Achilles Heel

The liberals who were once all so giddy about demanding “time tables” and “exit plans” have now just quietly given up on the idea and they “hope” that you have too.. On April 20th, Obama “challenged” his Cabinet (The Termite Totalitarians..) to “cut $100 million” from the budget within 90 days.. That deadline passed.. This whole “governmenting” thing is a lot harder than it used to be when Obama used to wake up from his afternoon naps covered in dried drool during his 143 day whirlwind Senatorial “career”.. Never mind that “100 million” is trivial compared to the untold TRILLIONS that the progressive poltroons are simultaneously printing and wasting and they couldn’t even find that in ninety days.

The deadline for the report on Guantanamo and its precocious and misunderstood terrorists expired too. No problem, just move the goalposts six months down the field.. (“Gitmo Review Delayed 6 Months” Washington Times) Apparently the “amazing influence” and the “charisma” of Obama hasn’t been striking any of the right chords when it comes to asking other nations to house terrorists who would terrorize no more were they dead..

The “congressionally mandated report on the nation’s economic conditions” is well overdue as well. (“Administration Delaying Release Of Key Economic Report” Washington Post.) Right here, right now as my civic duty, I will save the administration the trouble of compiling, photocopying and stapling together one more bogus report to hand out to the media marionettes. “The economy is moving quite rapidly towards its “socialization” and the middle class is doomed as well. Soon America will be aptly renamed “The USSA”. Hugs and Kisses, Barack..”

All of the previous “number one priorities” appear to have gotten in the way of what used to be the actual Constitutional priorities of both the Congress and the White House. Obama’s Waterloo may very well be his imbecilic “socialization” of medicine. His Achilles heel is exposed and the “Pied Piper of Piffle” may end up with more than just a little egg on his face and an arrow in his foot.

With a speed matched only by the exodus of Al Gore from the umbilicus of Bill Clinton in the late nineties, Democrats up for reelection are realistic enough to know that they had better haul up now and run away from Obama and his “liberal lotto” that is being funded by the taxes stolen from the middle class. They are slowly drifting towards “common sense” as their political/theft livelihood may very well depend upon it. (As a sidebar, wouldn’t it be wonderful if the defection of the defective Specter ended up backfiring upon him due to the unrestrained liberal socialism of his fascist friends? Santa, are you listening?)

All of the “numbers” seem to indicate to the sensible that the Obama Express is soon to derail with millions of casualties. According to the USA Today and Gallop, Obama is tracking lower than Carter.. It takes quite a lot of effort to be worse than Carter, so give Obama his due on that one.. 49% of all Americans disapprove of how Obama is handling the economy. These numbers are making the need for speed mandatory relative to this “medical monstrosity” as “action” is always more important than “results” with the liberal Lilliputians. The bigger the hurry the less time to properly eviscerate the rotting corpses of both Obamanomics and the carcinogenic Obama health care bringing both a new meaning and an urgency to the Democratic cornerstone of “vote early and vote often”..

When it comes to “appealing to the base” there is no one more “base” than Obama. His ego being bigger than his ears has caused him to host a “conference call” (Note: the rich liberal elitists get to inhale his progressive perfume in person, carbon footprint and all, the proletarians get a “conference call”.. Liberal elitism 101..) with “leftist bloggers”. Obama wants them to “pressure Congress to pass his health plan as soon as possible..” It’s all about “action”, the “results” can be blamed upon “the mess we inherited”.. (which is nowhere near the size of “the mess I created”..)

One of the liberals assembled asked his Royal Slyness “Is this true? Will people be able to keep their insurance and will insurers be able to write new policies even though H.R. 3200 is passed?” With that, the liberal genius replied, “You know, I have to say that I am not familiar with the provision you are talking about..” Obama’s “number one priority” is allegedly “health care” and he is “not familiar” with the legislation.. With the cornucopia of cashiered comedians who have gone on to become liberal political savants, none of them can hold a candle to the comedy of the “Cocoa Communist”.

Suddenly, Obama has an epiphany of sorts as he later tell another leftist loon that “If you have health insurance and you like it, and you have a doctor that you like, then you can keep it, period..” As a liberal genius, the ability to instantaneously “remember” the provisions of a plan that he was not “familiar” with only moments ago must have impressed the “bloggers”.

The Congressional Budget Office (who HAVE to be pulling their hair out trying to keep up with Goldfinger..) claimed last Friday that “the higher payments will cost $245 billion over 10 years”. They also predicted that the overall bill would “create deficits itself of over $239 billion..” Earlier that same day, Obama said, “I’ve said that health care insurance reform cannot add to our deficit over the next decade. And I mean it..” Note to the Obama kids: When your old man says, “Don’t go out to play or you will be grounded and I mean it”, he doesn’t..

According to the Heritage Foundation, the Obama debacle would force about 83.4 million people onto the Obama plan as it will make private insurance literally unaffordable. So much for not only “choice” but “cutting costs”.. About 88.1 million working Americans will have their private employer sponsored health care disappear and they will be forced into the Obama “Soylent Green” progressive plan.. Their goal is to make it “so expensive that your company makes the perfectly economical decision to dump you into the government plan..”

The Obama goons are all dancing the jig of distraction as Obama “personally” is taking this ego driven drive to socialism to not only the media but to the liberal underclass. Saul Alinsky would be so proud.. Obama’s Achilles heel is vulnerable and it is time for everyone to replicate Paris and nock up an arrow or three..


26 responses to “Achilles Heel

  1. Ah, Larry, I have to further amend the renaming of our fair land, in order to delineate Obama’s particular leaning towards the “infinite left.”

    How about the USSSA, as is his wont in loyalty to the Commissars of days of yore: The United SOVIET Socialist States of America!

    That’s so to disenfranchise himself from the Chinese and North Korean styles of Socialism.

    Remember when I made the post that Obama was trained by the Russians at least by 1992 to become the President of the USSSA– I’m sorry; excuse me for my premature faux pas–uh, umm, USA? (New habits die hard, you know?)

  2. How sweet and generous of the “faux pas” Usurper to give up his telecast time at 9PM EDT tomorrow on NBC, so that the worldwide audience can view the interview of the newest “star from out of the blue”–Susan Boyle.

    By giving his “presentation” an hour earlier at 8PM EDT, he can maybe rush to the nearest TV and think to himself while watching her being interviewed, that he did the same thing in coming into the public eye–only with more glorious fanfare–and deviousness, to boot!

    But, then again, maybe not–it might be beneath him to see someone truly worthy of the accolades she has deservedly received!

  3. Lest someone misunderstand, I meant Wednesday for both telecasts; I forgot my post would be dated on July 22nd, because of the Greenwich Mean Time dating.

  4. Another issue that we should look at and contact our Congressional representatives about. A lot of the stuff I find shows up on the morning news programs so many of you are at work and maybe unaware about some of these issues. This is one of them. Colin Hanna from the organization “Let Freedom Ring” has created a legal Pledge that they want our Congressional representatives read the legislation before signing the Bill and sending onto the White House for signature. This started in late June/early July and he has sent them all the written pledge to sign and return the pledge so the American taxpayers that we hold our Senators and Members of Congress accountable for reading any healthcare reform legislation up for vote by having them sign this pledge.
    By close of business on Monday, July 20th, they will release the names of those who have signed, those who have declined to sign and those who have failed to respond. We will then begin targeted publicity campaigns thanking those who have signed and taking to task those who have not. It’s had mix results. Since his appearance on FoxNews American’s Newsroom on July 20th he had 62 members of Congress sign the pledge. As of a few moments ago, 78 have signed. All of them are republicans. The Pledge is simple and straightforward:
    Responsible Health Care Reform Pledge

    I, _____________________________, pledge to my constituents to the American people that I will not vote to enact healthcare reform package that:

    1) I have not read, personally, in its entirety; and,

    2) Has not been available, in its entirety to the American people on the Internet for at least 72 hours, so that they can read it too.

    Member, United States House of Representatives

    Personally I don’t think it’s a lot to demand they read what they signed. Most are lawyers and know they are legally bound but what they signed. They cannot turn around and say… I didn’t read it. We aren’t asking for something so outrageous and let’s not forget this is what Obama promised us and has yet to live up to his promise. Everything for him is an emergency and falls out of that promise. Everything he has done has been hurry up and let’s passes this mother.

    These are the current members who have pledged that they will follow the pledge. Here are the names of those who have signed:

    Senators and Members of Congress who have already signed our pledge:


    Rep Steve Austria, OH – 07
    Rep Michele Bachmann, MN – 06
    Rep Brian Bilbray, CA – 50
    Rep Gus Bilirakis, FL – 09
    Rep Rob Bishop, UT – 01
    Rep Marsha Blackburn, TN – 07
    Rep Roy Blunt, MO – 07
    Rep John Boehner, OH – 08
    Rep Paul Broun, GA – 10
    Rep Michael Burgess, TX – 26
    Rep Dan Burton, IN – 05
    Rep Dave Camp, MI – 04
    Rep Eric Cantor, VA – 07
    Rep John Carter, TX – 31
    Rep Bill Cassidy, LA – 06
    Rep Mike Castle, DE – 00
    Rep Jason Chaffetz, UT – 03
    Rep Mike Coffman, CO – 06
    Rep Tom Cole, OK – 04
    Rep Mike Conaway, TX – 11
    Rep John Culberson, TX – 07
    Rep Charlie Dent, PA – 15
    Rep Mary Fallin, OK – 05
    Rep Jeff Flake, AZ – 06
    Rep John Fleming, LA – 04
    Rep Virginia Foxx, NC – 05
    Rep Scott Garrett, NJ – 05
    Rep Jim Gerlach, PA – 06
    Rep Phil Gingrey, GA – 11
    Rep Louie Gohmert, TX – 01
    Rep Kay Granger, TX – 12
    Rep Sam Graves, MO – 06
    Rep Ralph Hall, TX – 04
    Rep Gregg Harper, MS – 03
    Rep Wally Herger, CA – 02
    Rep Duncan Hunter, CA – 52
    Rep Steve King, IA – 05
    Rep Jack Kingston, GA – 01
    Rep John Kline, MN – 02
    Rep Doug Lamborn, CO – 05
    Rep Bob Latta, OH – 05
    Rep Kenny Marchant, TX – 24
    Rep Kevin McCarthy, CA – 22
    Rep Cathy McMorris Rodgers, WA – 05
    Rep John Mica, FL – 07
    Rep Jerry Moran, KS – 01
    Rep Sue Myrick, NC – 09
    Rep Pete Olson, TX – 22
    Rep Ron Paul, TX – 14
    Rep Mike Pence, IN – 06
    Rep Joe Pitts, PA – 16
    Rep Todd Platts, PA – 19
    Rep Bill Posey, FL – 15
    Rep Tom Price, GA – 06
    Rep Adam Putnam, FL – 12
    Rep Harold Rogers, KY – 05
    Rep Tom Rooney, FL – 16
    Rep Paul Ryan, WI – 01
    Rep Steve Scalise, LA – 01
    Rep Pete Sessions, TX – 32
    Rep John Shadegg, AZ – 03
    Rep Lamar Smith, TX – 21
    Rep Mark Souder, IN – 03
    Rep John Sullivan, OK – 01
    Rep Todd Tiahrt, KS – 04
    Rep Patrick Tiberi, OH – 12
    Rep Fred Upton, MI – 06
    Rep Zach Wamp, TN – 03
    Rep Lynn Westmoreland, GA – 03
    Rep Joe Wilson, SC – 02
    Rep Robert Wittman, VA – 01
    Rep Frank Wolf, VA – 10


    Sen Tom Coburn, OK
    Sen John Cornyn, TX
    Sen James DeMint, SC
    Sen Kay Bailey Hutchison, TX
    Sen James Inhofe, OK
    Sen Mike Johanns, NE

    It’s a little disturbing not seeing any of my representatives names are not on the list. We will have to rectify that.

    There is another organization the Sunlight Foundation who has started a petition to DEMAND they read these Bills, not just the healthcare one.

    The Constitution is a decentralizing and downsizing document. It decentralizes and impedes federal government power. I recently read that Congress has only limited powers. They only are allowed 20 things permitted to do under the Constitution. Here’s the list, they are:

    Borrow money.
    Regulate commerce among states
    Regulate naturalization.
    Regulate bankruptcies.
    Coin money.
    Fix weights and measures.
    Punish counterfeiters.
    Establish post offices.
    Establish post roads.
    Record patents.
    Protect copyrights.
    Create federal courts.
    Punish pirates.
    Declare war.
    Raise an army
    Provide a navy.
    Call up the militia.
    Organize the militia.
    Make laws for Washington, DC.
    Make rules for the Army and Navy

    If the issue before Congress is not on this list, they shouldn’t be legislating on it. So we all know what they are doing this very minute is against the Constitution and our Founding Fathers choice to give the Citizens of the United States the ultimate power of control over our own government. Somewhere along them way we allowed them to dictate to us, when it should be us telling them what we want. I’ve thought about this for a while this afternoon. Why would the Founders give us the power; and I think they did it because power and money can corrupt our leaders and with the latest politically corrupt “officials” I would have to think they were right in doing so.

    It’s in our court so to speak to educate the public to make them understand who holds the power. We need to remind Congress that it is us who will dictate to them, if they don’t like those terms, then tell them don’t let the door hit you on your ass on your way out. Let’s face it they hold no regard for us, they treat us like infants, pat us on the head and say “that’s nice” now move along but don’t forget to send in your donation to my re-election campaign.

    The more power they take from us, the more abusive they become. I don’t know about you but I’m so tired of the political games, the deceptions, the outright lying, and the corruption which includes non-profit groups who say they are bipartisan but every one of the actions proves otherwise. Legal mandates by a radical group of lawyers such as ACLU who daily seize more power to dictate what the Founders “really were saying.” They were educated man, most were lawyer for the Crown and they lived through tough times. They articulated what they saw for this Country and I believed (but have no proof) that they thought it would be the model for other Countries to use and follow. Just because they don’t agree with the Founders doesn’t give them the right to twist and mold the Constitution. It’s already written on the parchment paper and ink.

    I think they want us to be angry with each other the left verses the right. That upheaval keeps us off center and we are too busy fighting with each other to realize what they are doing behind closed doors. It’s time to stop blaming one another and start kicking down those doors. Hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’s America, get out of my house, NOW!!!

    I have some hope that the taxpayer’s have woken up, we just need to remind them that it’s us who hold the power not Congress or Obama. I think some people have realized that this particular 111th Congress is trying to grab more power for themselves and they have abused that power. We have 18 months to remind those who hold there seats are only temporary positions not lifetime appointments.

    Thanks for letting me vent my frustrations. I sometimes at night cry myself to sleep as I watch this destructive, deceitful prick destroy the Country that I loved and the family members who fought to retain our freedoms. A smiling lawyer, who doesn’t know the law or our Constitution but seems to be running full tilt head on going straight into a brick wall, traveling at the speed of light. It’s time we tell him and Congress NO.

    Never forget, never give up and never again. Thanks Larry.

  5. Wonderfully said, Eileen, about the Constitutionally-mandated limited powers of the Federal Government! It’s good to see that you are realizing what has happened to the USA since March 4, 1933! Obama is merely speeding up what FDR started.

    But, don’t forget: 12 USC 95b has not been repealed yet! (That’s why Obama can act with impunity. Not a single Emergency Order has been disallowed by Congress yet!)

  6. Triviaman,

    I think we have to go a bit further back then Roosevelt. I’m just starting to do the research on this and I have to do a lot more research. Go back to Teddy Roosevelt when he lost the backing of the Republican Party he created a new party. The Progressive Party which was a more advance party then the GOP. He and a few others were known as the REFORMERS. They wanted change. There was just beginning of the modern era and the changes were on the rise. They weren’t liberal in the sense of today’s liberal. But they may have been more advanced that what most people at that time were comfortable. The party never caught on and was eventually eliminated.

  7. > “Pied Piper of Piffle” <

    Yet more excellent, timely and quite uniquely framed commentary, Larry.

    Eileen, thank you for your always informative posts, especially for the additional follow-up on the attempts to get signed pledges from our elected officials in Washington … it seems knowing what the h*ll you're voting for and what you are about to foist off on your constituents and the rest of the American citizenry is the LEAST these alleged "public servants" ought to commit/agree to.

    Moreover, Larry, I DO sense the groundswell, a very slow rumbling – the proverbial sound of a distant thunder – building. It'll take a while for what's left of the heretofore slumbering middle class to arise from their malaise and make their voices heard as one … but we DO "hear" that rumbling beginning off in the distance, so to speak.

    So we WILL keep on keeping on. Never quit, never give up, never give in and NEVER AGAIN … not EVER!!!

  8. I, for one, am absolutely sick to death of seeing those elephant ears on the tube. It’s a good thing I have satelite and am not stuck watching the alphabet soup networks. I can’t remember another president who wanted to be in the limelite every day…When does he get anything done?

    Oh, wait, I know, that’s what his “Csars” are for. They do the thinking and deciding, and he just stands out there reading from the teleprompter! I thought he was elected to think and make decisions… hmmmmmmm. Is that malfeasance in office?

    Eileen, I love your stuff, I have followed many of your links, and found some excellent information. I’m glad someone has the time and is willing to do this work, becaue I surely don’t have the time or the patience. Keep up the good work!

    Larry, I found it interesting this morning that your topic is exactly what FOX is talking about this AM. Of course Obieman doesn’t know what’s in the bill, he didn’t have any part in writing it, he just lets Nancy and Company write whatever they think they can get away with.

    It’s good to see that someone is finally waking up to smell the coffee. Maybe we can slow this down some and force our elected officials to pull their heads out!

  9. T,

    Thanks for noticing.

    I pride myself on being ahead of the “news” curve by constantly checking for stories/material “as it breaks”.

    The last thing anyone would want would be someone writing today for the first time about the “stimulus” package..

    My wife says that I should be “promoting” mtself more and writing less.. I haven’t made the transition yet.

    Thanks again for your kind words.


  10. It would be nice to see an entire quiver of arrows placed into BHO’s Achille’s Heel!
    Of course, if a person really wants to know how long the government has been violating the Constitution, then they should read “The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution” by Kevin R. C. Gutzman; I believe this is available from the Conservative Book Club. The abuse started almost immediately!

  11. Could someone tell me if there is a difference between:
    Not reading a bill and voting for it,
    and voting present.

  12. noleftturnz

    I completely agree with your point.

    The “loyal opposition” should be DEMANDING that all of this liberal legislation get an “airing”.

    Are these bills so weak that even a cursory glance through them might make their passage an impossibility?


    Is every one of these “number one priorities” being ramrodded through BEFORE the mid term election?



    Good point Rick.

    The votes from those who “flip” on these liberal bills are being “paid off” through the lecgislation..

    “You want my vote? I want two million to build a library named after me in my home state..” Obama: “Done” “What about you, Tom..” “I want five million to build a bridge named after me..” “Done”..

    I BLAME Obama for all of this and I hold the Republicans in contempt for their “tacit approval”.

    Excellent point.

    Thanks as always,




  14. GREAT article, Larry! I was steaming mad before I read your article because of a letter to the editor in my local paper. The doofus was saying that the “experts” all agree that the stimulus was not working because it wasn’t BIG enough! He was advocating three times more than has already been done. I have been composing a letter to blast him, but needed to cool down a little first. Your article and the following comments will be used when I send my letter to the editor and I will certainly put your website address out there for others to stop by and get educated.

    Thanks Eileen for all your posts. You are one bright light in all this darkness. I, too, follow your links, so thanks. I notice my Senators are not on your list, so they will be hearing from me!

    “Pied Piper of Piffle” was perfect. It reminded me of a cartoon my sister sent me which showed zero in leprechaun attire merrily dancing and piping along the road with rats following him with NBC, CBS, MSNBC and CNN on them. I thought at the time there weren’t enough rats, because they left out ABC among others. I may try and find it and add your title to the cartoon and send it out again.

    And Rick, I have asked myself the same question daily when I think about all that is being jammed down our throats. You know very well that our so called “reps” don’t have an inkling of what is included in the bills they are signing. And the way Larry answered is exactly how I picture what is going on…. “It’ll cost you 3 million for my district and I’ll raise you 5 million for the spotted…whatever.” It is not a body of workers, it is a body of dealers! I still say they should be paid per day they are actually in session, and that is an eight hour day, with no on-site salon, cafeteria, gym and so on.

    One of the most abused privileges which Congress never even considers, is the Frank on their mail. If Congress had to pay their own postage, the USPS wouldn’t be in such dire straights, although the Unions are actually the ones who are going to be responsible for getting the USPS going to privatization. Don’t get me started on Unions!

    Anyway, thanks for the opportunity you give us to vent, Larry. It is very cathartic! And I agree with your contempt of the Republicans who have no cajones!

  15. Richard,

    Right on..

    Get mad, stay mad, get even.

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Thanks as always,


  16. The health care issue I believe should be the beginning of the end for BHO. Dick Morris pointed out in his column Tue, that when the first elderly person is refused health care under the “NEW PLAN” the screams will go up. And that is exactly what is going to happen, because as part of the nationalizing of health care, Medicare for which a majority of American elderly get a portion or all of their health care will be de facto eliminated. And as the rationing of health care begins the first sacrifices on the altar will be old folks. Here is an interview with Betsy McCaughey the former Lt Governor of NY and a health care expert on the Steve Malzberg show. After she read all 1000 pages of the bill, everything BHO and the liars in Congress are telling everyone from the cost of the changes to what the coverage and implications will be is wrong. They are lying through their teeth about choices,costs,rationing,everything. This is the real information we need to get out to everyone who will listen.Before the mocha erstwhile Wizard of Oz shoves another one down our throats. (“pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!!”)

  17. It certainly doesn’t bode well from the lying sacks of manure when the people know you are lying yet they keep trying to spin a fabrication that is so obviously false and a lie. He expects to get profits from this latest farce. Give me a break. Do I have stupid written on my forehead? Let’s hope they brought rotten fruit instead of bricks to throw at him. Watch this tape and watch Congressman Russ Carnahan from Larry’s and Stitch’s neck in the woods St. Louis County, Missouri. It appears that his constituents have had it with this liberal Congressman at a meeting last Friday. After selling them out when he and other Missouri democrats SOLD OUT Missouri workers and small business owners by voting for the Waxman – Markey bill, otherwise known as to signed up for cap-and-trade. They will add this healthcare plan and if he votes yea, he’ll have to look for another job. I’m ashamed that he is Irish and that stupid.

    They are truly stupid and to think the public will roll over and accept their fate without saying a word. Maybe the public should throw bricks so they can understand the taxpayer’s wrath.

    Update on the Congresses pledge to read the Bill is now up to 81. That’d good. Senator Kyl said he won’t sign it and you can read his reason why here. I’m not sure I believe his reasoning as to why he won’t. You take an oath on the Bible when being sworn into office as all our representatives do, yet they vote against the wishes of the public majority/their constituents. Sign the Pledge. He’s up for re-election in 2012.

    I think everyone should read this article from Red State, entitled The Self-Destructive 20: A List of Things President Obama’s Health Reform Obsession has Wrought

  18. Well, Eileen, if you want to be “generic” about it, you could go all the way back to May 1, 1776: the day the Illuminati group was formed!

    FDR was the first, I believe, to put into place all 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto in the USA society. Teddy never came as close as his cousin, FDR.
    It’s not a coincidence that the Soviets celebrated May 1 with great gusto; Google May 1–you may find that the holiday celebrated then has quite sinister and pagan origins.


    oops sorry here’s the link!

  20. I think clear thinking Americans are on to the “empty suit”. He sure is throwing a lot out there….but in the scheme of things, not accomplishing much.
    I, like many of you wish someone would get the cajones to state clearly what this “usurper’s real agenda is. It’s scary and evil but until it is addressed he will continue to ram it through.
    Wish I had been a “fly on the wall” when he called his private conference with the CBO. Probably tried his “Chicago Thug politics” on him. Be listening closely for the “back peddling” sure to come.
    I haven’t decided if he is “certifiable”….just plain stupid, or just believes “he won” and WE THE PEOPLE will just roll over.
    He has cleary underestimated the million who weren’t captivated by his “hypnotic hoax.”

  21. Thanks Eileen…you gave us some homework to do. I appreciate all that you do to streamline what we all must do….pound the truth home.

  22. I agree there is a swelling and the ground is beginning to shake and it’s not just me jumping up and down yelling you idiots, can’t you see what is going on! Keep the congressional thermostat on broil. Roast them.

  23. Correction:
    That`s the Waxman
    Malarky bill.

  24. blue state blues

    Just like the Global Warming debate, the Left has moved us past the fundamental core of the dissent. With Global Warming they insisted that “the debate is over, GW is a fact, and now it must be fixed”. WHAT? Who said the debate is over?

    Now we have let them move the health care debate way past the question of “why are we doing this and why should the government become the provider”. They have sucked us into debating the details which therefore provides tacit acceptance of the base premise that our health care system is broken. No it is isn’t! We went from having the greatest delivery system in the world to, if you listen to Obama and his minions, the worst delivery system in the world, in three months!

    We now have made health care an entitlement program for the entire country. Everyone is entitled to care! No they are not! If you haven’t the ability to provide your own resources to take care of the health needs of your yourself and your family you are entitled to HELP from the CHARITY of others. You not entitled to dip into the finances of responsible, hard working taxpayers.

    The insanity is that the real number of “uninsured” American citizens is about 10 million and not 47 million. So for the sake of about 5% of of legal citizens without health insurance the Obama lead Left are going to make earth shattering changes for the other 95%. This represents one of the major cankers on the face of Socialism. Socialists have this childish and inane notion that there is such a thing as 100% panaceas. And another major canker is that they just can’t sit still and embrace life. They always have to be changing something whether it needs changing or not. I swear that Attention Deficit Disorder is a prerequisite for being a Liberal. They are like 5 year olds trying to sit through a concert. The fidgets take over within 30 seconds and then they will disrupt without consideration for the orchestra or the audience.

  25. noleftturnz

    blye ststes,

    The left reminds me so much of the movie “Wag The Dog”.

    After creating a bogus war to deflect from a philandering president, the opposition simply goes on television and says the war is over..

    With that the team trying to prop up the president says, “They can’t end our war..” Another then says, “The war is over, I saw it on TV..”

    The left says it, there is no debate, there are no facts, it is so..

    Do the Earth a favor, plant a liberal.

    Thanks as always,



    For all the facts on Gubment Healf Car, please see my article:

    nice article, kid.
    Keep it up.


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