Statists Quo

In a deliciously ironic twist, so many of the indentured servants (liberals) have been suffering the slings and arrows of justifiable outrage as they try to perform the “Democratic Dance of Deception” over the Obama health scare bill. So many so that Obama himself decided to enlarge his carbon footprint to almost the size of his ego and fly off to New Hampshire on the taxpayers dime. The Progressive Paladin donned his armor of invincibility and went right into the teeth.. of a friendly crowd. Had Obama the Brave been told to advance against the enemy at Omaha Beach during Operation Overlord, he would have gone to Hawaii..

In an article entitled, “Obama says health care critics use ‘scare tactics’” (Yahoo News) we are told that the intrepid Obama “braced for a fight he never got..” I would say that the Obama clan demanded that this “group” be scrubbed better than any operating room, or at least scrubbed better than any liberal ever is.. If he was as fearless as he claims to be, why didn’t he go to one of the areas where his servants were summarily dismissed as the charlatans that they are? No, Obama flies off to New Hampshire..

We read that Obama “went on the offensive”. Actually, it should have read, “the ‘Obama Soylent Greening of America Act of 2009’ couldn’t possibly be more offensive..”

For altogether too long, the default setting from this Democratic dolt is that when someone has the audacity (of hope) to disagree with him, they are trying to “scare” people.. He told the lemmings in New Hampshire that they should “not listen to those who seek to scare and mislead the American people..” If there had been any IQ’s above room temperature in the auditorium, EVERYONE should have immediately stopped listening to Obama as he requested..

The “scare tactic” is the formaldehyde that flows through the bloated corpse of liberalism. As the progressive poltroon continues the “projection offensive” that surrounds health scare, it is no different than the one he used while he was on the “shampaign trail 2008”. Every other hour, he was “warning” everyone about how the opposition wanted to “scare you” about him, all the while subtly and not so subtly inferring that his “color” was the “scary” thing about him. His color is scary, however I’m not sure if his being “green” is “scarier” than his being “Red”..

The article even made mention of the fact that this was a “friendly” crowd. They were ready for an “unruly reception” (the union unibrows must have cleaned up after the Secret Service..) but “there was no sign of that.” Why? “Perhaps because of the makeup of the day’s crowd..” No Brooks Brothers suits, I suppose. This “crowd” was as impartial as a Presidential Debate moderator.. Do you think that the liberals had ANYTHING to do with the “makeup” of this crowd? Nahhhhhhh..

“The encounter was so friendly, in fact, that by the end Obama was even asking for skeptical questioners to come forward-to no avail..” Is it possible that the reason for such a scarcity of opposing viewpoints is that those who oppose the health scare weren’t allowed to attend? Could we see the “guest list” from this event? An event that was as staged as the Oscar Awards ceremonies or was as contrived as every Democratic convention?

The front line fascists are replacing their “public forums with teleconferences”. Not because they care about the “environment” when they constantly travel, but because during a teleconference, they can’t hear, see or “debate” those whom they have so cavalierly dismissed..

Dr. Mengele continued on, “For all the chatter and the yelling and the shouting and the noise..” News flash: now the tried and true liberal style of “confrontation” is “un-American” according to the wrinkled old Geeker of the House.. Don’t argue with them, they know what is best for you.. Now take your little blue pill and leave all of your estate planning to the DNC..

“We will make sure that no government bureaucrat gets between you and the care that you need..” Isn’t that EXACTLY what Obama is doing?? If you want to talk about “scary”, try the idea on for size that the Party of euthanasia, “assisted” suicide and abortion wants to determine “the care that you need..”

The bald faced lies just kept mounting. Obama claimed that this “overhaul” (Obamaspeak for “takeover”) is essential to those who are happy with their health care. “It is the way to keep control in their hands..” I see.. You keep “control in your hands” by having your health care forcibly taken from your hands by the Bolshevik bureaucrats in the Obama caliphate..

Obama said that everyone should “spread the facts, let’s get this done..” Here we again are witness to the status quo with the Obama “Don’t read it, pass it” palaver. With him, it’s not the status quo, it is the “statists quo”..

Never one to let the opportunity to tell another of his lies again for dramatic affect, Obama “reiterated his determination” that the plan be paid for without adding to the nation’s (the Obama) debt. There is your tax increase, middle class America. You have been warned by the star of “The Invasion of the Income Snatchers”, coming soon to a theater near YOU..

The article said that “Obama sought to dispel talk that his ultimate goal is a single-payer federal health care system”.. If that is the case, then he is seeking to “dispel” HIS OWN talk from 2003. At the AFL-CIO (Shocker) Civil, Human and Women’s Right Conference, Obama said, “A single-payer health care plan, that is what I would like to see..”

Obama whined about a “provision” he said “caused the uproar”. Medicare is to pay doctors for “counseling patients about end-of-life care, living wills, hospice care and other issues..” Obama puts it thusly, it would not “basically pull the plug on grandma because we decided that it’s too expensive to let her live anymore..” This is EXACTLY what this “plan” would do. Every five years, this little “pep talk” would be mandatory.. Don’t sneeze around a liberal.. These are going to be doctors under the OBAMA TAKEOVER, Obama is going to be their employer. “Death” will be terribly in vogue..

“Private insurers should be able to compete with the government plan..” The liberals will NEVER allow anyone to “compete” with a liberal government “plan”. This is all about total control and the transformation of health care to the Obama single-payer system by default.

Obama’s last example might have displayed either his stupidity or his genius.. “UPS and FedEx are doing just fine.. It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems..” The government runs the Post Office.. Now they want to “run” health care.. “Run” for your lives..


18 responses to “Statists Quo

  1. Without out a doubt, the crowd at this “town hall meeting” was hand picked by the the thugs that are destroyng this Great Nation. As I watched it, I was wondering how the people there were able to give him all the applause without falling over, unless it was “canned” applause. This is how I saw it…a bunch of liberals standing there, attempting to give applause at his every word!
    Impossible….you wonder why?? I see this group, bending over, with their head up their ass.
    Now in this position…Would they not need their hands for balance, and wouldn’t their arms and hands probably be wrapped around theit legs. SEE…No Way to appause

  2. I attended “Scare” McCaskill’s town hall today.
    What an idiot.
    First, we do NOT interrupt.
    When a comedian says something funny, we laugh.
    When a politician says something stupid, we chuckle and ridicule.
    When a politician LIES, we get angry.

    “keep your own health care” ??
    If 90% of us (who are happy with our health care) get to keep it, then how the hell can you fix something that is “completely broke” by only “fixing” 10% of it?
    And, why the hell does it cost $1 TRILLION?
    And, why another $1 TRILLION in debt?
    And if you ARE going to spend all this money, on top of the 90% that isn’t changing, then how the hell are you going to REDUCE costs??

    If 90% of us are happy with our HC and want to keep it, but our employer (who actually pays half or all of it) decides its cheaper to pay duh gubment $200/month/employee versus paying the insurance company $300/month/employee, then yes- we get to keep our current insurance for… month.

    I try not to go to the doctor to keep my premiums down.
    If duh gubment system is all FREE and I can go anytime I want for anything I want as many times as I want, all day, every day, for the rest of my life,……then how the HELL is this going to reduce costs?
    BUT, if they do NOT allow me to go whenever I want, then they are going to have to DENY medical treatments!!!!!!!!!!
    They are going to have to say NO. Otherwise, you CAN go as much as you want.

    Insurance companies push back claims for questionable procedures or drugs.
    That is, procedures that the rest of the medical community do not agree with. Procedures that are not the “norm” for this situation.
    Drugs that are not really for that purpose, but some doctor says you might want to TRY it.
    Or some drug that is NOT FDA approved.
    Or some medical procedure not allowed in this country, so you have to go to Venezuela or something.
    This helps keep our insurance premiums down.
    Is duh gubment system going to be OK with all this?
    Are they going to allow ANY drug that ANY doctor prescribes, even though it is not the “norm” across the medical profession?
    If they do, then anyone can get any drug (FDA approved or not) or have any procedure/operation (whether approved in this country or not) any time they can get a doctor (any doctor) to recommend it??
    If they do, then how the HELL are they going to reduce costs?
    If they do not, then they must admit to DENYING PEOPLE TREATMENT!!!!!

    I love tearing stupid crap apart.

    BTW- if any of you saw the beatdown of Kenny Gladney in St Louis last weekend on FOX (no other networks would show it), I have to tell you about all the MEN at today’s town hall with Scare McCaskill.
    EVERY SINGLE MAN had a look on his face like, “this isn’t going to happen again, not here, not today, not ever”.
    EVERYONE appeared ready to stand up to, and beat down, any SEIU “purple pud” that started trouble.

    S ocialists
    E mployees
    I diots
    U nion


  3. I’m so glad I don’t have TV in my house. My blood pressure would go through the top of my head. What I read and see on the internet keeps it high enough.

    The liberals always try to “send in the clowns” that support them; so we never see any honest debates. We need to change tactics. Unless we carry a sign that gives us away they won’t be able to tell who the enemy is until we open our mouths; by that time it will be too late. Keep people outside with signs to act as decoys and send the Trojan horses inside.

    Never give up, never give in, never again.

    Get mad, stay mad, get even.

  4. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    A simple solution for health care reform would be to require the Congress to be under whatever plan they come up with for us.

  5. simpler solution would be to require Congress BUY their own damn insurance.

    Senators start at $174,000 a year.
    That does NOT include all the “back door” revenue streams (Barney Frank has more than just “revenue” streams flowing into his “back door”).
    I think they can, and should, buy their own insurance.
    Then they MIGHT understand the issues we face.

    Full Metal Conservatives

  6. Awesome article as always Larry! I especially liked the line “Obama himself decided to enlarge his carbon footprint to almost the size of his ego” – it cracked me up. Keep up the good work.

  7. Joe ‘Absolut genius’ Biden was not available, therefore the ‘liar in chief’ had to fill in for Biden and say something ‘stupid’ – in fact many stupid things.
    I wonder if any of the lemmings caught the Post Office gaffe – probably not !
    If UPS is in such good shape, why have they applied for bail out money?
    How many older members of the Supreme Court, the Senate , and Congress are ready for their ‘end of life conference’, and at their advancing age will they be removed from their positions? We all know the answer.
    If the Admin., Congress, and the Senate believe that they are so intelligent,and have all of the answers, then why are they not members of Mensa ??


  9. I was wondering why people believe Obama, then I remembered, “When people reject the truth they will accept any lie” ie Liar.

  10. Margaret in CT

    It’s unbelievable, isn’t it? Or perhaps it’s only too believable. John Dingell (L MI) envied Brad Miller (L NC) and David Scott (L GA) their telephoned death threat and swastika scrawled on a sign so much that he paid one of his economic minions to parade through his “town meeting” with a sign equating Obama with Hitler. The man was later seen handing out Dingell’s literature outside the event. These liberal goons are so desirous of having their own swastikas that I wouldn’t be surprised if they are rummaging around in their garages for a can of old spray paint so that they can deface their own property and then call the compliant press to “report” it. Such hijinks are common among Reds who are having difficulty breaking the back of freedom. If Obama could just shut you down, Larry, and others like you who have absconded with the grass roots activism that used to belong to the left exclusively, he wouldn’t have to stir his lazy behind to go to New Hampshire for a stage show. Life is tough for a fascist who finds himself among freedom fighters.

    Groping around for something earthshaking to say in the absence of his teleprompter, he added a few feet to the depth of the grave he is digging for himself with those working in healthcare throughout the country by accusing doctors of indiscriminately lopping off preservable limbs of unsuspecting patients just to make more money. You asked for him, you got him, American Medical Association. Why didn’t he bring that up when he spoke to the AMA in June? At the hospital where I volunteer, a group of highly skilled surgical specialists, rather than harvesting usable organs, saved the life of a gang member who was stabbed in the back for looking at another gang member the wrong way last week. I doubt that an insurance card was among his possessions. A man who had received as much treatment for cancer as was available in his home in southeast Asia flew to the U.S. and came to our hospital for treatment. He was not refused. An undocumented man who survived a truck accident in which others died was extended the best of care and was sent to a rehabilitation center that specializes in helping people learn to live with paraplegia.

    This sophomoric socialist has no idea what goes on in the medical centers in this country. All is not perfect. There are too many medical horror stories, but people of good will are being slandered without any reply in the editorial press. I heard a VP in the administration of the hospital vent a good bit of anger on the subject of Obamacare. She voted for him, but now says, literally, “Never again!”

  11. I think of Obama’s plan and I think of this image:

  12. You want to cure Congress of their problems. Give them no more than two terms, period. Number two, they are paid nothing, but are issued a stipend, monitored by an outside non-partison company. Number three all their voting is monitored, to be subject to public review every six months. Should they deviant from the will of their constituents they are removed from office, and barred from running again. Number four, while in Washington, serving us, they are not to recieve any monetary gifts, graft or any outside reimbursement, neither are they allowed to travel save for family emergencies. If they are discovered to have recieved these considerations, they are removed from office and charged with criminal fraud.

    The White House should recieve similar treatment, with one extra proviso: Upon election they must sever any and all political affiliations. The President, as with all other elected officials are there to serve US.

    If these seem harsh, I say too bad, they have brought this upon themselves, and we need to see to it that Washington be a place that nobody wants to stay in.

  13. Michele from NY

    “If there had been any IQ’s above room temperature in the auditorium, EVERYONE should have immediately stopped listening to Obama as he requested”

    Wonderful article Larry…everyone should be reading this, especially your last paragraph. I’m still incredulous that anybody wouldn’t see this “scrubbed group” for what it was, the usual liberal farce surrounding the King of the Universe. Even illiterate bottom feeders can figure out that the vapid, drooling “people” applauding behind this oaf are his liberal minions.

  14. Larry, there were so many good ones in this article, but my favorite has to be…This “crowd” was as impartial as a Presidential Debate moderator! lol outstanding and scathingly TRUE! As far as all the applause, it reminds me of when Kim Jung Il or say Leonid Brezhnev was giving a speech and everyone was scared to death to be the first one to stop clapping lest they be killed. The best thing about this entire fiasco is that the elderly are finally waking up as to what their lot will be in a government only health care system. Such as the “quality adjusted life year”, which is a fancy bureaucratic term for when the government will stop paying for the health care of old folks. And as every government program has grown bigger and deviated away from its original intent; with the new sets of bureaucrats running things in the future ,how long till we all have to get grandma put to sleep,since the government has determined that its not worth the money to keep her living. And the best part is that we’re all Nazi’s and racists! When will the silent majoroty finally say NO!?..Now’s the time.

  15. Michele and tsnamm,

    Brace yourselves:

    “Tough Moments” is about to hit the NLTZ headline..

    Hope that everyone likes it.

    Thanks as always,


  16. I read elsewhere on the internet about the horror stories people had regarding the Post Office. I worked for the USPS and can agree with all they are saying. When I was a window clerk, we only had one clerk available unless the wait in line was more than five minutes, then they could call another clerk to help. The seniority system is Union inspired and really lets the worst workers have the cream jobs for which they are not qualified and don’t care, just as long as they have the cream. Forget the customer, it’s all about me. I worked in one very large distribution warehouse where the workers would pick up a piece of mail and head off anywhere they wanted, looking busy but not getting anything done. I used to call them the “free range drones”. One of the worst offenders was the floor steward of our night shift. On several nights the supervisor would come to me and ask me to replace so and so just to get the mail done in time. And the Union money was mind boggling! I worked in a very small town by eastern standards, and the local union had over $400,000.00 just sitting in a couple of banks yet milking every due penny they could!

    Stitch, I’m with you all the way. And I still say gubment workers should be paid by the hour rather than a yearly salary on which they instigated an automatic annual pay raise that never needs to be voted on. If we can just get some new blood into congress, we might be able to believe in miracles again.

  17. Any family members going to Washington for the 9/12 March?
    Larry you should come and get on the list of speakers.
    Please check it out and attend…our country needs us all to stand and fight.

  18. You guys need to read this article that was emailed to me. Unbelievable.

    I have never heard about this story or the people involved in the piece. I’m not at all shocked by the events that took place from the Bush Administration. I wasn’t involved with politics in 2003, it would take 3 years to make me into a conservative activist.

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