Without Enough Action

What was supposed to be a slow trickle of illegally obtained middle class tax dollars flowing to the “public schools” is also being “spurred” by five billion dollars in grants.. “The Socialist Stimulus” bill was going to send $100 billion dollars to the public schools. It is a proven “fact”, for example, a “fact” like all of the ones surrounding global warming, that the only thing holding the standards and accomplishments of the public schools students down is “a lack of funds”.. That makes as much sense as saying that the only reason that Rosie O’Donnell is insane is because she is fat..

In the story, “Obama Unveils “Race to the Top’ to Spur Nation’s Schools With $5B in Grants” (foxnews.com) we learn that Obama is “challenging states” by “using money as bait.” The liberals have been using money as bait since the dawn of time. It’s always OTHER people’s money, but their Bolshevik benevolence succeeds in only exacerbating the problems that they kindly address.

Obama wants “every child to succeed and to boost the educational foundation of the economy..” The foundation of the economy is “consumerism” powered by the middle class and the work of the nation’s businesses, both big and small. The liberals have been destroying the public schools for nearly fifty years now, “education” in the public schools more closely resembles “indoctrination”..

“This competition will not be based on politics or ideology or the preferences of a particular interest group..” That is one sentence that is overloaded with rubbish and folly. Let’s take a scalpel to this tripe.. “not based on politics and ideology..” EVERYTHING that is mired in the liberal cesspool is based upon politics and ideology. Just one example: the left was absolutely giddy that a hurricane was headed towards New Orleans at the moment the Republican convention was scheduled to start in September of 2008. Those who profess to “care” so much only “care” about stealing your life savings and redistributing it to the barnacles and bottom feeders that are their constituents.

“Or a particular interest group..” Liberal politics is connected umbilically to the “special interests”. Here the “special interest” who will be playing with the “revenues” pilfered from you and I are the vermin of the NEA and they already have an impressive track record of “accomplishment” when it comes to the “students” that they have molded in the last twenty five years..

“Not every state can win..” That really doesn’t sound “fair” at all. Since the public schools have all but cashiered the idea of “outcome based education” (grades.) as “racist” or “un-inclusive” or some other dodge for their sloth and lack of concern, this has to be made “fair”. The left is all about “fair”. How about a wonderful ceremony where of the losers will get a ribbon suitable for framing recognizing their participation and complementing their attendance..

“America itself will be better for it..” America would be “better for it” if the numerous “education departments” fueled by the various arms of the various governments, local, state and federal and their redundant “education” departments would disappear. (Believe it or not, we have no “Education Czar”. We do have a “Faith Based Czar”, Joshua DuBois and a “Green Jobs Czar”, Van Jones, since we are on the topic of redundant governmental WASTE.) “America itself would be better for it” if government got out of the “education” business altogether.

“Districts that apply for the money will be evaluated by clear criteria..” Why can’t we apply this “clear criteria” template to the Obama administration? What happened to his ridiculous “transparency” pledge? I would assume that he believes in that pledge as much as he does the Pledge of Allegiance.. I know that he has repeated the “transparency” pledge more often.. They will be using “strong standards and common tests”.. I surely hope that these “tests” don’t end up with any “discrepancies” when it comes to pigmentation and performance, because “soon-to-be” Justice “Shemp” Sotomayor might have to slap them down with about a hundred words..

“..charter schools, which are public schools that operate with more independence..” “Independence” is a laudable goal, but if it were a genuine one with the liberals, (sorry to sully the word “genuine” in conjunction with the left..) why not allow the PARENTS to be “independent” and allow educational vouchers to be part of their educational “choice” for their children? Its about time that the liberals understood that “choice” means more than just the extinguishing of a fetus for convenience..

“Obama said reforming education has been talked about without enough action..” Here is the liberal’s idea of “action” (never results) relative to education. Throw bucket after bucket of money to the public schools and to the NEA and blame the tests when the so-called “students” invariably fail.. Do you see their “action” of the past decades and the “results” of it? “Enough action”? Haven’t we had “enough” of Obama and his kind of “action”, “action” that will take the complete and concentrated efforts of the Superfund to “clean up”?

The Obama administration wants to “transform the federal government’s role in education.” We have already seen how he has “transformed the federal government’s role” in banking, insurance and automobile manufacturing for example, and there is no reason to believe that this unnecessary expenditure will turn out any better than any of the other fascist follies and foibles that have preceded it..

“The fund has taken on added importance because in many states, the bulk of the stimulus money is being used to fill increasingly larger budget holes.” If it is OK for the federal government to utilize this ingenious type of “plan” (Nancy Pelosi: “We have the revenue stream to pay for it. If we don’t need it, we can use it to reduce the deficit..”) the states will too. After a while, the states and the federal government will just start puling about “the kids” after they wasted our money on some bogus “project”. In a matter of minutes, the Obama “Party Decorations Czar” will paste together another oversized cardboard check made out to “the kids, from Barack” while the slugs of the NEA squeeze themselves into the shot, grinning sardonically as the flashbulbs pop..

The Governmental Accountability Office has come out and said as much. Earlier this month they said, “School districts are planning to use the money mostly to prevent teacher layoffs. Most did not indicate that they would use these funds to pursue educational reform..” “Prevent teacher layoffs”? Since Obama is SO fond of saying that he doesn’t want to “repeat the same failed policies that got us into this mess”, why would he hand over billions more to the “same people that got us into this mess”? Because these “same people” are the marionettes of the NEA and they vote Democratic and they vote often..

“The Education Department will gather public comment on its rules for the $5 billion fund for the next thirty days.. The first round of the money should be awarded early next year..” Since when has the Obama caliphate given a damn about “public comment”? Why don’t they just declare this to be another of the usual liberal “epidemics” or “catastrophes” and just add it to the ever growing list of the fifteen or so “number one priorities” of BHO/JFK and the deed will soon be done or no recess..

The liberals know that an actual tangible “education” is the key to an individual’s success. Success is the key that allows the individual to escape the carcinogenic grip of liberalism. Successful people have no use for the liberals and their toxic form of individually oppressive government. That is why they have sabotaged the whole process for decades by bedding down with the NEA.. The NEA creates the permanent underclass, the liberals profit from it..

“Awarded next year..” Cash prizes from the liberals for the perpetual underachievers.. Who ever heard of such a thing.. Obama calls this a “Race to the Top”. When it comes to the nation’s public schools, it would possibly less costly to the rest of us and it would certainly be a shorter distance to travel if he made it a “Race to the Bottom”..


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  1. Family,

    That’s about 4,000 words in two days..

    Obama provides the opportunity with his material.


  2. Larry, whatever happened to the instructions given in Deuteronomy 6:1-7? Verse 7 states: “You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way,when you lie down, and when you rise up.”

    It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that home-schooled children achieve higher marks of intelligence than children taught in public schools in the USA!

    Thank God for homeschooling parents! They are a rare commodity nowadays.

    You may recall that in an earlier post of mine that my 14-year-old brother “homeschooled” me and taught me to read, write and do my multiplication tables when I was only 5 years old!

  3. Larry, a few months ago, my pastor and I were jestfully discussing my original [pre-conversion] “chosen field of endeavor”, psychology, when he commented something about it being “the science of the study of the mind” … to which I SARDONICALLY replied, “No, it’s the science of the study of the MANIPULATION of the mind.”

    He chuckled and commented further, “That, sadly, is a good one!”

    Not even TEN YEARS post-doctoral – PhD, NOT the “I don’t have a millisecond of research coursework, nor a clue how to evaluate test data, I’m just one of those sappy-hearted, non-judgmentally accepting ‘clinician’ psychology types with just a Psy.D” – I minimized my clinic work and turned to full-time research (primarily in the “evil” biotech/pharma industry).

    I limited my clinic to the “mandatory” 1/2 day a week my company required both its PhDs and MDs to “do” to “stay current” in our respective clinical fields. (Trust me, that worked out to about 3-10 hours a MONTH most of the time, as we had our admins continually cancel & reschedule our “clinic” appointments due to conflicts in our regular calendars or business travel.

    Since back then, a mere 5 years ago, companies still existed to actually make a profit to keep their boards and shareholders relatively content, the “1/2 day clinic” “rule” weekly wasn’t generally enforced by the company (you can’t REALLY have your salaried exempt employees off a half a day for REAL, c’mon, get REAL!).

    As you all likely already know, Democrats, most Social Workers and Psychologists, along with a veritable bevy of additional “mental health ‘professionals'”, have been busily and tirelessly engaged in social re-engineering for DECADES.

    Evidence our outrageous excuse for what is hilariously known nation-wide as the “public school system”. Frankly, I don’t know ANY of our younger friends and relatives who’d allow one of their little human primates to be “educated” in America’s public school system.

    What a simply maaaaahhhvelous Golden Goose “gig” the socially re-engineering “mental health” “professionals” have fashioned for ourselves with the help of state and federal government!

    Yo, people, all those state “licensing” boards do NOT protect you from the charletons – we have them aplenty amongst us – they merely protect OUR affluence and keep your Aunt Jane, who is a helluva lot more qualified than we are, from hanging out her own counseling shingle and horning in on that wealth we claim to disdain so much in our alleged “pursuit” of pro bono altruism [yep, right, uh-huh, my industry is absolutely replete with the milk of free human kindness ].

    Keep pounding away, Larry, you have much yet to write in the midst of this perpetual mess, unfortunately!

  4. “Larry, whatever happened to the instructions given in Deuteronomy 6:1-7?”

    Triviaman, if say what I really want to, most especially being of the female gender, it wouldn’t be terribly pleasant for our modern-day, uber-liberated women-folk (trust me, N.O.W. does NOT have me on its wish list as a speaker at its next useless annual “men are evil wimmen beaters and deadbeat daddies” convention).

    I trust my intent is clear.

    If you know enough – and your always appreciated posts here makes it clear you do – to cite Deuteronomy, you know the answer to your opening question equally as well as I do.

  5. The Obama administration wants to “transform the federal government’s role in education.”…first of all the Federal government should have no role at all in education, But of course the other liberal know it all Carter created another Federal bureaucracy: The Department of Education, which has steadily grown and grown just like every other federal agency, and has of course not delivered the goods, And Larry, as you so succinctly point out,the Democrats answer to anything is to throw more of other peoples money at it. The US spends more on public education than any other industrialized nation on earth. And as we all well know are somewhere near or at the bottom in test scores compared to the other nations. So it seems quite obvious that the amount of money being spent is NOT the problem. But you never stop hearing a liberal politician running for office prattling on and on about how “they’re committed to education,” “and our children are worth it!!!” And stupid voters eat this shit up. In some states where property taxes are the main local funding for schools (like NY and NJ) the property taxes are staggering($8000-10000 per year). And STILL the politicians talk about “increasing funding for education” and people STILL eat it up. No one seems to question WHAT they are teaching, and whether or not there are any corollary results. As we all know they are filling the kids heads full of progressive, multi-cultural drivel, and the results are that we have kids who are largely ignorant of geography,history, philosophy,economics,science and math, just to name a few. Or literature and the arts for a few more.Another question never asked is what is the impact of millions of illegal non English speaking immigrant children on the costs of education in the US? A large portion of the exploding costs and diminished returns in education can be directly attributed to this. And when combined with the multi cultural/progressive ideal that all of these children must be taught in their native language, you add several hundreds of millions of dollars in costs for hiring bilingual teachers in every single curriculum as well as all the bilingual textbooks. In cities like LA or NYC with hundreds of various etnicities other than Latinos the costs of this feelgood nonsense is stunning.
    Compare the results of any private/parochial school to public schools and you’ll see much better results with less than1/2 as much per pupil spending, often times. Sorry BHO…the answer isn’t money.



    After the big O ‘s comment about the police
    officer in Cambridge I thought the title was
    meantt for the placement of AFRICAN AMERICANS

  7. noleftturnz

    Attention Family,

    One of our family memebrs has a grandson in the Navy and he is aboard ship right now.

    He is haveing some medical issues that can’t be addressed until he returns from sea.

    Please keep Mike in your prayers,

    Thanks as always,


  8. “Please keep Mike in your prayers”

    Thanks for the heads up, Larry!

  9. The school systems have becoming nothing more than warehouses, where our children are sequestered (complete with periodic lockdowns) away and brainwashed to become soldiers on the frontlines of the green revolution. They may not know their math, but they can quote Algore. I also saw videoes where children were coaxed into sings songs of praise for Barack Obama (just like the kids in North Korea and Iraq). If we are to take back our country we need to reclaim our schools from the liberals whom have replaced true education for political indoctrination.

  10. blue state blues

    “barnacles and bottom feeders that are their constituents”………love it Larry. I would add the Lamprey ells to that list so as to distinguish the parasitic characteristics of our socialist/communist constituents of the Left.

    As I have said previously, the socialists have totally infiltrated our education system to the degree that it has become punitive towards any conservative ideas. My youngest son was singled out and targeted after refusing to write an essay question on “what would you say and what gift would you give to President Elect Obama. His one sentence essay said “I wouldn’t say anything and wouldn’t give him anything because I wouldn’t have voted for him”. He was harassed by three teachers for the balance of year (he was in 8th grade). Of course they denied any mal-intent every time I asked for a meeting. They insisted that his behavior caused the reprimands and detentions. One of these teachers was also his football coach. My son never played another down after the essay despite being the best line backer on the team. Oh yes my friends. This is out right war as far as I am concerned. We must take back our schools and universities. I intend to become very active at the board level as my last two sons enter 9th and 10th grades respectively. Fortunately, most of our board are Republicans. Not that being Republican means that you are not a progressive troll. But at least I have a fighting chance.

    Regarding college, my sons will never attend a socialist university. Unfortunately, the choices are limited for colleges with conservative values but they are out there. And some of them are fairly large schools like BYU and Texas A&M. And some great small colleges like Grove City and Wheaton College. We gotta get our kids out of their hands and then start to rebuild our education system.

  11. Famous sayings of presidents:

    Bill Clinton: “It`s the economy stupid”

    Obama: :It`s the stupid police”

  12. There are a number of people I want to thank for giving me the opportunity to learn at a very young age.
    First: my mother who only had a 10th grade education..she taught me to read by the age of 5. All my siblings read at a young age. My 2 brothers would read the encyclopedia nightly before they went to bed. We are all voracious readers.
    Second: Sister Colette Marie, my second grade teacher taught me that it was okay to be a leftie and I won penmanship contests to prove it. She also taught me great catechism.
    Third: Sister Bernadette Marie taught us sportsmanship along with our regular classes. Especially good grammer.

    I thank these beautiful women every day of my life for the knowledge they gave me and the courage to forge forward in what ever I decide to do.

    PS: My granddaughter went to a great college in Missouri called The College of the Ozarks. A great Christian college that when you graduate your education is paid for. It’s called “hard work university”. What a lovely campus.

  13. After 32 years of teaching in parochial schools, followed by 3 years in public schools, my wife has finally thrown in the towel, thanks to parents who don’t support teachers, incompetent teachers protected by a union not interested in better education, unqualified administrators, political hacks on school boards, disrepectful nasty kids, who can’t add, spell, etc.. To many times she would come home either in tears or furious about what went on her class. Obamayomama the mahagony messiah throwing money at schools isn’t going to change our education system one iota. Nothing is going to fix our education system. It’s beyond repair. Wait until this generation reaches adulthood. Now that’s scary.

  14. noleftturnz

    blue states,

    Went through the same scenario here as well.

    Took the “history” book and made the appropriate corrections..

    Then the held a mock election during the Bush/Gore election.

    No backing down. We stared them down.

    Good luck with your young linebacker. A+M is an excellent school with a great football tradition.

    It’s almost time for camp to start..

    Thanks as always,


  15. Sling Blade

    “Race to the Top”? How apt.Race is at the top of every thought Tinkerbell has.
    It is so nice to come to this site and read the comments from people who actually know how to THINK.Not just because they agree with what I think.I believe most have come to believe the way they do through experience and observation and-for some- some bitter lessons.
    I myself began my political “life” as a committed anarchist. Then I became just a liberal. I believed Reagan’s election in ’80 to be a disaster. Then he opened my eyes and my mind, and changed my thinking for good. I’m wearing a shirt now with his picture on it, with the caption “Old School Conservative”. Another Ronaldus would sweep these leftist piss-ants before him like chaff in a strong wind.

  16. CitizenSailor

    I work within a school district and applied for “Stimulus” funds for new nutrition preparation equipment (new school kitchen stuff). They told us to apply for the “sky” and to justify new or saved jobs (I just puked in my mouth). We were to create 17 new jobs for $300k worth of new equipment. We got $14k, but they still counted the 17 jobs as being created….now I’m really sick.

  17. noleftturnz


    Excellent post.

    The total collapse of the idea of “education” begins and ends at the liberals door. It begins and ends outside of the school building as well.

    They have changed every element of society and not for the better..

    “Parents” (two becomes one.. single “parent” psychosis) (Heather has two Mommies), their unruly psychotic Ritalin addicted brats, vile ignorant “educators” playing “pass the trash” every year..

    The “good people” are responsible and they interact with their children and the children respect that. The foundation that you lay stays with them when they are out of your sight.

    Bottom line: we send dogs to obedience school and these half pint savages roam the streets unsupervised..

    To quote Rodney Dangerfield, “Now I know why lions eat their young..”

    Thanks as always,


  18. noleftturnz


    Didi you check out “Gatesgate” over at the “Thought of the Day”?

    Rick’s comment and yours motivated that one..

    Thanks as always,


  19. noleftturnz


    It’s just the Obama math..


    See why none of them can do their taxes?

    Thanks as always,


  20. California has, I believe, the most expensive public education system in the nation but ranks at the bottom for achievement. Every facet of the system is fraught with fraud, inefficiency and ineffectiveness.

    Teachers are overpaid, new schools are extremely costly to build, free breakfast, lunch and dinner; and after school care are promised to all the bottom feeders you reference. Teachers’ union care nothing of student achievement and bully politicians only when layoffs and benefit cuts appear immenent, not when graduates can’t read or write.

    Money will not close the gap in disparity between White and minority scores. Only hard work will equal the playing field. However, race baiters like Obama and Sotomayer (both products of affirmative action) find it easier to explain these differences in terms of racial/cultural bias instead calling a spade a spade – they are a bunch of lazy, worthless parasites who enjoy the fruits of OUR labor.

  21. Here is a list of Obama’s current and prospective Czar Positions:

    1. Technology Czar: Aneesh Chopra.
    2. Drug Czar: Gil Kerlikowske.
    3. Copyright Czar: Not appointed yet.
    4. Energy Czar: Carol M. Browner.
    5. Car Czar: Ed Montgomery.
    6. Terrorism/WMD Czar: Gary Samore.
    7. Health Care Czar: Nancy-Ann DeParle.
    8. Education Czar: Not appointed yet.
    9. Economic Czar: Paul Volcker.
    10. Mortgage Czar: Not appointed yet.
    11. Urban Affairs/Housing Czar: Adolfo Carrion.
    12. Guantanomo closure Czar: Danny Fried.
    13. Great lakes Czar: Cameron Davis.
    14. Stimulus accountability Czar: Earl Devaney.
    15. Cyberspace Czar: Not appointed yet.
    16. Border Czar: Alan Bersin (Former US attorney).
    17. Intelligence Czar: Admiral Dennis Blair.
    18. Regulatory Czar: Cass Sunstein.
    19. Pay Czar: Kenneth Feinberg.
    20. Iran Czar: Not appointed yet.
    21. Tarp Czar: Herb Allison.
    22. Middle-East peace Czar: George Mitchell.
    23. Science Czar: John Holdren.
    24. Green jobs Czar: Van Jones.
    25. Afghanistan Czar: Richard Holbrooke.
    26. Sudan Czar: J. Scott Gration.
    27. Mideast policy Czar: Dennis Ross.
    28. Information Czar: Vivek Kundra.
    29. AIDS Czar: Jeffrey Crowley.
    30. Faith-based Czar: Joshua Dubois.
    31. Climate Czar: Todd Stern

    The liberal crowd feels they would prefer to teach children 8 or 9 years old about sex, by providing them with a questionnaire about how many times do they “touch themselves down there”, alternative lifestyles, i.e., two mommy’s or two daddy’s, and teaching children about masturbation. (So when do they learn the A, B, and C’s?) They want to start with pre-school children and work there way up. So, Miss Liberal would rather have 3 or 4 years olds watch “The Virgina Monologues” then Barney. It doesn’t matter that these young children have no idea what they are talking about. Doesn’t matter, just so long as their message is spoken nor the fact that the child’s parents would object to this liberal message, by telling children, don’t tell Mommy or Daddy. Sometimes, when you wonder just what is happening to our kids these days, it may be necessary to take a look first at the adults teaching them or promoting a style of teaching methods…
    A liberal teacher and children’s author, Ann Pelo, co-wrote a preschool book for teachers call, “It’s Not Fair! A Teachers Guide to Activism with Young Children. It’s okay, you can say it. It’s ludicrous and I would agree with you. Creating four year old activist, pre-schoolers. It’s so important for parents to question your children’s teachers and principal’s. I suggest parent’s request a syllabus or preview school curriculum on your children’s studies. If they are using any of Ms. Pelo’s books as a teaching tool, get the hell out of there. I cringe at the thought of what “show and tell” would be like in her classroom. It’s already pretty scary sending your children to school these days, with teachers getting turned on by 11 or 12-year old boys. With the arrests and incarceration of Mary Kay Letourneau, the floodgates of disturbed teachers has opened up a floodgate of sexual perversion, where every school year more of these teachers (male and female) make themselves be known to the press and parents. Here’s an article written by Michelle Malkin about this dangerous loon. http://www.jewishworldreview.com/michelle/malkin041603.asp here’s another article http://www.rethinkingschools.org/special_reports/sept11/16_02/dear162.shtml. Another website to view is here http://newsbusters.org/node/11864/print who would have thought that legos were so dangerous.
    It’s distressing that parent’s now have to weigh through so much liberal garbage in order to remove the unwanted material that the liberals are trying to push on children, as young as four. Some of our public schools are more concerned about spreading their liberal agenda, then actually teaching your children how to read and write. Where building self-esteem is more important then giving them knowledge. Teachers can no longer criticize a student when the student incorrectly answering a question in a liberal classroom.

    California State Senator, John Vasconcellos, believes in this “no criticizing theory” because it’s bad for a child’s self-esteem. He has authored numerous books on this theory, A Liberating Vision: Politics for Growing Humans, and Welcome This Next American Revolution: Towards a 21st Century Politics of Trust, Healing and Hope. The theory of self-esteem overpowers self-knowledge. Check out this website http://www.politicsoftrust.net/vas_legacy.php, and http://potentialsmedia.com/SenJohnVasconcellos.html. The California children are safe from this loon, he retired in 2004 but unfortunately there are probably 10 more who are replacing him.

    If all states agreed with this teaching method, we would have a bunch of self-absorbed, self-centered, selfish, egotistic idiots to hand our Country over too. Think about a Supervisor of Engineering Company, where one of their employees miscalculated engineering specs, which causes a building to collapse. Would or should the employee get fired? Does he have to bring a note from his mother that says…? “Please don’t yell at Bobby, it would destroy is self-esteem and he needs his job to pay for all his psychological issues he has. So please don’t be mean to him.” The more I think about it, the more it sounds like Paris Hilton. Do we really need to have thousands of little brain-dead Paris Hiltons running around? Makes me want to have my legs sewn together to stop any chance of giving birth or raising a child like that and send him or her out into the “liberal view” of the World! Wow! It appears that Obama is a child of this teaching method.

    We need to examine if the press went after Barack Obama the same way they have with Sarah Palin, would he still be our President (that was so hard to write, he’s not MY President because he has refused to show proof of whether he is eligible)? Would he be complaining that the press “was too mean to me?” Maybe sitting in the corner crying and screaming “don’t you know who I am?”

    For whatever reason, be it religious, social or they just want a choice, more parents are deciding to either homeschool their kids or send them to a private institution. Some have said they don’t like some of what is being taught in classrooms today or they think that they or a private school can do a better job than the public system. If I had children, they would be educated in a Catholic School environment. I am for school vouchers and I had hope whoever was elected would allow the voucher program to continue and grow, both candidates said they favored that method. Obama said he was very happy and “encouraged” that the trial voucher programs in the Washington DC educational school system was working and it appeared that both the students and parents seemed to adjust to the change and gave glowing reviews of the program. The president says he wants to do ‘what’s best for kids.’ So why won’t he save a proven program that helps low-income students?” http://www.forbes.com/2009/04/16/school-voucher-washington-dc-teacher-union-opinions-contributors-obama.html and http://www.uscatholic.org/news/2009/05/obama-proposal-seen-beginning-end-school-voucher-program

    He’s a hypocrite pure and simple the program was working; the parents were able to send their child to a better school, and not the one that was in their School District. He and his wife have always sent their daughter to private school system. In Chicago, they went to one that was run by the University of Chicago (the same one that hired Bill Ayres) which is known as a very liberal education. the University of Chicago Lab School is a very private school or what I call a specialty school. Public schools, according to Obama are good enough for poor and middle-class families, but not for rich families like his own family. In July, when he addressed the NAACP’s annual convention, Obama expressed his devotion to American public schools, vowing he would not “walk away from them” by supporting school choice program. Obama would go onto attack McCain’s support for the school choice program in Washington, D.C. (know I’ve got a little hand gesture going). His daughters attend an exclusive private school, Sidwell Friends School if your interested take a gander at their website http://www.sidwell.edu/ The tuition is over $30,000.00 per child per year. What are we to think that he and his wife don’t want their daughters to socialize with the poor black children of Washington DC, who probably couldn’t afford the school or the athletic uniforms fees?

    Now, look at the lengths that the democrats in Congress are doing by eliminating the school voucher option for parents, who just want best for their children, just like the Obama’s do. But, if a parent no longer wants their child to be educated by a public school, because they object to the schools liberal curriculum or the school under performs and/or lack of moral development for their children, aren’t given that choice. Democrats are generally against school vouchers, and there are logical concerns and reasons for conservative parents who want a sensible choice on how their children are taught and if they are learning anything substantial, as opposed to liberal rhetoric.

    President Bush, in 2001 created a plan known as “No Child Left Behind” Act, which is about getting and receiving the best education possible for children. Good idea for a plan, unfortunately President Bush, Congress or both did not provide the funds need to pursue this educational agenda. I don’t know who’s at fault, but they better start giving more funds. Because whether the education is in home-schooling, private, public or religious in nature, whenever possible parents should be given a choice. I believe most parents priorities are their children and what is best for their development, where later they will become productive in the future and if off-setting the cost of whatever education avenue they choose, so be it. Allow them to make that choice, and not have the government make it for them. The alternative educations choices are much more expensive because there are less children (the higher the number, the lower the cost) and a majority don’t receive or don’t qualify for government funding, whether it’s on the local, state or federal level.

    By allowing an open market in our educational systems and providing a type of reform to create a better educational system that is sorely needed for our Country? By sending a child to a better school, whether it’s public, private or religious should be the goal for every parent and every educational government official, as well as the United States Congress. So if a public schools (who receives federal and state operations funds) starts losing too many student, wouldn’t and shouldn’t they start to review the reason’s why they lost them in the first place? I don’t know, question parents and discover the reasons why they felt they needed to make that choice. Instead of criticizing the parents, maybe they might actually learn from them and overhaul their educational system. Acknowledge the gaps between the educators, students and parents and trying fixing them so that they are all on the same page.

    It’s pretty clear that the public school system is failing. We need to look at the student drop-out rates and discover why it’s so high, how are we failing our students? In a study, every 29 seconds a student has given up on school and has dropped out, making it 1 million students every year. If we don’t stop this drop-out rate it will continue to increase to dangerous levels by 2020. Drop-outs are more likely to be out-of-work, and most will slip into poverty, and are 8 times more likely to end up in Jail or Prison. And, the government would reap $45 billion in extra tax revenues and reduced costs in public health, crime, and welfare payments if the number of high school dropouts decreased in the U.S. today, which numbers more than 700,000 individuals, would be cut in half. Now, if we paid really good teachers more, stopped hiring teacher who are buying their time until a better paying job offer comes around and gave parents the incentive to choose the better educational system for their children locally, why object to the school voucher program?

    Our favorite Senator from Illinois and the City of Chicago has one of the highest drop-out rates (listed 3rd) in the United States. But, the winning state with the highest rate is Nevada at 11%. The state with the lowest rate is Hawaii (3%), which means the democratic candidate benefited personally by receiving a better education from a private school, while those student in his district while a State Senator did not. Other cities with high drop-out rates are Detroit, Baltimore, New York, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Denver and Houston, where more than half of the students will never graduate. I call this a disgrace and a massive failure of the United States, by allowing this to happen. So, parents really need to review whatever options are available to them to prevent their own children from becoming a victim of the failed education system.

    On an international scale the United States was ranked 18th out of 24 Counties. In a four year study, it showed that Finland, Australia, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and all Asian countries were superior to the educational system in the United States. This is an embarrassment and maybe those in power should take a look at some of these countries and review their educational teaching methods, because the one we have now is not working. These children our this Country’s future, shouldn’t we give them the knowledge and tools they will need to keep our Nation’s survival instead of destroy it? When you realize how much money we are pumping into our educational system, being 18th is shows whatever program that is being used to educate our future it’s an embarrassment but it does show that these liberal teaching strategies are a massive failure, yet each year we continue to pump more and more money hoping we get a different response.

  22. Opps, didn’t mean to send the list of czar just yet. Sorry for any confusion.

  23. Michele from NY

    I’ll say it again…this is one of the myriad reasons my kids go to private school. I don’t care how much I have to do without, but I refuse to let them become part of the liberal litany given out in the public schools, teaching them to baa and kowtow to the almighty ass. Does this clown never get tired of hearing himself? Every day he
    has another “agenda” in which HIS government must be involved. It’s revolting.

    “Please keep Mike in your prayers,”

    Of course…

  24. Michele from NY……… I happen to agree with you. Fortunately for me my older kids had a good education in the public schools. They still had civics and the correct history books as well as other studies at that time. By the time my youngest got to middle school it was off to private school as well as high school. Yes, we did without a new car and expensive vacations until she finished school. Isn’t that what parents are supposed to do?
    Now we’re raising 2 of our grandsons and they do go to public school but it is an excellent school and believe me I watch those teachers like a hawk.
    But let me tell you about the dedication of the teachers at the boys’ school. Both boys were born to a drug and alcoholic abuser mother and were born with some issues. They are in some special education classes and those teachers work their hearts out. This summer the boys were tutored every week daily for an hour save 1, FREE by their teacher so they wouldn’t lose anything over the summer.

    Who knows what will happen when the boys reach middle school. I may have to look into private school or homeschool because I don’t want them to miss out on the great history of this country, geography and more. I’ve been observing the current generation and they have really dumbed down. They don’t know simple basic anything. It is so sad.

  25. I read something the other day where one women, who sent her daughter to college and that school was a liberal one. She told her daughter that she would not pay for any class that had “studies” in its title. If she wanted to take a class in liberal studies or women studies she refused to pay for it. Her daughter would have to pay for the class herself. It might have been on the Washington Times online. She said her daughter beg to go to that college and she and her husband were both against it so they compromised, any out right liberal, over the top classes would be disallowed and if she wanted to still take she would have to pay for it.

  26. Barack Obama has always voted against providing what is best for a child’s education. Even when he was an Illinois State Senator, he put the Chicago Teacher’s Union first over the education of students in his south side district of Chicago. In 2006, the City of Chicago created one of the most ambitions merit pay systems in the Country with $27.5 million in federal grants by the United States Department of Education by rewarding exemplary teachers and principals for those districts that had difficulty locating and hiring superior teachers and administrators. I guess it’s an odd version of hazard pay.

    Did the teacher’s benefit from this new program? Of course they did, where they are now one of the highest paid educational professionals in the Country. Where currently some Chicago teachers are making as much as $100,000 for nine months of work and, where a first time teacher gets a salary of almost $44,000, which doesn’t include an additional $3,059 in contributions toward the Teachers’ pension plan. You’re probably asking the same question I am, where can I sign up?

    A better question to ask is has this pay increased helped the students of Chicago. No! These high salaries have costs the city so much that students are spending less time in School, dropping from an 8 hour day to 5 hours and 45 minutes. As noted previously, Chicago still has one of the highest High School dropout rates in the country, ranking third in the Nation. So, maybe if high school students were given the opportunity to vote in a State Senate, US Senate or Presidential elections, Barack Obama might actually put students first for a change.

    Our Country’s educational professional are extremely important and should be paid a “fair” wage, but this type of pay is way over the top, and now I am finding out that more states and cities are copying Chicago’s new education plan. On board this educational money train is Utah, Texas, Missouri, Colorado and Florida. I think most parents would be a little unhappy watching an overpaid teacher driving around in the latest BMW or Mercedes.

    According to an article in Education Week, Deborah Lynch, the former President of the Chicago Teacher’s Union was removed from her post, when she agreed in 2003, to increase the school day by fifteen minutes, in exchange for a reduction of the school year by seven days.

    In an article from Substance, a newspaper for public education in Chicago, written in September, 2005. There were 37,000-members in the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) and the General Counsel of the union’s national membership, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), tried to intimidate union members during a heated exchange in a June 1st meeting, which was an attempt to block the election of former CTU union president Deborah Lynch to the CTU executive board. They even went too far as to make a false police report against Deborah Lynch before the meeting was over.

    Her removal from the union meeting, when the ballots were still being counted, in an election where there were only two candidates, and when the other candidate was receiving the backing and support of the current union President is questionable at best. Their attempts to have Deborah Lynch arrested, denied her the right to witness the counting of the ballots, where Lynch once served as president of the 37,000-member union from July 2001 through July 2004, who was ousted after a union election that was marked by widespread charges of voter fraud.

    This behavior along with other bad decision just continues to show teachers first over student education. When those union members who supported Deborah Lynch were also harassed by those members that opposed her and, in spite of the objections of the current Chicago Teacher’s Union President, Marilyn Stewart, Deborah Lynch still won this heated election, who is now a member of the Union’s Executive Board. Not only is this behavior unprofessional by supposed educational professionals does not create a positive setting or a great example for students. Who are still not getting the best education possible? You have to, as a parent wonder why would I send my child to be educated by these money hungry teachers? If my children were educated by these professionals, I would remove them, permanently, whether or not the school voucher program existed.

    As a general rule, Teacher Union’s opposes the School Voucher program because they are terrified by the loss of students who’ll be educated by teachers that aren’t represented by a teachers union (at most private schools, union membership is not required). Most Teachers’ Unions vote politically democratic. Since the Chicago Teachers Union has endorsed Senator Obama for President (as are most Teacher Unions) because he again objects to the voucher program, which gives the illusion of “one hand is washing the other” ideal, which has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with student education. If this is the type of educational system you want nation-wide, where its teachers first over student education, then just wait for the huge wages, a bad education, liberal me first educational system.

  27. Larry,
    Keep ringing that freedom bell! Each new post just keeps getting better. And yes, I totally agree it is great to come to a forum where there are people who know what their brain is for and they share their life experiences.

    I have three siblings who were teachers (now retired). One of them with a cochlear implant. My brother advanced into adminsitration and can regale our family with such horror stories regarding pupils and absent parents, it is frightening. My oldest sister tends her grand kids and keeps them up to speed with home schooling while she has them. The deaf sister still sees many of her former students and their parents and they sing her praise. Due to the implant, she expected and received respect and silence during school. People visiting the school were always amazed at how well mannered the students were. And she wasn’t mean, but demanding of achievement. Several parents kept trying to transfer their children into her class which was always full and the parents were always involved. We are proud of our grandchildren as they are studying hard and their parents are active in the learning process. Money is not the answer nor union. All three speak very derrogatory about the unions and what bottom feeders ther are.

    I told all my kids I would support them through high school, then they had to pay for college. One daughter became a teacher and others have made great achievements, dispite the hardships. Not a one ever castigates me for not paying their college. They got a double education having to work for it.

  28. noleftturnz


    Thanks for the kind words.

    The liberals keep emailing and once and a while they leave a comment..

    Like all small children they invariably say the same things over and over and over.

    They always want to know why we always “pick” on Obama.. Also, we never say what we would do differently.

    I’ll make it easy for any of them reading along with their finger..

    EVERYTHING. We would do everything differently.

    As well, I will treat their President with the same respect that they have treated ours..


  29. Hat tip to Eileen…
    where do you find the great articles? I love them and learn so much.
    Thank you.

  30. In 1979 I decided to go to college to become a English teacher. I had been out of high school for 17 years. Needless to say, it was a culture shock.

    When I did my student teaching ( in 1983) I was placed in an inner city school. What I saw there convinced me that I definitely did not want to teach. I quickly changed my major and I’ve never regreted it.

  31. Margaret in CT

    To your liberal correspondents who don’t think we have alternative ideas, here’s one: Graduate children who can read a newspaper or Web site, write a cogent sentence, and take a percentage. How hard can that be? Instead, our public education system is devoted to fashioning liberal voters who are cynically handed “diplomas” and launched into a world in which they can only function as pawns of the left because they have been defrauded by the school system and the union that controls it. Some “colleges” continue to defraud them by handing them undergraduate degrees and even doctoral degrees, when they are actually working to less than a high school graduate level. The befuddlement of the voters (many of whom were children of the 70s when this nonsense really began to get a toe hold) in this past election shows that the liberal system of education is a success. Now, we have a large group of people who are about to be forced to fund the greatest fraud of all, socialism. Some are doing the first real learning of their lives, now that they are in a fight for their financial survival. The libs tell them that capitalism did this to them. Obama’s falling poll numbers give me hope that the “Age of Enlightenment” has dawned in America.

  32. Margaret,

    How about this for the socialists:

    I will spell out an educational overhaul for the liberals and their NEA acolytes once they ADMIT that they have intentionally destroyed what was once a wonderful public school system.

    None of the whiners will take the offer.

    Silence is golden..

    Thanks as always,


  33. Great article and comments. I went to a teachers college, and then into the USAF where I taught many subjects in laboratory science. After I retired from all work I thought I might do some substitute teaching to pick up fun money. After I learned that there is no way you can discipline any minority student and every thing is warm fuzzy mush I decided not to do it. I live 1 block from 3 school. It is a shame that those poor underpaid teachers have to drive 50-80,000 dollar cars. Carl Marks has won. The left now controls several generations of children, and as soon as they outlaw homeschooling, charter schools, and religious schools they will control the entire country. Someone recommended Texas A&M, I agree it is a good school and mostly conserative, but the liberals have their stinky feet in the door. Our granddaughter will graduate in Dec. so we have first hand knowledge of the goings ons there. Fight Fight Fight GOD Bless the USA.

  34. Larry and everyone,

    Next time you get an email from one of those liberal pinheads who want you to give an alternative for education. What I would tell them is this. Education is an important tool and everyone, not just the young should be encouraged to continue to learn. When I think of all our inventors, scientist, technology and researchers who have exceeded in changing not only the United States but the World. Americans previously have given the world their toys. Thanks to even one of our Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin, left more of an impact then just a free country. Here is just a small sampling of what Americans have accomplished over the Centuries:

    Alexander Graham Bell was an inventor of the Telephone. Though he was born in Scotland and spent some time in Ontario, Alexander Graham Bell didn’t actually start inventing until he settled in Boston and became an American citizen. Alexander Graham Bell made the first speech transmission through his telephone invention on March 10, 1876 (three days after he received his patent), and soon after introduced the device at the World’s fair. Of course, Graham Bell wasn’t the only one working to develop this technology at the time – one of the others was telegraphy titan Western Union. All in all, the Bell Company was forced to defend over 600 legal challenges to the invention’s patent. And, with Alexander Graham Bell’s convincing testimony, the company won each and every one.

    John Moses Browning was an inventor of the Semi-Automatic Shotgun. With over 30 million firearms based on his designs, great American inventor John Moses Browning is one of history’s most accomplished weapons designers. With over 30 million firearms based on his designs, John Moses Browning is one of America’s most accomplished weapons inventors. Browning invented and patented the gas-operated return mechanism for rifles, which eliminated the need to load each shot by hand. With his invention, every time a person pulled the trigger a new round could be fired. In 1879, Browning received his first patent for his breech-loading, single-shot rifle, and upon the death of his father, he and his brother took over the family business.

    Mary Anderson invented the windshield wiper in 1903 to help streetcars operate safely in the rain. In 1905 she patented her invention, which allowed the car operator to control the external, swinging arm wipers from within the car. Windshield wipers became standard equipment on cars a decade later. Anderson was from Alabama, USA. Willis Carrier was an inventor of Air Conditioning. If someone made a list of everyday innovations that Americans just couldn’t live without, Willis Carrier’s invention might be at the top. Samuel Colt, an Inventor of the Colt Revolver: Nothing says “Old West” more than Samuel Colt’s revolver invention. Originally patented in 1836, many historians have gone so far as to say that Colt’s invention changed the course of American history and how we defended ourselves.

    Henry Ford, an Inventor of the Moving Assembly Line. Contrary to popular belief, great American inventor Henry Ford did not invent the automobile. The invention of the first automobile is generally credited to Karl Benz. Where would all those auto workers unions would be?
    Robert Fulton, an Inventor of the Steamboat. Famous American inventor Robert Fulton didn’t actually create the machine he is most commonly associated with (the steamboat), but his innovations did make it commercially viable.

    Charles Goodyear, an Inventor of Vulcanized Rubber. By the mid 1830s, it seemed as though the rubber industry in America was going under. Miraculously, it was saved by a great inventor who had no knowledge of chemistry. Cyrus McCormick, an Inventor of the Mechanical Reaper. Not long after Eli Whitney invented the Cotton Gin, Cyrus McCormick invented another significant agricultural invention that revolutionized farming. Samuel F.B. Morse was an Inventor of the Telegraph and Morse Code. Like many other great inventors throughout history, Samuel F.B. Morse was fairly eclectic in his interests. This diversity would lead him to his most famous accomplishment. Dr. Jonas Salk, Inventor of the Polio Vaccine. While there is still no actual cure for Polio, thanks to inventor Dr. Jonas Salk there is a way to prevent the infectious viral disease.
    Eli Whitney, Inventor of the Cotton Gin. If some people are born with the natural ability to invent, Eli Whitney certainly was one of them. From a young age, Whitney had an innate understanding of machinery.

    Orville & Wilbur Wright, Inventors of the Airplane. On December 17, 1903, a pair of great inventors from Ohio named Orville and Wilbur Wright flew the world’s first airplane. The invention, known as the Wright Flyer, took to the skies for 12 seconds. Their work is on display at the Smithsonian Institute.

    Kathering J. Blodgett was an American physicist and inventor who invented a micro-thin barium stearate film that makes glass completely nonreflective and “invisible”. Blodgett’s invention has been used in eyeglasses, camera lenses, telescopes, microscopes, periscopes, and projector lenses. Blodgett also invented a gauge that measured the thickness of this type of coating (which can be only a few molecules thick), called a “color gauge.”

    Americans invented the blood bank, Levi Strauss was an entrepreneur who invented and marketed blue jeans. Luther Burbank was an American plant breeder who developed over 800 new strains of plants, including many popular varieties of potato, plums, prunes, berries, trees, and flowers. George Washington Carver was an American scientist, educator, humanitarian, and former slave. Carver developed hundreds of products from peanuts, sweet potatoes, pecans, and soybeans; his discoveries greatly improved the agricultural output and the health of Southern farmers. Before this, the only main crop in the South was cotton. The products that Carver invented included a rubber substitute, adhesives, foodstuffs, dyes, pigments, and many other products. He was also a black man.

    Dr. John Stith Pemberton was an American pharmacist, soldier, and inventor. He invented Coca-Cola on May 8th, 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He had invented many syrups, medicines, and elixirs before, including a very popular drink called French Wine of Coca, which contained French Bordeaux wine, coca leaves, and caffeine (from the kola nut).

    This is just a small segment of Americans who have changed the world for the better. I could go on and on and name the inventors, scientist and researcher who might not have been recognized by the world, but their impact is still felt, nevertheless. Americans have created so many things from glasses to disposal diapers, from cell phone technology to life-saving drugs. From toilet paper to the fountain pen; the computer to the internet, software programming.

    Under capitalism, the chief means of production are the factories, the railroads, the mines, the banks, the public utilities, the offices, and all of the related technology, which are privately owned by a super-rich minority, the capitalist class. The capitalists then compete with each other in the marketplace and run production on the basis of what will bring them the biggest profit. That competition creates lower prices. It is this fact that the liberals object too, making a profit by creating jobs, technology and employment. It was their genius and encouraging nature that propelled these American inventors forward to impact their own lives but also changed the World. Now, let’s look at what the liberal educational structure has created. Edible Fax Paper – So moms can send meals to their kids in college. A Combination Tooth Brush and Nose Hair Trimmer and a Solar Powered Electric Blanket. I don’t think I would want to brush my teeth with the same thing that I would put up my nose. But if you think that’s fine and ingenuity, then God Bless you.

    Aside from the electric blanket the rest are just stupid. The basic irrationality of capitalism is highlighted by the glaring gap between unmet human needs on one hand and the untapped potential of the existing human and material resources to fulfill these needs on the other. I don’t see any socialist or communist countries that promote learning outside their ridged political box. If something is invented, it becomes a ward of the government, so why should they take the initiative, inventiveness and ingenuity to create something that will eventually be taken from them. Is that part of the “share the wealth philosophy? You do all the work, while someone else takes the credit. A free market and capitalism encourages creativity and freedoms, while liberalism, socialism and communism stifle it and represses them.

    While these American inventors have created technology, it is the previous generation that fine tuned that technology. When I was a child my father worked in television and he sometimes brought home the video player and the 2 inch tape. It has created the personal video player. That other was pretty heavy. We may have invented the computer and the first one made was the size of a building, and one that the Pentagon fit into 3 building. But the generous fact these inventors refined that technology that created the personal computer and laptop that created a whole new industry in the United States and elsewhere.

    So the world may hurt us, they can commend us but they are still using our inventions and advanced technology. So we may be a bit arrogant according to Obama and Hillary Clinton, but I think we have a right to be just a little proud of our accomplishments which we fraught to keep and retain.

    I would hate to think if socialism were our system of government and the liberals controlled that government, I think a lot of these inventions might not exist. Obama and the liberals will stifle creativity, because the teachers we have now are starting to control the way we learn via the liberal method. Once again the theme is everyone is the same and learns the same way. They don’t want to single one child out of classes of thirty students. Whether you are a genius with an IQ of 150 or a slow learner who may need to be placed in a “special” class but to the liberals they all are the same.

  35. The following article provides another reason why my husband and I decided to homeschool our two kids – almost three-quarters of the 600 would-be elementary school teachers who took the Massachusetts state licensing exam failed the math section of the exam. Makes you wonder how they are performing in the other states.


  36. T.J Finchan

    3/4 Mass school teachers fail math exam.

    Why are you surprised?
    Liberals can`t add.

  37. Rick, I’m not really surprised. It’s just par for the course for Libs.

    Around July 4th of last year, Sean Hannity was doing his “man in the street” interviews and asked a young lady what war was fought that we now celebrate on the 4th. Her answer: the Civil War (this of course was said with a question in her voice, like she wasn’t sure of her answer). The real kicker to all this is that she said she was an elementary school teacher.

    My husband and I feel really blessed to be able to homeschool.

  38. The only time the Left is concerned with the “deficit” is when Republicans are in office. They continually hounded W about “the deficit” in an unending mantra of “concern”. When their boy creates one the size of the universe, well, that’s different. Not a peep. Nothing. TJ Fincham, I am delighted that you homeschool. Bless you. I just hope that you can continue to do so for a long time to come, because this Kenyan community organizer we have for a “president” is likely going to install requirements so harsh on homeschool parents as to essentially run it out of business, so to speak. By design, of course. None of this private instruction, stuff. No sireee. You can’t indoctrinate the kids through the public skools if parents are teaching them (the truth) at home. I hope you both have degrees in each subject you teach, because this guy has plans in the works. What a great time for the Rapture. Come and take me away, Lord.

  39. Eileen, sorry to have to bust a couple (or more) of your invention bubbles, but Alexander Graham Bell did not invent the telephone; he was merely at the Patent Office just a few hours before the real inventor showed up there. (The early bird gets the worm, you know.)

    The Wright Brothers were not the first to fly in an airplane. Only one of them flew in the airplane; the other took a photograph of the event. But, anyway, that Wright brother was not the first person to fly in an airborne craft. I can’t give you the sourced documentation for that statement yet; it’s just something that stuck in my brain from what I read many years ago.

    As a further aside, Marconi did not invent the radio. It has been stated at a Tesla web site that:

    “Nikola Tesla patented the basic system of radio in 1896. His published schematic diagrams describing (sic) all the basic elements of the radio transmitter which was later used by Marconi.” (http://www.teslasociety.com/biography.htm)

    At the same web site, it states:

    “The United States Supreme Court, in 1943, held Marconi’s most important patent invalid, recognizing Tesla’s more significant contribution as the inventor of radio technology.”

    And I’m not so sure about Levi Strauss being the inventor of blue jeans, either. It will take some more research on my part.

    So, it seems that things are not always what they appear to be at the surface–as is the case with Obama!

  40. I am trying not to be ‘finicky’, but I notice so many of the “family” using the word “then” instead of the correct “than”….. that I learned in school in the 40’s and 50’s.

    Is there a good reason for this?

  41. Stirling, I noticed that “then” is used a lot of the time for “than”, not just here, but all over the Internet, radio, television and newspapers! (Even by so-called professional writers!)

    Who knows why? It’s just as mysterious to me as to why people say “thank” for “think” and “think” for “thank.”

    I’m waiting for the day when I hear somebody say: “Think you for thanking of me in that way.”!!

    I even heard Obama at his last press conference say “thank” for “think”! Why am I not surprised?

    (Just another example of the way the NEA teachers have “dumbed down” people while they were in school!)

    By the way, in an earlier article of Larry’s, I gave a new meaning to the acronym of NEA: “No Education Allowed.” How so true, even today!

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