Next Steps Or Next Missteps..

In what can be considered a stunning turn of events, it is “no longer a secret” that Iran has a second uranium enrichment plant. This information was made available to the public right before the beginning of the G-20 conference today. Now that this “information” has been made public, it will be very interesting to see what is done with it or better yet, who will actually do something about it as opposed to just talking to hear themselves speak..

In “Iran Reveals Existence of Second Uranium Enrichment Plant” (Washington Post) we read that “Obama will call attention to the existence of the underground facility..” Whatever.. The only thing that concerns Obama is “calling attention” to himself.. What is of much greater importance is what are you going to do about it?

Holding yet another yawner of a press conference with a furrowed brow and a Bill Clinton inspired wagging finger merely reinforces the weakened posture of the United States. The last thing that we need is another liberal hot air strikes or one of their patented solipsistic sorties.. Obama and those of his ilk have enabled such “activities” by the world’s totalitarian tyrants to take place because for generations, they have worked feverishly to remove the “or else” from the “diplomatic discussions”.

At this point it must be clear even to the liberals that another signed document or another demonic despot “giving us his word” relative to their good intentions is of as much value as an Obama campaign promise. I am still yet to conclude which is actually more dangerous for not only the United States but the world..

“Western intelligence agencies have been tracking the facility for years..” If this is actually true, knowing exactly whom it is that we are dealing with here, why was this allowed to proceed for “years”? Have the liberals so emasculated our intelligence services that the possibility of another “Operation Gunnerside” will never take place? This successful sabotage stopped Hitler’s nuclear ambitions in its tracks, who is it that will step up in order to stop today’s Hitler from achieving his?

“Obama decided to disclose the program’s existence after learning that Iran had become aware that it was no longer a secret..” What?? Why wasn’t this project ended while it was still a secret? With “leaders” like Obama, it won’t be long until we are constructing yet another marble monument to the victims of his ineptitude..

As we piece the progressive puzzle together, NOW we see just exactly how important the Polish/Czech missile program was that Obama has just scrapped. Since Iran obviously has or is close to compiling, enough nuclear material for its missiles, the path that these missiles will take towards the United States goes directly over these countries.. Thanks Barack, I guess that it will be time to go back to the days of “Duck and Cover” as our nuclear deterrent..

Isn’t it incredibly ironic that this disclosure comes just one day after Obama chaired a “United Nations Security Council session on halting the spread of nuclear weapons around the world”.. Just for good measure, the leader of the free world should have also chaired a Useless Nations gathering concerning the demerits of forced socialism and totalitarian takeovers upon a capitalist society..

French President Sarkozy said, “We live in a real world, not a virtual world. And the real world expects us to take decisions.” Just in case there might have been a little problem with Sarkozy’s translator, I would like to make a correction.. The “real world” expects you to take ACTION based upon the “decisions” make by the Iranian crackpot.

One of the bigger problems afflicting the liberals is their inability to learn from their repeated mistakes. The IAEA in 2003, inspected Iranian facilities at Natanz and Arak. This led to “Iran’s admission that it had kept its nuclear program hidden for 18 years in violation of an international treaty”. Progressive parchments mean nothing to anyone other than the smarmy sanctimonious liberals who mug for the cameras as the flashbulbs pop.. It’s hard to determine whether the Iranian “word” is worth less than the Iranian autograph which, I might add has the equivalent “value” of the Soviet signatures and promises made back in the late sixties and seventies that the liberals used to rely upon.

It’s all about appearances with the left. It’s all about an imaginary world where everyone does what they say that they will do regardless of the available information that plainly states that those on the other side of the table or the world will do what they like because there are no consequences for their actions. It’s all about talk.. There was a time when talk mattered to the Iranians, actually no words were spoken, they understood what the actions would be..

After 444 days, the Carter hostages taken through the enabling actions of the worst president in our nation’s history (to date.. Obama is quickly gaining ground..) were released from captivity. They were released just minutes after the Inauguration of President Ronald Reagan. There was no need for useless liberal words. The Iranians understood that action would soon follow if the Americans were not released..

Now the Iranians are saying that this a “peaceful” use of nuclear materials for both energy and medical purposes and that they have “no interest in acquiring nuclear weapons..” I have “no interest” in taking their word for it. Barack, if you won’t act, would you please kindly prance out of the way and allow Israel to take care of business..

The similarity in how the press writes about the Iranian administration seems to mirror their scribbling related to the Obama administration. “The report quoted an unnamed source who described the letter as further evidence of Tehran’s transparency in dealing with the IAEA..” Make of these alarming similarities what you will..

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, who couldn’t locate his American counterpart or any of her attractive pantsuits said, “We expect a serious response from Iran, the six nations will decide on next steps”. Mr. Secretary, I would hope that our “next steps” would make themselves evident to the Iranian gerbil as a “serious response” from the twenty first centuries answer to the Enola Gay..


28 responses to “Next Steps Or Next Missteps..

  1. Here we go again. Have we learned absolutely nothing from the Iraq debacle? Sanctions and polite diplomacy mean nothing to the mullahs in Iran. The politics of appeasement of the 1970s and Wimpy Jimmy Carter is precisely the reason why we have so many problems now.

    If we learned anything from Chamberlain’s appeasement on Adolf Hitler was that all it does is buy us time to either build up for a war or do nothing and wait. Either way, a war deferred is always worse for both sides.

    What the libs should learned from our experiences with Iraq is that the United Nations is an utter waste of time and resources. They are incapable of handling even small problems, such as balancing their own books,let alone any real crisis. It disgusts me that we had to host these sociopaths in NYC this week. I as a taxpayer had to pay for Hugo Chavez to wipe his feet on our nation, while BHO slammed us yet again, and Kadaffy Duck gave a rambling speech Kurt Cobain would have been proud of (if he wasn’t stoned or dead).

    The mullahs understand two things: strength and force. This is why the students didn’t invade the Soviet embassy back then. They threatened to turn Tehran to glass if they tried. If we want them to behave, let us bring them to the table, after their secret nuke sight is a hole in the ground. That is Peace with Honour in my books.

  2. Dave, Anaheim CA

    Since Iran was one of the largest contributors to Obama’s campaign, you can’t expect him to take any action against Iran, or allow Israel to.
    The only thing I agree with Obama on is his desire to give Iran nuclear weapons. The difference is the delivery method. I feel the nukes should be delivered from the proper altitude, while Obama wants to hand them the weapons.

  3. Obama knew all this and still shut down the missile project? Can’t we just tar and feather him and send him to Gitmo along with the rest of his radicals? God help us, we need Reagan back to save all of our sorry butts.

  4. Margaret in CT

    I hope Netanyahu shops for an extra large skirt while he’s in NYC, having spoken the only truth heard in the past few days at that the opening of the new session of the United Nutcases. He has three leaders of the free world looking to hide behind him as they wait for him to get tired of Ahmadinejad’s antics and dispatch the bombers. He knows full well that Iran’s use of nuclear power for peaceful medical purposes will not be good medicine or peaceful for Israel.

    The scaredy cats scurried off to Pittsburgh to appear appalled and surprised that Iran is seeking to bring more nuclear capability online. Their performance was pathetic and unconvincing.

  5. Where in the hell is Ronald Reagan when we need him ? Maybe instead of cloning sheep ( ie Dolly ) ‘ol Ron should have been cloned , and maybe these idiots wouldn’t be playing their nuclear games ! Maybe a well placed air strike should hit the residence of “Im a nut job”, as in the case of Khadafi , who became very quiet for many years. And, maybe Khadafi needs another little reminder, especially after his rant at the UN. And while we ‘re at it, maybe a little reminder from the sky should be sent to ‘lil Kim in N. Korea . When things hit “close to home” , these jerks seem to get the message.

    Wonder what the above three dictators,along with Hugo and Castro will say when they learn that our ‘liar in chief’ wants to be “king of the world “. Rumor has it that a huge throne ( almost as large as Lily Tomlin’s oversized chair) is being constructed in the White House, and over 100 mirrors have been strategically placed throughout the residence, so that Mr. and Mrs. liar in chief can get full of themselves. And, supposedly these are ‘trick’ mirrors that make them look even better . Wonder if the crowns have been delivered yet !! Narcissism at it’s finest !

  6. Alabama Redneck

    Thanks again, Larry, for a truly apropo article. Our imposter in chief has just made us a much easier nuclear target. Thankfully I live in the south and farther out of reach of anything the little gerbil may try to send our way via the north pole.

    I remember well my children in school when they had nuke drills and all the kids had to get on the floor underneath their desks. Your remark ” I guess that it will be time to go back to the days of “Duck and Cover” as our nuclear deterrent..” really had meaning.

    Thanks again.

    Never give in, never give up and never

    2010 – Obama on life support
    2012 – Pull the plug

  7. I’ve been waiting for you to put this article out. Love it. Keep up the faith Larry.

  8. I got in on a few of those duck and covers when I was in grade school. Looking back, I realize that all the good they were going to do me is get my ass burn’t off first.

    In much the same way Blunder Boy Hussein is creeping up on our backsides. Canceling missles defense programs, “revealing” known secrets of our enemy, weakening our military. All this empowers the would be owners of our country, they are holding the torches and Husseing is dousing our butts with gas.

    33 minutes from Iranian launch to touch-down on the Eastern seaboard…

  9. Larry:

    “Useless Nations”. You have that right. I’ve thought the UN was useless for a very long time. We need to throw them out of this country.

    Everybody with a brain knew that Iran had a hidden nuclear program. We didn’t need the Big Zero to call attention to “existence of the underground facility”. Things are hidden under the sand all over the Middle East, just like the WMD that weren’t “found” in Ninevah. Seems like the illegal alien in OUR WHITE HOUSE and his muslim brothers have a lot more in common. They all like to cover things up.

    I wonder when we can be “stunned” by the announcement that he is not a American citizen. The MSM will probably keep that a secret for eighteen years just like the “Western intelligence (?) agencies did with Iran’s nuclear program.

  10. blue state blues

    Bravo Larry,
    Nicely laid out! I too am looking forward to a response being a 21st Century answer to the Enola Gay. Or even a millennial answer to Regan’s “honey……..I’m home (said in Jack Nicholson’s best voice)!” visit upon Kadafi in the early 80’s.

    But I disagree with you on one point. Obama has already passed Carter as the worst President in US history. He has completely thrown us under the bus in every way possible. The problem is that most of the damage is not yet visable. It’s kind of like having a huge earthquake in the middle of the ocean. You heard the rumble. The instrumentation registered an 8. It’s just a matter of time before the Tsunami arrives.

  11. I have always agreed with your point of view – but here I must differ. Allowing for the fact that the Middle East is a savage land, the real criminal state is Israel, with a religious lunatic at the head of command, bent on retaining aN artificially created country, stolen from the Palestinians. The Balfour Declaration was a political favour granted to Ernest Cassel, a heavy contributor to the Conservative Party, who in declining a peerage asked instead that the weak and ineffectual Balfour create a Jewish state (even the most ardent of Zionists will admit that the idea was to create (invent?) a country where Jews and Arabs could live in harmony together, and not an exclusively Jewish state) . Israel wishes to draw the United States into a war against Iran in order to serve its purposes of territorial acquisition – but it is Israel that has not agreed to restrict its use of atomic power to practical domestic uses.

    For too long, the United States has engaged in alliances that did not redound to its benefit. If the deranged anti-capitalists who are standing in the way of oil drilling could be struck over the head, along with other authoritarian liberals, and given a pauper’s funeral, then there would be no further excuse for this country to manufacture reasons to have anything to do with the Middle East.

  12. blue state blues

    Could not agree more with your last paragraph.

    But I’m not sure if I agree at all with the first paragraph. Jews have occupied that part of world throughout history only to be driven out by Arabs, Romans and barbarians at various times.

    Obama and Libs are trying to drive us back into the Dark Ages by cutting off all access to our own oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear power. At some point this policy will bring us to our knees and then we will see what we do about it.

  13. We live in a very dangerous time, especially the United States and that saddens me a great deal. The world generally looks to us for advice and direction; it’s a pity that we need someone in control and the only thing that’s obvious to me is its more face time and another photo op to promote himself. Aren’t I great? I am in charge and I know what I’m doing but I don’t think anyone believes this ass has the cahones to defend the United States. They send missiles and he’ll throw marshmallows because he believes in diplomacy. Trying to negotiate with egotistical tyrants and try to get them to give up their badass weapon and expect that they’ll live up any deal that’s made between these countries. I would be sitting laughing my ass off with the enemy because we can truly bet that they will continue to peruse their goal of nuclear weapons.

    This afternoon at another press conference, which interrupted a special Glenn Beck show (coincidence?) only showed what a naïve ass he is. He speaks to Iran and their leaders as some petulant teenager who was caught with a joint. Promise me you’ll never do that again, but under the bed, there is 4 lbs of grass. He’ll demand sanctions against Iran, which is just the equivalent of handing out a restraining order to a psychopath stalker who cannot read.

    All of this is pretty scary knowing that Israel will most likely strike if they believe for one second that their Country’s in danger and they have a right to defend their Country. The more indecisive Obama acts the more likely Israel will strike. Most of the media are trying to pawn off this liberal lemon, as somehow he’s so Presidential. To me he looked and sounded like a whimp when juxtaposition with Prime Minister Brown and President Nicolas Sarkozy speeches. This is serious events because if Israel strikes it would lead to World War 3. Liberals don’t like the Jewish people although they try to claim they are against anti-Semitic (Some of the biggest anti-Semitic rants come out of the mouth of Jewish celebrities such as Rosanne Barr, Joan Rivers and Sandra Bernhard); and they mostly vote Democratic, but Jews to the liberals are the same as blacks and Hispanics just a convenient ploy to show they really care when they don’t.

    If Obama has any cahones they are the size of tic-tac. Start praying now folks and pray God give Obama the tools to get our Country through this.

  14. Alabama Redneck

    Carl-Edward Endicott

    You make several good points in your post, however, I disagree with you that Israel is a criminal state and that it is an artificially created country stolen from the Palestinians..

    The land of Israel was originally given to the Jews in Genesis 15:18 when that land mass was promised to Abraham and his descendents, the Jewish people. (On the same day the Lord made a covenant with Abraham saying: “To your descendants I have given this land, from the river of Egypt to great river, the River Euphrates.” Genesis 15:18 NKJV)

    During the next few centuries, the land changed hands several times and was eventually called Palestine which comprised several of nine kingdoms of Syria, Gaza, and parts of the Kingdom of Damascus 1 . The Turkish Ottoman Empire ruled over the land in question from 1517 to 1917 however their rule ended with the end of WWI.

    The Balfour Document, drafted in 1917 following WWI, broadened the scope of the land of Palestine and originally incorporated most all of the Gaza, Israel, the West Bank and modern-day Jordan and this large landmass of approximately 46,000 square miles, was to be devoted to the Jewish State. However, by 1948, when the Jewish State, i.e., Israel, became official, the Arabs had convinced the world that only 5391 square miles should be allotted to the returning Jewish people. So modern-day Jordan, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip were taken out of the partition. The Palestinians are thought to be descendents of Edom and have never had a land of their own. Palestine has never officially been recognized as a state or nation but the term has been used through the centuries to describe a territory with ill-defined borders. The land belongs to Israel

    As for the current leaders of Israel, they are Freemasons and a part of the New World Order, However it is my belief that they will NOT attack Iran which would start WWIII and that will not happen until the Illuminati have established a one world economy and the formation of the ten nations.

  15. Alabama Redneck,

    I doubt seriously that the leaders of Isreal are of the New World Order. They believe in their heritage, their country, their religion, monetary system and their defenses and are proud of them and are willing to fight for them, unlike a ursurping president. Unlike a president closer to home that shows to be a true puppet boy for the New World Order illuminati.
    On Sept. 23 of this year in a speech to the U.N., Hussein Obama said, “I challenge the legitimacy of it.” (Isreal’s being) Not exactly NWO brotherhood there.
    Also included in his speech, Obama said, “No world order that elevates one nation or group of people above another will succeed.”
    That New World Order is looking like One World Order to me. Where do I bury my liberties and freedoms?

  16. Can we really avoid WWIII? I pray we may, but if we cannot, the U.S.A is going to see war up close and personal, because the world has been given the impression that all we want or can to do is talk. Talk is cheap and so is our cic. I have read the Consitution and other founding documents and I truly believe zero is doing everything he can to destroy the most perfect country charter ever. I have no doubts the Founders were inspired from God in their writings. I’m with Glenn Beck, we need some refounders NOW!

  17. Alabama Redneck

    Joe – You are right about what the big O SAID. However, I learned over the past nine monhs not to listen to what he says but to watch what he actually does. The Dumbo Eared one is an unmitigated liar and whatever comes out of his mouth is stinky breath or as Hugo Chavez might say, smells like sulfur when he speaks.

    Never give in, never give up and never again

  18. Alabama Redneck, Joe, Richard; great posts! You guys are, collectively, a formidable force for truth, fact and history.

    Never give in, never give up, especially now that dumbo is panicking and making some serious mistakes that are making even the sleepiest sheep wake up. His arrogance is starting to cost him.

    Keep up the good work. With Larry’s articles and the quality of the blogs, this has become a great source of accurate information me.

  19. ROBIN'S DAD (RD)

    Mr. G. Nichols
    But geez Mr. Nichols, if we take your course
    we run the risk of HURTING THEIR FEELINGS!
    I’m afraid Mssrs. Obama, Frank , Shumer, Mrs.
    Pelosi et al., might be EMBARRASSED. So the rest of the U.N. might have ‘bad’ feelings toward us, and that would NEVER do…

  20. Everyone,
    I received an email this morning from the American Liberty Alliance regarding a new movement known as the Project 73. There is limited information as of yet. They will be traveling the Country the same way the 9/12 Project did across America.
    They are in the process of developing a Conservative web content site that’s similar to the Huffington Post which will provide a one news portal, but will provide the “independent “ facts more then the conservative spin.
    Why I mention this because the “developers” are reaching out to citizen journalist, as well as editorials on the current events. Larry, this would be a great way for you to be noticed. If you can commit an hour a day and want to get in on the ground level of a potentially big project for the liberty movement, we want to hear from you. If you see any categories, you might like to edit, please contact us ASAP. Here are the categories that they are looking for:
    -Breaking News
    -Weekly Opinion Columns
    -Daily News
    -Video (daily vids)
    -Special Reports
    -TV (team vlogging)
    If you or anyone else on this site are interested in commenting and have the hour to participate to contract Eric Odom at this email address ( I’m thinking of commenting on TV and entertainment categories. Although the article doesn’t mention it, this would likely for most would be an unpaid gig. There are a number of great posters here and I hope some of you will take the time to volunteer to make that website much better. All bloggers/writers are required to submit two posts per week (minimum).
    There is a revenue sharing system in place that will help you earn revenue on the posts you get published. The more content you get published, and the more views it receives, the higher your chances will be that you can actually make some money from this as well. I’m sure that some literary agents and publishers will frequent the site looking for writers. The websites gets about 10,000 hits per month, so the exposure would be great for you to get noticed, Larry. I hope you think about participating in this project. Your writing is very professional, you give logical arguments and pinpoint the deceptions, and your participation would only make their website better.

    As for the American Liberty Tour it is a collaborative project between the American Liberty Alliance, American Majority, Americans for Limited Government and the Sam Adams Alliance. Unfortunately, the lack of press coverage and promotion, the tour is half over so there was a limited public participation. The tour is still moving throughout the Midwest and southern states on how to be a political activist. If you are interested in attending, go to the Americans Liberty Alliance website to get all the details.

  21. Blue State Blues: I agree with your latest post about Joe, Richard and Alabama Redneck. To that collection, we can add Eileen. I had forgotten that telling line from Chavez about the smell of sulphur.
    Wow, does that ever fit our Fearful Leader. It is so arrogant of Obama to expect Israel to “ask” us for “permission” the melt Iran. I wonder if Israel would consider a presidential swap for Obama? I mean, Netanyahu at least was born in the United States, unlike Zippy, the community organizer. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Benjamin Netanyahu. He’s a real man among men. Unlike our pretend poseur. Ever notice the deliberate “JFK” style photos he’s had taken of him, one of which is the classic lonely man looking out the window of the White House as if the “world is sitting on his shoulders” ? None of the pix of him are anything but posed. A fake and dishonorable man. Pity.

  22. Blue State Blues: I agree with your latest post about Joe, Richard and Alabama Redneck. To that collection, we can add Eileen. I had forgotten that telling line from Chavez about the smell of sulphur.
    Wow, does that ever fit our Fearful Leader. It is so arrogant of Obama to expect Israel to “ask” us for “permission” to melt Iran. I wonder if Israel would consider a presidential swap for Obama? I mean, Netanyahu at least was born in the United States, unlike Zippy, the community organizer. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Benjamin Netanyahu. He’s a real man among men. Unlike our pretend poseur. Ever notice the deliberate “JFK” style photos he’s had taken of him, one of which is the classic lonely man looking out the window of the White House as if the “world is sitting on his shoulders” ? None of the pix of him are anything but posed. A fake and dishonorable man. Pity.

  23. I’m wondering if it will take months before anyone is allowed to inspect the Iranian “secret” nuke sites? Remember how long it took W to stop saying “just one more month” or we’re coming in? That allowed the other Hussein to ship all of the WMD into Syria so there wouldn’t be anything to find in Iraq. I suspect the same thing with Iran. Give ’em lots of time to redecorate the sites and conceal their true purpose. How about a visit this week?

  24. Has anyone heard from Arthur? Doesn’t he live in the Philippines? I haven’t seen him post for awhile.

  25. Eileen:

    I haven’t heard from Arthur in a while. He lives in Thailand. He and Cobber were going to go to Obedience School. Cobber was busy digging up the garden so Arthur thought some training was in order.

  26. I thought y’all had grossly mispelled ‘Eileen’ when you included my name in that group! Darn right she’d better be included, her posts are always a source of enlightenment for me. I always come away armed with just a little more knowledge to fight against the lower side of humanity.

  27. I forgot what country he lived in. Glad he’s spending quality time with Cobber. Retreivers can be little stinkers when they want to be but never malice or mean.

  28. Great… did you all hear that they are now saying there are SEVERAL more “hidden” nuke facilities. Definitely Mis-steps!

    I am SO SICK of seeing his ugly mug every day… and hearing that voice on the radio…

    Please! make it stop…

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