The New Angle

Please make note of the newest trick in the liberal arsenal when it comes to eliminating the constitutional rights of those who logically oppose them as relates to their “Happy Talk Townhalls” about the “Obama Euthanasia Health Scare” gibberish..

Usually, when the left stages these kinds of events, they surround themselves with like minded intellectual saplings that are also prompted to “ask the right questions”. Screening the crowd beforehand used to easily accomplish this. Those who smelled like the “catch of the day” were “in”, those who showered within the last month were “out”.. Anyone who knew the address of the local methadone clinic was “in”, anyone reading the Wall Street Journal was “out”..

This was all done for the benefit of the servile servants of the “impartial” media who then parse out the choice “sound bites”/ talking points and prepare them for the next indoctrination broadcast over the airwaves. It was a match made in heaven and all was good with the world.

As of late though, those who disagree, and disagree rather verbosely, have been attending their “dog and phony shows” and this upsets their little pre-packaged “apple cart of liberal lies”. Since this has been occurring of late, the left has tried vainly to continue with their scripted message from the Messiah of Malarkey.

When confronted tactically with common sense, the left either leaves the meeting, shuts down the microphones or they do not allow any “questions”. You know, “questions”, things that might lead to the kind of “debate” that Harry Reid was puling about a few days ago.. Your right of “free speech” is, within the liberal “logic”, therefore eliminated simply because you disagree with their communist cacophony. The liberals will not abide such apostasy..

They thought that this series of typical tactics from days gone by would be sufficient in this case. Everyone would go away and after about a week, everyone would be led by the nose by the “impartial” media with some distraction or diversion and everyone would just go back to fawning over this “historic” president, this “unifier, not a divider” and his unprecedented attempts at socialism.

That might have worked with the “stimulus” bill. That might have worked with the takeovers of GM and Chrysler. That might have worked with the Fannie, Freddie and AIG “bailouts”. It didn’t work this time..

So more “Slapstick Socialism” events were scheduled where lifeless local liberals were left to try to hum the moronic mantra for this administration.. This time everyone came back and they brought a friend or two or three.. This forced the liberals to become “creative” when it came to silencing those who disagree. This is what they have come up with..

They are now painting those who disagree and their attempts to do nothing other than voice their formerly constitutionally protected opinions as “dangerous”. Now the liberal mouthpieces are “in fear”.. Example: Claire McCaskill has cancelled an “event” that was to be held on Tuesday in University City. What could her reason possibly be? “..due to safety concerns..” (“Citing Safety Concerns, U. City Cancels McCaskills Event” STL Today.)

The IMPLIED MESSAGE here is that the seventy year old (soon to be euthanized) citizens who want to express their opinions, are somehow a “danger” to the licentious liberals.. The REAL MESSAGE is that the liberals have contacted their local union friends and they had their truncheons and shillelaghs sharpened and at the ready position for “the cause”..

The liberals want their friends in the “impartial” media to continue to portray the idea that the “danger” at these meeting is emanating from the citizens. The citizens are only a danger because they refuse to “roll over and play DEAD”. The reality is that BEFORE the liberals made the calls to their brigands, the only “problem” was that everyone wasn’t blindly cooperating with the liberals and their “Final Solution” and they had the nerve to stand up for themselves. For this the liberals had no answer, so it was time to delve into their bag of totalitarian tricks and cheap psychology..

How does the liberally biased, impartial media “help” with this scheme? There are two ways that I can think of. First, imagine that the tables were turned on this issue. Imagine that a conservative was in the Oval Office looking to “change” health care. By now, the “impartial” media would have found another Cindy Sheehan.. The media would have discovered another progressive poster child, they would have CREATED another “voiceless victim” that the nation would have had to endure at the top and the bottom of every “news” hour, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, until the “issue” went away..

Second, think back over the last four or five days relative to the media “coverage” of these events and the groundbreaking “change” in the attitudes and the “audacity” (of hope) of the soon to be Obama victims. Now, think back to the videotape that you have seen of these meetings.. NONE of these, NONE, have been recorded with the fancy and expensive cameras and microphones of the media minions. The PUBLIC has had to record them all in the grainy manner of cellular telephones or other small hand held devices.

For all we know, the MEDIA hasn’t even attended any of these events, “events” where liberal Democratic politicians have been speaking.. We all know that in the past, liberal politicians and their every public utterance have been umbilically connected and lovingly “covered” by the “impartial” media. Now it appears that every single one of them was coincidentally and conveniently taking a smoke break once the action started..

The left is attempting to categorize those who disagree as being, for lack of a better term.. Liberals. THIS is exactly how the liberals have treated the conservatives who attempt to speak in public in the past, regardless of the topic. All that mattered was that the right was not in lock step with the fifth column, therefore all bets were off.

Suddenly, acts of violence were magically transformed into FREE SPEECH by the left. The left decided that ACTIONS were SPEECH and it was up to US, during the times when Republicans held the White House, to “understand their rage”.. If you didn’t “understand”, you were branded as “intolerant” or “hateful”.. Everything from pies to broken windows to overturned cars and in some cases, full blown riots were all childishly explained away as “the free speech rights of those who simply disagreed..”

Once the liberals have a “crowd” of like-minded morons around, their testosterone seems to magically appear from under their skirts. Physical assaults upon conservative speakers who express thoughts contrary to the liberal bile have been their modus operandi for decades. Since THEY were doing the assaulting, no harm no foul.. Today, the opposition ISN’T perpetrating the “violence”, those “friendly” to “the cause” are, yet the “progressive projection” seeks to brand the opposition in order to silence the opposition.

Now they will portray the THREAT to be those who SPEAK and they will imply that their THREAT is actually PHYSICAL when the physical confrontations only began when, as Harry Reid said, THE LIBERALS began to “organize” and assemble their socialist soldiers, the ones who have perpetually “ditched their civic manners”..

The irony of being lectured by a representative of the left about “civic manners” is about as humorous as being lectured by Michael Moore about being “a few pounds overweight”..

The liberals do not like the tables turned on them. That is all the more reason to keep on doing it, to notice the changes in their deviant behavior and to respond accordingly…


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    Sorry for the hollering..


  2. Go ahead and holler, Larry!

    The tables are slowly beginning to turn and the “dish best served cold” is most evidently coming our way. Wether we decide to eat it quietly and go on with business, or, throw it in someone’s face is the question to be answered.

    Much better to clearly argue the issues of fact, rather than to “natter” over details which have no foundation, or, to threaten a violent exchange between citizens who simply disagree on the quality of information.

    One need only look carefully to see how this “group” bought into the glitzy craptaculars of Michael Moore (hook, line and sinker) to know that many of these fellow citizens on the “other side of the fence” are often befuddled to no end when factual information is placed before them.

    Argue the facts, YES!

    In a loud, clear and organized voice. Now is not the time to pick up a rock, stick, gun, or in action and words incite anyone to throw fists or burn anything down! To irreparably damage or destroy that, which in fact, contributing citizens (as well as our forefathers) have all already paid for.

    That has often been their way in the past… NOT ours.

    This Administration is not the end of this nation or the world, my friend. This is an excellent opportunity for a “teaching moment” in which we and the children who will inherit this place can all review and renew the ideas and concepts on which this great nation was originally founded.


  3. They are on the ropes, let’s drive them to the canvas!
    I SOOOOOOOOOO much would have loved to have been at that event where Kenny Gladney was beaten up by several (SEVERAL!) SEIU (Socialist Entitlements Idiots Union) members.
    We won’t throw the first punch, but I will throw the last one.
    I can’t wait for the next rally- this Tuesday.
    McCaskill did cancel her 10am meeting, or so she says.
    I dont put anything past these lying bastards.
    I will still be in University City at 9:30am just to make sure she doesnt sneak in busloads of ACORN nuts and SEIU idiots and have an impromtu town hall.
    After all, she is a LIAR.
    Otherwise, I will be in Hillsboro for the 1pm town hall.
    DO NOT back down from these NAZI tactics.
    Kenny’s blood, and all blood shed from that day forward is on OBAMA’S HANDS.
    Obama is the head idiot who ORDERED his troops into the field to “get in our faces”, “hit them twice as hard”.

    Remember how they always wanted to STOP the Republicans from doing anything? (including FIXING health care??)
    THEY demanded to discuss the issues before VOTING ON THEM.
    NOW, now that we want to unravel their Health Scare nonsense, THEY dont want to discuss it.
    THEY want to send their jack-booted ACORN storm-troopers to “hit back twice as hard”.
    This assholes are going down, and goind down HARD.
    This is Obama’s Waterloo.
    This is OUR Alamo.
    “Obamite” is the Democratic party’s “kryptonite”.
    And I will piss on the grave of the Democratic party as it is buried in old history books.

    RISE UP!


  4. bean,

    Isn’t it a shame that the nation had to make such a “mistake” in order to learn from it?

    Didn’t we tell them about all of this BEFORE the election?

    Crystal balls weren’t needed, just a pair of balls when everyone stepped into the voting booth would have been sufficient..

    Thanks as always,


  5. Stitch,

    Very nice: “This is Obama’s Waterloo. This is our Alamo.”

    If these “meetings” get rescheduled, rest assured that they will sufficiently “scrubbed and prepped” by the liberal powers that be.

    Wouldn’t surprise me to see a “last second” kind of thing take place in its place so that the loyal opposition can’t attend. Then the media will boast that “no opposition to the Obama plan attended..”

    The next move is theirs.

    Thanks as always, Kid.


  6. Paul Revere2009

    Beanhead, You are right. Let the Lefties and Union thugs throw the first punch at these rallies. Let them start it, then we can throw the last punches. If we start anything, it will be used against us and our civil liberties. They don’t expect us to fight back. That is what has them baffled on ‘the final solution’. They didn’t expect opposition.

  7. Right on!!! Right on!@!!!!! Nuff said!!! I luv the way you write it up Larry!

  8. Margaret in CT

    The following was spread all over the MSM within the past couple of days:

    ‘Democratic Rep. Brad Miller told multiple media outlets that the caller told a staff member that the congressman could lose his life because he supports President Barack Obama’s health care proposals.’

    Sorry. Don’t believe it. I think the only death this guy is afraid of is the demise of his political career. How easy it is to get the media to parrot anything that is released by congressional PR hacks.

    You are so right, Larry. We can’t stop until we see these cowardly fools slouching out of Washington in 2010.

  9. beyond disgusted

    Two outstandingly excellent articles, Larry. We have the President of the United States dispatching his union thugs out to town hall meetings to bully, intimidate and beat up ordinary American citizens. Nice! Then he tells us to shut up and get out of his way so he can fix this mess. Is it time to change our country’s name to Amerika?

  10. Patient in PA


    My patience is about to pay off.

    This Tuesday, (if he has the balls to show up), the RHINO, (soon to be DINO), then back to…. you get the idea.

    Sen. Arlen Specter is holding a Town Hall Meeting in Lebanon, PA.

    Below is an email I received from a fellow member of the Constitutional Organization Of Liberty, (COOL) advising us as to what we might expect at that meeting.

    Pray God he is right, cause I’m goin loaded for bear.

    I survived Viet-Nam. God help the Pinko, Welfare sucking Bastard that gets in my face.

    I will speak softly and politely, but “touched”, will introduce him, (or her), to the “SAP”, left me by my late uncle Tony, a Sargent for 40 years in the NYPD.

    Just a tap, behind the ear, and it’s lights out.

    Just who do these bastards think they’re f—— with?

    Friends & Allies,

    Tomorrow is traditionally a day set aside for God. I hope you will take a moment to breath a prayer of protection and wisdom for the upcoming Tea Party in Lebanon. I have received numerous warnings concerned about the liberal, left wing presence that will be at Senator Specter’s rally. That does NOT diminish the importance of our Rally but rather it magnifies it! We certainly need to seek God’s direct blessing. With that in mind, here are some interesting things to remember:

    * We do not want to engage other protesters PHYSICALLY or VERBALLY. This is not about convincing some union thug or ACORN employee. Rather, it is our opportunity to express our opinion to Senator Specter and any media that might be present.
    * We need as many video recordings as possible. We will make it very clear that videos are running and everyone will be recorded. That will add to safety measures and prevent intimidation by radicals. Please bring your camera!
    * “Disrupters” have been instructed to wear dark blue shirts AND to prevent people from entering the Town Hall Meeting. We should ALL wear dark blue shirts to confuse the “professional activists”.
    * Although the rally may begin between 8:30 & 9:00 a.m. the doors to the multipurpose room open at 8:00. Many of our gatherers should arrive as early as 7:30 to ensure entrance to the Meeting.
    * The City Permit is still pending but we will proceed as planned.
    * Finally, our numbers may be huge (we are certainly doing our best !!) We should look for full media coverage. Make sure your comments are reasoned, thorough, and delivered in a respectful way. WE ARE NOT A MOB! We are concerned citizens with valid arguments defending our freedoms. Do not waste this opportunity!

    Thank you for passing this info to as many friends as you can. Keep the pressure on, keep the excitement High, and God bless America!!!

  11. Larry, knowing that this ain’t no laughing matter, but if I ever have to be euthanized I’d choose laughing myself to death by reading your biting articles.

    Amazing isn’t it? When a Vice President accidently hits a fellow hunter with shotgun pellets all hell breaks loose in the impartial medias. By constrast, a few years earlier a president shot a chubby White House aide in the face and didn’t receive near the condemnation. During the last eight years we’ve heard nothing from the leftist media but how Bush supposedly lied to the American people. Lies that kept this country safe from the very Muslim extremists Obama is hind kissing. Yet not a word has been whispered of the Usurper in Chief’s obvious shortcomings, his outstanding lies, not to mention those of the majority Demosocialists.

    The full text of “Obamacare” is available online and citizens are reading what this imbecilic congress has in store for them. At least they are taking the time to read it!!

    One other thing that would make a huge difference in the anatomy of this program’s makeup would be to take the “golden parachute” retirement away from our government. Not just the retirement but the medical benefits also, make them lower themselves to the same care that they are trying to curse us with.

    Hell, we could clear out half of Congress just through the euthanasia process!

  12. Bradley Alexander

    Spot-On article, you Sir, are a “word smith”. You stab directly to the point with pinpoint accuracy, wit & truth. Your commenters are as well, impressive, and pasionate. Very nicely done.

  13. Joe,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I have no choice but to try to find the humor in what these liberals are doing.

    They make the job quite easy, don’t they?

    Thanks as always,


  14. Bradley,

    (May I call you Bradley?)

    Welcome to the “family” and thank you for your kind words.

    “As subtle as a flying mallet”..

    Words to live by.

    Thanks as always,


  15. Hey Larry, it’s amazing to see how quickly the worm has turned! With the left characterizing the dissenters as “Nazis” and so forth, it just shows what little merit they have to argue with. When in doubt of your position, insult the people! If these antics don’t show the administrations “true colors” pardon the pun, I don’t know what will. Here’s a commentary from TIA daily with more great analysis as well, echoing your call to action.

  16. Beanhead54, at your 4:58 PM post: this “group” bought into the glitzy craptaculars of Michael Moore (hook, line and sinker)–shouldn’t that be hook, line and STINKER?–i.e., the quality of Moore’s “craptaculars.” (Just wondering…LOL)

  17. tsnamm,

    I wish that they knew about me..

    Good site, thanks for the heads up on them!


  18. Larry, you should review the marching orders issued to the lefties for these Astroturf Town Halls. It alerts the faithful to beware of us “far right-wing ideologues recruited by paid organizers”. It has been posted on: Also, note that most of these scheduled NON-events are put on by the Obamaniacs and are obviously meant to be only cheerleading for socialized medicine
    See: for a bogus event near you.

  19. George,

    Thanks for the heads up on the sites..

    No one is “paying” me, how about you??

    Welcome to the “family”, George.

    Thanks as always,


  20. 'renoman' Fred

    Sarah Palin get’s it. She calls Obama’s health plan evil. She’s of course is thinking of her baby and her parents who might have to go up against this so-called panel. She has over 700,000 followers on her Facebook system and urges them to keep up the pressure concerning this health care fiasco…Good for her!!!

  21. Larry eloquently opined:


    Sorry for the hollering..”

    Please, keep right on “hollering” … and keep turning out these timely, well-written and presented articles as your own busy schedule o permits. Thanks again, in case I forgot to say so lately, for working on the front lines to keep us safe in your “day” job, too – though we may never see your face, know that you and those who stand with you in working tirelessly to keep American citizens safe are GREATLY appreciated! So, thanks again!

    Neither I nor my beloved hubby (includes our neighbors as well as those who work with and for him, along with clients, many whom were temporarily insane enough last November to vote for you know who) have EVER seen and felt the tremendous undercurrent of abject ANGER and disgust growing by the minute at this perpetually condescending communist-minded administration.

    We’ve been stuck here in NE OH for almost a decade now – no offense to native Ohioans, but, hey, we hail from the bayous of south Louisiana and we’re homesick … at least we got transferred here from Boston, so it could be worse, eh? – and, anyway, the undercurrent of growing discontent and real anger at the Democrats in power now is palpable in a way it never has been during our tenure here in NE OH.

    We’re smack dab in the midst of union land here so we’re used to useless grumbling about Dems, but they’ve always generally voted the incumbent Dems right back into office time and again.

    Thank goodness our totally out of touch token RHINO, Senator Voinovich is retiring at the end of his current term and the relatively new, Ivy League [Princeton] educated Dem Senator Sherrod Brown is taking no small measure of major heat and anger for going along lock-step with Harry Reid and company. Congressman Tim Ryan (D) as well.

    The worst of the anger is coming from moderate and not too far left of center Dems, Larry. How’s that for irony? We conservatives don’t bother getting too worked up since we knew when Brown beat DeWine (R) for the Senate seat in the mid-term massacre of ’06 he was going to vote lock-step with Reid and Co. 99.5% of the time. Ditto Ryan with Pelosi

    Brown’s elitist Pulitzer Prize winning columnist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer wifey made the mistake of arrogantly and condescendingly engaging me in the comment section of AT last week. I politely responded and I’m STILL awaiting her comeback (but I’m not holding my breath).

    It looks like John Kasich, the REAL conservative (R) who has thrown his hat into the OH governor’s race is off and running well for now.

    At any rate, Larry, while we don’t know quite what to make of it – those absolutely livid grousers have voted Dem for so long, I’ll believe they’ll vote for conservative candidates when I see it reflected at the polls at the County, State and Federal levels in the coming elections and not before – but both the undercurrent AND outward expressions of anger and frustration with the White House and Dems is like nothing we’ve ever seen since we got transferred here back in 2000.

    We hope it means real change at ALL levels, Larry, especially Congress and the State legislature, but ’til we see it at the voting booth, it’s hard to believe they will follow through at the polls THIS time.

    We’re still not over the overtly corrupt Murtha’s (just 15 miles across the border in western PA) landslide re-election after condescendingly referring to his own constituents as “racist, redneck ignoramouses”. That outrageous fact tempers our expectations now.

    So excuse us, please, if we still can’t bring ourselves to get too excited about the very different and quite novel intensity of growing discontent and raging anger by local Dems. I’ll reserve my excitement for the day AFTER the next two election cycles…


  22. Fred,

    How goes everything in the “biggest little city in the world”?

    Welcome to the “family” here at NLTZ.

    Thanks as always,


  23. Larry…don’t worry…I spread the word to any and all who will listen about your site! Knowledge and information is power, and I try and share as much as I can…sort of like a mad dog lassiez faire, individualist, bee, I spread as much good information back and forth that I find. That is one of the best parts of the “family” here…there are many ears to the ground as you allow us to share. All of it precipitated by your articles and thoughts. I relish being one of the “dirty dozen”, and definitely spread the “No Left Turns” word!

  24. Not Paying,

    Thanks first off for the kind words.

    This is a unique moment in time.

    After only about six months, the stupidity and the liberal GREED will bring about this “change”.

    They had all the way until November 2010, but their feral fascist GREED could not be controlled.

    As I have said so many times before, I certainly hope that the wrinkled opportunist Specter gets a special spot in the Pennsylvania unemployment line..

    This is momentum that must continue. Like a team heading to the World Series, we cannot “peak” too soon.

    The liberals will help with this becuse they are egomaniacal enough to “not let this go.”

    We CAN”T let this go..

    “Waterloo 2010, never give in, never give up and never again.”

    Would it ever do my heart good to see that slogan on bumper stickers and tshirts at another “NObama” rally with 200,000 strong in attendance in 2010..

    Ah… but to dream.

    Thanks as always,


  25. forgot the z…typing fast at work!! lol

  26. tsnamm,

    “The Dirty Dozen”.. Nice..

    Great movie. Great cast. Could ANYONE have done a better job than Lee Marvin in his role?

    Today’s “Dirty Dozen” would be twelve Obama supporters at the bus stop on their way to the VD clinic..

    As an aside, the only other Dirty Dozen that I am familiar with is the “Dirty Dozen Brass Band” from the wonderful city of New Orleans. (Everyone knows how I feel about New Orleans..) A great group of young guys keeping the New Orleans musical tradition alive. Buy their CD’s.

    Thanks as always,


  27. Who do you think is “organizing” people to show up at townhalls?
    And, show up for CONFRONTATION?
    Follow this link and you tell me:

    “Organizing for America”!!! a project for the DNC- is calling their dogs to come disrupt the McCaskill event on Tuesday.
    Lock ‘n load.


  28. You go, Stitch! Thus far, nothing at all with either Brown or Ryan doing any kind of Town Hall/Public meetings … can’t figure out if it’s cause they are pretty junior and, thus, still insignificant in the overall picture to the Dems or what?

    We have politely phoned and I’ve hand-written snail mail to each. Ryan’s main OH aide phoned me when she got my snail mail letter. Wanted to chat a bit – she got a respectful, but FIRM earful Friday morning.

    She remembers us from our first contact early on after Ryan was initially elected (no thanks to either of OUR votes, I can assure the Family).

    I inquired about any area constituency meetings on the agenda, but nothing yet, or so she says. She’s always here at Ryan’s “main” local office, so surely she knows it wouldn’t be terribly wise for her to deceive, but with Dems, always expect the worst … that’s our motto!

    I expect Ryan to vote the way he has from the beginning: however Pelosi and Co. tell him to.

    Thanks for all of the Family’s tireless vigilance. Wish I could do more. Voinovich has never given much of a d*mn and especially not on his last leg now, Brown appears to be your typical Ivy League elitist turd and Ryan is more worried about kow-towing to what is passing for the House’s Dem leadership than he is his constituents … at least for now, anyway it seems!


  29. These are all wonderfully motivated activitists – even “armchair” activists like myself! The article is spot-on, Larry, and carries a real punch! And the comments from “the Family” are no less passionate & hard-hitting! I have referred this site to others like-minded, as so many of us now turn to the Internet for REAL info, news & excellent editorials. TV? That’s a joke – even Fox News is caving and becoming toothless; it probably had to happen, but still saddens me that even that last-hope news source is going all squishy on us! Talk radio still has balls (Rush, Laura,, Tammy and my perverse, twisted narcissist favorite, Michael Savage – definitely not for the squimish!), but it’s the great Conservative & Libertarian bloggers that are becoming the “stars” and de facto leaders of our movement. Opinion writers like Larry pull no punches & tell it like it is – straightforward only begins to describe their m.o. And I believe that Larry et al have emboldened us and given us some much needed spine – to the point that even compromise is disdained and succumbing to the dictates of the Left (Gov’t & the Media) is not even an option. Thanks, guys, for helping us build a movement and giving us all courage and determination that we will NOT let the current crop of gonifs take away our liberty and ruin our country!

  30. Arthur Nankervis

    G’day Larry,

    Again, not much room for comment here, just a nod of affirmation in seeing the more than fiery responses to the points elicited in your beaut article.

    Are we missing something?

    The link provided by Stitch to the Erin McCann letter on the upcoming McCaskill meeting is like so many of the articles / reports emanating from the Liberal camp. They are all written in a style that promotes Obama’s Health Care legislation as if it is the right thing for everyone with great emphasis placed on leading misguided conservatives back into the fold of subjugation.

    Do the liberals know something that conservatives do not? My point is: For (ordinary, on-the-street) liberals to be pushing with so much vigor over such an obviously flawed document, they must either be oblivious to the fact that they themselves, will be affected by it’s enactment, or maybe, they have some prior knowledge that they will be exempted from it, once it becomes law. Surely, liberals must know that what befalls the conservatives, is their lot as well. Or, is it like I suggest?

    Just asking!


  31. Arthur Nankervis


    One for us older codgers who always seem to get singled out by these types of emails and for those who are still knocking it back with a stick:


    Global Facts . . .
    At Any Given Moment:

    79,000,000 people are engaged in sex – right now.

    58,000,000 are kissing.

    37,000,000 are relaxing after having sex.

    1 old timer is reading emails..

    You hang in there, Sunshine . .



  33. Stitch,

    Not only are they looking to organize carefully selected “supporters” of Obamacare, the socialist rat bastards are paying them to be there. Take a look at

  34. Arthur,

    They do know something that is NOT being reported by ANYBODY.
    This is NOT (NOT NOT NOT) about “Health Care”.
    This is about SOCIALISM!
    Nancy “psycho-bitch” Pelosi, let the stink out of the bag last week when she said our insurance companies are “loaded” and they’re stealing it from us.
    She is partly correct.


    OUR (yours and mine) insurance companies are LOADED with TRILLIONS in cash.
    They know 50% of the claims against them come from senior citizens, and the babyboomers are about to become SENIOR citizens.
    The insurance companies KNOW THIS.
    (they are waaay smarter than Tim Geithner)
    They have provided for it.
    They are prepared for it.
    Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid ARE going broke – any day now!!
    Obama simply wants to STEAL our money (this is not taxpayers money, this is OUR money that we paid into these insurance companies)) and “spread the wealth” around to his supporters.
    This is about Obama taking TRILLIONS away from our insurance companies.
    Then Sultan Obama will DICTATE who gets treatment and who does NOT.

    What about those retiring baby-boomers?
    Think Soylent Green.

    Also on the hit list:
    Unborn children who do not measure up to the standards of the Socialists’ Master Race.
    Think: Adolf Hitler.



    If you do nothing else, tell everyone this is ONLY about the MONEY.
    Obama does not give a DAMN about providing health care.
    He simply wants the cash – TRILLIONS of it.

  35. I’ve been looking up famous quotes from our Founding Fathers and I almost think that Thomas Jefferson could predict the future. So many of his quotes can relate to what is happening. Here are a few of my favorite. Anyone wanting to carry a sign to a town hall or tea party should look at these as they protest overspending and the health care issues.

    When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

    The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.

    I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.

    Enlighten the people, generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like spirits at the dawn of day.

    This one is especially important in light of this Administration and Congresses over spending.
    Never spend your money before you have it.

    I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.

  36. Eileen, great quotations. That’s why our local liberty group is called the Thomas Jefferson Club…band together with like minded folks if you can. And stop the socialists calling our land a democracy…it’s a constitutional republic! One of my favorite quotations follows:

    Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote. -Benjamin Franklin

  37. Like Stitch, and others have said: this is not about “health care” – it’s about Socialism. To that I would emphatically add: CONTROL. Control the auto giants (2 of 3, anyway), control all aspects of so-called health care. Control the elections (the ends justify the means). Eventually, remove (control) dissenters and dissent, itself – send them to “camps” to remove them from the mainstream – (after all they’re the haters and disrupters, you know). One big problem he has to overcome: the vast majority of American citizens have weapons, unlike any other society (as far as I know). That’s a tough one to get around. Declarations of martial law and weapons round-ups (for our safety, of course) will not remove weapons from private ownership or access. Attempts to impose that on the public will result in a lot of bloodshed on both sides. Possible precursor to an outright revolution/civil war. Final thought: Ephesians 6:12: “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

  38. George,

    I did give all of the ones I like but I will use the quote about the uselessness of the press.

    I do not take a single newspaper, nor read one a month, and I feel myself infinitely the happier for it.

    Advertisements… contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper.

    I read no newspaper now but Ritchie’s, and in that chiefly the advertisements, for they contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper.

    But this is the quote I’m using on the bumper stick and t-shirt design.

    The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.

  39. PS – you have GOT to go to Drudge Reports and see the closeup of Nancy Pelosi’s face.
    I know, I know, AHHHHHHHHHHHH!
    (try not to look directly into her eyes)

    Reminds me of a humanoid shortly after the Borg implants had been removed.


  40. Margaret in CT

    Just keep those compliments coming, Nancy. I’ve never been so proud to be characterized as a Nazi, a member of a Mob, Unamerican. If I ever discover that I I fit your idea of an American, that’ll be when I check out.

  41. Stitch at 3:55 PM: The big, major insurance companies are no dummies!

    It has been reported by reputable sources that they are buying hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of gold with your premium FRAUDs, i.e., Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Denominations, you paid them in faith that those FRAUDs would be used to pay your health bills for you.

    They are trying to protect their “hinnies” when our economy collapses, so The Great Usurper will not confiscate their wealth–unless, of course, HE pulls an ‘FDR” and makes 1933 look like a child’s tea party. (No pun intended.)

  42. Stitch can you give the link. Went to their site and did see anything.

  43. Arthur Nankervis

    Larry & Co.,

    I would definitely score a zero on the trivia quizzes at :

    … especially the one one on ‘States By The County ( United States) ‘

    Worth a go if just to give you all a break from the everyday.


  44. Larry,

    Great article – not only did you hit it “out of the park” , you put it “over the Arch “, as evidenced by the responses.

    And, I agree wholeheartedly with Not-Paying’s comment regarding your “day” job. Please keep it going, you know you have a great “FAMILY” here.

  45. Tips to my conservative friends:

    a. If you attend TEA Parties, which I do, that’s when you wear your T-shirts if you have ’em and carry your protest signs. You want to be identified and have people know what your message is.
    b. However, if you’re attending a town hall meeting, just dress normally (but not too nicely, as some Dem in Congress may think you’re not “sincere”) and perhaps take some detailed notes with you from which to ask polite but probing questions of your elected representative. Their 111th Congress voting record is one useful item to have with you.

    Why? Because angry constituents at town hall meetings are now scaring liberal Dem representatives so much that they are either cancelling TH meetings in favor of teleconference meetings or they have “watchers” outside TH venues who are “screening” TH participants by letting paid SEIU union shills in the side door as participants while telling real constituents at the front door that the venue is too full for any more people to get in.

    So, for TH meetings, just show up, dress and act “normal” just to ensure you get in, then take your rep to task with factual qustions or comments.

    Also, see my latest about Obama’s new “enemies” list, and my request to be on it, at:

  46. JJ,

    Thank you for the kind words.

    I really wish that there were more hours in a day..

    Twenty-four just ain’t cutting it..


  47. Stitch

    this is what I got when I tried to look at the photograph.

    This photo cannot be viewed because it has either been deleted or marked as private by the user.

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