Lost between the liberal cracks of deceit and diversion last week was the revelation that the Obama administration will be raising the ten year deficit outlook from their admitted seven trillion dollar total to nearly ten trillion dollars.. The mathematical dynamics and technicalities that have always illuded the Obama liberals right around tax time invariably confuses them when it comes to accepting the damage that they have done to the nation with their Marxist meddling.

The oily and evasive liberals are hard to pin down when it comes to their numerical insufficiencies. Back in April of this year, Depressed Secretary Robert “Chuckles” Gibbs said that, “Only in Washington, D.C. is one hundred million (dollars) not a lot of money. It is where I come from. It is where I grew up..” That being the case, where does goofy Gibbs stand on a monetary difference of at least two TRILLION dollars? (That’s just the difference between the perpetually spiraling Obama deficits, that’s not counting the TWENTY times larger deficit of Obama versus Bush..) Such fiscal discrepancies should have Assachusetts Representative Barney Frank asking Gibbs, “On what planet do you spend most of your time?”

Just a short time ago, the licentious liberals used to claim that one of the biggest problems that George Bush had was that he would not admit that he was wrong. Where would Obama fit into that paradigm with his “we inherited this mess” mantra whenever he and his acolytes are called to task for their ample failings, fascist flailings and their mathematical miscalculations?

Here is the latest example of this progressive puling pattern. According to the Reuters article, “Obama to raise 10-year deficit to $9 trillion”, “the new forecasts are based on new data that reflect how severe the economic downturn was in the late fall of last year and the winter of this year..” Mind you, this “statement” came from “the administration official who is familiar with the budget session review that is slated to be released next week..” Nineteen words wasted when this person’s name would do.. There is still so much anonymity within this “transparent” administration..

Lets suppose just to quiet the liberal zombies, that the previous typically anonymous statement is true, which is nothing more than just another wordier version of “we inherited this mess” as Obama and the excuse machine likes to say. I have a few points that I would like to bring up..

Firstly, as everyone knows, the liberals are all geniuses of the highest caliber. Their intellectual insight and mental power is far superior to that of other mortal beings. With such perspicacity always at the ready, why haven’t they done something to actually cure this problem other than to say that they “inherited” it? (Actually, wouldn’t it be a refreshing “change” for them to admit that they have significantly worsened the problem?)

Secondly, since the left is as averse to honesty as they are to hygiene, would it be in bad taste to point out to them that they have “inherited” this problem from themselves? They have “inherited” this from years of a liberally controlled House and Senate, the faux “economy” of Clinton and the meddling of Bathhouse Barney..

The same wizards who now have had to RAISE their ten year deficit projection will now “lower its deficit forecast for this fiscal year to 1.58 trillion from 1.84 trillion..” The same simpletons who are seeding the fiscal clouds with imaginary numbers are now telling us that there is a socialist silver lining right around the corner.. Rules to live by: you wouldn’t have left your daughter with the last liberal to invade the Oval Office, this time around I wouldn’t advise you to leave your checkbook or credit cards near the White House..

Reality isn’t of consequence to the liberals. “Obama, who has promised to halve the deficit by the end of his four-year term and likes to remind constituents he inherited a $1.3 trillion dollar deficit..” Again, lets assume that the liberal is correct in this statement that he so often repeats. How can he explain away his personal works that have taken that deficit and made it nearly ten times bigger?

When he says that he will “halve” the deficit, will that be the “half” of the Bush deficit or “half” of HIS OWN? If the Obama “creative mathematicians” amazingly “discover” that the deficit is somehow half a trillion dollars smaller, will he claim that he has “halved the Bush deficit” even though HIS total deficit is still at least five times larger than his predecessor’s? Those who swoon as they inhale the Obama communist cologne will not be concerned with these “inconvenient truths”..

“Many economists think it unlikely the government can curtail spending which means taxes would have to go up..” A liberal raising taxes? Who has ever heard of such a thing.. Brace yourselves, the “fog and phony” show will again be gussied up and perfumed for the gullible. Here we have the political equivalent of a television series “re-run” which was first made famous by the First Philanderer. At that time, the ceiling of “$200,000 a year” quickly fell to “140,000”, then to”115,000″, then to “40,000”.. These lies are being replicated by Obama LIE that he will “not raise taxes on Americans making less than $250,000 a year”, at which time the liberal “creative counting” will again come into play..

The Bush deficits, nearly ten times smaller than the Obama deficits, used to bring down howls of derision from the unwashed asses of the left. How about just a few choice quotes from Obama hack Rahm Emanuel relative to the deficits of the previous administration..

“Bush squandered a $236 billion dollar surplus, ran up record deficits and added nearly $4 trillion to the national debt. Mr. President, we will be forever in your debt..” (“Countdown to Crawford” latimes 06/28/2008) “The deficit is going to be a symbol of their credibility problem, and the budget is going to be the document we use..” (“Democrats will use deficits to attack Bush, GOP credibility” USAToday 02/21/2004) Shouldn’t Rahm have a better understanding of his own history and complicity in these crimes since he was not only a member of the House Budget Committee but he was also a “political aide” to Clinton and now he is the Chief of Staff to Obama?

Nancy Pelosi called the Bush budget and deficit “a hoax on the American people”. (“Congressional Democrats Criticize Bush Budget” VOANews 02/07/2005) As one of the 2009 “perpi-traitors” of “a hoax on the American people” that is TEN TIMES LARGER, where do you place yourself in this “Hall of Shame”, Madame Speaker?

When confronted by the stark realities of the uprisings that were taking place at the town hall forums that were supposed to grease the rails for the Obama “takeover” of health care, Democratic doppelganger Harry Reid held up some plastic grass and said, “I want you to see what Astroturf is.. This is not grassroots..” When it comes to the bogus Bolshevik, Obama and his artificial reality, I find it to be nothing more than “Afroturf”..


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  1. I am simply dumbfounded at the lack of push back by the Republicans when it comes to Dems blaming the Bush Administration for creating the current deficit spending. I recall that the Dems were in power for the last two years of Bush’s admin. Why is no one holding Pelosi’s feet to the fire and calling her out on that? If they dont like what they have – why did they create it in the first place?

  2. Margaret in CT

    Obama continues to behave like the “community organizer” that he is. He has no respect for other people’s money, nor does he care to keep track of how it’s used. He just wants to be certain that it’s thrown “out there” in the direction of the unproductive, to keep them unproductive. Liberals have a long history of putting programs in place to benefit the unproductive and failing to track their effectiveness—to wit, the public housing built in the Johnson years, now decayed and destroyed by the government’s failure to control the use of their own (our own) property.

    They seek to oversee our every move, but when it comes to their own programs, oversight is notable only by its absence. They offered no explanation of why car dealers were not receiving the money promised to underwrite trade-ins, many of them for people who can no more pay the remainder due on their new cars than they could afford the house that Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac handed to them earlier in the decade. Instead the cash that had already poured into the abyss was doubled, and this program, which Pelosi called “quite a remarkable piece of legislation (6/9/09 floor of the House of Representatives) kept rolling. I can’t imagine why they are stopping it on Monday. What has changed? Dealers are still “selling” cars, and the Feds are still sitting on the cash. That can go on forever, can’t it?

    Obama’s pie-in-the-sky approach to economics will cause a tax revolt among productive Americans. I’m cynical enough to believe that that’s just what he wants. Marxism thrives on chaos.

  3. The folks currently in charge of the nation don’t like anything at all about the nation that once was. They have a very different vision of America, one based on free stuff, not equal access to freedom.

    Life, Liberty and the right to individually define and pursue Happiness has been replaced with the right of some to take from others against their will, in the name of the greater common good, (spread the wealth) better defined as entitlement mentality.

    Liberals, the same people responsible for the many disasters surrounding every American household, were elected in 2006 and 2008 to fix what they broke. Instead of reversing course and placing their faith in the principles of freedom, they are installing more of the same failed entitlement policies that created the problem and they are doing so at a fever pace.

    I think these scum are doing so for their “socialist agenda.” I don’t believe they care whether they are elected again in 2010 or not. It is the agenda they must force through for their party’s future, not America’s, that concerns them.

    I believe it was “Bella” Pelosi that called the anti-health bill demonstrators, “astro-turf.” Kinda half to giggle over that as I notice her helmet slipping to the side when she first took power as Speaker. Three years later she is firmly leading the House with her helmet on backwards!

  4. Joe,

    As I recall, Pelosi was there with Reid. I believe that the quote came from Reid. It came from a Capitol hill press conference on August 7th.

    Pelosi could have used it on another occasion, they do have a habit of borrowing from one another..

    Thanks as always,


  5. Alabama Redneck

    As usual another great article. I have been ill as of late so have not been in contact with anyone.

    “Afroturf” LMAO over that one.

    Cannot believe there are no comments as of yet. Everyone must be on vacation.

    Still a loyal reader.


  6. It is not the swell of cash which the Left is demanding that we provide, but, the spreading and deepening pool of eligible Socialist voters which is floating this “progressive” boat into the mainstream of our nation.

    Keep asking, “But, who will pay for this?” and sooner rather than later the general population will “get” the fact that, “Why, you will of course.”

    Socialism begins with the “code” of redistribution from the wealthy, but soon becomes the redistribution of all from everyone. It is the natural progression from the Obama-inflicted chaos of “change” to the faulted homeostasis of collectivism.

    The handwriting is on the wall, but our vastly liberal controlled and failing education system has produced many who cannot read or spell. The “fuzzy math” which they have been taught leaves them incapable of counting on their fingers, choosing instead to grab and claw for wealth and security which they simply cannot obtain on their own.

    Funny, isn’t it, how “cash for clunkers” produced an uprecidented swell of sales, yet nobody deduced or stated clearly that a lowering of taxes or tort reform would produce the same results, multiplied greatly. That is the fault of ineffective Republican leadership.

    Want to lower the cost of healthcare? Lower the costs to all strata of healthcare providers by changing the laws which provide “windfall” profits to nobody but the lawyers. Want to lower the costs in manufacturing so light industry (and jobs) returns to our country? Change the laws which make it impossible for the best working force on the planet to compete on a global scale.

    Check the facts, people. We are members of an “industrialised” nation which no longer understands the basic principles of industry. We are said to have become a “service” oriented nation, yet the vast majority are not technically educated well enough to service their own debt and future, let alone provide for national stability. Education should be priority one unless you don’t want the masses to be educated.

    As this administrations faulty plans are beginning to show such gross instability, now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. To stop pointing fingers and start getting to the point.


  7. Alabama,

    Sorry to hear that you were under the weather.

    Hope that all is OK now.

    I wonder about the comments as well..

    It’s hit and miss, everyone has a life outside of the political musings on this site.

    I just appreciate anyone who takes the time to read and who takes the time to comment.

    Lets all send out our prayers to the Alabama Redneck.

    Thanks as always,


  8. beyond disgusted

    Passing the most radical socialist agenda is job one with this bunch. Have you noticed how extrordinarily arrogent they are, I mean even more so than usual? They act as if they have absolutely nothing to fear from the voters. One has to wonder why; I do, however, have my own suspicions.

    Eileen – thanks for the heads up on what the leftists are doing to Glenn Beck’s advertisers. I signed both petitions, and told Glenn to rock on. As I do not do business with any of the companies on the list, could one say that I’ve been boycotting them all along?

  9. Right on Larry…as always.
    Any family members who can make there way to Washington for the 9/12 March and Rally please come. Check it out, lots of good information and assistance.

  10. Larry,

    My last comment of, “I stand corrected”, didn’t make it into the column. I must have hit the Idiot button instead of the Submit button.

    The liberals natural mono-speak of smear/slander when in defense of their non-sensical “causes.” To me, they all sound the same color…Red.

  11. Alabama Redneck


    Thank you for the kind and thoughtfull comment. I do appreciate all the prayers of the family. I see my doctor tomorrow and hopefully will get some good news.

    Thanks to all of you. Will keep you posted.

  12. There isn’t going to be much left of our country when His Majesty gets through playing “Candy Man”. I can see why he was laughing to himself when he was interviewed by Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes a few months ago. Obama, not a stupid man in the usual sense, was unable to supress his amazement at the rank stupidity of those who voted him into office, including the dearly departed, multiple voters, bussed-in voters, illegal alien voters and other foreigners of interest. The seeds of our own destruction have been planted. Thanks, Clinton, W and Obama. We are currently hosting millions of illegals, who knows how many terrorist cell members – waiting for the word – and bucket loads of non-producers with their hands out looking for a continuing free ride through life, courtesy of all of the rest of us. This can’t go on indefinitely, folks. There will eventually be an end to it. The next few weeks are going to be decisive. We’ll need to keep our collective eyes and ears open.

  13. Larry,

    “Afroturf” and Obama in the same sentence ! Look for the lib idiots to call you a ‘racist’ 🙂

    Trillions of dollars in debt doesn’t seem to bother these idiots – because it is “free money”, and the supply is endless, so they seem to believe. Makes you wonder if they are even remotely aware of the meaning of the word “budget”.

    Since their “cash for clunkers ” brainstorm was soooooo succesful, they plan to give 2 Billion to the company that plans to drill for oil off the coast of Brazil. A company that is owned by lib puppeteer George Soros. Can you say “payback” ??

    When will this crap end ?

  14. Still loving the “Afroturf”! HooRay for Larry. I have heard two different arguments regarding a third party. The first and most often heard, is the Republicans have abdicated their place in politics. And to some extent, I agree with this, in they will not come out and say, “We blew it, we’re sorry, and it won’t happen again.” They seem to be cowering, trying to avoid the limelight. I think they need to get voice and start telling it like it is, and stop quivering like a scared puppy.

    The second argument is a third party at this time would only split the available votes into three camps and the Demons would have the majority because of their tactics and willful voting abuse. I still refuse to financially support the Republicans when I don’t know what they stand for and what their plans are for the future. Why can’t we get a map from them to see where we go from here? We all know where the Demons are taking us, and we don’t want to go. So we need a leader to step up and BOLDLY proclaim a mutual direction. Many are talking about Mitt, and since he is familiar with growing businesses and budgeting matters, he needs to be considered somewhere in the near future to get us out of this debt pit.

    Eileen, I also thank you for your heads up regarding Glenn Beck. I really enjoy his show and his use of his chalkboards, whiteboards and charts which clear the mist of double talk. My son-in-law had the privilege of being his pilot on one occasion and told me Mr. Beck is a very down to earth kind of guy and pleasant to talk with. (He let Glenn sit in the co-pilot seat so they were talking on headphones.) I have contacted a couple of the companies involved and they immediately sent me their standard “pest reply letter.” I printed the list and refer to it when shopping!

    Thanks, Larry, for keeping the flame going. Never give in, never give up and never again!

  15. I’m so sick of hearing the liberal mantra ” we inherited this mess”. We, THE PEOPLE “, inherited this mess”. The democrats and the republicans together caused it and continue to make it worse.

    It’ s time to get the brooms and clean out the House and the Senate. Let’s clean out the State and local governments as well.

    Never give up, never give in, never again.

    Get mad, stay mad and get even.

  16. JJ:

    “they plan to give 2 Billion to the company that plans to drill for oil off the coast of Brazil. A company that is owned by lib puppeteer George Soros. Can you say “payback” ??”

    I think you have given me the answer as to why David Goldman can’t get his son Sean back from Brazil. The boy is being used as pawn. Can you say”Let’s make a Deal?”

    If you don’t know about the case, here’s a link regarding it:

  17. Sheesh!
    “Brilliant” Obama “The Predicter” predicted that our deficit would ONLY be $7 trillion, but now we hear $9 (NINE!) Trillion!
    They’re GUESSING at this stuff.
    BTW- that’s an error of about 30%.
    Remember when Binger Biden said there was a “30% chance” they could “get this wrong”?
    Amazing! The “brilliant” One was ALL WRONG, and the DRUNK nailed it.


    PS – Teddie died from brain cancer?
    Dang, I didn’t know…..
    I would’ve thought you had to have a brain first.
    Rot in hell you Socialist bastard!

  18. Obama inherited hundreds of billions in debt.
    OBAMA is making it THOUSANDS of billions.
    to the non-math-inclined, a “trillion” is a thousand billion.

    heh heh hehh

  19. Speaking of Joe ‘Absolut genius ” Biden – where is he hiding these days. Also absent from the scene, are the Clintons. Especially since the passing of Teddy, I expected some comments from all of the above.

    Since there have been many questions regarding the racial mix of the ‘liar in chief ‘, Chris ‘hardball’ Matthews has given us a clue, by saying that BHO is the “last of the Kennedy brothers”, and the new torch bearer. Do you suppose he got a ‘ tingle ‘ up his leg when he said that ? And it brings up several questions, including :
    1. Has anyone ever seen BHO playing touch football ( we know he can’t even throw a baseball )
    2. Has anyone ever seen him sail a boat ( his hair isn’t long enough to blow in the wind)
    3. Where is the New England accent ?
    4. Where are the ‘preppy clothes’ ?
    5. Are there any extra marital affairs ?

    Perhaps ‘hardball’ got this one wrong !!

  20. As near as I can tell, EVERYTHING these socialists do is either a power grab or an attempt to distract us from seeing the power grab!
    At this point, even if we manage to remove every socialist in the government (federal all the way to local) it will still take several years to straighten out the mess created by the Dense-o-crats and “The One!” I am not sure we could repair all the damage even if we had an armed revolt and returned to the original Constitution!
    By the way, I think these morons calling the grassroots movements “astroturf” is just an ill-concealed attempt to deny the truth and convince the ignorant masses that we are only on the fringe and not the actual mainstream.

  21. the “tingle up his leg” has moved up his ASS.

    “where is everybody”?
    Well, first they have to detach Obama’s ass from their lips before they can form complete sentences.
    (I’m still taking bets on how long it is before Michelle Obama says, “…you white people”.
    Talk about someone with a muzzle.
    Where has she been.
    Thought: is ObamaCare going to be forced on the first lady (number one ho)?
    Is SHE going to have to get down to GOVERNMENT acceptable weight standards?
    I’m not being mean! I’ve seen her stomp across a stage.
    I’ve the videos of her…walking AWAY from the camera.

    Chris “handles-balls” Matthews is busy visually inspecting the upper regions of Obama’s rectal cavity.

    Obama could still be a “Kennedy”.
    The gay Kennedy that the family doesn’t talk about.
    The “half-black” Kennedy from Rose Kennedy’s night with the groundskeeper.


  22. Larry, I just noticed another solicitation for columnists at They say they are looking for articles for possible publication, so it can’t hurt to send them one.

  23. Cant turn on the TV any more today – I’ve had enough of the “Remembering Ted Kennedy” BS for this week.

    Will someone let me know when its safe to go back to the boob tube or if you see any programs called “Forgetting Ted Kennedy”. That I will watch happily. Show me one other family, one other Senator who has done as much damage to America as that blowhard ranter.

  24. Is Michael Jackson still dead, or did he get better?

    Yes, yes, I’m sure we’ll have a month reliving “Camelot” (came-a-lot).
    But then we can get back to the critical issues of kissing Obama’s ass, and FINDING Michael Jackson’s ass (it fell off during the autopsy).

    Kennedy actually died on Monday, but it took a couple days to peel his lips off Obama’s ass.

    I wonder how long Teddie would have lasted on ObamaCare from diagnosis-to-death?
    Given his old age, huge gluttonous ass, smoking, drinking, and oh, the brain tumor?
    Sorry Teddie, you’re not worth any more of our money.
    HEY!? Maybe there ARE times when we pull the plug!? Deny treatment!? Discuss “end of life” options!?


  25. Richard,

    Thanks again for the heads up..

    The last fella that you sent me to thought that my articles were too long and that he didn’t see the need for things like “nonsensical nitwits”..

    My thought was that he is the publisher, cut it down and cut what you want, the publisher at
    All Right Magazine clips me all the time, even retitling my latest “Castroturf”..

    I sent something to him, we shall see..

    Thank you again for looking out for me.


  26. Are any of you getting as nauseous as I am at the praise over a fallen comrade? It’s taking everything I have to keep my supper from coming up. I don’t know if I told you I had to do a journalistic story in college for my mandatory Journalism class. We were given an assignment to write and create hard hitting stories for the semester. The assignment were investigative story, a profile, a fluff piece and I don’t remember what the others were. I chose to do one on Kennedy and dug up the backyard on what I found about the facts of Mary Jo’s death. It ended up being about 10 (typewritten) pages and ended up getting a A+ for that paper and a A in the class for the semester. She was the one who told me to be a writer/journalist. The paper was entitled Why Should She Died while He Continues to Live the Life of Prosperity?

    The only angel Teddy resembles is the antichrist. He was a sanctimonious blowhard and his dreams of fulfilling his brothers presidential hopes and dreams drove off a peer where the ferry shuttled the crowds to and from the main land to Martha’s Vineyard. After the “accident” he tried to play the victim, all the while his friends, lawyer and cousin Joe Gargan tried to sober him up enough to give a coherent police statement/accident report. He even asked him to say that it was Joe who put the car and Mary Jo into the drink. The autopsy showed that she was alive for at least an hour because there had been a pocket of air for her to breathe. She was struck or pinned to the car and had limited movement. That murderous liberal jerk allowed her to die he left her there for 10 hours before finally reporting the accident. Those 10 hours were to sober him up and to come up with a logical/believable story of what had happened. He wanted her to die because he thought the realization of the circumstances of her life and why and how she ended up in a car at the Nantucket shoreline. We all wonder why a Catholic would be a proponent of abortion and a woman’s right to Chose, to get rid of the evidence.

    He saw his Presidential dreams sinking to the bottom of the shoreline along with Mary Jo’s body.

    His wife Joan. Kennedy, though pregnant and confined to bed in the wake of two previous miscarriages, attended the funeral of Kopechne and stood beside her husband in court three days later, as he pled guilty to having left the scene of an accident. She suffered a third miscarriage shortly thereafter.

    He drove his wife Joan, who became an alcoholic because she couldn’t live the lie that they were a happy family. She was miserable and unhappy.

    January 1970, an inquest into Kopechne’s death took place in Edgartown, Massachusetts. At the request of Kennedy’s lawyers, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ordered the inquest be conducted in secret. The presiding judge, James A. Boyle, concluded that some aspects of Kennedy’s story of that night were not true, and that “negligent driving appears to have contributed to the death of Mary Jo Kopechne.” A grand jury on Martha’s Vineyard staged a two-day investigation in April 1970 but issued no indictment, after which Boyle made his inquest report public. Kennedy deemed its conclusions “not justified.” Doubts about the Chappaquiddick incident generated a large number of articles and books over the next several years.

    The liberal press hailed him a hero for not only taking on the burden of a substitute father for the 13 neices and nephews who were without their fathers. He had a mentally ill wife, he had so many burdens that fell upon him. The pressure became too much and he started to drink, and a lot.

    When Kennedy and his chauffeur drove off the Dyke Bridge ferry they brought with them cases of vodka, Scotch, rum, and a couple of cases of beer. There is no way to know how drunk he was since the evidence was removed and destroyed from that cottage during that 10 hour delay of informing the police regarding his “accident.”

    The entire time he was on the island that day, his assigned chauffeur drove everywhere. He was three sheets to the wind when he got behind the wheel of his car. There were discrepencies about the hour they left, he claimed in his police statement they left the cottage at 11:15 pm, but an cop who was brought to the island just for the regatta, who testified that he saw the car with a young girl and a man driving. He decided to check to see if they were alright and as soon as he got close to the car, they took off throwing sand into the air. He testified that the time was 12:15 or twelve thirty. Having lived in that area most of his life he knew when the last ferry left for the night, which was close to 6 hours ago.

    But Kennedy wanted to return to his hotel and asked his chauffeur for the car keys. The senator said he was tired and wanted to return to his hotel on the last ferry (which was already long gone. He said he would drive Kopechne back to Edgartown, too, because she’d had too much sun and wasn’t feeling well.

    His request was unusual. The senator rarely drove himself anywhere, in Washington or Massachusetts. And his departure left behind one car for 10 people, most of them planning to return that night to rooms in Edgartown.

    Mary Jo’s alcohol level wasn’t too high, something like .08 which for a Kennedy would light drinking. I don’t know what the equivalent would be in number of drinks. The Kennedy clan greased a few palms and played it off as just a accident. The bun in her oven was the reason for her demised. Her friends said she had confronted him that night about her pregnancy and said she would go to the press and his wife about their affairs and Joseph Sr. Always taught his sons to get a little on the side. He never told them or explained what to do when they knock one up.

    But the pair’s sudden departure caused hardly a ripple with the remaining 10 guest so if Teddy was really being truthful, then why hadn’t she taken her bag and hotel keys. Kopechne told no one she was ill, or that she was leaving, her friends said. She left behind her purse and the key to her hotel room. Looks like they had a chat about their sudden circumstance they found themselves in. He claimed he was confused and disordinated but he managed to swim to safety and made 17 calls to family, associates and friends. I don’t think those calls were about “how you doin’?

    The one thing that I thought was strange was his story never changed over the 40 year years. Everything that was described never changed. It was no long what happened and more about sticking to the script that was planned during those 10 hours. He told his heroic story claiming to try and get her out of the wreckage. As he stated he went to go get help, but walked right past houses that had occupants in them. So obviously he was looking for a different kind of help. Back at the cottage, spent and soaking wet, Kennedy collapsed in the one remaining car parked outside the cottage. Then he called for Gargan and Markham, both lawyers, to help him.

    There was no phone in the cottage, but there were houses nearby and a volunteer fire station with an alarm. The three men never paused, though, as they raced to the pond. Kennedy’s cousin Joe Gargan explain later, during the grand jury inquist in court, Gargan tried to explain why.

    “I felt there was only one thing to do and that was to get into the car and as quickly as possible, because I knew if I did not there wasn’t a chance in the world of saving Mary Jo life,” he said. At the bridge, Gargan and Markham said, they stripped off their clothes and dove in, (another odd thing removing their clothes seemed more important then rescuing a drowning female) but the current kept them from Kopechne (again there would not be a tide or current in a pond). “When we failed in that . . . I didn’t think that there was anything more that could be done,” Gargan said. Thank goodness he was a lawyer and not a doctor. The autopsy revealed that she had been a live for at least an hour, breathing in an air pocket in the car from the true heroes who drove in to retrieve her body it had sunk deeper into the pond/marshes grass. So, that means when they returned she was still alive so don’t you think they would have said that in their statements, we saw her and she was alive but the tide was too strong? But the area that the car went down was a POND, ponds are generally unmoving stationary water, no tides, no current. Their statements don’t make much sense, then why the 17 phone calls? If they had already gone to the spot to try to help her then why did Kennedy’s first phone call was to the same man who dove in the pond to get her out of the car? Why didn’t any of them yell for help, there were houses nearby where one of them could have screamed for help to the home owners.
    Another thing also was Gargan drove to the ferry landing — steps from a working payphone. The night was still, the narrow inlet calm as glass. Why walk past the telephone and not call for help? Kennedy began making phone calls to his lawyer friends. Two fishermen, meanwhile, had spotted the car in the pond. By the time the senator made it to the police station, about 10 am, Kopechne’s body had already been recovered. Edgartown Police Chief Dominick Arena returned from the bridge to his office to find Kennedy there making phone calls. Arena asked for a statement. Kennedy complied, writing 230 words with Markham’s help. He did not mention the party or Gargan’s and Markham’s rescue attempts. He left out Kopechne’s last name because he could not spell it. And he brushed aside the 10-hour delay in reporting the crash.
    He had stated that “When I fully realized what had happened this morning,” he wrote, “I immediately contacted the police (right after calling his lawyers)” In spite of the gaps, Arena asked no questions. Which is also very odd. When you are dealing a crime scene, even if you don’t realize the truth to obtain and collect the most physical evidence to determine cause of death. It was too late to determine how much Kennedy had been drinking. By midday, Kennedy was on his way to the airport.
    His advisers were assembling in Hyannis Port. They included lawyers, speechwriters, strategists, and friends: Richard Goodwin and Ted Sorensen; Milton Gwirtzman, David Burke and Burke Marshall; brother-in-law Stephen Smith; congressmen John Culver and John Tunney.
    K. Dun Gifford, a former Robert Kennedy aide who had overseen the campaign “boiler room,” was sent to escort Kopechne’s body to Pennsylvania. He denies the allegation, made repeatedly over the years, that he rushed the body off the island to avoid an autopsy.
    More confounding, a sheriff’s deputy named Huck Look had contradicted Kennedy statements. Coming home that night through the Dyke Road intersection, Look said, he had seen a car like Kennedy’s, with a man and woman inside and a similar plate number, at 12:45 am. – an hour and a half after Kennedy said the accident happened and 45 minutes after the last scheduled ferry.
    The medical examiner declared Kopechne’s cause of death was drowning and saw no need for an autopsy. The district attorney kept his distance. The police chief prepared the only charge he believed he could make: leaving the scene of an accident, a misdemeanor punishable by two months in prison.
    The inquest into Kopechne’s death took place in Edgartown, Massachusetts, in January, 1970. At the request of Kennedy’s lawyers, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ordered the inquest be conducted in secret. The presiding judge, James A. Boyle, concluded that some aspects of Kennedy’s story of that night were not true (no shit Sherlock), and that “negligent driving appears to have contributed to the death of Mary Jo Kopechne.” A grand jury on Martha’s Vineyard staged a two-day investigation in April 1970 but issued no indictment, after which Boyle made his inquest report public. Kennedy deemed its conclusions “not justified.” Doubts about the Chappaquiddick incident generated a large number of articles and books over the next several years.

    The death of Mary Jo Kopechne have caused nearly as much uncertainty as Edward Kennedy’s own partial explanations of the accident that killed her. At first, there was almost total reluctance in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., to press the inquiry. Kennedy’s plea of guilty to a charge of leaving the scene of an accident seemed to end the legalities. Now, at least one more chapter in the tortured proceeding is assured.

    Exactly 21 days after Kennedy’s Car plunged off the narrow Dyke Bridge on Chappaquiddick Island, District Attorney Edmund Dinis and District Court Judge James Boyle met that week to resolve procedural confusion over whether or not to hold a belated inquest. The conference ended with Boyle’s announcement that an inquest would be convened in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard, on Sept. 3. At the same time, Dinis continued his efforts to have Mary Jo’s body exhumed so that an legal autopsy could be conducted.
    Dinis’ role in the investigation has been at best inconsistent. A flamboyantly aggressive lawyer and ambitious Democratic politician, Dinis has had cool relations with the Kennedy’s. They have declined to help him in his campaigns for higher office. Yet initially he remained aloof from the case, even declining to order an “legal” autopsy when the body was still in his legal jurisdiction. He made no move for an inquest or thorough investigation while witnesses were still in easy reach. Official curiosity overcame Dinis only after the press (wow there was a time when they demand answers) demanded more information and a national mood of skepticism about the whole affair put both Kennedy and the authorities on the defensive. Even now, it is questionable how thorough the inquest was and there are those who think they didn’t drill too deep. At week’s end, Dinis said he had “no intention at this time” of calling Kennedy to testify—although Kennedy obviously knows more about what happened than anyone else. Edgartown Police Chief Dominick Arena was making arrangements anyhow to provide police protection in case Kennedy is called. When reminded of Dinis’ statement that Kennedy would not be summoned, Arena remarked: “That’s what he said today. But if you know that guy [Dinis], you know why we have to arrange for every possibility.”
    An inquest might determine at what time Kennedy and Mary Jo left the Chappaquiddick party and how much they had had to drink. But it is problematic whether such a hearing could legally consider some of the larger lacunae in Kennedy’s account. Why did Gargan and Markham not report the accident and why did they permit Kennedy, clothed and presumably dazed, to plunge into the channel to swim from Chappaquiddick to Martha’s Vineyard (was there a triathlon)? Was Kennedy trying to establish an alibi when he appeared fully and dryly clothed before a hotel man in Edgartown and pointedly asked the time? (It was 2:25 am.)

    I remember reading an article about the member of the grand jury who were frustrated with Judge Boyle. Some lawyers argue that an inquest could not be held without an “official legal “autopsy on Mary Jo Kopechne’s body, since presumably the medical cause of death must be established before legal cause of death is considered. Yet, Mary Jo’s parents, while agreeing that an inquest might be helpful, bitterly opposed an autopsy. Said Mrs. Joseph Kopechne: “No one is going to disturb my baby.” Since Mary Jo is now buried near her home town of Plymouth, Pa., Dinis will have to persuade the Dukes County District Court to request the Luzerne County, Pa., court to order exhumation and an autopsy. By Pennsylvania law, autopsies can be performed, even against the wishes of “near relatives,” if there is suspicion of a serious crime. What could an autopsy prove now, weeks after her death? It could disclose whether or not Mary Jo was pregnant, though probably not whether she had had sexual intercourse in the hours before she died. Judging from her character, however, those matters are unlikely to be a consideration. An autopsy could determine more firmly whether she died by drowning or some other cause. It could not establish whether she had remained alive for a time, breathing in an air pocket, after the Kennedy car sank to the bottom of the saltwater pond.

    The purpose of the inquest was to determine whether there was sufficient evidence to bring any charges against the Senator other than the one to which he had already pleaded guilty too: leaving the scene of an accident. That is a misdemeanor, for which he was given a suspended sentence of two months in jail. The only other possible crimes arising out of the accident are manslaughter, a felony that requires proof of “wanton or reckless conduct”; drunken driving, a misdemeanor; and “driving to endanger,” another misdemeanor under an unusual Massachusetts law that calls for evidence of a “negligent attitude.” The inquest thus necessarily centered upon whether Kennedy was negligent in not seeking help sooner to rescue Miss Kopechne, whether he had made a serious effort of his own to save her, the manner in which he drove his car that night, and how many alcoholic drinks he had at the cookout preceding the death.

    Markham and Gargan testified that they were astonished when Kennedy suddenly jumped into the water and swam toward Edgartown. They watched until he safely reached the opposite shore, and assumed that he would then go directly to police headquarters. Kennedy apparently went instead to the Shire-town Inn, where he was staying, changed his clothes, complained of a noisy party to the night manager and returned to his room. He was fairly calm considering what had just transpired only hours prior to his statements to the police. Markham and Gargan spent the night at the cottage where the twelve members of the Kennedy party had held their cookout. In the morning, Markham took the ferry, went to Kennedy’s room and learned that the Senator had not yet called the police. The two returned to pick up Gargan, tried to reach Attorney Burke Marshall by telephone for advice, and then went to the police station in Edgartown. By then, the car had been found and the police were looking for Kennedy.
    The five women who had attended the cookout, all workers in Senator Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign, were the final witnesses at the inquest. They were presumably questioned about both the degree of drinking at the party and the time at which Kennedy and Mary Jo left the cottage. There was no indication of what they said, but all emerged looking relieved, some smiling. Kennedy testified that he had consumed only two drinks at the cookout, both rum and Coca-Colas, which would hardly be intoxicating when combined with dinner.

    Other witnesses included Associate Medical Examiner Donald Mills, who said that he had repeated earlier public testimony that Mary Jo’s death was due solely to drowning. Scuba Diver John Farrar told of how he recovered Miss Kopechne’s body, but was not permitted to expound on his theory that Mary Jo could have lived for some time by breathing from an air pocket at the rear of the overturned car. Deputy Sheriff Huck Look was asked about the black car with at least two people in it that he had seen near Dyke Bridge about an hour after Kennedy said the accident had occurred.

    I don’t recall all the facts regarding the inquest, there was something fishy going on but I don’t recall what it was. But the judge had told them to dismiss important evidence that many questioned why and felt was important. After going through the evident that was before them. They were order to never discussed the facts of the case ever. Before they left to discuss the facts of the case, the Judge gave them only three options to charge Kennedy. manslaughter, perjury or “driving to endanger,” a traffic offense that is generally combined with other charges, notably drunken driving. Citing a ruling by the state’s Supreme Judicial Court, the judge denied the jurors’ request for a look at the transcript of the January inquest into the accident. The inquest suddenly was stopped without any explanations to the public or the jurors. Presiding Justice James Boyle, told the jurors there was not enough evidence to indict Kennedy on any of the charges. The jurors themselves made no move to call anyone involved in the events surrounding the accident; four new witnesses, who testified for less than 20 minutes in all, provided nothing useful in the way of evidence. Suddenly, all chargers were dropped. Someone was paid off or suddenly came into money.

    Mary Jo deserved batter treatment. She can now rest easy knowing which direction he was headed towards and I don’t think it was north

  27. Arthur Nankervis

    G’day Larry,

    Again, nothing much to do but sit back and read about Afroturf, the Assachusetts pervert and the assorted drongos presumably running the country.

    Glancing to the right of the page and seeing “Bug-A-Boo-Hoo” as a “Thought of the Day” and playing on the word ‘bugger’, one is again reminded of Barney. I like the ring to that.

    At the moment, there is a plethora of subjects to write on, as with every passing day, Obama and his administration seem to add fuel to the fires that hopefully, will consume him / them. What I am amazed at is that all the pollies have gone home on leave (as if they needed the break) and either living it up, hiding out, or attending town hall meetings are getting their arse shot off. I’m sure Obama has left instructions to the rearguard to keep stoking the fires of malcontent with the aim of in the bomb on his return, or so he hopes. Surely this extended break must be a lesson to all politicians that the country functions in every capacity without them, the milk is delivered, the power grid is still up and running, the transport systems still arrive and depart on time, etc., etc. Just as when the Thai government was closed down for months on end, the nation still functioned as normal (except for the loss to tourism and related industries). The two major political parties took turns at turning out in their thousands, shutting down Parliament and actually causing the overthrow of an elected government. But, the majority of citizens continue to work as normal and everyone survived – with no input from the politician class.

    Would I be called a racist in making the comment that from all the video footage that is available for all to see and with few exceptions, I have not seen anything constructive or intelligent being done or put forward by any African American. I know there is intelligent life out there amongst them (somewhere) as I am a great admirer of Alan Keyes (2008 Presidential Candidate) and others. After viewing the contents at: I bet you blokes would be saying “Oh for a now-defunct ‘White Australia policy” Like it or not, once you have turfed Obama and his weak kneed, guilt ridden, white wankers out of Washington, fumigated the White House and sent the repair bill to the DNC, you had better keep your armies intact, as the next battle will be race and or religion.

    Larry: I have given the Cobber a scratch behind the ear as you requested. I keep it simple and try not to dwell too near the Viagra bone as it tends to start the lad into trying to kickstart the Harley. Heaven forbid when he is promoted to the level of Spaceshuttle Commander, powers up the Ares 1 and its ‘All Systems Go’.

    I recently viewed a pre election video of Bill O’Reilly with Dennis Miller and here is how the ‘Miller Man’ went about putting Obama straight: “Hey Barack! I’m not afraid of you, but you are geting tedious my friend. Now look, you show that you’re just a politician like any other, you went back on that public funding promise more quickly than a Chinese acrobat checking himself for cellulite.” Like that!


  28. Well, it looks like the commie clown is going to sic his communist agitators (aka college students) on all of us troublesome right wing terrorists. It’s so nice to know that parents and taxpayers hard money is going to train these idiots. According to the article in the following link:

    “President Obama’s army of citizen volunteers is now actively recruiting college students in states across the country to “build support for President Obama’s agenda” – and earn college credit while advocating for “change.”

    Isn’t education wonderful? I can hardly wait until one of these lefties shows up and knocks on my door. Heh, heh heh. My welcome mat is not out and the no trespassing signs have been up for ages.

  29. Sorry, “hard money” should have read “hard earned money.

  30. there are always the “coom-bye-yah” people in every group, including the Conservatives.
    But, I have to ask, in light of everything this Liar-in-Thief is doing, does anyone, ANYONE, doubt there is a civil war coming??

    We keep hearing “respect the office”, but let me ask you something,
    If Adolf Hitler was sitting in the White House, how much “respect” would you be showing?

    Guess what?
    Adolf’s illigitimate son is in the White House.

    “It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter.
    Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace– but there is no peace.
    The war is actually begun!
    The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms!
    Our brethren are already in the field!
    Why stand we here idle?
    What is it that gentlemen wish?
    What would they have?
    Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?
    Forbid it, Almighty God!
    I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death! ”

    Lock ‘n Load!

  31. I stand with Stitch. I think its inevitable there will be some sort of insurection to save the freedoms we have and others have given their lives for.

    Its clear that these America haters if they have their way will emasculate America.

    Give me liberty or give me death – gladly.

  32. Arthur,

    I absolutely LOVE Dennis Miller. That man has a fast mind full of quips and putdowns. He’s been my favorite comedian since his weekly HBO Show started. When I first started watching him I thought he was another SNL liberal, but he wasn’t which shocked me at first. Toward the end of his show, he would show an image and create a line regarding what he though they were doing. He truly hated the Clinton’s and Gore and his animosity and antagonism showed through very quickly. He is an intellectual virtuoso on the comedy stage, Lorne Michael’s barely used him which was a shame. His mind is so quick that if a line failed to garner a chuckle he had a line of hum-dingers waiting on the sidelines.

    I really wish that he was back on tv, but I’m grateful that Bill O’Reilly uses his talents. I wish we got his radio program here, I would be a fateful and devoted fan.

  33. Alabama Redneck


    Count me in.

    The SOUTH will rise again and we take no prisioners.

    I use proprty signs now…



    Never give up, Never give in and never again.

  34. Alabama Redneck


    Here in some 411 you may have overlooked in your research of the fallen lion of the senate. This is a cut & past from Human Events:

    One of the documents, a KGB report to bosses in the Soviet Communist Party Central Committee, revealed that “In 1978, American Sen. Edward Kennedy requested the assistance of the KGB to establish a relationship” between the Soviet apparatus and a firm owned by former Sen. John Tunney (D-Ca.). KGB recommended that they be permitted to do this because Tunney’s firm was already connected with a KGB agent in France named David Karr. This document was found by the knowledgeable Russian journalist Yevgenia Albats and published in Moscow’s Izvestia in June 1992.

    Another KGB report to their bosses revealed that on March 5, 1980, John Tunney met with the KGB in Moscow on behalf of Sen. Kennedy. Tunney expressed Kennedy’s opinion that “nonsense about ‘the Soviet military threat’ and Soviet ambitions for military expansion in the Persian Gulf… was being fueled by [President Jimmy] Carter, [National Security Advisor Zbigniew] Brzezinski, the Pentagon and the military industrial complex.”

    Kennedy offered to speak out against President Carter on Afghanistan. Shortly thereafter he made public speeches opposing President Carter on this issue. This document was found in KGB archives by Vasiliy Mitrokhin, a courageous KGB officer, who copied documents from the files and then defected to the West. He wrote about this document in a February 2002 paper on Afghanistan that he released through the Cold War International History Project of the Woodrow Wilson Center.

    Kennedy also had contact with Andropov when Reagan was president. Subject material was related to Reagans nuclear policy in Europe among other things. He (Kennedy) wanted Soviet help to defeat Reagan in 1984.

    This scumbag was/is no patriot. Like all liberal bottom feeders it is all about raw power.

    Didanyone watch Glen Beck Today??

    More reason to stock up on guns and ammo.

    Never give up, never give in and never again.

  35. Alabama,

    How are you feeling?

    Is all well?

    Thanks as always,


  36. Alabama Redneck


    Thank you for your concern. I saw my doctor last Tuesday. Was having fears of prostrate cancer.. Examination and test ruled that out. God is good. Turned out to be an infestion and aiti-biotics have taken very good care of my situation. I am currently fine and able to take care of my wife again. (she is an invalid) Again, Thank you for your concern and prayers.

  37. Alabama Redneck

    Has any one seen this???

    Black man telling it like it is.

  38. Eileen-

    10am to 1pm est, daily

    You can also go to WIND AM 560 on the internet and catch it daily, along with some other great talk radio.


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