A Different Direction

“I’m sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we’re Americans, and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration..” So spoke Rodham, or the “Pantsuit Patrick Henry” back on April 29, 2003 when being “anti-administration” was all the rage.. The old “tear the system down” totalitarians and the “question authority” pony tailed perverts of years back all find “disagreement” to suddenly be cancerous since THEY are now in charge..

Even the “Socialist Skeleton” Harry Reid decided to chime in. According to the article entitled, “Top Democrat denounces health care protests” (Breitbart) Reid “scolded health care protesters”. You can always tell when you are scoring points on the liberals. The first thing that they want to do is take away YOUR constitutional rights..

The Bony Bolshevik even wondered if the protestors have “ditched their civic manners”.. This could quite possibly be the most pristine example ever of “progressive projection”. The liberal animals’ years ago created and patented the idea of “protest” combined with the lack of “civic manners”. The leftists have also created several nasty strains of communicable diseases over the years as well, but that’s another story for another day..

There is no need to go into an elaborate amount of detail pertaining to the liberals and their “protests” which began to “ditch civil manners” back in the late sixties and their tactics have gone downhill ever since. Ladies and gentlemen, these are “different times”.. We have an “historic” president who is a “unifier not a divider..” As the screaming “Socialism Express” heads towards the embankment at breakneck speed with all of the stops pulled, people are DEFINITELY becoming “unified”..

The Nevada homunculus tried to stretch logic to its breaking point by accusing the protesters “of trying to ‘sabotage’ the democratic process”. Even those mildly observant know full well by now that the “democratic process” was jettisoned back on January 20, 2009 and the only “sabotage” took place all during the “Obama shampaign” with the help of the duplicitous media.

Not lost in all of the irony, sanctimony and sarcasm that the left is handing out with the same aplomb as they do when they hand out other people’s money, is the fact that Obama himself began his “career” as a “community organizer”. Don’t you remember, he gave up that “Wall Street job” to become an “activist” with friends like “Boy Scout” Bill Ayers back in Illinois? You know, all of that “fringe” and “grass roots” kind of stuff that everyone now seems to think is “undermining democracy”? Lets try to navigate the liberal thought process. (Consult your proctologist for proper instructions..) Dr. King and Obama, groovy.. Seniors not content with meeting every five years with “Obama End Your Life Soylent Green Counselors” are ‘saboteurs’.

We learn that “the president wants to use the government’s clout to subsidize coverage for millions now uninsured..” There is another “Progressive Pandora’s Box” of a sentence.. “The government’s clout” comes from the taxes that he and his puppets and stooges have illegally taken from the middle class. That which he hasn’t stolen, he will simply print up as “progressive promissory notes”, never mind the impending whiplash of inflation. “Millions now uninsured..” How many “millions”? How many of those “millions” are here ILLEGALLY? Such questions matter not to the “Socialist Saboteurs” when their faux “compassion” is paid for with the savings taken from others..

Reid “scoffed at the notion that the protesters reflect grass-roots sentiment”. GOOD. Scoff away there Beelzebub, the “Obama Waterloo circa 2010” awaits you..

The liberals are always trying to amp up the drama by using props to prop up their stupidity. Reid even carried with him a piece of artificial turf, which he borrowed from “Stoli” Joe Biden’s collection of artificial turf and plugs, as he was busy sleeping off yet another hangover. Reid said “these are nothing more than destructive efforts to interrupt a debate that we should have, and are having..” To quote the Gipper, “There you go again..”

In case Harry has been busy with more of his trademark shady land scams back in Nevada and he hasn’t been keeping up with current events, the liberals in SILENCING the critics are the ones STIFLING the “debate”. When the liberals leave the meetings, when the leftists shut down the microphones, when they tell you that no questions are allowed, THERE IS NO DEBATE. Note Reid’s little miscue, “..a debate we should have, and are having..” We SHOULD have a debate. The leftists now advise their zombies to “punch back twice as hard.” (Deputy Chief of Staff Jim Messina) This is the advise that they are handing out to their union simians like the ones who decided to show up “spontaneously” in Tampa.. In Colorado, Michigan, Missouri and Texas, all of the moronic marionettes who are trying to “sell” the Obama “Final Solution” are discovering that Ipecac, even when packaged with the smiling visage of the Brown Bolshevik, will still illicit the same result from the American public.

Obama should just have the courage to come out and say to those that disagree with him that their constitutional rights to both speak and to freely assemble are now null and void until they “see the light” and convert. Just for fun, he could use Lincoln’s suspension of habeas corpus during the Civil War as his justification. A Civil War hasn’t been declared.. Yet..

Our sensitive Offal Office is all weepy because “rowdy protests have disrupted Democratic lawmakers’ meetings and health care events around the country” and that they are “largely orchestrated from afar by insurers, lobbyists, Republican party activists and others..” Wow, where to start.. One example, just one, for the sake of brevity.. Tom Tancredo at UNC, April 14, 2009. Cancelled because of “protesters” who “shattered a window”. Tancredo was “shouted down” and hustled off campus. The tools used by the left for over fifty years cannot be deployed against them. Bottom line: the liberals all believe that they are “fair”.. If you want to know just how “fair” the liberals are, just disagree with them..

“..orchestrated from afar..” Enter the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Kooks”.. Has Reid ever heard about ACORN? How about Moveon dot org? What about “People For The American Way”? These liberal “stink tanks” have been polluting the political process for years (thanks to their inordinately ample coverage from the “impartial” media) with nary a word of admonishment for their “ditching of civic manners” from their commandants in the “Turd Reich”.

“About 20” protesters showed up at a Sarasota Springs New York “socialist song and dance” by Representative Scott Murphy (L-NY). They peacefully assembled outside with their signs and banners which brought forth a deluge of horn honking from passing vehicles.. If the liberals were actually as smart as they believe that they are, they would take note of this “spontaneous phenomenon”.

The “Trillion Dollar Train Wreck” has brought about the gag reflex from those who have put up with the liberal fascism and governmental intrusion until now. We seem to have had enough of “revenue raisers”, “taxes” and “penalties” levied by the liberals, all in the name of “compassion”.

Six “Senators” have been told to “get this done.” Their “leader” is Max Baucus who said that if the Republicans don’t get on board, the “Democrats may have to go in a different direction..” Hey Max, that’s the problem. The liberals have been “going in a different direction for the last fifty years”.. Backwards..


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  1. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    You have outdone yourself this time, Larry. You have covered this topic so completely, I can’t think of anything to add.
    On a different note, I received the dvd “A Question of Eligibility” from WND today and it is very well done.


    I’ve been waiting all week for your comments
    on this health care scam.
    You did not disappoint me. A great article
    with some brilliant words defining our liberal opponents.
    We must protest this program as it gives
    the government the final decision on life and death.
    Sarah Palin calls it DOWNRIGHT EVIL

    I.m looking for some help from NLTZ family
    to get ways to fax the reps etc without a forced
    contribution on line

    Monday I am going to print your message
    and distribute it to my family and friends

    Being the same age as TUBBY TEDDY KENNEDY I want the same care he is getting for me and my BRIDE




  3. Dave,

    Thanks for the kind words. Believe me, there was alot more surrounding this topic that I didn’t cover..

    There has been an uptick in incidents surrounding this Kevorkian/Mengele “health care” bill.

    Reid had things all backwards.. What a shocker.

    The left, believing their own press, thought that they could run roughshod over the American public so they bit off more than they could chew with their “hurry up and sign it” nonsense.

    They had no response to the nation’s SPONTANEOUS outcry of “enough” other than to resort to their default elimination of the oppositions constitutional rights.

    The “ORGANIZED” part comes from the liberal Democrats who have now orchestrated and “organized” their brigands to physically respond to the will of the people at their disinformation “talks”..

    There is “organizing” going on, Harry just forgot to mention exactly who is doing it..

    Thanks as always,


  4. JR,

    Thanks for the kind words as always. Sit tight on printing up a copy of the article, I will email you the “directors cut” with some extra material. Let me know if it comes through to you in the next hour or so..

    The NLTZ research analyst extraordinare Eileen I would be willing to bet has a list of contacts that she could “cut and paste” here for everyone..

    She, like you Sir, is just another of the treasures here at NLTZ..

    Thanks as always,


  5. P.S..

    The distraction of the health care bill and their very recent “Default Democratic Bull Connor Phase II” response worked..

    “Shemp” Sotomayor breezed into the Supreme Court.

    Now the NATION gets to witness the “works” of a “wise Latina woman”..


  6. Larry,
    The Whitehouse says there are people who are saying “fishy” things. I felt so guilty that I realized I needed to turn myself in. You may want to do the same.In fact most of you reading this blog should join me in turning yourselves in. Here is my email (and the email address for your convenience) to the White House:

    August7, 2009
    To: Macon Phillips
    White House Fishy Police,

    I want to report myself to the people at the white house who are looking for fishy people.
    I’m saying many “fishy things” and I am saying them to everyone I talk to. All of it is against Barack Obama’s Health Care lies.

    I also sign petitions against the Obama administration.

    I tell everyone who will listen that President Obama is a pathological liar.

    I’ve told at least 100 people – so far. Im going to be telling more.

    I believe in the constitution and the second amendment. So, I’m not sorry for trying to convince congress people to vote against the president.
    What are you going to do about it?

    Here is my address and contact information – in case you want to give me a call sometime:

  7. I Wish I Wish I Wish
    I Hope I Hope I Hope
    Maybe next year

  8. Larry and Family:

    According to my local newspaper: “ Political wrangling over health-care reform has turned ugly elsewhere but has been relatively muted so far in this region — and might stay that way.

    Neither of the two House Democrats representing Orange, Ulster and Sullivan counties plans to hold the sort of town-hall forums that their colleagues have hosted or have planned for the August recess — some of which have been disrupted by organized opponents of the evolving health-care plans.

    Rep. Maurice Hinchey, D-Hurley, is using other means to gather public input: private discussions with hospital executives, one-on-one discussions with constituents and tracking hundreds of calls, letters and e-mails to his office.

    “It’s possible he’ll schedule something in the weeks and months ahead,” said spokesman Jeff Lieberson. “But thus far he has found it more effective to get the views of his constituents in these more direct encounters.”

    Rep. John Hall, D-Dover Plains, is also steering clear of town-hall-style meetings. He stumped for reform with House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer at a Poughkeepsie hospital on Monday and plans to continue the push this month in various ways, none of which involve the type of gatherings that have proved perilous for fellow Democrats.

    “It’s a concern for me that a constructive dialogue won’t be allowed to take place,” said his spokeswoman, Meaghan Smith. “He wants to hear people’s opinions, but he wants to make sure people are informed.”

    It’s clear that these two cowards are afraid to meet with the people most affected by the so-called healthcare reform bill, especially when they are outnumbered. It’s time for people to start scheduling one-on-one discussions with their (mis) representatives. That could turn out to be far more stressful to them than town-hall meetings. Keep them busy in meetings so they don’t have time to do as much harm and maybe we can wear them down so they’ll decide to get out of politics like Mel Martinez.

  9. We should stay on top of everything that Sotomayor says and does from this day forward. Shout it from the housetops. It makes me white hot when I remember the gigantic hassles and failures conservatives went through to get quality people onto the Supreme Court – Charles Pickering, Robert Bork, etc. Their choice, of course, is always a shoo-in. Larry, you mentioned in your first reply to Dave, that there was much more that you didn’t touch on – go for it, write about the rest. I wish I had more time to read each of your columns in a timely manner. I’m usually a few days late – except on this one.

  10. Larry,
    Glad to see the article today. I was beginning to think maybe I had accidently un-subscribed. I was just going to go directly to your site to see if anything new when I checked my mail and there you were.
    I hear things were a little exciting in St. Louis at the Town Hall mtgs…well we’ll see what happens here in Arizona as there are several scheduled today and next week as well. Of course that’s the Republicans. There are some protests scheduled at the Dem locations. Poor Ann Kirkpatrick got upset and left hers and scheduled a phone in session. No nads in that girl!
    I’m so tired of this constant barrage of bile that comes from the Dems. And then there’s the new site at the WH for “fishy” comments. I’m almost afraid to let them get my isp for fear Jano will set up camps for the domestic terrorists, us! She is such a loser! I’m glad she’s gone from the state house. She sure doesn’t know what she is doing in her new job but then again maybe she does. She’s so hep on the immigration reform and making sure law enforcement have their hands tied. Get rid of the illegals and the uninsured will drop by millions. That will also help the states who pay the welfare etc etc. I’m surprised she didn’t have the law waiting at these meetings to jail the senior citizens who want answers. I certainly have no desire to have some un-educated hack tell me it’s time to move on to the next world. When the Good Lord says it’s my time to go that’s it and not before. I certainly have not cost my insurance or medicare very much money in my entire lifetime and I would like to keep it that way. Don’t take meds but you never know what tomorrow will bring.
    Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi should walk a day in the average citizens shoes. They need a dose of reality. So does Obama but he wouldn’t recognize it if it hit him in the face!

  11. blue state blues

    Great article Larry. You nailed the contrast. You nailed the hypocrisy. You nailed the juvenile behavior and childish rhetoric. They must really think that this country is made up of morons. They cannot fathom that intelligent people would disagree with their fantasmagorical ideals. Having policy or laws that are 90% effective is never good enough for the Left. They are completely without the intellect necessary to understand that “utopia” does not exist. Therefore they are willing to destroy a health care system that if functioning at a very high level of effectiveness in order to implement a policy that may, or may not, improve coverage for a small “legal” fraction of our economy.

    One last thought: Has anyone noticed that, despite the fact that the war in Iraq continues and Obama has escalated the war in Afghanistan, there hasn’t been one single war protest since Obambi took office???? Where is Shehan? Where are all the concerned students? Where is rhetoric from Schumer and Kennedy? Where are the death toll tally’s? Where are the expenditure tally’s? Proof once again that Libs suffer from chronic hypocritical neurosis disorder (CHND) probably induced by continually inhaling cannabis estavia.

  12. Dan,

    I almost incorporated the “fishy” web site into the article..

    Great stuff..

    I almost want to report “extreme un-American activity” on the part of this “administration”..

    Just might for fun..

    Thanks as always,


  13. Ladywolf,

    “Cowards” they are..

    “Constructive dialogue” means that everyone agrees with the liberal potentate while he “deconstructs” everything in his progressive path.

    “Get mad, stay mad, get even”, one of my two NLTZ mottos has never been more imporatnt..

    The other, “never give up, never give in and never again” works as well..

    Thanks as always,


  14. Rick2,

    How about changing your name to “Rick the II”?

    Sounds quite important, doesn’t it?

    Timely or not, I am thankful that you read the articles..

    It truly means the world to me.

    Thanks as always,


  15. AZNANA,

    It is always a good rule of thumb to check back every day. The subscription service occasionally has a glitch or two. I actually “subscribe” my self so that I can keep up with the glitches. It doesn’t happen that often but just to play it safe, I’d recommend dropping in each day..

    Besides, if there isn’t a new article everyday, there are always several comments added each hour or so which keeps things spicy.

    This should be a “wake-up call” for the fascists. This one WILL NOT just quietly fade away..


    Get mad, stay mad, get even!!

    Never give in, never give up and never again!!

    Thanks as always,


  16. If I over hear something fishy about obamas health care plan,
    is there a reward if I turn someone in?
    Please let me know.
    Because if there is a reward,I would like to turn my parents in.

    Fritz Muller

  17. This is a must watch video.
    Would you buy a used car from this man?


  18. blue states,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Obama has been consistent about his view on the war in Iraq. He has been consistent with his views on the war in Afghanistan.

    I feel that was and is wrong about the overall affect of the war in Iraq. His Secretary of State and countless Democrats following the polls were all on board when it was politically expedient..

    Don’t you think that the recent uprising in Iran has to do with what I call the “Contiguous Democracy Factor”?

    I do..

    I support Obama’s call on the military’s efforts in Afghanistan. Regardless of who is the president, when American troops are on the ground I support anything and everything necessary to expedite their victory and I support everything necessary to ease their way back into home life.

    Obama and his friends will now see the difficulty of stupid things like “timetables” and “exit plans”. I however, wouldn’t want these politicians talking about “timetables”, I’d prefer to get that from the Generals on the ground.

    A “timetable” for Afghanistan? When we are done.

    An “exit plan”? When we are done..

    If only he would voice these sentiments as opposed to cowering before the pimply “don’t draft me” liberal cowards..

    Fight to win, Sir. A “tie” goes to no one..

    Sorry for the rant..

    Thanks as always,


  19. Rick,

    Thanks for the laugh..

    I believe in reading the bill, “The Omnibus Socialist Snitch-Bitch Act of 2009”, ( “Read it? How dare you! Just pass it!!) there are no additional financial benefits for “nepotismal snitching”..

    However, you are required to file the appropriate paperwork with the IRS in case this “windfall profit” places you into a higher tax bracket.. P.S. The government gets all of your parents stuff, so hands off..

    What a bunch of knobs..

    Thanks as always,


  20. What a great day for reading on the internet! Larry, you are tops. I too, find nothing but respect and admiration for your wordsmithing.

    I received an E-mail from my oldest brother this morning that show many T-shirts and their very appropo messages. One that caught my eye was with your logo of the left turn arrow crossed off. The message next to the logo was “No Liberals”. I order some of these shirts today. If any of you want to look at them, just go to antiobamastore.com.

    The second thing that got me was the headline from WorldNetDaily stating the National Guard is looking for people interested in being an “Internment/Resettlement” specialist. Sounds like Obama is ready to set up some internment camps for those who don’t bow and/or salute him or his “people” appointed to keep us conservatives in line and poor. Scary stuff!

    I have fax capability at my finger tips and would also like any list of fax numbers for members of congress. Thanks to all of you for letting me be a part of the “family”.

  21. Personally, I’m loving every minute of this!

    Have we forgotten the protests at the RNC in Minneapolis? How about those in Seattle over the WTO? Anyone remember how ELF set fire to businesses and homes to protest urbanization and industry? PETA likes to throw red paint on people who’s outfits they don’t like, or, to “liberate” lab animals from research labs in a fairly destructive manner. How about the mini-riots in Washington state prior to deployment of troops to Iraq?

    Here in Chicago, we had unruly immigration “Rights” protesters all but shut down the city’s center a few years ago. If my dusty memory serves, I believe that happened in more than a few places around the country.

    There have been pies in faces, oreo cookies thrown, pink shirts and red hands disrupting Senate meetings. There were vicious riots after Rodney King, O.J. and sporting events… both wins and losses.

    Next time any of your more “Liberal” friends want to get their “ass all up in the air” over someone exercising their right to openly “protest” over the advancement of socialistic practices into our way of life, simply remind them of a few of these “incidents” and ask them what they believe the socio-political “alignment” of the participants were, and their opinion of the difference between the two.

    Chances are they’ll sputter and stall, just like those “clunker cars” you, I and our childrens children will no doubt be saddled with paying for for years to come in taxes.

    Speaking of which, isn’t it funny that the only programs which work for this Administration are ones that “buy” success with a direct outlay of taxpayer dollars?

    2 words and I’ll leave y’all alone.

    Tort Reform.

    There’s the problem which needs to be addressed. Words that will actually make health care and tangible goods immediately cost much less, and save the taxpayer and consumer much more of their own money every single day.

    2 words you will never hear this Administration mention and a problem which they do not wish to address.

    Wanna’ start a “civilized” protest to which they have no defense?

    Start there.


  22. Richard,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Check some of the last two or three articles in the comments section. Eileen posted a complete list recently..

    Thanks as always,


  23. bean,

    The “list” of leftist “protest” and all of the collateral childishness (under the protection of a crowd..) goes on and on and on..

    The Bolshevik bleating is humorous..

    Everyone keep up the good work.

    Thanks as always,


  24. Hi Larry, great article, Richard I have a Congress at your fingertips directory. It is at congressatyourfingertips.com $18.00 but worth its weight in gold.(bought 3) My fax and phone line has been smoking for three weeks. I recommend everyone get a copy machine with a fax, they are reasonable. I go through the paper and ink. I’m with the Napa Tea Party, was interviewed for the Napa Register. We figure we are on you know whos sh#t list, we are fighting the good fight and having some fun doing it. I heard a good quote last night, it is from John Paul Jones, when asked by the British if he was ready to surrender he said, ” I have not yet begun to fight”. We won that battle and we will win this battle! Called my Rep. yesterday and told them to call off the union thugs, the good old Chicago way. We are also studying Alinsky so we can just tell them to stop using #whatever on us at the protest. What a bunch of control freaks.

  25. Larry:

    Your two NLTZ mottos are never out of my mind. They’ve stayed there since I first read them and they’ll stay there even after the fight is over.

  26. Marty,

    Best of luck with your Tea Party.

    Feel free to advertise any events here so that any “locals” in your area can come by.

    Thanks for your kind words.


  27. Good job Larry. I always enjoy your witty use of words, and I agree with most of your points.

    I am happy to see that “normal” freedom loving Americans are starting to gain the courage to respond to this government takeover of our freedoms and liberty. From my perspective, “healthcare” is more about freedom and individual liberty than it is about “healthcare”. Money aside, we all ought to shudder at the thought of giving the Federal Government “Life & Death” control over our individual lives. Unfortunately, the healthcare bill and amendments do exactly that. “Tow the party line” or suffer. Fund asborttions; deny medical treatment to the aged, and “beg” for your life. How anyone can attempt to sell the idea and expect us to believe that you can add millions of people to a medical system and lower the cost at the same time has to really think we can’t add “2 plus 2” and get “4”. If 86% of the country have “medical insurance” and are “happy” with it, why would we want to spend 1.6 Trillion dollars to insure the other 14% that are mostly “illegal” aliens and kill our parents who have been paying FICA taxes their entire lives and have “earned” protection?

    Realizing that socialized medicine is the issue at hand, with “Cap & Tax” to follow, let us not take our eyes off the fact that our clueless leader is importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims from Somalia and Gaza at tax payer expense. Every five and a half days, another mosque opens in this country paid for by Saudi Arabia (Sunni Muslim), and Obama has “appointed” a Muslim directly beneath Janet Nepolitano in Homeland Security. Talk about the “fox” guarding the hen house… Does any American want to replace the U.S. Constitution with Sharia Law? I sure don’t.
    Also, I am “concerned” that the government has now stockpiled millions of doses of H1N1 (swine-flu vaccine) probably with the intention of “mandatory” vaccination. Somehow, 392 deaths over a period of months from the virus don’t add up to a “pandemic” in my mind?? Unfortunately, I don’t trust either the government or “Science” to not be trying to do something harmful to the general popultion. (genocide anyone?) I Googled “vaccinations” and some of the articles on the subject seem to justify my fears.
    Also, WND’s article about the government running ads to hire “internment specialists” is also very frightening if there is any substance to it.
    When my own government classifies me as a “low-level terrorist” , wants absolute control over everything I think, say, or do and wants to quickly jam their programs down my throat at my expense, you would have to be “brain-dead not to be concerned.
    Obama has the audacity to get on TV and make the statement that we have to be “committed to education”. What a hoot…! Substitute “Propaganda” for the word “Education”. As far as I can tell, “education” didn’t do him much good. He has to be the “dumbest” president ever to grace the office of President. He owes Harvard and the legal profession an apology. The “Czars” he has appointed and his “advisors” are equally “morons” and “socialists” to the core. Someone should tell him that he is president of the United States and not France or Russia.
    I have said enough.
    Keep on.

  28. Maybe we all should confess our sins and email the white house. What I’d like to do is send so many their system couldn’t handle it and their system would crash. Think about it. It could be fun.

  29. Ewings 21,

    Rock on!

    By the way, you have not “said enough”..

    Feel free to say it here anytime that you wish.

    Great job and solid points all.

    Thanks as always,


  30. Eileen,

    I swear that Basko and Daimon were plotting something earlier tonight in the backyard..

    Little Butchie, our Jack Russell, “snitched” to me and confirmed my suspicions.

    Since Little Butchie can’t type that well, I told him that if he gave me a cut of what Obama was going to pay him for being a “snitch bitch”, that I would assist him in this matter.

    He told me that he needed the cash to pay for his mandatory health care coming soon and to take a hike..

    It’s a dog eat dog world when it comes to finking out a friend to the liberal thought police..

    Thanks as always,


  31. Margaret in CT

    Larry, your refection on the past 50 years of liberal ownership of the “grass roots” couldn’t be more appropriate. Too often during my life we have sat back politely and allowed the leftists to erode our freedom. We fought back in 2000, when His Opulence, Al Gore, sought to overturn a Republican victory. Remember when right-wing activists broke down the barriers in Florida where the experts in election fraud were “counting” the ballots and took them to court? The left thought that judicial remedies were their private property. They always squeal like a stuck pig when we use the weapons that they think they own. Their hypocritical squealing is music to my ears.

    Right-wing activist used to be an oxymoron. No more. Never again!

  32. Great article, Larry. The hypocrisy is becoming ever more obvious. They can choose to believe that this is all orchestrated from conservative activist groups, but I’ll tell you from being at the TEA parties, these are everyday Americans who are plain and simply fed up. I’ve never demonstrated in my life prior to these last few months and I suspect many others at these events are just like me. The left will have a huge wake-up call come November 2010; then they’ll realize that astroturf or not, we are indeed serious that we don’t want to buy what they are selling.

    I love the get mad, stay mad, get even slogan!

    If they choose to continue down this path, I’m considering not paying taxes. It’s my money and they are stealing it to pay for things I don’t want. It’s radical, but so is a civil war and it looks like that’s where we might be heading. Think about it, if enough taxpayers did the same thing, the left would have to take the grassroots seriously; they couldn’t ignore us any longer! I’m not excited about fines or jail time, but it might be the only way to make them take us seriously. Am I crazy for thinking like this? What other recourse do we have? They aren’t listening to us at the town hall meetings. They aren’t reading their e-mail (I have so many form letters from my senators and representative that it’s not funny). How do we get their attention without resorting to violence, which I would prefer to avoid?

  33. My Townhall experience was very positive! Our representative, John Shadegg organized a meeting in a few days because he had so many e-mail requests. The room held 200 and over 500 showed up. This was in Scottsdale, AZ and if it would not have been 107 degrees I’m sure most of the attendees would have been wearing their Brooks Brothers suits. I was so impressed, not only had Shadegg read the entire health care bill but many of the people attending had also read all or some of it. They asked very intelligent questions and actually got answers. Shadegg has worked on health care reform for three years. He wants to fix the parts of our current system that are broken and keep the parts that work. What a comcept! But, of course he is a conservative republican.

    How many of you are aware that three years ago the federal government passed a bill that was offered to all states. The states could set up an insurance plan to cover people with pre-exsiting conditions. The funds would come from both the state and federal governments. Only half of the states took advantage of this program. Arizona did not. Janet Napolitano was Governor. Do you think she was holding out for the Obama plan? Or maybe it was a republican plan and she just could not vote for it.

    But, even more thrilling was the Sean Hannity Freedom Concert in Phoenix last night. What a fantastic experience! A packed audience all singing and cheering for Liberty and Freedom. Food for the soul, something I wish everyone could experience. To be among like minded people who care about our military, our wounded warriors and our country. We are out here ready to fight for the country we love.

  34. Larry, We have a Jack Russell who we believe can read our minds. So just in case he decides to rat us out we decided to only invited like minded people for the time being to be on the safe side. Zack knows what we are going to do before we know. Ahh, so smart. Maybe we should send him to Washington to take over Harry Reids position. God knows he is more intelligent than Harry.

  35. Marty, Good idea on the list. John Shadegg said it is very important to contact the congressmen. They do get “the message”. Lets keep it up!

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