Making Government Run

You just have to marvel at the liberals. Since 2006, they have meticulously been laying their IED’s within their own spending legislation. Now that the chickens (literally) have come home to roost, they are comically trying to dodge the shrapnel of their own making by firing off salvos of their patented crapnel to anyone within earshot..

According to Politico (Dems seek cover to boost debt limit 10/22/09) “the Senate must soon increase the national debt limit above $13 trillion..” I suppose that it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that that total is one trillion dollars ABOVE the limit that the liberals set for themselves when they were conning the country back in February relative to their “economic stimulus package”.. When a liberal shows up with any kind of “package” designed to “help” from their dystrophic brand of government, I would advise that before you open it that you should listen for the ticking..

In yet another surprise liberal move, they are “considering” attaching their Obama-made debt increase to “a must-pass bill”, namely defense spending. The opportunity for the disingenuous Demokrats, the “we support the troops when it appears to be politically expedient” crowd to attach an intentionally malicious maneuver to such important legislation as military spending during a time of war is totally within their lack of character. Not only do they want to cover their own cowardly tracks relative to their deficits and debts, they want to force the Republicans to vote against the legislation initially written to provide funding for the troops on the front line.

Put yourself into fascist forward thinking mode. Why not make these debts and their amorphous “ceilings” more like twenty trillion? The numbers are of no concern to their voting base because the overwhelming majority of them aren’t employed and therefore they pay virtually nothing in taxes while siphoning off revenues to beat the band. The hard part for the mathematically challenged savants of the left (just look at their tax returns..) is the possibility of trying to get ahead of the impressive debt machine known as the Obama administration. The pinkos are in a four corner stall in the hopes that they can bury this number whatever it ends up being, that way they never have to “discuss” the matter until AFTER 2010.. That being the case, the leftists had better shoot for 100 trillion..

The Senate now sits in the crosshairs. “Unlike the House, the Senate’s rules do not allow it to automatically increase the debt..” Here is where it really gets humorous, “if the Senate balks at the increase, Treasury Secretary Geithner has warned that the slow economic recovery could collapse..” The liberals “blame someone else” political foundation now causes them to blame themselves.. Just as long as the Dark Knight doesn’t take the heat and just as long as they can create a diversionary excuse for the problems that they have created..

Never fear, liberal heroes/zeroes still have the moronic mantra at the ready.. “This president inherited, in some ways, an economic fiasco” said conservative (WHAT??) Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu..” “Conservative”? If she is a conservative then Michael Moore is a marathon runner and Keith Olberwomann is an intellectual.. Here even the LIBERAL Landrieu leaves herself the “out” that all liberals need in order to function, “ some ways..” The NATION has inherited this “fiasco” firstly from a liberal House and Senate responsible for years and years of out of control spending and now add to that communist concoction the Illinois Bolshevik as we salt to distaste.. Landrieu just wants to be able to point to anybody else once her seat at the trough comes up for consideration by the voters of Louisiana..

For the last time, lets assume that the liberal bleating about “what they have inherited” is even remotely true.. What has the Democratic House and Senate done to alleviate this problem? They have only had since 2006 to actually do something about it.. What did the 143-day wonder himself do about this issue? What did the Secretary of Statists do during that time? What did Vodka Joe do? THEY are personally responsible for creating, enabling and magnifying the “problem” that they now try to identify as something that they “inherited”.. Being that the average liberal family tree goes straight up, the only thing that the majority of them have “inherited” is a propensity towards extra fingers and toes..

Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus (L-Mont) when asked about the possibility of adding to the already impressive Obama debt increase said, “oh yeah, it’s a possibility..” The icing on the communist cake was his follow up to that blithe comment, “I care less how it’s done so long as it is done..” The short sighted liberals and their “ends justifies the means” would rather saddle generations to come with the responsibility for their irresponsibility as “long as it is done”.. Hearkening back to and borrowing from another liberal loser, I suppose that depends what the definition of “it” is.. This “it” that Baucus is referring to is of incredible importance. Based upon their actions and inactions, this “it” seems to be the “Destroy America First” platform of Obama and the liberal marionettes.

Even Evan Bayh from Indiana said that he wouldn’t support ANOTHER INCREASE “unless there’s some mechanism to start getting the deficit under control..” Aside from the fact that Bayh needs ANOTHER INCREASE and maybe THEN he will want some kind of “control”, I can think of two things to help Evan. Impeachment proceedings and then the mid term election of 2010. The voters had better do this because the liberals themselves are so addicted to taxing and spending irrationally and illogically that all of the intervention programs, patches and hypnotists available in the country would be useless and ineffective at stopping the deviant behavior..

Jim Manley (candidate for the most illogical last name held by a sniveling liberal..) communications advisor to Harry Reid when cornered about the “long-term fiscal challenges” said, “Those discussions are ongoing, and the administration is evaluating what they may want to recommend..” What that means is, “until they find something or someone tangible to blame this on..” What happened to the Obama “hurry up and vote” nonsense during the bailout and stimulus debacles? Why the need to “evaluate” unless they are waiting for another “balloon boy” diversion or maybe another “liberal lion” to pass away in order to surreptitiously skulk in unnoticed?

Even Olympia Snowe(job) (L-Ma) said that she was “uncertain how she’d vote on a debt limit increase..” “You absolutely have to make government run..” she said. Dear Olympia, Obama and his socialist puppets are making the government “run” into a ravine. As a “Republican” (allegedly), please try not to assist them in this embarrassing endeavor any more than you have to..


28 responses to “Making Government Run

  1. Hey Cobber,

    See? I told you that when they open their traps that I would be ready..

    Thanks as always my friend,


  2. let me see…Obama is attacking companies for making profits, but is borrowing the profits that a communist country made by selling stuff to us??

  3. ok, I have to share this one…

    John was in the fertilized egg business in Alabama.
    He had several hundred young layers (hens), called ‘pullets,’ and ten roosters to fertilize the eggs.
    He kept records, and any rooster not performing went into the soup pot and was replaced.
    This took a lot of time, so he bought some tiny bells and attached them to his roosters.
    Each bell had a different tone, so he could tell from a distance, which rooster was performing.
    Now, he could sit on the porch and fill out an efficiency report by just listening to the bells.
    John’s favorite rooster, Ol’ Bama, was a very fine specimen, but this morning he noticed Ol’ Bama’s bell hadn’t rung at all!
    When he went to investigate, he saw the other roosters were busy chasing pullets, bells-a-ringing, but the pullets, hearing the roosters coming, could run for cover.
    To John’s amazement, Ol’ Bama had his bell in his beak, so it couldn’t ring.
    He’d sneak up on a pullet, do his job and walk on to the next one.
    John was so proud of Ol’ Bama, he entered him in the Renfrew County Fair and he became an overnight sensation among the judges.
    The result was the judges not only awarded Ol’ Bama the No Bell Piece Prize but they also awarded him the Pullet Surprise as well.
    Clearly Ol’ Bama was a politician in the making.
    Who else but a politician could figure out how to win two of the most highly coveted awards on our planet by being the best at sneaking up on the populace and screwing them when they weren’t paying attention.
    Vote carefully next year, the bells are not always audible.


  4. I just bit the end of a # 10 common nail off. Un”F***ingbelievable. Larry – thanks for the enlightenment. Stitch – well said. P. Buchanan ‘s column today characterized Nixon/Obama as “soul mates’. After highlighting Nixon’s accomplishments and his short comings during the tumultuous years while he was president – he cited Obama’s accomplishments as POTUS. He held a ” beer summit” and won the Nobel Prize. Never again is not long enough.

  5. Stitch, thank you you little story, it is on the mark for Obama. NJ Nurse

  6. See how excited I was over that story? I meant to say thank you for your little story, it is on the mark for Obama. NJ Nurse

  7. Sorry I meant, “beer summit” and won the No Bell Piece Prize

  8. Margaret in CT

    Yes, Mary (Liberal) Landrieu, Obama did inherit the economic fiasco…from Clinton, Dodd, Frank, Franklin Raines, the Fed, the Congressional Black (mail) Caucus… Their refusal to learn from the past will make the future ours!

  9. Family,

    The proof is in the pudding..

    This came from Fairfield, the publisher of All Right Magazine.

    Straight from the mouth of Mussolini: “Fascism was not the nursling of a doctrine worked out beforehand with detailed elaboration, it was born of the need for action..”

    Obama’s “action” is rooted within the tenets of fascism..

    Thanks as always,


  10. Margaret, the dirty little secret is the liberals care less about learning from the past, they are doing what they are doing ON PURPOSE to fulfill there agenda of collapsing this economy and installing their brand of socialism which if allowed to stand will morph into a communist dictatorship. Mark my words.

    The time is swiftly arriving that only armed rebellion will stop this regime.

  11. Those who make history, unfortunately, are those that do not know history.

  12. The real reason the Dumbocrats won the last two elections is because the Republicans immediately after gaining both houses and the presidency, showed their true colors as corrupt, liberal, big spending, CFR controlled Democrats. Most Americans are still sick or at least wary of the lying Republicans and BHO knows and exploits this as he uses the RINOS in his Communist make-over of our country.

    A real, viable, third party not controlled by the international bankers would be a wonderful alternative to the two totally corrupt and morally bankrupt parties we now have to chose from. There are at most a half dozen honest, conservative Republicans and fewer Democrats. The odds of every single incumbent politician being defeated in 2010 are not encouraging so we will simply get more of the same.

    The only hope we have to survive as a nation is if the military will move in, round up all of the traitors (BHO, Pelosi, Reid, & all liberal politicians, judges & media) and lock them up at Guantanemo Bay with no communication.

    BHO plans to be dictator for life and with ACORN and George Soros assisting him, you can forget about any future honest elections. If he grants citizenship to 30 million illegals, they will all vote straight Democrat and we lose. Once the dollar totally crashes and we have martial law (with total gun confiscation) there will be no non-violent way to stop BHO and his gang of committed communists from completely destroying the U.S.A.!

    Everyone please pray for our survival and store up some food and weapons.

  13. In Washington DC for the Marine Corp Marathon. Walked by the White House on my way back from the Expo. Of course the POTUS wasnt anywhere to be found. Why? Because he is still out campaigning – today its Boston. I was shocked that so few people were at the WH to protest. But then our character-less president is so busy out drumming up votes, he doesnt have time to be in the office trying make a decision to do something about anything important. Its pathetic to see this incredible monument (white house) being occupied by the Chicago Mob, socialists, and lovers of Chairman Mao.

  14. For sure we need a third party, but they aren’t ready yet. We still have too many thinking ‘if we just get the Republicans in control’ and this thinking leads us right back to the old mantra…. me, me. me! Republicans in the past have shown no restraint in earmarks and pork…. you know, the pot calling the kettle black. Anyone voted into office in 2010 should sign a covenant and have it enlarged and displayed in his or her every office and home, with a picture of his constituents right next to it.

    You’re right, Larry. I need to turn my hearing aids back on and watch and study the enemy. I can’t bear to see my beloved country thrown out with the bathwater.

  15. 3rd party?
    Can’t work yet. All that does is split the “Right” vote, and the “Left” candidate wins.
    We need to DESTROY the left in 2010.
    Have the “SANE” Democrats come back and drive the Progressive Socialists and Communists out of their party.
    Let THEM start a 3rd party (and split the “Left” vote.
    That will give us the opportunity to split the “Right” vote.
    Then we’ll have 4 parties.
    All we need now is a “5th Column”?


  16. “The opportunity for the disingenuous Demokrats, the “we support the troops when it appears to be politically expedient” crowd to attach an intentionally malicious maneuver to such important legislation as military spending during a time of war is totally within their lack of character.”
    That says it all in a nutshell!
    I’m not so sure this country isn’t ready for a 3rd party. Palin has sniffed one out in New York, check him out and take the “change” you still have left in your pocket and get behind him. Hoffman is his name….he has a (C) next to his name. The demokrat running in this race is more moderate than the republican.
    Great article as always Larry. Keep writing…we need your sane words.

  17. Arthur Nankervis

    Eileen & Family,

    The video embedded in the article “Frontline Blames Clinton Economic Team for the Wall Street Collapse” shown at Rush Limbaugh’s site ( ) is truely staggering in it’s magnitude of detailing the corruption, deceipt, greed and criminality of people who are now part of Obama’s team. Eileen, It would be a good project to find more on these people i.e.: Disclosure of bank accounts; Financial interests in public companies; etc., etc., plus release of public records and congressional hearings as mentioned in the video. The financial fraud is surely still in practice today and somewhere along the line, there has to be some form of retribution administered.

    I realize that it is a big task and on top of what you are already doing, it would be quite within reason for you to tell me to: “Fluck Off Like a Flock of Flidgeons.”

    I think it will take many views to get the full gist of it all. What surprises me most is the complicity of the republicans and right up to Bush and Greenspan’s Medal.

    Keep on Sluggin’


  18. Margaret in CT

    Yes, destroy the Left…but also keep the moderate Republicans (Stowe, Collins, Graham, McCain & Company) at bay. Their waffling and insistence on bargaining and negotiating with the enemy keeps Obamacare and Cap and Trade hopes alive.

  19. I agree with Stitch. All we need is a second party. A party that is organized and dedicated to true conservative beliefs. This compromising, and sometimes leading with it’s legislation, organization we call Republican has not been a strong rudder in keeping this nation on it’s course. Imagine, a group of men/women who are infected with ethics and morals instead of their love for political gain over those they represent.
    Idealism? We hold their pink slips in our hot little hands!

  20. I just viewed an hour and a half of the latest Alex Jones documentary “Fall of the Republic” the Barack Obama Presidency.
    I feel like I’ve been de-programmed….great feeling….everyone should try it.
    …..we have miles to go before we sleep.

  21. Arthur Nankervis


    In my last suggested ‘Frontline’ viewing, the name Lowell Bergman was shown. Finally, the penny dropped and I have worked out who he was and where I had come across his name (not as smart as the average bear on modern-day movies trivia). Bergman was the investigative reporter in the movie ‘The Insider’ (with Russell Crowe – about corruption in ‘Big Tobacco’ companies and TV networks). Bergman was played by Al Pacino.


    In your post to me as part of the article ‘Unrealistic’ you mention “Unlike the liberals, my writing is based upon the accurate quotes taken directly from the liberals. One imbecile liberal asked me sarcastically in a email if could use more quotes.. The idea of making things up which is so appealing to the leftists doesn’t appeal to me.” …. Well done Sire! This is the very reason that I like Victor Davis Hanson, a prolific writer and rarely, if ever, uses a link to corroborate his story. You’ve got to be sure of your facts to do that. Therefore, hats of to you China! (OZ rhyming language China Plate rhymes with mate, drop the plate and you’re left with China..


  22. Arthur,

    First to be mentioned in the same thought as VDH, (My favorite VDH tome: “Mexifornia”.) is praise worthy of a tinnie or two. If I ever make it to you part of the globe, I’m buying Cobber..

    Just a quick overview on how the articles are shaped and formed:

    I will look through as many news gathering sites as possible. Something will catch my eye. I will print the article out and begin the dissection process with a highlighter pen. Believe me when I tell you that I have over fifty three ring binders (1and 1/2 inch all the way up to 4 inch binders) with supportive materials. These are the liberals.. I haven’t even scratched the surface.

    Then I will research any references to liberal lunacy of the past. Again, print the material out and grab the highlighter..

    I then spread the materials across the roll top computer desk and it is off to the races, or as they say at the race track near New Orleans, “Ils sont partis!” (And they’re off..)

    Early on I didn’t even mention the articles specifically within the text. Now I mention the article or articles in question after the first quote taken from the material.

    This whole “process” by and large, takes about two hours.. That includes my feeble attempts at proofreading and my stellar two finger typing..

    With the left, the truth is stranger than fiction.. I couldn’t make up things that are loopier than what the left says and does as a matter of habit..

    I appreciate their help..

    As Always, I appreciate your comments and contributions to this site.

    Thanks as always,


  23. Another great article Larry. I always look forward to your post.

    As I mentioned in a previous post several days ago; since I live in Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is in the news regularly. The MM always reports negatively as usual. The latest happening this week is the Homeland Security Dept has stripped Maricopa County of their 287 G authority to deal with illegal aliens. Janet (Pat) is coming after Sheriff Joe in a big way. The funniest thing I read is the answer to the question posed by our paper on why. You won’t believe this! They claim the 287g program suppression operations were “not consistent with new priorities, which is removing severe criminal offenders who pose a danger to society”. WHAT THE?
    Sheriff Joe has picked up over 20,000 in that category. The Chicago Mafia in DC want the love of LaRaza here in Phoenix. Looking for votes to turn our state from red to blue. So obvious!

    However, Sheriff Joe will now operate the same as ever under state laws. You can’t keep a good man down.

  24. Arthur Nankervis

    Obama’s media intimidation works! ( )

    Is the above mentioned article at ‘WorldNetDaily’ the chink in the armour that Obama’s team has hoped for? Lord help us if this is the first sign that Fox News is ‘going yellow’? I’ve had suspicions about O’Reilly being ‘soft’ from a few of his ‘Memos’, but if this whole event goes unreported by all Fox programmes, its time to do a bit of back-burning.

    Larry, still on a serious note: Have you ever thought of going into ‘talk radio’? Not quite as radical as ‘Radio Caroline and Radio Atlanta’ (offshore pirate radio stations – UK 1964), but along the same lines. You never know! Used to have a bloke who was a little older than our gang (nicknamed The Professor, Winkie or Winkles as he could fix anything). We kept in good with him for the aforementioned reasons and because he was a wizard with gun powder, electricity and anything mechanical. Could get a bike back on the road quick-as-a-flash. Winkie started his own radio station (which was later closed down by the Post Master General’s dept.) and although it had a very short range, he had us glued to our home radios as he played the latest R&R and stuff prior – Bill Haley and his Comets, Stan Freberg (comedian) etc. All went well until he forgot to cut the mike on playing a 45 … Had his girlfriend in the laundry (studio) with him at the time … WOW! Just so happened that my Mum was ‘passing thru’ when she heard the screams of protest and “Winkie! get your hand out of there!” etc., etc. Apparently, other Mums heard it too and poor Winkie was a marked kid. Parents actually marched on his home, to the utter surprise of his parents. Winkie walked like Spring-Heel-Jack, wore glasses and always a tweed jacket, which set him apart. Would often see manhole covers being raised on the roadway and Winkie’s head pop up. Just checking his bearings as her used to ‘travel by drain’ in those days. What ever happened to him? Lord only knows. Probably made it to the top echelons of Government. Stranger things have come to pass.

    All the best to the Family


  25. Arthur,

    Before I put this site together, I had considered the radio angle. Back then I used to write thoughts down on pads of paper.. I even had the ear of a local conservative radio host. He had big plans. Please note the use of the “past tense”..

    The only issue that I see with radio right now is the fact that I am “hiding in plain sight.”

    I have no nickname, no cover so to speak. Due to the sensitive nature of my day job, being totally out front might become an issue.

    However, if the big break magically appeared, who knows what might transpire..

    As a sidebar, my face is more attuned to the iInternet or radio.. Television might frighten the little ones and small rodents..

    Thanks as always,


  26. Larry and Arthur, Good discussion on talk radio. When I was living in Illinois I listened to WLS talk radio. My favorite hostess was Teri OBrien, Conservative Warrior Princess every Sunday afternoon. I guess she was too “outspoken” and humorous to boot, and and I loved her show. I guess Senator Dickie Durbin didn’t find her amusing. Anyway, she lost the show. But good news! I followed her on her blog and she now has a show every Sunday on Blog Talk Radio. I get her at 12 noon Pacific Time. She is on for an hour and a half. You can call her during the show.

    Larry, I think this would be a great venue for you. Have you thought of this route? Arthur, you might enjoy the show too and you can email her as well during the show.

  27. Obama is an empty suit, incapable of leading our country anywhere except toward a Marxist-socialized country. The average voter should have a tattoo on their for head, saying “I’m to ignorant to vote” See the you tube if you haven’t How Obama got elected. The ultra lefties will get their turn in the barrel next November, if won’t don’t send a resounding message that we don’t want the stuff you are selling then shame on us. J.C.

  28. Monica,

    I have considered the option but it is just as hard to get anyone in radio to pay attention as it is to get anyone in the publishing field to pay attention..

    It’s all in who you know.

    Maybe someday.

    Thanks as always,


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