New World Odor

Since the aroma surrounding the heady days of the Obama beatification has wafted off into the ozone, the liberals have had to change their tactics relative to whatever the particular propaganda in question happens to be. Initially, the liberals needed only one “scare tactic” per “takeover”. After the “health scare” debacle, the liberals have concluded that they need to ramp up the rhetoric with possibly three or more lachrymose lies per lunacy.. Introducing: the soon to be epidemic du jour, the “new and improved” fallacy of “population growth”, co-starring “global warming”! and “ecological overload”! With the left, it is actually an “overload” of illogic and sophistry..

The liberal’s idea of “science” for the last sixty years or so, has been the nothing more than yelling “fire!” in a crowded theater. Hearing that word at 110 decibels, no one has the time to look at or for, the “supportive evidence”. There is no time to see if you smell smoke, there is no time to see if there are flames coming from under the doors, just take our word for it and RUN!! They have wanted to create a stampeded based upon fear, not upon evidence. Since this theory has failed to create the necessary genuflection to the leftist’s ideology, the next step in this demented dance is to start stacking “scare tactics”, one upon the other..

In “Population growth driving climate change, poverty, experts” (Breitbart) we read that “unchecked population growth is speeding climate change, damaging life-nurturing ecosystems and dooming many countries to poverty..” Keep in mind that this isn’t the first time that we have heard the core argument raised, but this is the first time that it has been colored with the kooky Crayons of climate change, ecosystems AND poverty..

It is possible to chart the liberal’s population obsession back to the late 1700’s to a British writer named Thomas Malthus. Malthus’ “work” (“guesses” actually.. and very poor guesses at that..) has been the fulcrum for many liberal evolutionary biologists, most notably Darwin, and their “theories” of “natural selection.” To the rest of the liberals without the typically overeducated leftist’s “scientific indoctrination”, the voltage of the overtones of the impending “epidemic” were the most powerful of aphrodisiacs. “Proof” is irrelevant to the true believers, volume and repetition are all that is necessary..

Totalitarian tag teaming is now the rage. It may be alright to ignore the “epidemic” of population growth, but only a callous capitalist cad could “ignore” the evidence of the population explosion’s influence upon global warming, energy supplies and environmental pollution.. Take the fatalistic words of “professor” Roger Short for example. “The inexorable increase in human numbers is exhausting conventional energy supplies, accelerating environmental pollution and global warming and providing an increased number of failed states where civil unrest prevails..” Try to find ANY of the liberal pet projects that Short forgot to mention within his screed. According to the “professor”, if we end the population explosion, through a contiguous causation similar to a domino principle, every liberal “problem” would simply go away leaving the numbskull Nirvana that every liberal control freak dreams of between hits from their wizard bong..

If the liberals aren’t merely piling on when it comes to their “scare tactics”, they will just adjust their nonsense by 180 degrees. In the seventies, with their “dire warnings” ever at the ready position, the liberals puled about the “impending Ice Age.” All sorts of “evidence” (not..) was presented with the inappropriate amount of both amplification and bawling added and their conclusions (06/24/1974 Time Magazine) were that soon the world would be again engulfed in ice..

At least back then, “Man, too may be somewhat responsible for the cooling trend..” The liberals have since refined their “arguments”. The “somewhat” element has disappeared like the dinosaurs and now “man” (read: capitalism) is totally responsible. Please make note of yet another refinement within this “argument” from the seventies, “dust and other particles released into the atmosphere as a result of farming and fuel burning..” Farming has been dropped from the moronic mix. Now the “cap and trade” socialism type of “argument” based upon the fuel consumption of SOME people is the culprit. For example, Obama is polluting the environment not only with his traipsing about in Air Farce One but with the carcinogenic compost of his words as well and no one on the left seems to mind..

The “specialists” in everything from environmental science, economics and demography from the Royal Academy in Britain all spoke darkly of “voluntary family programs and easy access to contraceptives. “Much more emphasis need to be given to meeting the need for family planning-all women should be protected from unintended childbirth..” “Unintended”? All of this is nothing more than the Margaret Sanger song of “negative eugenics” or if you would prefer another term that more aptly describes the liberal Mengeles, “scientific racism”.

From their polluted perspectives, their “concern” for the planet’s population should be remedied through “family-planning” (abortion) and “contraception”. If not well, things will become “unsustainable”, etc., etc.. “Unchecked population growth is speeding climate change, damaging life-nurturing ecosystems and dooming many countries to poverty..” Everyone scrub up an lets begin the dissection..

“Climate change”. Theory, no evidence. Who is the most popular “scientist” hawking the globaloney warming gibberish? Al Gore. Their most famous scientist is a failed politician.. “Dooming many countries to poverty..” These “countries” might be doomed to poverty due to the demonic despots who lord over the land and its bounty. These “countries” may be doomed to poverty due to the obscene oligarchs and the communist cliques sitting upon their golden thrones.. Surely the liberals wouldn’t want to see these fellow travelers overthrown for the good of the citizens of these impoverished nations, would they?

The core liberal arguments are so weak that it has become necessary to use several of them in order to try to make one of them stick. However, each of these spindly legs hasn’t the strength to sufficiently aid the other. According to the “professors”, climate change is being sped by population growth. Obama sat upon his own throne at the U.N. just yesterday after banging out yet another out of tune number straight from the childish “climate change” songbook. Czech President Vaclav Klaus called the Obama U.N. display, “Sad, frustrating, propagandistic and undignified.” When the liberals start yelling “fire!”, block the exits with common sense and evidence..

Obama and the liberal caliphate are, in their own special way trying to make a “New World Order” that conforms to their perverted perspectives. All that they are actually creating is a New World Odor, altered over time in order to fit their noxious needs and they creating more pollution than they are alleviating..


26 responses to “New World Odor

  1. Alabama Redneck

    Another great one, Larry.

    I remember the “Ice Age Scare” of the 70’s but did not realize the import at the time. Al Gore? What a loser.

  2. Our Science Czar advocates manetory sterilization of the population to reign in growth, to be accomplished by introducing sterilants into the water supply. This comes from the “Know Your Czars” segment of the Glenn Beck Show. The Hemlock Society is working on the Healthcare plan, and Pelosi has declared that she intends to remove all consessions to the Blue Dogs and the Repubs to the Healthcare bill and ram it through. If this isn’t a hail and hearty FU for all the hard work and debate, to say nothing of a slap in the face of every voter who turned out for the public forums, then I don’t know what is. We need to get San Fran’s Botox Evita out of her seat and replace her and the other libs with someone more competent and sane and bloody soon.

  3. Ah, thats why Obama believes in late term abortion. And his celephates think that includes up to 2 year olds (before 2 youre not a human according to them?)

    Now I understand. Thanks Larry.

  4. The Botox queen in not incompetent,
    she is pure and purposefully evil!

  5. I`m from Detroit
    back in the 50`s,the libs had a federal welfare program
    that gave a women $100
    dollars a month for every child she had.
    This is where the term welfare queen came from.
    Ladies made a business out of it.
    It wasn’t unusual for the queens to have 8 or 10 kids.
    That`s a thousand dollars a month,which was a lot of money then.
    They weren’t even required to be married.
    Now the libs want to reverse that?
    No kids?
    How is a poor girl supposed to make a living?

  6. Alabama,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    There appears to be no statute of limitations relative to the liberal bag of tricks..


  7. Unfortunately now it’s $400 smackers a month which could be why they want to sterilize them.

  8. G.,

    Loved the “Hemlock Society” reference.

    Fits the libs to a “t”..

    Thanks as always,


  9. Another thing that makes the liberals claim of population growth/ecological warming combination so hilarious is their continued do nothing-ness about the illlegal aliens who stream into this country. And another 145,000 foreign workers imported into our country EACH AND EVERY MONTH. Although Bush did us no favors with his policies on illegals, the now sitting Blunder Boy will in due time push for amnesty of all the tax dollar sucking, illiterate, low wage earning, American job displacing bean-eaters.

    It has been reported by that in the L.A., California area hospitals 85% of babies born in 2008 were to illegal Mexican women.

    I can see a definite advantage here for the liberals as they seem to find a way to tax anything. They can word legislation (so the minorities don’t realize it) to be able to tax the extra heat given off the body during sex. Until the minority catches on (through intrepretor or whatever) this should be a good source of revenue to combat the big farce, er, scare, I mean issue of global warming. Damn, I’m startin’ to write like the Ears!

    As the Science Czar is in favor of mandatory sterilization, does this mean U.S. Border Guards will then be armed with scalpels and baggies of ice? “Hey, Senor’, we snip ya or back to Tijuana!” You think that’d reduce illegal immigration? Not a chance. The sterilization would only apply to white middle-class working Americans. Keeping up with the loonie’s tradition, we wouldn’t want to pick on any minority.

    The numbers in population growth will be astounding just by the Mexican/Latinos alone. They, for the most part are a religious people and abortion is the farthest thing from their mind.

  10. DP,

    Those who make it throught the liberal minefield of “family planning” usually are taken into the liberal fold immediately in order to be placed upon their lifetime stipends.

    The way the libs “think”, it seems odd that they would want to abort so many potential indentured servants..

    Thanks as always,


  11. Rick,


    The welfare scam destroys the idea of “families” so that the liberal governmental “compassion” can step in and take over..

    The left rewards sloth, just one of the Commandments that they “pay” homage to.

    Thanks as always,


  12. Joe,

    So true on Bush. The big liberal lie: Bush was a conservative. Nonsense. He was conservative on a few issues, he was mostly a moderate.

    The numbers alone are the reason Obama wants the amnesty to go through. Think of all of the new Democratic “where’s my payoff” voters..

    Thanks as always,


  13. Another Great Post Larry. Rick – “How is a poor girl supposed to make a living?” Love it. The other day when Odoriferous POTUS (I couldn’t resist given the todays’ post title) was about to address the UN, 3 of us were sitting in the lounge at watching Fox News at a local car dealership. When the Son of Gaddafi began to speak, all of us looked at each other, got up and left the area, commenting how none of us can stand to watch him, let alone hear him speak. He truly is an arrogant self centered condescending ego-maniac. What did I leave out? Oh yea. Liar.

  14. Kurt,

    Excellent point.

    Even those that have tolerated him to this point can’t stand to see or hear from him every hour of every day.

    He is helping to convert those who downed the Kool Aid during the election of ’08.

    Onward to 2010!

    Thanks as always,


  15. Larry,

    I agree with you that the “numbers” game is all that Hussein is playing with the illegals. This is why I find the liberal’s rhetoric of population explosion not only inane but downright hysterical.

    There is one thing that the Mexican/Latino, and they do insist on that definition between themselves, that has a redeeming quality. At least they are willing to work. I’m not an advocate of, but the “numbers” you spoke of will continue could be at least a “paying plantation” rather than compared to the listless black plantion the liberals have encumbered us with.

    Darn it, there goes my racism showing again.

  16. Joe,

    Correct as always.

    I am always concerned that those working are paying their fair share. The “cash only” operations, where monies are wired back home etc., are no good.

    I don’t know how anyone can pay their fair share without an SSN.. I’m not sure on that one. I wish that I knew more about the process but there HAS to be a larger appeal being an illegal as opposed to doing the right thing and properly emigrating.

    I have nothing against anyone LEGALLY emigrating to this great nation. I wish anyone and everyone LEGALLY emigrating here the best of luck.

    Thanks as always, my friend.


  17. Family,

    The biggest point behind this article is as follows:

    I looked for a short time yesterday looking to find an article relative to any of the collateral liberal concerns.

    The health scare fiasco has taken so much attention from the fact that the liberal tentacles are still at work in every other area of our lives. Progressive peripheral vision is an absolute MUST!!

    Never give in, never give up and never again.


  18. Larry, Those laughable scientists have been trying to scare us for as long as I can remember. When I was a small child I heard the scare tactics. Chicken Little said we had so many people we would run out of room soon! Even as a child I thought that sounded ridiculus because driving through the midwest country side I saw lots of open land and plenty of room for more people. It’s the du jour scare of the decade and it’s getting tiresome.

    On a lighter note, Kurt, you shoud do what I started doing when donkey ears starts blathering and braying on and on. I turn off the sound and watch him swivel his neck for an hour. He looks pretty hilarious. Think of all the exercise he is getting at all those those speechifying events. I NEVER listen any more. He is practicing to go watch a tennis match after his golf game. And, Lord only knows I wish he would go somewhere and give us all a break!

  19. Dave, Anaheim CA

    Since our Congress proved to us last month, by taking a vacation for the entire month, that we can get along fine without them. We should kick them all out of office now and vote in their replacements in November of 2010. Obama and Biden can go home until 2012.

  20. …carcinogenic compost of his words…Larry, you made this old farm boy cheer with that paragraph. I just cannot put into words how adverse I am to zero! And my feelings are growing each and every day. I think the whole legislative, administrative and judicial arms of our government have lost their grip on sanity and the loonies are now in charge.

    In Isaiah 56 it says “Thus saith the Lord, keep ye judgement, and do justice: for my salvation is near to come, and my righteousness to be revealed. Blessed is the man that doeth this and the son of man that layeth hold on it; that keepeth the sabbath from polluting it, and keepeth his hand from doing any evil…..All ye beasts of the field, come to devour, yea, all ye beasts in the forest. His watchmen are blind; they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping lying down, loving slumber. Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own quarter, every one for his gain, from his quarter.” That fits the liberal to a “T”. They are very greedy. I think their greed played a big role in abortion rights, thinking the less population, the more for them individually. Thinking about the thousands and thousands babies aborted makes me sick, and I wonder what a tax base they would be rpoviding to help pay the zero’s monstrous debt.

    There is another scripture which states “For the earth is full, and there is enough and to spare; yea, I prepared all things, and have given unto the children of men to be agents unto themselves. Therefore, if any man shall take of the abundance which I have made, and impart not his portion according to the law of my gospel, unto the poor and the needy, he shall, with the wicked, lift up his eyes in hell , being in torment.”

    I have seven wonderful children and more grandchildren, and I couldn’t trade a one of them for anything. They are my joy and my reason for living. If I weren’t deaf, I would run for city council or something, but crowds are out for me. So keep up the pressure, family. We need to join hands just like playing “Red Rover”.

  21. Monica,

    Utilizing fright becomes the quickest method for the left to implement their agenda.

    Facts and evidence are paramount when you are working towards the truth. “Scare tactics” are important when your rhetoric and propaganda are merely that.

    Liberalism exposed..

    Thanks as always,


  22. Dave,

    I second the motion..All in favor say “Aye”.


  23. Richard,

    Thanks as always for your kind words.

    Liberals are simply obstacles that we have to overcome.

    If we all had your strength, the job would be considerably easier..


  24. The fearmongers and the legislative lizards of the left, forever warning you of how badly a slap on the cheek would feel with one hand, while swinging a frying pan up next to your head with the other.

    Unfortanetly the growing apathy of our society makes it all the more easier for the liberal’s mis-direction, unwilling to seek out the truth. All is further empowered by the main stream news media who’s eye and tongue are slanted towards the Progressive’s slippery slope.
    (MNM) Misdirectional News Media, a joke not a candy.

  25. its the same crap for over 5 thousand years:
    “sacrifice YOUR stuff by placing them on MY altar, or the Volcano God will come in the night and kill us all”.
    Volcano God
    Rain God
    Flood God
    Locust God
    Earthquake God
    Sun God
    Moon God
    Ozone God
    Tree God
    Hot Air (global warming) God

    all the same…


  26. “New World ODOR”???? ROFLMAS!!!!!!

    Where do you come up[ with this stuff!!! You are a genius!

    It has taken me a week to catch up with all of the reading I missed whilst caring for the grand-child. Whew!!!

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