Not Even Getting The Tail

The Bolshevik Barnstormer is at it again. Yesterday, he was off to Montana pitching his socialist snake oil to yet another crowd of antiseptically scrubbed lemmings.. Obama winged his way to Montana, coincidentally the home state of Max Baucus, the unfortunate liberal who chose the short straw and was left with the formidable task of turning the Obama health scare socialist “takeover” into a warm and fuzzy “overhaul”..

According to the New York Times, (Obama Says Insurers Are Trying To Block Change” 08/15/09) the paranoid progressive believes that insurance companies are out to get him.. The Party that still wets the bed over the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” can’t possibly imagine that ANYONE would disagree with their Solomonic perspicacity..

“In some cases what we’ve seen is also funding in opposition by some other insurance companies to any kind of reform proposals..” Here again we are witnesses to the illness that is invariably spawned by those who have devoured the liberal Eucharist. In twenty-two words, Obama has placed the leftist’s psychosis upon the table for dissection. Lets scrub up and begin the operation..

“In some cases..” Please name these “cases”. Please name just ONE case.. This portion of the puffery sounds as if the liberals have some kind of specific “proof” or “evidence” to support their allegations. The need for specifics with the left is irrelevant because their minions have been hypnotized as “true believers”. Their leaders are therefore dumbfounded when everyone else who isn’t anesthetized doesn’t just reflexively buy into their bunk without at least flinching.

“..funding in opposition by some other insurance companies..” Now his asinine and amorphous allegation sounds even more ominous, therefore it is imperative at this point that Obama be specific about the culprits. He apparently at least knows that this “funding” is coming from “some other insurance companies”, so why not NAME THEM? Obama did name one company that has “been constructive” in this pogrom, so why not name all of these companies guilty of liberal apostasy? Obama named Aetna as the “constructive” company. What a stunning surprise it is to learn that Aetna’s chief executive Ronald A. Williams, is “a major Obama supporter..”

When the left stumbles into the “problem” of not having anything remotely resembling “proof” or “evidence”, they then run holding their skirts up toward the nurturing nonsense of “conspiracy theories”. There is always a dark and sinister “plot” by person or persons unknown when the liberals are “out there” (literally..) trying to “do good.” Their individual “God” complex doesn’t allow them the sense to comprehend that everyone with a measurable IQ will disagree with their inherent intrusiveness. They have occupied their own delusional moral high ground within their minds for so long that they are always stunned to learn that everyone else can’t see their capes and thrones, let alone their sanctimonious halos..

“ any kind of reform proposals.” “Any kind”, or is the problem more along the lines that they don’t agree with OBAMA’S proposal? If you disagree with the left, it won’t take them long to unearth all kinds of fictitious hobgoblins and pixies that have been perilously placed in the progressive path by the dissenters, real or imaginary, even though the intellectual wizards of the left can’t name a single conspirator.. Note the plural usage, “reform proposals”. Have the liberals floated any “reform proposals”, other than the Obama nightmare package that Obama and his minions keep trying to resuscitate? If they have, could they please NAME THEM??

“Obama the Whiney” continually refers to the “unsubstantiated claims” surrounding his bogus bill. I find the “unsubstantiated claims” surrounding this “bill” to be the ones emanating from His Eminence.. Here are just a few of these gems: “we aren’t going to pull the plug on grandma” or the “claim” that this bill will not add to his already impressive budget deficit or that he will not raise taxes, “not one dime”, on families earning less than $250,000..

The paranoia that has invaded the liberal leader has now caused him to lash out at his BFF’s in the “impartial” media. It is easy to understand the Obama gullibility on this point. The media have showered him with so much “historic” praise for so long, he began to believe his own press, which with a typically egomaniacal liberal isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do.. “TV loves a ruckus. What you haven’t seen on TV and what makes me proud are the many constructive meetings going on all over the country..” Is he now “proud of his country for the first time” in his life? I would imagine that he is “proud” of these liberally orchestrated communist cake walks and socialist square dances like the one he was attending in Montana..

The BIGGEST problem from Obama’s perspective is not why the media is covering the discontent, it is why the discontent is there in the first place.

The liberals can’t see the forest for the trees. Back in the halcyon days, the liberals would take their “discontent” straight to Def Con 5. They would immediately assemble with their misspelled placards and posters, they would instinctively gather to throw bottles, scream and yell while making a complete nuisance out of themselves for the benefit of the “news” crews who were always conveniently “on location” whenever the liberals would “protest”. Since the left disagreed with “the system”, “protest” was cool, man..

Now “the opposition” is becoming verbal about their “discontent”. Now the liberals are running “the system”. (Into the ground, I might add..) The liberals don’t understand anyone or anything outside of their intellectual cesspool. It takes quite a lot for the “average Joe” to get up and act “like a liberal”. By ignoring the questions and requests of the majority, the constituents, they now feel as though they have no other way for their voices to be heard. Is there media coverage because the media themselves, as liberal fellow travelers, don’t understand how the leftists who preach the virtues of “free speech” are doing everything in their power to deny that right to those who disagree? The left definitely understands that the “violence” wasn’t introduced to the “dissent of the masses” until the liberals “organized” their union friends who then spontaneously began to appear at these “dog and phony shows”.

The liberals have a congenital ability to lie without hesitation. The Obama administration is the perfect example of this. However, their biggest weakness is their lack of control. Had the liberals just gone about all of this socialist upheaval in a more methodical fashion, those who are “dissenting” would have never known. It takes a lot to get the moderates and conservatives to “act” on the acts of the liberal oligarchs and this group certainly can say that their poison has been administered in epic proportions..

John Podesta, psychotic liberal head of the “Center for American Progress” (which is as inappropriately named as the “Howard Dean School of Logical Liberal Thought”..) said that dissenters are out to “destroy his (Obama’s) presidency..” I would hope that Podesta is more than aware that no one is doing a better job of that than Obama himself..

Obama, ever the stand up comedian, started off this little gathering in Montana by saying, “Montana has bears, moose and elk, and in Washington you mostly have bull..” Randy Rathie, an attendee at the “event” later told CNN, “Now he has given me his word, personally, that he is not going to raise my taxes..” Sir, when it comes to the amount “bull” that comes from Obama, the amount “bull” that he has already unleashed and that which has yet to unleash, you are not even getting the tail..


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  1. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    Another great article.
    You don’t need to learn anything from the new show “Lie to Me” to know when a Democrat is lying. Anytime there is sound emanating from them, they are lying.
    When you vote, remember, the “D” next to the candidate’s name means delete.

  2. “…Bolshevik Barnstormer…”

    As usual, your much needed, insightful prose ascends the heights yet again, Larry!

    I see the fact our “hard” question source conveniently noted he [allegedly] is a gun-totin’ NRA faithful didn’t escape your watchful eyes.

    I dunno whether to be more insulted by our “Bolshevik Barnstormer’s” running duplicity or his running insult to my intelligence. Oh, h*ll, this whole administration, from the top down is one big running insult to the entirety of the community who exercised the good sense to vote against it last November.

    These people – the nutty far left liberals – remind me of those accursed German roaches we always used all those “nefarious” chemicals to subdue in the deep south (so throw a major nutty, Greenpeace, like I give a happy d*mn). They multiply a thousand times as fast as rabbits, operate and the dark and scatter like their larger kin, cockroaches, when light shines in the darkness.

    Carry on, Larry, PLEASE!!

    Never give up, never give in and most definitely NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Addenda: Larry, I doubt it escaped your keen eye that our “Bolshevik Barnstormer”, in true robotic repetitiveness started every response to one of those [allegedly] “hard” questions with “You’re absolutely right…”.

    Would someone please check under our “Bolshevik Barnstormer’s” jacket for a wind up key? Likewise, as one of our vigilant law enforcement officials, I’m sure you know agreeing with your “adversary” before you baffle ’em with BS is a classic technique as well … in fact, it’s so “classic” and ancient and commonly known among all but the stupidest (and last November proves there’s no dearth of that unsavory commodity in the gene pool today) in our post modernistic, over-psychologized society that it’s rarely used with a scintilla of efficacy anymore when you need to deal with a hard case. But you knew that already.

  4. Can nationalized medicine run on bullsh*t? No? Didn’t think so, Prez, not even a nice try:

  5. HEY! What’s with the “average Joe crap, Larry? I thought we were friends.

    Obama’s “Deathcare” bill as written has funeral home diretors dancing with glee and buying more land in expectation of cemetary expansions. You can’t help but notice Bella Pelosi’s fangs getting longer. After sucking the blood out of the victims of this travesty of a bill, the morticians would only need pump them full of embalming fluid and send them on their way. Hey, it’d save a nickle or two, part of the robust cutting wasteful government spending Oliar has promised.

    The health care bill proposed by the liberals would cut or eliminate Micicare Advantage and make $600 billion in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. These cuts would affect nursing homes and facilities, payment rates for physician imaging services, reduce payments to hospitals if they have higher-than-expected readmission rates. If you start reducing services your going to have higher readmission rates. That is a no-brainer which should give everyone some idea as to how many brains these liberal “leaders” are governing us with.

    Specifically, the bill reduces Medicare Advantage payment benchmarks to traditional Medicare fee-for-service levels over a three year period. This adjustment will reduce access to Medicare plans for millions of seniors, especially in rural areas. This is only one of the ways Oliar is planning on paying for his “new” reform of America.

    One other thing is the matter of illegal aliens included in being able to access the liberal’s health care. While the House bill declares that no illegal aliens are eligible, the double-speak of Washington declares in a subsection that the decision will be left to the states, where medical care of non-citizens, illegal or not, will be decided upon the person’s income. In other words, the taxpayer will be paying for illegal aliens FULL, not just emergency room services, but FULL medical. Don’t you feel all warm and rosey now? I know I do because I’m a right-wing extremist, racist, un-American, regular Joe!!

  6. Joe, You are so right. I heard all those facts at the town hall meeting I went to in Scottsdale, AZ held by John Shadegg. Rep. Shadegg has been working on a health bill for three years. He says we should keep what works and fix what doesn’t. He read the bill and he promised to fight against its passage as it is now written.

    One thing he told us, that I had never heard and am wondering if any of the family has heard. He said three years ago, Bush and Republican congress passed a bill to cover health insurance for folks with pre existing conditions. This was offered to all the states. It would have been funded by the states and federal government and patients could purchase it for the same rate or five percent more than a regular plan. Shadegg said only 30 states took advantage of this. I know Arizona does not have it. My guess is Janet Napolitano axed it here because she wanted to hold out for nationalization.

    Now they can use that ploy against the people fighting against Obama’s new plan.

    Besides, Obama and his mob mouthpieces are saying we need to cover the children. Didn’t they just pass the SCHIP bill to cover all children from birth to age 30? , for families earning $75,000 a year.

    I am convinced the congressmen who are going to spend some time in DC are boozing, partying, and having fun. Don’t they even know what the hell they voted for? No time to read the bill! Let’s start of nationwide report card and flunk them all!

  7. BHO commented before the election that his programs would, of necessity cause all energy costs (bills) to “skyrocket”. If that is not a “TAX” on the middle and lower classes, then what is? BBHO suffers severely from “Clinton disease”, namely being a complusive liar.

  8. blue state blues

    “Their leaders are therefore dumbfounded when everyone else who isn’t anesthetized doesn’t just reflexively buy into their bunk without at least flinching.”
    Perfect description Larry. That’s exactly how they react to criticism or resistance to being thrown into the boiling water.

    And then, as you described so aptly, they start the completely inane attacks.

    I was “dumbfounded” by the guest Laura Ingram had on the Bill O show last night. I can’t recall his name but he was a speech writer for Joe Bidden. When he couldn’t aptly defend the Left’s attacks on Town Hall participants by Democratic leadership, he chose to mount an assault on Sarah Palin. He concluded his attack on Palin by saying that “she is so stupid that I wouldn’t be surprised to see her as one of Flav-o-Flav’s girls on his reality show”. Wow. Where did that come from. It was so off topic that it took Laura 20 seconds to absorb it and respond.

  9. I am going to attend the Republican Lee Terry Representative’s townhall meeting in a few days. I have received a letter from him informing me that he has proposed a health care plan alternative to what is being offered by the Obama Dinga Ling Ling’s semi-anethisizied or euthanized suck-ups in Congress. My first question to Rep. Terry (if I get the chance) is why does the federal government choose (whether it be his plan or the looney left) to to go against the law of the Constitutional law limiting it’s the government powers in this matter. No where, even in the 10th Amendment will you find any specific wording to this. The “welfare of the people” wording in the Amendment is a rhetorical merry-go-round, something that Oblabber Lips and followers love to spread on their herd of bell following sheep, and as usual they cannot come up with the facts to back anything thing they say up.

    Gossip is cheap. There’s an equality there with the left in general, more so with those that would spread epitapths as “un-American, astro-turf, manufactured, etc. Those that will not listen to the American citizen, only those that would further their fortune and careers.

    Lock and load, kids. Carry a big stick. Don’t start speaking softly, if we let this bill pass, you’ll need the stick to bite down on the next time you’re lucky enough to get surgery when you need it.

  10. Excuse me, one other thing. The drug companies undoubtedly play a big part in our expenditures for medical treatment. I can’t remember the name of the man right now, I’m sorry, but he owns one of the biggest drug companies in the U.S. He helped finance pharmeacutial lobbying to keep the astronimical prices of prescription AND generic drugs at their present levsel.

    Oddly, this same man is one of Oliar’s appointed henchmen for the health care! You think the price of medicine is going to go down? Not on you blacks/green dollar it’s not. The medication will be rationed to the people considered, “more worthy.”

  11. A friend of mine, who tends a bit toward being a conspiracy theorist, claims that there is, presently in the works, a plan for a major Los Angeles riot during the first week of September. If this takes place, and that’s a big ‘if’ – that would indicate to me that it’s purpose would be to distract attention away from a possible signing of this ObamaCare bill. In other words, a phoney, but high profile riot staged for the purpose of distraction. I have real doubts that this will take place (by direction from the Left) at that time because of all of the crap our side is handing to His Emminence. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if another one was scheduled when they do get around to a signing. I’ll wait and see…

  12. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    America’s number one enemy has said that he is going to ram his health care plan down our throats whether we like it or not. This is just another step toward his dictatorship assisted by his czars whose purpose is to bypass the Congress. If you want to know what is coming next, read up on Germany in the 1930s.

  13. OK this one goes into the Archives!
    I find it amazing how well you understand and describe the Left’s mindset.
    Is it possible you were once one of “them”?

    As always, great writing. You once again prove the beauty and capacity of our language to uncover lies and convey simple truths.

  14. Betty Bryant

    I haven’t read anything on here about attending the March on Washington on Sept. 12. I am going and I urge everyone to make an effort to attend. I live in Texas so it is not an easy thing to do but it is worth the time and expense. We need to make a statement they cannot ignore. Please join me.

  15. Q: How do you know when a politician is lying? A: His/her lips are moving.


    It’s a given that something will happen to distract the people and you can be sure that it will be blamed on us right wing extremists.

  16. Joe,

    We are friends.. I meant no harm. You are by no means “average”..

    Thanks as always,


  17. Vincent,

    That hurt..

    I can say without reservation that I have never been “one of them”.

    Liberalism is nothing more than cheap pop psychology of the lowest variety. There is nothing at all difficult about diagnosing its deficiencies.

    They ARE “transparent”..

    Thanks as always,


  18. Larry, you read the liberals so well…great as always.
    Betty….I am also going to Washington for the 9/12 March. I urge everyone who can, to make the effort to get there. Perhaps we can meet up.
    Didn’t anyone on Obama’s team tell him that the AARP “doesn’t endorse” any of the bills put forth? He said it again yesterday in Grand junction, Colorado?
    He also states the AMA is in his court. Apparently only 15% of physicians are even members. Doesn’t say much for the AMA…but a whole lot about what they stand for.
    It is interesting to observe the audiences that are now appearing at Town Hall meetings since the liberals began to “level the playing field.” Those in opposition who have been organized by the ” insurance industry” are all carrying “homemade signs” those in favor of the “BOOBS” (Barack Obama’s Organization of Bull and Stupidity) are printed. Hmmmmm!
    I hope someone is paying close attention to the yellow school buses they are using to “bus in ACORN.” Nah, they wouldn’t be that stupid would they?

  19. “Didn’t anyone on Obama’s team tell him that the AARP “doesn’t endorse” any of the bills put forth?”

    Rayne, they’re darn sure airing a commercial here in NE Ohio (started last Thurs or Fri, methinks, if memory serves) that makes it sound just like the AARP is trying to have it both ways … its membership’s AND “Dear Leaders”, FYI. It ain’t working with its rank and file, it appears.

    It’s a poorly done fence-straddling piece of garbage, IMO, FWIW. The AARP ad is vaguely reminiscent of all the liberals in Congress who were for the war before they were all agin’ it, frankly.

    Actually the AMA tops out at a max membership of 17% and that is mostly made up of the elitist scholarly types who rarely, if ever, actually engage in the practice of medicine. Like both the APAs (American Psychiatric and Psychological Assns), they’ve been bleeding out for years. You can surmise why easily enough.

  20. Rest assured, AARP WILL be onboard just as soon as those idiots in Congress put one together.
    AARP is working WITH SEIU (Socialist Employees Idiots Union) towards globalized (that’s right, GLOBALIZED, NOT nationlized) health care (guess who gets to pay for it?).
    SEIU penned the details in the $787 billion anti-stimulus bill.
    100% Socialism.

    CANCEL any subscriptions to AARP, and anything that company is affiliated with.


  21. The whole darn bill needs to be consigned to the dustbin of distant history, especially since too often too many Repubs have a history of compromise, but viable cracks are starting, it seems, that notwithstanding:

    Press on, Family! Never give in, never give up and NEVER AGAIN!!!!

  22. First they said there was no such thing as “Death Panels”, then they said they removed them!
    What a bunch of LIARS!

    It doesn’t matter how much they sugar-coat this thing, or how much perfume they use to cover their bullshit, passing ANY bill will let the government (ebonic: duh gubment) get its foot in your door.
    Today, right now, the government does not have ONE INCH into your house to tell you how to manage YOUR health care.
    If they pass ANY bill, they get their foot in the door.
    And in the coming months and years they will FOREVER change, modify, expand, redo, undo, overdo, ignore, corrupt, etc, until that “foot in the door” becomes an 800-pound gorilla sitting in the middle of your living room DICTATING your health care.
    Dictating what is covered, and what is not (depending on your age).
    Dictating what drugs can be rationed to you.
    And in the end, dictating when its time for you to die.
    And while we’re all worried about “Death Panels” for seniors, don’t forget Sultan Obama’s czars who believe that children, up to the age of 2 YEARS OLD, do not qualify as HUMAN.
    How long will it take them to include legislation that requires forced abortions to those “specimens” that measure up to their standards of a “Master Race”?


  23. duh!
    I flubbed the last line (lost its dramatic effect??):

    How long will it take them to include legislation that requires forced abortions to those “specimens” that DO NOT measure up to their standards of a “Master Race”?


  24. Never been a card carrying member of AARP. The last mail solicitation I received got my message…..” You people should be investigated for preying on the elderly. Take me off your mailing list. I really appreciated the “no stamp necessary if mailed in the U.S.” envelope.

  25. Hey all, I managed to get into the Montana town hall even as a conservative. I did text my husband during the Chosen One’s speech and told him I felt very alone in a room full of libs. He texted me back and said, “keep the faith!” It was a well-scrubbed audience, but a couple of “our kind” were there. Some stupid chick from “Organizing for America” was sitting right next to me and when Mr. Man was yammering on about how the opposition is putting out a lot of disinformation, this ninny next to me starts yelling about the opposition being “liars”. I turned to her and asked if she had actually read the the bill. She said she hadn’t. I said, “you might consider doing that since it would make you more capable of arguing your points.”. She very sheepishly admitted that she probably should read it. What a freakin’ moron. I am SICK SICK SICK of the sheeple worshiping this jerk without any questions.

    There were about 1000 Tea party protesters doing a great job; I’m sure that didn’t make the national news…barely made the local news and of course was reported to be much smaller and less vocal than they actually were. I was proud to have them there!

    Just finished Ayn Rand’s “Fountainhead” and it’s amazing that it was written in 1943. At that time she was spot on about those who produce and achieve and those who give away what others have made/done and then castigate the productive. She calls the non-producers “second-handers”, and it’s the perfect name for the nut and his minions. Better yet is second-rate second-handers.

    Keep up the great work. We’ve got to keep them on the run!

  26. stitch76:
    You are 100% correct! The left’s plan is to take over our government and thereby our lives and freedoms one millimeter at a time. There should be no comprmise with them on this legislation. This legislation should be scrapped and then the so called 47 million uninsured (really about 10 million) should be dealt with with specific legislation to deal with their problem.

  27. Merriam and Webster’s first definition of “demagogue.” ~~ “A leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power.”

    I make a motion that the Democrat Party be re-named the “Demogogue” Party.

  28. Hey Joe, I’ll second the “Demogogue”party motion.



  30. Monica and all,

    What Congressman Shadegg said is correct. When I was looking up information on the current one in the Senate, I discovered the Bush one in 2007. Unfortunately, I didn’t bookmark that website. It was interesting on how the media and Congress fought Bush at every turn. The media and liberals in Congress (which included our current ass in charge) on how bad it was, it didn’t go far enough according to them. They demonized President Bush and complained he was trying to take healthcare out of the hands of private healthcare and put it in the hands of the federal government. The Bill was called “Federalization of health care” and the left played it as “how horrible” Bush was for “trying to take control over healthcare.” Bush’s plan was less evasive then the current, it was another option for states who felt the others healthcare plans disallowed pre-existing conditions such as my asthma and high blood pressure issues would not be cover under a new plan.

    Luckily, when I got my job in NJ, United Healthcare was an option to get our healthcare out of about 4 plans that we available to every employee; I had no such problems or issue with them when I worked for the State of NJ and they had no problems with my two previous conditions. We had a great plan even when they asked to take the full coverage off the table and asked us to pay a portion from our paychecks. Our deductible went up by about a $100.00 and most people were willing to do that so that the Company didn’t have to lay anyone off. There were a few liberals that complained about the coverage changes saying that they took the job for the benefits we got, that when we were hired by the company we signed an employment agreement/contract that they now wanted to break. One, who unfortunately worked in our building, was the instigator of the other. She was outraged and very angry, that the company had betrayed us, blah, blah, blah. Someone in our Office told her to shut up it was a small price to pay to save some jobs, unless Christine are willing to give up your job so that the rest of us can retain our Healthcare? She got very quiet. She was also the same person who campaigned for John Kerry (she claimed he was a fine, upstanding veteran Democratic candidate). She handed out buttons and stickers at lunch and on breaks. She was out-of-place in a rare conservative County in NJ.

    The change occurred right after 9/11and our retail business was hurt by what happened. We had been asked to agree to pay a portion of our healthcare approximately a $36.00 from each pay check. It saved the company BILLIONS but we never were able to get the retail portion back online to pre-9/11 business and we eventually sold off to Amerigas. It did save them a lot of money, I know because I paid those utilities and special vendors and fed ex’ed them out. United Healthcare monthly check was about $900,000.00 a month pre-9/11, after the agreement it went down to $650,000.00. The others dropped just as much.

    Anyway, here is one small part of it that I found online:

    Posted by Shum Preston on January 26, 2007 – 2:34pm
    What war? George Bush started the “shock and awe” portion of his healthcare proposal with a national PR tour–and the private insurance industry is providing him air cover. Elsewhere, the Dem candidates for President all talk up universal healthcare without many specifics, a single-payer bill is re-introduced in Congress, public health facilities across the country are under attack, and the California and Massachusetts proposals ran into more trouble.
    Brought to you by the Nurses Organizing Committee as we organize to make 2007 the Year of Single-Payer Healthcare.
    The major media all cover Bush embarking on a national PR tour for his health plan. He’s selling not legislation, but ideology: an expanded role for private insurance in our healthcare delivery field. Lots of similarities to the PR tour he undertook for his plan to privatize social security in 2005. Both campaigns had the goal of pushing risk to private individuals, while enriching sectors of the financial community (investment houses in the first case, insurers in the second).
    Note this interesting quote in the Washington Post:
    “There is no question in my mind that a proper role for the federal government is to help the poor and the elderly and the diseased get health care,” Bush said. “We’ll do that.”
    This is big-government conservatism—like Medicare Part D. Bush will leave the federal government on the hook for the most expensive cases, while private insurers construct risk pools of the young and healthy. They run off with profits, while Medicare slowly goes bankrupt.
    The interesting thing about all the articles covering the PR push? The only people with positive things to say about Bush’s plan are the private health insurance industries, who hope they don’t get thrown on the ash heap of history by a lean and efficient single-payer system. It’s probably good for advocates of single-payer to link private insurance companies with a President whose popularity languishes around 30%.
    Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times rolls out some interesting new numbers, with vague sourcing, on Bush’s plan:
    Currently, about 25% of employer health plans cost companies and their employees more than $15,000 a year, meaning that roughly 75% of those with employer health plans would get a tax break under the president’s proposal. But healthcare experts say that those savings could be short-lived; the deduction and cap will be indexed to inflation, whereas healthcare costs have been rising faster than the inflation rate.
    I was wrong above—one other person has positive things to say about Bush’s plan: former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, who thinks it might lead towards single-payer healthcare by helping breakdown the employer-based system.
    The president’s health care proposal deserves one cheer for the following reason: It potentially de-couples health care from employment….
    Finally, three cheers for the politician who bypasses America’s inefficient private insurance market and establishes a single payer that provides all Americans with health insurance just as good as the health insurance their representatives in Congress receive free of charge. Note I said single payer, not single provider. Americans want to keep their choice of doctor and hospital. But a single payer — either through Medicare or the federal employee’s health insurance program — would avoid the current insanity by which private insurers spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year advertising and marketing to younger and healthier beneficiaries, and seeking to discourage older and riskier ones or people with pre-existing medical conditions.
    The candidate who gets three cheers on this will be our next president.
    Several Presidential candidates are, in fact, inching that way. Barack Obama recently joined Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich, and probably others in calling for “Universal Healthcare.” Obama set a goal of six years, but with no specifics. He said:
    “At a time when businesses are facing increased competition and workers rarely stay with one company throughout their lives, we also have to ask if the employer-based system of health care itself is still the best for providing insurance for all Americans,” Obama said.
    Asked to clarify the comment afterward by reporters, he said, “I don’t think we immediately replace the employer-based system.
    Kucinich is the only Presidential candidate, so far, to have endorsed a single-payer system. Yesterday hailed the re-introduction of Conyers’ Medicare for All bill, HR 676, of which he is one of 78 co-sponsors.
    While the debate continues nationally, the situation on-the-ground, in the states continues to erode. Yesterday we documented the uproar in New York over cuts to the public health budget; today, patients and caregivers in Chicago are resisting extreme cuts to their public health budget.
    Reality check: the public in poll after poll says that health care is the most important issue to them (or second, along with the war). Politicians who make the health care situation worse should suffer the consequences.
    It looks like Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts Mandate is off to a bad start, while in California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is meeting resistance from the business community for his complex plan:
    But Allan Zaremberg, president of the California Chamber of Commerce, worries that if medical inflation isn’t corralled — and the governor’s plan is weak in this regard — there may be little choice but to try to tap businesses again and again to keep the program running.
    “Even if the money is adequate today, will it be enough to fund the program five years from now?” he asks.
    Insurers are also busy dissecting the Schwarzenegger proposal. Chris Ohman, president of the California Assn. of Health Plans, suggests that a provision to treat everyone, regardless of medical history, could cause the price of policies to soar for the 1.7 million state residents who buy insurance on the open market. It could also force insurers, faced with a less favorable set of economics, to pull out.
    “We run the risk of having a perverse result,” Ohman says.
    Zaremberg seems to fear being saddled with a system like the one we have now—whereas the insurance rep fears any change. Proof of how hard it is to patch up a system with problems as fundamental as ours.
    New Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley isn’t even trying.
    Around the Web, columnist Tom Elias reminds us how much simpler a single-payer system would be than all of these complicated attempts to keep our current system up and running; columnist Joe Deraymond reminds us how much cheaper it would be; the Philadelphia Inquirer just throws its hands up in the air; while Blogger Randy Bayne counsels that we must do a much better job of explaining the concept to people (and I’ve noticed many healthcare reporters still seem unclear on the concept). (And, ain’t it funny they still haven’t gotten it yet).

    The liberals lie and play these games continually for two main reasons. They want to demonize the Republicans by claiming things that aren’t in the Bill and they WANT their plan to pass when they take over both Houses in Congress, which was confirmed today by our Congressman Jo Bonner. The first one, so the can say… they aren’t looking out for and your family, but we are.

    I just returned from our Congressman’s town hall. What a difference a year makes. Last year we had 17 people at his Town Hall where most of the people there were concerned about losing the KC-135 contract, which is still in legal rumblings and lawsuits and on appeal from Boeing who was challenging the ruling.

    Today, there must have been close to 300 – 400 attendees. I don’t think our Community Center had not planned that so many people would show up. We got there an hour before he was scheduled to appear and all the seats were taken (probably about 75 seats). They started to add additional sitting to accommodate the crowds. We’re a lively, but respectful crowd. He told us that some of the Republicans in Congress had put together an alternative health insurance plan, but his committee refused to even look at it. But, he added that might change now that the majority of the public is against the Obama and Nancy Pelosi one. In a few days he will place to alternative one proposed by the Republicans in Congress on his website and it won’t be as thick as the liberal one. He held up the entire Bill and it was close to 10 inches and that a majority of those in Congress haven’t even read one page of the document. They just follow Pelosi and what she wants done. At this point some of the liberals are getting so much pushback from the public, they will now vote against it. Nancy will not have any of that and continues to put pressure on the liberal, moderate and conservative Democrats. They have to decide to either listen to their constituents or follow Pelosi and risk losing their jobs in 2010. The more pressure from the public, the highly unlikely it would pass in its current state.

    We shouldn’t have to destroy the current healthcare that works, just fix the parts that don’t.
    When he provides the link to the Republican plan in his weekly newsletter update, I will post it here on Larry’s site.

    One man made a statement (we had cameras all over the room, but I don’t know who was doing the taping) about the total distrust of the public. The republicans did the same thing that the Democrats are doing now, but they just did slower. So, why should we trust you to do what is right, if or when the Republicans gain control of Congress again. He said the public has awaken the our federal government officials, they have gotten away with so much for so long but the public outrage over what and how fast Obama’s been able to get done to date.


    About 50 in all, placed your name on the last page of each one printer I put this statement:
    If you enjoyed this article you can get more at Larry’s Conservative Commentary at
    Larry Wilke is a K-9 Officer with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and a proud conservative.
    Also made about 30 to 40 business cards with your name and web address. As we were leaving the Community Center all that was left was an empty box. I hope this brings you tons of exposure. I hope it was okay to say you were a policeman. They were there as well outside as well as inside and participated in the town hall.
    New ad

  31. Yikes, What I wrote didn’t come out the way I wrote it. I wrote that I printed about 15 different articles you wrote, made numerous copies of each. I placed the web address, you name in a byline and on the final page of each the statement:

    f you enjoyed this article you can get more at Larry’s Conservative Commentary at
    Larry Wilke is a K-9 Officer with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and a proud conservative.

    I made about 30-40 business cards as well promoting your website. Everything was gone when we went to leave, there was only an empty box.

    I hope it helps with your exposer and you get more fans. Thank you for keeping us sane.


    I keep getting all sorts of e-mails from the White House. If they’re not from the illegal alien, they’re from one of his minions. I got one from Axelrod too.

  33. in case anyone is interested, there is a Conservative alternative to AARP.
    American Seniors Association was founded in 2005.
    They are offering a second year free (membership is $15 a year) if you send them your torn up AARP card.


  34. Larry and Family:

    If you haven’t heard Daniel Hannan’s latest speech, here’s the link:

  35. Family,

    Checj out the latest “Thought Of The Day” entitled “Us Or Them”.

    Who knows, later on today, it coul end up as a full blown article..

    Hope that you enjoy it.


  36. I got a business card from a man who also attended our townhall event to a new website regarding term limits. If anyone is interested here’s the website.

  37. Family,

    Very interesting facts brought out on White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel’s brother, Ezekial Emanuel, his book and who is also an “advisor” on the healthcare plan by Chuck Norris at

  38. Larry
    as usual, a great vivisection …. if I was to guess at your Dr. specialty, I would hazard a guess at “proctologist” because you deal with A**holes so much … LOL
    The media are always twisting to support their agenda of the moment ….. did you read the article about the old man in NY ?
    they dissed his character quite savagely I am told
    link –

  39. Larry…playing catch-up again… I’m loving every article… and you are RIGHT ON!!! As usual… Keep them coming…

    I’m mad, I’m saying mad, and I’m NEVER foregtting this mess.

    Docta G… you must be a fellow Montanan. I wish I could have been there, but live in SC now… I remember Max Baucus’s first “walk across the state” in 197….4? Can you say Term limits!?!?! Bozeman! the only place easier to find a liberal greenie would be Missoula!

    I’m planning to watch an on-line town hall with Jim DeMint tomorrow if the grand-child will cooperate..

    Keep the faith! We’ll get there yet!!!

  40. You know…I am pretty sure I wasn’t a “rascist” before Obama was elected president, but I really believe that I am becoming one now and proud of it. I have never seen so many “African Americans” (whatever that is supposed to mean) with a bunch of letters after their names that can’t “think” past their elbow. Reminds me of the story of the kid that goes up to the preacher after his sermon and asks, “Reverend, what does all them letters after your name mean”? “Well son”, says the black preacher, “You is old enough to know what “BS” means ain’t cha”? “Yes sir”, says the kid. “Well”, says the preacher, “MS” means more of same, and PHd just means piled higher and deeper.”
    If anyone is interested…Michelle Malkin will be interviewed on James Dobson’s Thursday the 17th.

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