Sick Willie

One of the more endearing qualities of the liberals is their unending megalomania. The last two liberals who managed to acquire the presidency (one with the help of Ross Perot, the other with the help of ACORN) have unquestionably put the “mega” in megalomania. Liberal presidents never seem to go away and ol’ Billy Bob is certainly no exception. With Clinton, his obsession with attention certainly borders upon an illness. Even though we do not know the clinical name for his malaise, lets just call him “Sick Willie” from now on..

The latest buzz surrounding the liberal lyin’ (Why not borrow on Teddy’s alleged moniker?..) involves the CGI or the “Clinton Global Initiative”. Some believe that the “commitments” of his initiative are to “cut carbon dioxide emissions by 60 million tons, treat 34 million people for tropical diseases, give 10 million children better education and provide safe drinking water to three million in Asia..” Wow, and we thought that Obama made ridiculous promises that he has no intention of keeping.. Truth be told, the “Clinton Global Initiative” is actually Billy Bob’s scorecard when it comes to forcing himself upon women from each and every continent on the globe..

In “Bill Clinton basks in role of world savior” (Yahoo News) we read that “The Democratic Party legend basked Tuesday in his unofficial role of world problem solver..” The Democratic “legend” actually created “problems” more often than he solved them. This “legend” is most remembered for saying, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman..” while simultaneously embarrassing the entire nation and the office of the presidency. By the way, he wasn’t speaking about Hillary, he was lying under oath about Monica Lewinsky. The “legend” is and will forever be remembered as the star of “Weeniegate”. Of course, that depends on what the meaning of the word is is..

The room in New York was aglow with the lowest of the liberal elitists, socialist sycophants and Bolshevik boot lickers. All of them were dying to donate money that will be handed over to potentates who will squander the funds on gold toilets for themselves while the pandemics ravaging the denizens of these dungeons rage on.. At best, said potentates will have a wonderful photo op with some grinning liberal but once the liberal’s private jet leaves the landing strip, all of the goodies will be collected and redistributed to the potentate’s progeny.. These realities are irrelevant to the liberals, for they now “feel good” because they believe that they have “done something” which will make their rides back to their gated communities all the easier for them to bear.. Great stars like Matt Damon and Demi Moore added two or three more IQ points to a room already struggling to collectively make it into the double digits. This event was billed as a “four day brain-storming session”. As intellectual storms goes, this one wasn’t even a cloudy day..

Clinton’s self appointed role as “world savior” comes from his amazing “mission” to North Korea to “bring back” two journalists who were sent there by Al Gore. “His wife may be secretary of state, but the 42nd president remains as famous, if not more so..” I disagree. Rodham is famous in her own right. She managed to lose the Demokratic nomination at a time when ANY Demokrat with a pulse and an IQ above room temperature would have won the presidency and she lost it to a complete unknown with 143 days of “experience” in the Senate. Today she is famous for being the real life equivalent to Susan Storm (The Invisible Woman)..

Even the Illinois ignoramus stopped by to try to steal another liberal’s grandiose grab for attention. Obama said of Clinton, “I was vulnerable, just like all of you have been vulnerable, to his charms..” Obama forgets that those who aren’t vulnerable to Clinton’s “charms” ended up getting “charmed” against their will. Just ask Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers or Kathleen Willey how charming Billy Bob is.

Aside from Clinton’s alleged initiatives, he still finds time to pop up every once and awhile on the Demokratic squawk shows. On Sunday’s edition of “Meet The Press” where the white-haired lothario repeated probably the single stupidest phrase that his wife has ever uttered in public, other than “I do”.. David Gregory baited the baggy eyed Bolshevik by asking if the vast right wing conspiracy was still there. “Oh, you bet. Sure it is. It’s not as strong as it was but it is as virulent as it ever was..”

“I mean, they are saying things about him (Obama) you know. It’s like when they accused me of murder and all that stuff they did..” I don’t recall anyone accusing Billy Bob of murder but several real-life women accused him of sexual assaults. The “murder” business might be from his wife’s unusual actions before, during and after the Vince Foster suicide.. Same crime family, different felony, Bill..

“It’s not really good for the Republicans and the country, what’s going on now..” What OBAMA has “going on now” is what is “not really good for the country” and the totalitarian collateral damage that OBAMA himself is causing can’t be anything other than good for the Republicans no matter how you slice it.. Obama and his administration can be best described as the “gift that keeps on giving”..

Billy Bob clumsily climbed into his dinghy of denial after being led/baited by Gregory and he immediately floated this howler, “They may be hurting Obama. They can take his numbers down, they can run his opposition up but fundamentally, he and his team have a positive agenda for America..” Define “fundamentally”.. Blame the imaginary vast right wing conspiracy all you want, but no one is doing as good a job of taking his numbers down and running up the opposition as Obama is himself.. When your numbers go down, you lose..

“We need a credible debate about what’s the best way to get to health care coverage..” You have to love Clinton. “Credible debate” within the liberal lexicon means “agree with me or I will eliminate all of your Constitutional rights and call you an –ist of some kind”.. Clinton had a Republican House and Senate, who forced him towards the middle. Therefore he presented the illusion of a moderate, which was somewhat tolerable on the national scene. Obama has a group of grimy enablers in both the House and Senate and the nation has said that enough socialism is enough. There is no one else left to blame for their massive failures but the imaginary and the fictitious.. The hobgoblins of “hope”, the chimeras of “change”.. Their agenda has been implemented virtually unimpeded and the nation is standing up and saying “No more!!”..

Paddling down the denial even further, Clinton was asked if 2010 would mirror his failures of 1994 when the Republicans stormed back, powered by the will of the nation. “There’s no way. The country’s more diverse and more interested in positive action”.. “Diverse” means that the ACORN minorities have become more successful at stuffing inner city ballot boxes, more so than they were when the “first black president” was running for office. “Action” they have given us, however it is anything but “positive”..

“Whatever happens, it’ll be manageable for our president”.. Sorry Billy Bob, but “our president” will be cleaning up “whatever happens” when your president, his communist cabinet and his czars all skulk out of town in 2013. “Whatever” will be left of what was once known as America that can be realistically salvaged and resuscitated, that is the real question..

No one ever seems to hear from G.H.W. Bush or even his son who believe in carrying the tradition of dignity that ex-presidents usually maintain but for some reason we never seem to hear the end of Dhimmi Carter and “Sick Willie”, which means that come 2013 and beyond, we will never hear the end of Obama..


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  1. 2010 is a time for revolution the entire House of Reprhensible is coming up for job renewal, 1/3 of the Senate is up for job renewal. Does not matter what party they are in vote them all out, put in all new people, maybe they will listen to the people. If the new crew does not listen and shrink the givement put in new people again. Do this a couple of times and those that hold public office will begin to understand We the people mean something. Viva La Revolucion/election.

  2. Michele from NY

    “Great stars like Matt Damon and Demi Moore added two or three more IQ points to a room already struggling to collectively make it into the double digits. This event was billed as a “four day brain-storming session”. As intellectual storms goes, this one wasn’t even a cloudy day..”

    Wow Larry, I’ll be laughing all weekend at this one…thanks, it made my day, along with the self-deluded egomaniac’s lost bid for Chicago getting the Olympics! October’s looking good…

  3. Spot on stranger. We all need to work for VITL “voter induced term limits”.Great job Larry. I think things are looking up. Glenn Beck started the 9-12 project, and now he is organizing “MOMS”. With a mouth like his and Larry and other blogers the word is metastasizeing all over the country. They will soon be on the run even more than now when they call anyone that opposes them “racists” because they have no real rebutal to the facts.

  4. CitizenSailor

    How come no one is taking Slick Willy to task over the CGI’s denying trillions of sun loving oxygen producers from their very life’s essence? CO2 is the fertilizer of all photosynthesis users. I think someone should let Cass Sunstein know that there are a whole lot of plants in need of their “rights.” And that those plants can sue Slick Willly if the CGI is implemented. Our liberal loon brothers and sisters can’t have it both ways or can they?

  5. The ideal of voting the Republicans back in seems like a great idea but you need to remember that both the Republicans and the Democrats work for the same bosses (not the taxpaying voters), known as the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers. Both parties have constantly moved to the left for the last 45 years.

    Obama will give 30 million illegals citizenship which will guarantee his becoming dictator for life. Obama’s beloved Muslims want to murder all non Muslims and the Chinese want to depopulate the USA to make room for 300 million Chinese. We are surrounded by enemies and all BHO can think about is transforming the USA into another bankrupt, communist gulag. They are coming for our guns and the only hope we have left is for the few military leaders who haven’t sold their souls to the CFR to move our troops into the capitol and lock up the traitors in DC.

  6. Photo Joe,

    Example: Ronald Wilson Reagan.

    If what you say is completely true, Reagan would have been a “yes man” for any of the groups that you mentioned.

    President Reagan was the obvious choice to succeed the worst president in our history. We had to suffer through Carter to get Reagan..

    Now we are suffering through Obama. We can stem the flow by making a wholesale “change” come 2010. We can seal the deal by finding the next Reagan before 2012. There is plenty of time to find that certain someone and I would hope that Michael Steele is working towards that admirable goal.

    Ronald Reagan was bigger than the Republican Party. If the whole party was moving to the left as you say, he AT LEAST stopped them from moving any farther during his eight years in office.

    Lets work towards “change” of our own.

    Thanks as always,


  7. Say what you will, but, it is quite obvious that the Democratic Party is it’s own worst enemy. The Obama Administration has promised the country (and the world by extention) a laundry list of quick-fix improvements, though has yet to produce a single tangible, ethical or workable result, and many are beginning to realize that fact.

    Leave them to their work of deconstructing their own rhetoric, as the realities of everyday life in the US and the emergence of more and more political despots around the world attack their unsustainable policies, projects and programs from every direction.

    President Obama’s “just war” in Afghanistan is in a shambles, his “close Gitmo” policy has met with the reality that it houses some seriously notorious criminals who should never again see the light of day (in spite of the fact that there is little tangible “convictable” evidence to put them on trial in a “civilized” court of law on the original “charges” which landed them there in the first place), his “economic recovery” policies have gone from “jobs created” to “jobs saved” to “you know, this problem is going to take longer to solve than we initially thought” and his “healthcare overhaul” has shown him to be an unqualified “shadetree mechanic” who has little understanding of the mechanism on which he has promised to make major repairs.

    Sick Willie? Fact is, his “successful” trip to North Korea carried about as much weight as Jesse Jackson’s trip to Europe which produces similar, entirely political results. Willie will go “under the bus” at the first curve in the political road, or, the first opportunity that Axelrod and “Rahm de Don” can find to push him through the door. Quite frankly, President Obama has thrown so many of his associates and supporters (think Acorn) under the bus that his Administration best be thinking of investing in something with 4 wheel drive if they hope to make any forward progress on their increasingly bumpy journey over the next 3 years.

  8. bean,

    GREAT to hear from you again.

    Some of the the old school commenters, family members from way back seem to be dropping off..

    I have no answer for this, maybe everyone is tired of hearing from me. Maybe the apathy that I have been trying to fight is bigger than all of us..

    I appreciate the well thought out comments. They add so much to the site. They help create the “family” that I had always hoped NLTZ would become.

    Thanks as always, my friend.


  9. We won in 94 yes but the repubs onley new how to be good lousers and not great winners.So in the long run we still LOST Tailspin.

  10. Larry,

    You are a verifiable verbalist, who offers verbalism without verbalizing or verbosity. You continue to hit ’em out of the park !
    Wonder when the egos of Sick Willie and the liar in chief will really come to blows, and when will Rodham and the rest of the Cabinet realize what the czars are doing .


    Good point, but the lib loons don’t or won’t admit it – they are too focused on their lib agendas.

    Regarding the Olympic debacle, it is evident that this admin. is totally inexperienced and owes paybacks to a lot of persons and entities. Of course, it was an excuse to travel, and be in the limelight. Wonder what the “puppetmaster” was thinking ! Looks like Axlerod and his Chicago cronies won’t be grabbing the big Olympic bucks.


    The real problem with trying to vote them out , is that there are too many idiots whose vote counts the same as ours – just look at the ‘lifers ‘ in Congress, and at who became ” presentdent” .

  11. beyond disgusted

    “Sick Willie” – GREAT title Larry. You really do continue to hit them out of the park!

    Regarding the 2010 election and the suggestion to vote them all out. We ought not throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak. There are a few good congress people who need to be re-elected; Mike Pence & Michelle Bachman, to name two. Also, remember the old adage – everyone hates congress, but likes their own representative. Take Barney Frank for example. Does anyone in the family honestly believe the people in his district will ever vote him out? It tells you everything you need to know about them.

    I am so glad Chicago lost the Olympics on the first ballot. Guess the committee was turned off by the first couple’s pitches being “all about them”. This guy’s ego knows no bounds!

  12. How refreshing to read more truths. I love reading the posts as much as your articles. The family has an IQ of well over genius! They don’t just write to write, they write to inform and agree or correct. I have learned more from this site than all the others I visit, so don’t plan on me leaving for sometime (unless my number gets punched)!

    I certainly agree, Beyond Disgusted. Zeroes ego knows no bounds. Living in his house of mirrors could be very hazardous to himself. And I agree there are a few (very few) representatives who could be encouraged to work for us. Jason Chaffetz of Utah is sleeping in his office and is trying to fight for his constituences. But we really have a lot of work to do still in order to wake more of the brain dead who never read anything political and just vote for a handsome guy or pretty woman or a name they recognize. I always keep the literature I get and review it the night before I go to the polls hoping I make some difference.

    And Tailspin, I think you are right. We can’t just vote them in and let them start work. We are going to need to educate and steer them for a good while until they get the gist of why they were voted in. And I would also like to see them sign a copy of their oath and have it enlarged and framed for them to see everyday in their offices, whether in DC or in state. Hopefully we can get a lot of them to sign pledges before they get our vote. I can dream, can’t I?

  13. I’ve been thinking about how to change the House – and to a lesser degree (1/3) , the Senate – to more nearly REALLY represent “we the people.” Someone suggested an oath be signed – I was thinking along those lines, too. At least for the GOP side of the House. Forget the Libtard Dems – they’re in a parallel universe, not ours!

    As for Larry’s concern about not hearing from “the family” for stretches of time, everyone must be aware of the INCREDIBLE competition out ther for our time, attention and, perhaps, action. Atlas Shrugs (Geller), RealNewsBlog (Horowitz), JihadWatch (Spencer), SarahBlog (or some such name, by “Conservative Girl”), Tammy Bruce and Rachel Rose (to name just an infintesimal few). Actually, I now get Horowitz, Bruce (not often though), Spencer and Rose (a relative newcomer) on Facebook. They just keep pumping the stuff out, and their poster run the gamut, but, on the whole, are intelligent and respectful. Occasionally, of course, the rare troll, with nothing, apparently, better to do, slips in a let’s spew some garbage, just plain lies or a combination of both. It’s comparable to any small annoyance in life.

    Spencer’s focus on the so-called Third Jihad and other aspects of Radical Islam is getting a bit much to bear, but I appreciate the team of writers Horowitz has assembled (each & every one never pull any punches!), and I love following Palin’s road on Facebook by those self-appointed chroniclers.

    There’s just too damn much out there! And our current POTUS is providing irresistible fodder/material by the hour! It’s just how we marshall our forces to put this jerk back on the rails to ChiTown!

    Your site, Larry, is “quality,” and, of course, we’d all love to see it more wide disseminated – but the competition (not so much for quality, but for everyone’s TIME!) out there is fierce.

    How to get your excellent site seen by more sets of eyes? Have you tried Facebook? That seems to have an incredible multiplier effect….

  14. I’m in total agreement with cleaning out the has beens, been there, done that, done nothing congress “persons”. I live in the State of Arizona and John McCain lives in the state of denial. I hope to God we have a primary here next year get rid of him! I heard last week he is “quietly” going around the country and trying to give like minded republicans a boost up to run as moderates. Charlie Christ anyone? If you heard his daughter’s insipid comments on the talk shows, she is just repeating her father’s philosophy of moving to the left.

    And Larry, since you brought up the El Sicko Willie I have to tell this story. Some co-workers were discussing the disgusting way our President was treating the oval office. One guy said his 10 year old daughter had several friends over and he went into the play room to check up on them. They were playing in the small play house and he asked them what they were doing. His daughter piped up this was the white house and they were in the “Oral Office”. Out of the mouth of babes.

  15. Willie’s recent “let’s do lunch” with the master of disaster in Harlem (does he know any African Americans other the Obama and his personal secretary), the press wanted to know what the discussion was about and the WH has remained mum on that subject. I was able to find out that it was mostly about Hillary. She’s very angry that her role of SOS is nothing more than regaled as “the cutting the ribbon” type of job description, not that much work. The SOS is a power position that they both felt would boost her image and Obama gave her the title but not the workload that other SOS have played the same position and garnered a great deal of attention. Hillary is angry and frustrated with this Administration and her protectorate or non-existent role as Secretary of State. She got the title while others in his Administration do the heavy lifting.

    His trip of North Korea and the photo-op was some ammunition to holdover Obama head. The Clintons knew that Obama had to play the game by their rules, at least for a while, they had some street cred. They both know that he is beholden to them and they will continue to play ball in his court, they also know that his plans to stimulate the economy won’t work as well. As long as Obama approval ratings are above 40%, they will remain quite.

    Ah, but when it drops below 40% they will start to criticize his plans and point out his errors as to why they won’t work. I personally thought that his approval rating would take sometime to drop, but they continue to plunge everyday. They may go farther south faster then I thought and he might hit that 40% by December, especially if he is determinate to pass the piece crap of Healthcare control, sorry… healthcare Reform. The Democrats will run for re-election next year claiming that they were able to give us Healthcare Reform as an inferior bill, they wanted a lot more but the Republicans rejected all our healthcare offers. Remember that they passed something, just to pass something; there will be a partisan bill, with the Republicans not signing their names on it. I think most of the Republicans know just how angry the public is over all of this crap. They will listen to the public more then the Democrats will. Not because they think it’s wrong, they are doing it to get the votes in 2010. Any Republican that runs their campaign who you may believe is voting one way to get re-elected, and we know their tune will change once re-elected, please don’t re-elect them again. John McCain comes to mind and with him, you know you will be getting liberal lite with him reaching across the aisle and staining a back muscle.

    A lot of this information was confirmed by Dick Morris so I think it’s believable.

    Larry, I’m not sure I know why some of the original members left, but for me I can only take small doses from the liberals. I am sick to death of the 24/7 coverage over Obama, even when he does his daily talk shows. I have to tune it off because I become more frustrated by the Obama Channel, by the spoon-fed enabling from the cheerleading section. I’m tired, weary and discussed by the media and the more things come to the surface, the more they try to downplay what is being done to our Nation. Do you know that Obama sold us down the river at the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh? Read article
    That our monetary system is about to change. I found out about it the day it happened and Fox News finally started to talk about it on Monday’s Hannity.

    Why did it take so long for them to report the story? If I could find out about it, certainly a seasoned reporter has better opportunity to investigate by the more advanced method by using and accessing all the Government channels and databases. Therefore, the thing I’ve been asking is why they waited so long. I haven’t come up with an answer and I sick of spending my day trying to uncover the news that is being hidden by the cable, print media and networks. I understand why the liberals are hiding the facts, but Fox!

    I’m very disappointed that they held off the story for almost a week. That gave Obama and his administration more time to hide the facts and keep it out of the weekly media cycle. Therefore, that dumbass Janeane Garofalo can call me any name she wants, but my friends and I know I am not a racist because I’m questioning my Government the same reason why she questioned George Bush. If it’s okay for her to question and point out the things that anger her, shouldn’t we be allowed to do the same? In addition, not be called a name. I’m so tired of trying to explain the things I see as a way to bankrupt our Country, increase spending, devalue the dollar and hamstring the people who work everyday trying to keep us safe. He’s declaring victory and the headlines read… Obama: G20 brought economy back from brink. The brink of what? They are declaring him the best economic President since Roosevelt. They view it as a positive, I view it as taking a car, it’s struck precariously hanging off a cliff, the occupants are trying to stop the car from moving but they fail and the car plunges down the cliff (also known as the Kennedy Experiment).

    Listening to his rhetoric today and being suddenly proud of our military, intelligence community and the Federal Bureau of Investigation; when in six months, a year or two years from now they might be prosecuted by this Administration and his legal eagle, Eric Holder. That’s certainly a mix message. Oh BTW If I saw Ms Garofalo, I think I would look for something heavy, hit her over the head and ask her how it feels if she’s still conscience

    Anyway, that’s why I sometimes step out and try to forget about all of it. I don’t want to be consumed by it. I had a stroke because of it (my anniversary is tomorrow) and I’m still that same angry, disgusted and frustrated individual that I was a year ago. I need to evolve and step back in order to survive these federal, state and local government officials and stopping living off my meds in order to survive. That’s not living, it’s only existing.

  16. Eileen,

    I’ve been wondering for some time as to when the Clintons will get fed up with the liar in chief. I suspect Slick Willie has something up his sleeve – time will tell.

    Ms Garofullofit belongs in an institution, and it is sad that she even gets press coverage.

    Please don’t let this corrupt white house get to you, it’s not healthy. Don’t keep those emotions pent up – blow off steam, you’ll feel better. And , as you probably know, there are many out here pulling for you, and appreciate the research that you do. Things will get better, and so will you.

    Most Americans are proud of our military, it’s sad that the idiots in DC don’t feel the same !

    Has anyone ever wondered what our country would be like, if FOX news did not exist ? Scary thought , isn’t it ?

  17. Eileen, your research and info is invaluable to us. Please don’t lose heart. You are appreciated.
    Larry, even though I rarely post these days, I do read faithfully. I could never express my thoughts as artfully as you.
    There is a great deal of competition for attention these days, and life still goes on. Please don’t stop! I don’t know what I’d do without your humorous and insightful ideas.
    I do believe we are making a difference.
    Never give up, never give in, never again!


    Keep your chin up we need you on this site
    I read all the posts to keep my sanity
    Rarely watch TV as the Onhe is always on orevery show or commewrcial has had color added to it.
    Spending a lot of timr reading RUSH and
    John Grisham books.Even read his first
    one again A TIME TO KILL I was stationed in MS in the fifties and lioved with the race
    Also been reading TOWN HALL WRITERS
    Today acolumn pushed for the REPUBLICANS
    to shore up the 2010 Election and forget about a third party
    Entttlement members of this country are growing and equal taxpayer menbers so we
    must get a change next year to save our backside.

    Every year at this time I have a trust that gives money to the Salvation Army.





  20. Eileen, we couldn’t make it without your wonderful research! Your insight and spirit comes through the keyboard, so know that we are all with you and read and ponder what is written. It is my sanity pill. Thanks for all you and Larry do for us.

  21. Arthur Nankervis

    G’day All,

    Seems as if the family needs some lighter moments to counter the heavy load that Washington has become.

    I subscribe to The Patriot Depot and received the following this week “15 Political Cartoons Banned in the US.” I doubt if they are of OZ origin, but some had me chuckling. See them at:

    As well, my son sent me the joke shown below and all references to the in-and-out word is that of the originator. My son, pure as the driven snow, would never use such profanity … Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh! Anyway, OZ SAS has it’s priorities well sorted:

    Did You Know :

    That the words ‘race car’ spelled backward says ‘race car’?

    That ‘eat’ is the only word that if you take the 1st letter and move it to the last, it spells its past tense ‘ate’?


    Have you noticed that if you rearrange the letters in “illegal immigrants,” and add just a few more letters, it spells out:

    “Fuck off and go home you free-loading, benefit grabbing, kid producing, violent, non-English speaking cocksuckers and take those hairy faced, sandal wearing, bomb making, goat fucking, smelly rag head bastards with you.”

    How weird is that?

    Keep your respective chins up people


  22. Hey Arthur,

    Good to hear from you – I was beginning to wonder if you were MIA !

    How is Cobber doing ? Hope the training went well. Thanks for the cartoons.

    Get ready for the hoopla – our esteemed liar in chief has been ‘awarded’ a Nobel Peace Prize. The integrity of this ‘prize’ went downhill when it went to Al Bore, but now it is at the bottom of the barrel. Especially, since the nominations for this year were due back in January. Apparently the selection committee is more interested in what someone “says ” , rather than what someone actually “does ” . At this rate , who would actually cherish this ‘prize ‘ ??

  23. Arthur Nankervis


    More OZ Frivolity

    This is a ‘true blue’ story – You can bet your left testicle on it (those who got em’). Then again, if you are a descendant of Uncle Adolph, then it’s not a good bet.


    The NSW Government (State of New South Wales) and the NSW Greens were presenting an alternative to NSW Farmers for controlling the dingo (native dog) population.

    It seems that after years of the farmers using the tried and true methods of shooting and/or trapping the predators, the tree-huggers had a more humane’ solution.

    What they proposed was for the animals to be captured alive, the males would then be castrated and let loose again. Therefore, the population would be controlled.

    This was actually proposed to the NSW Farmers and Graziers Association by the NSW Government and the NSW Greens. All of the farmers and outback Station Owners (sheep farmers) present thought about this amazing idea for a couple of minutes.

    Finally, one of the old boys in the back of the conference room stood up, tipped his hat back and said, “Son, I don’t think you understand our problem….Those dingos ain’t fuckin’ our sheep – they’re eatin’ ’em!”


    JJ, G’day Mate,

    All OK this side of the ‘Black Stump’. Hope the same goes for you. Cobber is running me ragged. However, I might just have trained him off becoming a full-time ‘Moonscape Gardener’. 5 months + old now and goes for his final shot (23rd) before being allowed into the Dog Obedience School. 5 days a week and allowed out on weekends. Sounds like some of the soft penal establishments that Obama wants to send members of Club Gitmo.

    Alfred Bernhard Nobel: A Swedish chemist, engineer, innovator, armaments manufacturer and the inventor of dynamite! Nothing peaceful about this chap. Obama is just the latest addition to a long list of ‘failures’ that have been awarded the prize. Nothing to get excited about.

    Keep well all


  24. Arthur,

    Re: dingo problem – In Valley Forge State Park, near Philadelphia, PA the white tail deer population has grown too large and causing much damage. Therefore, one of the proposals was to have a controlled hunt, using archers, to reduce the size of the herd. And the meat would be put to good use. Sounds like a good idea, right ? However, the animal rights people want the bucks to be sterilized. Now, exactly how will sterilization immediately reduce the size of the current herd ? Stay tuned !!

  25. yeah, Clinton is the “world savior”, and WE, the American middle-class, are expected to foot the bill.
    Of course, nothing will ACTUALLY be accomplished, but we still get to ‘pick up the check’.
    GOD, I hate Democrats!

  26. If the GOP thinks it’s going to walk through the 2010 election with honors it’s the old GOP. They screwed up and they know it. There is too much exposure to the lies of the politicians and we better hold there feet to the fire. The political welfare that is enjoyed by the elected positions is no longer an enjoyable luxury and the American public is really pissed and we are going to do something about it and you’d better listen. Test us I dare you.

  27. Great article Larry….Slick Willy is one of my all time favorite subjects…another gift that keeps on giving.
    I think we are all on overload. Taking action is way more difficult than talking about it. I was pretty much a talker before 9/12 in Washington.
    I think most everyone who attended felt that way…I can only hope the old addage still applies, “actions do speak louder than words.”
    Right now I think the “late nights” are doing the best job of getting the truth out. I have a whole new respect for SNL and “Big Bird.”
    “Birther’s” and their relentless movement to get to the truth about the “usurper” are still taboo…even to those at Fox. That should give everyone serious pause.
    I say thank the Lord for the internet. My philosophy has always been…band-aids don’t work, ignoring, won’t make it go away. This issue is the “root cause” of everything we are being beaten down with everyday.
    Had anyone really taken seriously the “consequences” of electing this “pathological narcissist” who pretends to be a “home boy” I dare say things would be very different.
    Did we need this “wake up call?” You betcha!

  28. Another Warning:

    Another virus has hit my computer and I’ve spent the last week trying to remove it from my computer. Finally success!!

    What maybe some interest to you is that I’ve been spending most of my time on Government websites to gain information about a Senator and/or Congressman. So where exactly did I pick up the virus? This has got me to thinking about this administration and what they say is never about what they ACTUALLY do.

    Is it just a coincident that the same people they advise us who should get the H1N1 shot are the same groups this administration and the healthcare debate are one and the same? These are the groups they advised should receive the H1N1 shot:

    Younger than 5 years of age;
    Blood disorders (including sickle cell disease);
    Heart disease;
    Chronic lung disease [such as asthma or COPD;
    Kidney disorders;
    Liver disorders;
    Neurological disorders (such as epilepsy, cerebral palsy, brain or spinal cord injuries, moderate to profound intellectual disability [mental retardation] or developmental delay);
    Neuromuscular disorders (such as muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis);
    Weakened immune systems (such as people with HIV/AIDS or who are on medications that weaken the immune system).

    Aren’t these the same groups that this administration deemed to be a burden to their families and our government? They have been sucking the life out of the evil insurance companies who’ve made a profit in a capitalist country.

    The young child under the age of two hold no value by one of the Obama Czars (do not remember his name), forced abortions, etc.

    The chronically ill have been deemed a burden to their families as the doctors, nurses and staffs try to delay the inevitable; watching a loved one die.

    If a government wanted to reduce those who burden an economic and/or healthcare system what group or groups would they silently, attack? I think I could never trust this administration especially when most of his staff follow Marxism and heavily lean toward Communism. The Czars appear to be hidden under the Congressional radar to avoid an in-depth scrutiny, background check and approval by the Committee in the Senate. Many almost currently suffer from Communism and/or Socialism disease. They subscribe to the belief we are all stupid and we need our Government to make decision for us. I wouldn’t let this administration cut my toenails, but that’s just me.

    How can they apply their communist beliefs and force it upon all of us? I return to the belief that Rahm Emanuel/David Axlerod said never let a crisis go unnoticed. How could they do the most damage to a large population? I thought about this latest Trojan virus that my computer caught. If someone wanted to damage a large percentage of computers what would be the easiest way to do the most damage to a large society? I thought putting the virus or Trojan on a disk or system that removes viruses, but instead of removing it, it installs it. The total purpose of the government gaining access to your computer would be about the information that on the computer, which would be to spread it further across the country. It would infect websites that you visit and your email and digital address book. They could they gain control and manipulate businesses, including power plants, airports, train, and buses. Those that disagree could end up on a train with an engineer who is playing with his cell phone and texting a loved one that eventually crashes into another train, building or etc.

    So what would happen should they apply that system by injecting it into those that burden the Government and their families? Inject a deadly virus to those that use their healthcare insurance Medicare and Medicaid the most. I know it sounds like something from an Agatha Chirstie, or a private investigator Kinsey Millhone or medical examiner Kay Scarpetta novel would investigate. Since I do not trust this administration to do the “right” thing, even though I am one of those on the list they claim should receive the shot, I’m sitting this one out. If I cannot trust their motivation, then I refuse to receive their version of a cure.

    However, it certainly would make a great suspense thriller by infecting those the administration deems “unhealthy” via vis conservative.

  29. h1n1 is designed to eradicate the senior citizens in this country and get them out of the way.
    Once they are dead, the Right will have no excuses for NOT embracing Obamacare(less).
    Seniors are LAST on the list to be ALLOWED to get shots.
    AND, frikken AND, duh gubment is not making enough shots for everyone.
    Do the math.
    Kiss grandma goodnight and goodbye.


    PS – once granny is out of Obama’s way, he can say, “see?? I told you we needed a better healthcare system! Now your granny is dead and we coulda saved her if only you would have bowed and worshipped me and my FREE Gubment Healf Carr”.

  30. Just 2 short years ago if anyone told me I would be thinking and saying the things I now believe….I would have said they’re lunatics.

  31. Larry,
    I see Stitch and Beanhead commented, so I thought I would, too. The old family is still with you.
    I never thought I would see the day that I considered those who held differing political opinions from mine as the enemy, but I fear that day is here. Liberals want nothing less than the destruction of our country and our way of life. Their policies will leave us ever more susceptible to another attack. Their economic policies will leave our nation a hollow shell.
    Luckily, liberals are gutless pussies. With all the power they have, Beck can still get Van Jones fired. I believe 2010 will be another massacre, made even easier by the fact that Pelosi and Obama are so arrogantly stupid they think they can do whatever they want. I have no doubt they will be walking around, wondering what hit them next November.
    As you say, Larry- NEVER GIVE UP!!

  32. Arthur Nankervis

    G’day Larry and Family,

    The posts by Rayne and Sling Blade, I feel, surely must echo the feelings and sentiments of the many ‘straight thinking / talking’ people, both in the United States and internationally. As well, I think that people, of all political persuasions have changed the way in which they view America. It truly is a time for the people of the United States to look around and see who their friends are, both internally and externally. I’m sure at the end of the day after the battle of November 2010, Australia will still be with you, albeit having a Labour (Socialist leaning) government in power at the moment. I think the only good thing to come out of the last 8 to 9 months is that we have a better idea of just what the Democratic party means and stands for. Gone now are the days where one would automatically associate the good guys with the word Democratic (by the way, Democrates, later in life, recanted on his theory and suggested that it would not work). When I contemplate the political divide as suggested both by Rayne and Sling Blade, I also look at the huge chasm that now exists between people’s faith and the push for separate ethnic recognition within The States. A mixture for disaster. From what I have seen and read on the Internet, I do believe that I am a racist. I am quite happy with the skin that I’m in and no black fella is going to push it down my throat that he is better than I.

    It all adds up to a perplexing dilemma and hopefully, as mentioned or inferred by many of NLTZ family, “2010 Will Be Another Massacre.”

    This is a big soapbox subject, but I relent and simply wish that the best is in store for our American mates.

    Regards to all


  33. Dave, Anaheim, CA


    It has been 12 days since your last post and speaking for many in the “family”, I am going through withdrawals.
    I sure hope nothing bad (being abducted by Obama’s brownshirts) has happened to you.

    As for the rest of the “family”, your posts are almost as enlightening and entertaining as Larry’s. If it does turn out that something has happened to him, we should keep this site active with posts to maintain the spirit of this site.


  34. Seniors are LAST on the list to be ALLOWED to get shots.
    This alone will allow us to dominate the earth for your faith in the doctors of the left to inoculate their idea of population control into our beautiful youth will come to an end.

  35. Dave,

    Your wish is my command..

    Look for “Geographically Confined”..

    Thanks for your concern, all is well.

    When someone as dedicated as Eileen says she is tired of hearing from Obama everyday, wouldn’t it stand to reason that it is possible that there are those who might be tired of hearing some like me talking about him everyday?

    Just a thought.


  36. Arthur, So happy to hear from you. How’s Cobber doing? Is he mastering his obedient classes?

    Larry, I could never get tired of your anti-Obama verbiage/diction. You are very informative and entertaining and I would never get tired of your essays/writing.

    Another Virus alert:

    Once again I was hit with another Trojan virus. I think I was finally able to remove it totally today. Be very care of visiting political/government websites. I do not know the name of this last one but it has taken me since Saturday to remove it from my machine. What happens is Internet Explorer opens and repeats as much as 50 to open up. Since Internet Explorer is not a separate program, it’s incorporated in your Windows program (or at least Windows XP). It’s no fun trying to stop the IE program from opening up repeatedly. I used AVG to remove the virus and it appears to have done a great job. But, once again I have only visited government website such as the Senate and Congress websites so I don’t know where else I could have picked it up. If you visit these websites make sure you update your anti-virus.

    The only other thing that could have picked it up when I changes over to Outlook. Suddenly, I’m receiving Adult content emails with stupid lines like kumm e-z, stupid crap like that. I never open them and automatically delete them. But, I’ve learned over the years that their content can still get on your machine.

    I lost all my bookmarks so if anyone here would like to help me reclaim other conservative blogs it would be helpful. Thank you in advance.

    Luckily, this time I was able to save all the previous work already completed for the conservative website I’ve been working on. Hopefully, it will be completed soon. It will focus on those in Congress, the good and the bad things they voted on or against; email addresses for both the lawmaker and his/her staff and phone and fax numbers for all, also how long they’ve been in Congress. I think many of you may not be aware of how long some of these jerks have held their jobs. It’s time to demand term limits and if Congress refuses to vote it into law we can ask the Country to do it for them. Hopefully, it will remind everyone what all the really bad decisions over the course of their Congressional career when the way they voted against those of us who would have voted against the same Bill. I might include videos where the lawmaker mocked or disparaged their constituents known as “Crimes Against Constituents.”

    I guess we all have some doubts about whether or not we are making a difference and I had one of those moments.

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