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One has to giggle at the shifting of the paradigm that has now enveloped the Obama oligarchs and their desperation to get any RSVP’s to their health scare masquerade ball. That which they thought was going to be a cakewalk has now become a Bataan Death March for the Demokrats.

The Socialist square-dance surrounding the backpedaling (or would that be “black-pedaling”?) on the “public option” is now reaching a fevered pitch or more accurately, they are becoming fevered because their “pitch” isn’t going over at all.. Yesterday, progressive propagandists David Axelrod and “Chuckles” Bobby Gibbs took turns scratching out out-of-tune numbers on their fascist fiddles for the nation’s amusement. They have a lot of work to do as this egomaniacal administration is just trying to save face.

This, not unlike all of the others he has tripped over, is an Obama problem right out of his own ridiculous recipe file. With visions of the New Deal dancing in his head as well as the image of the 20th Amendment being overturned due to his personal “popularity”, Obama has decided to manacle himself to this impossible issue, yet another of his “number one priorities”. His ham-fisted approach with all of his previous populist prattle and his demands for complete compliance without perusal or examination of his odious offerings has caught up to him at the perfect time. The Obama wet dream of pitching a perfect presidential game have been ended in the bottom of the second inning..

Generations have proven that it is impossible to wean the liberals away from the Marxist milk of an overly intrusive government fueled by the tax dollars stolen from the productive. As well, the “health care issue” or their attempts to socialize medicine has been on their totalitarian to-do list for years. A victory on this particular issue that so many other liberals have failed to produce would therefore place Obama directly into the liberal pantheon of progressive deities and that “reality” has become communist catnip to the Illinois egomaniac.

Obama began to grease the rails for this “priority” of his right out of the gate. After he tested the waters with bogus bailouts and takeovers of formerly capitalist enterprises and as these schemes went off seemingly without a hitch, there was an unhealthy confidence that they had carte blanche to run the totalitarian table. Unfortunately for the usurpers, this health care debacle has proven to be too much for too many. Now the weird waltzes have begun..

You have to wonder, was Obama deviously deceptive enough to know that socializing medicine, as his first action, would have certainly caused him to strike out in his first at bat? He was hoping that his imaginary popularity would carry him in the same way that Roosevelt’s carried him through his Depression-extending policies and programs of socialism. As time has slowly worn on, his welcome has quickly worn out..

He is without his usual dossier of Demokratic excuses on this issue. There can be none of the “we inherited this mess” malarkey. These imbecilic sorcerers brought this communist cauldron to a boil themselves. The recent “waffling” on the public option has become a necessity, which has to exasperate the Super Ego in the Oval Office. Obama refuses to admit or appear as though he has lost, but “lost” on this he certainly has.

In “Bottom line on public insurance plan gets blurry” (apnews myway) Obama had two of his Joseph Goebbels understudies working the wonks yesterday. The overwhelming take on their efforts was summed up as they “blurred the bottom line on a government insurance option..” The liberals former confidence has been transformed into a socialist salvage operation as the progressive poltroons are desperately trying to patch the gaping holes in the Demokratic dirigible as it nose-dives towards the ground at terminal velocity. When the liberals, “don’t read it, just pass it” numbskullerie, with the accompanying hysteria and hyperbole in place, was finally called onto the carpet, blurring invariably becomes their default diagram for escape.

Axelrod said that Obama is “not walking away” from the public plan. When pressed over whether Obama would veto a bill without all of the socialized elements, “Axelrod declined to answer..” If he were smart, Obama would change out of his dancing shoes and into his tennis shoes while running away from this self imposed burden. Axelrod said, “I’m not going to deal in hypotheticals..” This is an incredibly interesting choice of words because liberalism itself is based upon nothing more than a blowsy series of lachrymose fictitious “hypotheticals”. Everything from poverty to their most recent environmental gibberish global warming, all of it is “supported” by the intellectual helium of liberal fallacy and phantasm..

“Obama prepares for a Wednesday night speech to Congress in a risky bid to salvage his top domestic priority, no other issue is so highly charged..” There is no way on Earth that Mr. “Unifier, not a divider” can possibly hope to retrieve, recover or regain this self-imposed tiara. The sponges and the bottom feeders who make up the liberal base are bellowing for the usual class envy empowered fleecing of their superiors. The conservatives are focused and organized, empowered by Obama’s obvious over-reaching and the independents, recognizing their “buyers remorse”, are becoming quick studies in the liberal dance of deception. Welcome to Obama’s Waterloo..

Ever since the winds of “change” began to blow sardonic raspberries at the liberal lunatics, they have been throwing pasta at the walls of the Oval Office until they found something that would stick and nothing has stuck yet.. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said last month that the public option is “not the essential element” causing Obama himself to perform a socialist soft-shoe or two in response. “Chuckles” Gibbs now calls the public option “a valuable tool” and he “danced around the question of whether it has to be in the final legislation”. Strike up the Bolshevik band, it’s time for “Dancing with the Czars”..

“Independents who helped propel Obama to the presidency are increasingly skeptical about his direction on health care.” These words strike as much fear in the liberals as “the shower is all yours”. “On Friday, during a call with prominent liberal House members, Obama refused to be pinned down on the public plan..” As always, “the official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the issue..” Obama’s opaque “transparency”.. His Bolshevik bravado has been replaced with progressive pirouettes.. Welcome to the Waffle House, may I take your order?

Even though Obama himself has been mailing out the invitations to the progressive promenade and as graceful as the liberals believe that he is, it is hard to dance when you have two leftist feet..



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  1. Great article as always Larry. Loved the “Dancing with the czars” line. Speaking of czars..who is paying for these czars anyways. Let me clarify…I know who is paying…WE ARE…but which department’s budget is it coming from? The Whitehouse?? Nahhh..not enough money there..Michelle has used that up with her twentythree or more servants. Education?? …Doubtful The NEA would raise hell, and Obama would never offend the teachers union or any other union for that matter…he will need their votes in the future. Maybe Commerce..He’s done everything he can to stop that, except when it comes to protecting again…his union buddies. Unions must be thinking..” Sure is nice to have Barry looking out for us..stealing money from the bond holders, and giving it to us” Boy..that’s a sure way of keeping people like us from investing in bonds isn’t it? Transportation maybe?? I don’t think so. Lots of money needed there to build massive public transportation that will not be used. Homeland Security…maybe..he has no intention of keeping the homeland safe. The border’s are still open, and the idiot in charge there would never realize Barry has used it elsewhere. The Interior Dept? Now there’s another possability. With all the leases sold to the oil companies and not one permit issued to drill….lots of cash building up there I would think. We have everybody and his brother drilling in the Gulf of Mexico…except US.
    You know…this czar thingy has really got me worried. They are acountable to no one..except Barry of course, and I’m sure they have huge staffs.Could you imagine if these staffs didn’t get paid..What would happen to the unemployment numbers if this were to happen. Probably shoot up to 13 or 14 percent from the present 9.7 percent.
    Wait a minute…..has to come from the Defence Department…Barry has said that we can talk to these ragheads so they want attack us again. Yep….that must be wherre the money to fund the czars and their staff’s is coming from.
    We are up a polluted tributary with insufficent locomation. Have a great day family

  2. Frankie,

    Thanks for the kind words and a great comment as well.

    I tossed out the “dancing with the czars” line from an article of mine from about two months ago. It’s OK if I steal from myself, isn’t it?

    Excellent point on the czars. How many of them are there? How much do they get paid? Are they duplicates of the cabinet and Secretary’s positions? Other than stealing more tax dollars, what do they accomplish?

    Thanks as always,


  3. I recently read that there are now 35(?) czars! Answerable to no one but BHO. How long can this nightmare continue?

  4. Alabama Redneck

    Another great article, Larry. Really like the ‘shower is all yours’ line but I suspect that none of them even have the remotest idea what a shower is used for.

    Frankie: you have made some great comments as I, too, have often wondered where the money comes from for their salary. If congress were concerned about it they could just cut off the funds. Wonder if a FOIA request could shed light on the subject?

    Waiting for the great one’s speech on Wed to see how bad he really messes up or tries to exit this morass he has put all his unwashed friends into.


  5. Alabam,

    How are you feeling? Is everything going well?

    Just a note on the “shower” line: now that Obama is telling kids to wash their hands, can we assume that the biggest Petri dishes of the flu will be the liberals how religiously avoid soap and water??

    Just a thought..

    Thanks as always,


  6. Ah, but there is good news tonight. We’re down a czar, the Green Jobs clown. Van Jones has been shown the door. We can thank Glenn Beck for causing sufficient ruckus to get that race-baiting Communist out of the White House. Course he probably already has his next job lined up for him at ACORN, but we can only hope for so much.

  7. Alabama Redneck

    Larry, Thank you for your concern. Both my wife and I are still holding on. However if this Obamacare goes thru we are no doubt on the expendable list near the top. We are ready to go but not until the good Lord calls us home.

    GOD BLESS it used to be.

    Stitch…. Where are you???

  8. G.,

    Relative to Jones:

    “For the first time in my life I am proud of my country..”

    Wonder if Michele is thinking that now?

    Thanks as always,


    Another great article there kid!

    Here’s one of my posters for the many rallies I attend:
    Put Obama on
    Life Support
    – – – – – – – – – – – – –


  10. Excellent article Larry…”Generations have proven that there it is impossible to wean the liberals away from the Marxist milk of an overly intrusive government fueled by the tax dollars stolen from the productive.” great line and so true. There are 2 other points to this health care fiasco, if I may. #1. This is not a top down reaction, coming from the Republican Party,or talking heads, no matter what the left screams on the MSM. In fact this is a truly grass roots revolution, driven by regular people who have had enough of being pushed around by the connected, arrogant leftist oligarchs in DC. Since this is the case the more the left tries to smear the town hall protesters, as extremists, “Nazis”, rednecks, etc., the more it will blow up in their faces. #2 Most of this debate has been centered on health care consumers. However without doctors,nurses and drug companies, there is no health care available at any price. And since BHO approaches any private enterprise from the same tired Marxist perspective of “greed” and “exploitation”, his attacks on doctors are even more offensive. In his attempt to justify his socialized health care from the cost saving perspective, he suggests doctors would amputate limbs from diabetic patients rather than treat the disease earlier, in order to “make more money”. And his most egregious error, he expects these same doctors that he demonizes as unscrupulous immoral greedy people, to climb on board and help him pass this abortion of a bill. I can’t imagine a more self aggrandized individual, who doesn’t seem to listen nor care about what comes out of his mouth. Hopefully this is the beginning of the dismantling of his socialist plan.

  11. Great article Larry, love your take on things. Yes, Glenn Beck did it and now, finally, the GOP is speaking out. Took them long enough. Now Glenn can move on to other Czars and I bet it’s Cass Sunstein. I think that’s his name. Go Glenn Beck and Larry too.

  12. Another great one Larry.
    Today it’s Czars. Tomorrow it will be a play for no term limitation for the president. Obama is in awe of Chavez, thinks Castro rocks, and when the democratically elected president of Honduras decided as Obama wants to do – to eliminate democracy and declare himself president for life, like his best buddy Chavez, who does Obama back? Of course – he supports the socialist and ignores the desire of the citizens of the country who don’t want to live under a socialist dictator. If Obama tries that – and you know he wants to – there will be blood flowing in the streets.

  13. blue state blues

    Nice summation of the current “man the pumps” political state of the Demokrats. They are taking on water. And we need to put a few more shots into their bow.

    I am embarrassed to admit that I voted for Carter in 1975. But I was a true product of the 60’s. A long haired, belle bottom wearing, Wood Stock authenticated, hippie.

    Thank the Lord for Jimmy Carter. He was so outrageously Liberal that I had to stop and consider what he was doing to my country. I was embarrassed for my country. The ultimate embarrassment being Iran hostage situation and his totally inept handling of it.

    His socialist agenda gave us high interest, high gas prices, gas lines a mile long and incompetent leadership.

    For some of us, it became necessary to examine our true values. Did we really want to destroy our military if there were still really bad guys out there (the Iranians)? Did we really want the environmentalist agenda (rationing of gas and oil)? Did we really want a pacifist President (negotiate with terrorists)? What we discovered was that our ideology is a fantasy for losers. And the only people I knew who hung on to their anti-American, hippie philosophy, were those who continued to hold on to juvenile dreams of drugs, sex and living off the land.

    I gotta believe that Obama may be having the same effect on what’s left of critical thinkers on the Left. While I am convinced that 60% of the Demokrats that voted for the Tooth Fairy are not salvageable, there are enough remaining that are salvageable to make Obama’s life miserable. Obama has totally miscalculated on this. They are scrambling and we have to keep, fact base, rational pressure on him.

    Let’s expose a few more of his kooks like Van Jones. The next target should be Mark Lloyd who is pushing for the silencing of Conservative talk radio over at the FCC.

  14. Larry, I think you must have a very fun life. You can really turn a phrase into a rapier blade. My wife has a very quick mind and can come back with zingers in seconds. An hour later I think of a good one.

    Frankie, your questions have been bugging me no end! I even wrote to Glenn Beck those same questions a couple of weeks ago. And Dan, you have it just right about 0bama worshipping other dictators in the world. He truly is trying to make this country into a dictatorship and name himself king. We are not surprised any more with what he is capable of, so the grass roots are burrowing in and we plan to hold on tight to this Republic and when grass is properly rooted, you know how hard it is to get out.

    It is no longer a TEA Party, it has grown to a NO CONFIDENCE Party and a PUT ON THE LIGHTS Party to end the shadows! Transparent? Not even close!

    Stitch, LOVE your posters! I just love coming to this sight and get a pick-me-up daily and often a good laugh. I’m proud of this “family”!

  15. Michele from NY

    “Generations have proven that there it is impossible to wean the liberals away from the Marxist milk of an overly intrusive government fueled by the tax dollars stolen from the productive.” Classic, just classic.

    I knew this was going to be one of the best articles as soon as I read the title.

  16. blue state blues

    As if the resignation of the idiot named Van Jones wasn’t good enough, there is more good news for people of Faith and those who have not bowed at the alter of Evolution.

    Seems evolution may just have been dealt a huge blow by a new book called “Signature in a Cell” by Stephen Meyer. Released earlier this summer, it is making a huge splash because of it’s scientific assessment of the cellular DNA and evidence of a “designer”.

    A recent article says;
    “Meyer fleshes out a cohesive argument in support of intelligent design garnering support from an extensive body of molecular evidence and expert commentaries. His review of the ‘chicken and egg’ paradox, as relates to the integral interdependencies of molecular systems such as transcription and translation, highlights once more why it is that evolutionary ‘pie in the sky’ assumptions are powerless to explain the origins of critical life processes.”

    I think the Lord is making some statements.


    The spirit of your article is how I hope this health care mess ends up DEFEATED
    Your comic lines are tremendous.Don’t know how you come up with them
    Recently read about our babyboomers and that
    they reprecent 75,000,000 people 25% of the
    country’s population and will become senior
    citizens over the next ten years.That is scarry
    when you look at the SO SECURITY fiasco.
    All of them should realize what this health care
    mess will do to them if passed.Talk about DEATH PANELS

  18. I just read the speech the annoying…oops anointed one is giving to the kids tommorrow. I wonder what was in the first one. I can assure you it’s not even close to the one we will hear about for the next week. I can hear the the libs now…”See…there was nothing for for the right wing, unpatriotic mobsters to worry about”….YEAH……RIGHT….Think I’ll go buy some more precious metals…steel, lead, brass etc

  19. Yes Larry…It’s always OK to use a great line more than once, as long as it’s yours. It’s also OK to use someone elses lines, providing of course, they are given credit. Just remember.. Joe Biden could be watching you, and he’s the expert.

  20. blue state blues

    The truth of the intention of his K through 12 speech is undeniable. It was surely intended as an indoctrination by Obama in collaboration with the NEA (what a surprise). You can find two, 4 page documents on the DOE website. These documents are instructions for the schools and the teachers and are clearly intended to promote the Obama agenda. Teachers are instructed to prepare students in multiple ways including; what the POTUS has done for us, what are his most important undertakings, what are your favorite Obama quotes, etc. It also instructs the teachers to hang pictures and memorable quotes on the walls prior to the speech.

    I believe that this behavior by a sitting President is unprecedented in our history. They cannot get away with the rhetoric “other Presidents, including Bush have spoken at schools”. Yea, Bush read a book in a classroom! Not the same dudes! This is an all out assault on parents rights. There are even school districts threatening to “punish” students who don’t show up.

    Can you believe that LIBERALS are actually using the word “PUNISH”. What the hell happened to these Dr. Spock raised Socialists????

  21. My son is keeping his son out of that speech. He also told me that he is waiting to have the tornado sirens replaced with tapes of how great ‘the one’ is..It does not seem out of the question to me~~

  22. Family,

    Here I spend so much time advising you that the liberals are stupid and I did something stupid myself..

    Two of you, tsnamm and Michele, made a point of praising me on a particular sentence and I had inadvertantly left the word “there” in after I had reconstructed the sentence prior to submitting it..

    Maybe I should take a bit more time..

    Thanks as always,


  23. Larry and Family:

    William Gheen sent a message to the members of ALIPAC Americans for Legal Immigration PAC regarding the “Obama RED COATS”. He asked all the members to watch the following video and let him know how we felt about what we saw:

    Quite frankly, I felt found the content of the video chilling. My feeling was that the young people in City Year were being brainwashed just like the Hitler Youth Corps.

    “City Year was founded in 1988 by Michael Brown and Alan Khazei, then-roommates at
    Harvard Law School, who felt strongly that young people in service could be a powerful resource for addressing America’s most pressing issues. Initially, corps members focused their efforts on community rehabilitation, beautification of neighborhoods, and developing community awareness in Boston. Over the years, the organization has expanded, opening sites in 18 cities throughout the U.S. In early 2005, City Year opened its first international site in South Africa.[2] Since 1988, City Year has been built around the conviction that one person can make a difference, and has promoted the vision of service as a common expectation – and a real opportunity – for citizens all around the world.” “City Year corps members serve in one U.S. location for the duration of their service year.”

    I am very uncomfortable about the many parallels between City Year and the Hitler Youth League which was “under the control of his storm trooper organization known as the SA (Sturmabteilung).” I can easily imagine ACORN being in control of City Year.

    Hitler Youth League members were between fourteen and eighteen years of age; City Year members are between the ages of 17 and 24.

    A question that came to my mind: Is the Liar In Chief looking to recruit younger youth corps members with his speech tomorrow?

    And, then there are soooo many “coincidences“. The two founders of City Year attended the Harvard Law School. They founded City Year in 1988. The liar in chief , allegedly, entered Harvard Law School in late 1988. City Year has a chapter in Chicago The following quote is on City Year’s website:

    “You have to have folks with our students every single day, making a difference in their lives. That’s what City Year does, with its diversity, with its long term commitment, with its passionate young people. There’s no one else I know of in the country who is having that kind of impact.”
    – US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Former CEO of Chicago Public Schools

    I’m sure there are other “coincidences” just waiting to be discovered. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never believed in “coincidences”.

  24. Larry, you’ve written about the czars, I’ve written on my blog at about the czars, Glenn Beck has talked about the czars…

    When’s SOMEBODY in the Congress going to “grow a pair” and challenge Obama’s bypassing of Congress by creating a shadow government of czars accountable only to him, who have staffs of we-don’t-know-what-size, much less what the czars themselves are paid as well as their staffs.

    Wherever the czar payroll is coming from, Congress controls the national purse strings, so I’ m sure somebody in Congress knows……and therefore could cut off that money if need be. I doubt many of Obama’s so-called “czars” would serve for free. Something about radical liberals getting something for nothing from the “gubmint” tells me they wouldn’t work for free, just, you know, for the “good of the country” and all.

  25. The new definition of chutzpa is:

    obama reading a politicized speech off a teleprompter,written by David Axelrod,to school children who have inherited 10 TRILLION in debt that they will never be able to repay.

    obama said in his speech:
    “Block out the kids who think it’s not cool to be smart,” the president told students. “If someone goofs off today, are they cool? Are they still cool years from now, when they’re stuck in a dead end job. Don’t let peer pressure stand between you and your dreams.

    How cool is a deficit of 10 TRILLION obama bucks?

  26. beyond disgusted

    I am not at all sure that the “public option” is off the table. By the way, it should be called the “government option”, but I digress. The left will play more word games & maybe call it something else. Lets face it, there is no point to their enacting health care reform without ever more governmental control over our lives. That just wouldn’t due.

  27. I guess I am not the only one who is sick of all the endless campaign speeches well into OB’s first year. After all the tap dancing doesn’t work, its off to do another speech. The garbled
    nonsense going on and on and on…………….

  28. blue state blues

    Well said. It does go on and on and on. The speeches never end and he keeps on campaigning while letting Pelosi and Reid develop the policy. I think that the man is lazy.

    He didn’t have anything to do with developing the Stimulus Bill. And he had nothing to do with the Health Care Bill. He just gets on the jet and makes campaign, er I mean, policy speeches.

  29. Folks, I’m baaaaack!
    My computer decided to take a one-month vacation, courtesy probably of that Virus Trojan mentioned in a few posts back on Larry’s 8-27-09 article entitled “Talk To Me…Pretty Please?” (It kept rebooting endlessly.)

    On a local “right-wing extremist” talk show (KLIF 570AM dial), John David Wells said last Friday that Obama was originally going to tell the schoolchildren to write down the THREE MOST IMPORTANT WORDS in his talk and rank them one, two, three (from highest to lowest).

    I immediately thought of his three most important words, IMHO:
    Number one: UH!
    Number two: UHH!
    Number three: UHHMMM…!

    Just my opinion, for what it’s worth…

  30. no worries Larry…I’m not the editor nor your English teacher! I understand the desire to be precise. but honestly, I didn’t notice! lol I guess that says more about my reading than it does about your writing…oh well!

  31. Yeh, that’s right Hussein, tell the kids to study hard for their employment and future. Lie to them while you and your congress import 146,000 foreign workers each and every month replacing American workers in high tech jobs. Lie to them some more about how important it is for their education which will cost them and/or their parents a considerable amount of money should they go onto college while illegal aliens can attend for a reduced cost and recieve entitlements that they, as American citizens are denied.

    Hussein Obama is nothing but a language whore and he is preying on the young minds of our children.

    Henry Kissinger told Obama years ago that, “A bankrupt nation is a perfect opportunity to establish a ‘new world order’.”

    Think about this, do you really feel that Democratic and Republican politicians are as much of an enemy towards each other as we are lead to believe? Both party’s have contributed, Democrats more than Republicans, but still, together, they have brought our nation to this point, this condition, that faces our nation and it’s citizens today.

    According to liberals I’m a racist (not that understand anyway) so I guess it won’t make any difference when I say Hussein Obama’s total days in office has been a Black Comedy.

  32. No Joe, a black tragedy.

  33. triviaman,

    Glad to have you back..missed your insights.

    Thanks as always,


  34. Joe,

    As always, that was a classic..

    Thanks as always,


  35. It’s getting easier to guess what “the Stimulus is stimulating”.

    Better save a lot of it for welfare payments to the voters in ’10 and ’12.

    Wednesday’s attempted hypnotic trance hopefully will fall on it’s faces…both of them.

  36. Since there are actually less than 15 milion citizens who NEED medical insurance, there is , as we all know, no need to destroy our present system of health care. If we remove the fraud from Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and welfare,stop all earmarks ,stop anchor babies, stop jobs and free healthcare for illegals, have serious tort reform, have those on welfare and unemployment do the work that the illegals were doing, then, there would be monies to help the less than 15 million uninsured, plus help reduce the National Deficit.

    HOWEVER, it is not going to happen – the libs would lose CONTROL.

    Smart people save money – stupid people waste money. The “stupids” are having a ball !!

  37. Well said, JJ, but of course much too straightforward, upfront and practical for liberals. I mean, where would they get credit for sweeping social change?

    BTW, I posted an article on my blog on the subject of ObamaCare, just ahead of whatever spin the Silver Tongued One might try to put on things tonight.

    See it at, “21 Not So Little Lies About ‘ObamaCare'”

  38. It’s simply a matter of Dumbocratic math 101. A shining example of it can be found in the “cash for clunkers” program which was touted as an overall success by the lame-brained president and his minions.

    A “clunker” getting 16 mpg at 12,000 miles per year burns 800 gals. of gas vs. a “fuel efficient” car getting 25 mpg at 12,000 miles per year burns 480 gals. of gas. A savings of 320 gals. x 700,000 vehicles = roughly 5 million barrels of oil a year. 5 million barrels of oil at $75 a barrel cost about $375 million.

    Congratulations are in order for Obama, Pelosi and Reid for spending $3 Billion of taxpayer money to save $375 Million. HUH?!?

  39. Joe (0n 9-9-09 at 12:21 am), you’re right! But, just don’t forget: both parties are just the opposite sides of THE SAME COIN!

    (Controlled by you-know-whom.)

    I have to be grammatically correct–it’s the grammarian in me!

  40. Well, it looks like Eileen got some “anonymous publicity” by her favorite talk show host, Glen Beck.

    He announced on yesterday’s radio program that some lady from New Jersey gave him the info about the unkind Glen Beck scheduled program heading (as shown on Eileen’s TV screen pictured on her post on the previous article by Larry, I believe).

    Way to go, Eileen! Keep up the good work, Hawkeye!

  41. As is Larry’s wont to do in his wonderfully excellent manner in his articles sometimes, I will try in my own inept way to “read between the lines” of the Manipulator-In-Chief’s “FDR fireside chat” to the gullible minds of our future leaders of this fair land given this past Tuesday:
    (My comments will be in parentheses–sarcasm included, for free.)

    1. “When I was young, my family lived in Indonesia for a few years, and my mother didn’t have the money to send me where all the American kids went to school.”

    (Yeah, so he had to go to that nasty ole Muslim edifice of “Higher Learning” and swill up all that Koran nonsense, instead–against his will, of course! All good little Muslims are required to MEMORIZE the Koran; so that’s how he was able to quote from it on several auspicious occasions–in order to “suck up” to his Muslim leader friends.)

    2. “So she decided to teach me extra lessons herself, Monday through Friday–at 4:30 in the morning.”

    (That’s so, as to have her follow in the footsteps of the Communistic teachers she listened to in that “Little Red School” and that “Little Red Church” on Mercer Island in Washington State, where she REALLY grew up–not Kansas! And to follow the examples of some of her heroes in Red China and the Soviet Union, who had the “recalcitrants” brainwashed at early-morning indoctrination sessions, starting at 4:30 AM, also! Wow, what a coincidence!)

    3. “I’m here because I want to talk with you about your education and what’s expected of you all in this new school year.”

    (They are to soak up–and MEMORIZE [just as he did of the Koran] every socialistic lesson his fellow Communistic “educators” impart to the schoolchildren, so that they will be able to continue the “fine tradition” of completely bringing Amerika to its knees, should that task not be completed before Obama leaves office.)

    4. “I’ve talked about your government’s responsibility for setting high standards, supporting teachers and principals, and turning around schools that aren’t working where students aren’t getting the opportunities they deserve.”

    (Yeah, turning around the schools–NOT 180 degrees, because that would be completely opposite to the New World Odor’s plans of complete domination of every inhabitant of the planet; THAT 180 degrees would mean individual freedom for everybody!!–but it MUST BE 360 degrees, coming full circle, again and again, in case they didn’t learn what they needed to know the first two or three times, as they go up the scale of the “No Child Left Behind” process, courtesy of Obama’s good buddy, George W.)

    5. “Every single one of you has something to offer. And you have a responsibility to yourself to discover what that is. That’s the opportunity an education can provide.”

    (Yeah, Mr. Obama! Perhaps some of the little ones will be smart enough to grow up to be many-times pregnant welfare mothers who have learned to “rape” the “Great Society” system Lyndon B. Johnson envisioned after JFK’s death! Or, become prostitutes–especially for the congressmen who are bribed by the Lobbyists to vote for their particular pork project! Or, perhaps some little boy will actually learn to read English well enough to not only read Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules For Radicals,” but actually be able to either go to the library or to the Internet to learn how to build a terrorist bomb, or mix the proper ingredients to create Sarin or some other biological or chemical products to kill thousands of innocent victims, so that official martial law may be declared because of a “national emergency”!)

    6. “Maybe you could be a good writer–maybe even good enough to write a book or articles in a newspaper.”

    (As training for the day when they will have their writing published in Pravda–the official mouthpiece for Russia–to show that they can do the same for the left-leaning newspapers and magazines in the USSSA: i.e., New York Times or Washington Post for newspapers and Time, Newsweek, The Nation, Skeptical Inquirer and The Progressive for magazines.)

    7. “You can’t drop out of school and just drop into a good job.”

    (Yeah, Mr. President, they need to ignore those high-school “dropper-outers” who invented things the children use every day: Edison, Tesla and others of that ilk–and don’t forget that self-educated lawyer, Abe Lincoln, whom you pretend to admire so much! Why, that would be the heighth of hypocrisy to think that a home schooled child could actually end up having a higher IQ than a publically schooled child! And NEVER think that they can actually build a highly successful business on the Internet. All those so-called “millionaire Internet gurus” they might read about in those emails they could get, are liars!! Don’t believe what Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and that guy named Dell say–it’s all foolishness! The little ones need to stick it out all the way through the Socialist high schools, in order to be good little Hitlers when they take over the reins of the governments–federal, state, county and city.)

    8. “What you make of your education will decide nothing less than the future of this country. What you’re learning in school today will determine whether we as a nation can meet our greatest challenges in the future.”

    (Yeah, Mr. Obama, and one of those greatest challenges you so earnestly desire to successfully meet is : to overthrow the Republican form of this country to such an extent that, in the next generation, Republicanism will only be a faint memory in the minds of all the current young ones, and they wouldn’t recognize it if it slapped them in the face! After all, you DID read The Communistic Manifesto that your Red Mama told you to read, didn’t you? You know, the page where Frederick Engels wrote: “Democracy is socialism”? And later in life, where you read the unexpurgated version (edition number one–which is very difficult to find–except perhaps on eBay) of Gorbachev’s Perestroika, where he basically repeated the same thing?)

    9. “You’ll need the knowledge and problem-solving skills you learn in science and math to cure diseases like cancer and AIDS, and to develop new energy technologies and protect our environment.”

    (Obama wants the children to forget all those false “cancer cures” that naturopathic and homeopathic “doctors” proclaim; to forget what they might read about Ronald Reagan going to Germany for supposedly curing HIS cancer by heat treatments; to forget that some people claim the German scientists had discovered twelve cures for all kinds of cancers in the 1950s; to forget that some people claim that colloidial silver particles of less than 1/1000th of a micron in width can kill 95% of all pathogens–including AIDS; to forget that Tesla never drove his car in to a gas station in the 1930s to fill up his non-existent fuel tank; to forget that he claimed he got his fuel from the free energy in the air, which he called the “ether”; to forget that Tesla believed the earth was a gigantic electromagnetic mechanism, which could provide all the energy all the inhabitants of the earth would ever need–with no “climate change” or pollution! That’s all nonsense! The children will want to get all those government grants in order to keep searching for cures for cancer, heart disease, AIDS, etc., etc., etc. After all, would THEY like to see the end of Jerry Lewis’ Muscular Dystrophy Telethon end in THEIR lifetimes? Not cool!)

    10. “But I was fortunate. I got a lot of second chances and had the opportunity to go to college, and law school, and follow my dreams.”

    (Yeah, Mr. Obama. You were VERY fortunate to have an extremely rich Arabian (Muslim, perhaps?) who provided you with some of your college expenses. And didn’t you rip off the Federal Government by applying for Federal aid, to boot? But of course you would deny the latter, because that would make you ineligible to be a candidate for the Presidency. Just a rumor, I know; so, “no harm, no blood, no foul,” as the saying goes!)

    11. “Where you are right now doesn’t have to determine where you’ll end up. No one’s written your destiny for you. Here in America, you write your own destiny. You make your own future.”

    (Yeah, Mr. Obama–as long as the children “toe the Socialist line.” You know that they don’t want to end up in a Gulag–otherwise known as concentration camps here in Amerika, re: “Rex 84.”)

    12. “But the truth is, being successful is hard.”

    (At last, the Prez finally got one correct! As the old saying goes, “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”)

    13. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

    (Except, of course, the ones their Socialist teachers don’t want the children to ask, because that would expose their hand. The proper response for the teacher, upon hearing such words, would be to dismiss any question by saying, “That’s a non-question.”)

    14. “It’s the story of students who sat where you sit 250 years ago, and went on to wage a revolution and found this nation. Students who sat where you sit 75 years ago who overcame a Depression and won a world war; who fought for civil rights and put a man on the moon. Students who sat where you sit 20 years ago who founded Google, Twitter and Facebook and changed the way we communicate with each other.”

    (Wow! That is some famous elementary school in Arlington, Virginia! I wasn’t aware that that school existed 250 years ago, in 1759! And those two men who founded Google attended that VERY SAME SCHOOL in Arlington, Virginia! And the guys who started Twitter–and, and Facebook, also! Who would’ve thunk it? Methinks Obama didn’t really do his homework, and just said this quotation for dramatic effect. That’s called “putting tomatoes on the window sill,” in writers’ parlance!)

    Well, I could go on and on, but I think I’ve beaten the dead horse often enough.

    Were my observations too cruel–or were they not cruel enough? (Just wondering.)

  42. triviaman,

    There is no question of cruelty. Your observations were from ethical honesty… and you did fine.

    I found out today that a Sen. Ben Nelson (L-NE.) has said publicly that he favors Hussein’s healthcare reform. This after running TV ads in which he gandy-danced around the issue, giving no real stand but telling Nebraskans that he “would always be there looking out for the best interests of Nebraskans.”

    He wishes to have a “trigger mechanism” meaning there would be no passage of a healthcare bill as such but if insurance companies didn’t perform according to the way the government expected them to, the government then could “trigger” health reform.

    I immediately sent Nelson an e-mail telling him that his “trigger mechanism” would have as much effect with power crazed liberally controlled Congress as his plugging a shotgun with his finger to keep it from firing. Nelson would be minus a finger and the American people would be further under control of a socialistic government. I also added in that I’d already begun financing anti-Nelson signs, T-shirts and posters for the coming election. The lying dumb-ass.

  43. Eileen M Guthrie


    I have been trying to send you an email over the last two days (as well as Rayne) and both email addresses I get the demon mailer. I don’t know why and cannot figure it out. I’m getting angry and frustrated at this point. Does anyone have an idea of what to do? I have tried to send them through the internet, thunder mail and Outlook and all I get is an invalid email account. Can I post images to your townhall site? It’s too late for me to send them to Rayne, she left yesterday.

    Everyone else… have you seen the latest ACORN video? These people are unbelievable, so corrupt and underhanded. They have threatened Glenn Beck as well as the two participants (Hannah and Jim O’Keefe) who filmed it. I think I may have found a legal argument on what we could do to the liberal press; they hide their complicity, they are looking out for the Obama Administration, and could care less about the public, whom they should be looking out for. The idea that they are hiding crimes for refusing to report a story because of the connection between ACORN, SEIU and Obama and his administration. They can be charged with Obstruction of Justice. They knowingly choose to ignore anything that has a connection to Obama’s past and present.

    As this story came out what was on the smorgasbord plates of the MSM? The continuation of the Obama drool fest and attacks on the two word outburst for South Carolina representative Joe Wilson “you lie” when referring to the removal of illegal’s and abortion. I’m afraid Joe is right and Obama is lying (again) but this lie is blatant lie and we can look to the Constitution to prove it. I’m not sure I have the correct number but I think it’s the 10th Amendment that states that if a program is offered to one group it has to be offered to everyone, so if this Healthcare plan that’s being offered to the uninsured public they cannot deny that program to illegal’s, it’s not to hard to figure out… once again Obama is caught in another lie. Knowing what a Constitutional scholar Obama claims to be, he would know that what he sad is a blatant lie and he is assuming the public is unfamiliar with the Constitution. You know what they say about people who assume. If I were Joe Wilson I would have confronted him and ask him if he was familiar with the Amendment and ask him how he plans to get around that clause in the Constitution.

  44. triviaman,

    Great post – am looking forward to your take on the ” liar’s ” wednesday nite debacle. Hope that Joe Wilson woke -up a few of the ” brain dead”.

    I can just imagine Rush yelling at his TV when all of this crap was spewing out from the mouth of the ‘liar in chief’.

    And at the same time in an effort to fight obesity , the libs got plenty of exercise by popping up and down for an hour, while playing paddy-cake with their filthy paws. And fortunately ( or for some – perhaps unfortunately ) , Nasty Pelosi ‘s face did not crack ! Meanwhile, Joe ‘Absolut genius’ Biden had a tough time trying to smile – perhaps he didn’t get the ‘memo’ ( seems like he and Rodham are missing a lot of ‘memos’ these days)

  45. Today is a very difficult day to get through because it brings up images that are extremely painful for most of us not looking for a photo op or pretending to look morose and somber (hmm, I just got a lot of phlegm in my throat). I’m trying to buy the bull coming out of the White House, but they aren’t that good an actor to pull it off to make it believable. Michelle, do I look somber enough or should I ask you to poke me in the eyes so a tiny tear comes out of the cover of my eye. Michelle, that black dress looks very slimming on you I can barely see your big fat ass. For those of you not living in an area that witnessed the destruction up close and very personal; cause by so few very hateful people in an religion that’s known for their passiveness. (There is an irony in there somewhere but I do not find anything about it ironic).

    I remember where I was and witnessed the fall of both towers; saw the smoke from 20 to 30 miles away. I was with my boss, Kathy and our Department Manager, Felis as well as two other colleagues in the middle of some intense SAP (a nightmare business computer program) training at our main headquarters. I remember the flurry of phones calls that rang out from everyone’s cell phones in unison from co-workers, building manager, husbands, boyfriends and father’s and mother’s. Some wanted to make sure we were safe, some wanted to inform us that our building was closing down and they were sending everyone home.

    Many of the employees on the third flood of our regular building had loved ones working in the south tower and one man was fanatically trying to reach his wife who worked for Stanley Morgan and would have been beneath the WTB arriving from New Jersey, he locked out and had never been so grateful for his wife’s bad timing. She was safe only because she missed her train and was running late for a 10 am meeting. Some wanted us to go outside to see if we could see anything and most of us were sorry we did. I remembered standing outside looking east and watching the first building the north tower going down. The first thing that came to our minds was there had to still be people in the building. The elevators were not working and they would be leaving the building by the stairs so there was no way the thousands of people that worked there got out.

    My girlfriend Sue works in DC, as did her husband who worked for the FBI (Computer Division) and he as well as all of those who worked in the security field in the areas of the Country were called to stay in DC and helped with the evacuation of the Pentagon. They had lost a number of friends who worked in the Pentagon; one of them was their Pastor. Her husband Bob is a computer expert and he was called to stay to try to find any evidence on who carried out this attack. I told her that’s easy it wad bin Laden, it has his repugnant and repulsive stench was all over it.

    I was reminded that my mother loved the restaurant at the top of one of the buildings. I don’t recall the name, but it could be the Windows of the World. We all went back inside and went to the cafeteria to watch this tragedy unfold, there were tons of others glued to the television screens. Kathy’s husband Dennis (he’s an Elizabeth, NJ police officer) called he was worried that his eldest son and Kathy’s stepson Dennis Jr., who was also a police officer and was missing. They didn’t know where he was and he wasn’t answering his cellphone. He had volunteered to help the NY police department evacuate the buildings unknown that one building had already fallen and the possibility was there that the other could also fall but he wanted to help and feel useful by assisting NY Police and Fire Departments with the evacuations. Her husband went to go look for him but they were both fine in the end and the NY/NJ Authority had closed all traffic going into the City. Lincoln and Holland Tunnels and the Washington Bridge were closed to all traffic. I’m sure the eastern side of the City were also stopping any traffic going into the City.

    A few days later, they both volunteered to look for anyone alive and trapped under the rubble. He stopped by the office on his way home and told us of the horrible smell of death had evaded the city and he didn’t know if he would ever get that sickening smell out of his nose.

    I’m proud of our Company BOC Gases during this time. We had a bake sale to raise money for the families (specifically the NY City Police, the NY/NJ Port Authority and the NY Fire Departments) who lost a loved one; we baked food to give to the workers there who were desperate to find anyone alive. We donated cases of water and soda to the workers as well. The two women who were training with me on the SAP thing volunteered their services to dish out the food for them. They had wanted me to go with them but I couldn’t, I was still too emotional and had too much trouble trying to compose myself. I chose to make 10-Baked Ziti for them to eat. Our company donated the gases and safety equipment so that the workers could remove the steel crushed under the weight of billions and billions of pounds of concrete and glass. We even provided food and water for the rescue dogs looking for anyone still alive. As a group, our employees in our building donated a $100,000 dollar AND the company said they would match whatever we collected which brought the total to $200,000. We had about 200 people working on the two floors of that building. That was an awesome amount for a group that small. 3,000 worked at our headquarters and they barely made $50,000. Just volunteering to give money. No bake sales, nothing. As a general rule, every Friday was a paid jeans Friday, which we paid $3.00 to wear jeans, and donated the money collected to a local charity, during this time we gave the money to the victim’s families.

    I could never go back into New York City again. The scars ran too deep. It was no longer my City it was taken over by so much evil and hatred. We had him, bin Laden and Clinton made a deal with the Saudi’s who then released him. Knowing how fond the Clinton’s are to the Arab community who gave money to the two crocks and crooks since he left Office and knowing how easy it was for them to handed them millions over the last few years, so without batting an eye so he could build his personal shrine to himself and call it a Library. The fact that the main negotiator with the Saudi’s was the Jewish friend of the Clinton’s, Sandy Berger brings more questions as to why he invaded the National Archives two years after the attack by shoving papers into his pants and socks and as the investigation unfolded it was determined that the five documents taken had no real value since the information was also on the hard drive at the agency. If you believe that then why the hurry, Sandy. I have to wonder aloud if they did a full and thorough cavity search on that spineless wimp. Let’s hope the paper cuts he got on his ass hurt like the dickens.

    The fact that he was accused of retaining ownership of stock on Amoco and said he just “forgot” to sell it is laughable and offensive to every day Americans or his and Bill’s love for Chinese food who forgot to inform his boss President Billy Bob Clinton of his knowledge that the People’s Republic of China had managed to acquire the designs of a number of U.S. nuclear warheads. Berger was originally briefed of the espionage by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) in April 1996, but did not inform the President until July 1997. I wonder how much he was paid to look the other way. I think having learned that classified material that got into the hands of America’s communist enemy would stand out in my mind, how about you?

    Sandy said this at the time… I asked DOE to widen and deepen its investigation, to intensify as they were planning their counterintelligence efforts to brief the Congress. Within several weeks, the FBI had opened up a full investigation on the prime suspect. Therefore, I took the actions that I believe were appropriate. I get an awful lot of threat information every day. I have to make a judgment as to what I brief the President on and what I don’t. In 1997, when this was clearly a pattern and a systemic problem, I thought it was essential for the president to know — Sandy Berger, May 29, 1999.

    Republicans demanded his resignation, but Billy Bob chose to retain his legal crook and said at the time… They accused him of ignoring the allegations of Chinese espionage. “For his unwillingness to act on this serious matter, Mr. Berger should resign”, Lamar Alexander said. “If he does not, he should be relieved of his duties by President Clinton.” President Clinton rejected the calls: “The record is that we acted aggressively,” Clinton said. “Mr. Berger acted appropriately (he should have added for a liberal he acted appropriately).

    Sandy’s punishment was to pay a fine $50,000, he received two years of probation and 100 hours of community service (ever wonder why we don’t see photographs of the famous and corrupt dishing out food to the homeless or cleaning the toilets at Union Station or the Bus Terminal on the front page of the Washington Post or the New York Times? I do) and finally he had to relinquish his license to practice law as a result of the Justice Department investigation. Now it was his idea to relinquish his license to practice law not the Justice Departments he said at the time that it held no value because he no longer practice law but the real reason I believe is he was afraid. By giving up his license, Berger avoided cross-examinination by the Bar Counsel regarding details of his thefts is more likely. He lost his license for a few years, 3 years I believe but got his license back and he’s working for Hillary I believe. Since his a known felon he should not have access to the federal Government. Just think of what would have happened if it had been Karl Rove? Same treatment? How about Harriett Meyers?

    I don’t think any of us will forget that day. The images will be etched in our minds. Honor those who died and remember the sacrifices they made to us by being a free Country. I will always hold fond memories of our leaders, President Bush, Governors George E. Pataki and former NJ Governor Tom Kean and Mayor Rudy Giuliani all rose to the challenge. I’m also very glad that that mommy’s boy Al Gore was not our President at this time because I believe the outcome would have been much different if he were in charge.

    NEVER GIVE UP; NEVER GIVE IN AND ABSOLUTELY NEVER AGAIN. Up yours you pompous ass Obama you tears are only crocodile tears for a photo op. Inside you are probably glad that your Muslim friends tried to take down this Country and you’re the janitor sent in to finish us off.

  46. Funny video about Obama’s speech on healthcare. I wonder if or when he’ll fold in the events of 9/11 into his healthcare bill. I wait anxiously; as I’m sure, you do as well. We have to pass this bill so that if my Muslim relatives, opps I meant another terrorist attack, hits us again they will receive the best care on the taxpayer’s dime.

    Enjoy the video.


    That sure was a fun Trojan wasn’t it.

    On another front, it was not me whom Glenn Beck spoke of, I sent it but I no longer live in NJ, I live in Alabama. Sorry.

  47. Larry and Family:

    It’s about time to overthrow the Czars. Each new one is more bizzare then the others. The newest of the loons, the regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein appears to be planning to mandate a radical new “bill of rights”.

    Never give up, never give in, never again.

  48. Absolutely, the Czars must go. Jobs with power belong to the cabinet, and must be vetted. If the president needs additional expert advise, he can hire an advisor, who gives ‘advice’, but HAS NO POWER. I don’t know if Czars are even allowed by the Constitution , and it seems as though this admin. has tossed the Constitution ‘ out the window’. Seems like the Czars have replaced Biden, Rodham, and some of the cabinet !!


  49. Along with the Czars, the Liar in Chief and Congress need to go. Piglosi has just been tagged regarding the birth certificate of the illegal alien in OUR WHITE HOUSE.

    It seems there are “two documents apparently prepared by Democrats to certify Barack Obama as their nominee for president in 2008 that suggest House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knew there was an unresolved issue with his eligibility under the U.S. Constitution.” Of course the story was broken by a reporter from Canada, not American MSM. Now isn’t that a surprise?
    The plot continues to thicken.

    Never give up, never give in, never again.

    Vote them all out.

  50. This is the correct link to the story on Piglosi.
    Sorry about that.

  51. LadyWolf,

    I thought I had already posted these articles and images well over a year ago. What the issue was was that they needed to have an unbiased witness/public notary verify the eligibility and place their seal on the document. They need to have no association with either the candidate or the legal verifier. Absolutely NO ASOCIATION. What Mrs. Pelosi did was use her two members of her staff who happen to be notaries (most of these Senate and House offices for a number of obvious reasons have at least one staff member have that notary capability). Pelosi used her own staff members to verify eligibility. This is very misleading, which is why they are not allowed to use them because they cannot be biased. Once the signatures and seals are placed on the document it is sent to the Federal Election Commission and placed in their achieves. Her role of Speaker of the House is to verify candidate’s eligibility.

    I’m not at all surprised, the corruption of our FEDERAL Government that runs very deep, which eventually trickles down to the state and local governments. We already know Miss Nancy is a lying sack of bull excrement and horse dung. However, if it’s shown to be questionable she would end up in Court and hopefully in prison as her staff that placed signature and seal on a government document they knew was false. Any lawyer involved in this would be forced to give up their law license, possible prison time, most likely probation and a hefty fine. That means Michelle Obama would be forced to turn her in license, as well as Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, or any other lawyer in this administration dirty dozen.

    Anyone watch the 9/12 Project today? I saw a sign that said Never Give Up, Never Give In and Never Again. I would hope it was one of our family members. Very large group in all Cities, but Washington had a mile of people crammed together from the Capitol Building to the Washington Monument. Let’s hope everyone is safe. I honestly thought there would be ACORN and SEUI pushing and shoving the normal protesters. What a coincidence that the President “chose” to visit Minnesota when the 9/12 picketers in DC and elsewhere in the Country. I don’t know how you all feel, but I see it as the President just flipped us the bird. Barack, right back at ya.

    I told you all months ago that the liberal’s arrogance would be their own undoing and we are starting to see the signs. It turns off so many the more arrogant they become the more people they turn off.

  52. Dear Eileen:

    Sorry you’ve had trouble sending me emails lately.

    Do you mean to my blog site at, “Just askin – Just sayin’,” at:

    Others seem to be posting comments to my blog site okay, so I don’t know what could be wrong there.

    Or do you mean you’ve had trouble sending me emails to Again, others are getting through just fine, so I don’t know what could be wrong there, either.

    Also sorry it didn’t work out for us to link up so I could help pass out materials for Larry at yesterday’s DC TEA Party/9-12 protest.

    I actually don’t know if you can post pics directly to my blog site or not (I’m just not that tech savvy about what filters may have in palce), but if you can figure out a way to get them to me, one way or another, I will see if I can get them on there. Best I can do.

  53. America’s Survival, Inc. sent me an e-mail with
    photos of the 9-12 march and rally in Washington, D.C. There are s0me great signs and banners. I’m passing the link on in case you haven’t seen them.

  54. RME KRNL,

    Yes, I had hope to post my work on your Townhall blog. I did find out what the issue was, the file was way too big. I tried to fix the issue by compressing the file but it would not let me do that either. The point is mote, the 9-12 Protests are over, let’s hope there will be more where we could eventually use them again.

    I had pictures of 9/11, one from World Trade Center, one from the Pentagon and Shanksville, PA with the wording across all the images that read…

    This is what apathy looks like up close. Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Again and Never Forget.

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