Now We Can Talk

The Obama administration has decided to “abort” the Bush administrations planned missile defense system that was to be placed in both the Czech Republic and in Poland. I chose the word “abort” because this illogical decision, made by a group that gets confused by a 1040 tax form, will be as traumatic as the liberals favorite form of infanticide.

In “Obama scrapping missile shield for Czech, Poland” (Yahoo news) we read that “NATO’s new chief hailed the move as a ‘positive step’”. The lack of further information leads me to conclude that this is the same analogy that has been used to attempt to reassure our nation relative to the Obama “Target America First” programs that have been designed to “help”.. Obama’s kind of “help” is the political equivalent of heaving an anvil to a drowning man. Now our European allies understand yet again what it is like to feel the back of another oppressive socialists hand..

The Obama administration’s “rationale” (bear with me, I know that these three words do not go together when it comes to the Obama caliphate..) behind this Quisling move is that it “will increase the chances that Russia will cooperate more closely with the United States in the dispute over Iran’s nuclear program.” Any type of “dispute” over Iran’s nuclear “program” could still be undertaken AFTER steps were taken to neutralize the threat to America and its allies. One has to wonder if the Czech’s and the Poles were asked if they would like to go back to the idiotic “MAD” (Mutually Assured Destruction) type of liberal illogic or whether the liberal “leader” decided this manifest destiny for them?

Czech Premier Jan Fischer said that Obama “assured him that the ‘strategic cooperation’ between the Czech Republic and the U.S. would continue..” Premier Fisher did not comment on how where the knife protruding from his back came from or as to how much the wound stung.. Premier Fischer and the citizens of the Czech Republic now have a firm understanding of how Obama and his minions utilize “strategic cooperation” with the Republican Party and the citizens of the United States.. As long as you “cooperate” with the whims of the Obama weasels, things will be fine, just trust them..

“The plan, proposed by the Bush administration, aimed to defend the United States and its European allies against a possible missile attack from Iran or elsewhere in the Middle East..” Obviously the liberals haven’t been paying much attention to current events but there is a considerable amount of “trouble” as regards to the boiling cauldron of insanity that passes for the mindset with the Middle East and its so called governments.. This is obviously an “area” where we need to strongly consider any and all options pertaining to defending ourselves and our allies..

The Iranian “Yes Men”, Putin and his Politburo puppet Medvedev, have been too “involved” in this process. Initially, their “worries” were over the threat to their own country. That’s right, Putin/Medvedev were worried that American DEFENSIVE missiles were a threat to THEM. When that ruse didn’t pan out for the fascist front men, then it became a threat to THEIR ability to negotiate on behalf of the world over the Iranian “peaceful” nuclear program.. The only thing that Russia was “negotiating” with the Iranians was the transfer of missile technology that was sold which would soon become obsolete due the superior American missile technology, thus the necessity and the volume of their yelps..

A nation as “allegedly” strong (I say allegedly due to the current administration..) should not need the “help” of the fledgling Russian oligarchs and their ulterior motives to negotiate with Iran. As well, as a neighbor of Iran and its perpetually unstable “government”, it would be in the best interest of the Russians to cooperate with any negotiations without any socialist strings attached.

“Czechs and Poles, along with some other Eastern Europeans, have complained of what many perceive as neglect by the Obama administration..” The Obama Secretary of Statists has made heavy weather of the alleged “neglect” by the Bush administration on a number of occasions when it came to both Europe and Asia. The Czechs and the Poles now understand what the working tax paying middle class in America is going through. Once neglected, you are then targeted by Obama.

A “U.S. diplomat” (unnamed) attempted to “reassure” our allies that “America still values them as friends and partners..” Wow.. Time to call Dr. Phil, because any “relationship” with the Obama administration would surely transform itself into a textbook case of “Marxist Munchausen by progressive proxy”.. If that doesn’t work for you, how about a “Socialist Stockholm syndrome”.. Either way you look at it, you will end up with the short end of the stick so I would consider any contact from them to be the real estate equivalent of someone wanting to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge..

Fischer, trying to put the best spin on this disaster possible said, “The U.S. now considers the threat of an attack using short- and mid-range missiles greater than one using long-range rockets. That is what the Americans have assessed as the most serious threat..” Reading between the lines of the Premier’s statement would then lead me to ask this question, “Premier Fischer, what do YOU assess as the most serious threat?”

“Obama took office undecided about the European system and he said he would study it. Washington would proceed with developing the system as long as Iran posed a threat to U.S. and European security.” Clang the bells! Iran is now no longer considered to be a “threat to U.S. and European security”!! What a surprise, stop the presses! Yet another progressive miracle that Obama can take credit for, or was this just the runoff from a situation “that we inherited’?

The truth be told, just a few months back, Obama said that he would study the system and he would get back to Putin/Medvedev, letting them know if IT WOULD WORK, not if Iran was posing a “threat”. There is your answer. It would work, so it is off of the table. If it had no chance of working, Obama would have raised taxes to beat the band, demanded that a bill be passed without anyone being allowed to read it and it would have been another of his wonderfully wasteful and inefficient “shovel ready” projects intended to “stimulate” the American economy.. Hint to our allies, when you see Obama coming, get your shovels ready as the manure will quickly pile up to a critical level..

Konstantin Kosachev said, “Now we can talk about restoration of the strategic partnership between Russia and the United States”. “Now we can talk”.. Kosachev is tossing out the communist catnip for the American liberals because with them it is all about “talk”. Give the liberals a few hours and they believe that they can “talk” anyone into anything. That theory may work on the liberal Democratic underclass and the limousine liberal elitists here in America but it has deadly ramifications when played with on the international stage..

“If the administration approaches us in the future with any request, I would be strongly against it.” So said Jan Vidim, lawmaker with the Czech Republic’s conservative Civic Democratic Party. With Obama as the “leader” of the United States, it has now been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to real leaders like Vidim that it is more dangerous to your nation’s survival to be considered his ally as opposed to being his enemy..


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  1. Family,

    They just give me too much to work with.

    Before they were merely imbecilic..

    Now they are proving to be dangerous.

    Thanks as always,


  2. Every day it just continues to get worse. We already know when push comes to shove the liberals fold up like an origami. They always seem to be against keeping Americans and her allies safe. They want to clear the slate and make it a fair fight. They always forget that the enemy does not follow those rules. Being strong but not hurting anyone in the process. The Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah and al-Qaida don’t play by the same rules. Geez, this week they used a child to place a bomb on a roadside and blew up the child. I guess to them it’s only collateral damage, unimportant, the child had no real value other than a small pawn in the War on Terror. Does a male child still receive the 40 Virgins? Just curious.

    Another winning article Larry. Thanks for always digging for the truth, always-great research and good insight when looking at the World through liberal Dolce and Gabanna $383,609 price tag Brown tinted Sunglasses (to a liberal that’s money well spent). How many starving al-Qaida children operative could be fed, if they made the choice to forgo the very expensive shades?

    Do I have any liberal celebrities willing to give up the expensive threads, fast sports car, plastic surgery, the Bentley or Rolls Royce, the hot bimbo with breast the size of medicine balls (how does she stand up, could there be a counter-weigh in her butt? Anyone? Anyone? Leonardo, Ben, Cameron, Julia, Reese, Demi and Ashton? Silence from loudmouth celebrities who preach to the choir but live their lives in a faraway land called Hollywood. PLEASE just the fuck up and STOP telling us how we should live (sorry for the French slip). Take off the expensive shade, take a hard look at everyday Americans, and see how people live on the other side. Sorry for my venting their was another half-wit from the sludge factory lamenting about “what a great job” Obama is doing as our President (Are you kidding mr?). He said… I’m no longer embarrassed to say that I’m an American”, Matt Damon, please stop showing us your intellect is the same as your shoe size. We already knew, too bad you haven’t figured it out, grow a brain.

  3. I cant even hardly read this – it upsets me to see this absolutely fucking moron run our country into the ground. Can I say that about a president without a visit from the thought police? America is finding out just what you get when you elect an unwashed pathetically souless dirtbag for president. I can smell this putrid imbecile all the way to Texas and I want to puke. I dont give a good goddamn crap if they call me a bigot or racist. If I were in Congress I would yell “you stink”.

    I just try to be patient as America slowly wakes up to their mistake. Another 12 months is all.

    And then the best part – I love it – Carter telling all us “white folks” we’re racists. We get to see what happens after our village idiot presidents are turned out. Carter is the most visible domestic terrorist in America.

  4. Eileen.
    That`s 72 virgins.
    Not 40.
    Hardly worth it to blow your self up for only 40

  5. Maybe I’m just dumb but I never would’ve dreamed of saying I was embarrassed to say I’m an American. As a matter of fact, everytime I returned home from a trip abroad I always said to myself “Thank God I’m HOME! I’m proud of my country ….always have been. Are these people stupid or what?

  6. Larry,
    As usual spot on. Barry is dangerous, more so, by his arrogance and mendacity. Mix in his manipulated moronic minions and you have a receipe for distastor. Next he exits Iraq, then walks away from the Taliban, (they love the human targets we send over) , followed by nuclear capitulation with Iran. Russia is going to help us after Reagan shattered their socialist dream (nightmare) and the wall(s) literally come tumbling down? Add naivete to the mahogony megalomanioc messiahs’ list of characteristics. Putin & is his KGB cronies will make us pay & pay as long as liberals run the good old US of A show. What a relief Barry must be for them.

    Never again isn’t long enough.

  7. I pity those whom were dependent upon us to help them secure freedom for themselves. The old Baltic States were amongst the first to help us in our War on Terror, and this is how we repay them, by abandoning them to the wolves.

  8. Dave, Anaheim CA

    Has anyone else noticed that the only cuts the moron in the White House is interested in making are in relation to defense?
    This particular decision is actually his payback to Putin for the $100 million in campaign donations he gave to osama’s fraudulent run for POTUS.

  9. Out of the ballpark! Zero had no intention of looking it over. He had his mind made up before he was crowned! I am thoroughly fed up and almost need to have a barf pan next to me when I read his latest or when he appears daily on the TV. I ALWAYS change the channel as I cannot stand to hear or see him. I glimpsed him walking to his helicopter and immediately felt that tickle in my throat and I realized he DOES NOT even look presidential. He ain’t got no class! And I agree, never again just isn’t long enough.

  10. Nothing Obama does anymore surprises me. I live in a state of constant agitation because there is something stupid he does EVERYDAY! I can’t stand the sight of him either!

    We can’t expect decency and honor from a man who lied his way to the presidency. We have to go through this for the next THREE YEARS AND THREE MONTHS.

    Good news, however, ACORN…no more federal funds…..thank you Fox News, Glenn Beck, Gee, wasn’t our President once their attorney while he lived in Chicago…hmmm?

    God help the Czecks and the Poles!

  11. No missiles means more money for ACORN. He’ll figure a way to get it to them.

  12. Obummer is the most dangerous man this world has ever seen. I notice how unimpressive he is as he walks to the chopper, and leaves his wife to follow. Gosh, that seems like something a muslum would do. Note how people over 65 are at the end of the list to be protected against H1N1. Could this be the start of the cost savings to medicare, and extending the life of SS. I think Cass Sunstein is his George Goebbles. Keep an eye on this nutcase, and be ready to move on a moments notice to protect this country. GOD help us all.

  13. Srapping the missle shields is one decision that did not bode well the international community. Those that are half intelligent anyway. Except it left Iran, Russia and that pot-bellied pygmy in Korea grinning from ear to ear.

    33 minutes folks, just 33 minutes. That’s all the time from launch to detonation in any of the cities on either of our coasts. Hating us because we are either capatalists, infidels or, in one case, just to stupid to do anything else but hate, it kinda makes you feel all warm and cozy doesn’t it?

    Someone refresh my memory here but I don’t remember Bush saying “We will build a missled defense system” and so it was. I would think that this would have to go through and be approved by Congress. If I’m right there, how then can Hussein, simply by himself, call the Czech Republic President up and cancel the program? Or was this another one of those late night behind “transparent” closed door decisions this promises of promises administration is becoming famous for?

  14. Bush must be laughing his ass off. History will certainly be kind to him…well, correctly detailed history, not the progressive version. So many people are still excited about Obamalama-ding-dong and I am literally nauseated when I hear the misguided and uninformed (and truly un-enlightened) groupies gushing over him.

    Sadly, though, even many people who didn’t vote for him aren’t very well informed. They and the rest of the country are being totally sheltered from any news that depicts the one or his staff/cronies in any negative light (which seems to be his only light, actually). I asked a conservative friend what she thought about all the ACORN trouble and she said, “what is ACORN?”.

  15. O’Reilly showed a clip from 2008 where Obamie says he would keep the missile defense system in Poland.
    Oh, we can’t call him LIAR anymore…
    So, what do we call someone who LIES?
    a Democrat.

    Get real folks, these guys are not incompetent, they are UN-AMERICAN!
    They are INTENTIONALLY dismantling this country.
    Obamie is the first one to admit that America is “too strong”, we consume “too much”, we have “too much power”, and we must be cut down to size.

    DP- Yes, Dhimmy Carter- the White Southern Democrat Plantation Owner (peanuts, anyone?) is calling US, Racists?!

    Yes, 72 virgins.
    But the big joke is, these are 72 fat ugly chicks that no one wanted so they threw them into volcanoes.
    Now they’re waiting for these morons who blow themselves up.

    I hope Poland hires all of our laid off defense and NASA contractors….to build missiles and nukes.

    Don’t let your guard down on ACORN (Another Corrupt Organization Run-by N….. (I’m thinking of an N-word)).
    They are simply one organization under an umbrella of almost 300 organizations.
    All part of the same evil empire.
    They will just send the funding to some other “patriotic” sounding organization – that is nothing more than a sibling of ACORN (like SEIU – Socialist Employees Idiots Union).

    H1N1 is a joke.
    “never let a good crisis go to waste” (even if you have to create one).
    Now, this “flu” shot has been made into a “nose spray”?????????
    This is suppose to be the greatest threat to mankind since the WWI flu outbreak?????

    Its time to run for office folks.
    Flood the system.
    They can’t dig up dirt on everybody (especially when we don’t have any).
    We can’t wait until next year to start campaigning for 2010.
    Which side are they on – Socialism, or Americanism?


    PS – did I mention that Dhimmy Carter is a WHITE, SOUTHERN DEMOCRAT, PLANTATION OWNER??

    2012: Time for Obama’s “end-of-term” Counseling

    And stop giving Obama a hard time about all those czars!
    When you’re that incompetent, you need all the advice you can get!

    Next time you’re watching COPS and you see old Rufus getting tackled and shackled, don’t laugh.
    You’re making his house payment!

  16. Dhimmy Carter should be tried for treason.
    Not because of the stupid crap he has said about “racists”, but, because, basically, he has sold out this country.

    What is the definition of a recession?
    2 consecutive quarters of negative growth.
    These LIARS keep saying that the current recession started back in Dec 2007.
    The 4th qtr of 2007 and 1st qtr of 2008 were less than 1% growth in GDP, but it was POSITIVE growth.
    PLUS, the 2nd qtr of 2008 was about 3.5%.
    So any “recession” they think we were having was smashed.
    The ONLY consecutive quarters of negative growth (under Bush) was 3rd & 4th qtrs of 2008.
    And the 3rd qtr was only down 0.5%.
    But, what happened late in the 2nd qtr to cause this?
    The price of oil went through the roof.
    Jimmy Carter made an uninvited trip to the middle east. Had PRIVATE, CLOSED DOOR, meetings with the Arab oil shieks.
    WITHIN 2 WEEKS of Dhimmy Carter’s PRIVATE meetings, the price of out went through the roof and to this day NO ONE CAN TELL US WHY!
    Sure, they’re speculating it was the speculators, but that’s just speculation.
    But, when the poll numbers (because of high gas prices to which Sultan Obama didn’t even want to acknowledge) started to hurt Obamie, the price of oil mysteriously came back down.
    Don’t let them fool you, they orchestrated this mess so they could win the election.
    They won the election, now they don’t have a clue how to fix the economy!
    (ever heard of a democrat writing a book, “How I became a Millionaire”?
    Yeah, right. If they ever admitted how they made their fortunes, they’d be in jail.


  17. Stitch,

    Wow, you’re on fire. Your acronyms are right on.

    Since ACORN has more tentacles than a school of octopi, it receives monies from a whole series of hidden relationships with various agencys and companies. Therefore , it won’t be totally “defunded” . Investigations of ACORN’s finances and money transfers have ended in many dead-ends. And, with the libs in control, the fraud will most likely continue, unfortunately.

    The liar in chief continues to live up to his reputation – he just keeps lying, and lying, and . . . . .. Sadly, many are believing him !!

    Apparently Mrs. liar in chief wasn’t getting her share of the spotlight, so she went on a “litttle grocery” shopping trip – with a 36 car caravan of secret service personnel, DC cops, bomb sniffing dogs, etc. BTW, the store was about 2 blocks away. So much for proper use of staff ,resources, fuel, etc. Wonder if she was wearing the appropiate designer outfit made expressly for grocery shopping !

    When will it end ???

  18. JJ,
    All that to pick up a loaf of bread? Wow, I’ll bet the expense of that beat the $150,000 dress Palin wore all to hell that had the left and the media all in an uproar.

    Guess what folks? We get a “Islam On Capitol Hill” prayer meeting scheduled for Sept. 25th. Seem’s they got their inspiration from ol’ Hussein himself (surprise, surprise) when he gave his inaurgural speech. Seems they want us to “see how they pray” for some reason or other to a god we don’t believe in.

    They have a website set up also in case you’d like to veiw or anything else that comes to mind; Have fun!

  19. That have fun is NOT part of the website!!

  20. Stitch…. A friend sent me a picture of the virgans. They were all Catholic nuns, holding AK47’s and had a grin on their face like,come on boys we have something for you. At least they understand an AK47. Too bad our commie in chief is too dense to understand what they stand for.

  21. Have to disagree..

    This “72 virgins” thing is just a put up job. Here is the scenario:

    Ahkkkmed the exploding exchange student does his dirty work and awaits his everleasting reward.

    “I’m sorry, you didn’t interpret me correctly. You get a seventy two year old virgin..”

    Ol’ Smelly gets to spend eternity with Janet Reno..

    No wonder they are all so seething mad..


  22. ewwwwwwwwww!
    Janet Reno?!
    That’s enough to MAKE a guy WANT to blow himself up.


  23. Alabama Redneck

    Larry you ole silver tongued purveyer of common sense truth. You let your fingers do the talking and as usual you are right on. I had commented a couple of days ago when there were only 4 responses but when I hit submit I lost everything. I was just too PO’d to try again. Must have been the server.

    Had to come back today and read all the comments and have been ROTFLMAO at them. (With them?) Especially Stitch.

    Really had a laugh at “Another Corrupt Organization Run-by N******”. And the though of spending just five minutes with Janet Reno almost made me puke. Yetch.

    The Dumbocrats all made their fortunes by not paying their taxes. That seems to be their modus operandi. Tax all of us and then hit the wrong key on Turbo Tax of just forget about that million in other bank accounts. Wonder how many of them are getting their share of ‘stimulus’ money. Of course bathhouse barney always gets his stimulus in the end anyway. Heh, heh.

    Eileen, great comments but I always thought that faraway place you mentioned was called Follywood. Also, you could have included Hanoi Jane, Susan Saraden, Barbara S, Jean Garafalo among the uglies. The list just keep getting longer like the puppets nose.

    Larry, thank you for the personal concerns. Rest assured that God blesses us both and we are fine.

  24. 72 virgins? Hell, if I were a terrorist I’d balk at that. Why not give me 72 slutty broads that knew what the hell they were doing?!!!

  25. Alabama Redneck

    Be sure to watch Chris Walllace on Fox today. He is scheduled to have Bertha Lewis, CEO of ACORN on. Should be interesting but I can imagine she will just give the standard bull crap answers. If you have a question you would like an answer to, you can send it to Chris at . He just might ask it.

  26. Another right on article Larry. This administration has abandoned our friends that has supported us in the past. When we were attacked, a local radio talk show host in the upstate of South Carolina, Russ Cassel, said the only way to defeat these terrorists, is to kill each and every one of them. I think Russ is right about this, but I do wonder where we should start. Here in America, or in the middle east.
    Maybe we should do what the Hondourian people did. Remove the socialist bastard from the office of President. The chosen one is doing the same thing. And while we are at , the majority of the Senate and the House should be tried for treason for allowing Obama to trample all over our Constitution.

  27. A bit off topic from missle defense to our nation’s safety, but I consider this big-eared clown in the White House (no Amos and Andy make-up please) as serious a theat in other respects.

    I just watched a video of “I won” telling me that, ‘we’ have stopped our economic freefall, but our work is far from over. ‘We’ve’ got a lot to do in providing jobs for all those who are looking for work today.” Oh, you think? Is that why the unemployment rate keeps climbing amongst American citizens or are you talking about you’re poor picked on illegal aliens?

    “Just one year ago we were in a precarious position” according to this democratic doofus. This is better? Give me a break! A little tip here folks, he wants our “government to fundamentally “reform” the world’s governing financial platform and markets.” Anybody hear New World Order?

    Oh, and get this, he doesn’t expect taxpayers to be responsible for cleaning up the mess.

    While calling for legislation that supposedly will protect the consumer, Hussein blamed the mortage loan debacle over the just the past eight years of course, I mean, what would any self-respecting liberal do. Hussein said, consumers entered into contracts that they did not fully understand, (this being because they were illiterate and signed with an “X”) offered by lenders who didn’t alway tell the truth.” (That being when the Clinton feds were pointing a gun to lender’s heads if they didn’t make the loans.)

    The “boy” about had me in tears, I tell ya. I had to take off my rose colored glasses just to sniffle a little… or maybe it’s the Swine Flu, hard to tell, maybe the liberals oughta think about changing their mascot.

  28. Larry, family,

    I’m confused!!!

    The Liar In Chief is telling Poland and the Czech’s he still loves ’em and is merely “shifting” the missle defense. Evidently he’s greased the Russian’s too in telling them that his main concern is Iran! Boy, wait until his fellow muslims hear about this.

  29. Redneck,

    The list of liberal Hollywood pinheads is just too expansive to include them all Ms Fonda, Ms Sarandon and Ms Garofalo have been spoken about in many previous post and it does me no good to continue to post my frustrations within the Hollywood community. Instead, I would rather discuss the conservatives and moderates who have an above knowledge of the inner workings in that closed off community.

    For quite a while now I have boycotted any and all liberal pinheads and refuse to watch or listen to anything they have to say. I throw my support for actors, filmmakers and singers who lean toward the right or moderate beliefs. Some of my favorites are on the list, yet I still refuse to watch or listen to anything they do. I had to throw out all my Linda Ronstadt albums. She was my favorite singer growing up but I could no longer take her liberal ideology any longer. I loved her so much when I had to produce a music video for my Film/TV class I chose her and sang one of her songs. It wasn’t a easy thing to pull off but I did it and got an A in the class.

    I have become a fan of some actors who seem to be overlooked by the media and Hollywood community. I love and enjoy watching Gary Sinise, Rene Russo, Jon Voight, Tom Selleck, Robert Duvall, Kurt Russell, Heather Locklear, Angie Harmon, Stephen Baldwin, Wilfred Brimley, Jerry Bruckheimer, James Caan, Drew Carey, Jon Cryer, Dennis Hopper, Robert Davi, Clint Eastwood, Kelsey Grammer, Janine Turner and all the others that are out there but refuse to be black listed by the liberals that run the town (and into the ground). Many fear that they would be blacklist if they revealed their political ideas lean towards the right instead of the left. Talking about Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin and Barbra Streisand will not provide any new ideas or talking points. We get it, they hate conservatives and Republicans and we do not need to rehash the same tired liberal monologue that rarely gives any specifics as to why they hate them. They hate them because they exists.

    Old Hollywood, stars and filmmakers like John Wayne, James Stewart, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Ronald Reagan, Charlton Heston, Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, Mary Pickford, Frank Capra, John Ford to name a few all leaned right politically and there were more conservatives that ran Hollywood but as they aged and grew older they were replaced by liberals who were pushing the door closed on any new conservatives. For every Jimmy Stewart we received actors and producers such as Michael Douglas, Rob Reiner, Spielberg, Geffen and all the other liberal trash that litters the streets and sidewalks of the fishbowl known as Hollywood.

    Here is a story that the media will not talk about is blacklisting conservatives such as screenwriter Burt Prelutsky who wrote scripts for Dragnet, McMillan & Wife, M*A*S*H, Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda, Bob Newhart, the Rockford Files, Family Ties, Dr. Quinn, and Diagnosis Murder. He was involved with many of the shows from the 60’s, 70’s and early part of the 80’s who has been blacklisted within the Hollywood community so he took his writing skills to the conservative online community. He’s one of my favorites to read, his writing skill is about keeping his tongue firmly in his cheek. Anyone here wanting to read some of his work can go to his website

    They are against blacklisting communist from the 40’s and 50’s (one being Leo Penn, yes Sean’s father who was rightly labeled a communist, which may explain why he hates conservatives so much because his father drilled that into him). But I certainly don’t hear them lamenting the blacklist of conservative filmmakers, producers, directors and actor’s. Just one more hypocritical log on the fire of Hollywood injustice, liberal style.

  30. If the terrorists want to hit something, I’d be very glad to give them a map to the homes of liberal Hollywood stars.

  31. Bill Balsamico’s latest sign at Casa D’ Ice in
    North Versailles, PA reads:

    ” If ACORN conducts its’ own Internal Investigation, does that mean they are going to bust each others nuts?”

    We can only hope Bill.

  32. We all know the results of the internal ACORN investigation, even before it starts ! Wonder if they’ll get additional funding to conduct this so-called investigation , since the Senate “defunding” is for only one aspect of their various funds . Funding to ACORN should be called what it really is, namely “theft of taxpayer money”. On Sunday, the liar in chief lived up to his name by basically denying his involvement with ACORN and its current problem. He had more “important ” things to do, such as “fix” healthcare !!

    Speaking of healthcare, just heard that 42 % of uninsured Americans are opposed to Obamacare. You would think that all the uninsured would be in favor of the FREE Obamacare ! What will happen when the majority of uninsured are opposed to it – will the liar in chief change his mind, or will he deny the facts and continue his quest to destroy our present system ?

  33. Though my post is a bit off topic, due to the lateness of it, I just finally finished my analysis of the Liar-In-Chief’s talkathon to Congress in his “wishing, and hoping” for Health Care “change”. (My apologies to the late Dusty Springfield–may the memory of her linger long!)

    I still have to go to the library to make posts, so that is one reason why I am late.

    It’s a bit lengthy, so bear with me as I try to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome from settling in my fast-flying digits. I will break it up in several segments–nine comments at a time, for easier reading at your leisure.

    Once again, quotes of the speech will be first, followed by my more-or-less scathingly excoriative comments in parentheses. (Sarcasm included for free, as usual, for free.)

    (At the expired Yahoo! news link of titled “FACT CHECK: Obama uses iffy math on deficit pledge”. Here are some excerpts. This article will be referenced in some of my comments.

    Washington–President Barack Obama used only-in-Washington accounting Wednesday night when he promised to overhaul the nation’s health care system without adding “one dime” to the deficit. By conventional arithmetic, Democratic plans would drive up the deficit by billions of dollars. The president’s speech to Congress contained a variety of oversimplifications and omissions in laying out what he wants to do about health insurance.
    A look at some of Obama’s claims and how they square with the facts or the fuller story:
    1. OBAMA: “I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits either now or in the future. Period.”
    THE FACTS: Though there’s no final plan yet, the White House and congressional Democrats already have shown they’re ready to skirt the no-new-deficits pledge. House Democrats offered a bill that the Congressional Budget office said would add $220 billion to the deficit over 10 years. But Democrats and Obama administration officials claimed the bill actually was deficit-neutral. They said they simply didn’t have to count $245 billion of it–the cost of adjusting Medicare reimbursement rates so physicians don’t face big annual pay cuts.

    2. OBAMA: “Don’t pay attention to those scary stories about how your benefits will be cut… That will never happen on my watch. I will protect Medicare.”
    THE FACTS: Obama and congressional Democrats want to pay for their health care plans in part by reducing Medicare payments to providers by more than $500 billion over 10 years. The cuts would largely hit hospitals and Medicare Advantage, the part of the Medicare program operated through private insurance companies. Although wasteful spending in Medicare is widely acknowledged, many experts believe some seniors almost certainly would see reduced benefits from the cuts. That’s particularly true for the 25 percent of Medicare users covered through Medicare Advantage.

    3. OBAMA: “There are now more than 30 million American citizens who cannot get coverage.”
    THE FACTS: Obama time and time again has referred to the number of uninsured as 46 million, a figure based on year-old Census data. The new number is based on an analysis by the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured, which concluded that about two-thirds of Americans are poor or near-poor. “These individuals are less likely to be offered employer-sponsored coverage or to be able to afford to purchase their own coverage,” the report said. By using the new figure, Obama avoids criticism that he is including individuals, particularly healthy young people, who choose not to obtain health insurance.)

  34. Part 2 of Obama’s speech to Congress:

    1. “But we did not come here just to clean up crises. We came to build a future.”

    (Yeah, Mr. Obama–a future that good, decent, clean-living US citizens don’t want: your brand of Socialism/Hitlerism!)

    2. “I return to speak to all of you about an issue that is central to that future–and that is the issue of health care.”

    (Knowledgeable folks who have ACTUALLY READ the proposed Senate and House bill versions read “health care” as “death care.”)

    3. “A bill for comprehensive health reform was first introduced by John Dingell Sr. in 1943. Sixty-five years later, his son continues to introduce that same bill at the beginning of each session.”

    (Some “fuzzy math” here, folks. Actually, it was introduced SIXTY-SIX years ago, on June 3, 1943, and not only by Dingell, Sr, in the House, but also by Senators Wagner and Murray in the Senate–none of who actually drafted the bill! Let’s not take credit where credit is not due, now! I quote from the web page of “The Social Security Board drafted a bill which was introduced on June 3, 1943 by Senator Wagner and Senator James Murray of Montana (S.B. 1161) and Representative John Dingell of Michigan (H.R. 2861).” Sadly-or happily, depending on what direction you leaned, politically speaking, should you have been alive at that time–the bill never was passed by both legislative bodies. Poor babies!)

    4. “In just a two-year period, one in every three Americans goes without health care coverage at some point.”

    (Fuzzy math here, again! Since there are over 300 million “US” Americans alive today, that would mean that over 100 million “US” Americans would be without health insurance coverage at some point! The highest number you, Mr. Obama, had stated in the past has been only 46 million! [For proof, read the 3rd OBAMA quote in the FACT CHECK article above.] And don’t forget all those “other” Americans: Canada, Mexico, the rest of Central America, and South America! Really, Mr. Obama, you should define your nomenclatures (read “universe”), lest your listeners start “parsing your words”! Oh, I guess you mean “US” Americans over the age of 18 who are mentally competent enough to contract with insurance companies! “Well, excuse me!”–as Steve Martin used to say in his comedy routines.)

    5. “We are the only advanced democracy on Earth…”

    (Yeah, advancing towards a true democracy: Socialism at its finest! Obama apparently doesn’t remember Benjamin Franklin’s answer to a woman who asked him about what type of government the writers of the Constitution had given the nation after he left the room where it was written: “A Republic, Madam–if you can keep it!” Slowly but surely this nation under Socialist Presidents–read Wilson, FDR, Truman, Carter, Clinton, Obama and others of that ilk–has been becoming more democratic in tone with each passing day. Don’t forget, democracy means “mob rule” and we certainly have a “mob” in Washington today that makes the Mafia look like schoolchildren out to have a good time!)

    6. “Those who do have insurance have never had less security and stability than they do today.”

    (Well, Mr Obama needs to interview those who grew up in the 1930’s during the “Dust Bowl” Great Depression years who remember having very little food on their kitchen tables to eat, because their fathers would rather make payments on their insurance policies in order to not lose that coverage, than put food in their children’s mouths! THAT’S not as bad as today??)

    7. “That is heart-breaking, it is wrong, and no one should be treated that way in the United States of America.”

    (Ah, Mr. Obama, but they will be treated that way–and even in a worse way, if “your ” plan goes through, via “end-of-life” consultations!)

    8. “We spend one-and-a-half times more per person on health care than any other country.”

    (No documentation! No sources cited! Hey, Mr. Obama, what does the World Health Organization say about the US’s health care status in comparison to other “third-world” countries? I guess you didn’t want to bore us with the statistics and facts, huh? The easy way out is to have us believe what you say, because YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT! What ever comes out of the Messiah’s mouth–why, it MUST be true!)

    9. “And that’s why those of us with health insurance are also paying a hidden and growing tax for those without it–about $1000 per year that pays for somebody else’s emergency room and charitable care.”

    ( Why, Mr. Obama, I guess you don’t even know the meaning of “charitable care.” It implies a non-payback on aid–financial, and otherwise. I guess you have forgotten Jesus’ “suggestion” to: “lend, hoping for nothing in return.” (Luke 6:35) Having another “early Alzheimer’s moment” are we, Mr. Obama? Nahh, I didn’t think so!)

  35. Part 3 of Obama’s speech to Congress:

    10.”These are the facts. Nobody disputes them.”

    (Well, Mr. Obama, since you consider the “unwashed masses”, i.e., conservative, God-fearing, Christian-type people [who HAVE DONE their homework!] to be “nobodies”, you are correct. Thousands of “nobodies” dispute your undocumented, nonsourced “facts”!

    11. “I believe it makes more sense to build on what works and fix what doesn’t, rather than to try to build an entirely new system from scratch.”

    (Well, Mr. Obama, isn’t that EXACTLY what you are trying to do: “Start from scratch?” “Out with the old; in with the new!”)

    12. “But either one would represent a radical shift that would disrupt the health care most people currently have.”

    (Yeah, Mr. Obama, just like you made a “radical shift” in belief of a single-payer system you so firmly espoused in the early part of your campaign!)

    13. “And there is agreement in this chamber on eighty per cent of what needs to be done, putting us closer to the goal of reform than we have ever been.”

    (Oh, you mean 80% agree that health insurance policies should be allowed to be sold across state lines–which would increase competition, which would lower prices for those individual policies, which would solve the major problem? Nahh, I didn’t think so! Perhaps you failed your Economics 101 class, Mr. Obama–ya know, the antiquated theory of “supply and demand”?)

    14. “First, here are the details that every American needs to know about this plan:…”

    (Oh, Mr. Obama–even the two-day-old American babies need to know the details? And who is going to explain “this plan” to them? Their parent(s)? Nahh, I don’t think so! Define your “universe”, Mr. Obama! After all, you DID say “EVERY American”!)

    15. “First, if you are among the hundreds of millions of Americans who already have health insurance through your job, Medicare, Medicaid, or the VA, nothing in this plan will require you or your employer to change the coverage or the doctor you have. Let me repeat this: nothing in our plan requires you to change what you have.”

    (That is, until you change jobs; then you will have no choice but to enroll in the government plan!)

    16. “As soon as I sign this bill, it will be against the law for insurance companies to drop your coverage when you get sick or water it down when you need it the most.”

    (Ah, the tiny little details Mr. Obama forgot to mention! The law has to have an effective date of enforcement; the enforcement of the law is created by the promulgation of regulations in the Federal Register and printed in the Code of Federal Regulations. Mr. Obama, I think that takes a “wee bit o’ time”! For proof that the law is not enforceable until regulations are promulgated concerning it, just Google the US Supreme Court decisions The Calif. Bankers Ass’n v. Shultz et al. (416 US 21): “Since, as we have observed earlier in this opinion, the statute is not self-executing, and were the Secretary to take no action whatever under his authority, there would be no possibility of criminal or civil sanctions being imposed on anyone” AND United States v. Mersky (361 U.S. 425, 429): “Once promulgated, these regulations, called for by the statute itself, have the force of law, and violations thereof incur criminal prosecutions, just as if all the details had been incorporated into the congressional language. The result is that neither the statute nor the regulation are complete without the other, and only together do they have any force: In effect, therefore, the construction of one necessarily involves the construction of the other.”
    Other lawsuits state:
    (1)”The binding force and effect of statute or law attaches to duly promulgated government agency regulations.”
    (2) “Even so the regulation is ineffective. It was not published in the Federal Register as required by 5 USC 551 and 44 USC 1505; the omission is fatal.”
    (3) “An individual cannot be prosecuted for violating the act unless he violates an implementing regulation.”
    As an example of the need for promulgated regulations, the IRS Code at 26 USC 7805(a) states: “AUTHORIZATION…the secretary shall prescribe all needful rules and regulations for ENFORCEMENT of this title.” [Emphasis of the word “enforcement” is mine.] If the regulations then are not promulgated, then the law will be one “with no teeth”! In a bit of a hurry, aren’t you, Mr. Obama, “putting the cart before the horse”?)

    17. “No one should go broke because they get sick.”

    (Oh, I guess that “no one” does NOT include illegal aliens, that you state later in your speech who will definitely NOT be insured by “your” plan. Does that mean that you are going to put in prison the California State Supreme Court judges who ruled against California’s “request” to preclude illegal aliens from receiving health coverage at county hospitals? The “esteemed jurists” ruled that benefits granted to state citizens MUST be granted to non-citizens, and declaring California’s regulations on that matter to be unconstitutional!)

    18. “That’s what Americans who have health insurance can expect from this plan: more security and stability.”

    (Yeah, but only the deceived and duped Americans who have not read all of the 1000+ pages of either the Senate or House bill! The sad part is: they WON’T KNOW security and stability! Too bad they aren’t like the Bereans described by Paul in Acts 17:10-11!)

  36. Part 4 of Obama’s speech to Congress:

    19. “Now, even if we provide these affordable options, there may be those–especially the young and the healthy–who still want to take the risk and go without coverage… The problem is, such irresponsible behavior costs all the rest of us money. If there are affordable options and people still don’t sign up for health insurance, it means we pay for these people’s expensive emergency room visits.”

    (Well, Mr. Obama, how is it “irresponsible behavior” by not having coverage–if they are well off enough to pay their medical expenses upfront with “cold, hard cash”? Are you calling multi-millionaires like Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet irresponsible, merely because they might not have health insurance policies–because they could be self-insured? And, Mr. Obama, the costs of those “expensive emergency room visits” are currently absorbed by the county hospitals! So, “where’s the beef”?)

    20. “If some businesses don’t provide workers health care, it forces the rest of us to pick up the tab when their workers get sick…”

    (Well, duh! What do you think the meaning of insurance is, Mr. Obama?Everybody in the plan shares the risks–AND the costs!)

    21. “And that’s why, under my plan, individuals will be required to carry basic health insurance–just as most states require you to carry auto insurance.”

    (Ah, Mr. Obama, you display incredible ignorance about auto insurance! To the best of my knowledge and belief, no state requires a driver to have auto insurance! That is a misnomer. The term used, legally speaking, is “financial responsibility.” If a person proves to a county judge that he/she has the financial resources to post a bond with the judge that is in the amount equal to the state minimum required to pay for vehicle liability and medical expenses to an injured party, then he/she has fulfilled the requirements of that “auto insurance” law. And even THAT is not necessary, in specific instances! Do you, Mr. Obama, REALLY think automobile/truck dealers pay motor vehicle insurance on EVERY vehicle on their sales lot? They don’t! They only need to prove, as is stated in the previously-mentioned situation for the private individual, that they have the financial wherewithal to pay for damages incurred should, for example, a person steal a vehicle off a car/truck sales lot, drive it away, and have an accident, injuring a second party and the other vehicle! No upfront payment of a bond to a judge is even made, to the best of my knowledge and belief!)

    22. “While there remain some significant details to be ironed out…”

    (I guess only the Republicans laughed at that phrase, and not a single DemonKrat!)

    23. “…and a requirement that people who can afford insurance, get insurance.”

    (Why require Bill Gates, et al, to get insurance, JUST BECAUSE they can afford it? That just doesn’t make sense! Duh!–unless your underlying intent is to CONTROL EVERYBODY!!)

    24. “And I have no doubt that these reforms would greatly benefit Americans from all walks of life…”

    (And how would it benefit the multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires, Mr. Obama? [“ALL walks of life”] “Where’s the facts, Jack?”)

    25. “There are also those who claim that our reform effort now would insure illegal immigrants. This, too, is false–the reforms I’m proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally.”

    (Mr. Obama is correct! Because he is planning to give amnesty to ALL illegal immigrants in the USA; voila!–no more illegal immigrants! That kind of reminds me of Clinton’s “That depends on what the meaning of “‘is’, is.”)

    26. “…no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions…”

    (Mr. Obama, does that mean that the Federal government will give funds–read “carrots on sticks”–to the States, so that THEY will fund the abortions, instead? Sounds like “spreading the wealth,” to me!)

    27. “My guiding principle is, and always has been, that consumers do better when there is choice and competition. Unfortunately, in 34 states, 75% of the insurance market is controlled by five or fewer companies. In Alabama, almost 90% is controlled by just one company.”

    (So, Mr. Obama, does that mean, with “your” plan, all State Insurance Commissions will be removed, and health insurance companies in one State will be allowed to sell their policies to citizens in another State? [I won’t hold my breath!] Side note: Boy, won’t Eileen be extremely happy when low-cost premium policies from reputable health insurance companies will finally be able to be sold to her in Alabama? Don’t forget that Economics 101 “antiquated” theory of “supply and demand”, Mr. Obama, that I mentioned in quote number 13!)

  37. 28. “…we believe that less than 5% of Americans would sign up.”

    (Ah, Mr. Obama, but what will the other 95% do five years after the effective date for HR3200 [or its equivalent Senate bill or a compromise of the two] becoming a law, when there will be NO privately-sponsored health insurance option available? Will they go like “lemmings into the sea” as they are forced to sign up for “your” plan, or else go with NO health insurance at all? But, I forgot: you don’t actually READ the passed laws, Mr. Obama–just like Congress; you just merely SIGN them!!)

    29. “It’s worth noting that a strong majority of Americans still favor a public insurance option of the sort I’ve proposed tonight.”

    (Not according to recent Rasmussen polls, Mr. Obama! The most recent one I knew–last week–was that 65% of Americans polled were AGAINST your health care plan, and only 33% were in favor of it. The other 2%, I guess, either had no opinion one way or another, or else refused to give an answer! Of whom does your “strong majority of Americans” consist–Canadians?!! Or the poor and impoverished US residents, legal AND illegal, who obviously can’t afford private health insurance coverage? Mr. Obama, isn’t that what economists called “skewed statistics”? But I keep forgetting, you probably failed your Economics 101 class, or else had someone else take your tests for you [just as the newly-departed Ted Kennedy did at the college he attended– Harvard, wasn’t it?], so you wouldn’t have to study your textbook! I know, I know; you had to keep practicing your basketball skills, and take some time off to smoke the marijuana cigarettes and do cocaine and engage in some “Barney Frank” stuff, if you can believe what is shown on YouTube!)

    30. And I will make sure that no government bureaucrat or insurance company bureaucrat gets between you and the care that you need.”

    (Wow! A first: NO GOVERNMENT RED TAPE! Will wonders never cease?!! Why, it’s the 8th wonder of the world!!)

    31. “First, I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits–either now or in the future. Period.”

    (Fuzzy math again! This blatant lie is so ridiculous, I don’t need to add my comments. Just read the 1st OBAMA quote in the FACT CHECK article l posted earlier for proof.)

    32. “I will not make that same mistake with health care.”

    (Yeah, he’s actually correct this time–he’ll make even BIGGER mistakes, if “his” plan is passed into law!)

    33. “And it remains a sacred trust that must be passed down from one generation to the next. That is why not a dollar of the Medicare trust fund will be used to pay for this plan.”

    (Yeah, Mr. Obama, because there won’t be even one more generation after the “current young crop” to receive any financial aid, according to recent estimates by the Congressional Budget Office; what surplus had ever existed in the past two decades has been “borrowed” by other Federal departments! Has your nose started growing longer now, Mr. Obama?)

    34. “So don’t pay attention to those scary stories about how your benefits will be cut…That will never happen on my watch. I will protect Medicare.”

    (Another outrageous lie! Just read the 2nd OBAMA quote in the FACT CHECK article posted earlier above about benefits being cut for senior citizens!)

    35. “And if we are able to slow the growth of health care costs by just one-tenth of one percent each year, it will actually reduce the deficit by $4 trillion over the long term.”

    (Since the Congressional Budget Office has stated in quote #1 of the FACT CHECK article posted earlier above that the deficit would amount to over 220 billion dollars over the next ten years, let me take out my trusty ole calculator and see if Mr. Obama’s math is STILL “fuzzy.” I’ll be very conservative. Let’s see, now: since one-tenth of one percent is one one-thousandth of any figure, if I multiply that by 22 billion dollars ([$22 billion is the average yearly deficit], then divide that into the 4 trillion dollars being reduced of the deficit–why, that comes up to 181,181 years!! But, wait! That same Congressional Budget Office also stated that the health care COSTS over the next 10 years will amount to $16-plus trillion! So, using the same formula for health care COSTS as was done for the TOTAL deficit for 10 years, we get the “long-term” amount as being: 2,500,000 years!!! Yep, Mr. Obama IS CORRECT! Both one hundred eighty-one thousand, one hundred and eighty-one years AND two million, five hundred thousand years ARE a “long-term” project!!)

    36. “It is a plan that incorporates ideas from many of the people in this room tonight–Democrats and Republicans. And I will continue to seek common ground in the weeks ahead. If you come to me with a serious set of proposals, I will be there to listen. My door is always open.”

    ( Well, at last: a “change of heart”! That door has been closed to the Republicans since April of this year! That’s the last time Obama spoke DIRECTLY to Republicans about health care!)

    (By the way, did anybody notice the smug, “Mussolini” look Obama gave right at the words “it saves money, and it saves lives”–about 31 minutes after the hour? I wonder how much time in front of his “Who-is-the-fairest-of-them-all?” full-length mirror he spends each day, practicing his various poses? Anybody got a clue?)

    I’m through with my analysis, except for some closing comments and a statistical count to follow this final posting.

    As Larry indicated that there was so much the “other side” has given us (“They just give me too much to work with.”), I have to say:


    (I’ll get off my soapbox, for now.)

  38. Part 6 of Obama’s speech:

    In using phrases which included the all-important word “plan,” here are some stats on the various ways it was used in Obama’s speech to Congress that Wednesday night:

    1. “a plan”= 2 times
    2. “the plan”= 4 times
    3. “my plan”= 2 times
    4. “our plan”=2 times
    5. “this plan”=12 times

  39. From the Bible;

    “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good thins:
    and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things.”

    Barrack Hussein Obama is an educated, skilled orator with proven rhetoric to spell-bind the platonic and un-educated. A Messiah of “good things” to those believing they will be taken care of.

    Hussein Obama, YOU LIE!!!!

  40. DPHOUSTON: you stated, “if I were in Congress I would yell “you stink.” Sorry! His wife already has referred to him, before the election, as Stinky, due to his smoker’s breath. It’s true.

  41. Dave in Anaheim: yes, I definitely have noticed, as I’m sure many others have, that Zippy’s cuts are heavily slanted against defense of America. I firmly believe that his hidden agenda is to make our country as vulnerable as possible. We get attacked; he declares martial law; right wing “dissenters” (us)
    are a risk to national security (according to his skewed reasoning) and must go into the camps to protect America. (Plus we’re considered “haters” and “racists”). At the same time he pulls off some kind of trick to remove weapons from the citizens (for our protection, of course). The “camps” are in the process of completion right now (abandoned military bases). What really blows me away is his nearly complete lack of subtlety about his actions. He’s right up front about what he’s up to. This guy is beyond dangerous, in my opinion. Actions speak louder than words, and Zippy is known for his “words.”
    His actions say, “come and attack us.”

  42. Hey folks: could a lid be put on the rough language? It’s really gone over the top. How about a few abbreviations? No?

  43. 1 + 1 = 2


    I could be a RACIST!


  44. Actually 1 + 1 =3


    (according to stinky) I am a racist.

  45. Opinions please:

    If a politician was running for office, say, US Senator, and his platform had, in part, this:
    Once elected I would draft a letter.
    Then I would get as many Republicans, Independents, Moderates, and Sane Democrats as I could to sign that letter.
    Then I would put together a delegation.
    I would take that delegation with that letter to China, Japan, Russia, and any other fool thinking about loaning more money to those idiots in the White House (aka: High Yellow Crib).
    In that letter we would make it crystal clear that we will soon overthrow that tyrant in the White House.
    And when we do, we will NOT pay back their debts!

    Now, forget all the financial ramifications, blah blah, and give me your gut response:
    Is this the kind of guts we need from politicians today??


    PS – the above would actually be the second thing this person would do.
    The first thing this person would do, upon being elected to the US Senate is:
    Find Duncy Pelosi’s office.
    Kick her frikken door off its frikken hinges.
    Get in her face and say, “listen to me, you psycho-bitch! WE are NOT the NAZIs!!!”

    Huh? Huh?

  46. Well, Rick2, the camps are not just in the process of completion, but there are ALREADY over 200 all set to go! When I find the web page that shows them on a USA map with comments regarding many of them, I’ll post it on NLTZ.

  47. Triviaman,
    Is this what you are looking for?
    When you see this you will shit.

  48. Triviaman & Rick2:

    There are over 800 camps in the US.

  49. dphouston, no; it’s not a YouTube video. It’s a regular web page.

  50. LadyWolf, I tried to be conservative about the number. I couldn’t remember the correct rounded amount of camps. I think I got the web site I mentioned from one of the links in the URL you posted. Some of the links look familiar. Thanks for the post!

  51. Larry and Family:

    I received the following link in an e-mail from the Health Freedom Alliance on 09/18/09. I recently spoken to a friend who is my county sheriff regarding inform. I don’t believe in coincidences, I feel this is a message

  52. Sorry, this posted before I finished. On this past Monday I spoke a friend who is a county sheriff regarding information I had received about the military and police being trained to enforce mandatory vacinations. He told me the only plan he was aware of was to secure supplies of anthrax vacine in case of emergency. The plan, allegedly,was to prevent anyone from taking the vacine should there be a panic.

    The timing of Triviaman & Rick2’s postings tell me that this is not a coincidence but, rather a warning message.

    In the words of hollocaust survivors: NEVER AGAIN.

  53. Whaaaatt? Did I shock everybody into silence with my comments on Obama’s speech to Congress? Or were they passe, being so late in posting? Where are you, JJ, Joe, Eileen and LadyWolf –who usually have something to say about my “excremental musings” on our “President of the World,” as was said by Rush Limbaugh today? Anybody have a comment on my comments? What did I “lie” about? (There was some speculation.) Was the verbage unbelieveable on certain comments, i.e., numbers 6, 16, 17 (Eileen certainly believes THIS ONE!), 21, 25, 29 and 33?

  54. Some passages in the Old King James Bible in Proverbs that I guess our Liar-In-Chief either never read, forgotten or taken to heart:

    1. Prov. 19:1= “Better is the poor that walketh in his integrity, than he that is perverse in his lips, and is a fool.”

    2. Prov. 19:5:= “A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall not escape.”

    3. Prov. 19:9= “A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall perish.”

    4. Prov. 19:22:=”The desire of a man is his kindness; and a poor man is better than a liar.”

  55. LadyWolf, I heard on a radio show a couple of weeks back a speaker said that people who refused to take the Swine Flu vaccine would have next to the vaccinator an armed guard with a weapon in his hand to make sure that the “refusnik” would not have the vaccine injected in the arm, but have it sprayed up into the nose–which makes sense, since the poisons in the vaccine would get into the lungs and other parts of the respiratory system very quickly, and the needles would not have to be replaced each time the vaccine was administered. (I believe the ingredients in the vaccine would include: mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum phosphate, aspartame, human fetal tissue, monkey kidney and lung cells, monosodium glutamate and bovine fetal serum.) Gotta save money, ya know!

    And, I guess, if the “Refusnik” absolutely somehow resisted, the that person would be shot “dead on the spot”! (Rather than be carted off to the FEMA camp.) What do you think about that possible scenario?

    Apparently, Chinese practitioners have discovered a combination of four herbs that cures Swine Flu! You can read about it at

  56. Oops, the phrase should be “then that person would be shot.”

  57. For helpful information on “What to do if you are forced to take Swine Flu shot”, copy and paste the following link in your address bar, and watch four revealing videos, as well as read the accompanying text and comments:

  58. triviaman.

    Hey, good comments. Sorry it took so long – am not online everyday ! BTW, does the Bible say anything about a rich man who is a liar, and a politician, and a lawyer ?? 🙂

    Regarding ACORN, as expected, they appointed one of their hack cronies to do an “independent ” investigation. ( wasn’t ACORN planning to fly under the radar by changing it’s name ? ) Can’t wait to see the results . Not really, we know what to expect !

    Keep up the good work , it is appreciated.

  59. For the “Inconvenient Truth about Gardasil”, copy and paste the following link in your address bar:
    There are two videos to watch, one of which is by Ron Paul.

  60. JJ, thanks for the reply! ACORN doesn’t have to “fly under the radar by changing its name; it has a host of sub-minion companies that Obama can give the Stimulus funds to, and still get their “dirty work” done!

  61. As far as the rich , lying, political lawyer goes, you can “read all about it” at Matthew 23:13-33, Luke 6:24-25 and 11:46-48, and James 5:1-3! Tangential statements can be read at Proverbs 6:2 and 21:6.

  62. Family, the next time I will be at the college library won’t be until Tuesday, September the 29th, at the latest to make any more posts. Talk to ya, later! Have a great weekend!

  63. triviaman:

    I can only die once but I don’t intend to make it easy for them.

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