Monthly Archives: October 2009

By Any Other Name

When the socialist serpents speak, do not be mesmerized by the hypnotic movements of their lips.. The “health scare” debacle has been the recipient of unprecedented attention from the left of late. Due to the unprecedented theft of middle class tax dollars and the unprecedented intrusion of “Big Brother” Obama and his marionettes, this measure of attention seems to be the appropriate amount of overkill that the leftists normally apply to their beloved Bolshevism.

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Making Government Run

You just have to marvel at the liberals. Since 2006, they have meticulously been laying their IED’s within their own spending legislation. Now that the chickens (literally) have come home to roost, they are comically trying to dodge the shrapnel of their own making by firing off salvos of their patented crapnel to anyone within earshot..

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When it comes to the Monopoly money mentality being utilized by BHO/FDR since his beatification, the idea of “accountability” has been completely jettisoned in favor of “action”.

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Geographically Confined

Janet “Pat” Napolitano our intrepid Homeland Security Secretary, went out on her own little “get their minds off of Obama’s health scam” tour last weekend. Napolitano did what all liberals do instinctively, she used a vast number of words to say as little as possible.. Her discourse ran the gamut from the sublime to the ridiculous.

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Sick Willie

One of the more endearing qualities of the liberals is their unending megalomania. The last two liberals who managed to acquire the presidency (one with the help of Ross Perot, the other with the help of ACORN) have unquestionably put the “mega” in megalomania. Liberal presidents never seem to go away and ol’ Billy Bob is certainly no exception. With Clinton, his obsession with attention certainly borders upon an illness. Even though we do not know the clinical name for his malaise, lets just call him “Sick Willie” from now on..

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