Carcinogenic Consequences

I have heard it said that, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” By that logic, we can conclude that it took longer than a day for that which WAS Rome to be destroyed. Likewise, that theorem can be applied to the social, cultural and political climate within the United States today.

This metamorphosis has taken place over a long period of time. It has not been loudly conspicuous. It has been a stealthy flicking away of tiny fragments of cultural mortar until we have reached the point of our nation’s imminent implosion.

For those who are familiar with the move entitled “The Shawshank Redemption”, lets just call it the “Andy Dufresne-ing” of Western Civilization.. The left is displacing one pocket of dirt at a time. It is quickly becoming a grotesque game of cultural Jenga with the United States as we remember it in the balance. When it reaches that breaking point and when everything collapses onto itself, everyone will stand about agog saying, “I never saw it coming..”

The enemies of western civilization keep chipping away like psychotic woodpeckers knowing that if they win enough battles, they will have won the war. It is a matter of stamina energized by agenda. It is an intellectual battle of attrition.

The country collectively forgets these small battles. Lead by the nose through the “creative writing” of the impartial media, otherwise known as the “unaccountable liberal 527 group”, everyone quickly moves along to the next bright and shiny two hundred decibel diversion.

Just as one example, who foresaw the overwhelming damage to our culture and civilization via the Rowe v. Wade’s “privacy” pogrom? For a reality check, take some time and look back at any of the other tipping points in our history. Then marvel at how little was actually said or done to prevent the impending disaster from happening. Was it a lack of foresight or was it just a lack of effort? Or worst of all, was it both?

This regressive process really began as a series of what was then thought to be a jumble of unrelated and insignificant concessions. The decent folks conceded what appeared to be small and inconsequential issues at the time in the hopes that the troublemakers would just pipe down and go back to the methadone clinic, the bathhouse and the psychiatric ward.

These concessions were extorted with the aid of a series of orchestrated cries, choreographed outrage and a calculated coverage from the fifth columnists of the fourth estate.. These concessions became vainglorious victories which “empowered” civilization’s enemies to further expand their assault upon America.

The lack of resistance that they encountered encouraged these domestic terrorists to further besiege our communities, our courts and our culture. Using yesterday’s victory as another board and nail to build their totalitarian Trojan horse, they slithered back the next day, demanding another inch of cultural and civilizational ground.

Today it is a plastic baby Jesus on your lawn. Tomorrow it is the cross on Mount Soledad. Today it is “press 1 for English”, tomorrow it is “press 2.” Today it is “privacy.” Tomorrow it is twenty million dead “choices.” Today it is “affirmative action”. Tomorrow it is “discrimination”. Today it is “the fairness doctrine”. Tomorrow it is “censorship”.

The liberal foot soldiers of the media currently dictate the terms. For example, 300,000 civilized Americans can protest a speech made at a Catholic University by someone who enthusiastically endorses abortion, which is quite contrary to the Catholic teachings, or 300,000 civilized Americans attend “Tea Parties” across the nation and the press labels them as “an extremist right wing minority”.

When the left “protests”, (and their protests are usually followed by “a changing of the rules”..) it is more often than not, just one person.. For example, Michael Newdow gets upset over “prayer in school”, a gaggle of ACLU lawyers locate a fellow traveler with a black robe and a gavel and the rules are changed because of the “will of the overwhelming majority” according to the perverted press.

One of their primary goals is to make you believe that you are some type of “-ist” for believing in something that they have falsely tarnished as an “-ism.” Unchallenged progressive polemics becomes an “alternative reality”.

The decent folks just conceded, seeing no harm at the time for taking the path of least resistance. “It’s just an inch, its no big deal,” they said. Nearly fifty years of inches thus conceded has transformed Nietzsche’s “transvaluation” (Old sins become virtues, old virtues become sin.) into a twenty-first century nightmare of unstable liberalism.

There is one conservative trait that plays right into the Democrats dogma and that is our “civility”. We are just nice people. Ladies and gentlemen, nice guys don’t finish last, nice guys are finished before the game starts..

Cultural ground has been lost for nearly fifty years at the rate of an inch at a time, what is to say that we cannot reclaim that ground at that rate?

It is time to apply the tourniquet to what has become our civilizations arterial bleeding.

In order for the corner to be turned, the value of what has been lost must be recognized.

In order for momentum to be built, it must be understood that what has been lost can be regained.

In order for what has been lost to be regained, it must be acknowledged that there needs to be an effort to reclaim that which has been lost.

Those adversely effected by what has been lost should consider conscription. Those adversely effected? That pretty much means everyone.

Unlike the heroic liberal protesters, the decent people, the “concede-ers,” have things like jobs, homes and families. These are otherwise known as responsibilities. When your only responsibility in life is standing in line for free cheese and free clean needles, it is not an occupational stretch, job description wise, for you to strap on a sandwich board and protest against all things American.

By now it should be no surprise to anyone that the liberals fantasize about camels grazing on the south lawn of the White House, the question then becomes, how does that sit with you?

The “effort” necessary from the decent people starts with just being informed, which should not be that difficult. After all, this is the “information age”, isn’t it? Step two in the procedure: VOTE. If you do not participate in the process you have no right to complain about the outcome. Actually, if you fall into that category, you are just as responsible for the resultant carnage as our professed enemies. Step three: get involved.

The true enemy here is not liberalism, communism or even Islamofascism. The true enemy is not the illegal immigrants, secularism or even the ACLU.

The true enemy is apathy.

Apathy allows those who are overtly or surreptitiously at work to succeed unimpeded. Apathy festers within those who do not understand the value of what it is they can and will lose. Apathy forms when the majority believes that it is “someone else’s problem”. Apathy appears when we take for granted what the Constitution promised us, and what past and present generations of heroes have given us with their sacrifice. Apathy becomes self evident when there are more votes for the American Idol than there will probably ever be for the President of the United States..

Apathy is the detour onto the path of least resistance and the path of least resistance is littered with the remains of the apathetic..

Those with an agenda appreciate your apathy. You have enabled them to concentrate their efforts on the few who actually effectively deter their efforts.

Even if you are no more than moderately observant relative to current events and if you have just a nominal recall of history, it should be quite easy for you to understand the carcinogenic consequences of apathy.

From abortion to secularism to liberalism, from exorbitant taxation to socialism to deviance, if the maneuvers and manipulations of those targeting us prevail we have no one else to blame for their success.. but ourselves.


23 responses to “Carcinogenic Consequences

  1. Family,

    You may have heard this “theme” from me before, it is a favorite of mine..

    This was the text of a speech that I was going to give at a local meeting. The meeting never materialized, probably due to apathy.

    THIS is why the left is flailing at the Tea Party/ Health Care opposition. The momentum continues, much to their chagrin..

    The left worked long and hard to plant and sow the seeds of apathy.

    Lets continue to make their efforts to be in vain.

    Thanks as always,


  2. LARRY

    Anything worth saying is worth saying twice…or however many times it takes for people to catch on.

    People don’t get “involved” until someting happens that will affect “them.” Thus the outrage over the health care reform bill……it affects everyone. Anyone who is apathetic and not paying attention and getting involved….nothing will move them out of their stupor, ever. They are hopeless cases.

    For an example, let’s use smoking. Since not everyone smokes tobacco it was easy to ignore…the only people subjected to outrageous taxes, ridicule, etc. were the people who smoked. Call it an ” inch” if you like. California won’t let people smoke just about anywhere.

    Now it’s obesity…….more people involved in that category, right? Also soon to be taxed is junk food. School lunch programs are being condemned and Mothers criticized for packing ham sandwhiches for their children. Another “inch?”

    How about Mayor Bloomberg in NYC DICTATING that the restaurants can not use trans fat products in their restaurants?

    Will we someday receive “ration” tickets controlling our red meat consumption? I understand sugar is on the list for “sin” taxation.

    In other words we no longer have the freedom to make choices for ourselves. “They” will definitely be glad to make our choices for us.

    Now on the inch by inch destruction of the expresssion of a person’s Christian faith….we are in the crosshairs of liberal guns. “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” I admit I refuse to give up Merry Christmas…ever. And NO ONE better take Baby Jesus out of his manger on my front lawn.

    I guess you could say, Larry, that you hit a nerve. I don’t have many apathetic friends becaue of my passionate views and beliefs that I refuse to abandon jsut to fit in with the crowd and not make waves.

  3. Wonder if the apathetic will awaken ” before ” or “after” the Constitution is replaced by the Koran.

    Larry, your passion shines through on this topic – keep it going, it is important.

    A glimmer of hope – heard that a recent Gallop poll found that there are more ‘declared ‘conservatives than there are ‘declared’ libs. I hope that it is correct, since it would be a welcome change. See, “hope” and “change” works for me !!

  4. Larry, you are a beacon of light shineing in a vast, dark wilderness. Since ACORN can post more fraud votes than the honest, conservative voters can cast, maybe something more than just voting may be called for. This entire nation needs to rise up in mass demonstrations and shout down the liberal politicians and press. Never forget what happened in Germany in the 1930’s and never make the mistake of beliveing it can’t happen here and now. Keep up the good work. Real Americans appreciate the effort.

  5. You make cogent points about the decline of this country. Not only are people like sheep, they are more often than that, moles blinking in the sunlight:

    No-one seems to have cared very much when Kennedy stated in a speech he gave at Yale in nineteen hundred-and-sixty-two: ‘Deficits don’t matter.’ Equally, people saw nothing ominous when ‘smoking prohibited’ notices began to appear in trains and public as well as private buildings. Now idiots of all kinds subscribe to the fiction of ‘global warming’ – and are unaware of the needless sacrifices – notably that of their individual sovereignty- that will be imposed upon them as the politicians encourage them in this belief.

    Rot often sets in quickly.

  6. Larry:

    Great article. It’s nice to have a pick me up. Reminds me of the fourth quarter of the game and we’re down by two and the coach gives us the game winning speech.

  7. This is some powerful Stuff!!!
    To everyone who thought the special about Obama was going to be on Hannity. It was taken off. Here are the segments. You better watch now before they are removed too.

    Yes, the program was not aired Sunday so it was googled and found the segments had been taken off of the internet as well. Wonder who did this? Who has more clout than FoxNews? Hmmmmm
    Wonder who blocked this? Is this our NEW Government “protecting” us? [More like protecting their own dirty little secrets !]

    Here are the 6 segments if they haven’t been removed before you get to them.

    Part 1 –

    Part 2 –

    Part 3 –

    Part 4 –

    Part 5 –

    Part 6 –

  8. Larry, I’ve been reading your blogs for sometime now and which to encourage you to continue the good work. This latest message eloquently describes what has been happening over the last several decades. I have been criticised many times for speaking out against the liberal agenda. I can assure you that I will continue to follow my convictions and can only hope and pray the ‘brainwashed’ and apathetic in our society will wake up before it is too late.

    God’s blessings to you!


  9. This is off the subject, but do you think anyone in the media with make the point that had the mayor that intervened in an assault and got beaten with a pipe had a concealed firearm the result of his intervention would have been a whole lot different? HUHHHHHHHHH?

  10. Apathy is the greatest enemy of freedom. It amazes me how many times that I see something that others shrug and say ‘so what?’ We need to gather together and say ‘enough and no more’. We Christians need to tell these atheistics demagogues in Washington that we will not allow our religeon, the one that founded this nation, to die any further.

    Whether we like it or not, we are at war with Islam, radical or otherwise. We have been for two thousand years, ever sinec they tried to wipe us out in the Third Century AD. Remember the Crusades were held to kick the Muslims out of Europe and keep em busy in their own backyard (sound familiar, folks?) While we preach peace, love and tolerance, they advocate bringing Islam to the masses either by forced assimilation or by the sword. While our soldiers quail at the thought of harming innocent bystanders, their operatives see killing men, women and children as their holy duty, with the reward of sixty virgins payable upon reaching Heaven. To anyone whom claims Christianity and Islam are morally equivalent consider their founders: Jesus was a carpenter and an orator (not even a community organizer), Mohammed was a brutal warlord whom slaughtered thousands by his own hand. Yet we are so apathetic in this country to pick up a history book and read this for ourselves.

    Because of apathy we have a socialist Kommissariat in the White House, pushing through a Stalinist Health Bill that would have Josef Mengele drooling with anticipation. That the political apparat is shocked in the reaction of the Protoletarian masses in understandable. By their reckoning we should have responded to this wonderous cure with the same idiomatic responses as Pavlov’s dogs.

    What we must understand is that Obamacare, or Emanual Care (as it is his political thought that spawned this travesty) will impact us in everyway. There will be panels whom will be watching over us, determining what and how much we eat, monitoring our weight and amount of exercise (pg 356-7 of the bill). They will have oversight in how we raise our children, and there’s the Death panels.

    Funny enough one of the Left’s biggest voting blocs will be among the first effected. Yes, there will be a ‘Gay Apocalypse’. Afterall, as gays and intravenous drug users are most likely to contract AIDS, those drug cocktails are so expensive, the Death panels will be forced to tell em to shut up and die, just save money. I guess we’ll find out then how all that Hope and Change has worked out for them.

    In the end, I can sum it up with: ye 52%, ye suckers.

  11. Larry,

    I’ve never heard or read this before but now is a favorite of mine also. Your words here are classic, my man, and it should be etched in stone.

    And from apathy to dependence to bondage, a free nation will be lost.

  12. Lord Byron said ” he who will not reason, is a bigot’ he who cannot, is a fool’ and he who dares not, is a slave.”
    Your articles should be forwarded to all people of reason that we know. We aren’t meant to be slaves, but apathy is heading us in that direction. Keep up the good work!

  13. “All it Takes for Evil to Triumph Is for Good Men to Do Nothing” Edmund Burke

  14. Here is what’s wrong with your suggestion to vote.

    If you and I agreed on exactly who is good and who is bad in Congress, and then if we could get every voter to agree with us, so what.

    The new boss would be just like the old boss.

    For example, Nancy Pelosi showed what she thinks of her constituents when she said ‘We have the votes and when this thing comes to the floor, we are going to make it happen. (Government run health care)
    This is spite of poll after poll that shows that a majority of Americans don’t want it.

    This was before she called anyone who speaks agains it, Nazis.

    OK, vote out that lousy Democrat and you get a ‘Republican’ like McCain, who is also a believer in big, ever growing, government.

    Also, Obama has appointed many ‘czars’ (I love that we have to borrow a term from the worst of Communist Russia), who answer to no one and can bot be voted out.

    I believe that the only answer is to work to shrink government.

    I recommend Downsize DC dot com.

    Thanks for reading


  15. blue state blues

    I’m with you Larry 100%. The overt protests have the Libs babbling. Just listen to the trash coming out of their mouths. They can’t deal with the confrontation. They are so used to us lying down. They had us convinced that tolerance was virtue. But, as Aristotle said, “tolerance is the last virtue of a dying culture”.

    We have shed the excessive tolerance that anaesthetised us and they don’t like it one bit. In fact, they can’t handle it.

  16. blue state blues

    ATTENTION- Prepare yourselves:

    Obama has fired up his dormant campaign organization. According to a good friend who knows some radical Obama supporters, they have reconvened their Focus Groups at the local level. Using their well organized conference call network, they have begun to distribute the new “narratives” and talking points. The primary narrative will employ ridicule and guilt as its core weapons. The narrative will center on the words “moral responsibility” to provide health care for the 47 million uninsured. They will be attacking Town Hall protesters, Republicans, Conservatives and, in general, all opposition, by insisting that we are morally deficient by opposing the Health Care Bill.

    Basically they are going to make the uninsured the cornerstone of the debate. By so doing the focus will be shifted from the most egregious aspects of the plan; Government Review Panels, Single Payer enslavement, rationed care, rationed treatment, insurance for illegals and increased taxes for all.

    MORAL RESPONSIBILITY will be the mantra. Coverage for 47 million (no matter how bogus that number is) will become their hammer to bludgeon opposition into submission by intimidation, ridicule and shame. After all, how can you possibly say no when to do so means that you are as cruel and cold as they want the uneducated to believe we are. I say “nuts” to them. Let’s turn the table again. Push back with the following bullet points and watch their lower lip quiver:

    1. The first moral responsibility for health care belongs to the families of the uninsured to provide the resource.

    2. The second moral responsibility belongs to charities and faith-based resources.

    3. The third and LAST responsibility rests with the taxpayer, through the government (and not necessarily the Federal Government) whereby TREATMENT, not insurance, is provided. Treatment through clinics and hospitals that provide taxpayer funded TREATMENT.

    The ridiculous notion that everyone is entitled to health insurance is maddening. Insurance is a luxury. If you don’t have insurance or you don’t want insurance, you simply pay as you go. You know; like the way it used to be. You got sick, you saw your doctor, and you paid on your way out. Imagine that! No insurance forms. No referrals. No pre-approvals. The doctors didn’t need a cast of administrators to process insurance claims and to reconcile payments. Half the cost of medical treatment is wrapped up in satisfying private and public requirements.

    Don’t surrender. And never give up. Take the battle to them and don’t be intimidated by their new MORAL narrative. I love when their lower lip starts to quiver right after they get verbally pummeled.

  17. Larry’s words ring so true and, ironically, like Rome the great nation of America wasn’t built in a day. Yet we are blind to learning from the history of Rome itself, as apathy of it’s citizens was instrumental in the destruction of the mightiest Empire in history.

  18. Outstanding article Larry, just outstanding.

    Blue State,

    Since when have the liberals EVER have a moral compass? Aren’t they more about any responsibility?

  19. Larry,
    One of your best, ever. Every word rings true, and I’m not saying that to kiss up. Apathy got us where we are today. The great majority of people in this country do not want to take the time to inform themselves of even the most basic of political issues. As long as they have food to shovel down their snouts and idiotic TV to distract them from their meaningless lives, they are happy. I stated before that I was an Anarchist when I first became politically involved. That was mainly in reaction to the realization that most of the people in the U.S. did not deserve freedom, and certainly were not up to handling the responsibilities a free people must be willing to accept. This was the ’70’s.
    I would like to believe I have matured some.
    Reagan, though not perfect, gave me a glimpse of the possibilities of responsible government. He bypassed congress and went straight to the American people, who responded.
    Now we are confronted with the Clueless Messiah, and his abominable minions. The American people need to wake up and realize that Pelosi, Waxman, Schumer, Durbin and their ilk are enemies of this Republic. I am not exaggerating. Their goal is total control of the life and choices of every man, woman, and child. I am wholly convinced that, if given half a chance, they would be every bit as totalitarian as the Soviets were and the Chinese are. I take that back- they would be worse than the Chinese. Exhibit 1: that contemptible Waxman’s not -so -subtle threats to the 52 insurance CO’s. I would reply I was sending the paperwork via snail-mail and chances are it will end up in Uranus(with any luck). He has no legal basis to demand this. He is just a sawed-off, extremely ugly little Chavez who believes he has been given free rein to run roughshod over our Constitution. It is past time to put him in his place, forever. Thank God the American public is beginning to show signs of shaking off their lethargy. They remind me perfectly of the King of Rohan while under the spell of Wormtongue.
    It tooh Gandalf to shake him up.
    You, Larry, Rush, Hannity and many others are playing that part. We need you, America needs you all. The stakes are almost beyond comprehension.
    Never give up, never give in, and never again.
    May God bless you and keep you.

  20. Sling,

    Great comment but as far as the anarchist awakening in you, give this thoguth a spin:

    Apathy gets the apathetic the government that they deserve..

    Just thought of it.. has a ring to it doesn’t it? Example number one: Obama.

    Thanks as always,


  21. Sling Blade and all,

    Is Waxman the dude who looks like a rat? It’s hard for me to tell what a liberal looks like, they all end up looking alike after a while, kind of like rats in a maze trying to find his cheese.

    I understand what you are saying but at this point in the game, I don’t think it’s all about total control of our lives, it’s more about destroying a political system, although it’s a bit flawed and there are those that believe they need to gather monetary funds to gain more power and control. Capitalism promotes success that can be gained by anyone; you don’t have to be an elite to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Money in their minds equal’s control. What I think and believe their end game is to destroy capitalism. There are those who abuses the capital system and uses others misfortunate. There are people like Bernie Madoff, Peter Lewis, Steven Bing, David Brock, Bill Gates, Rob Glaser, Mark Cuba, Rob McKay, The Rockefeller’s, Nancy and Bob Farese, Teresa Heinz-Kerry, Ann and Gordon Getty, Susie Tompkins Buell and Mark Buell, George Soros and his son Jonathan to name just a few of limousine liberals. Gee, they all vote for the liberal candidates, it really doesn’t matter what the candidate’s platform is, they automatically are on board.

    Destroy the economy, money and businesses until it no longer is recognized and replace it with their version of “fairness” giving them all the money and power to retain control. It is only them and their “liberal friends” that will succeed both in power and money. Destroy the economy and replace it with socialism; as he and Congress have already showed us what they are after. The more they take away from us the more aware the people have become. The tea parties, town halls and now the march on Washington, DC on 9/12 are just the beginning. If Obama and the Democrats in Congress push a Bill that 85-90% of Americans don’t want it in it’s present form. People who have never protested in their lives made the decision to speak out against a liberal power grab, have now become the majority against what Obama and Congress are doing. They can dismiss, degrade, and insult us all they want; it still doesn’t change what we have become because more people have realized the direction they are taking this Country and most don’t like it. If they push this Bill through Congress and those that signed it will need to update their resumes or make friends with a Lobbyist group.

    Those Vietnam protesters in the late 60’s and early 70’s have now become American patriots since 9/11. I think it’s interesting to see those Hollywood protesters from the 60’s and 70’s are now conservatives. Some have become outspoken Americans as they were in the 60/70’s people such as Dennis Hopper, Jon Voight come to mind. They both were standing right next to Jane and Peter Fonda at one time.

    But these latest groups of protesters aren’t like their processors. They were fairly respectful up until Obama called his liberal troops to go out and block the “right-wing” protesters. That’s when the violence started and they felt the need to end free speech, but only when it comes to the conservative right. We went toe-to-toe against them and generally won the debates and arguments because we brought facts and figures with us and the left brought their usual political liberal rhetoric.

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