part of the cultural makeup of the Obama voters and supporters. The time for puppy training rolled newspaper swats (rational argument) is past; think full grown and disagreeable Dobermans and Pit Bulls as the equivalent of the left in ascendancy. Engagement with the latter is rather a different process than with the former and casualties are certain to occur. Lets insure that the majority of the casualties accrue to the left.
    Don’t misunderstand, words matter and are of critical importance to inspire and reinforce our host. The words of Thomas Paine in 1776 may have had as much to do with American fighting spirit as our Generals did. But it is far too late to assume that we will convert those who have tasted the fruit of unearned federal patronage. So, let us continue to encourage each other while we seek to punish those who would debase our constitution. our traditions and our standard of living. Get mad and get even. If it has a D after its name, I don’t give a damn if it votes in favor of the second coming; it is our enemy. Take care to make no martyrs; no outright violence is called for – yet. Give them a good roughing up, politically speaking of course, because the local newspaper and TV station is probably slobbering over them and thereby leaving a false impression that the majority of readers/viewers follow the line set by media. At least that is the case with the congresstwerp from my district. But we know differently.
    The Chaplain’s work is done. It is now time to take the field and inflict damage on the left’s assets and forces; that is the work of Generals.
    Means and methods need to flow from our leadership, and I don’t mean the “get alongs” in WDC who claim the mantle of conservatorship. The commenting readership at this site doubtless houses more than a few who would qualify to lead, and the author of this site certainly does.

  54. Arthur Nankervis

    Larry & Family.

    For inspiration and the knowing that the conservative movement in The U.S. is not alone, I have included below, Daniel Hannan’s latest article:

    ‘To be anti-American is to be anti-humanity’

    Two snapshots as I fly home from Atlanta.

    In the Olympic park, I overhear a man talking to his young boy in an accent so thick that it sounds almost like parody. He is dispensing some homespun wisdom, along the lines of: “Lookit, son, it’s lak mah maw always said: dontchoo go lettin’ the cayote into the chicken house lessen you want chickenshit for breakfast”. (Alright, those weren’t his exact words, but you get the idea.) I glance up: father and son are Korean.

    At the airport, a stern black lady eyes my documents suspiciously. I prepare for one of those strained encounters that one so often has with US immigration officers but, as she hands my passport back, her face blossoms into a gorgeous smile. “You hurry on back here, now, Mr Hannan, and when you do, you run for Congress!”

    What a diverse country this is, beneath the superficial homogeneity of language, television programming and shopping habits. Humanity is here in every imaginable form. You will sometimes hear Euro-sophists remark, with a self-congratulatory expression, that they don’t much care for Americans. Well, then, they don’t much care for mankind. To dislike a population as multi-faceted as this one is to dislike your fellow creatures. Anti-Americanism is peculiarly narcissistic form of misanthropy.


    This and other articles pertaining to Daniel Hannan’s views on U.S politics, including: “Conservative Democrats prove the case for open primaries”; “Vote Republican: it’ll put hairs on your head” are to be found at his blog-site:

    Keep on – keeping on!

  55. In my opinion it is not apathy as much as it is FEAR! We all know what happened in Germany, China and Russia when the “Progressives” took control and how about revolutionary France in the 1700’s. They all follow the same pattern…lure out the potential dissidents and then round them up. Off with the heads!

    I have been in the battle since 1964 and it just keeps getting worse and potentially more dangerous for conservative minded citizens in the “effort”. I have come to believe that until we understand the power of evil and combat it with a return to true moral values in our everyday lives…there will be no Victory. Look at the Congress and tell me this, do you see any goodness or are they all leading us on the road to a living Hell? Morals and Absolutes are never part of the majority considerations.

    Be careful when you call for Revolution…that’s exactly what the leaders want you to do.

  56. noleftturnz


    Thanks for your kind words.

    You may not feel that you “need” to comment but I would appreciate it if everyone did..

    The comments get good and lively, the conversation always takes on a mind and a direction of its own.

    Feel free to contribute any time that you wish. I enjoy and appreciate each comment.

    Thanks as always,


  57. noleftturnz


    Some of the comments are longer than my articles!

    Stitch and Eileen really get it going sometimes..

    Feel free to “cut and paste” into the comments if you would like.

    Also find and submit to Fairfield. He is the editor and his site is very nice. is another.

    I would also recommend:

    You can set your own page up there and it is also a good site.

    Thanks as always,


  58. Larry,
    obama can`t be stopped directly,but there is a way to stop obama dead in his tracts
    for trying to destroy the country we love with his pinko agenda.

    obama can be stopped by stopping the lying liberal media from whitewashing everything obama does or says.
    If the liberal media told the truth about obama, he NEVER would have been elected.

    55 million citizens voted against obama.

    Right now the liberal media has the power to do or say anything it wants,
    but their power can be yanked away from them as simple as 1-2-3-4 [as you will soon see]

    If a TV station looses it`s advertisers,their out of business.
    Advertisers spend millions on a 30 second or one minute spot,hoping to pull a 1 to 5% response.
    If the advertisers don`t get their #s they will STOP advertising with that station.If enough advertisers DROP their commercials from the station,the station is OUT of business.

    The following needs to be done:

    1. We target a lying liberal station.
    2. We pick Chris Mathews to start with.
    3. We pick 3 advertisers to boycout.
    4. We demand that the station reports the news objectively.
    We demand that they tell the truth.
    No more destortons,oughtright lies,white washing the facts,no more spin etc.

    The only way the boycottt can be stopped is when our demands are met.

    The easy part is that we only have to destroy one station or anchor man.
    Even the first signs of decreased ad revenew is all we need [kill the chickens,scare the monkeys]
    Then the domino effect will set in.

    Keith Oberman will be a monkey that will be scared without us doing one more thing.
    If Keith is still lying and spinning the truth.then we wil go after his stations advertisers.
    But at that point I dont think that will be necessary.

    The old saying “Money talks [Americaan consumers]
    BS walks [liberal lying newscasters]

    We lost the election but we don`t have to lose the country we love.

    The G.O.P has no leadership,it`s going to take consumers to stop obama and it can be done.

    We can start by:
    1. Sending out an email to a milion Repulblicans about the boycott [list brokers are available]
    With instructions for them to forward the email to 10 or 20 fellow Republicans.
    and for the reciepents to do the same.And it will snowball.

    2. We can email conservative organizations [like the tea party organizers etc]
    enlisting them to join the boycott and expand our efforts.

    3. We can contact conservative talk show hosts.
    I know the family will contribute many more good ideas,and an army of help.

    This will work.

    The boycott can be born here and can spread all over the country.

    Larry,contact me for more info.




  59. Rick,
    I like the idea. Let’s run with it.

    Larry, there are a lot of us out here who read and can’t really add much except to say “amen”.
    Don’t lose heart, we’re out here and will back you if needed.

  60. Rick:

    Your ideas are very good. The liberal media is a big problem and should be boycotted. Money definitely talks.

    I’m taking another type of action and I’m recruiting others to help me. You said: ” 55 million citizens voted against obama.
    THAT’S A POWERFUL BLOCK OF CONSUMERS.” You’ve got that right. Now if we work on on family, friends and acquaintances who didn’t vote at all, think of what we could do. I am going to ask everyone who complains to me about the Illegal Alien living in OUR White
    House, or any of his minions, if they voted. If they say no, I’m going to hand them a voter registration form and have them fill it out. (I carry them in my car.) When they do so, I will deliver it to the County Board of elections. I will be keeping track of the people I sign up. Then I will personally see to it that they get to the polls or fill out an absentee ballot, which I will deliver to the Board of elections. I’ve done this before; I’ll do it again. It has worked well in past elections in my county.

    Never give in, never give up, never again.

  61. HK,

    I appreciate the backing..

    Everyone has something to add. I am thankful for each and every comment.

    Thanks as always,


  62. Rick:

    This is not my only type of action; I’m also doing other things as well. My mission, which I’ve chosen to accept, is to frustrate, annoy, obstruct and stop every one of these lying
    liberals/socialists/communists in any way that I can.

  63. Thanks Larry for your response to my comment. Makes me feel good. By the way, I am a native of St. Louis. Needless to say I am always interested in anything or anyone from St. Louis.

    Like some of the other comments, I think you have to hurt the media in the pockbook. If enough people boycott advertisers eventually it hits home. Constant protesting also. More tea parties. Something needs to be done before 2010!

    There are some great people on this site. Keep up the good work!

  64. Sling Blade

    Isaw your thought of the day the other day when you sounded almost depressed concerning the number of replies and the seeming apathy of many. Then I look at the number of responses to today’s column. I BELIEVE YOU HAVE AWAKENED A SLEEPING GIANT. You have a great family here- one I am proud to be numbered among. And I do believe it is growing. Larry, I truly believe we shall be a force to be reckoned with.I think a boycott would be a good start.
    Great column, as always, Larry.

  65. Larry,

    I have read every column since last August but I comment infrequently since I don’t often have anything enlightening to add; you do such a wonderful job of saying what we are all feeling. So many of this family you gathered together here at Noleftturnz have great ideas and I sincerely feel at home reading your articles (as well as all the responses). Like Dionisia I have family members that think I’m “too consumed” with my concern about Obama. They are frustrated that I’m okay with losing friends or family over my belief that he is ruining our great nation.

    Keep doing what you are doing, Larry. You are an inspiration and even though we may seem quiet, we are many and we are not sleeping.

  66. Larry and Family:

    The following is a link to a speech given by Newt Ginrich on Friday. It’s certainly worth listenig to as he gives

  67. Larry and Family:

    The following is a link to a speech given by Newt Ginrich on Friday. It’s certainly worth listening to as he gives many solutions to solving our current situation.

  68. With your permission Larry I am going to start advertising your site again and visit the other conservative sites and possibly do a Facebook and Myspace page. If anyone has the time to help, we can split the work.

    Listen, people are starting to get afraid about Obama, the economy and our Congress. They’re fearful, they are angry and frustrated with our government and our officials as uncertainty breeds all sorts of things and I don’t think I’m alone in thinking we are already seeing sign of it. Violence is up multiple killings are returning and I’m thinking some people who are mentally unhealthy are starting to come out of the wood work. They are scared and acting out to those they know instead the real cause of their anxiety.

    I don’t blame them, I too am very concerned about what is happening with our Country, but thanks to Larry and his website and the few others I’m allowed to place my concerns on paper and share it with like minded people. But, I think many are waking up, those independent voters who voted for him are realizing what a horrible mistake they made. We’ll never convince the far left about what is happening, because they already know and like the direction. Americans are starting to react newspapers are going bankrupt, cable and network news ratings are in the toilet and they continue their fast decline. They have made their choice to lie to the American public in favor of standing openly behind the man who is the keeper of the sledgehammer. It’s now that I wish I taken my uncle up on going to law school, because if I had I would be filing lawsuits left and right. His unconstitutional ideas, his healthcare farce and cap and trade are only more government controls and power.

    I think at this point people are looking for answers and the regular folks need to start threatening our elected official, let them know and understand that if they continue to vote for Obama’s plans, they will lose their job and if any laws were broken they will spend a lot of their retirement years getting three square meals behind bars and not in the ultra lush Smith and Wollensky, there is no booze for those behind bars.

    Here is my proposal. As Rick has said first go after the advertisers, create an internet campaign to boycott print advertisements and commercials during the evening news. We hit the networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC their evening news as well as the early morning shows, Today, Good Morning America and The Early Show. Then we boycott their “special” news programs such as 20/20, Dateline and 48 Hours, 60 Minutes and any others I may have forgotten. Pick one and report back to us what commercials/sponsors they used, then we create a website to advertise those manufacturers who are being boycotted. We hit the Washington Post, Boston Globe, the New York Times, the Seattle Times, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times. They have hit hard times lately as they try to get their footing back. They are close to bankruptcy and we can push them further in debt. Once they are knocked down and no longer able to complete in their markets they either change their storytelling methods to be balanced and fair, some both the pros and cons. If they chose not to and stay on their destructive path they all will be out of their jobs. Believe me I won’t shred a tear for Maureen Dowd, Frank Rich, Gene Weingarten, Ellen Goodman and all the names I don’t know because I don’t read them. Hopefully the more people who join us the bigger the damage.

    Email friends, family and co-workers. If they need solid proof we will give it to them.

    Also Larry, I’ll keep looking for a literary agent who accepts unsolicited, new authors. They are out there we just need to find one that will accept conservative, political authors.

    Is this something anyone would like to do? Let me know.

  69. Folks, most of you probably have heard of the Jerry Lewis Muscular Distrophy Telethon, which was held annually over the Labor Day weekend. People gave voluntary of their money to help others in need.

    Well, there is another telethon going on right this very second–and it’s not just for a few days! And the giving is NOT voluntary AND it does NOT help some others truly in need! Here it is:

    The Lifelong Obamathon: “From womb to tomb”!

    Anybody out there that does not agree with me? (I’d like to read your rebuttal.)

  70. Triviaman,

    I agree with you but will take it further; he also said it will be the government to decide what charities who receive chartable funds if I remember correctly when he was on the “campaign” trail. I wonder if Jerry’s Kids will be on the list.

    I hope Mr. Gingrich runs for President. He was always been my favorite Republican, after Ronald Reagan. I think he may run in 2012 and certainly hope he can undue the damage from this Congress and administration. I like him a lot and generally look forward to his segments on O’Reilly and Hannity. He’s such a smart man. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  71. Alabama Redneck

    Triviaman, you are so right. Unfortunately there are the many millions that will make an extremely short trip from womb to tomb.

  72. Stitch: I love being proven wrong. Welcome back!

  73. CitizenSailor

    Larry and family, I’m a nearly silent reader, have posted before….but I do read every one of your articles Larry. Very fine work and logic. I like just about every suggestion for action…especially Rick’s. I agree, we must start using more than the ballot to express our desires not to lose our Country. I like the concept of voting with my pocket book. Personally I have been using the both email pressure and written letters. I know it’s probably naive, but I send a letter asking my rep and senators to respond to one question either yes or no. I also send the same letter to the rest of the senate if it is a “significant” enough issue. My last letter (question) was: Will you validated the candidacy of the current president, by the standards in the Constitution of the United States, by personally observing and understanding his long form birth certificate? Yes or No. Don’t laugh I admitted my naivete.

  74. Amber Glow: not just immigration reform. Also, cap and trade or ObamaCare; any one of which can sink us for good. (Which, of course, is the whole idea). Then King O can “save” us and all that that implies.

  75. Larry and Family:

    The following link is to Newt Ginrich’s speech on national security and defense spending which was given this morning at the Heritage Foundation.

    “The speech was the closing address to Protect America Month, The Heritage Foundation’s month-long campaign to raise awareness about the current issues facing our men and women in uniform.”

    As always, his solutions are excellent.

  76. Everyone,

    Below are the online advertisers from the NY Slime

    New York Times –


    Louis Vuitton fashion designer
    Societe Generale
    Air France
    Sofitel Luxury Hotels
    Chipotle Mexican Grill
    Wipro – CIGMA Centre for Integrated Global Management of Applications
    Morgan Stanley-Smith Barney
    Warner Brothers – Harry Potter
    Knowledge Network
    AT& T
    United States Mint
    Capella The University Online
    Schott’s Vocab
    Wick Degrees
    Corcoran Group – has exemplified a steadfast commitment to service, creativity and hard work. The company was founded in 1973 as New York City began an historic transition from being a market predominately composed of rentals to one of individual ownership. Corcoran grasped the implications of this change by targeting specific neighborhoods and concentrating on higher-end properties. With that strategy, we quickly rose to prominence and thanks also to the acquisition of major real estate companies in Manhattan and Brooklyn, today we are the largest residential real estate firm in New York City.
    NY Times Music and Podcast
    Global NY Times
    Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy
    Jillian Michaels Weight Lose Program
    Westin Hotels and Resorts
    Brown Harris Stevens
    Brodsky Luxury Rentals
    Miller Samuel, Inc – Real Estate Appraisers & Consultants

    These are all the advertisers on their online site. There are quite a number of foreign businesses and high end clothing that most of us cannot afford. When I didn’t understand or knew what they were I added a comment to explain based on the information on their website. I thought it quite odd that they advertise themselves throughout the sections. The ads are taking up space and they get no revenue from them.

  77. Larry: in your reply to Lady Di, you could have added the “feel good” aspect for those lightweights who voted for King O. You know, the idiotic, “oh, it just warms my heart that we’ve elected a man “of color” to the presidency. It’s so long overdue, blah, blah.” I am no racist. I don’t care what the skin tone is of any elected official. It has no bearing on anything, whatsoever. But it means sooo much to those who put this person in office. It’s all about ‘feelings’ to these morons. Racists, all. Racial preference is every bit as racist as racial discrimination. Clarence Thomas, Allan Keyes, J.C. Watts, all quality people, whether they’re black, brown, white, red or yellow. I don’t care. But the libs sure do. Who’s the racist? Right.

  78. I’ll let you in on something I learned this morning. Last week I posted the link of all of the Senate email addresses and their staff here and a few other websites. Late Friday evening the CPAC site crashed from the over usage. I know there are tons of people using it, not just myself. But it was enough traffic to take down their websites. I have some hope that we might get through to Congress.

  79. noleftturnz


    Every little bit helps and I am grateful to you for the assistance..

    I would love to figure out how to get onto/plug NLTZ on the big radio shows.

    Working during the day brings that potential source to a halt..

    Thanks as always,


  80. noleftturnz



    They looked at this “moment” as the chance to “cleanse” themselves catharticly from all of the good work they have done through the generations relative to slavery.

    Slavery has just been renamed with today’s liberals, it’s now “welfare”.

    Thanks as always,


  81. Chicago Sun-Times

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    Pulse 360
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    Yahoo shop
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    iContact email marketing services
    Lexus RX Hybrid/
    The Field Museum
    Footloose the musical
    TV Guide
    Dish Network
    Brookfield Zoo
    Mexicana Airlines
    Southwest Airlines
    Resurrection Health Care
    Best Western/AAA
    Fisher Investments (creates cartoons of you)
    Dominos Pizza
    Lake County, Illinois Six Flags
    Verizon wireless
    The Abbey-Lake Geneva Family Vacation
    Work From Home On Your Computer

  82. Chicago Tribune

    Online Advertisement

    Home Depot
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    Paducah, Kentucky vacation package
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    Free credit
    North end bedding
    BP Oil
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    Best Western
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    Green Day (rock band) promotion
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    Spring Awakening (theater show)
    Wilco (the tour)
    Gottlieb Memorial Hospital
    Virtual Wallet
    Bristol Renaissance
    George S May International
    The Goodman Theater
    American Express Gift Cards

  83. Arthur Nankervis

    To: The Fired-up-gang at NLTZ,

    For the video of that kafuffle in Delaware with that wonderful woman challenging Rep. Mike Castle on Obama’s Birth Certificate, go to:

    The worm is turning me thinks


  84. I just watched Newt Gingrich’s speech entitled, “For America to be America, 2 + 2 must always equal 4” from Lady Wolf’s link. It’s right on target. Is anyone else saying Newt 2012? He’s really the only one who can out-debate the Hopey Changey One and bring about true and honest reform! We must get behind a leader and I suggest we get behind Newt. I’m a big fan of Sarah Palin’s; she is “real people” and down to earth, but she will be eaten alive (again) by the press. Newt has enough experience and ideas as well as a proven track record to really put the USA on the correct path! What about Gingrich/Romney 2012?




  86. CNN is dumping their liberal, anti-Tea Party correspondent, Susan Roesgen. Roesgen was the reporter who decided to harass those who attended the April 15th Tea Party in Chicago, IL, instead of serving as an unbiased journalist (yes, we know — a bit of an oxymoron there). In response, we here at the Our Country Deserves Better Committee launched an online grass roots effort that flooded CNN’s offices with tens of thousands of phone calls and emails. And CNN felt the heat – first sending Roesgen on leave for a suddenly scheduled vacation, and now deciding to part ways with Roesgen altogether.

    Being outspoken has its privileges. She was a hurtful person if I remember it correctly and didn’t she berate a man for bring his child to the tea party rally. She mocked participants, she asked question but didn’t let them answer.

    CPAC will soon launch the “Tea Party Express” which is just the next step in stopping the over spending. Bookmark their website The “Tea Party Express” will be a traveling national tour will host a series of tea party rallies all across the nation.

  87. More deception from the Democrats as they hide parts of their legislation into their latest Bill. Read about it here.

  88. Alabama Redneck, were you referring to the millions that will be aborted fetuses? (Just wondering.)

  89. Wow, Larry! Look at the number of comments as of this post of mine! It looks like things are getting back to the count in “the good old days”!

  90. I’m with the rest Larry…I don’t often have time to write a response, but I do read every article you write. You just say it more cleverly than I can. Keep up the good work… we would be lost without you.

    Docta G: I agree that Newt would make a great president… have you seen his “American Solutions Project”? It is a great place to share ideas and come up with common sense solutions to today’s problems. If he could team up with another articulate person (white, black, green…I don’t care) we could most definitely get the USofA back on track in 2012.

    I really like the boycott idea, and I think we need to hit the liberal press hard, even our local papers and TV stations when we see liberal bias. We can clean them up, but we have to get busy. We will not be successful unless and until we have an honest press again. They are just as big an obstacle as those dip-weeds in Washington DC.

  91. triviaman,

    It certainly does a heart good to get the feedback..

    Thanks as always,


  92. T,

    I appreciate your kind words but please keep in mind the importance of the contributions of commenters like yourself.

    The commenters bring NLTZ to life..

    Thanks as always,


  93. Thanks Larry….I think a lot of us needed a good swift “kick in the ol’ ass”…at least mine is getting old.
    I like many have been busy writing letters, sending faxes on the barrage of crap coming out of Washington that no one ever reads.
    I’ve also been honing my skills with a left wing wacko I exchange emails with. As of this morning….he took his liberal toys and went home. Told me not to write anymore. YES!!!
    It looks like everyone has covered the gambit of things happening in the “conservative movement” except for one thing. Anyone planning on attending the September 10-11-12 National Tea Party in Washington. This movement is growing by leaps and bounds, please check it out.
    Larry….this may be a great opportunity for you to get in front of a huge audience and share your views and style.
    Also, did anyone see the AOL poll this morning? Check it out…ASTOUNDING!

  94. Larry….I agree wholeheartedly as your analysis is spot on. I wish to make my point of view clear…when you see my comments decrying the apparent apathy of the electorate/citizenry concerning the current direction of the nation, do not for one moment believe (if you do) that I somehow agree or have given in to the ignorance. I have no intention of nor could I in any good conscience of giving up or allowing the nonsense to go unopposed. It seems to me that with the plethora of alternative media, talk radio and even FOX News, the other side of the story should be getting heard clearly. As it is, stopping the socialist juggernaut should be done easily enough beginning at the ballot box, with a resounding NO! Then all the talk of revolution, guns, dogs and gold could be stopped just like that. It still is that easy to turn around. While I sympathize with those who would not vote for watered down candidates (i.e. McCain) look what you got instead. For those who said there is no difference…there most certainly is. If the best we can do for the near term is the lesser of 2 evils then we will have to do it until truly qualified people run for office. That is where the grassroots comes into play developing candidates with the proper political and philosophical underpinnings to return our nation to free markets, limited government and INDIVIDUAL rights. As you always say Larry…Let’s get started!

  95. Alabama Redneck What a clown

    Triviaman: Sorry. I should have made myself clear.

    Absolutely. Not only the future unborn fetuses that will be aborted but also the 50+ million that have all ready met that fate.

    Rayne: Do not use or have access to AOL. Could you post the poll here? Thanks.

    JR: Agree about Gingrich for Pres but have reservations about Mitt. Still he would make a decent No 2 especially when we look at gaff a minute Joe B. What a clown. Makes one wonder what the people in Delaware have been smoking for the past 24 odd years.

  96. Alabama Redneck What a clown

    Rayne: Do you have a link for 411 about the September 10-11-12 National Tea Party in DC?

  97. Alabama Redneck

    OOOOooooops. Sorry Larry and all the family.


  98. Larry,

    I believe you knew we were out here, and as Rayne said – some of us just need a good swift kick. As we have seen, it is rather easy to fall into a state of apathy ( to some degree ), or into some kind of funk – but you brought us out. And, look at the quality postings ! Plus , the research that is done.


    I don’t know how you do it, but you are the “Regal Researcher” on this site – great job, and I hope you are able to continue. Thanks


    Let’s keep it going – the ‘boss’ is certainly doing his part, let us do ours.

  99. JJ and others who have commented about my research. Thank you for the complement I don’t do it for that, but it’s nice to hear nevertheless. I believe in knowing all the facts and information so that I and some close family and friends know everything, not just the facts that are spoon fed to us by the liberal media and giving us a pacifier to quiet our cries.

    I was frustrated with the slanted and obvious missing information regarding Obama during the campaign. So I set out to learn as much as I could and found a wealth information was out there and readily available, but the press refused to report it. My method was to always find two sources to back up the claim and I still use that method here.

    Today’s information is regarding the House of Representatives there is a Bill that was introduced by Florida Congressman Bill Posey the main sponsor of the Bill HR1503 what is proposed is to amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to require the principal campaign committee of a candidate for election to the office of President to include with the committee’s statement of organization a copy of the candidate’s birth certificate, together with such other documentation as may be necessary to establish that the candidate meets the qualifications for eligibility to the Office of President under the Constitution. This Bill will enforce the presidential qualifications outlined in Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution.

    Official: To amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to require the principal campaign committee of a candidate for election to the office of President to include with the committee’s statement of organization a copy of the candidate’s birth certificate, together with such other documentation as may be necessary to establish that the candidate meets the qualifications for eligibility to the Office of President under the Constitution as introduced.

    3/12/2009—Introduced in Congress.
    Amends the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to require the principal campaign committee of a candidate for election to the Office of President to include with the committee’s statement of organization a copy of the candidate’s birth certificate, together with such other documentation as may be necessary to establish that the candidate meets the qualifications for eligibility to the Office of President under the Constitution.

    There are 9 co-sponsors and their names are:

    Rep. Bill Posey [R, FL-15] and 9 Co-Sponsors
    Rep. Marsha Blackburn [R, TN-7]
    Rep. Dan Burton [R, IN-5]
    Rep. John Campbell [R, CA-48]
    Rep. John Carter [R, TX-31]
    Rep. John Culberson [R, TX-7]
    Rep. Robert Goodlatte [R, VA-6]
    Rep. Kenny Marchant [R, TX-24]
    Rep. Randy Neugebauer [R, TX-19]
    Rep. Ted Poe [R, TX-2]

    The Bill is stuck in limbo and the Democrats are mounting their attacks on it main sponsor, Bill Posey. When Obama published his Hawaiian C.O.L.B., the electorate and congress was satisfied he was ‘native’ born. Unfortunately, ‘native’ born does not equal ‘natural’ born. In addition, Hawaii allows compulsory registration of unwitnessed births, under Haw. Stat. Rev. §338-5. This means that the lack of witnesses to the Hawaiian vital data supplied by Stanley Ann Dunham voids the prima facie value of the C.O.L.B., and is probative of his Kenyan birth. That is why Obama will not release vital data or certified copies of his 1961 Hawaiian registration. If you include his College records were sealed, and how freaked out he became when someone in the State Department accessed his (and the other candidates) passports.

    The original Bill that became law concentrated on United States federal law which increased disclosure of contributions for federal campaigns, and amended in 1974 to place legal limits on the campaign contributions. The amendment also created the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

    It was amended again in 1976, in response to the provisions ruled unconstitutional by Buckley v. Valeo and again in 1979 to allow parties to spend unlimited amounts of hard money on activities like increasing voter turnout and registration. In 1979, the Commission ruled that political parties could spend unregulated or “soft” money for non-federal administrative and party building activities (this is how the Hollywood crowd bypasses the law. They give a large donation to a Democratic Re-election Committee and that Committee distributes the money to any chosen candidate. This allows Leonard DiCaprio, George Clooney and Brad Pitt to donate $50,000 to that Committee AND also donate an additional $2,300 directly to each candidate. If there’s a loophole the liberals will always find it).

    Later, this money was used for candidate related issue ads, which led to a substantial increase in soft money contributions and expenditures in elections. This in turn created political pressures leading to passage of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (“BCRA”) also known as the McCain/ Feingold Amendment, which concentrated the increased role of soft money in campaign financing expenditure by parties. Some of the legal limits on giving of “hard money” were also changed in by BCRA. That prohibited national political party committees from raising or spending any funds not subject to federal limits, (such as political ads and not to pay for prostitutes or mistresses) even for state and local races or issue discussion; the other goal was to proliferation of issue advocacy ad, by defining as “electioneering communications” broadcast ads that name a federal candidate within 30 days of a primary or caucus or 60 days of a general election, and prohibiting any such ad paid for by a corporation (including non-profit issue organizations such as Right to Life or the Environmental Defense Fund) or paid for by an unincorporated entity using any corporate or union funds. (Personally I think Obama broke this during the campaign, it was just nicely hidden by his commie/socialist friends).

    FECA also requires campaigns and political committees to report the names, addresses, and occupations of donors of $200 or more. The FECA placed limits on contributions by individuals and groups to candidates, party committees and PACs. Some but not all of these limits are adjusted each election cycle for inflation. The chart below shows how the limits applied to the various participants in federal elections. There is no party committee’s or PAC limits which allowed a candidate access to a great deal of money. This is what liberal elites, liberal media and Hollywood did to push Obama to the White House. They flooded the Democrat cause with so much money Obama was like a kid in a candy store. The irony was that John McCain cut his own throat by co-sponsoring the Bill that pushed Obama to the White House. I hope he realizes that now.

    Congressman Posey is asking for donations as the attacks on him grow. If you want to donate to help him to move forward if this Bill you can do that by going to his website. Generally, I won’t donate only because I have limited funds, but I did this time I and my father gave $25 each. We both feel this is an important issue and should be added to the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971.

    The media will never talk about this, even FoxNews. But it’s a main concern at Fox Nation. Thank you in advance for your generosity.


  100. Alabama Redneck


    Yes, I was referring to all the unborn who will never take a breath of life thanks to the big O;s policy regarding abortion. It also referred to the 50+ million long gone.

    May God bless all those babies and keep them safe.

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