A Five Alarm Fire

According to “Under fire, Obama shifts strategy” (Politico) “White House officials say they are looking forward to ‘a break from the August break’”.. You can really tell when a government is out of gas and is leaking oil as well when they screw up worse when they are at home and out of sight as opposed to when they polluting the environment of Washington.. Obama “under fire”? This has quickly turned into a veritable five-alarm fire of an administration. This communist caliphate will end up doing more damage than the Chicago fire of 1871.. Lets just say that Obama is the Bolshevik bovine equivalent of Mrs. O’Leary’s cow..

The liberals are all askance, bumping into each other in a comical and whimsical manner as they entertain the world with their “Demokratic Demolition Derby”. They are trying to formulate yet another “new strategy” relative to their War on America and its latest fascist flanking move code named “Mengele Medicine 2009”. Now they say that they are going to be “specifying” what they want to see.. When the liberals start talking about “specifics”, prepare yourself as they will do nothing more than blow the socialist sands of diversion and deception into your eyes..

This idiotic inferno is really beginning to heat up as the liberal bottom feeders and mendicants are all starting to make their own “demands” of their Messiah. Those representatives who sing the socialist song for their supper have begun to dance and undulate in answer to the bleating of the handout crowd that placed them at the liberal tax trough. “House leaders have said their members will demand the inclusion of a public option, Obama has no plans to insist on it himself..” Here we find the root cause of the Obama “problems” regardless of the political topic that you choose, “no plans”.. The half-wit honeymoon is way over and Obama has tethered himself to an “issue” that no one will ever agree upon..

Obama propaganda minister David Axelrod said, “We’re entering a new season. It’s time to synthesize and harmonize these strands and get this done..” It doesn’t get more “specific” than that, now does it? The only words that the left wants anyone to hear in all of that ridiculous rubbish is “get this done.” This is their OLD strategy that worked so well until the American public decided that they have had enough of the elitist liberal thievery and deception.

Ever the “positive thinkers”, the liberals “see the diminished expectations as an opportunity” by “using this month’s anniversary of the fall of Lehman Brothers to push for a crackdown on Wall Street.” Liberal Diversion 101. Since the health scare debacle is proving to be such a totalitarian thorn in Obama’s side, divert everyone attention to Wall Street.. Here we see how politics rules the devious liberal mindset as the “anniversary” that I would be emphasizing right about now would be the one perpetrated by the practitioners of “the religion of peace” in September of 2001.. No on that topic, Obama said that Islam is “a great religion” and he lauded their “commitment to justice and progress”.. (“Obama Praises Islam as ‘Great Religion’” Foxnews)

“Obama’s willingness to forgo the public option is sure to anger his party’s liberal base.. The confrontation would allow Obama to show that he is willing to stare down his own party..” This sudden masculinity from Obama has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that the largest percentages of Americans are NOT LIBERAL and that they are tired of his socialist meddling. The unwashed asses of the liberal base will have to accept that the “deceived” put this charlatan in office so it is more important to try to reinforce and reconstruct the ruse upon them as the mid-term elections quickly approach.

Axelrod stumbled on, “We’re in the eighth or ninth inning here, and so there’s not a lot of time to waste.” Sorry to inform you David, but the game is over, the tarp is already on the field and the parking lot is empty.. When the “liberal lion” passed on (forty years after Mary Jo’s death at his slimy hands.) your sixty vote “super majority” was buried with him. If you are in a hurry about anything, it would have to be to find another liberal lap dog to replace the “Massachusetts Mountain” or if you prefer, the “Hyannis Port Hypocrite”..

“His goal is to create the best possible situation for consumers, create competition and choice..” If this were Obama’s actual goal, as opposed to “grasping power and control”, he would remove the tentacles of government from the process altogether. The party that believes that “choice” is nothing more than infanticide also wants “choice” to involve embalming versus cremation of the infirm and the “undesirable” laughingly passed off as health care..

“I understand that there’s been a lot of controversy. I understand that there’s been a lot of politics. But the truth is, we’re a lot closer to achieving something than many have thought possible..” The fact that that is a lot of a lots aside, what they are “a lot closer to achieving” is a place along side the Carter administration as the most dangerous and incompetent administration in presidential history and all of us knew that that reality was more than just “possible”. Also David, this “controversy” isn’t going away any time soon..

“History will judge whether this was right or it was wrong..” Change Axelrod’s words “this” and “it” to “Obama”.. Remember, the liberals said that Bush would never admit that he was wrong.. If the liberals are the ones writing this “history”, this and everything that Obama has targeted with his idiotic IED’s, are just another of the problems that “we inherited from the previous administration..”

Part of this “new strategy” appears to be the “old strategy” of having hapless Harry Reid calling those who disagree with the left “un-American” in various shapes and forms of adjectives and invectives. Yesterday after he bragged that the Kennedy death will “help us” in the health care “debate”, he gave further proof that he is once again off his medicines. “I think the American people have seen the wrongness of trying to interrupt meetings and yell and scream at people. That’s lost a lot of its pizzazz..” Reid refuses to accept the fact that Obama and his acolytes have lost their progressive “pizzazz” and that disagreeing with the Marxist mules is all the rage..

Fear not for the intrepid liberals are focused and fierce. “You have to keep your eye on the horizon and not get bogged down. I am not Pollyannaish, but I am also not given to the hysteria that’s endemic to this town..” The liberal middle name is “hysteria”.. They were “hysterical” when they demanded very early on in this now thankfully “bogged down” process, that everyone just pass this mess without reading it.. Axelrod himself said that they needed to “get this done” earlier in the interview..

The liberals may have their “eye on the horizon” but they have no idea what is quickly overwhelming them from every other angle..


23 responses to “A Five Alarm Fire

  1. Larry…..what would we do without you? I particularly liked “a government that is out of gas and leaking oil” and “Harry Reid…..off his medicine.”

    This administration keeps on keeping on IN SPITE OF the majority of Americans calling for their heads.

    Obama has the audacity to invade the school system and prey on our children! It would be a cold day in you know where before I’d send my child to school that day!

    He is AGAIN giving a televised speech before both Houses of Congress. Does he not understand that the American people DON’T WANT to hear another of his speeches?

    I have heard that “anger motivates.” We have a huge amount of American Patriots who are very motivated! I guess you can tell…I’m one of them.

  2. Arthur Nankervis

    Larry, (a rather early ‘off topic’ comment)

    “Buck Ofama and his ideas,” ….

    I borrowed the above line from comment #98 to Vodka Pundit’s (Stephen Green) article at Pajamas Media “Today, Class, Your Teacher Will Be President Obama” (You’ve Got a Better Idea?).

    Not sure if it’s really an Obama idea and as ‘Obama’s teaching moment’ could become the subject of a NLTZ article, I will refrain from making comment, but rather, pose the question to the NLTZ class of 09: “Whose idea was it to put Obama in front of the millions of American children who will be subjected to the piffle of September 8th.” Allow me a guess or two: My number one & two are Robert Gibbs; ‘The Nose Waxman’; and a long shot, Bug-A-Boo-Hoo Barney (one of the original “Boys from Brazil.” I’m all for it really, as this could be bigger than the Stimulus and Health Care ‘non-debates’ combined and could really be Obama’s true Waterloo. Even ‘Ronnie the one’ knew never to work with animals or children. “I hope he fails.”

    Barak Fitzgerald Obama – Crikey! What next?


  3. Great article Larry…keep putting them out…I anticipate the next article.

  4. Family,


    Please do not rely on the email notifications for the alerts as to a new article at either noleftturnz or the thought of the day.

    They will not fix the prolems that I have notified them about. Its Google so expect nothing to be done..

    I placed three of my email addresses into the notification system in time for this articles release. The first notification came yesterday at about 9:00PM CST, the second came at about 6:00 AM CST today and the third hasn’t even shown up..

    We are conservatives, we are natural born LEADERS. We do not need to wait for these kinds of notifications, we go where we need to go. Liberals are the ones who need to be told where and when to go..

    Feedburner was taken over by Google and that is when the problems began.

    Unfortunately, those who rely on the messages to visit, may never read this comment..

    I just place all of my “favorites” in the favorites folder and I don’t even worry about notifications from the sites that I enjoy..

    Thanks as always,


  5. Joel,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    The liberals are a writers gift that just keeps on giving..


  6. Great article as always Larry!

    “Obama has the audacity to invade the school system and prey on our children! It would be a cold day in you know where before I’d send my child to school that day!” – Louise, that is yet another reason why my husband and I homeschool. I have read on several blogs that a lot of people plan to let their kids stay home that day. It would be awesome if there were large enough numbers that we’d hear about it, but I won’t hold my breath.


    Two of our grandchildren just recently graduated from their home schooled education. Both have scored way above the national average in SAT scores. I congratulate you for your wisdom in giving them the kind of education that our public schools no longer offer.

  8. Margaret in CT

    Larry, thanks for letting us know about the hold-up on the notifications. Will check, rather than wait.

    As for Teddy, he is now in the ultimate hiding place—the grave. He will now speak to us from his secure location in the form of a book, boo-hooing about how bad he has felt for the past 40 years. Truly disgusting.

    Obama accuses you and your compatriots in cyberspace and on the radio of using scare tactics. Here’s some news Hussain: people have not become scared; they have become informed. Then, they have taken action. One of communism’s greatest enemies is knowledge and understanding. Here’s some more news. We are not going to go away just because you change the label on your can of worms from “public option” to co-op.” Little Mr. Sunshine’s days of spreading “hope” are over.

    Holder is dealing the race card, but it won’t work. He is constructing a brick wall that will finally isolate this administration. The rest of us have long since seen the light on that tactic and are unmoved by accusations of racism. This president would be waking up in Hyde Park, Chicago, were it not for the nonblack vote.

    How long will it be before all text books are required to have a sticker bearing BHO’s face on their covers?

  9. My sister and brother-in-law, liberals both, plan on letting my niece listen to whatever pedagoggle tripe our Communist-in-Chief plans on spewing. Thankfully my niece is so clueless she’ll simply zone out like she always does when parked in front of a TV. The libs are indoctrinating our children, just as I warned people they would. How lib clowns like Juan Williams and Alan Colmbes can defend the acts of these people with a straight face is beyond me. I figured out my outrage has nothing to do with race or politics, as I would have been creeped out if George Bush or McCain had tried such a transparently politic ploy.

    What we need to do is not only watch what Congress says and does, but what Obama’s czars say and do, for they are the true policymakers now, the power behind the Boy King’s throne. Van Jones, our new Green Jobs Czar is one radical Communist (self-describedly so), and he blames every woe upon white folk. The patterns of behavior have always been there. “Dreams from My Father” should have served as a warning to all voters what this administration would be bringing in, and the voters chose to ignore it all. Maybe now they’ve had their fill of Hope and Change, and Bob the Builder taglines.

  10. ARGHH!

    Even if they pass this WITHOUT “duh gubment” “OPTION”, it does NOT matter!
    Once they pass ANY bill, they will simply put this back in there, along with the Death Panels.
    Today, the feds don’t have one INCH into our homes to tell us what to do with our health care, but if they pass ANY bill, they will get their foot in the door.
    Then, over the coming months and years, they will forever change, amend, expand, redo, over-do, corrupt, etc, until that “foot in the door” becomes an 800 pound gorilla sitting in the middle of your living room DICTATING your health care, DICTATING your doctor, DICTATING your medicines, and DICTATING when its time for you to DIE.

    Do not let them in ONE INCH!


  11. Who do you trust more, your doctor, or a lawyer?
    Which one costs this country more money?
    Which one took an oath to “do no harm”?
    Which one ONLY takes a case if they KNOW they will make money?
    Which one, is the ONLY one, who can turn down a case because they do not believe THEY will make enough money?
    Which one, by LAW, HAS to take a case, no matter if they make a dime – or not?
    Don’t we have enough problems now with lawyers suing the hell out of doctors for “not doing enough”.
    What’s going to happen when a patient makes an “end of life” decision that some lawyer, or the ACLU, doesn’t agree with?
    How many doctors are going to get sued, because they didn’t do “all they could” to save that patient?
    It only takes ONE family member (or friend, or dog??) to make the claim that the old person really didn’t want to die, or there was more the doctor could have done, or the doctor didnt try this drug or that drug.
    Was it really this patient’s “time to go”?
    Seems to me ANY savings we might see in killing off our old and infirmed, will be eaten up by, lawyers!
    ANY discussions about reforming Health Care, cannot move forward until those greedy lawyers are taken out of the picture.
    Make the law that a lawyer MUST take the case of ANY patient who wishes to sue. AND, the lawyer cannot collect from the settlement (is this for the patient or the lawyer???), and, the ONLY way the lawyer can get paid is from the patient.
    BUT, if the patient cannot pay, the lawyer has to EAT the cost and take the case anyway – JUST LIKE THE DOCTORS HAVE TO DO!!!


  12. ARGHH!!

    Listening to FoxNews- they’re talking about bringing Gitmo prisoners to the US SuperMax prisons….

    It’s not that we’re worried about terrorists breaking out of a SuperMax prison.
    Or that we’re worried about terrorists trying to break into a SuperMax prison to get one of their own out.
    It’s that we KNOW that once those bastards are on US soil, the ACLU will go to work to have them RELEASED.
    They won’t have to escape from a supermax prison.
    An ACLU lawyer will escort them out of the court house and down Main Street.
    Close Gitmo?
    We need more beds at Gitmo.


  13. Larry,

    Keep up the good work. We cannot let up on these bozos. Thankfully, it appears as if my home state is finally ready to do the nation a favor and get rid of Dingy Harry once and for all. The latest Las Vegas Review-Journal poll has him trailing Danny Tarkanian by 11 points (49%-38%) and Sue Lowden by five points (45%-40%).

    Oh, and Stitch, not to pick a fight, but not all of us lawyers are the scumbags you think we are. After all, while we did not take an oath to “do no harm”, I seem to remember taking an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, which has got to count for something. Finally, taking cases for no pay is called pro-bono work. In my state, we are required to perform a certain number of pro-bono hours per year, or pay a fine to the State Bar for failing to do so. I know that it does not equal the hit that too many physicians take on that count, but it is something.

  14. Michele from NY

    Thanks for the heads up Larry about the e-mails. Was wondering why I haven’t seen one in a while.

    Just got into a heated debate with a friend of a friend about Obama’s health pushprosal. I would call it an intelligent debate, but because I was arguing with a liberal, that statement would be false. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no arguing with this sort. They are beyond delusional and have to resort to insults to get their “point” across. I’m done.

    Once again, I’m assured of having made the right decision in sending my kids to private school. I know they will not be forced to partake in this TV viewing of Ayatollah Obama. I’m seriosuly flabbergasted at the “audacity” of this guy, does he never get enough of himself? Ugh.

  15. I’m pretty sure the spies are already looking at us right wing extremists, but now their cover is being blown.

    RED ALERT: White House plans massive spidering operation of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. looking

    In case the first link doesn’t work here is another.

  16. Another great article that goes without saying Larry. I love the way your mind works.

    For those who would like to add Larry website to your tasks toolbars. It’s simple to do. Since I use Firefox, mostly I can give you the information to place the Noleftturnz icon on your web browser.

    Internet Explorer: Steps

    1. Pull up Noleftturnz
    2. Go to “Favorites”
    3. Click on “add to favorites”
    4. A dialogue box pops up.
    5. Add page to your favorites.
    6. Go back to Favorites
    7. Go to Organize Favorites
    8. Locate Larry’s website address
    9. Move the link to “Links”
    10. Exit Favorites and noleftturnz address should appear on the line.

    For Firefox Steps:

    1. Pull up Noleftturnz
    2. Go to Bookmarks
    3. Bookmark the site
    4. Go back to Bookmarks
    5. Go to Organize Bookmarks
    6. The pop up screen known as Library appears
    7. Locate where you placed the website address
    8. On the left on the screen a breakdown of what is listed under History.
    9. If the tags are closed clip on the plus sign + which will open every under All Bookmarks
    10. Grab the web address and drag it to Bookmark Toolbar.
    11. It should then appear on your toolbar.
    12. Exit Library.

    I’m unfamiliar with the other web browsers. Both will allow you to place folders on the toolbar as well; which is what I do with my Conservative folders.


    A simple request to anyone who plans to attend the 9/12 Gathering in Washington or any locals in your area. I’m unable to attend but I still would like to promote Larry’s site and provide fliers, business cards and possibly bumper sticks that will draw attention to Larry’s writing. If you are attending a protest and would be willing to hand out fliers, business cards and bumper stickers, please email me at southernpine@juno.com.

    Thank you.

  17. About THREE DOZEN (so far) extra-constitutional, unvetted and unaccountable (except to Obama) but handpicked so-called “czars” (or special advisors) is indicative of the shadow government Obama is building, and one of his latest, Van Jones, his “green jobs czar,” is indicative of just how radical some of Obama’s picks and continuing associations really are.

    I just did a piece on “Van the Man” Jones if any of you are interested. It’s on my blog at: http://ja-js.blogtownhall.com.

  18. We must keep the pressure on, keep writing letters raising hell. Information is out and people are taking notice. Read your children’s
    text books they have rewritten history. ?T?each the new tolerence, tolerate everything but the truth. Lies damn lies and more lies.
    The truth is enough to topple the current mess if it is shouted loud and long. Our children are being taught that this country is at fault for everything and is reponsible for all the evils of the world. No suprize the annoted one was able to blow smoke up people’s backside s to get elected. Most people have no idea of what this dountry was founded on and have never read the constitution. Teach the truth to your children and read it for yourself.
    I have not been surprised by any of this and expected much worse, just look at Der Furhers background and past associates. This man could not get a security clearance escept for the fact he bamboozled his way into the offic of president. The whit house and congress have been taken over by communists SIASL

  19. Take care people…the Obamacare promoters are going to come in the back door via the Swine Flu scare! When have you ever had a constant warning of how violent a flu will become before it has barely started? It will become a diversion of gigantic proportions and will probably become the reason why we need so called “Health Care” for all. The mass vacinations will begin this fall and the children will have no choice but to submit. Now that is scary!

  20. Pego,

    Great point..

    Using “hysteria” as their crutch, the liberal swine will use their flu as a conduit for their renewed efforts towards a governmental takeover.

    Keep in mind: these are the Obama liberals.

    They will botch this as only they can paving the way for the rest of us to say : ‘You couldn’t handle the flu, how can you handle a government takeover of OUR healthcare?’

    Watch them say that this is a problem that they “inherited”..

    Thanks as always,


  21. Eileen,

    Thank you for your kind offer on my behalf.

    I greatly appreciate everything that have done and will do..

    I wish that I could go myself.

    Thanks as always,


  22. I have been agape at the audacity of zero to think he has anything of worth to dispense to our children. As a father of seven, six siblings and quite an extended family, I sent them all a note that September 8th could be a creepy day for kids in the school system. We have two local districts going to provided alternative educational opportunities during the speech and any subsequent class programs regarding bambi’s fawning of himself.

    I have been glued to the Glenn Beck show and must say, he knows the questions to ask. I have E-mailed my Senators and Representative with some of those questions, and plan to send a personal FAX on Tuesday welcoming them back from vacation with instructions of what they need to do. I may just make them mad enough one of their “kiss off” letters won’t suffice.

    Thanks, Larry. I had to use my dictionary to educate myself. Loved the chance to substitute “The Won” for it and is. Makes reading all the more pointed,

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