Marxist Make Believe

What a week it has been for the “Bowing Bolshevik”, or if you prefer, the “Genuflecting Genius”.. As he was prostrating himself before yet another leader, we have come to find out that the lofty claims of “jobs saved or created” that have been bandied about by the progressive pompom squads have almost all been “created” within the kaleidoscopic minds of the liberal lunatics alone.

Not one to rest upon his laurels, “Obsequious Obama” decided to repeat the embarrassing display that he performed for King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia in April. This time the confused beneficiary of his coquettish clumsiness was the Emperor of Japan. Our “green” president again grovels before those who are at least dignified enough not to point out the totalitarian tyro’s thoughtlessness in public..

Meanwhile back in the contiguous forty-eight, the Communist cure-all that was the “stimulus” bill has been found to be paying out hard earned middle class tax dollars to congressional districts that don’t exist for jobs that don’t exist.. The only thing that is actually “real” within this depressing discovery are the tax dollars that have now disappeared.. This seems totally in line with the Obama nomenclature. Remember that millions of votes were cast on his behalf by people that didn’t exist during his shampaign, so sending money to imaginary districts that don’t exist for imaginary jobs that don’t exist doesn’t seem to be a stretch at all..

This came to light through an article entitled “Jobs ‘Saved or Created’ in Congressional Districts That Don’t Exist” (ABC News). As always, at least one Obama shill bravely steps forward to blame someone else for the haphazard hand over fist handout mentality of the Obama administration. Ed Pound, the un-elected Communications Director of the “Recovery Board” said, “We report what the recipients submit to us. Some recipients clearly don’t know what congressional district they live in..”

The liberals have fostered a dependent mentality within their “recipients” for decades so the “recipients” oversight appears excusable based upon their addictions to the monies of others. The “recipients” were probably programmed in the liberal’s “public school system” as well therefore any and all mathematical mistakes are at least understandable.. However, the liberals are omnipotent and without intellectual peer (just ask them..) so the blame for this oversight falls at their grimy feet. Pound continued on, “Human beings make mistakes..” Yes they do but liberals aren’t human therefore they never make mistakes..

Arizona’s 15th congressional district “created or saved” 30 jobs “with just $761,420 in stimulus spending”.. Oops, Arizona has only eight congressional districts.. $34 million was sent to Arizona’s 86th district to pay the “Navajo Housing Authority”, Obama only missed by 85 districts as this Indian slush fund actually sits in Arizona’s 1st district.. Oklahoma listed 15 jobs costing $19 million in spending in a nonexistent district.. What do you expect from a President who believes that we have “57 states”.. Follow the bouncing Bolshevik ball..

Iowa, $10.6 million, 39 jobs “created” in nonexistent districts.. Connecticut’s 42nd district (nonexistent) “created” 25 jobs without spending ANY stimulus monies. Talladega County Alabama “claimed it had saved or created 5,000 jobs from only $42,000 in government money—which would amount to $8.40 in annual income per job..” Now that is the kind of imaginary recovery that Obama can use to impress his lemmings during the mid term election drive.. The Obama minions are spreading the wealth to the U.S. territories as well with the same amazing and hallucinatory results..

$68.3 and $72.2 million spent in the “1st” congressional district and $8.4 million and 40.3 jobs ‘created’ in the 99th congressional district of the U.S. Virgin Islands”.. “40.3” jobs? Sounds as though Joe “Absolute” Biden has been splitting hairs again.. “1.5 million spent and .3 jobs created in the 69th district and $35 million for 142 jobs in the 99th district of the Northern Mariana Islands.” There must not be much going on in the 69th district for there to be only .3 job “created”, then again, what the hell is being “produced” in the 99th district? Exactly what are the middle class taxpayers getting for these “142 jobs”? Answer, exactly what they are getting for all of the rest of the illusory “jobs created or saved” with the Obama stimulus theft, regardless of the geography involved.. Not to be left out of the scam, Puerto Rico checks in with “291 jobs” costing you and I “$47.7 million”.. Isn’t that all just great news? Too bad NONE of these districts exist..

This information was taken from Obama’s own web site “recovery dot gov” which was “established as part of the stimulus bill to ‘foster greater accountability and transparency’”.. This site, like every Obama adventure has been “well-funded” by the middle class tax payers to the tune of an “$18 million grant” and it “works” about as efficiently and effectively as any other idiotic liberal undertaking that has been tabled by the Obamazombies..

It doesn’t end there. Obama has made “improper payments” to the tune of “$98 billion in fiscal 2009” according to CNBC dot com (“Improper US Government Payments Hit $98 Billion”). This statistic needs further inspection and incision..

Delving into the article we discover that “over half of the mistakes were made in the Medicare and Medicaid programs..55 billion in 2009..” Here’s where it really gets rich.. “ also showed the need for healthcare reform..” Keep in mind that the Obama government is already involved in the concept of “government provided healthcare”. With both Medicare and Medicaid alone, they have made “improper payments” to the tune of at least 55 billion dollars in less than one year. Now they want to RUN THE WHOLE health care show with their nearly 3,000 page, three trillion dollar health scare debacle that will drag on for at least ten years!

They have already screwed up totaling at least 55 billion, now they want several TRILLION MORE dollars to waste.. Is it possible to imagine just exactly how much more they will squander if they manage to pass this health scare chicanery? How can these buffoons make “health care more affordable” when they can’t even get Medicare and Medicaid straight, programs that have been part of “government run health care” since 1965?

As the House Appropriations Committee demands more “accountability” for the Obama “gross inaccuracies” relative to the stimulus stupidity, Obama wants to “improve transparency and encourage people to play straight” when it comes to the $55 billion that he has already wasted in Medicare and Medicaid.. “Play straight” with Obama? That will be an appropriate request on his part when he begins to “play straight” with the American taxpayer.

Obama as well is worried that “people could lose confidence in the US economy in a double-dip recession..” (“Obama warns on public debt pile” FT dot com). “People” lost confidence the moment the “double-dip” took the oath of office.. Higher taxes, a 10.6 percent drop in housing starts in October and a 10.2 unemployment rate and that is just for starters.. Pray tell what does ANYONE have to be “confident” about especially with a tax raising totalitarian in the White House?

With Obama, all of this “stimulus”, “recovery” and “jobs saved and created” flatulence is nothing more than fascist fantasy and Marxist make believe..


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  1. Great article, Larry!
    Unfortunately, I don’t believe any of those “mistakes” about jobs being created in nonexistent congressional districts were really mistakes. I think the only mistake here was that the theft wasn’t covered up a little better. The whole socialist (stimulus) bill is just one of the methods being employed by the Jug-eared Bolshevik to destroy our economy and make us ripe for a Muslim takeover!

  2. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    Our rulers don’t care what you find out or what you say about anything you find out. You can write them, call them, email them and fax them until you are blue in the face. They just don’t care what the peasants think.
    Until there is an armed revolt, you will not even get their attention. That armed revolt will have to be soon, because they are working at lightning speed to have any weapons you taken away from you.
    Our nation of the people, by the people and for the people perished from the earth on January 20, 2009.

  3. Todd,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I don’t believe that the left wants a Muslim “takeover” at all.
    That would allow someone else to have power. They cower before the Muslims in the hope that they will be left alone.

    They are trying to make all of America similar to their Demokratic voting base: addicted to the liberal hand outs and the concept of the overly intrusive government.

    They want ALL of America to turn to them.

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Thanks as always,


  4. Dave,

    The left doesn’t “respond”?


    And by the way, there is no need for anything resmbling an “armed revolt”. Remember Reagan took down the entire Soviet structure without firing a shot. Russia just knew that if he had to, he would..

    Silence from the liberal elite? That leaves us to talk to EACH OTHER.

    If the left chooses not to debate in the arena of ideas then they are leaving us to draw our own conclusions based on their actions..

    One vote at a time, we will convince those that were hoodwinked last time through.

    We will tell them: Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Thanks as always,


  5. Bernie Madoff is a novice compared to these scam artists in DC . Those questionable dollars had to go somewhere, hence a paper trail. Question now — who will follow that paper trail ?

    We need to issue an “all points bulletin ” for our US Constitution which is obviously “missing” , or stolen by this admin. and the libs in Congress.

    And we need to determine what dictionary these idiots are using, because when they use words and phrases like ‘transparentcy’ ,’ well-funded’, ‘jobs saved’ , ‘stimulus’,etc. , Webster’s definitions don’t apply.

    Apparently voting in the dark of a Saturday nite is a sign of ‘transparency’, and a case of ” not rushing to get something passed”. Isn’t this just the opposite of what the fraud in the White House promised? Oops, I almost forgot that he is the liar in chief — therefore that explains the deception !!

  6. JJ,

    If I am not wrong, the Constitution was one of the items that was”accidentally removed and burned” underneath a construction trailer by Sandy Burglar when he went to the national archives at the direction of the Clintonistas prior to the 9-11 commission hearings..

    Thanks as always,


  7. Larry,

    Aahh yes, the Clintonistas – I was trying to forget about them, but they keep coming back, and back and…..

    BTW, wasn’t it great to see Turbo Tax Timmy knocked down a peg or two ? Would like to see much more of that.

  8. Larry:

    I’m worried. The senate is voting on cloture Saturday. The offices are convienently closed. If Reid gets his 60 votes were screwed. What do we do? I’m lucky I have McConnell as my senator. I know he’ll do the right thing. I don’t have that much faith in the American people anymore bc the majority have been brainwashed by the crooks. I hope we vote 90% of them out in 2010. I just think peoples memories are too short; add the demoncrats plan to have the stimulus bolster around that time and they might come out unharmed. I wish more people cared about this.

  9. PS.

    Rand Paul 2010!!! He’s a harsh dose of honesty and reality.

  10. Joel,

    I’ve contended forever that apathy is the conservative enemy.

    I believe that people have given up. I look at the daily hits here as an example.

    Since they have and I haven’t, I would like for them to pay my taxes.

    I can’t believe that this nonsense will pass. 60 votes seems like alot even with the obvious bribes that the left has tossed to Landrieu and the like..

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Yell it from the damn rooftops.


  11. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    The problem with waiting around until next year to vote these morons out, is the fact that they are on a rapid course to make sure that there will not be any more elections.
    Totalitarian rule has always been the goal of Obama and he is supported heavily by Pelosi and the others.
    Every day that goes by brings us deeper into a hole that will be impossible to climb out of.
    Obama does have a back-up plan just in case he isn’t crowned king. He has sent an invitation on White House stationary to his associates in Al Qaeda to attack the United States at a time he deems fit to do so.

  12. Lucky Joel…my Senators are Kohl and Feingold! I write, I call, I let them know how I feel and when I hear back it is the same old baloney form letter. What, Oh what is a poor girl to do? We are, however, blessed with Paul Ryan and Jim Sensenbrenner in the House but they are so outnumbered. I was encouraged this a.m. to hear the Religious Leaders speak out against the Healthcare fiasco and it’s dictates for abortion
    and euthanasia funding. Will those old Liberals in the Senate pay them heed???? We can only pray

  13. Quixtop, Huntington Beach, CA

    I’m very afraid Dave may right!
    Obama is evil but he is no fool. He must have a plan just in case. I would not be surprised at all it it was Al Queda that forced Marshal Law upon us.

  14. Alabama Rednek

    Larry, thanks again for another great and enlightening article. As for apathy with the family, I have noticed that we have many new members but I miss some of the older ones. Makes me wonder???

    Dave: My thoughts are more along the same lines as you regarding an armed revolt. If something like that were to happen it should only be after a declaration of martial law. It would not surprise me one iota if we were to have another attack on the country (possibly even a small nuke somewhere) so that the annointed one could declare martial law. I speak of a black flag operation where the unholy trio only neeed to decide how many people they need to kill to get the rest of the nation to accept it. Given the attitude of Obamamama, Reid and Pelosi with their complete disregard for the Constitution and the American people they may have all ready decided that there will be NO elections in 2010 and this is how they stop it.

    Lock and load, boys and girls. The lifie you save may be your own.

    As for the healthcare vote tomorrow nite, here is a site where you can send an email to your senator free of charge:

    They forward your message to both of your senators. You just fill in the blanks and compose your own message. Very easy and convenient.

    Larry, thanks again for your insight into what is happening to our once great country. Don ‘t stop writting as there are still a lot of us that depend on you to keep us informed and fighting mad.


  15. Ronald Reagan could do what he did to the Soviets because they knew there was a willingness to back it up. Obama has no political will aside from what his cronies give him. While I pray an armed revolt won’t be necessary, history teaches us that we are too dumb to learn from past mistakes, and our Bolshevik Buffoon and his minions seem to have the same sort of divorced from reality mindset as the members of a certain European country before they got the axe.

    Warning to all: the Senate will vote in secret on Saturday night to begin debate on Obamacare. A vote of cloture is the test to see if it can pass, although I’m certain Dingy Harry Reid will slather enough pork on this bad burrito to make it paletable for any Democrat on the fence. Blue Dogs are well named: give em a bone and they’ll come running. Also note that in 97% of all bills since 1999, a vote on cloture usually becomes a vote to pass. We haven’t much time before this will become the United Socialist States of America.

  16. Margaret in CT

    Larry: Great article on the Obamafication of the jobs statistics. I don’t for a minute believe that these people didn’t know that they were reporting nonexistent statistics from nonexistent districts. The Democrats have a long, proud history of registering nonexistent (i.e., deceased) voters. Why not report nonexistent jobs? The didn’t even bother to spin the statistics; they simply lied and insulted us by thinking that they could get away with it.

    On the hopeful side, among my friends and neighbors, I am nearly the only Republican. For weeks after Obama’s election, I heard these well-meaning people speak of him as though the messiah had arrived. Today, a scant year after his election, I don’t hear them speak of him at all. I mean NOT ONE WORD, not from anyone, and that includes the black people. Most of these people are older than 60 years and/or in the medical profession (I’m a hospital volunteer). It is as though they have a family member who has committed an act in public that is so embarrassing that they can’t bear to speak of him.

    It seems to me that the problem that the Conservatives have is how to turn this obvious disaffection into support for a conservative platform. I don’t want the party to swing to the left and offer some sort of soft fascism (a la Olympia Snowe and her like) as a carrot to lure so-called independent voters. How do we win an election without compromising on conservative values? The election victory in Virginia (not in New Jersey) gives me hope that people are ready to vote for conservatives. Perhaps a few more decisive wins by true conservatives in the Senate races in 2010 will begin to solidify a conservative platform that can win in 2012. If we can win the Senate, Pelosi and company will become irrelevant.

  17. I must agree with Dave, these communists dont care that more than half the people do not want this take-over of the health care system. They are not doing what they are doing in order to “improve” anything, certainly not health care, and certainly not peoples lives.

    The only thing at this point that will stop this illegal regime from forcing the population to submit to their brand of communist dictatorship will be armed insurrection.

    I appreciate your position that the way to change the direction of this country is in the voting booth but once these unsustainable entitlement programs are installed they are impossible to reverse, we know this by past experience, and we know it by the many warnings our founding fathers gave us oh so many years ago.

    One vote at a time cannot overcome the corruption of this regime Larry, they, like dictators throughout history respond only to overwhelming force.

    I for one am now willing to resist this Hugo Chavez wanna-be with any action that is necessary, for myself, my family, and especially the young and yet to be born citizens of this country that I fear will not know the liberty this nation was founded on and preserved with the blood of patriots if i sit back and wait to vote.

    As Rush so succinctly puts it in his Undeniable Truth of Life #6 “The world is governed by the aggressive use of force”.

    Vote?……yes………Prepare to resist?..ABSOLUTELY!

  18. Pego:

    I am lucky. I called Jim Bunning’s office and he IS voting against cloture and I contacted Mr. McConnell’s office (who’s helping lead the charge) and he IS voting AGAINST cloture. PS his intern is an idiot. I loathe talking to her.

  19. I think the idea presented many months ago and oodles of $$$$ wasted, to give each American $1 million smackers to “stimulate” their own lives, the economy and the dwindling revenues as the unemployment rate continues to climb….doesn’t sound so rediculous afterall!!!!

    It’s way past the time to drain the swamp.

  20. With an ever increasing unemployment rate I’m more and more fascinated with the “jobs created/saved” line of donkey crap. Whether our “Stooping Socialist” didn’t “notice” the numbers of unemployed or again listening only to that which he wants to hear, he again told another lie to the Chinese students and is therefore, a “poorer leader.”

    I can’t help but feel that in their Communist communal configurations of “jobs created/saved” they are adding in the foreign workers who’s passage into our country is still called for and allowed by the thousands each month. While 190,ooo American jobs were cut during the month of October, the federal government imported 120,000 foreign workers during that same amount of time.

    Way to go O-Bow-Me, jobs for every country’s citizens in the world, except ours.

  21. Larry:

    You mentioned how many hits on your website is a good indicator of apathy. You haven’t gave us much brain candy lately. I just check up on you and see if anything is new before I get the email on my crackberry. I wonder if you could setup a sandbox where we can collaborate and share thoughts?

  22. Rayne,

    One problem with the $1 million stimulus. Sure there’d be a spike in sales to boost the economy. Why just in the inner-cities alone you’d see more new caddilacs, big-screen TVs, AK-47s, drugs, funerals and ooh those clothes! Lawd have mercy, girl! But after the gun-fire had died down, the money wasted and spent we would be left with the same “somebody is suppose to take care of me” crowd. Plus we may even stand a chance of political pressure of those that took care of their money having to pay reparation to the bottomfeeders. Afterall it was the same old evil white men that gave them their break and caused them all their trouble.

  23. Apathy and RINO’s are two reasons we the free people cant be heard . And those posters who describe the real reason for the Second Amendment have my unwaivering support .
    Keep your powder dry

  24. Joel,

    Trying to find the “happy medium”.

    From some I hear, “write less and promote yourself more.”

    From others, “write more..”

    As far as the sandbox, you are in it.

    The comments have a life of their own as it should be.

    I prefer to let the readers have at in the comments, I will occasionally chime in.

    This is your site as well. In the past some have placed comments that were longer than my article.

    Good. This is where conservatives shall meet and discuss.

    This is your sandbox, start scratching.

    Thanks as always,


  25. I keep contacting my members in congress. I sometimes wonder why???
    I contacted my house rep., Schrader (OR) several times telling him to vote NO and that a vote for Obamacare was a vote for his retirement. He had the audicity to send his form letter telling me thanks for writing to him, and proceded to tell me how proud he was that he had done such a great service to the country for voting for this bill.
    So much for having any luck with Wyden or Merkley. At least Merkley will send a form letter back. Not so with Wyden.

    Makes me wonder if a person has to fail an intelligence test to become a liberal.

  26. Where is to money that went to non-existent
    Someone got the money.
    Could be Acorn.
    Follow the money,and find out who got it.
    This is big time fraud.
    This is larceny by conversion.
    A crime bigger than Madoff.
    Is there a criminal investigation started?
    Looks like the end of Mr.obama.
    There has to be an accountability,followed by convictions.

  27. Michele from NY

    Right…where IS this money? As for accountabilty, with liberals there is no such thing. I find it hard to believe that this was “human error”. This was as intentional as the fake votes that got this clown into office in the first place.

    “People” lost confidence the moment the “double-dip” took the oath of office…” Yes, intelligent reasoning people did, the rest of them are still riding around with their “Obama/Biden” stickers on their cars (can you believe it?!), still blaming it all on Bush and still think this Health Scam bill is going to save this country. I’m so disgusted with these morons…

    BTW, locating the trial of the terrorists in NYC is yet another smokescreen to distract people from their secret midnight voting…a hideous attempt at best.

  28. beyond disgusted

    I enjoy all of your articles, but this one is definitely my favorite! Rock on!

    I agree with Dave and Alabama Redneck regarding the possibility of no elections next year. These leftists elitists are so arrogent and condescending, they have absolutely no fear of voters at all. Why is that? What is it they know, that we don’t?

    Yesterday Senator Jim DeMint was on Glenn Beck’s radio program. He said that the democrats think by the time elections roll around next year, voters will have forgotten all about this health care scam of a bill. He could be right; just think back to the uproar over the proposed shamnisty legislation in the summer of ’07. One year later, it wasn’t even on the radar screen, way too many people had forgotten all about it.

    I have no doubt that some horrible form of health care reform legislation will be rammed down our throats, and sadly I fear dimocrats won’t pay a price for it.

  29. beyond disgusted,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I believe that DeMint is wrong.

    I won’t forget and I will be telling everyone who will listen..or read.

    That is why I’m going to CPAC in February.

    Never give up, never give in and never again.

    Thanks as always,


  30. Larry:

    I agree. DeMint is wrong. No one I know is about to forget. I will be there to remind them.

    Never give up, never give in and never again.

  31. Much has been said about the public’s short memory when it comes to all of the garbage that’s been shoveled since Zippy came to power. There is a solution. About a week before the election, full page ads come out with a long list of this administration’s bad news. Bring it back to the voting public to chew on for a week prior to the election. And name names, as well. And involve Fox News in all of this, too.

  32. Rick2,

    Why wait?

    The “list” should be presented now with weekly updates all the way until the election.

    Waiting allows the left to claim that the information presented is a “smear campaign” or “negative campaigning”.. What the Obamazombies have done already would be a considerable amount for anyone to swallow in the last week before the election, let alone what they will do in the next year..

    WE know that information presented are nothing more than the facts but waiting allows the left to go into “whining mode”.

    Thanks as always,


  33. Speaking of “where the money went”, there was an article in the Omaha (NE) World Herald newspaper addressing the same issue a few weeks ago.

    I don’t have or remember the exact figures now but they were in the millions of dollars just for the expenses of keeping track of where the stimulus money went. According to the person interveiwed, they were still setting up in hiring personell, computer programmers, office departmental managers and their assistants, the 9-5ers and leasing or renting office spaces.

    All of these cost were to come out of the stimulus funds alloted to Nebraska. Somehow the whole thing gives me a greasy, no, slimy feeling that O-Bow-Me and his great government are paying themselves under the pretense of doing good for the economy. Funny they didn’t mention anything about “Shoveled Under” work.

  34. blue state blues

    Great summary of the lies and THEFT that is rampant in this Administration and in the Democratic party.

    It was nice to see Turbo Tim bitch slapped by a few Republicans this week. I love when he gets that incredulous look of “why are you asking me such a stupid question” and then proceeds to lie his ass off.

    The Blundering Bolshevik bow was incredibly stupid. Having spent 12 years of my life deeply immersed in the Japanese culture, that bow was embarrassing for them. They have a code that is loosely translated as “high guys (meaning people of stature and status) do not bow to low guys (meaning people of lesser status). People of equal status simple nod from the neck. Only people who are stupid or apologizing for something, bow at the waist. And the longer you hold the bow, the more deferential and apologetic you are. Bottom line is that Obama’s bow was a disgrace in the Japanese culture. The local village idiot does not make that kind of bow. Whoever advised him made a fool of him. What else is new for this guy. He is a total embarrassment for Conservative America. And he is a dangerous Communist.

  35. Regarding my last post, I should have added; That kind of deep, lingering bow is reserved for someone in deep apology for grievously insulting or offending the person receiving the bow. And it is usually followed by Seppuku! We can only hope.

  36. Joel said,

    Rand Paul 2010! He’s a harsh dose of honesty and reality.

    My response…

    He is also a doctor as well and does not support the Obamacare Bill. I would take a doctor’s opinion any day over a dried up prune of a politician, Senate majority leader, the trouble with Harry. He’ll offer up bribes to the Democrats on the fence to the 3, 2, Lincoln and Landry are up for re-election in 2010 so the fights will be hard and they will listen to the reaction from their constituents before listening to whiny Harry.

    Larry and all

    Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Clinton are more interested in their political legacy then what the public wants. Kick them out, hand them a pink slip, tell them to update their resume and invite Lobbyist firms into your private office for a lengthy chat and explain to them in terms they can understand… we told you to stop spending money we don’t have, and you increase both the spending amount and increased the creating of new money. We tell you the “Stimulus Bill” only stimulated the liberal’s egos, you promise no pork and pork was placed in at least Bills anyway. You increase the pork even more then what Bush signed in 8 years in one multiple Billion Dollar Bills, Obama did in only a few weeks in Office. The fraud of Cap and Trade is only been about more taxes on our Energy Companies. When in the History of this Country has not passed on the tax increase to their customers. Don’t answer that, it NEVER.

    There are too numerous connections to voter fraud, corrupt politicians and the Obama Administration’s Communication Director, Anita Dunn. Being a fan of Mao is a distant concern. She is getting ready to gear up for the 2010 re-election campaigns as a partner in the Communication/Lobbyist Firm. The connections to liberal corrupt politicians, she’s proud of the work she did for both Richard Daley and Rod Blogojevich. She and her firm knew both men are corrupt and happily got them re-elected.

    They have all disregarded the American Taxpayers concerns. When we say we’re worried and concerned they blow us off and refuse to answer the simplest questions. It’s like play dodge ball with 5,000-pound gorilla.

    Then, the word has leaked out of Washington that the outgoing personal legal Counsel for Barack Obama, Gregory B. Craig is leaving because something HUGE is coming up in the next few months that was clearly both illegal and corrupt and he chose the door instead of remaining and doing something he was not comfortable with in the legal sense. I’m still researching that trying to get a handle on it but sources are tight lipped and they say you will know what it was when you hear it. I asked if it was the trying terrorist in a NYC and was told no, it’s much worse. I’ll keep plugging away and if I cannot get a straight answer, let alone two comformation, I’ll pass off what I do have to someone on Glenn Beck’s staff.

    I could almost feel sorry for him, knowing you can never trust a Liberal. Obama record of deflecting negative attention away from himself, unfortunately Mr. Craig has become a fall guy for this administration. For Obama created the deadline to close Guantánamo and he (Craig) is being blamed for him not meeting his own goal.

    The funny thing is the story leaked out on Wednesday when Obama was in China and Mr. Craig didn’t hand over the resignation letter until Friday. I guess Obama made that decision before him.

    The Clinton’s are probably laughing over all this, since Greg Craig was also Bill Clinton’s personal counsel when he was President. Craig defended him over all the Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, and Monica mess. He defended him over the impeachment hearings

    But, when Hillary was running for President, Craig was one of those who abandon ship early in the race. The Clinton’s were angry and pissed off by his betrayal.

    Knowing that Obama betrayed him may create a pissed off lawyer. There is something else going on here and I feel it to the core. Whatever Obama wanted him to do was far worse then being his lawyer. The man isn’t evil, just trying to do his job, but either something Obama wanted him to do, stuck a cord in him. Whatever that was must be pretty bad

  37. Hey, I’m from Iowa. If I just declare my yard to be that nonexistent district will they send me the $10.6 million?

  38. You are getting better and better, Larry. Although this one is rather chilling, I get extremely mad when I hear of the government waste and they want to take over a full one sixth of the private sector and do it by cutting out the fraud and waste. Anyone with an I.Q. over 69 would know if you can cut out the waste and fraud, why haven’t you done it already? I faxed Hatch and Bennet this week and informed them they were getting pink slips next time they are up for election. Bennett promised two terms and is now running for his fourth! Hatch is even worse. He told his family it would only be one term, since I happen to know his sister-in-law and she told us what he said when he was first elected. Just goes to show….NEVER trust a politician!

    Some one wrote asking what kind of a talk Reid would have with his bishop and he was giving the Mormons a bad name. The Mormon hierarchy ALWAYS has a letter read from the pulpit when elections are coming exhorting their members to be active in politics and go to the polls. They also strongly state they will endorse no specific party or candidate, and we should study all the candidates and make the best decision according after we have make our choice through prayer and knowledge. So Harry
    Reid having an interview with his Bishop, the Bishop would NOT engage Mr. Reid in ANY political talk.

  39. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    Tonight 60 of our worthless senators have decided to resign from office by voting to proceed with the “destroy America” bill.
    More proof that it is time to wheel out the guillotines and let the party begin.

  40. Joe,
    I should have clarified “taxpaying citizens”….sorry!
    It appears Landrieu was in lock-step with traditional Louisiana politics. I don’t believe for a minute she was a hold-out due to anything in that bill. Demokratic politicians in my fine state don’t do anythin” for nothin.” With ACORN being dismantled as we speak…she has a few years left to figure out a way to funnel that money into her re-election shampaign coffers.

  41. Larry Craig was probably tasked with finding Obama a valid “long form birth-certificate…even some liberal lawyers have their limitiations. Ironically…he believes there will be life after Obama….license in tact…self preservation.

  42. With the health care deformity appearing to be a given, Senaator Landrieu’s ear-mark (bribe) for her “poor state”… Let’s see, bottomfeeders divided into $300 million… Louisiana’s going to have a lot of brand new, state of the art Welfare Offices.

  43. It turns out I have my own Demokrat Senator that fell in line voting for the health care deformity. Senator Ben Nelson (L-NE) has earned(?) a title of a maverick althought I can’t for the life of me understand why. The only time this wet-finger to the Progressive winds of Washington breaks lock-step voting with his party is on inconsequential legistlations.

    Nelson said after his vote that he’d written a 200 page document and sent it to Harry Reid about what he didn’t like in the health care bill. “I’ve made my list out and given it to Santa”, Nelson said.

    Although Nelson is a little protective of his Sponge Bob Square Pants toys, I’m still glad to see that he believes in Santa. He’s going to be asking him to find him another job soon.

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