A Sigh Of Relief

What an amazing coincidence.. As soon as she was ridiculed as the nation’s first “Stay-at-home Secretary of State”, the “pantsuit progressive” who must have just been allowed back onto Travelocity, decide to go deliver a “no-nonsense message”. It seems that after “years of neglect”, the Obama oligarchy is ready to re-engage the “area”.. Once you hear the details of this “message” you will know why the “no” part is of “no” value when it comes from any Obama hack or hackette..

Do you think that Rodham’s miraculous come back was the result of the Obama medical care plan that all of the Obama minions are conscientiously utilizing FIRST in order to show the nation how wonderful and cost effective socialized medicine really is? Or do you think that a “broken elbow” was never a reason for the Secretary of State to be cooling her heels as the world’s hot spots continue to percolate with hate and bile? It seems that as “number one priorities” go, international relations falls in just above both capitalism and the free market as overriding concerns for this administration..

Right out of the chute, Rodham delivered an embarrassing “apology” for America’s responsibility for “global warming” while she was in India which just coincidentally happens to be one of the worlds leading environmental polluters.. (Speaking of useless pandering apologies, isn’t it about time for the liberals to squeeze a few tears and apologize for slavery again?) Rodham packed up and decide to make off to “Asia” so that she would do what the liberals believe cures each and every international “problem”. It was time to sign a “treaty” and hand out some hugs..

According to “Clinton declares the US ‘is back’ in Asia”, (apnews.myway.com) Rodham was there to do some jawing about “North Korea, Myanmar and a range of other regional issues..” Just a short time ago, Obama didn’t want to appear to be “meddling” in the affairs of Iran as they cried out for democracy but now Obama “meddling” in the affairs of “Myanmar” is all good and well..

You may be asking yourself, what is the problem with Myanmar? Myanmar formerly Burma, was renamed “The Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma” in 1974. Only in 1989 did they calm things down by changing that to the “Union of Myanmar”. The Obama administration has as much in common these days with a country that used to be called “Socialist” as he does with any country calling themselves “Democratic”.. (Exceptions: The Democratic Republic of Georgia 1918-1921 and the Democratic Republic of Armenia 1918-1920.) How odd is it that the worst of the oppressive nations call themselves “Democratic”? It is about as strange as the liberals claiming that they occupy “blue” states..

Rodham had to “sign” the ASEAN treaty.. Wow. The “Treaty of Amity and Cooperation of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations”. The overwhelming majority of these nations are either socialist or they are predominately Muslim, again they appear to have a lot in common with our nation and its “leader”.. “A commitment to peacefully resolve regional disputes..” Has the topography of the world changed to the degree that America is now part of Southeast Asia? Why is Obama “meddling” here?

Rodham found the cameras and they found her striking powder blue pantsuit and soon she was squawking. She then deciding that this was an appropriate time to not only “channel” Douglas MacArthur but to paraphrase him too. “The United States is back..” When an Obama acolyte shows up at your doorstep, there is a reason.. It’s time to “work hard to try to bring a sense of future possibilities..” What this actually means is, “Would any of you guys want to pick up any of the Obama debt? China says that they are out.. Any takers?”

Rodham, not one to lose sight of the comedic value of liberal prattle said, “the U.S. has a plan to prevent Iranian domination in the Middle East if it gets the nuclear bomb..” So far, the “U.S. plans” as relates to either democracy, the economy or the free market have fizzled out like a North Korean missile.. The only real “plan” that Obama and company has is “hurry up and sign the damn thing..”

The “US Hot Air Strike” is on the tarmac awaiting the orders from the “Keystone Kommunists”.. “We have also made it clear that we’ll take actions, I’ve said it time and again, crippling action (against Iran)..” First of all, she has never said anything like this “time and again” and “crippling action” being promised by the limp-wristed liberals usually ends up like Operation Eagle Claw..

We are “working to upgrade the defenses of our partners in the region..” Just a few weeks ago, Obama was cowering before the Russian Odd Squad of Medvedev and Putin saying that he would study whether the missile defense system would work and get back to him later this year with the results! The Poles and the Czechs should be advised of whether the system “works”, not the Iranian yes men from Russia.. What “defenses” is she talking about? Who is the bigger liar here, Rodham or Obama? She later called it a “defense umbrella over the region..” The only umbrellas that these liberal use are the “Neville Chamberlain autographed models”..

As a sidebar, this article “quoted” on three separate occasions those who “spoke on condition of anonymity”.. So much for all of this “totalitarian transparency” as there appears to be more socialist skullduggery coming out of the Obama Offal Office than any time in recorded history..

Rodham wants to offer North Korea a “new set of incentives” so that they might return to negotiate their nuclear weapons program away.. Here in America, Obama refuses to offer “incentives” to the small business owners and to the middle class but a wrinkled old derelict in North Korea gets whatever he would want in order to sign yet another useless document..

Another of the “anonymous” “senior administration officials” said, “Washington is concerned about the possibility that North Korea could be cooperating with Myanmar on a nuclear program, but U.S. intelligence information on this is incomplete..” Based upon the Obama “number one priority” bill after bill after bill after bill, “incomplete information” is all that is needed for “action”.. That and a girlish sense of hysteria..

Rodham was asked whether she thinks the American image is improving around the world since Obama took office. “There has been a great sigh of relief in some places..” That is correct. Those sighs are emanating from places like Iran and North Korea.. The rest of the civilized world is holding its collective breath..


21 responses to “A Sigh Of Relief

  1. Family,

    Training is draining..

    Writing is cathartic.

    Need more than 24 hours in a day..

    Sleep is overrated.

    Get mad, stay mad, get even in 2010.

    2010: Never give up, never give in and never again.

    Rally cries. Use them at will.

    Thanks as always,


  2. Larry, I love how you “re-twist” the Obamamaniacs’ words (The Pantsuited One, in this case in point) at the end of your posts (and elsewhere) to reflect the real, hidden meanings behind the postulatings of the Usurper’s minions!

    By the way, did you know that the original English origin of the word “lawyer” meant “one who twists words”?

    Also, feel free to use my phrase “infinite left” as often as you wish.

  3. “As soon as she was ridiculed as the nation’s first “Stay-at-home Secretary of State”, the “pantsuit progressive” who must have just been allowed back onto Travelocity…”.

    Stop, if I laugh any harder (sardonic, mind you, for the most part, given our sorry political state at the present), at your beyond witty political satire MY head will implode!

    Just when I was wiping the tears away after perusing your thought for the day, this little ditty showed up.

    My beloved spouse is about to take me for another brain scan … as I endured the discombobulated Obama self-love fest earlier this evening (something I generally avoid doing at ALL costs, tonight excepted), I kept spontaneously interjecting – loudly -THE DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK … AGAIN!!! …. HONEST!!!!

    Fortunately, having managed to endure three and a half decades of marriage under the same roof with me, my spouse has grown at least somewhat accustomed to my oft bombastic political “commentary”.

    Regarding the narcissistic man-child impersonating a real leader at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave (when he isn’t jetting off on another “getaway” after all his exhausting labors on “We, the People[‘s]…” behalf, mind you), coupled with his third hind leg, otherwise now to be cleverly known as our “pantsuit progressive”, this would be a hilarious 20th Century remake of the Gang Wh0 Couldn’t Shoot Straight if only our freedoms, American way of life and the US Constitution didn’t hang perilously in the balance.

    God have mercy!

  4. “Get mad, stay mad, get even in 2010.”

    Count on it!

    “Never give up, never give in and never again.”

    Count on this, too, as long as we draw a breath!

  5. Family,

    Our friend Stitch has his own site now and he has put together a Meetup group here in the St. Louis area..

    Check out his site at http://butch1776.wordpress.com/

    His Meetup site is called “Full Metal Conservatives”, find him at http://www.meetup.com


  6. Arthur Nankervis


    Some rather apt quips from the comments section at ‘NewsBusters’ on the article: NBC Wades Into ‘Spreading Lies about President Obama’s…U.S. Citizenship’

    “Nobody says nothing better than Obama” – “The Obama Administration: THE most fiscally irresponsible Administration EVER” – “Remember, only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, Jesus Christ and the American Soldier” – “But, did you ever see such big ears on an arse before !!” – “Hey Janet Napolitano…I’m proud to be a Right-winger” – “WHEN WILL SOMEONE HAVE THE GUTS TO LEAK SOMETHING INCRIMINATING ABOUT OBAMA? … That was rhetorical.”


  7. Check out this article from Newsmax.

    Jewish Leader Banned From Obama Meeting

    Wednesday, July 22, 2009

    By: Ronald Kessler

    Ever since President Barack Obama took office, Jewish leaders have been asking for a meeting with him. The White House, apparently thinking Jewish support for Obama was in the pocket, put them off. But a major Jewish leader says that after Newsmax.com reported on deep concerns in the Jewish community about Obama’s Middle East initiatives and statements, the White House responded quickly by asking 14 top Jewish leaders to meet with the president on July 13.

    Yet that important Jewish leader, Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, says he was barred from attending the meeting because of criticism he aimed at Obama.

    In June, Newsmax reported that Klein and Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, believed Obama’s Jewish support was eroding as a result of his recent Middle East activities.

    “The Hoenlein and Klein interviews [with Newsmax] got the ball really rolling,” Klein tells Newsmax. “This meeting was called because they were getting very worried that more and more Jewish people are expressing concern about Obama’s policies on Israel. The White House wanted to stop the bleeding, as expressed in Newsmax interviews and picked up elsewhere.” Klein says that “Newsmax was a significant factor in this meeting happening.”

    At 3 p.m. on July 13, Obama met for 45 minutes with Hoenlein, whose organization represents 50 major Jewish groups, and 13 other Jewish leaders. Klein, whose organization of 30,000 members is the oldest pro-Israel group in the country, was not invited. According to press reports, only Jewish leaders known to be sympathetic to Obama were invited to the meeting.

    Klein’s White House contacts told him flat out that he was shunned because of his strong criticism of Obama. In his June interview with Newsmax, Klein said that Obama may be the “most hostile president to Israel” ever.

    “They said to me, ‘How do you expect us to invite you to a meeting with the president when you keep criticizing the president?’” Klein says.

    Klein found the White House response to him surprising, and “remarkable that the president has said he wants to be bipartisan and reach out to people who don’t agree with him and that he wants to hear all good ideas, even if they’re different from his.”

    Klein also found it ironic that he was chastised for criticizing the president, and banned from a meeting with top Jewish leaders, at the same time Obama has argued for sitting down and negotiating with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

    Klein said he told White House aides, “You won’t allow me in the meeting to discuss issues. And you want to negotiate with these evil haters of America, but I can’t be at a meeting where I would express my concerns very respectfully and responsibly?”

    Klein says he has talked to several people who attended the off-the-record meeting. He was told that though the meeting was amicable, Obama was asked why he is pressuring Israel and not the Arabs on contentious issues.

    Obama, Klein says, responded that he is dealing firmly and forthrightly with the Arabs but the media are not emphasizing that.

    Klein says the Jewish leaders did not bring up important matters about some of Obama’s statements, including his use of mistaken statistics and analogies in his Cairo speech in June.

    As a child of survivors of the Holocaust, Klein says he was particularly offended by Obama’s comparison of the suffering of Palestinians with the Nazis’ murder of more than 6 million Jews during the Holocaust. This issue was not raised, nor was Obama’s claim that America has an astonishing 7 million Muslims.

    Klein said Obama’s claim showed a willingness by him to use phony figures to support a tilt toward Muslims.

    “Every major survey shows there’s between 1.5 million and 2.5 million Muslims in America,” Klein says. “Where does he get the number 7 million? This is the number that the Arab propagandists promote. There’s no legitimate survey that shows a number of that nature.”

    Liberal groups at the meeting were pleased with Obama’s responses, Klein says. Others, like the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, expressed concerns.

    Since his Newsmax interview in June, Klein doubts Obama’s meeting with a select group of Jewish leaders will help him. Klein thinks Jewish support for Obama has dwindled even more in the past month.

    “In my own experience of speaking to many different people and speaking to synagogues around the country in the last few weeks, I’m seeing an acceleration of concern about Obama’s position on Israel,” Klein says. “Even supporters of Obama who voted for him are telling me that they’re beginning to have concerns about him.”

    Is he starting to show his Arab/Muslim roots again? Has any reported lately why Obama and his family have yet to find a church in DC? He made it for Easter but that’s the last time he has “worshiped” in a church. I’m sure when people start questioning his religious belief he’ll make another trip on Sunday to claim that once again he is a “Christian.”

    Can we bury Walter Cronkite already so we can get back to mourning the loss of Michael Jackson??

    Somebody…please…hate me!

    I laugh my ass off when I see the MJ’ers sobbing, “but Michael is still gone…”, because the spotlight is now on someone a bit more important.
    Rest well, Walter.


  9. The newly departed Walter Cronkite article and who believed was the smartest President.

    Cronkite: Jimmy Carter ‘Smartest President’

    Wednesday, July 22, 2009 4:04 PM

    By: Dave Eberhart
    Deceased news icon Walter Cronkite went on the record saying that he believed President Jimmy Carter was the nation’s “smartest president,” according to the Media Research Center.
    After Cronkite’s recent death, the center reprised its 2006 compilation of what the center referred to as “his liberal leanings on a range of issues,” highlighting some kind words of praise the long-running anchor of the CBS Evening News had for Carter.
    During a 2003 forum at Drew University, Cronkite said “he feared the war [U.S. invasion of Iraq] would not go smoothly, ripped the ‘arrogance’ of Bush and his administration and wondered whether the new U.S. doctrine of ‘pre-emptive war’ might lead to unintended, dire consequences,” the research center quoted the Daily Record of Parsippany, N.J., as reporting.
    The newspaper also noted how Cronkite, on the heels of his Bush-bashing, added “that the smartest president he ever met was Jimmy Carter” and that journalists tilt to the left because “they see the poverty. They see the want.”
    The Drew University remarks were recounted in MRC’s “Walter Cronkite: Liberal Media Icon” û in its self-styled category of “Denouncing Conservatives.” The full MRC collection of what it styles as Cronkite’s liberal pronouncements since the late 1980s included other categories: “Promoting Liberalism,” “Get Out of Iraq ‘Now,’“ “Believing in Conspiracies,” “Wishing for ‘One World Government,’“ “Terrorism Caused by Economic Disparity,” “Pushing for More Gun Control” and “Proud of News Media’s Liberal Persuasion.”

    If he was my father I would have committed him.

  10. Another interesting article from Newsmax on the ongoing debate over his Birth Certificate.

    Chris Matthews Wrong on Obama Birth Certificate

    Wednesday, July 22, 2009 6:33 PM

    By: Jim Meyers

    MSNBC’s Chris Matthews got into a heated exchange with a congressman on his show Tuesday as he revisited the question of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate or lack of one.
    Rep. John Campbell, R-Calif., is a co-sponsor of the so-called “birther bill,” which would require future presidential candidates to provide a copy of their original birth certificates.
    “Birthers” are those who believe Obama is not qualified to be president, based on a belief that he was not born in the United States.
    Campbell is not a “birther” and never has claimed that Obama was born outside the United States or should be disqualified from being president.
    On the show, Matthews seemingly undermined claims by some that Obama never has released his birth certificate, producing what Matthews said was a true copy of it.
    But Matthews made a false claim. Obama never has released his actual birth certificate. He has released another document, which state authorities often provide in lieu of a birth certificate, called a certificate of live birth.
    Matthews on Tuesday said Campbell was “playing to the crazies” by supporting the “crazy” bill, and the congressman shot back that it was all about “putting the matter to rest.”
    Matthews also accused Campbell of “feeding the wacko wing of your party,” and held up what he called a copy of the supposed Obama birth certificate.
    Case closed?
    The indisputable fact is that Obama has not released his birth certificate, which the state of Hawaii issues for all citizens born there.
    Instead, his campaign has released only his certification of live birth from the state of Hawaii, which is a document that offers a summarized version of the birth certificate.
    During the 2008 presidential campaign, GOP nominee Sen. John McCain quickly released his birth certificate when liberal bloggers raised questions about his eligibility to be president. McCain was born at a military hospital in Panama.
    Obama likewise could put the matter to rest by releasing his actual birth certificate, which would show, among other things, the place of his birth and the doctor who performed the birth procedure. This information is not provided on the certificate of live birth.
    As it stands, Obama is the only president in history whose birthplace is unknown to the public û a fact that would be stated on the actual birth certificate. Interestingly, his family has mentioned two different hospitals in Hawaii as the place of birth.
    The fact that Obama has refused to release his actual birth certificate does not mean conspiracy theorists are right when they claim he was born in Kenya and therefore not eligible to be president. Investigators who have reviewed the claims have found no evidence Obama was born outside of Hawaii.
    But Obama’s refusal to release his birth certificate does mean that Obama remains one of America’s most mysterious and opaque presidents ever.
    Obama, for example, has not released many other documents regarding his public and private life.
    Many of these documents were sought by reporters, who easily acquiesced when Obama said he would not release them û though most presidential candidates release them as a perfunctory matter.
    Among the key documents that Obama continues to shield from the public:
    Obama released just one brief document detailing his personal health. McCain, on the other hand, released what he said was his complete medical file, totaling more than 1,500 pages.

    Obama refused to offer his official papers as a state legislator in Illinois. Nor did he produce correspondence, such as his schedules of appointments or letters from lobbyists, from his days in the Illinois state Senate.

    Obama did not release his client list as an attorney or his billing records. He maintained that he performed only a few hours of legal work for a nonprofit organization with ties to Tony Rezko, the Chicago businessman convicted of fraud in June 2008 but did not release billing records that would prove this assertion.

    Obama ignored requests for his records from Occidental College, where he studied for two years before transferring to Columbia University.

    Obama’s campaign refused to give Columbia, where he earned an undergraduate degree in political science, permission to release his transcripts. Former President George W. Bush and presidential contenders Al Gore and John Kerry all released their college transcripts.

    Obama did not agree to the release of his application to the Illinois State Bar, which would have cleared up intermittent allegations that his application may have been inaccurate.

    Obama did not release records from his time at Harvard Law School.

    During the presidential campaign, McCain’s campaign released a full list of all online donors. Obama’s campaign still has not released the names of those who donated at least one-third of the $750 million he raised.
    Ironically, Obama accused the Bush White House of being “one of the most secretive administrations in our history,” and chided then-Sen. Hillary Clinton for not releasing her White House schedules.
    Chris Matthews, get your facts straight and demand full disclosure that’s the best way to keep an honest government.

  11. Michele from NY

    “Here in America, Obama refuses to offer “incentives” to the small business owners and to the middle class but a wrinkled old derelict in North Korea gets whatever he would want in order to sign yet another useless document.”

    Unreal. Surreal. Insane.

  12. oops, forget the “s” on the end.


  13. ” Investigators who have reviewed the claims have found no evidence Obama was born outside of Hawaii.” I’d be interested to know just who these “investigators” are and also if they found no evidence that the messiah was born IN Hawaii.
    I do what I can to thwart this illegal and corrupt administration. It’s not much but I do it just to keep myself from going insane as I watch this Hugo Chavez wanna-be destroy this economy and saddle my grandchildren with impossible debt.
    Any advertising mail I get that has a prepaid envelope enclosed I resend empty and write on the outside WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?
    If this racist muslim was born in Hawaii, fine. But until he produces proper documents proving the location of his birth I think we all need to keep the pressure on as best we can. This man needs to be stopped by WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY.

  14. Eileen, in your post at 5:46PM, terminology is switched about Obama’s birth documentation. It’s important to use the correct word.
    CertificATE of Live Birth and CertificATION of live birth mean two completely different things!

    (1) CertificATE of Live Birth= People born in the state of Hawaii

    (2) CertificATION of Live Birth= People NOT born in Hawaii, but born somewhere else on the planet Earth

    This distinction is according to the Registrar of the Hawaii Department of Public Health’s own words (Mr. Anaka, whose stamped signature appears on every certified birth record).

    I don’t know if, after Jim Meyers’ byline, all the text is by him, or if you make comments at some place after it. If the former is true, then Jim Meyers is mixing up the two nomenclatures (1) and (2) in his article in discussing THE VERY SAME DOCUMENT, and Obama’s campaign is using the correct term (2), but they don’t realize that they are stating that Obama was NOT born in Hawaii, in trying to prove that Obama WAS born in Hawaii! (Ahh, “the devil is in the details”, as they say.)

    “But Matthews made a false claim. Obama never has released his actual birth certificate. He has released another document, which state authorities often provide in lieu of a birth certificate, called a (1) certificate of live birth…

    Instead, his campaign has released only his (2) certification of live birth from the state of Hawaii, which is a document that offers a summarized version of the birth certificate.”

    “Obama likewise could put the matter to rest by releasing his actual birth certificate. This information is not provided on the (1) certificate of live birth.”

    This mixing up of very important distinctive words occurs in even Human Events emails I receive on an infrequent basis, where they implore me to send emails to my Congress Representatives about this matter!

    This carelessness in not “doing their homework” detracts from their credibility of their messages.

    Even worse, is when people “bandy about” the word “citizen” when talking about USA citizenship! There are at least four different “citizen” statuses for people in the USA, yet people seem comfortable in intermixing two or more citizen designations in the same Internet post or Internet article or other media outlet (newspapers , magazines, etc.), when they are discussing only one type of USA citizen!

    In a follow-up post, I’ll explain the different types of USA “citizen” definitions, so that we here can “all be on the same page,” unlike those who display their ignorance and/or laziness in the use of the English language!

    By the way, did you know that there are three definitions of the phrase “United States” as defined by the United States Supreme Court? If it’s important enough for them to make those distinctions, then it should be important for us to make sure we know about what we are talking!

    (I’ll get off my soapbox now.)

  15. triviaman ,

    I didn’t write that article, I just cut and pasted it. Whatever grunge you have take it up with the Newsmax author, Jim Meyers.

    Here is the link http://www.newsmax.com/insidecover/obama_birth_certificate/2009/07/22/238969.html

    The only reason I cut and pasted it because of the number of links. More then one it will sit in Larry’s box until he can release it or whatever needs to be done.

    Here’s the best explanation I found on the ‘net. http://www.theobamafile.com/ObamaNaturalBorn.htm

  16. CitizenSailor

    Whosebone, I’m sure you meant by whatever LEGAL means. All we need is one member of the House to raise the birth issue, just like it was raised against McCain. I’m no McCain supporter, but what’s good for the goose should be good for the other goose. The House has the power to investigate facts, before a full impeachment statement. If during their investigation the current fraudulent president doesn’t cooperate, he could be found in contempt of congress…a federal misdemeanor. An impeachable offense.

  17. Eileen, that’s interesting that you said you “cut and pasted” the article from the web site you posted at 10:41 PM of the 23rd, because I just finished going to that link and discovered that the two mentions of “certificate” have now been corrected to “certification”! I guess someone emailed Mr. Myers and pointed out to him his errors of terminology used in his article! So, he corrected his errors before I read the article! I did not mean to imply that you made the mistake on those “certificate” typos.

    Also, thank you very much for posting the Obama Files link! Everybody in the NTLZ family needs to click on that link, and READ EVERY WORD at that web site! It states very succinctly and in very easily-understandable language the facts of the matter, as well as the coverups of our Legislators on the matter–far better than I could on this blog!

    It also shows the definitions of each “citizen” status of the USA–you just saved me a lot of work!

    Thank you very much for your continual great research and followup work! Keep on keeping on!

  18. I goofed slightly about where you read about the Legislators’ coverups on Obama; they are found at the very bottom of the article at the Obama Files link:

    “HERE are some comments from the geniuses in Congress.”

    The word capitalized “HERE” is the link word that brings up the Legislators’ comments page. (It is not capitalized at the Obama Files web site.)

  19. blue state blues

    Hilary is a “dead man (or woman) walking”. She has been completely neutered and basically put out to pasture along with her husband. In this respect, Obama has been brilliant. The Clinton’s have been rendered completely ineffectual. I suspect that there was a huge payoff and perhaps some black-mailable Clinton history in the Obama camps hands. She has been reduced to a ceremonial role without any authority. Pathetically, she is espousing spoon feed kudos about the Comrade and Chief including stating emphatically, with a moonie smile on her face, that Obama, “is doing a fantastic job and will certainly be reelected in 2012”. She must have either been forced or voluntarily swallowed 12 quaaludes to be able to utter those words with such serenity.

    On another topic, why can’t Liberals ever admit when they are wrong? Seriously, I need to know what mutant gene they posses that renders them incapable of experiencing shame, quilt, remorse or, God forbid, a sense of fair play. Obama could not bring himself to apologize to the Cambridge Police for uttering the completely moronic words, “they (Cambridge Police) acted stupidly” without knowing any facts whatsoever. And, he used this non-apologetic press conference to further bait the race issue by insisting that there is still lots of race issues in the US. When will Whites ever do enough to satisfy people like Gates and Obama (both members of the Harvard elite)? This guy, sargent Crowley, has done nothing wrong except to coral an out of control bigoted black man looking to start a fight. Gates is an absolute ass and very typical of the kind of self righteous arrogant Liberals that the Obama administration is empowering. These are not kind and gentle people capable of compassion. These are people bent on crushing the life out of the American culture, our free markets and especially White males.

  20. Rush has/had a transcript of his talk with a twelve year old schoolgirl on the relationship between ‘taxes’, and individual ‘freedom’ that most certainly should be posted in every classroom of that age group in the Nation.

    So clear and simple!

    Larry, still in a holding pattern on the plaques… I have not forgotten.

    Thanks for your continually outstanding play on words!

  21. blue state –
    so right about the Gates episode… hope the police keep up their protest(s)… it is a tough enough job without that crap from a Pres.

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