Coloring Your Argument

I knew that this day would come.. When your empty “politics” are based upon the shibboleths of “scare tactics” this becomes inevitable. Now the liberal media cheerleaders are turning over every totalitarian toadstool in order to find any liberal crackpot who will sing the familiar song.. It didn’t take them long to find the progressive parasite Cornpone Carter who provided his unique worms eye view of the Wilsonian cry.. “Racism”..

This is nothing more than coloring your argument.. The real problem for the liberals is that they have no “argument”, thus their need to “color” it.. There is no better way to “color” their lack of an argument than to use the “scare tactic” of the imaginary and overblown cry of “racism”.. The old wailing about “color blindness” has given way to the demand for “color consciousness”. In the end, it has nothing to do with race, it has everything to do with trying to make those with superior arguments to stop making their superior arguments..

The media is turning to someone who used to see rabid “killer” bunny rabbits while he was canoeing for input. They are turning to someone for insight who used to turn to his infant daughter for advise on nuclear matters.. No matter how idiotic you are, no matter how cancerous your time in office was, if you are “saying the right things”, suddenly you are again a socialist sage..

Carter “thinks” (two words that have no business being that close together in relation to Carter) that the Wilson comment is racist. “I think it’s based on racism.” (Jimmy Carter: Wilson comments ‘based on racism’” Apnews myway) Not one to let well enough alone, Carter added, “There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president.” Here Carter is right for the wrong reason. He should not be president due to the governmentally subsidized “activities” of ACORN and their bogus “voter drives”, and that is just for starters..

“No matter who he is or how much we disagree with his policies, the president should be treated with respect..” I am having a hard time trying to remember just how “respectfully” the liberals have treated Republican presidents.. For that matter, I am having a harder time still trying to remember just how “respectfully” the liberals have treated ANY Republican politician wherever they have appeared or spoken in public..

The liberals want desperately to climb onto the bandwagon but they just don’t have the nerve so they try to play both sides of the issue. South Carolina’s Democratic Party chair Dick Harpootlian said, “They have a problem with an African-American president.. I respectfully disagree with Carter, though it gives validity to racism..”

The recent deluge of the lunatic fringe dredging up the decomposed corpse of racism has come conveniently at the time when Americans have decided that they have had enough of the Obama socialism. When the alleged “bailouts” were uncontested, all was good. When the “takeovers” of GM and Chrysler were “green lighted”, no harm no foul. Now the nation has the nerve to “disagree”, so it is time for the socialist straw man of “racism” to enter from stage left..

As just ONE example, I will remind everyone that the liberals used to get their knickers in a twist when they were considered “unpatriotic” just a few years back. They would sputter and cry, they would weep and wail and then the “Pantsuit Patrick Henry” unleashed a sardonic salvo heard ‘round the world.. Once more with gusto, “I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we’re Americans and we have the right to disagree with any administration..” Now if you disagree with this administration, you are a “racist”. It is all about ending the “discussion” before it ever begins..

Here is the proof that the liberals are doing nothing more than playing an angle. They view this ruse as the most effective and efficient way to end anyone disagreeing with their assault upon America while ending what never began, the idea that there was some kind of “debate” about what it is that they are implementing.

Of course the liberals are sensitive to the appearance of “racism”. The Democratic Party is the mother and father of American racism from time immemorial. They tried their level best to block any and all legislation relative to the nation’s blacks and they led the violent revolts against those who wanted equality. The Republican Party was founded in order to counter the Democratic Party’s fondness for slavery. Years later, they transformed their tactics, which are now based upon the smug sanctimonious enslavement of a permanent underclass who will perpetually crawl to them for their handouts. Progressive projection, thy name is Demokrat..

The nation’s disagreement has nothing to do with race. Suppose that another black politician was in power today and he or she espoused the free market, capitalism, lower taxes and minimalist governmental intrusion. Wouldn’t he or she be receiving the same treatment that Condolezza Rice, Clarence Thomas and Colin Powell did from the understanding and sensitive liberals? These are all “house slaves” and Uncle Tom’s” from the jaundiced eyes of the left and no one is allowed to disagree with their insightful commentaries because they occupy the moral high ground..

Depict Obama as the Joker or paste a Hitler moustache upon his visage and you too are a racist.. What of the same methods used to denigrate the image of Bush or Reagan during their time in office? Oh no, this is “free speech” “spoken” by the liberal left who merely “disagree” with the “system” and don’t you dare try to infringe upon my Constitutional rights!!

Of late the Demokratic dodge has been used by one of their paladins who like all liberals, has a considerable amount of trouble accounting for the graft and boodle that they have acquired through their “public service” when it comes to properly claiming it on their tax returns. Charlie Rangel now in full deflection mode for the second time, sees “racism” as the root cause of the ruckus.. “Racism” will again be the liberal battle cry whose sole (soul) purpose is to move the spotlight away from their socialist proclivities and onto those who have properly identified the enemy.

As always, the liberals have it all wrong. The nation isn’t concerned about how black Obama is, they are concerned as to how “Red” he is. Voicing that legitimate concern makes you a “racist”, get it?


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  1. Rush is not referring to Jimmy Carter as the national hemorrhoid. I think another good name would be Goober Piles.

  2. I mean now referring. Oops

  3. Titan Mk6B

    Yes, but then if he had no hemorrhoid, he’s be a perfect ass!

  4. Right On! (as usual).
    I don’t care if our so called “President” is purple with polka dots on his rump, he is an “anti-American” liar and can’t be trusted as far as I can throw a rock. Have you heard about the book now being distributed among Congressman? Apparently, on the Congressional floor and in Committee; you are not permitted to call the President a Liar? You are not permitted to call the President a Hypocrite; You are not allowed to accuse the President of “aiding and/or abetting the enemy”. I think they are reading my mind…in the not too distant future, I expect to be jailed for “thinking”. I guess “Fredom of Speech” is not allowed in Congress. Not surprising, since most of them haven’t read the Constitution.

  5. The name of this game is conquer and divide. If Obama can get the people of the USA against each other whether it’s political or race related then he can slither under the radar to get his crazy agenda completed. We all need to stay focused on the real agenda so we can fight back.

  6. Goober Piles…….I LOVE it.

  7. Larry,

    Please help me out here.

    First, how is it I no longer get your blog delivered to my yahoo in-box?

    I’ve subscribed using a different email address in hopes of solving the problem.

    Second, correct me if I’m wrong.

    If the demagogs, (read democrats), suceed in ramming their version of Health Care Reform down our collective throats, (may the curse of Allah be upon them), would it not be until 2013 that those changes are implemented?

    And, in fact, if that is the case, could not a Republican controlled Congress, (assuming we take back our country at the polls in 2010), amend, reverse, and resind any and all of the legislation from which we were denied input?

    After all, the 21st Amendment repealed the 18th.

    While I await the collective response of the family, I’d like to share (getting back to “The Curse of Allah”), a list of the 29 curses that incur the wrath of Allah, and ask how many of them do you think apply to politicians in general and Democrats in particular.

    Please note:

    If Barney Frank ever has ideas of converting to Islam, he’d better pay attention to #18.

    Each of the following sins has a textual proof that states either Allah (), or the Messenger () curse those who commit these. They are:

    1.One who makes wigs or wears them
    2.One who deals in interest (riba)
    3.The thief or one who steals
    4.One who drinks alcohol, carries alcohol, sells or buys alcohol, an intermediary in such dealings, and one who eats from the profits of selling alcohol are all cursed
    5.A person who curses his parents is himself cursed
    6.Someone who takes a being that has a soul as target practice is also cursed
    7.Women that act like men and men that act like women
    8.Sacrificing something to other than Allah ()
    9.Innovations and Innovators
    10.A person who creates portraits of beings with souls in them
    11.Someone who is homosexual
    12.Someone who misguides a blind person
    13.Some who engages in beastiality (sexual relations with animals) (found in Sunan Abu Dawud)
    14.Branding an animal in the face incurs the curse
    15.Someone who frequents the graves or takes it as a place of worship
    16.The sin of marrying a woman after her third divorce to make her halal for the previous husband is cursed
    17.Someone who causes the a servant to separate form his ro her master or a wife to separate from her husband is also cursed
    18.Participating in anal sex
    19.The angels curse the wife who leaves the husband and they are split up at night.
    20.Claiming false paternity
    21.Pointing weapons at a muslim brother
    22.Someone who breaks family ties or relationshipsto cause fitna in the land is cursed
    23.Someone who curses the Sahaaba is cursed himself
    24.Someone who disparages the Prophet () is also cursed himself
    25.One who purposely hides knowledge is cursed
    26.Falsely accusing a chaste woman of being unchaste incurs the curse
    27.Someone who prefers the way of the kuffar over that of the believers is cursed
    28.Cross-dressers are cursed
    29.Someone who takes, gives, or is an intermediary in bribes is also cursed
    These are the sins that incur the curse of Allah.

  8. Patient in Pa,

    I too have experienced this situation. That is why I have subscribed using three different email servers to watch things myself.

    That is why I have told everyone to just come back without waiting on the notifications.

    Goggle now runs Feedburner, that should explain it.

    They don’t respond to emails asking them to look into the issue.

    Just come back every day. If there isn’t a new column, there are any number of great comments.

    Thanks as always,


  9. Alabama Redneck

    I’m a racist pure and simple. Right along with about 53 million, give or take a couple of mil, other racists that did NOT vote for this imposter.

    Can you think of anyone that is more ignorant that peanuthead Carter??

    NObama promised a transparent administration and he is keeping his promise. He told us he was going to transform America and he is doing just that right in frnt of us. How long before the sheeple, the permanent underclass crawling to the dumbocrats, realize that they are just slaves to thier agenda? I am not holding my breath.

    I can only thank God that we have people like Larry and the family on this site that can still debate and deflate the unwashed minions. We win with truth and facts. Something liberals do not understand and have no logical conception of.

    Enter Charlie Rangle. He writes the tax laws for us to pay more and more taxes.
    When you think about it, is it any wonder that the dumbocrats like taxes and the more the better because none of them pay their taxes??? Just a thought.

    Larry, as always a great article and I am proud to be a member of this All American Family. God bless you, everyone.


  10. Alabama,

    Thanks as always for your kind words and your contributions to this site.

    Hope tht you are feeling well.


  11. 'renoman' Fred

    Larry, as usual what more can I say…thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  12. The good news is we are finally coming into an era where the spurious allegation of “racism” is meaningless. Like the boy who cried wolf, race baiters have overused and abused the race card to the point where it simply has no meaning. Those who have used the race card to their benefit need to find a new vocation; as Whites finally shed their misdirected guilt and hold those who are otherwise unworthy accountable for their ineptitude.

  13. Margaret in CT

    The left has always vomited up accusations of racism, rather than propose any sort of policy that would be helpful to working men or women, no matter what their color or nationality. Their’s is a bankrupt position. My hope is that our side will begin to ignore this tired incantation.

    We have to realize that the only reason for them to continue to raise the issue is because it has been SO EFFECTIVE for them in the past. Republican politicians always seem to get the jitters when the race card is on the table. It’s time to say, “Enough!” and continue, as Larry has, to expose their hypocrisy.

  14. blue state blues

    Nicely done! Boy am I getting tired of being called a racist! Especially by White people.

    “Cornpone Carter”……..LMAO! Please stop it…’re killing me!!

  15. blue state blues

    In my Racist opinion:

    The three greatest assets Obama has going for him:

    1. He can play the role of the magnanimous leader and let the attack dogs in the Senate and House handle his dirty work. Example; While appearing to brush off the Joe Wilson incident as a “oh well, boys will be boys”, the Obama administration is seething. Even though the Democrats continually engage in horrific name calling and disruptive behavior, they just don’t tolerate similar behavior coming at them. So, how do they react? Their only explanation for the frustration oozing out of most conservatives over the Demokrats rush to Socialism is to label the opposition RACIST. They have found, over the years, that shouting RACISM has usually caused a retreat by their opposition and opponents. Obama can just sit back, looking benevolent to the fence sitters, while Pelosi, Reid and even the number one peanut farmer, Jimmy Carter, resort to their traditional “I know am losing the argument so here comes the insults”, line of defense…..”You’re a racist”.
    2. White women continue to fawn over Obamas perceived sexiness and Kennedy-like attraction. They are thinking with their loins and refuse to look beyond their chemical reaction to see his many faults as an individual, as a politician and as the President of the US. Educated White women pushed him over the top in the election and continue to be staunch supporters, ignorant of his intent to change their financial and political lives forever.
    3. Bill O’Reilly has become the single most important media personality in Obama’s PR campaign for the Independents and other fence sitters. He has continually proclaimed his support for health care reform. He has continually proclaimed his belief that global warming is an international crisis. He has continually challenged conservative pundits on their staunch opposition to Obama’s legitimacy legally, morally or politically. He has minimized and marginalized the Tea Party protests at Town Hall Meetings, gatherings, and even the September 12th march on DC, which he has steadfastly maintained numbered only 75,000 when even the Park Commission put it close to 1,000,000. And lastly, while he protests that his pre election interview of Obama was tough and revealing, it was not. He did not challenge Obama’s misleading responses to O’Reilly’s milk-toast questions. He allowed Obama to yammer on with pre-packaged responses that, for the most part, either were in opposition to known facts or they completely avoided the core question. The result of his lollypop interview pushed Obama’s popularity over the top among Independents and fence sitters. While O’Reilly continues to bathe in the spotlight as a Fair and Balanced Conservative, he has not demonstrated a willingness to draw the ire of Obama and, in fact, has acted and reported like a MSM shill.

  16. We need to work for the cure before we give up. El;se all will be lost. Does anyone besides me get tired of all his appearances. God, I’ll be glad when his first (and only) term is over.

  17. We need to work for the cure before we give up. Else all will be lost. Does anyone besides me get tired of all his appearances. God, I’ll be glad when his first (and only) term is over.

  18. One thing about that pink bunny… it’ll never die. Always beating it’s bass drum echoeing racism or any other derogatory slander towards anyone who disagrees with it’s “charge.”

    Dredging up the decomposed corpse of racism? HA! It never died. The liberal population would be speechless without that missive mainstay.

    The old peanut farmer’s life is finally starting to catch up with him. Not that he wasn’t a catastrophe before, but now the iron from sucking on all those nails while building “Habitat for Habitual Bottom Feeders”, is killing off the rest of what working grey matter he had.

  19. Renoman,

    Thanks as always for your kind words.

    How’s everything out there in the “biggest little city in the world”?


  20. blue states,

    Excellent comments.

    The Obama knobs are seething..O’Reilly is an ass, his “I’m above the fray” attitude is sickening.

    Turn to those who won’t turn their backs on you.

    NLTZ for starters..

    Thanks as always,


  21. Fred,

    Spot on.

    Obama is as annoying as Billy Mays was before he inadvertantly passed away..

    Every five minutes they were on television trying to sell something..

    Billy was at least up front about it..

    Thanks as always,


  22. I am to the point where they can call me whatever they want…..doesn’t make it true. Ignore and go on speaking facts and truth. The left cannot handle facts and truth so bombard them with both, everywhere you can.

    Someone calls you a racist…ask them to prove it. The more they use this lamebrain excuse over and over has caused the word “racist.” to lose meaning. Pay no attention and go on.

    Until Jesus comes back they will continue using what works. If we do not take the bait, they will look like jackasses which they do. Think about it..does Nancy Pelosi not cause people to laugh when she goes on a tirade? Imagine how her family feels….quite embarrased I would think.

    Thanks, Larry and family for providing a place to vent.

  23. I guess there’s no biased coverage in this Administration but by choosing the shows and networks and avoiding FoxNews, whose audience is twice as large as the accumulation of all the others combined shows just shows how stupid and ignorant Obama is. He will not go to Fox because they will ask the hard questions about his healthcare bill the details he refuses to discuss, which will impede its passage. The stupidity comes from the fact that those who get their news from ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and NBC are already on board with this Bill, so who is he trying to reach out too? He’s trying to get the public to support a bill no one wants. If he is trying to gather more support, he would answer the hard or difficult questions and do the interview on Fox but he opted out and made the wrong choice once again.

    This administration has a long history of making bad chooses. He and his supporters are calling the Tea Baggers and protestors names to diminish their concerns and halt others from hearing them. Their tactics have failed miserably because all that it’s done is breed more tea baggers and protesters. Why are they not answering these peoples concerns? Could there be more to it that the public is unaware? I have a ton of questions that I want answered and the more he refuses to answer them, the least likely I would support it inception.

    All we are getting is political rhetoric. They lost sight of their goals and made HUGE mistakes. You complain about FoxNews, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly etc., and all that complaining only increased their audience that appears to have permanently stayed. Not a well thought out plan there Obama. Now what? I think it’s his lack of political experience on the World stage. Maybe you should have spent more time in Congress then 143 days that were there doing your job that those who elected you to do. He spent about 6 months in Congress and the Democratic leadership chooses you because of the color of your skin. When things didn’t go your way, you pulled at the race card. It wasn’t the republicans who pulled out the race card; it was your own party. The original Democratic Presidential hopeful was supposed to be Rod Blagojevich who was told he would get the backing of the Democratic Party for his Presidential run. Je$$ie Jack$on and his Rainbow Coalition decided to push for Barack. Just think how angry was Blagojevich when he found out they chose someone else especially someone he considered a friend who also failed to notify Rod of the sudden change and did it make him mad enough to sell a seat to the highest bidder?

    Most people know they lost their health care debate/case so now they’re focused on the opposition and why we don’t want there half-baked idea of healthcare reform/health insurance reform. I don’t know about you but I’m sick of the name-calling from those idiots in Congress and Government in general. I’m not a racist and never have been. I have black friends here and in NJ. They don’t consider me a racist because I oppose politician’s policies. The more they throw that label out the more they diminish true racism but I don’t think they care. It’s a catchall. Nevertheless, since the liberal could care less about any minority, whether it’s black, Jews, Hispanics, Chinese, and females. These are just minorities they have used for decades to push their apathy profile and make it look like empathy and sympathy.

    Read the Constitution, please. I want to know how he plans to stop illegals and abortions from being in the Bill, when the Constitution states that what is offered to one group must be offered to all, doesn’t matter that they are here illegally. What is happening here and what I refer to as the “Liberal Cha Cha” the Bill would go through Congress and pass; there would be an issue where someone or a group would file a lawsuit for the fact that a group was denied healthcare. When the case reaches the higher Court, it would be overturned by an appeal and it would be determined it was prejudicial to turn a group of people away. The liberals would silently be elated, they walk away clean, saying we tried and they can blame the higher Court for the overturned ruling. They see it as a win-win proposition. Blame goes to the Court and they get there way.

    Welcome to the Progressive Puzzle, pay attention because knowledge and the facts will defeat their agenda. Arm ourselves with hard facts and reveal the truth.

    The Obama cheerleaders our still focused on Joe Wilson and by yelling out you lie has given these slugs the ammunition they’ve been craving to demonize and scream racism. When the focus should be on Chuckie Rangel the sleazy Congressman and Chairman of the House’s Ways and Means Committee who failed to report on property and unreported finances and he hasn’t received even a sanction or been ask to step down as the Chairman of the most powerful Committee in the House.

    The IRS offered him a special deal to repay the taxes he just forgot to pay. Opps, I’m so busy and too important to have to pay them (is that anything like the dog ate my homework?). They choose to not charge for interests and penalties. Lucky guy but very similar to the other crook in the Senate, Chris Dodd who claimed his little shack in Ireland wasn’t worth much, yet he pays millions in property taxes (still much lower then here in the US). Oh the peeks and privileges that go with their government posts. They really have no regard for the constituents that they represents in Congress.

    Every day I question why do they continue to re-elect the people back in Office. John Murtha was involved in the Abscam investigation, he’s had more investigation then Madonna has lovers and those idiots in Johnstown keep re-electing him to Office, even after he insulted them. I don’t get it and will never understand.

  24. Joe,

    Mister “uniter, not a divider” was fine until we had had enough. Then it was time to exhume the rotting corpse of “racism”.

    Mister “Change” could have “changed” the way the left deals with a superior argument from the right, but alas, that would have posed too large a burden on their cerebral capacity. So it was back to basics!

    The path of least reistance is the path the liberals will always choose to travel.

    Thanks as always,


  25. Louise,

    “Proof”? The liberals know as much about proof as they do about hygiene..

    Asking for proof just gets more volume from the liberals..

    Volume is no cure for lunacy.

    I prefer to laugh in their faces.

    Thanks as always,


  26. Eileen,

    The liberals keep getting re-elected because they go to their lemmings and they tell them that if someone else gets their office, their BENEFITS

  27. Sorry, WordPress went haywire..

    As I was saying, their BENEFITS will all be taken away.

    Re-election guaranteed.

    Then ACORN and the like will chip in..

    Never give in, never give up and never again..think 2010.

    Thanks as always,


  28. I enjoyed the Obama vacation, it was a nice reprieve over the 24/7 news cycle but he’s picked up where he left off. I want to scream every time someone says his name but I don’t want to scare the cat and dogs. I did that once the cat ran upstairs and hid under my bed and the dogs went a a barking tangent. It was pretty much don’t do that again.

  29. Michele from NY

    “Does anyone besides me get tired of all his appearances. ” Yes, Fred…if only he would get tired of himself!

    Great article Larry…it’s so true how the cries of “racism” come out when the libs have nothing else to offer.

  30. This may be interpreted as ‘racist’ but BHO has assured he will not only be the first black President but the last black president. Once you use your skin color as a shield to deflect attention from the paucity of your ideas you will lose the confidence of the people. If this use of the race card continues, there will never be another black president. He and his radical pals are ensuring he will be our only black president by their continued us of this misdirection tactic.

    Memo to Jimmy Carter: Christ has revoked your carpenter’s license so please go away, you were either senile or stupid when you were president, and not much has changed now that you are an ex-president. How dare you call his critics ‘racist’ when you are openly anti-Jewish and always have been?

  31. Larry:

    “The nation isn’t concerned about how black Obama is, they are concerned as to how “Red” he is. ” That is precisely why I did not vote for him. And as far as the race card goes, I’m sick to death of that charge. Somebody should burn all their cards so they can’t play anymore.

    Patient in PA:

    We have something far worse than the curse of allah in NY, we have the curse of liberals like Rangel, Schumer and the rest.


    Wilson spoke the truth, and the truth hurts. His only mistake is that he didn’t say: “In my opinion you lie”. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, after all.

    NJ Nurse:

    It has always been about divide and conquer. If the liberals can start a race war, they can declare martial law and disarm everybody.

    Alabama Redneck :

    Liberals should never be trusted with anything concerning figures. Liberals figure, figures lie.

  32. Wabbit Carter heard racism in “You lie” , just like he saw his own demise in that rabbits evil eyes.

  33. beyond disgusted

    I agree with Joe (CA) – the left crying racism is akin to the boy who cried wolf. They have cried it once too often & it is now beginning to fall upon deaf ears. It’s about time!

  34. blue state blues

    I’ll be here listening and learning. I may not always post but I am here. O’Reilly is over in my book. I rank NLTZ right up there with best of our conservative pundits like Ann and Rush.

    By the way, Ann just posted a great article about the Joe Wilson flap. Bet you can’t guess what side she came down on.

  35. Imagine the cries of “Racism” when the maghogany messiah fails to get re-elected in 2012. There will be race riots that make historical LA race riots look like Sorority Tea Socials for prospective pledges. Dimmy Carters head is so far up his rear-end, his brain belongs in a litter box & when he opens his mouth he farts nonsense. My God, he was elected president?

  36. Mike in Whidbey Is.

    This is the first time I have blogged at this web site. I heard of it from Michele Malkins web site a few months ago and I have been checking it out every day since. Larry, I love your commentary. The sarcasm is funny enough so that I can keep my blood pressure down. Todays article was great again. I agree with every one here. I am so sick of the RACE card. I could care less of the color of the president. It is not color of the man its his politics. He is trying to destroy this country. The Libs first choice for pres. was Edwards, what if he was the president and he was getting the same opposition as Obambi? What would be there comeback then? We hate white people. I agree with Vincent, I think he will be the last Black President because who wants to go through this again. I think he will be the last Liberal president also because a lot of people did not really understand the meaning between Libs and Conservitives (i.e Independents) and now they get it and are starting to wake up. (I hope). I have more to say but since this my first time I will keep it kind of short. Good job everybody!

  37. Dave, Anaheim CA

    The reason Jimmy Carter is so happy to come to the aid of Obama is the fact that Obama has demoted him to second worst President of all time. Carter is still the worst ex-President of all time.
    The loneliest thing in the world is the single brain cell in a Democrat’s head. It is no wonder they are incapable of logical thought, their brains can only generate enough power for life support.

  38. Mike in Whidbey Is.,

    Thank you for your kind words and welcome to the NLTZ family. You are joining a GREAT group.

    How did I end up on Michele Malkin’s site? Was it in the comments section of one of her articles? She is an excellent writer.

    I appreiciate you taking the time to leave a comment. I know how busy everyone is but I read all of the comments and I find that they add so much to the dialogue that we conservatives need to share.

    Many thanks again,


  39. 'renoman' Fred

    I’m guilty as I watch BloHard Bill O’Reilly every-night and I agree with one of the commenters above about some of the things he implies. He’s hard headed….hmmm so is Obama….Bill can say no wrong…he interrupts which I hate…especially when he talks over the pretty blonde lawyer…but I have a but as I want to keep this pithy. On tonight’s show featuring Alan Colmes ‘whom I absolutely can’t stand’ and Dr. Monica Crowley he actually implied ‘Bill’ that Obama might be in a heap of trouble due to the unraveling of ACORN. Of course ‘stupid Colmes’ defended Obama and seems to think that ‘discovery’ will not entail our esteemed leader. I’m hoping ‘he’ is wrong and that this guy will soon be up for impeachment!!! Just received Coulter’s piece and can hardly wait to read it…

  40. 'renoman' Fred

    This is so funny…one of the comments on Ann’s Article tonite…I sent this out to my addy bood with the Subject line….How’s that Hope n Change working out for ya???

    In honor of the 44th President of the United States ,

    Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream has introduced a new flavor: ” Barocky Road .”

    Barocky Road is a blend of half vanilla, half chocolate, and surrounded by nuts and flakes.

    The vanilla portion of the mix is not openly advertised and usually denied as an ingredient. The nuts and flakes are all very bitter and hard to swallow.

    The cost is $100.00 per scoop.

    When purchased it will be presented to you in a large beautiful cone, but then the ice cream is
    taken away and given to the person in line behind you.

    You are left with an empty wallet and no change, holding an empty cone with no hope of getting any ice cream.

    Are you stimulated?

    PA Electric Man, Just A (Sane) Random Thought…..

  41. It’s way past my bedtime, but I wanted to take a minute and pat you on the back, Larry. Glenn Beck made the analasys today of the bou drying wolf. And I gave up on O;Reilly a week ago, as I was not fond of all the shouting and over talking and Ego he presents. I am nearly deaf, so I use the caption, and even they cannot keep things staright. Glenn Beck is a true gentleman and listens to his guets and responds accordingly. One thing Glenn said to day is the MSM is no longer the Main Stream Media. They have abdicated that title to be called the Fringe Media. Mskes sense when they cannot be bothered to report on Acorn and SEIU.

  42. Richard,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Here is a thought devoted to you and your gracious comment:

    If the media is “main stream”, it’s time to change the shape of the river..

    Thanks as always,


  43. Great article Larry. I have come to expect nothing less than outstanding.
    It seems many here are on the same page. I want to believe O’Reilly has something up his sleeve in riding the fence on many of the “obamanations” in play….however, it may just be good ol’ jealousy. I picked up on it last evening during his coverage of ACORN. His statements about being on the story, it’s huge, but never a mention about “who” actually “broke” it and forced the attention and subsequent “actions” that have occurred.
    A couple of nights ago when he did bring up Glenn Beck he asked Karl Rove if he subscribed to Beck’s belief that BHO is creating another government by appointing all his “Czars.” I got the distinct impression he was attempting to paint Beck as a “loon.”
    ACORN, playing the “race” card, and all the other “radical” items on his agenda pale in comparison to him spending $1.4 million to defend his eligibility t0 be POTUS….especially now that the Justice Department is involved and WE THE PEOPLE are paying for it.
    I can understand the rest of the MSM (mindless static media) not covering it….but where is FOX NEWS?????
    In a “nutshell”….all would be “moot” had they done their job from the beginning. Think about it!

  44. VincentMVNY,

    Beyond playing the race card, once you’ve had one black president who’s inadequate, in-experienced, socialist and ashamed of our country, could anyone ever go back to black?

    This person in the White House is not my President, I hold no respect or honor for him or the Office as long as he occupies it. He has shown nothing but disrespect for the American people and their Country, it’s Constitution and our way of life as freedom loving peoples. He does not represent us in that he himself is ashamed of our country. He is a man without a country and yet, through ignorance and deceit, holds the highest office of the land.

  45. Larry – you hit another one out of the park. Great job!

    Blue State Blues,

    “White women continue to fawn over Obamas perceived sexiness and Kennedy-like attraction. They are thinking with their loins and refuse to look beyond their chemical reaction to see his many faults as an individual, as a politician and as the President of the US.”

    In my humble opinion, this “racist white woman” finds the above statement just way to creepy to contemplate. Unfortunately, it’s a sad but true commentary of our times.

    I also think O’Reilly is trying to be a little too “fair and balanced” on Obama. Perhaps with Beck and Andrew Breitbart hammering away at Acorn and its ties to Obama, O’Reilly will change his tune (one can only hope). However, I will continue to watch because Fox is miles above the other networks and I get enough info on the web to keep me up to speed with everything that’s going on.

  46. Regarding ACORN, no network ( not even FOX ) actually did the job – it was 2 young amateurs, James and Hannah. But, at least FOX ran with it. And I like the idea of only presenting one video each day , which probably caused a lot of angst for the ACORN hierachy. Maybe I missed it, but I haven’t heard, nor do I expect, the liar in chief to offer any defense for his pals at ACORN. We know he is in bed with them. Here’s hoping ACORN disappears completely, and not just a “name change” .

  47. Mr. Carter should have stuck with building houses with Habitats For Humanity, at least then he could have had a legacy to be proud of. Mr. Carter was no doubt pushed by his social-climber wife, Rosalyn, after she saw what other ex-presidents had managed to do in the diplomatic circles. calling him a hemmarhoid is an insult to innocent buttocks everywhere. ‘A##clown’ would be a much better perjorative, and far more accurate.

    Quite frankly, I’m getting darned sick and tired of being told that if I oppose President Obama that it makes me a racist. Sadly, its not even being said by the supposed target of our opposition, but by his milky-white handlers, liberals all. I oppose him, not because of his colour, but because he’s a Communist, manifestly unqualified to run for dogcatcher let alone President. His handling of our economy and our foreign policy would be laughable were it not for the very unfunny consequences generations yet unaborted will be paying on. His choices for advisors (czars and czarinas) should serve as a primer for the next Community Organizer-in-Chief of whom NOT to hire for such posts. I am against his Healthcare plan not because he’s black, but because I don’t want to be put down like a dog when THEY decide I’m too expensive to keep around.

  48. I read in the paper this morning that 33 million Americans give serious thought to committing suicide each year. This figure comes from a study done by the Drug Abuse and Mental Health Institute.

    I had a thought; Since Hussein Kavorkian is intent on end-0f-life-counciling for the elderly, those that are still important and loved by their family, would it not be more cost saving to simply supply the means of destruction to these waste of space druggies and (left or right) loonies? I mean, how much rope does it cost in hanging one’s self or, in the case of addictics, how many needles? The expenses would be mere pocket change the way this administration is going and would probably surpass Hussein’s yearly health care reform death rate quota.

  49. I guess I’m in the minority or may see things a little different then most of you regarding Bill O’Reilly. After Obama won the election, he told his audience that he would give Obama a chance and look at what he does objectionably. He has done that since January 20, 2009, I think if you’re a journalist (which he was, I still remember him from CBS-NY Channel 2 when he walked off the show); Glenn Beck doesn’t see himself as a journalist, he’s a conservative commenter, as is Sean Hannity.

    Maybe some of you view Bill as a commenter, but he tackles the news through the eyes of a unbiased journalist. Actually all journalist should never bring their personal beliefs and feeling when reporting on a story or current event, they need to be unbiased. There was once a written rule that opinion pieces are editorials and not hard news. Everything now in print and television is mostly editorial work. The unfortunate thing is that the Fringe media is presenting their work as hard news, when it should be presented as an editorial story. That’s how I review him. However, he has some really bad habits that turn me off (as does Sean Hannity) I don’t know what to call it other then a pompousness or superior attitude. That’s a big turn off for me with both gentleman. If you criticize Charlie Gibson and call him arrogant and pompous, they both need to look in the mirror and review their own behavior. I spent a few years taking journalism classes because my major was Film, Radio, Television, and writing courses were a requirement I had to take. I learned a lot and maybe view some of the media people a little differently.

    Now don’t get me started on the idiot Alan Combs. That guy says the most stupid comments (and another superior attitude). I could never watch Hannity and Combs because he’d say something very stupid and I’d scream at the TV, which is not good for someone like myself who has a family history of high blood pressure.

    I’ll drop the subject for now.

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