Tough Moments

I firmly believe that every liberal alive, and that includes the “politically expedient” “new and improved” ones like Specter, had to grow up in a home where they supplemented their diets by eating the colored Fritos that they peeled off of the windowsills and door ways.. I am trying desperately to find a logical explanation for their consistent crackpotterie.

Speaking of the quintessential Quisling Specter, he seems to be losing his cool over the “disruptions” spontaneously erupting at the “Obama dis-infomercials” that have been taking place around the nation. Not just a few days ago, the Botox Bolshevik called the protesters of the Obama health scare “un-American”. Today, Specter said that those who are “disrupting” these socialist soirees are “not necessarily representative of America..” (Specter: Protests not ‘representative of America’” Yahoo News) Pelosi’s description worked so well that Arlen just changed it around a little bit in order to appease the unwashed asses of the left. No one else was amused by his plagiarism..

The protesters are “not representative of America”.. Lets think about Arlen’s statement.. They are not representative of TODAY’S liberal Amerika. Today’s liberal Amerika believes that we should all form a nice fifth column along side the fellow travelers of the left and like all good lemmings, follow the socialists in lock step.. YESTERDAY’S liberal Amerika “protested” everything, interrupted speakers, destroyed property, physically assaulted those who disagreed.. Their “protests” were always pockmarked with the garden variety violence and vandalism that was based upon not only the number of liberals present but the unwavering sanctimony of occupying the moral high ground.. They were “right” and they knew it so they could do as they wished..

Arlen, is it possible that YOU “aren’t representative of America”? Is it possible that YOU aren’t REPRESENTING America? Think about it..

The hilarious homunculus, or the “Pennsylvania progressive” (With Specter, that could “change” at any given moment depending upon the direction of the political winds and the polls..) said, “It’s more than health care. I think there is a mood in America of anger with so many people unemployed, with so much bickering in Washington… with the fear of losing their health care. It boils over..”

After that paragraph, I am ever so thankful that Specter decided switch to the Hammer and Sickle Party.. Lets try to break that down..

“Its more than health care..” Arlen, if that statement were actually true, are you willing to acknowledge what is encapsulated within this “more than” part? Have you considered that it could be “Government Motors” or possibly silly stimulus packages or bogus bailouts that are “more than”? Have you considered for a moment that it is EVERYTHING that has been rammed into the new governmental mold of socialism unimpeded or unchallenged? Please consider that it is the OBAMA deficit. It is the OBAMA unemployment and coming soon, the OBAMA inflation. Why does it have to be “more than”, Arlen? Because that opens the door for the “we inherited this mess” malarkey. Nice try but this IS about health care alone..

“..anger with so many people unemployed..” Wasn’t the stimulus supposed to eradicate this pesky unemployment problem? Where are all of these “shovel ready jobs” that were promised by the Brown Bolshevik when he rammed the “stimulus” down America’s throat? The only “shovel ready jobs” are the ones necessary to remove the Marxist manure that has been spread conspicuously thick by the liberal elitists.. Their smell is catching up to them..

“ much bickering in Washington..” Lie. Liar. “Bickering” would lead you to believe that there was some kind of “debate” going on, or that there has ever been a debate over any of the “hurry up and sign it” Obamanomics nonsense up until this point. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The left has intentionally excluded the right from any and all “debate”.. Debate is as foreign to them as cologne..

“..fear of losing their health care..” Arlen may have gotten one right for the wrong reasons. The people LOSING their health care TODAY are the ones that have been “let go” since Obama took office and there are millions of those added to that impressive list with each passing month. The people are also worried about losing their health care TOMORROW when this health scare plan/Final Solution becomes law..

Specter wasn’t alone out there, fighting for the cause of fascism. Claire McCaskill was out there as well. “Éclair” was in Hillsboro Missouri and she got the same “warm” reception that Specter received.. This upset the vanquished virago, “I don’t understand the rudeness. I honestly don’t get it..” Let me help you Senator..

Try actually LISTENING to your constituents. THEN act upon what it is that THEY want, not what some communist community activist from Chicago wants. Are the people, your constituents and their needs and desires, more important to you than your Party and its so-called “leader”? Were that to be the case, you would be welcomed as a political hero and in no time buildings and bridges would be named in your honor.. Since you apparently have no honor, you will have to put up with this “rudeness”..

Where has this liberal amnesia over the people raising their voices to express their discontent come from? Where are all of those people who cheered the Pantsuit Patrick Henry when she was braying in front of the Jefferson Jackson Bailey Dinner in Connecticut? Just for fun and in order to help the liberals over their convenient amnesia, here it is again straight from the horses mouth.. ” I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration somehow you’re not patriotic.. We should stand up and say we are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration..” Does that help?

Not to be outdone, Obama’s administration decided to revamp the old “Stop the Smears” web site (during the “shampaign, I wanted McCain to counter this with “Stop the Ears..” No one ever listens to me..) and to make it over as a vehicle to “dispel what it says are smears” over the Obama unhealth care pogrom. It is probably being “created” with stimulus money and it will undoubtedly be as successful as the “SnitchBitch” site they set up last week..

Specter even said that he was “impressed with the fact that people have been very well prepared..” Yoo hoo, Arlen.. That comes from READING the bill. You and your new liberal friend ought to give it a try sometime.. Maybe then you might start voting “present” like Obama used to between naps..

Even though Specter was generous enough on the CBS “Early Show” to allow that “people have a right to be organized, a right to speak”, he then added that they DON’T “have a right to disrupt public meetings”.. To “disagree” with a liberal is to “disrupt”. To refuse to be silenced by the fascists of the left is to “disrupt”. Good.. Remember that the next time any liberal attempts to “disrupt” a meeting of yours..

McCaskill was assigned to shill for Obama on the “Today Show”. It is obvious by her statements that she is conflicted about whether she should still be waving the health care flag or working for her constituents. She said, “it’s that they don’t trust government right now..” OK, she is on to something.. “Many people have a lot of pent-up frustrations about what has happened over the last six months because it’s come fast and furious..” Nice, very nice.. Proceed.. “It wasn’t the majority of the audience, it was a huge chunk of them..” Uh-ohhh, liberal logic chopping, that is a bad sign.. We may be going downhill..

“There were a couple of tough moments..” There will be a couple more “tough moments” if the left doesn’t get the picture. One of those moments will be known as the “Mid Term Election in 2010”.. Get used to it, liberals..


35 responses to “Tough Moments

  1. Family,

    Tell the world.

    Get mad, stay mad, get even.

    Never give in, never give up, never again.

    Thanks as always,


  2. “…the Botox Bolshevik…”

    You’ve done it again, Larry. Well put, as usual, thank you. – Deb

  3. Beautifully done, Larry! Spectator and Catskill were right on target to be quoted when they had their hoof in mouth moment.

    I just read an excellent blog on TownHall Blog posted by RME KRNL titled Dear Mr. President. He hit the nail on the head and had me laughing out loud. It is at for their blog of Just Askin’ – Just Sayin’. Hope you can find it.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Glenn Beck on Monday and agree with him that something could happen instantly to change our republic. Be we, all of us Americans, both Rep, Dem, Ind et al, need to remember to be polite and not go off the deep end into violence. We are struggling to take back our freedoms which have been so cavelierly trampled upon and to re-start education of the rich history of our country. We are going to see some very rough times, but we will prevail. That is our hope.


  4. “Try actually LISTENING to your constituents. THEN act upon what it is that THEY want…”
    Boy, Larry that would be a refreshing CHANGE.

    “..anger with so many people unemployed..”

    Well gee, Mr. Jobs-R- Us certainly isn’t doing his job of creating jobs. According to WND:

    “Unemployment in March was 20 percent higher in so-called “blue states” won by Democratic candidate Barack Obama in last fall’s presidential election than in “red states” won by Republican candidate John McCain, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. ”

    WND also added:

    “If unemployment numbers in the blue states do not begin improving soon, the Democratic Party may start expressing concerns about 2010 mid-term election losses in both governor races and in Congress, many political observers say. ”

    I’m mad, I’m staying mad, and I will get even.

    Everyone I’ve talked to in the past few days is, as an Irish friend of mine used to say, “madder than a sack of weasels”. I gave them all the NLTZ website.

    Never give in, never give up, never again.

  5. Here are the lastest statistics on unemployment.
    I had one that showed the red and blue state but it wouldn’t copy. In that one the bureau statistics showed, that no red state had over 12 percent unemployment, while the two states with highest unemployment – Oregon with 12.1 percent and Michigan with 12.6 percent – both voted for Obama.

    Unemployment Rates for States
    Monthly Rankings
    Seasonally Adjusted
    June 2009p

    Rank State Rate
    1 NORTH DAKOTA 4.2
    2 NEBRASKA 5.0
    3 SOUTH DAKOTA 5.1
    4 UTAH 5.7
    5 WYOMING 5.9
    6 IOWA 6.2
    7 OKLAHOMA 6.3
    8 MONTANA 6.4
    9 LOUISIANA 6.8
    9 NEW MEXICO 6.8
    12 KANSAS 7.0
    13 VERMONT 7.1
    14 ARKANSAS 7.2
    14 VIRGINIA 7.2
    16 MARYLAND 7.3
    17 HAWAII 7.4
    18 TEXAS 7.5
    19 COLORADO 7.6
    20 CONNECTICUT 8.0
    22 ALASKA 8.4
    22 DELAWARE 8.4
    22 IDAHO 8.4
    22 MINNESOTA 8.4
    26 MAINE 8.5
    28 ARIZONA 8.7
    28 NEW YORK 8.7
    30 MISSISSIPPI 9.0
    30 WISCONSIN 9.0
    32 NEW JERSEY 9.2
    32 WEST VIRGINIA 9.2
    34 MISSOURI 9.3
    34 WASHINGTON 9.3
    36 ALABAMA 10.1
    36 GEORGIA 10.1
    38 ILLINOIS 10.3
    39 FLORIDA 10.6
    40 INDIANA 10.7
    41 TENNESSEE 10.8
    42 KENTUCKY 10.9
    44 NORTH CAROLINA 11.0
    45 OHIO 11.1
    46 CALIFORNIA 11.6
    47 NEVADA 12.0
    48 SOUTH CAROLINA 12.1
    49 OREGON 12.2
    50 RHODE ISLAND 12.4
    51 MICHIGAN 15.2

    p = preliminary.
    NOTE: Rates shown are a percentage of the labor force. Data refer to place of residence. Estimates for the current month are subject to revision the following month.

    Last Modified Date: July 17, 2009

  6. larry
    good as usual …. crackpotterie … sounds like you hit it in the head … crack + pot = crackpotterie
    I looked at the map of your states’ tax freedom days at the Baron’s site and shook my head in semi wonder …. quelles differences!
    It’s at

  7. this is great.
    Go to my new website and check out my definition of Obama’s Town Hall.

    Eileen, Drudge took down that pic of Pelosi (Borg), but its on my NEW site (see link above).


  8. Everyone should do this, and pass it on to everyone you know.

    Go to Yahoo or Gmail and MAKE UP AN ACCOUNT to be used solely for these purposes.
    Then go to Craigs List (using that ACTIVIST account to place an add that looks JUST LIKE the ones the SEIU and ACORN are placing looking for idiots to come to townhalls and be disruptive.
    If we can flood Craigs List with bogus postings, and confuse the hell out of these people, we can put a dent in it.
    We can also have them chasing their tails going to wrong meeting places, at wrong times, on wrong days, etc, etc.

    Full Metal Conservatives

  9. This one was one of your really good ones, Larry. Yes, I know, posters praising your work has become commonplace, but it’s true. You seem to get on a roll and it just pours out. You must type really furiously some times – before the thought gets away…I agree that down deep in their innards, liberals have more than a couple screws loose. To spend one’s waking hours intentionally attempting to spread deception of all kinds – it’s really incredible. I just find it so difficult to understand that they actually believe in this stuff! They have a major distaste for the concept of personal freedom and personal accountability. It just amazes me. They absolutely do not understand what the originating principles of this country are all about. It goes right over their collective heads, either accidentally or deliberately. Worse, they consider us to be nothing more than dumb oxen that are anxiously awaiting to be put into their yoke and led around like the cattle they see us as being. Talk about condescending…

  10. Larry and Stitch:

    Keep on giving them hell.

    I’m mad, I’m staying mad, and I’m getting even.

    Never give in, never give up, never again.


    Ok ok ok, go to my blog site and look at the picture I have of an “organized” Obama “Townhall”.

  12. Terrific Smoking Words Larry , Thanks – I’d like to take all these pathetic so called guv-ment con- grease (wo)men and senile-tors to behind the woodshed. Never again is not long enough.

  13. grow up in a home where they supplemented their diets by eating the colored Fritos that they peeled off of the windowsills and door ways…lol awesome! It still gets me that the left doesn’t get it. They can stage riots,shout down speakers and commit vandalism and they are just expressing their opinion. Disagree with their world view and your a racist,Nazi or worse. Sadly it seems even Orielly is making excuses for the administration. As if there is some point of compromise available. Compromise can only occur when two sides each give up something of value. But what kind of compromise can there be between a thief and a homeowner? The homeowner only gives up 1/2 of his valuables; and the thief? Same thing with the Government, you compromise when you give up 1/2 of your rights,but the government compromises nothing. I’m afraid there is no 2 sides to this at all.

  14. unrelated topic…here’s an interesting op-ed piece from the NY Post today concerning “green” cars and their true impact…the kinds of vehicles the administration wants to force down everyone’s throats.

  15. Rick the II,

    You have been promoted from Rick2..

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I am not sure if all of them “believe” in what they say and do.

    They are programmed with the progressive reflex, some of them know what they are supposed to believe and they act out accordingly.

    Avoid them like the plague that they are..


  16. Kurt,

    Good point, never again is not long enough..

    Very nice..

    Thanks as always,


  17. tsnamm,

    OReilly is a phony. Always has been. Acxtually, I wish he was a “has been”.

    He likes to pose that he is “above the fray” somehow..”

    Whatever. There is nothing more vanilla than coming down firmly on the side of neutrality..

    This IS an “us or them” type of rational. You are either with us or you are against us.

    OReilly just wants to sell books..

    Thanks as always,


  18. Larry,

    Pehaps the lead in the paint from the window sills and doorways encrusted in the Fritos as the sprouting liberals scratched at the remains like a simiam preeining it’s mate had a role in their malfunctiong brains?


    Nebraska has turned slowly to a purple state. The jobless rate lies mainly in Omaha, it’s largest city and the city itself is running in the red to. It’s laying off office personell, closing pools, closing libraries (dumbing down the people), grounding all police helicopters and foregoing their recruitment for new officers this year, cutting back on city services and in general being a place where you wouldn’t want to live unless your ignorant and below the law. But then again I already had that solved as I never did want to live in that overtaxed hellhole.

  19. blue state blues

    Loved the “colored Frito’s” reference! I maintain that a prerequisite for Liberalism is a healthy addiction to pot. Almost every out-there Lib I know is, and has been, a pot smoker.

    Interestingly, my cousin forwarded a video called “Ordering Pizza in 2012”. I couldn’t open the link but because he sends such great stuff I decided to do an Internet search. I found about 20 hits under the title. I began clicking through from the top. Every single link was disabled. Finally, after about 10 tries I found one that was still active. Since I am a Information Technology savvy guy that has spent the last 15 years in Telecommunications and Internet Protocol (IP), it was obvious that someone was systematically closing down every link to this video. And trust me, it is not hard to do if you gain access to the IP Addressing governance group such as IANA. They can block IP addresses even if they have been allocated to a specific ISP and then assigned to a user.

    Nonetheless, check out this video (provided that it is still active). It is an ominous look at our future if Obambi gets his health care package complete with totally centralized digital medical records on every American. Everyone should be very afraid of this.

  20. Lady Wolf:
    The REAL unemployment rate in the USA is 16.8%.
    Click here:

    and then follow the link in the piece to the Bureau of Labor Statistics site.

    9.5% is the Administration’s “feel good” number.Another BHO lie which goes unquestioned by the Third Estate!
    Believe NOTHING, question EVERYTHING.

  21. I love ALL your postings. Arlen Spector is an AH and maybe we should put Prozac in all the Washington water fountains. Did anyone happen to see the article in Investors Business Daily about the Great Socialist Nation of Cuba? Well….now Cuba has no food (except beans), never had health care (Govt run), and now no gasoline (even though Cuba gets petrol essentially free from Chavez) so they’ve told their minions to use cows to plow their fields with since they’re more politically correct and environmentally conscious than tractors ever were. I fully understand that Obama and his cohorts always LOVED Cuba and want us to be exactly like Cuba……..but where are we to catch the boats outta this place and to where will we go…seems Communism is EVERYWHERE!

  22. Bravo Larry!

    You’ve said it all….I can’t add a thing.

  23. VincentMVNY:

    I’m sure the figures are higher than what the Dept of Labor shows. When I give government figures, I always remember that “figures lie and liars figure.” I also know that, if they are wrong, someone in the family will provide the correct ones. Thanks for the information.

  24. Tiffany:

    I can see it coming; Comrade Obama offers the Cubans amnesty and we, the American people, get stuck paying for everything, as usual.

  25. Found the website mentioned by Richard
    Great articles Larry a must read for me as always.

  26. Everyone,

    I don’t know if all of you been watching Glenn Beck. He and the 9/12 Project are going to have a march on Washington on 9/12. Here’s the website and he said that he will keep us up to date. I’m taping his shows now because he gives a lot of information on what Barack Obama’s end game will be.

    He has asked us, the American people to be a watch dog if we should see or hear anything send it to him. They haven’t posted today’s show on the fox website. He had a great guest, a democrat who cares about our Country and is very distributed by what is happening. He gave a lot of information that you all need to hear. Keep checking their site for the update.

  27. 'renoman' Fred

    Yes Eileen, I watched Glenn Beck today and he actually covered what Larry is writing today. He showed a lot of clips of way back where the LibTurds were really bad, including the Watts Riots in LA…He mentions that one of the czar’s participated in the Watt’s thing, got arressted and when he got out of jail said he is now a commie…and this guy is now a czar??? Larry I recognized the jab at Hillary btw…luved it!!! One of the above mentions Larry you must really have to type fast so as not to forget a point but you are quite a wordsmith. I sort of agree with you with your feelings about O’Reilly but hey once in a while his talking points are right on!!!

  28. Hi Larry,
    I continue to enjoy your columns. I think your work is even more incisive and creative than it has always been. You remain unique.

    I also continue to enjoy the increased vocabulary I derive from being one of your avid readers – Thanks.

  29. Everyone,

    Anyone who loves Dogs and owns one need to view the Anti-Obama dog.

    Dogs can smell the type of personally of people and generally can instinctively tell who’s good and who’s bad. My dogs don’t like blacks they both go crazy, BUT it only relates to adults, they are fine when the black children in the neighborhood are just fine.

  30. I tried to embed the video and it didn’t work so here’s the direct link to the website that I found it on.

  31. Another story

    Barack Obama’s brownshirts are after Glenn Beck.

    We can’t let them win. If they win with Beck, they’ll be emboldened to go after even more people.

    A while back, Glenn Beck called Barack Obama a “racist.” Given all the terrorists, thugs, and racists Barack Obama has chosen as close personal friends (see e.g. Rev. Wright), it’s not a stretch to say it.

    In fact, Obama’s Green Jobs Czar, the convicted felon and [Editor’s Note: I actually find this on blogs, but haven’t found it on a real news site, so I’m striking] self-declared communist Van Jones, has direct ties to the organization that’s trying to shut down Glenn Beck. Jones’s group has hired a big Hollywood PR firm and they are pressuring Glenn’s advertisers to stop advertising. If not, they’ll lead a boycott.

    We need to strike back and boycott these groups for ditching Beck. If they are going to fold so easily in the face of Obama brownshirts, we must push back. If not, who’ll be next?

    Here’s the list of the groups that have boycotted Glenn Beck. Let them know you disagree. Let them know you will boycott them for kowtowing to Barack Obama’s worshippers, brownshirts, goons, and thugs.

    SC Johnson:
    Fisk Johnson Chairman & CEO
    Phone: (262)260-2000

    Petrell Ozbay
    Senior Global Public Affairs Manager
    Phone: (262) 260-2114

    Progressive Insurance:
    Glenn Renwick, President & CEO- (440)461-5000

    Linda Harris, Advertising & Sponsorships

    Tony Nicely
    Chairman, President & CEO, Insurance Operations
    (301) 986-2462

    Chris Tasher, GEICO Media Relations

    UPDATE: Matthew Vadum commented and also emailed to note he had written about this yesterday. You can read what he wrote here.

  32. Eileen:

    My dog always senses who is bad. I can tell when she doesn’t trust someone. When she gets a scent she doesn’t like , she does a “sweep” and walks from side to side instead of walking straight in front of me.

  33. Since Congress and Federal employees are covered by private medical insurance plans , and they have several to choose from, they will not be included in Obamacare. And, since it is anticipated that eventually it will evolve into a single payer system by driving the private insurors out of business, how will Congress and the Federal employees be covered when their companies are gone ? Just wondering !!

  34. Dr. Gene,

    Those words coming from a man of your stature have great meaning to me.

    Thank you for everything.



  35. I have been a dog person as long as I can remember, and have learned to never doubt the dogs impression of a person, or situation. A Bassette hound once saved me from walking up on a Grizzly bear in Alaska. She kept walking across my path and stopping in the path. Another person on a far ridge called to me “BEAR,BEAR,BEAR”. I then saw it and took a far turn around it. My Dobie saved me from being robbed by coming to the counter, standing on her hind legs, showing her teeth and growling. They both left and robbed a store on down the road. I would trust my life to my Rotttie rather than a lot of Obummers ilk. Great read.

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