So, a dopey “professor” or “scholar” as he has been referred to, (bringing new light to the fact that education is by no means synonymous with intelligence..) decides to break into his own house and when the police respond to investigate, (something that they are paid to do..) he unloads the minority agitator default setting upon them: racist. Next, Obama decides to “act stupidly” by chiming in with his worm’s eye view that the police “acted stupidly”.. A few thoughts, if I may..

Obama knows as much about police work as he does about capitalism.. Liberals think that they know everything about everything and that the world is therefore entitled to their uniformed and uneducated opinion on everything.. His “opinion” on this matter is as irrelevant as his Secretary of State and he unwisely allowed the nation another peek into what he is truly about.

In this strange “24 hours a day” news world, the “pressure” to “catch” someone saying or doing something inappropriate becomes their focus. The media is more content to “make” the news than to “report” it. Knowing that, no matter what someone like Obama says or when he says it, someone else will be there to record it and it will be used against him. An inexperienced “politician” like Obama never seems to grasp the country’s “obsession” with their idiotic remarks.

Yoo hoo, Barack… You are the President (unfortunately) and there is a whole slew of people just waiting for you to say something moronic. The good news is that they never have that long to wait. The bad news is that as long as you hold office they are never going away.. Bad news for you, that is..

Even if you were mildly observant, you might have remembered how your media buddies treated George Bush, or any Republican politician for that matter. As opposed to giggling about those gaffes, you should have been looking towards your own future and paying a bit more attention and making note of what you saw. You began to “believe your own press” as it were.

Another element of the fickle press is that they take a great delight in building someone up to the apex at which point they then all try to see who can be the first to shove this same person into the abyss.. They may have all voted for you, but your gaffes and foibles have now become their paychecks. They are carnivores of the lowest variety.

When you were back in Illinois, you were sheltered and protected by the likes of Emil Jones and John Stroger.. You were on your way up. During the presidential campaign when “friends” like Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers and Tony Rezko were unearthed, the media was there to shelter and protect you.. You were on your way up.. This is hard for any liberal to understand, but you can’t become God so you have now gone as far as you can go as of January 20, 2009.. NOW is when the rush begins to watch you fall..

Your election also precipitated the turning of another tide.. The default excuse of “racism” for failure has worn out its welcome. The “race card” hasn’t been removed from the deck but it is so worn from misuse and abuse that no one recognizes it anymore. Remember, Obama said that he was going to bring people together (“A unifier, not a divider..”) Rightttttttttt.. That was just another line to make the pimply coeds weep and bawl at his socialist spectacles and soirees while he was running for office.. The days of using your race as a cloak of protection that conveniently covers your every imbecilic word or deed has come to an abrupt halt.

Here is without question the best example of that observation: When was the last time that $harpton and Jack$on have been this quiet? We really haven’t heard a peep from either of these two charlatans since November.. Silence IS golden. Their collection plates have all but dried up, no one is reflexively picking up the tab for them anymore and they are both back to having to do the “dine and dash”.. No one deserves obscurity more than these two “leaders”. The rallying cry that they both have abused has gone down with them..

Another crucial element to this Obama comment: It was totally unscripted.. There were no teleprompters.. THIS is what he truly believes. It would appear that race is more important than reality to this man. With each passing day, the pre-packaged nonsense and hilarious helium that was served up during the campaign are giving way to the reality of what “lies” beneath the sordid surface..

The idea of Obama commenting on a “local issue” like this isn’t at all surprising either. Remember, they want to replace God in the schools and the churches because believe that they ARE God. They each believe in their hearts of darkness that they are omnipotent. God sees all and does all. This is the job that the liberals believe that they can do themselves. They constantly impose themselves upon everything that crosses their path because they know what is best for you. They have honed this talent from making perfectly sound citizens “wards of the state for life” with their cancerous “benefits” programs.. They baby-sit their constituents and they want to turn the government into an adult day care center..

Understanding the “racist” mentality gets you this conundrum: You investigate a crime, someone black calls you a racist for doing your job. You don’t respond in a matter befitting the opinion of the “racist” and they call you a racist because you “don’t care that the victim was black”. They scream and march, demanding that you leave their neighborhoods because you arrest too many minorities. Then after you leave, they scream and march saying that you are never in minority neighborhoods preventing crime..

Obama should just keep his mind on destroying America and he should leave the laughable cries of “racist” to the professionals..


56 responses to “Gatesgate

  1. noleftturnz

    OK, it started as a “Thought of the Day”, Rick put out a comment and now it is a full blown article..

    Thanks as always,


  2. Larry,
    This is great. Youre a maniac. How many words now in 5 days?

  3. beyond disgusted

    Wow Larry, you are really on a roll! You’re so right, that IS what he truly believes. So much for the morons who thought his election would be the end of racism. Such fools……………..

  4. I’m always delighted when Obama makes this kind of thoughtless mistake. The more often he does the sooner some people will know who he really is. The rest of us knew who he was a long time ago….a first class racist out for revenge!

  5. Here is something for you to ponder. I had to get my driver’s license renewed. Starting next year, I have to have additional indentification.

    Since I was married, I have to give the BMV all documentation tracing my name back to the name on my birth certificate. To me, this is sexist because, most of the time, a woman changes her last name to that of her husband. If a woman has had multiple marriages and divorces, she will need to provide marriage certificates and divorce papers for every one!

    They are making it harder to remain “law abiding citizens” or is this just targeting women?

  6. I think we have just had confirmed what many feared and suspected: There has been elected a Race Baiter In Chief.

    Cops are trained to be on guard, perhaps catching a thief that could turn out to be dangerous. They want to go home after their shift is over, to their fanilys, not exit the scene in a body bag.

    The professor knew who the cops were by their uniforms and badges, the police didn’t have that advantage. However the professor, like all reasonable, common sense thinking people got an attitude.

    The only “stupid actingly” doings was Obama ever getting involved in this domestic squabble. Can anyone say,’Like, um, you know, er, I be yo’ King?’ In doing so the Race Baiter In Chief has shown his true heart on race relations. As in all other promises of “Change and Hope”, Obama will not be an agent but a charleton of color.

  7. noleftturnz


    Over 5,000.

    They are supplying an “open door” with their actions and words.

    It wouldn’t be at all sporting of me to ignore them, would it?

    Thanks as always,


  8. noleftturnz

    beyond disgusted,

    I personally didn’t think that it would be the “end” to the charge of racism. I thought that it would go along way towards muting it.

    It did. Now with each subsequent re-exposure, the “card” decomposes more and more..

    It also helps immensely that they can’t help but to try to use it when there is no racism present..

    Not only does Obama devalue our currency but he devalues words as well.

    Thanks as always,


  9. Obummer will never let a chance to bring race into the mix. He is going to try to start a racial war to get from whitie what the blacks are due because some of their ancestors were slaves. Gates saw the perfect way to start racial strife, and he knew his friend and past student would pick up the ball and run with it.

  10. brief and to the point … excellent article.

  11. Larry, you have given me a week of great articles to read and ponder and pass on. I just received a joke from my oldest brother: On the screen is an old hayseed man with a cigarette sticking out of his mouth, with the caption reading “Everyone just relax. When was the last time you saw an African American keep the same job for 4 years?”

    I totally agree the race card is disintegrating from over use which I did not anticipate. And yes, where are $harpton and Jack$on?

  12. The nutty professor and Chief Foot in Mouth are educated idiots. One should always engage the brain and use common sense before opening the mouth. Their brain is worthless because of their useless education and they have no common sense. Of course, that is to be expected as one of the prerequisites of the socialist/
    liberal movement is that you give up all common sense. If any one them had common sense, they wouldn’t be socialists/liberals and we wouldn’t be burdened with dealing with these cretins and their claptrap. Oh, what a beautiful world that would be.

    Keep those words coming Larry.

  13. Aside admitting holding a fund raiser for Obama when he ran for senator, Profusser Gates concedes he donated the maximum to his presidential campaign too. Money does have a way of making everything else seem to have “acted stupidly.”

    Lot of other interesting facts about this card carrying COMMUNIST at or

  14. Hmmmm, GrayWolf, does Professor Gates know from his African History studies that blacks owned blacks slaves in Africa, as well? So, I guess that means that there were “interracial rascists” as well, in Africa? I wonder what he thinks about that historical fact. Sort of like “kind devouring its own kind,” don’t you think? Hmmmmm…

    P.S. And blacks owned black slaves up to and including the American Civil War! (I don’t think they teach that bit of “historical trivia” in Ethnic classes in colleges and universities. Ahhh, the “devil is in the details”–again!)

  15. upstate conservative

    Well he still hasn’t said the magic words, “I’m sorry” beating around the proverbial bush. Check out hondo’s quip at NY post…”Obama yesterday called Crowley and invited him “for a beer here in the White House” Crowley? Beer? It seems the President might be engaging in some ethnic profiling”. Also I heard that Gates would enjoy some beer from the islands. True liberal reasoning not U.S. beer or even German but some swill from the islands….. hearkens back to Kerry asking for swiss cheese on a phili-cheese steak. They never learn!

  16. Folks, the ONLY true definition of “racist” is:

    “One who races, i.e., Lance Armstrong participating in the Tour De France.”

    (A little levity now and then helps us to get through all our black fellowmen’s angst on this subject.)

  17. Patient in PA

    In the company I keep, I have not heard the “N” word used in decades.

    That is until now.

    The contempt this man has engendered with his arrogance and narcissism, among formally tolerent and forgiving people is beyond belief.

    Left untethered, as will be the case, he will do more to set back race relations than Sharpton, Jackson and Farrakhan combined.

  18. Notice how we keep hearing about the long history of as in the professor knowing so well the history of racism. Yes, it happened along with endless lists of sad or unfair human events since the beginning of time. We now have a black president and it is STILL not time to let go. My forefathers were Native American, should I still harbor hatred of the White man? Until Obamageddon, I consider myself to be the master of my own destiny, not by virture of unearned stollen booty off the backs of others.
    I consider myself to be a staunch conservative. However, there are several black potential candidates I certainly would have voted for. Obama would have been the last to get my vote. Not because he is black but because he is most certainly as anti-American as any could be. The last thing he actually wants is for racism to be a thing of the past for it is but one of the weapons in his arsenal. And our best weapon against him is for him to keep speaking unscripted. Until we rid ourselves of this plague upon our nation and take back our government, we all live in imminent peril.



  20. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    As you may not know, since the illegal alien in the White House is keeping every aspect of obamacare well hidden, is that one of the provisions calls for the First Fascists motto “blacks first!” There is a department your request for treatment goes through that filters requests by race. If you are unfortunate enough to be white under his program, you might as well figure you are going to be paying for the care of others while not receiving any care at all.

  21. I am so sick of the continually race card being place on everything. We cannot challenge a black in our schools because some idiot thinks it’s about race instead of a lack of intelligence. We should give a pass to a black doctor who complains the “test is too hard.” I don’t know about you but I want a doctor to know the proper methods to help cure me. It’s always a turkey shoot choosing a doctor, dentist or Veterinarian. They have their diplomas on the wall, but we don’t know whether they were first or last of their graduating class. I want a great doctor and the color of his or her skin really doesn’t matter.

    One of the most idiotic comments that came from the death of Michael Jackson was the comment made by our favorite race bettors, Al Sharpton. He made the claim that it was the pioneering efforts of the Jackson Family, particularly Michael who helped get a black man into the White House. His theory being regarding the Jackson family brought both white and black fans together. So without that amalgamate from a Motown singing group, we got Obama.

    Well, then I heard that ridiculousness comes out of his mouth I said, stop, rewind. Let’s see shall we. There was a ton of black artist who crossed the racial lines. We had Smoking Robinson & the Miracles, the Four Tops, the Fifth Dimension, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross & the Supremes, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Martha & the Vandellas, The Spinners, Gladys Knight & the Pips, Rare Earth (loved them they were my favorite, still own their albums), The Commodores, Lionel Richie, Billy Preston, Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, Boyz II Men, Brian McKnight, Dionne Warwick, James Brown, Luther Vandros, Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight (solo), Anita Baker, Billy Preston, Al Greene, Billie Holiday, Barry White, Johnny Mathis and Roberta Flack but it was the Queen, Aretha Franklin, who crossed the racial boundaries. I’m sure I left some out. I have most of these artists in my record and CD collection. They aren’t separated by race. So I find rather interesting that it’s the artist or black performers who separate themselves from white artist. The black comedian, a black actor, a black activist and a black director. I hear titles such as Denzel Washington is a two-time Academy Award winner, yet as a general rule the press refers to him as, the two-time Academy Award winning black actor. I don’t see him as a black anything. He is a great actor and one of my personal favorites.

    I don’t recall Robin Williams being introduced as that white comedian and actor. He was just introduced as an actor and comedian. So why do they create their own separation when they introduce themselves. Why can’t they be just an actor, singer, dancer or director? I guess their purpose is to continue to play the victim role. We are just the big bad white people. But who are the true racist?

    Those of you who didn’t or do live in the metropolitan are of New York can be grateful to be outside the boundaries of Reverend Al. Consider yourselves lucky. Unfortunately I did. He’s an asshole in any color, a self-promoter pretending to care about the downtrodden. Bensonhurst (a neighborhood in Brooklyn) where four African-American teenagers were beaten by a group of 10 to 30 white youths in One Bensonhurst resident, armed with a handgun, shot and killed sixteen-year-old Yusef Hawkins. In the weeks following the assault and murder, Sharpton led several marches through Bensonhurst. The first protest, just days after the incident, was greeted by neighborhood residents shouting “N****rs go home” and holding watermelons to mock the demonstrators.

    Then we have Crown Heights Riot, after a car driven by a Jewish man, and part of a procession led by an unmarked police car, went through an intersection and was struck by another vehicle causing it to veer onto the sidewalk where it accidentally struck and killed a seven-year-old Guyanese boy named Gavin Cato and severely injured his cousin Angela. Witnesses could not agree upon the speed and could not agree whether the light was yellow or red. One of the factors that sparked the riot was the arrival of a private ambulance which, on the orders of a police officer worried for the Jewish driver’s safety, removed the uninjured driver from the scene while Cato lay pinned under his car.

    There are tons of events like this that has the stamp of approval from the Motown three (Al Sharpton, Alton H. Maddox and C. Vernon Mason). But it is them that create the racist remarks, we heard every religious racial slurs about Jewish people and culture.

    Who has rallies around “the black man” since 1987 when we were introduced to Tawana Brawley, a 15-year-old African American girl, who was found smeared with feces, lying in a garbage bag, her clothing torn and burned and with various slurs and epithets written on her body in charcoal? Brawley claimed she had been assaulted and raped by six white men, some of them police officers, in the town of Wappingers Falls, New York.

    Rev. Al is the racist just listen to his speeches it’s pretty clear what his motive is. Like his brother Obama, they hate whites, they white domination in our society and they want to take us down because they believe they are far superior to whites and other minorities. Yet, we they can’t finish a test or feel it’s just “too hard” they pull their racist crap. You would think that being more superior to whites that you could take a test and nail it. I’m starting to think that even if we gave them the answers, they would still get it wrong.

  22. jj,
    everyone has to be careful..

    You never know if you are supposed to recognize race or whether you should ignore race..

    Depends on the totality of the circumstances, I guess..

    Thanks as always,


  23. Slave owners were predominantly Democrats, blacks owned black slaves and the greatest supplier of slaves to the American market were the Muslims………..go figure!

  24. Anaheim Dave,

    God love ‘ya my friend but I HAD to “alter” one word in your comment..

    I didn’t want to but it was just a little too dicey.

    I hope that you don’t mind.


  25. Eileen,

    The rules of engagement have changed..

    Al would never be able to get away with any of his previous nonsense anymore.

    If he tried any shenanigans, Obama would end up getting asked about it at his next press conference.

    His response will show whether I am right or I am wrong..

    Lets hope that it doesn’t come to that.

    Thanks as always,


  26. John w,

    Stop making sense..

    Thanks as always,


  27. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    No problem, Larry. I have a tendency to let my anger bleed through to the words I write. I am glad you write these columns with such elegance, I am able to pass them on to my friends.

  28. noleftturnz


    Here just for fun, is the “directors cut” from the piece.

    Right after “An inexperienced politician like Obama never seems to grasp the country’s obsession with their idiotic remarks.. THIS is the next paragraph..

    “For Obama to fret over the “obsession” over his words underscores his inexperience all the more. The liberals and the minorities created this “obsession” themselves. The word “racist” has become a liberal lightening rod with the media. Once the magic word is unsheathed, the media fixates upon anyone who has an opinion on the matter at hand. This is exactly what the liberals USED to want. This “obsession” was responsible for a number of very profitable corporate shakedowns. However, their “obsessive”/excessive use of this weapon of mass distraction when no racism was ever evident became a dangerous aphrodisiac (pardon the pun..) that soon became an avaricious addiction..”

    Hope that you enjoyed the extra lagniappe..

    Thanks as always,


  29. noleftturnz


    Harness that anger and tell everyone that 2008 was a mistake that can be rectified in 2010.

    If they have any questions, you know where to send them..

    Thanks as always,


  30. retired biker

    you’ve got it right – ” get out of our neighborhoods ,harrassing our boys “and simultaneously while not cooperating with “the man” ,”you are never around to protect us from crime”. It’s a no win situation especially with the likes of sharpton and jackson.

  31. Excellent, Larry!
    The “professor” probably was a quota admission to college like Obama and Michelle. Thus his high” intelligence”.
    I had a quota prof in college. He had a PhD from USC. Too bad he was a racist and could not speak anything resembling proper grammar. Whether qualifications are fudged for Fireman tests, M.D courses, or presidencies we all know giant steps are being taken… backwards!
    Dr. Dave

  32. jj:

    I have friends who are full Mohawk and one who is Oglala Sioux. The Mohawks were beam walkers and worked on the Twin Towers when they were being built and at Ground Zero after 9/11. At the time I met them, I didn’t know that I had Native American ancestors. I suspected that I did but had not yet proven it. As a student of history, which I learned before the facts were changed to protect the guilty, I always felt that Native Americans had every reason in the world to hate the white man because their people were the first victims of racism in this country. I would not have blamed them if they did, but, neither my Mohawk friends nor my Oglala Sioux friend harbor any hatred toward the white man.

    Unfortunately, many blacks have made a career of hatred, complaining and lamenting about past history. They feel that this country owes them. My Irish and Scottish ancestors were persecuted by the British. That’s why they left their own lands and came to the US. So should I still hate the British and demand that they pay for the past? The past is dead and should be buried. Instead it is used in this country as a political device to incite or control the masses and, of course, the vote.

    If the right black candidate had been nominated, I would have voted for him/her. Many of my black friends also said that he wasn’t the right candidate and they felt that he would set race relations back rather than improve them. From what I’m seeing and hearing , they were certainly right.

  33. Eileen:

    Tawana Brawley was living in my county (Sullivan) when the , alleged, rape , allegedly, occurred. I spoke to several people in the black community and they said the charges were false. They said that she had left home without her parents consent and made up the story because she was afraid of a “whuppin” from her step-father.

    Reverend Asshole came to our county and was, according to the people I talked to, told to take his fat ass out of here and mind his own business because the charges weren’t true and they didn’t want him stirring up trouble.

  34. Larry, I was hoping that you would give us a bit of your insight into this lovely “bash the!cops” incident. Thanks

    Even MJ’s family told Jac$son and $harpton to take a hike… that’s why it took so long to get the memorial service going, they were fighting about who was going to be in charge. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving couple of jerks!

  35. Margaret in CT

    Such a great article, Larry. For a time last week, H. L. Gates was the happiest man in America. He wrote a couple of books that got him some ink and face time about 25 years ago, but he was unable to keep the balloon aloft. He thought he had his vehicle for another rise to prominence. Anytime a black person reports being “disrespected,” the press, particularly on the East and Left coasts, jumps on it and turns it into a major event. He knew damned well what had happened, but instead of laughing it off, he decided to become the star of his own fictitious stage play. This time, however, the nutty professor judged as a dupe one Sgt. James Crowley, who turned out to be (1) an apparent democrat who could not be easily portrayed as the “storm trooper” of the grizzled 60s liberals’ fantasies; (2) a tenured professor himself—at the Police Academy in Lowell, How to Avoid Racial Profiling, 101; (3) a quick-witted fellow who had no intention of being intimidated into backing down and apologizing for something that he had not done; and (4) a resourceful fellow, as we saw repeatedly in the following days. Everything was rolling along pretty well for the “racialist” side, at first. The reaction to a POTUS getting involved in a local police matter was mild at best in the MSM, in comparison to how they behaved when Nixon had something to say about the monster, Charles Manson. Sharpton and Jackson were rummaging around for batteries for their dusty bull horns, when the news came out that the resourceful officer had turned on his radio and let the open mic record the proceedings (knowing that he was out of range of the video cam in his patrol car). Sudden, deafening silence. Gates tried whimpering a little (“How could this happen to me?”), but the moment slipped away. He thought better of pushing the issue until the Cambridge Police Department decided to release the audio that would have shown a one-sided confrontation. The true identity of the “storm trooper” would have come out. The POTUS told Gates to drop it (or he would have to drop him, just as he did The Left Rev. Wright). End of story. “I didn’t do nuthin” didn’t work for Prof. Gates.

  36. I would take this issue a step further….I smell a set-up…the kind of dirty sleazy thing dems do when the need for diversion is called for.
    The only aspect of this set-up that couldn’t be controlled was who would respond to the call.
    Officer Crowley is what I refer to as “divine intervention.”

  37. There is racism in America, and now the “chief” racist is the Commander in “chief”.
    TYPICAL black man’s response to ALL matters law enforcement: duh bruddah was wronged and duh cops violated his wights.

    We shouldn’t be surprised, most of them still believe OJ is innocent.
    Then again, they believe welfare is their ticket to prosperity and Obama is really black.


  38. Some goods news for sane, common sense Americans. His poll numbers are down even more as American get wind of what exactly is in that Healthcare Bill. Read and Rejoice.

    Rasmussen calculates its Presidential Approval Index by subtracting the “strongly disapprove” figure from the “strongly approve” figure. As a result, Obama’s overall score is a minus-11. That’s the first time his rating has reached negative double digits.

    Other results of the poll:

    # 49 percent somewhat approve of Obama’s performance.

    # 50 percent disapprove of Obama’s performance.

    # 76 percent see Obama as liberal.

    # 48 percent see Obama as very liberal.

    # 54 percent primarily blame former President George W. Bush for America’s economic woes.

    # 25 percent say the U.S. economy has been aided by the economic stimulus package.

    # 53 percent oppose the Democratic healthcare reform package.

    # 37 percent say deficit reduction should be Obama’s top priority.

    # 20 percent say healthcare should be Obama’s top priority.

    The poll is based on answers from 1,500 likely voters. It has a margin of error of +/- 3 percentage points.

    It’s your move Obama.

  39. Brilliant article Larry, as always. To triviaman I would like to say that in Africa today, i.e. in Benin, Northern Nigeria, Somalia slavery is still rampant. Yes, black on black. I never hear anybody mention this. What is also never mentioned is that the slaves were caught by their own kin, usually on the orders of the tribe leader, and sold to the slave traders. This continues today.

    I fear that this President will drag the USA back at least 200 years with his antics.

  40. Every gaffe and mistake that Obama makes just reveals his true colors. This was the man that was supposed to be “post-racial” and “post-partisan” (whatever that means) and bring everyone together. His agenda is retribution and revenge against anyone who fails to fall within his list of approved groups and individuals. White people, rich people, successful people, self-sufficient people, business owners and critics of his administration beware.

  41. Lady Wolf,

    I totally agree with you regarding how our Native Americans have been treated over the centuries. Many of these communities were push off their land. They live in high poverty; they die fairly young because they still live on a reservation, where there are no jobs. They suffer from drug and alcohol abuse. They have every right to hate us, yet they don’t, talk about turning the other cheek. During the presidential campaign Obama said he was very concerned about the plight of the “first Americans.” I haven’t seen any of “change” or new “hope” for those living in these committees. I think his policies have made things worse, not better as Congress waste more stimulus money on really stupid projects. Let’s save the sea turtle was on of the supposed projects which received $3.4 million for the sea turtle and got praise and applause the California and Florida environmentalist. They criticized Republican Senators who were critical of these programs and they reason and excuse using these funds as “Would you want to hit a 12-foot alligator or a turtle the size of a cinder block as you zip along the highway?”

    The Indian communities know they are far down the list of priorities for our politicians and especially Obama. His fake I hear you, I know your plight and I want to help you seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. Some groups are starting to come out and no longer are Obama fans.

    Watch this you tube video. Funny, but I guess Obama, Hollywood and Democrats in Congress would call them “red necks.”

    Someone sent these to me over the weekend. The one about the Indians I thought was powerful and they got the point across. The other “redneck” duo is funny. But there are tons of video on youtube that highlight a lot of anger and hate at Obama. As the media keeps trying to tell America only a small percentage don’t like him and those people are just a bunch of racist. Anyone interested some type Obama and hate in the youtube searcher and watch them come up.

  42. to: JJ
    Nice Post and dead on.
    The reason the future of blacks is always so bleak is that they continue to not only live in the past – but push their past into their future. Making their future look exactly like their past. Obamageddon, keeps this alive – he wants it to be alive. Otherwise, if he doesnt keep the “oppressed” small, he will have no one to buy into his bullshit about being oppressed.

  43. I grabbed the wrong video. Here is the one I wanted you to see.

  44. Hey Larry, I really enjoy all of your articles. You really hit the nail on the head.

    Gates and Obama are both racist dirtbags, plain and simple. BHO will not be happy until every black person in America owns at least three white slaves. His main objective is the destruction of both the USA and Isreal. His only problem with the insane idea of “reparations” is that they don’t go far enough to satisfy his warped idea of fairness.

    Every single thing he has done so far has been to harm our country. Now you know why he is assembling a major military force to put down the insurrections he is trying to cause.

    Pray for either Devine or military intervention to stop him and his looney, left-wing followers.

  45. Race, in fact, is what put The King in his present position. It’s all about white guilt, and “we don’t care who he is as long as he’s black”. So America is having its big initial go around with a colored person. Person of color – what’s the difference…, and it’s likely to be a long time before this country votes another “special category” candidate in, thanks to the damage this no direct experience figurehead is doing. His campaign and subsequent “presidency” has been – from the beginning and to the present – all about race. His color has exempted him from scrutiny in many extremely important areas beginning with an authentic birth certificate to the extremely obvious area of no relevant experience for this job. And “Charley” Gibson had the unbelievable nerve to put on his pince nez “reading” glasses and look down his liberal nose at Sarah Palin and ask her if she could honestly tell the American people that she was qualified to be president of the United States! Not vice president, mind you. But mister rolled-up sleeves (man of action, you see) with the cordless microphone is fully qualified. Just don’t ask how he is qualified. Just qualified. He is destroying chances for “the bruthas” who might have run – down the road. Oh, wellll.

  46. It’s long past the time where President “Present” could do anything about deficit reduction. The horse has been stolen and the barn door not only can no longer be locked, it’s fallen off its hinges onto the ground. Short of printing bucket loads of currency that would lead further into hyper-inflation, we are totally locked in financial wet concrete, with no escape. All that (plus a boat load more) in a mere 6 months. 6 months!! The ink isn’t even dry yet! (What ink? I don’t know, it just sounded good). He has taken this nation, essentially, over the water falls in one-half of a year. 3.5 more years of omigod, what’s next? Cap and trade, alone, is nation destroyer. Obamacare is every bit equal as a nation destroyer. Combine the two? Looks to me like it’s all over, folks. But only a percentage of folks (like this family, for example) are paying attention. (Which is precisely how the Brown Clown got in). Sprinkle a little fairy dust, smile a lot, tell ’em what they wanna hear, tell ’em you inherited all of this from the Evil George Bush and enough of ’em will believe you (plus the dead voters and double dippers) and you win! But it can’t happen here! Oops, just did. My God, what will life in America look like another 6 months from now?? Even Harry Reid knows this guy is a big question mark and has decided not to bow to the pressure from On High. But we’ll see. From what I’ve read of Obamacare, I have a feeling that there are going to be a lot of openings in the nation’s medical schools. Who wants Big Brother to decide how much you’ll be paid as a doctor? In the next 6 months, the sky may actually BE falling. We’ll see.

  47. Eileen,

    Amen to your video, thank you. I believe Native Americans possess a virtue no black man or any other minority would understand. That is pride and respect of themselves.








  48. Eileen:

    Did you happen to watch this Video?

    It sure looks like Mr. Gates to me.

  49. Eileen:

    It appears that DNA testing proves Mr Gates is half white like the Ilegal Alien in OUR White House. He has 50% European ancestry. However, unlike the Big Zero who is more Arab than black, he is 50 % black.

  50. Gatesgate just keeps getting better and better. On Rush today I heard about a black female police officer with the Cambridge P.D. who previously voted for Obama, but stated that she would not again. The video is posted on Drudge for anyone who is interested in viewing it.

  51. The latest Democratic scandal (there are so many aren’t there) is the testimony of a Countrywide employee, Robert Feinberg, who worked in the VIP section of Countrywide Financial Corp., who testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Two very influential Senate financial committee chairmen were told they were getting special VIP deals when they applied for mortgages, an official who handled their loans told Congress in closed-door testimony. Democratic Senator’s Christopher Dodd and Kent Conrad had denied knowing they were getting discounts when they negotiated their loan terms.

    As chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, Dodd got two sweetheart loans in 2003. Dodd has maintained he did not get special or preferential treatment. One for his residence in Washington, DC and the other for his home in Connecticut. Dodd got a savings of almost a half a million (I think that’s what it was when showed on Fox this morning but I cannot find anything that supports that amount) from this cushy deal, maybe he used that to buy the Irish “cottage” (I’ve seen the picture and it looks more like an estate overlooking Galway Bay).

    Our crook, Robert Feinberg, who worked in the VIP section of Countrywide Financial Corp., testified about the loan terms before the Senate Ethics Committee, and provided the same information in an interview with Republican investigators of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. He could be prosecuted for making false statements. (I’m sorry but aren’t all their comments lies). Conrad’s two Countrywide mortgages in 2004 were for a beach house in Delaware and an eight-unit apartment building in Bismarck.

    He testified that they both knew well in advance that they were getting a “special deal.” Right on the paperwork was FOA which stands for Friends of Angelo (meaning chief executive Angelo Mozilo). They knew they were getting special compensation.
    Countrywide, by a swift decline in the market for subprime mortgages, they accepted a takeover offer from Bank of America in early 2008. Mozilo faces civil fraud and insider-trading charges in connection with Countrywide’s lending practices. They were also receiving TARP funds as well I believe that this is just another fraud perpetrated on the taxpayers once again.
    Half of Congress should be behind bars. These people are such greedy, manipulating bastards. But since the Democrats control both areas in Congress, the likelihood that any real investigation won’t take place and once again swept under the carpet and anyway from any prying eyes. Barbara Boxer is head of this investigation.
    THANK YOU AMERICA for re-electing these assholes.
    Update on the Let Freedom Ring pledge. There are a total of 92, now. To view those names to see if your representatives have signed the pledge (mine still haven’t) you can go here.
    Poor Nasty Nancy seems not to care if she’s liked or not. She rather push though a Bill that NO ONE wants then listen to the public tell her what ME want. I don’t expect anything from Miss Nancy anymore; she appears to have gotten drunk on power and control and is swimming in her own bile. From where I’m sitting if Congress and the President won’t accept the health plan, then the rest of us shouldn’t either. BUT, they should be force to explain why they won’t accept this plan. I hope it doesn’t come up for a vote this week, so that Congress can give them hell when they return home for vacation. Keep an eye open in your local newspapers to see if they are holding a Townhall in your area. Sign up for any updates or newsletters they email or send out via mail.

  52. Obama’s poll numbers are dropping faster than Janeane Garafola’s IQ.

    People ask me, isnt there anything you agree with Obama on?
    Well, yes, actually, I like the way he is implementing the “Cheney Plan” in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Early in 2008, State-run news media (SRNM) asked Cheney what the long term plans were for those 2 countries.
    His answer: in about a year or 2 we could bring a substantial number of troops home from Iraq, but need to leave a large number in Iraq for an indeterminate amount of time (depends on the conditions on the ground), but in the mean time, we’ll have to send more troops into Afghanistan.
    When asked when those troops would come home, his reply was: that depends on the conditions on the ground.
    Obama laughed at Cheney and ridiculed him.
    Obama said he would “bring the troops home immediately”.
    Fast forward one and a half years (right in the middle of the 1 to 2 years as predicted by Cheney), and what is Obama doing (well, first of all, he did NOT bring them home IMMEDIATELY – liar), Obama is bringing a large number home from Iraq, but leaving between 1/3 and 1/2 of them in Iraq.
    Now, Obama does have a “date” when those COULD be brought home, but there is a big IF in there – IF, the conditions on the ground permit it.
    And Afghanistan?
    Obama is sending more troops into that country with NO TIMETABLE FOR WITHDRAWAL.
    EXACTLY what Dick Cheney said.
    So, yes, I like the way Obama is implementing the Cheney Plan.
    Is there anything I like about Biden?
    Well, actually, yes there is.
    Joe Biden makes Dan Quayle look like a FRIKKEN GENIUS!!


    PS – if you are in St Louis area- CANCEL your subscription to the Post Dispatch.
    10,000 people at a Tea Party RIGHT DOWN THE STREET from their building, and not one word in their newspaper.
    1,000 UAW nitwits show up at a rally at the CLOSED Fenton Chrysler plant, and its front page news.
    I wanted to go there with a sign that said, “You VOTED for this idiot”.


    If you call Congress (202-224-3121) and say you want to speak to your Congressman, they will either ask you who that is, or what your zipcode is.
    On my website is the list of all the Blue Dog Democrats, and the zipcodes in their district.


    Call in ALL DAY LONG.
    Pick a different zipcode from this list, and let EVERY blue dog know, over and over, that we do NOT want Progressive National Socialist (ProNAZI) health care.

    Get the file of zipcodes here:


  54. Here is a YouTube video of Judge Napolitano’s visit to St Louis.

    Also, good group for posting Conservative videos.


  55. Another good article, Larry.

    I touched on some of the same points in my blog article “Who’s Looking Stupid Now, Mr. President?” at:

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