A Strange Combination

Statistics, being as flaccid and flexible as the spine of the typical liberal, should always be taken with a grain of salt. In the case of the Obamanomics of the Greatest Depression, (leave it to Obama to top even FDR’s witchcraft..) might I suggest that one should have several of the fifty pound blocks of salt usually made available for livestock at the ready..

The progressive pompoms of the New York Times are still aflutter for Obama and as notoriously noisy as ever. In “Broader Measure of U.S. Unemployment Stands at 17.5%”, the fifth column of the fourth estate still appears to be alive and well at the Grey Lady. Try as they might to candy coat the data, try as they might to subtly and not so subtly to invoke the early Reagan years, only a Kool-Aid drinker that would have made Jim Jones proud would believe the Bolshevik blather of the silver lining socialists any longer.

Trying to derail the moronic momentum of the left once they get going gets increasingly more difficult the longer that it takes them to go between their breaths. True to form, the Obama house organ starts grinding out its trademark out of tune diversionary/apologist nonsense. In the very first sentence of the article we read that “the job market still was not in as bad shape as it had been during the depths of the early 1980’s recession- until now..” When the left mentions the “1980’s”, you have to understand that they are trying to make more excuses for that awful liberal homunculus Dhimmi Carter, for it was he who ushered in the “early 1980’s recession”. It was the “Reagan resuscitation” if you will, of tax DECREASES that brought about the period of prosperity that the liberals then castigated as obscene profits and other such tawdry titles..

“The broadest measure of unemployment and underemployment” has reached its highest totals in “decades”.. I will go so far as to say that that figure would be almost be about eight decades on the nose as Obama has the passing of the Hall of Shame numbers racked up by FDR on his “to do” list for 2010.

“More than one out of every six workers- 17.5 percent- were unemployed or underemployed in October..” Keep in mind that this statistical anomaly is based upon those who are “the officially unemployed who have looked for work in the past four weeks. It also includes discouraged workers, who have looked in the past year, as well as millions of part-time workers who want to be working full time..” A few points if I may..

That entire paragraph of piffle indicates to me that the ACTUAL number of those being punished by Obamanomics probably stands at TWICE that number. Statisticians are quickly becoming the meteorologists of the Obama administration. For all of their alleged education, with all of their pie charts and graphs and their colorful images on the screen behind them, all that either do is GUESS and when they are wrong, something else is to blame.. With one group, a wind gust from the north is to blame, with the other group, it is “what we inherited from the previous administration”.. At least when the meteorologist screws up, all that might happen is that you get a little wet in the morning.. Soon the “discouraged workers” category will be have to be redefined to mean those under the oppressive Obama grip who are being taxed to death.. When that comes to pass, you can make that percentage being punished by Obamanomics at about 95%..

“Most economists predict that the (unemployment) rate will begin to fall next year, largely because of the federal government’s aggressive response..” Allow me to “predict” that this liberal “government’s aggressive response” has caused the Obama Greatest Depression to continue on and on and generations to come will be suffering because of it.. Please keep in mind that it took eight years after the New Deal for unemployment to go BENEATH 15%.. Anyone who calls the recent market “rallies” as “positive signs” has forgotten that the market “rallied” nine times while Roosevelt was applying the totalitarian tourniquet during his “aggressive responses”..

With an administration zeroing in on the middle class with a barrage of unavoidable and targeted taxes, how is a sustainable recovery possible? Printing valueless cash isn’t the answer. The Obama government insists upon intruding upon and sticking its thumbs in the eyes of the free market when the government should be doing everything possible to get out of the free market’s way. Obama’s answer to the cries of a drowning man is to throw him an anvil..

The wizards at the Times credit this alleged fall in unemployment to “fiscal stimulus, interest rate cuts and a variety of creative steps by the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department..” “Creative steps” may win you points with the cross-eyed judges on the Times’ “Dancing with the Czars” panel, but “permanent solutions that won’t forever destroy the middle class” are more to my liking.

Remember, “most economists predict that the rate will begin to fall next year..” What happens “next year”? The mid term election. The question becomes, since Obama has already LOST or DESTROYED SEVEN MILLION jobs, what more do we have to go through before they decide to take the necessary “creative steps” to actually create a job or two? So when the “stimulus” money begins making two “shovel ready jobs” next year, can’t you just wait to see the Obama commercials that will follow? They will rotate the spots between these two lucky jobholders while the tinkly piano music plays in the background as the family sheds a few tears all the while thanking the Marxist Messiah for saving them and the nation from the bread lines that he has personally created..

Let’s just call them the winners of the “Obama lottery”. With every lottery drawing there is but one winner. What they never tell you about is the seventy or so million losers who “invested” but didn’t win.. In the case of the middle class, we are participating in the “Obama lottery” involuntarily and against our will and in the end, EVERYONE will lose.

It’s all about “action”. “At the White House Friday, Obama signed a bill to extend unemployment benefits and a tax credit for home buyers..” If the benefits are being “extended”, shouldn’t the bright and shiny Obama economy that was going to create “millions of new jobs” have created millions of jobs for these folks? If these benefits have to be “extended”, hasn’t Obama FAILED? As well, if a liberal government extends a “tax credit” for some, it always creates a tax increase for the rest to overcompensate for the credit that they gave away through the kindness of their hearts..

Let this sink in.. Barack Hussein Obama has LOST seven million jobs. This does not discourage the knuckleheads at the Times. “Compared with the early 1980’s, a smaller share of workers today are officially unemployed and a smaller share are considered discouraged workers..” If that was not obtuse enough for you to tolerate, then try swallowing this one, “..most of its impact have fallen on a relatively narrow group of workers..” When people like Geithner, Biden and Pelosi speak it becomes nothing more than a white noise, literally.. It is the equivalent of socialist Sudoku or a fascist Feng shui..

The Times was proud to announce that “wages have continued to rise for most people who still have jobs, 1.5 to 2.5 percent over the last year..” If that statistic is even remotely true and now that the Obama administration has been advised of this disgusting “windfall profit”, how long will we have to wait for the next 2.5 percent tax increase to stave off some other alleged calamity that has been created by the Demokrats? Even though the Times makes this “2.5 percent” claim in the futile hope of propping up their Demokratic deity, just a little later they say that this statistic comes “depending upon which government survey is examined..” Remember, these are the “it depends what the definition of ‘is’is” people that we are talking about..

“It is a strange combination: workers who still have jobs are doing better than others in deep recessions, but the unemployment and underemployment have risen to their highest level since the Depression..” The “strange combination” is the idea of the Obama/Biden liberal government CURING a problem that they are responsible for creating as opposed to exacerbating it..


38 responses to “A Strange Combination

  1. All right Kids,

    I am back.. New York, Bermuda, St. Marteen, Aruba, Haiti and Miami..

    Let’s get this thing rolling again.

    Thanks to those who kept the conversation going in my absence. I appreciate all of your efforts.

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Lets give ’em Hell in 2010.

    Thanks as always,


  2. Alabama Rednek

    Larry, a most welcome home from a very well deserved holiday. Wish I could have made the same trip, but alas, a very fied income and obligations with family.

    As usual an enlightening article with the main problem that should be on the front burner. To much time taken up with his signature agenda. He cares not about any of the prolitariat. Just his socialist plans for ‘hope and change’.

    Loved the elections in Virginia and New Jersey. Put the fear of God in a few of them. The rest don’t believe in God. We now have to work for the mid-term elections and try to change the house if at all possible.

    Did you catch his take on the Ft Hood tragedy? Not one mention of the word terror and the MSM giving this guy a free pass. What a bunch of scum bags.

    Didn’t mean to sound off on so many other things but i’m just pi$$ed off at this entire marxist/socialist agenda and the lemmings that just keep marching lock step over the cliff.

    Anyway, welcome home to the paradise of Obama Land.

  3. Margaret in CT

    Glad you had a restful break, Larry. Thanks for this article. Isn’t is amazing how the unemployed are put on display by the liberal press and dressed in whatever garments suits the media’s needs at the moment? When a democrat is in the White House, the unemployed constitute a “narrow” group of people. When a republican is in, unemployment is always “widespread.” Somehow, being unemployed is less worrisome for those in power if the out-of-work person can be described as “discouraged.” Notice that the “teenaged unemployed” don’t get a mention when the dems are in power.

    If the Congress ever gets around to sending us the bill for their fascist juggernaut, the NYT will have a few more unemployment statistics to add to their inventive analyses. In the meantime, about 50% of Americans still seem to believe the tooth fairy is in town.

  4. Alabama,

    Thanks for the welcome home and I hope that you are feeling better.

    Of late I’ve been saying “It’s been said that there is no such thing as a free lunch. I will contend that there is no such thing as a jobless recovery..”

    Obama cannot “print” his way out of this. All of the progressive promissory notes won’t make a bit of difference.

    “Paradise”? Obama is treating our nation like a “pair of dice” at some drunken craps table.. I don’t like the odds.. With the left, I don’t like the evens either..

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Thanks as always,


  5. Margaret,

    That “50%” is the liberal base who have been made to believe that the liberal government is a benevolent ATM machine that others are restocking for them.

    They have believed in the tooth fairy for nearly sixty years.

    Now they are in power.

    That is all the focus and direction that anyone should need..

    Thanks as always,


  6. Larry, What do you think about us losing our sovereignty as a nation on Dec 7th, (Pearl Harbor Day); 2009??
    Pres. Obama is going to just sign it away at the Climate Change Conference at Copenhagen, Denmark!
    I am just sick about it! It should be blasted on all media …but it isn’t! Only Glenn Beck had ONE segment on it! Most don’t even know it going to happen to us!


    Good to see you return safe and sound..
    Plenty of items to discuss with this whole crew
    screwing up the economy.
    I have just celebrated my one year anniversary of not watching the MSM ,They all suck.

    Dead ted’s seat is up for election 12/8 in old TAXACHUSETTS.One candidate has missed 128 votes in the house so will qualify to fill the senate seat

    Senior citizens flyer here says food stamps
    are available for people having income
    of $2000 a month qualify and no assets
    including bank accunts and house value will be
    counted. GIVE THE WORLD AWAY




  8. Larry:

    Welcome back. I hope you had a wonderful vacation. Good to see you’re ready to get rolling again. Lead on.

    “It is a strange combination: workers who still have jobs are doing better than others in deep recessions, but the unemployment and underemployment have risen to their highest level since the Depression..” The “strange combination” is the idea of the Obama/Biden liberal government CURING a problem that they are responsible for creating as opposed to exacerbating it..”

    Government always worsens a problem, it never cures anything.

    “Barack Hussein Obama has LOST seven million jobs. ”

    The “Demokratic deity” is doing doing such a wonderful job with his “resuscitation”, isn’t he? Some of the Obamazombies seem to have taken their blinders off, however. I have been hearing a lot of conversations over the past few weeks and many people are beginning to see things the present administration can’t blame on George W. Bush. Job losses and the recession/
    depression are among the top issues.

    Chinks are starting to form in the armor. Many people are aware that the next “lost” job could be theirs, unless of course, they’re on welfare. That is, after all a permanent position for some of them.

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

  9. Welcome back, Larry!
    These unemployment numbers do not surprise me. During the Clinton “administration”, the rules for reporting unemployment numbers were changed to make the “first black president” look good.

  10. ok, I just wrote this and have to share (even though not related to this article, I think it applies to current events).

    twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
    not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
    My parents were hung by the chimney by muslims,
    trying to force us to accept their religion.

    The children were helpless all bound in their beds,
    while sounds of chainsaws whirred above their heads.
    And Mama in her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap,
    watched as they beat daddy, as he took the rap.

    When out on the roof there arose such a clatter,
    the muslims looked shocked, then lost their bladder.
    In through the windows they came with a flash,
    Marines raining lead, turning muslims to ash.

    The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
    gave the lustre of midday to the muslims below.
    when, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
    but muslims dying with a face full of fear.

    With automatic weapons, lively and quick,
    they shot off their heads, they shot off their dicks.
    The wrath of the Eagle, has made his claim,
    and we piled up their bodies, according to name.

    Pile Nidel! And, Abu!
    And, Khalid and Akmed!
    On top of Nidal, on Ramzi,
    and Ahmed!
    To the top of the porch!
    To the top of the wall!
    Pile then up higher, and higher!
    ’till we get them all…


  11. Here in Upstate NY, a company is closing its doors this Friday 11/13 citing high taxes on corporations as the reason. There go dozens of jobs. I wonder of Obama knows how to “save” those?

    (I love your poem, Stitch.)

  12. WELCOME BACK … I really mean WELCOME back! 🙂


  13. Was anybody else disturbed by the President’s address on the Ft. Hood? Bad enough the PC crew in the lamestream media refuses to call the scumbag what he is, namely a radical Muslim terrorist, but the Prez felt the need to highlight his social justice for American Indians policy (Van Jones might be out of the limelight, but trust you me Mr. ‘Give Them the Wealth’ is still in there with his communist agenda) before barely mentioning what had happened.

    This President cares little for the lives of the men and women he thinks nothing of putting in harms way. He cannot bring himself to commit even in a half-assed fashion to victory in our wars in the Persian Gulf, because he has the same sympathies the Ft. Hood assasin espoused. His handling of the war, and his execution of his duties as a Commander-in-Chief is just short of treasonous.

    Worse, the media seems to feel the need to treat the terrorist as a victim, that somehow society was to blame for his bad actions, and he just happened to have a gun. I’m sick of this whole PC mess.

  14. It is good to see your contrite and sensible words once again, Larry.

    Why do the Liberals, the supposed “working man’s party” find a citizen’s gain so nauseating to the point where they tax them into poverty. Even more amazing to me, why do the followers of this “take the fruits of their labors” party not see that the left’s agenda has proven itself untrustworthy in un-employment numbers, and increasing taxes on those that do work.

  15. Alabama Rednek

    Isn’t “Workers Paradise” an oxymoron if no one is working???

  16. G. Nichols,

    I’m in agreement with you right down the line. The namby-pamby, limp-wristed approach by what is supposed to be the President of the United States, in my eyes according to Article 3 Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution gave “aid and comfort” to the treasonous Muslim in his statements of a form of protection. (Not jumping to conclusions)

    Also, I consider the U.S. born, N. Virginia cleric who praised him as being a “hero” to the Islamic faith should be brought on charges of treason, found guilty, either be put to death or deported.

  17. Larry,

    Welcome back. Missed your “provacative call to action posts”. The dumb employment #’s are a continuation of the massive POTUS FUD campaign. Just another diversion (distortion) to focus our attention away the real scary big picture “stuff”. From my perspective they are going to pass whatever laws they want, (whether they are constitutional doesn’t matter let the courts decide if they are or not), inflate away the deficits, ultimately bring the economy to it’s knees, tax the hell out of & kill the middle class & small business, etc. . We can’t stop them before we vote them out of office. So far we haven’t made a dent. Even when we do, (and we will) the POTUS will still have veto powers which makes it more difficult for a conservative biased congress to “undo what da man dun do”. Consequently, I’ve felt helpless until I listened to Judge Napolitano sitting in for GB yesterday. I see no way to keep up with the liberal “assholes” who currently run the government. IMHO we need to get ahead of them in this giant chess game for “whose government is it”. And one of the ways to do so is through States Rights which the good Judge elaborated. Have the states nullify the federal laws after they are passed. Simple straight forward and legal. States have been doing this all along & he cited several recent federal laws which many states simply end up ignoring via nullification (great concept). I ask you, why chase these liberal bastards when we can get and stay a head of them. Continue to harass the hell out of them while they are on their way toward the street, (MoveON.org becomes MoveOUT.org). But, to hell with congress, you can’t change the leopards spots. They won’t fight in the open (everything they do is behind closed doors), they are going to continue to lie, etc. but they are going to get what they are going after.
    Instead, as the judge suggests, focus our time and energy on our state legislators, put the heat on them to protect their constitutional States Rights as our representatives and ours as citizens. Again, the hell with the federal government. It’s irrelevant as I understand States rights. Never again is not long enough.

  18. beyond disgusted

    Welcome back Larry! You have been missed.

    ” Obama’s answer to the cries of a drowning man is to throw him an anvil..” This one line so perfectly sums up everything Obama is doing to our economy, and it is all on purpose. That’s the Marxist way!

  19. Merry,

    I have said all along that the liberals were branching out and scattering using deflection and distraction techniques.

    Once your attention is drawn to the next pandemic, epidemic or crisis, YOU just lost another Constitutional right or three..

    As well, more of your discretionary income vanished..

    It takes more than just Beck, Hannity and Rush. As good as they are, there are too many liberals for them to cover.

    I’d put our Eileen up against any of Beck’s investigators..

    Even little sites like this add to the conservative commentary. EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS.

    Thanks as always,


  20. Kurt,

    How could you have possibly “felt helpless’?

    EACH individual that you manage to turn from the dark side using conservative logic and evidence is unquestionably HELPING.

    Sure, people like Beck and Hannity have a nationwide audience, but I say that your contribution to the fight is just as important.

    I checked the internal “dashboard” for my site and I picked up one new subscriber today.


    How they found me I haven’t a clue, but found me they did.

    Something that I wrote must have struck a chord. One victory at a time.

    Sure I would like to have seen 100 new subscribers.. 300.. but each subscriber, like each commenter is important to me.

    You are part of the “Family” here at NLTZ..you are never helpless.

    Thanks as always,


    Never give in, never give up and never again.. Kick ’em in the ass in 2010!

  21. Larry,here is more information on this Copenhagen treaty Obama is going to sign and we lose our sovereignty..
    “WorldNetDaily” <alerts@newsalerts.worldnetdaily.com
    …….its their most recent article…
    also there is a youtube video..

    Please feel free to get back to me!

  22. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    I’m very glad to see you back, Larry.
    Lou Dobbs quit CNN today, maybe you can fill his slot as the token non-liberal on that network.

    In an earlier post, someone was looking for ideas for signs or slogans. Here is one:
    Judgment Day
    November 2, 2010

    The judge in Santa Ana, CA that was going to have Obama show up in court with his birth certificate had his staff infiltrated by a paralegal under the employ of the law firm Obama has given $1.7 million to keep from having to prove he is an American. He subsequently dropped the case.

    Since he has been able to deflect any chance of the truth about him from coming out, we are going to have to join the impeachment movement. Treason should be a sufficient reason to throw him and the other bums out on their ears.

    Every day he is in office brings us closer to his goal of a dictatorship.

  23. Larry,
    Only helpless in the sense there is nothing I can do to prevent these liberal bastards from getting what they want before the 2010 election. I have no representation in Washington, no one with the power votes for (represents) me. However, since I heard Napolitano, I am contacting every SC state representative and telling them to nullify any and all crap coming out of Washington.

  24. Merry,

    I had seen that video some time ago and it had occured to me that health care, although wanted as a power take over by Obama’s government, was despite all the hull-a-ba-loo, a simple diversion blindsiding us to Cap-and-Trade and the Copenhagen treaty. I think the liberals knew they would have no trouble passing the House healthcare bill, pay no attention to the “slim margin” it being only a feel good result to falsely placate constituents of politicians in making them think their reps. were actually doing their job. It still passed!

    But again I must go back to the un-constitutionalities involved in the health care bill of the House and even more so should Obama sign away our country’s sovereignty with the Copenhagen treaty.
    No Constitution of the United States authority does not enumerate to the government the authority to enter into agreements with foreign nations or global entities, foreign or domestic, where the Citizens, the State’s or our Nation’s Sovereignty is diminished, relinquished or surrendered.

    Someone should remind Obama that he is not the kind or tyrant but instead the elected representative of the People of The United States. Being such, and according to the Constitution, he cannot enforce changes of our sovereignty without a Citizen’s favorable majoral vote, that being 75 per cent.

  25. Joe,
    I agree it’s all thebig D in FUD. – however Obamayomama & his many merry malodoriferous minions could care less whether their actions past the test of constitutionality. They are hell bent on getting their way. Who is going to clean up this mess? Certainly the courts are not capable.

  26. Kurt,

    Oh I agree! I’m sorry, I didn’t quite say that did I? That’s waht I mean’t by the Pelosi and Obama would have their way. Afterall look at how close of attention those two socialist rats paid to the American’s People voicing out-rage against their pitiful health plan. They, like good little tyrants are interested only in their government-state-run power agenda and to hell with the country.
    Who is going to clean this mess up? We The People, my friend! We can, must, and will rid our country from the socialist elites to the bottom-feeders who support them in order to re-form our most perfect Union!
    I love my country, my aim is still good, I bleed and I’m not all talk. Whatever it takes, I will firstly always be free.


    Of all things hypocritical the politicians in Washington take the cake, icing and all. While the un-employment numbers continue to soar it was reported by CBS News (no less?), “According to a report released this week by the Center for Responsive Politics, (an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one) there are 237 millionares serving in Congress in 2008.
    However it seems that this number is a slight decline from the previous year when there were 239 millionares serving in the House and Senate. The IRS must have caught up with a couple of the tax-evading bastards.

    Still while one percent of Americans are millionares, 44 per cent of those serving in Congress can claim as much.

    The only Oath of Office these clowns swear to is, “I will take, er, make more money.”

  27. Larry:

    I doubt that he would ever get a 75% majority, unless ACORN is doing the count. It certainly is a scary idea though.

    For years the liberals have been using all sorts of diversionery tactics to keep the American people from finding out their true plans. It’s even harder now to keep up with all of the unconstitutional shenanigans and lawbreaking because of the so-called constitutional lawyer/liar sitting in Our White House. The not- so paleface speaks with forked tongue and the zombies believe him. After all he went to Harvard, maybe.

  28. A friend sent pictures of a tombstone of one N. Grigsby. A 2nd Lt., Co. G 10th Ind. Cal. who died on April 16, 1890 at the age of 78 years, 6 months and 5 days.

    On the tombstone were incribed his words;

    “Through this incription I wish to enter my
    dying protest against what is called the
    Democratic party. I have watched it closely
    since the days of Jackson and know that all the misfortunes of our nation has come to it through this so called party therefore beware
    this party of treason.” ~~~~~
    Put on in fullfillment of promise to the Deceased.

    Shouldn’t this be in History 101?

  29. Thanks Joe, I’m passing this on. It says it all.

  30. Welcome back Larry. Great subject on this one. My niece works in the health care field and has been trying hard to hire workers for her dept. Unemployed people come in for interviews and when she tells them the starting hourly wage with an increase in three months they don’t accept. Why? Because they tell her they can make more money on unemployment! After she reminds them the unemployment will run out they said no, we are getting an extention. So there you go! Encouraging the “workers” to to do nothing. Don’t you love socialism?

  31. Need jobs? Come to Phoenix. The union representing the workers at the Safeway and Frys grocery chains here will probably go on strike tonight. Unbelievable! The union won’t take a vote from the workers. Many workers want to keep their jobs. None can survive on the $100.00 a week pittance from the union.

    The stores have make offers the union rejected. So right now the stores have full page ads in the papers to hire temporary workers.

    Who is the loser here? With the holidays coming the workers need the jobs and the stores need the business.

    Growing up in the Detroit area I saw many union strikes over the years at all the little job shops. There were hundreds of these shops that supplied parts and pieces for the auto companies. The strikes would go on and on. The owners said it would be impossible to continue doing business under the union demands and went out of business. Everyone was the loser. Especially the American people. Because now all those parts and pieces are made in China or other countries where a profit was possible.

    Have those unions helped us in the long run? mmm mmm mmmm

  32. Alabama Rednek


    Psalm 109:8

    mmm mmm mmm

  33. Alabama Rednek :

    I pray that his days are few but I worry about what comes after him. The False Prophet comes before the Anti- Christ. I’ve usually found that when you think things can’t get worse they do.

  34. Facist Feng Shui…..lol……gotta love it!

    Most of you have probably seen this but is always good to remind ourselves what we are up against with this illegal regime……….YouTube – Obama Admits He Is A Muslim#t

  35. Welcome back. Your audience awaits, but not at rest. The family has kept up a lively and enlightening conversation. I have truly enjoyed all the postings and this is my first “go to” page.

    I’m sure many of you will be hearing about “The Question” wherein zero was asked if he and his family would be on the same health plan as the rest of America. His answer? You guessed it, he looked stunned that someone had the gall to ask the question, so he just ignored it. Several sheep were asked the same question and they dithered and squirmed and said they would think about it. But the thinking is already done. In the bill is a total exemption for the sheep and shepherds, so they get to keep their gold plated benefits ( and probably will even increase them).

    Never give in, never give up and NEVER again!!!

  36. Richard,

    Thanks for your kind words. It’s nice to be thought of as a “go to page”.

    If you follow the Bolsheviks and their “work” in the early 1900’s, you will note the consistencies with the Obama Bolsheviks of today.

    The leftist elitists are still part of the caviar and cognac crowd that destroyed capitalism, the middle class and as well, implemented the Holodomor..

    They are giving up on the idea of creativity and they are referring to old text and reciting by rote.

    Thanks as always,


  37. Kurt,

    I never can seem to get what I want to say said in an affective way. Blame it on horses, cattle and dogs all these years, they’ve got a simpler way of listenin’, I guess. Well, most of them, some of them are plain bone-headed just like liberals.

    While Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the backwater buffoon socialist that would trample on our Constitution without regard, it is exactly that action where we will best be able to defeat them once and for all. Do we rely on the RNC to do the job for us? They do not represent my idea of a conservative, limited government and have contributed in the past to the problems leading up to today’s.

    It is our Founding Father’s uncanny foresight in the writing of the United States Constitution and the Bill Of Rights that is our saving grace against this would be tryannical take-over of the left extremists. The Federal Government is not above Constitutional Law, period!!

    Watch the video at oathkeeprs.org of Sheriff Richard Mack or go to ricardmack.com If neither one of those work for you, you might try googling richard mack. Very interesting, very informative.

  38. Joe:

    Don’t worry a bit about how you are saying things. They always come across quite clearly to me, and I’m sure to the rest of the family as well. Speaking for myself, there are many times when I’d much rather to to my dog. She has more sense than any of the “bone-headed liberals”,

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