Unsuccessful Elsewhere

It appears that at least one German didn’t continue swooning over the Dork Knight after his first visit to Germany, a visit that he made when he should have been campaigning (lying) at home.. In an article entitled “Obama’s Nice Guy Act Gets Him Nowhere on the World Stage” (spiegel dot de), Gabor Steingart wonders out loud about our President. His points are valid but they need a bit of focus.. Allow me to assist..

“When he entered office, US President Barack Obama promised to inject US foreign policy with a tone of respect and diplomacy..it’s not working..” “Promises” substantially lighter than helium is the Obama specialty. Anyone familiar with his shampaign to the degree that the Americans were subject to isn’t surprised by this revelation. “Respect and diplomacy” Obama style consists of an endless series of “courtesies and groveling”. “Respect and diplomacy..it’s not working..” Mr. Steingart, that is the Obama nomenclature. He has had the same effect upon the American public. Directly because of him, several million of them aren’t “working” either..

David Axelrod “senior advisor” to Obama, talked to the media in Seoul instead of America’s intrepid leader. This Asian endeavor, as with every other endeavor both foreign and domestic by these political poltroons, is by all accounts the atypical miserable Obama failure. The designated Obama excuse maker said, “the public’s expectations had been too high..” “High expectations” have been the moronic mantra of this candidate since Day One. His Bolshevik bleating of “hope and change” based upon the experience of his 143 days in the Senate, allowed the cow eyed liberal base to swallow his Eucharist of Folly hook, line and stinker.. Suddenly “high expectations” are a bad thing, especially when he has to actually produce something other than his usual kaleidoscopic cornucopia of Demokratic dementia..

“The mood in Obama’s foreign policy team is tense following an extended Asia trip that produced no palpable results..” Tadaaah! Welcome to the world of liberal politics. “No palpable results” is the goal that they strive for, it is their standard operating procedure. “No palpable results” is usually followed by yet another demand for yet another infusion of tax dollars because money heaved about is the patented liberal panacea for problems of their own making.. By the way, on the domestic front “no palpable results” would be quite an improvement over the Obama “Target America First” policies that he has already inflicted..

“The Asians smiled but made no concessions (to the) ‘first Pacific president’, as he called himself.” We went from a failed flabby philanderer who called himself “the first black president” to the first black president calling himself “the first Pacific president..” The imaginary “first black president” was also known as “the first fondler” and the “progressive pervert” here in America. By the way, when he wasn’t using women as humidors he was getting smacked around by Obama’s Secretary of Statists..

“Obama said that he wanted to listen to the world, but Obama’s currency isn’t as strong as he had believed..” He had better “listen to the world” because the world now owns more of America than Americans do thanks to his reckless policies of exorbitant taxation, endless handouts to the non-productive and an unprecedented totalitarian rule. “Obama’s currency isn’t as strong..” No kidding. Because of Obama AMERICA’S “currency isn’t as strong” either, just ask the Chinese..

The Japanese “pulled out” of an agreement relative to the refueling of American ships in the Afghan War, Obama got zilch (other than a stern talking to about his devaluing of China’s ownership of America) from Beijing and China giggled in his face relative to his squawking about “greenhouse gas emissions”.. Since the liberals have taken the “or else” out of any or all of the “diplomatic discussions”, Obama’s hot air strikes from the USS Retaliation will never be taken seriously anywhere by anyone..

China decided to take the humiliation one step further. The only people who are less concerned about “human rights” than the Chinese are the liberals, just look at how they treat the poor here in America. Never the less, Obama said before going to China that “freedom of expression is a universal right”. While in China, he was made a fool of by going to a “joint press conference” (just the thought of a “joint press conference” is every liberal burnouts dream..) with Chinese President Hu Jintao “at which questions were forbidden..” A real man would have reiterated the “universal right” business and he would have crowed about China’s horrible human rights record but Obama was too busy making sure that his slip wouldn’t show while he practiced more inappropriate bowing..

Of all people even Bill Clinton back in 1998 while in China, brought up the Tiananmen Square massacre in front of the murderers. At the end of this “exchange”, Chinese president Jiang Zemin impishly said, “I believe this is democracy.” Obama is so quick to be subservient and obsequious to anyone in foreign government, he cuts them off and prostrates himself before them before they have a chance to be servile to him.. China for good measure, decided to play a little “thump the chump” with Obama, saying “America should clean up its government finances and the weak dollar is unacceptable..” Bonus question: What would have Obama done at Reykjavik with Gorbachev?

Just for fun while he was floundering like a mackerel out of water in Asia, Obama decided to address the Iranian nuclear situation with his usual goofy grimaces and snorts of derision.. “Obama mentioned ‘consequences’ and he also said, ‘time is running out’”.. Mr. Steingart points out that that “was the same phrase Bush used against former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein shortly before he sent in the bombers..” What do you think that the chances are that Obama has the bombers all gassed up ready to head for Tehran? Obama, the “Palastinian progressive” has also been justifiably slapped down recently by Israel relative to his childish demands over the Israeli settlements in Gaza. Obama on the world stage is about as frightening a visage as having Ru Paul as your opponent in a cage match..

“Obama advisers fear a comparison with former Democratic president Jimmy (Dhimmi) Carter..” Their fear is justified. Iran and North Korea are operating unencumbered, China says, “Jump” and Obama immediately responds with “How high?” The world’s aggressors are salivating over the election of the “Great Enabler”..

“Obama’s new foreign policy has been unsuccessful elsewhere..” Mr. Steingart, Obama’s domestic policy is actually worse than his foreign policy embarrassments.. For the sake of brevity, let the record show that Obama is “unsuccessful EVERYWHERE”..


42 responses to “Unsuccessful Elsewhere

  1. Larry,
    Another great article; keep up the good work!
    Unfortunately, I have to disagree with you about one thing. Obama’s domestic policies are actually 100% successful, they just aren’t doing what he CLAIMS is their intent. The dollar is so weak right now that I am considering investing in pesos! Government Motors is probably going to re-introduce the Yugo as “green” car. If the health bill actually passes, Michael Moore may finally be correct in saying Cuba has a better health care system than the U.S. We can’t publicly blame Islam for the terrorist actions of radical Muslims. The Constitution has been used as toilet paper in the White House. Yes, I think Obama’s plan of destroying the greatest country to have ever existed is going exactly as he wants.

  2. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    The only success Obama can claim is bringing The United States from the strongest country in the world, to the weakest in the eyes of the rest of the world.

  3. Todd,

    I don’t think that Obama ever claimed that he would ruin the US.

    I believe that people like you and I KNEW that the implementation of polices like his WOULD ruin the US, or at least ruin about fifty to a hundred years worth of the previous generations efforts to build this once great nation..

    Either way we all lose don’t we?

    Thanks as always my friend,


  4. Like I said, Larry, Obama’s policies are not doing what he CLAIMS is their intent. His claims are only to appease the masses while he dismantles this once great country.

  5. Hey guys,

    All of you are correct. Now, regarding the “greenhouse gas emissions”, what will happen to Al Bore, since the whole ” global warming” fraud has been exposed ? Will he be serving time in a federal prison , or will he ‘ play dumb” , ( which comes natural to him ) and merely get the ‘slap on the wrist’ ? I’m voting for the former. Next question , what will happen to the current fraud in the White House for his involvement in this scam ? Be interesting to see how he will attempt to lie his way out ! Might be a good idea to keep Gitmo open , since there are so many involved in this scam, and prisons are already overcrowed.

  6. Larry, good article…as usual. CCCP is alive and well, accomplishing everything he told us he would do.

  7. Larry, Todd,

    What he did say was, “We live in the one of the greatest nations on earth, and I want you to help me re-make it.”

    To common-sense people that is pure gibberish, in his thoughts I imagine it means socialism.

  8. True, on all points.

  9. Mr. Hussein’s plan was to bring this country down, economically militarily and morally. He’s the most successful pupil of Saul Alinsky’s and he’s known as George Soro’s president. And if you know that man’s M.O. you can believe this is thing is intentional.

  10. Larry,
    As usual you hit the nail on the head! Even tho I don’t comment much I do read all your posts. Some days it gets to be too much for this old lady when I see where this country seems to be heading. I still do everything I can just wish I could do more to help rid this country of the idiots and vermin in office and their stupidity. I am constantly amazed at the ignorance of these people. OK, I don’t have a college diplpoma but I have never stopped the learning process and I am 70.

  11. One thing we can all be thankful for O-Bow-Me hasn’t taken a face dip when he saw the icon of Burger-King…yet.

    I’ve found someone I believe can take Robert Gibb-erish’s place as Obama’s excuse maker.
    Leon T. Hadar says there is a perfectly understandably reason for Obama bowing before dignitaries of other countries, contrary to what neo and utltr-conservative pundits think. That is, we (United States) are no longer a force in the world as we once were. This, I imagine is a reasoning to show sniveling ingratiation before nations that come nowhere to the United States of America’s standards in living, freedoms and liberties. And yes, I’m damned proud of my country!

    Leon T. Hadar is a foreign policy research fellow at Cato Institute. He is also the former U.N. bureau chief for The Jerusalem Post and is currently the correspondent for the Singapore Business Times. His analyses have appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Foreign Affairs, and interveiws on CNN, Fox News, the BBC and elsewhere. He is a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, earned MA degrees at Columbia University, and his PH.D. from American University.
    Pretty impressive resume, right? I’d like to add one more of my protected, personel, degrees to his distinguished list. That being a Liberal BS degree.

  12. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    His actual quote is “America is the greatest country in the world, and I intend to change that.”
    That phrase was burned into my mind during his campaign.
    Also, there is a cartoon of the Mahogany Messiah bowing to the Burger King going around. I was unable to attach it here.

  13. Who is pulling the strings on this Manchurian Candidate
    ? His ability to read what is written for him on the Teleprompter is so telling. His stammer, uncertainty in live interviews remembering his prompts, are indicators of outside direction. His basic education came from overseas, and his upbringing did not instill typical American values. We elected a puppet, he is a real mess.
    Buy gold and buy lead.

  14. Larry,

    Great article, as usual. If we weren’t being subjected to the most ruinous domestic policies of any administration since Carter, this president’s embarrasing foreign policy would be the talk of the nation. Seriously, can someone point to a single positive accomplishment that this Administration has made on the foreign stage? Neither can I. Whether it be dithering on an Afghanistan strategy, kowtowing to our enemies, or disrespecting our allies, this Administration is doing everything it can to completely destroy what standing we still have in the international community. And, as for the bow in Japan, good grief! Does this Administration not employ protocol officials, to make sure that embarrassments like that do not happen? Anyone who has spent time in Japan would know that (1) the President should never bow that deeply to anyone, including the emperor, and (2) you do not shake hands and bow at the same time. He made himself, and by extention America, look weak and subservient in the eyes of the emperor. The look on the emperor’s face says it all – his smile was one of embarrassment for Obama, not one of happiness. Finally, when the Chinese tell you to rethink your plans to socialize a major industry (healthcare), that plan must be pretty bad.

  15. Dave,

    OK, forgive the slight mis-quotation, blame it on aging memory, but what was “burned into my mind” after the statement of changing America was the ovation by the numbers of Kool-Aid drinking, deer-in-the-headlights followers of this Communist clown.

    I’m sorry, but I haven’t seen the cartoon, it would have saved me a little attempt at sarcastic humor and some typing had I known it had already been produced.

  16. I am going to give special thanks this Thursday for my fortuitous finding of this site. It is wonderful to know you are not the only one with steam coming out your ears! Thanks Larry and family.

  17. Joe,

    Gotta call you “butter” because you are on a roll..

    Face dip.

    Robert Gibb-erish (Another classic from you.)

    Thanks as always,


  18. Dick,

    Love your advise “buy gold and buy lead”.

    Spot on and welcome to the Family.

    Thanks as always,


  19. Vincent,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    What a classic.


  20. rko41,

    That is probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said here.

    It means the world to me, this is quite the “family”.

    You made my day and thanks again,


  21. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    For those who don’t know, George Soros is pulling the strings.
    I’d like to encourage the hackers in our country to get into Soros’ bank accounts and redistribute the wealth.

  22. Larry,
    At least your readers from a year ago can say,”Told you so!!” Too bad it is small compensation for what this nation must suffer under this dangerous fool- and no comfort for the families of those who have died in Afghanistan while waiting for this blithering idiot to DO SOMETHING.
    I see Tinkerbell’s approval rating is down to 45%. It will NEVER come back up.This creature will finish up as one of the most-hated presidents ever- you read it here first!

  23. He purposedly bows like that to embarrass us all and enjoys the ridicule as much as our non-friends.

  24. “Dork Night”???

    “respect and diplomacy”?
    Yeah, they’re diplomatically poking him in the ass, while he asks them if they will “respect him” in the morning.

    “Bolshevik bleating”??

    Yeah, I wish he had the same lack of “palpable results” back here at home.
    MILLIONS more out of work.
    Dorkman keeps attacking PROFITABLE companies, then can’t figure out why unemployment is 10.2% and gathering steam.

    There was a time when our friends respected, and our enemies feared, the great ships such as the USS Enterprise.
    And now, you are correct, they are giggling in the face of our latest vessel, the USS Prostate.

    Obama would have apologized to Mr. Gorbachev for our CO2 emissions that caused all of his hair to fall out.
    Apologizing for America, and insulting a world leader, all in one sentence….THAT’S OUR BOY!

    I think the only thing left (in Obama’s arsenal) that can be done to Iran is….uh….stop talking to them….again…
    Of course, he could always wait for them to shoot another unarmed female demonstrator and rush to their defense and call for “calm heads to prevail”.


  25. Larry:
    Regarding your reference to the HOPE and Change thingy:

    Here’s the CHANGE he promised, there is NO HOPE!

    Is this what the stimulus package was supposed to accomplish???
    The last one didn’t work, maybe we didn’t spend enough, let’s make the next one double the first one’s size, whadd’ya say?

    click below and then hit ‘PLAY”,

  26. And that graphic only shows unemployment through September…
    and does not count in those who have plain given up looking for work.

  27. just a thought…

    Anyone remember that TV show “WKRP in Cincinnati”?
    Mr Carlson was the station manager?
    One episode, as a promotional for Thanksgiving, Mr Carlson decided to throw live turkeys out of a helicopter?
    Basically, bombed a parking lot with live turkeys.
    Remember what he said about it at the end?

    Now think about the $200 million “give-a-way” of our money to New Yorkers for “back to school” shopping.
    Obama had $200 per child dumped into the debit cards of a bunch of Welfarians in NYC, uh, without telling them!
    They had no idea what that money was for!
    So, they lined up around the block at liquor stores and flatscreen TV stores.
    NOT A DIME was spent on “back to school” stuff.

    I was waiting for Mr Gibb(erish) to come on national television and repeat those words:
    “as God as our witness, we thought turkeys could fly”.

    They might as well had flown a helicopter over New York City and threw 200 million $1 bills out the window.

    Mark my words:
    The spiraling incompetence of the Obama administration IS staggering the imagination.


  28. Stitch:

    The Chief Turkey is in Our White House. We need to throw him out along with the rest of his liberal flock. 2010 is just around the corner. We should organize a big turkey shoot and shoot down their re-election bids.

    Never give up, never give in, never again.

  29. Let’s face it, we’re all stuck with this useless bunch of thieves, liars and miscreants until reelection time. 2010 for many and 2012 for the boss. I only hope everyone has a memory long enough to remember what’s happening right now. Americans have notoriously short memories

  30. John B.,

    Exactly right.

    Come 2010, some of the initiatives from the stimulus theft will begin to trickle out..

    This will be their focus, deflect and evade.

    It will be time to short circuit short memories.

    Welcome to the Family.

    Thanks as always,


  31. Stitch,

    The fraud in the White House is doing as promised – spreading the wealth. I wonder how much of his PERSONAL wealth he is giving to charity, since lawyers give the LEAST of all groups.

    Lady Wolf,

    Right on with the turkey plans.

    I was in Europe recently, and never in my life would I have thought that I was ashamed to admit to being an American. Never ! But, I was , due to what this fraud in the WH is doing. Fortunately, I got over the feeling, and I don’t want it to happen again.

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to the family, and to Larry for bringing us together. God bless.

  32. Chuckles, Lathrup Village

    It is gratifying to note that people are catching on that Obama is not an inept blundering idiot, but a puppet tool of forces behind the scenes (probably Soros, maybe others) who want to take down the USA.

    Obama is implementing a plan. The sooner we stop expecting him to operate by the values we expect of Americans, the sooner we will understand what he is trying to do.

    Example: He will not take steps to get the economy moving. Economic misery is at the base of his power to bring about socialism.

    The health control program takes power from Americans. When you take a citizen’s money you take away his ability to make choices. You take away some of his power.

    If you were enacting a plan to enslave America to totalitarianism, what would you do? How would you go about it? Go ahead. Make believe you are Obama and make your plans. Now check off those plans on which you are making progress.

    All the signs were there prior to the Nov. 2008 election. Too many bought “hope.” Few reconized what we would be getting. Yet it was all there in Obama’s actions, associations, and verbal slips.

  33. Hey Larry…the public’s “expectations were too high”…typical liberal excuse, it’s not BHO’s impotence, it’s “our expectations”. BHO should be bowing to the Chinese, since they’re the ones financing all of his runaway deficit spending. The minute they stop buying all the Treasury Bonds, it’ll make buying bread in Weimar Germany look like economic prosperity . The idea that BHO would “send in the bombers”, is a joke. He’s not going to do anything to Iran; besides we don’t have any military left to do anything anyway as they are all tied down in Iraq and Afghanistan, where he can’t make up his mind whether to stay or go. The only place he might do something like bombing, would be say Honduras where he would support his banana republic dictator buddies against an ally and their democratically elected Congress and Court.

  34. John Belt, Larry,

    “The unemployment rate will remain elevated for years to come, according to a forecast released Tuesday by the Federal Reserve.” (Washington Post)

    The top Fed officials are expecting unemployment to remain in the 6.3 to 7.5 per cent range until 2012 and said it could take “five or six” years from now for economic activity to return to normal. Now we all know how well the government does when it comes to math, especially when it comes to placing guidelines or restrictions (did I say that?) on themselves. To paraphrase a quote of President Reagan, they are the irresponsible end of that baby’s alimentary canal.

    What I’m saying is unemployment will continue to be a pain in the side of our Bowing Baathist and his Progressive Socialist Party as well. Voters will be more readily reminded of the everyday struggles of making ends meet and who is in power on te Hill.

  35. Family,

    The very next comment placed on this site will be comment number 10,000..

    Who will make it?

    Joe? Stitch? Eileen? Arthur?

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of the NLTZ Family.

    Thanks as always,


  36. beyond disgusted

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too Larry, and everyone in the family as well. Thank you so much for this site, and allowing all of us to sound off.

  37. beyond disgusted,

    Congrats! You were the 10,000th comment on NLTZ.

    By the way, there have been 1,966 comments on the “Thought of the Day” site.

    Thanks for all of your contributions!


  38. Larry and Family:

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. God Bless you all.

  39. Wouldn’t ya just know it, I’m always a little short. My ex-wife used to complain about that.

    My deepest wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to you, Larry, and to all my friends, the Family here at NLTZ. How wonderful you all are for learning and venting and I give thanks each day for finding this site.


  40. “His words are lighter than helium.” Larry you’re the best. I was at Thanksgiving yesterday when I met a relative from another side of the family who I’ve never met before. He has the same beliefs as us. I gave him this web address. I hope this site spreads like a wild fire…

  41. Joel,

    Thanks as always for recommending the site.

    I hope that I don’t let either of you down.

    I too hope that the site spreads.

    With good people like you helping, I know that it will.


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