Searching In Vain

It seems that sitting atop the fence of neutrality can be a very painful to your political posterior.. The most recent Obama missive was about a subject of unprecedented importance, the war in Afghanistan, so his perpetual “CYA” stance is not only clumsy, it is also dangerous for so many others. Since Obama also considers himself not only the conscience of, but the President of, the World, what the world thinks is important especially when it mirrors the thinking of the American victims of the imbecilic flailing of the Obama administration..

In “Searching in Vain for the Obama Magic” (spiegel dot de), Gabor Steingart wonders aloud what many across the Atlantic must be thinking. Then again, these are the same thoughts and questions that everyone on this side of the Atlantic must be thinking.. Normally, Obama tries to pay a submissive homage to his lathering liberal base when it comes to matters of war. In this case, Obama has tried to plant a series of disingenuous kisses upon everyone’s cheeks. When it comes to war, trying to please everyone invariably ends up pleasing no one..

“Never before has a speech by President Barack Obama felt as false..” It seems obvious that Steingart and the rest of the Germans haven’t been spoon fed the litany of Obama speeches since the beginning of his presidential shampaign.. Each like the one before, is simply another example of communist cut and paste meant to play upon the emotions of those who are lachrymosely inclined. Were Steingart to have been deluged with the endless examples of Obamadrama strained and kneaded through the columns of the “impartial” media here in America, he would have a better understanding of how “false” ALL of Obama’s speeches feel..

The speech “left both dreamers and realists feeling distraught..” The liberals are afraid of moral absolutism in terms of war. Let me rephrase that.. The liberals absolutely have no morals, therefore they have an allergy to moral absolutism and they are perpetually afraid.. Coming down firmly upon the side of neutrality makes a weak president appear to be even weaker, if that is at all possible with this president..

“Extremists kill in the name of Islam, he said, before adding that it is one of the ‘world’s great religions’”.. Obama failed to ask why so many of these practitioners of this “great religion” don’t spend more time disavowing the “extremists who kill in the name of Islam..” “Responsibility for the country’s security would be transferred to the government of Hamid Karzai—a government he said was corrupt..” No one understands the concept of a corrupt government better than Obama as his administration is setting the bar to levels so low that it is making the Afghanis jealous and causing them to take copious notes. “The Taliban is dangerous and still growing but ‘America will have to show our strength in the way that we end wars..’” The biggest problem here has to be the concept that Obama has decreed that the “end” of this war comes in 2011.. I hope that the end comes even sooner, but that end should come from an unquestionable victory, not the turning of another of the pages in Obama’s Stalin/Lenin day planner..

America showed “strength in the way that we ENDED wars” in the past because we threw out the calendar and got down to the job of “winning”, it was only then when the job was done that we then helped those that we had conquered and vanquished to rebuild. In Afghanistan, a tie DOES NOT go to the runner. Ask the Soviets about that concept. Obama wants to “run” in 2011 regardless..

“He spoke of responsibility, but almost every sentence smelled of party tactics. He demanded sacrifice, but he was unable to say what it was for exactly..” This is the collectivist’s conundrum that envelops every speech made by any kooky cookie cutter liberal. When the liberals start crowing about “sacrifice”, there is one thing that they invariably forget. Soldiers aren’t concerned about the “sacrifice” that they are being asked to make as long as the sacrifice that they are being asked to make ISN’T IN VAIN.

For the sake of argument, let’s say that part of this “sacrifice” means that the liberals want to raise taxes for the war effort in order to help the soldiers on the front line. This is how the liberals would advertise such a tax increase and those of us who are actually Americans would support such a tax. Here is where the liberal animal begins to shed its skin.. Any tax collected by the left would without question, make its way to the “general revenue” cauldron. Taxes collected to aid the soldiers would then conveniently make their way to ACORN or to any of the other liberal siphon and sponge “organizations” for their proper redistribution to the rabble.

Obama’s little timetable, put in place to appease the cowardly liberals, tells the Taliban that their whole mission now is to wait things out. They have the perfect environment in which to that, both geographically and politically. Geographically, the mountainous and cavernous environment of Afghanistan makes the waiting game considerably easier. Politically, the timeline falls before Obama is defeated in the election of 2012. Setting a timetable based upon the calendar as opposed to the surrender of the enemy means that there will be very little difference between the Afghanistan deserted by the orders of Obama in 2011 and the one deserted by the orders of Gorbachev in February of 1989..

Turn to the words of Dick Cheney from yesterday. In “Cheney slams Obama for projecting ‘weakness’” (Politico), the Vice President said, “the average Afghan citizen ‘sees talk about exit strategies and how soon we can get out, instead of talk about how we can win..” “Here’s a guy without much experience, who campaigned against much of what we put in place.. and who now travels around the world apologizing..” You forgot to mention all of the obsequious bowing, Sir..

Steingart said, “The American president doesn’t have any opponents at the moment. He’s already got himself.” His “opponent” is the typical liberal mentality that hinges upon trying to make everyone happy. Striking the progressive pose of the milquetoasty moron impresses absolutely no one. Surrender isn’t happening soon enough for the left, ending the combat without a clear victory which is based simply upon what day it is isn’t palatable to the right.. As always, right is right and left is wrong..

Steingart said, “Obama’s magic no longer works. The allure of his words has grown weaker..” If anyone happens to be searching for substance within the words of Obama, no matter where you happen to be geographically positioned on the globe, you too will be searching in vain..


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  1. You absolutely nailed that one. This guy is a total fraud and isn’t into to victory. We will be there for many years with many more troops coming like it or not. Great site I subscribe to you, Jim

  2. CitizenSailor

    How can we expect the Conciliator in Chief to know how to win a war. The most blood he has ever shed was in a pick-up b-ball game in Chicago…and he lost that game. To have a POTUS war policy compared to the the Soviet policy in Afghanistan is a national disgrace….but if forget that he is the Chicago Collectivist Conman Phenom (CCCP). Apparently he IS in the correct policy comparison.

  3. Why did this fraud go to West Point and tell the cadets that he is sending them into harms way , into a war with a timetable, which according to the experts makes it difficult to win? He didn’t seem to be winning-over these young “officers to be”.

    This narcissistic egomaniac used the words ” I ” , “ME” , and “MY” more times in 30 minutes, than most of us do in a whole week.

    He is truly his own worst enemy, but sadly he does not realize it. And just as sad, is the number of libs who believe him. Will the MSM ever come to it’s senses and see him for what he really is – a fraud?

  4. After hearing about 5 minutes of the “speechification” on my own portable radio and a 3-minute “cut and paste” recap on a local talk-show program, my opinion of the Obominable One’s self-glorification is:


    It was said on that aforementioned talk show that the word “victory” was never once mentioned by the “Great One”!

    Cliche after cliche after cliche after cliche, ad nauseum!

    I did not see the telecast. I wonder what the looks on the faces of the young cadets were? Perhaps, “And I’m risking MY life for THIS nutball?!!!”

    Does anybody of the family out there have any thoughts about the cadets thoughts last night?

  5. Good one as usual.

    Can you believe that this guy is supposed to be the leader of the free world??

  6. I never watch that guy’s speeches, it’s torture. I just get a recap on Fox news.

  7. When you signal the enemy the time table you plan to quit, you have already been defeated. I can’t believe his popularity rating is as high as it still is (says something about the general populace in this country).

  8. Didn’t watch his speech last night. Just like the abhorrence I have had since day one to watching that troll Emeril on TV, I cannot stand even to look at this fifth columnist, much less listen to him.

    I start out with this premise. There is no such place as Afghanistan. It’s an imaginary place like Shangri La, except it is Shangri La’s evil twin. You cannot make a modern, peaceful nation out of 5000 tribes living in the 7th Century, one level of civilization above cannibalism, each ruled by a religious fanatic, with no notion of a secular system, no roads, no natural resources, no educational system, no participation by one-half of the population, women, no professional class and no sense of a national cohesion.

    But the traitor in our midst comes up with a war plan after consulting no doubt with Van Jones.
    How’s this for his war plan?
    General McChrsytal asks for 60,000, minimum 40,000 troops so our modern day Moses decides to cut the baby in half and give him 30,000 troops, not now as requested, but over time. Then go on world wide TV and announce to the avowed enemy of Western civilization that if they behave themselves and stay in their caves for the next 18 months and not make any loud noises (you know, like roadsides bombs going off) we will pack up and go away, a sort of “let’s work this out, you’ll be get to keep your al Queda ( the base ) and anyone to the left of me (if that’s possible) will also be happy that I sort of kept my campaign promises” kind of war strategy.

    Too bad, Churchill and FDR didn’t think of using this “strategy” during WW II.
    Oh, I forgot the difference then was they wanted to save civilization.

  9. What a grandstander! The puke walks out on stage, while what I estimate to be 50% of the cadets stand at attention not clapping, and the rest clap half-heartedly. During his missive, numerous camera shots show several cadets sleeping, others yawning and the rest wishing that they did not have watch their and our worst enemy.

    I figure since I’m going to torture myself and watch/listen to this vainglorious misanthropic piece of garbage I’ll count his first-person references to himself. I counted 62 times in 33 minutes the words “I”, “me” or “my”.

    Here’s what happens: 1) We send 30,000 brave soldiers to the giant rock field; 2) The cocaine-laced towelheads crawl into their caves and wait 18 months; 3) The King Kommunist declares victory and withdraws all the troops; 4) Aforesaid camel jockeys leave their opulent digs carved out of the mountains; 5) Tens of thousands of Afghanis are mercilessly mutilated, tortured and oppressed.

    Nice going, jackass!

  10. Family,

    I didn’t watch the speech either. I always get the transcripts to work from. I find fiction easier to chew that way..

    Besides, he bumped the “Charlie Brown Christmas” special which is blasphemy to me so I watched my own copy of Charlie which is a yearly tradition, along with “The Ref” and “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” and of course, the Grinch..

    I prefer my cartoons to be classic, not contrived.

    Thanks as always,


  11. Vincent, I forgot to mention earlier that Obama committed treason for the very thing you mentioned. He gave away our battle plans to the enemy: isn’t that “giving aid and comfort to the enemy”?

  12. Larry,

    Not that you would consider it, but this band of Ali Baba’s 40, (or should I add another zero?), Thieves would do well to consider hiring you to critique this sycophant’s speeches before making himself look even more of a fool, (say what?, that’s not possible), than he already is.

    Earlier on, I was convinced that only his premature demise, (as said in the “Godfather”, “natural or otherwise”), was our only hope.

    Now, it would appear, that “political suicide”, (of his own making) offers us a heretofore unconsidered option.

    His, (and those of his minions), irremedial “FUBAR” dictates,(the worst in Americas democratic history), may be the very catalyst needed to set into motion their implosion.

    Hear Me Oh God, in these desperate hours preceding our honoring the birth of your Son.

  13. The Taliban and al-Qaeda are patient and they can wait it out. Look at what happened in Iraq when we pulled our troops out of the large cities, they came back and continued their destruction.

    I’m afraid that no one Country will ever do what needs to be done in the Middle East remove the malignant infection forever, especially our current President. The world’s inaction will force Israel to go after their enemies because the World just doesn’t have the stomach to do what really needs to be done. These religious radicals will force Israel’s hand to bomb them as they hide behind children and women so when the west send out their news crews and photographer’s they can photograph a mother weeping over their dead (or borrowed) child. Makes for great news copy, ah?

    Unfortunately, the innocents will become collateral damage, because these groups hide behind women and children. Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Hezbollah and other radical religious groups are counting on that, that the World just doesn’t have the stomach to fight them. The World has been taken over by the secular-progressivism/liberalism. As long as they control most Countries governments, the religious radicals will always win.

    Like Vincent, I made a choice to not watch last nights address because I felt that President Obama would use the Cadets as another photo op as he has done with the Navy and the Air Force graduations. Obama has no military experience (as did Clinton) they seemed more concerned about their own image then they are about Americans safety. Both men seemed to go to elite educators who read books on war, which they have no practical experience that our military leaders do. The photographs that were taken during his strategy room participates, I only saw one person who had any military experience sitting at that table. What the hell is Hillary Clinton doing there? What practical military experience does she have? Oh, I forgot she has 25 years of experience behind her, even if she has never elaborated, on what experience she was referring too. I guess like his economic advisors who never had any first hand experience on the economy but read or wrote many liberal books on the subject.
    I somehow see that the Clinton’s patience are starting to run out as they gleefully watch Obama’s poll number dip below 50%, one of them will start to criticizes Obama and the way he is handling (pick just one) unemployment, the economy, healthcare, energy, and American solvency. The “job fair” that’s being held tomorrow, is just another sham from this administration. They aren’t the least bit interesting in the job numbers; they just want to make it appear that they do. That seems to be what this administration seems to know what to do, except for the permanent campaign mode he always seems to be on, he knows how to run a smooth campaign on political rhetoric, he just cannot follow it up with any meaningful “correct” decisions. He left General McChrystal on the hook since the last week in August until December 1st? The folks on the Biggest Loser lose a large majority of their excess weight before the12th week finale. Our troops have been waiting for backup for almost 14 weeks so that Obama could look at the strategy of how to remove our troops then this moron releases the exit strategy so that the religious radicals know how long they’ll have to wait. It’s like playing poker where the cards are showing so they’ll know how much to bet.
    I look at what he did, he needed to show that he was assertive so he couldn’t give McChrystal the number of troops he said he needed to win. So, he finally makes a decision after thinking really long and hard and came up with a compromise… he’ll send 30,000. My main concern is will he really support the troops, give them the supplies (more weapons, more ammo, tanks, etc) so that they really could succeed. I’ve never know a liberal who had any balls to stand up to our enemies, they’re more interested in looking tough, talking tough and never back up the rhetoric. Political rhetoric is what Obama does best.

  14. “War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of all things. The decayed and degraded state of moral of moral and patriotic feelings which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person for which he has nothing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.”
    ~~ John Stuart Mill ~~

    I didn’t watch Obama’s speech last night either. I find that I can not tolerate listening to the libelous utterances eminating from the man. I can’t even look at a picture of him without feeling disgust. I don’t know, maybe I’m conservatively brain-washed as to where I used to consider it common sense.

    It is of particular interest to me that Obama sits on his black ass mulling the request of 40,000 more troops by General McCrystal, all the time the un-reported deaths of our men and women warriors go unreported by the dutiful press add up daily. Yet it is a “rush” to pass health care, it is a “rush” to spend billions on bailouts and a “rush” to spend trillions on economic recovery.

    There is too much of a similarity here between Lyndon B. Johnson and Obama. One did and the other is playing political patty-cakes with winnable wars that, in the ultimate end, did nothing but cost American lives and could have saved and will have renewed American face in the eyes of the world.

  15. Michele from NY

    Probably the most telling is the dem’s own responses to their Mullah’s speech. Most of them seemed rather perplexed…even my esteemed Socialist State of New York Representative Upchuck Schumer only had this to say “I need to weigh the president’s words carefully…” Newsflash Chuckie…you cannot weigh something that has no substance.

  16. 2 things stand out to me…how do you announce an escalation and at the same time give them a date we’ll leave? Doesn’t he realize the Taliban will simply hold on till the date of withdrawal and return? Apparently not. Also I never saw the word WIN anywhere. If this sounds eerily similar to that other great Democratic war president LBJ , I’m sure its no mistake.

  17. C’mon family, let’s get our spelling and pronunciation correct.
    Our Esteemed Professor and Constituional Scholar President pronounces Taliban as TOLLEY-BON and Pakistan as POK-EE-STAAN.
    I want to upchuck every time he speaks.
    What a self-important windbag he is!
    Reminiscent of that other blowhard Kerry referring to GEN-GIS KON.

  18. Victory in war, let alone peace, is usually accomplished when one side imposes a crushing defeat on the other. This involves implementing the clear goal of ELIMINATING THE THREAT! Clearly, we have no intention of doing so otherwise Obama would not have said last night that he thinks it’s a good idea to invite “moderate” elements of the Taliban to join with the Karzai government. This is a completely false disctinction. There is no such thing as “moderate” elements of the Taliban any more than there were moderate elements of Hitler’s SS.

    The bogeyman in all of this is Iran. Impose a crushing defeat on the Iranian regime and invite their proxies to see what happens to those who attack and threaten us and hearts will be changed much more quickly than you can possibly imagine. The notion that this sort of action will incur the lasting enmity of all muslims is ludicrous. We crushed Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan and we do not have enemies there any longer. We should not insist that our armies fight politically-correct wars. It is immoral to do so. The Afghans are a group of caftan clad tribal illiterates and are no match for our troops or American technology. We need to unleash the dogs of war & let the army do what the army does i.e. kill, crush, and defeat the Taliban and keep on doing so without mercy until they have had enough of it.

    Furthermore, we need to get the Press out and put the boot in. The media lost the war in Vietnam for us; they almost lost the war in Iraq for us, and they are about to lose the war in Afghanistan for us. Wars can not be fought on television. The public have no stomach for it. D-Day would have been cancelled on June 7th. 1944 if the the casualties on Omaha Beach had been shown on the nightly news.

    It was easy to see Obama’s discomfort last night. His heart is just not in this fight or in projecting American military power anywhere. He is embarrassed by our power. This, at best, makes him a posturing warior unworthy of the position of Commander-in-Chief. Our enemies can smell the weakness on him and have already taken his measure and found him to be wanting. He’s the greatest security risk we have.

  19. The bad guys can have an 18 month holiday or perhaps do some bad stuff somewhere else until the good guys go home, then show up again to do more grief. Obama is a real big time fool!

  20. Was anybody else outraged that he used the Cadets as a backdrop for his latest speech? Most looked like they were bored (from the reviews on FoxNews commentators this morning). If the rest of the World loves him so much, I think we should offer him up to them. The highest bidder wins.

  21. Family,

    My hats off to all of you.

    These are some of the best comments ever.

    You are the reason that I feel that this is the best site on the Net.


    Thanks as always and keep up the great work,


  22. Larry:

    Thanks for another great article. I didn’t watch the speech either. I can’t even stomach the transcripts. Whenever I hear that the liar in chief is giving one of his boring, brain-numbing speeches, I am so thankful that I disconnected my cable years ago.

    I don’t live too far from West Point and I considered taking a large supply of ear plugs down to the cadets. They didn’t deserved to be punished like that.

  23. I had the “privilege” of being part of an “Honor Guard” that welcomed President Dwight Eisenhower to Valley Forge Military Academy in 1962. I, and my fellow cadets, were absolutely “thrilled” that he should pay us a visit. As I looked at the faces of the cades at West Point during the presiden’ts speech. It was clear to me that they were there by order and wished to be anyplace else. It came out today that prior to the president’s taking the stage, they were “ordered” to be “responsive”. Talk about a “captive audience”. By the way, I thought the speech “sucked”.

  24. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    I wouldn’t watch that turd if he were the only thing on television.

    You fight a war to win and you win by eliminating your enemy. We will withdraw when ALL of the Taliban are dead, not before.

    Here is something I think you, Larry, and the rest of the family will find interesting.

    How’s this for apocalyptic literature. This was written by a pastor’s wife in biblical prose as a commentary of current events. It is brilliant.

    And it came to pass in the Age of Insanity that the people of the land
    Called America , having lost their morals, their initiative, and their
    Will to defend their liberties, chose as their Supreme Leader that
    Person known as “The One.”

    He emerged from the vapors with a message that had no meaning; but He
    Hypnotized the people telling them, “I am sent to save you.” My lack
    Of experience, my questionable ethics, my monstrous ego, and my
    Association with evil doers are of no consequence. I shall save you
    With hope and Change. Go, therefore, and proclaim throughout the
    Land that he who proceeded me is evil, that he has defiled the nation,
    And that all he has built must be destroyed. And the people rejoiced,
    For even though they knew not what “The One” would do, he had promised
    That it was good; and they believed. And “The One” said ” We live in
    The greatest country in the world. Help me change everything about it!”
    And the people said, “Hallelujah! Change is good!”

    Then He said, “We are going to tax the rich fat-cats.” And the
    People said “Sock it to them!” “And redistribute their wealth.” And
    The people said, “Show us the money!” And he said, ”
    Redistribution of wealth is good for everybody.”

    And Joe the plumber asked, ” Are you kidding me? You’re going to
    Steal my money and give it to the deadbeats??” And “The One”
    Ridiculed and taunted him, and Joe’s personal records were hacked and publicized.
    One lone reporter asked, “Isn’t that Marxist policy?” And she was
    Banished from the kingdom!

    Then a citizen asked, “With no foreign relations experience and
    Having zero military experience or knowledge, how will you deal with
    Radical terrorists?” And “The One” said, “Simple. I shall sit with
    Them and talk with them and show them how nice we really are; and they
    Will forget that they ever wanted to kill us all!” And the people
    Said, “Hallelujah!! We are safe at last, and we can beat our weapons
    Into free cars for the people!”

    Then “The One” said “I shall give 95% of you lower taxes.” And one,
    Lone voice said, “But 40% of us don’t pay ANY taxes.” So “The One”
    Said, “Then I shall give you some of the taxes the fat-cats pay!”
    And the people said, “Hallelujah! Show us the money!”
    Then “The One” said, “I shall tax your Capital Gains when you sell
    Your homes!” And the people yawned as the slumping housing market
    Collapsed. And He said.. “I shall mandate employer-funded health care
    For every worker and raise the minimum wage. And I shall give every
    Person unlimited healthcare and medicine and transportation to the
    Clinics.” And the people said, “Give me some of that!”
    Then he said, “I shall penalize employers who ship jobs overseas.”
    And the people said, “Where’s my rebate check?”

    Then “The One” said, “I shall bankrupt the coal industry and
    Electricity rates will skyrocket!” And the people said, “Coal is
    Dirty, coal is evil, no more coal! But we don’t care for that part
    About higher electric rates.” So “The One” said, Not to worry. If
    Your rebate isn’t enough to cover your expenses, we shall bail you out.
    Just sign up with the ACORN and you troubles are over!”

    Then He said, “Illegal immigrants feel scorned and slighted. Let’s
    Grant them amnesty, Social Security, free education, free lunches,
    Free medical care, bi-lingual signs and guaranteed housing…” And
    The people said, “Hallelujah!” and they made him king!

    And so it came to pass that employers, facing spiraling costs and
    Ever-higher taxes, raised their prices and laid off workers. Others
    Simply gave up and went out of business and the economy sank like unto
    A rock dropped from a cliff.
    The banking industry was destroyed. Manufacturing slowed to a
    Crawl. And more of the people were without a means of support.

    Then “The One” said, “I am the “the One”- The Messiah – and I’m here
    To save you! We shall just print more money so everyone will have
    Enough!” But our foreign trading partners said unto Him. “Wait a
    Minute. Your dollar is not worth a pile of camel dung! You will have
    to pay more… And “The One” said, “Wait a minute. That is
    unfair!!” And the world said, “Neither are these other idiotic
    programs you have embraced. Lo, you have become a Socialist state and
    a second-rate power. Now you shall play by our rules!”

    And the people cried out, “Alas, alas!! What have we done?” But yea
    verily, it was too late. The people set upon The One and spat upon
    him and stoned him, and his name was dung. And the once mighty nation
    was no more; and the once proud people were without sustenance or
    shelter or hope. And the Change “The One” had given them was as like
    unto a poison that had destroyed then and like a whirlwind that
    consumed all that they had built.

    And the people beat their chests in despair and cried out in anguish,
    “give us back our nation and our pride and our hope!!” But it was too
    late, and their homeland was no more.

    You may think this a fairy tale, but it’s not.
    It’s happening RIGHT NOW

    THIS really tells it like it is. After reading it — and before you go into the bathroom to throw-up — forward it to your friends and those you know who care about our country and what is happening to it under the rule of Commissar Obamanation.

  25. Vincent and a few others hit it right on the button when describing Afghanistan. It is a country like no other with impossible terrain which our young men are trying to cross in cumbersome armored vehicles. Where is our modern technology in this war? Why are we fighting a foot war in desert heat and cold against an enemy we cannot see or find?
    We should be screaming to “bring the boys and girls HOME” now if we can’t improve their situation. They may live in the “dark ages” in this backward country but does that mean we fight them with “dark ages” war methods? It is even worse than Vietnam if that is possible because it is also a war that we cannot win and hardly the place we should be making our stand against terrorism. The Russians found that out and they live right next door. Don’t forget fellow conservatives that to get us involved in long foreign wars has long been a goal of those who wish to BURY us. It serves to drain us of our supplies, money and of course our young people and the left knows that very well.

  26. One of the comments I heard was these cadets had to sit there for 4 hours waiting on “his heinous” to show up.
    I mis-spelled the word on purpose.

  27. To Rayne:
    Good choice of words. “Heinous”…I like it.
    To Pego:
    I agree with you too. The Russians had over 300,000 troops on the ground in Afganistan and they didn’t “make a dent” in the primitive people that live there. Unfortunately, it is a “catch 22” for our soldiers. If they come home, they would not find employment. At least in the “Army” they have a roof over their heads and three meals a day. That is…, until they get killed.
    With all of the “rules of engagement” they have now imposed, this war is shaping up to be exactly like Viet Nam. The politicians controlled the Viet Nam War and lost. They are doing the same thing now. I suggest that to be admitted to Congress, you must have served in the Military. These idiots have avoided both ” military service” and “having a real job” their entire lives. Amazing what you can learn if you actually have to “work” and pay “taxes” to support your family.

  28. Eileen,

    I kind of doubt that we would stand to gain anything should we offer Obama up to the world. Case in point the German analytical mind have only voiced what the rest of the world knows. The One is doing more for them by remaining here and weakening the United States.

    Lyndon Johnson was not exactly fond of blacks and he normally referred to them as “N’s” when none were around. Maybe it’s the devil in me, but I find a certain amount of dark humor in if he were to miraculously come back to life, a big celebration would be held, a trip to Washington D.C. would be in order where someone would say to him, “Sir, would you like to meet the new President?” The funeral would be held a week later… again.

  29. To Jeff: Thanks for the comment but let me add that the UN CONTROLLED the Vietnam conflict just as NATO is controlling this one. Consequently the enemy knows our plans before they happen. Do not believe that all of our NATO partners are on our side nor have they ever been. This is called fighting a war with your hands tied behind your back.

  30. Johnson didn’t like a lot of things, he didn’t like Beagles or dogs too. I was too young when he was President. I don’t remember a lot but I do recall that he picked up a beagle puppy by the ears (a dogs most sensitive spot). I cried when I saw the images, because I’ve been a animal lover my whole life, even as a 4 year old. What a creep.

  31. Eileen:
    Lifting up his dog by the ears was the least of his ungentlemanly propensities…
    see below:

  32. There is no way I can watch another speech by Obama. But, just before going to bed I had Fox News on and they were running a repeat of it. Try this, turn the sound off and watch old swivel head go on and on. It’s a count of three. Count three and turn, count three and turn. He has it down pat.

    On a more serious note has anyone heard about the new “rules” of the war? It made me sick. No more fighting at night, no more nighborhood searchs, etc. Is this the way to fight and win a war? I can’t believe this is true. I am praying for our service men who will be sitting ducks.

  33. Monica,

    He doesn’t want to win the war. His body language and particular words he uses in his speeches shows he doesn’t want to win.

    He complained that Bush should have gone into Afghanistan, and he now understands why Bush chose to go into Iraq first. Of course he would never admit it now. Bush was right.

    Most liberals are cowards and he’s no exception. The right wing wants and knows we need to win there. The left want the troops returned home. Obama knows if we pulls out of there now our enemies would believe they won. We would be subjected to more terrorist attacks and he’ll know he would be blamed for that attack.

    I think that’s why it took him so long to make a decision. He’s trying to please the left and right and he’s being hammered by both days after his latest speech (oh, I heard that he will be doing another 8 pm speech next week. The camera loves him). I’ve got goose-pimples just thinking about it.

  34. I liked Michelle Malkin’s asttute observation of the Communist in Cheif’s speach. “Bush bashing? Check. Noxious complaining about the high cost of running a necessary war? Check. Disingenous denial that he dithered? Check. ‘Let me clear’s’ = 9. Self grangratulains for sticking to the Gitmo closure policy = 1. Self-referential ‘As your Commander-in-Cheif’s’ = 2. References to global jihad = 0.” Not to mention the 30 uses of the words, “Me”, “I”, “My” and not one mention of the word “Win.”

  35. It is way past time to call for the resignation of this fraud, before he destroys this country. He is making a mockery of our military, and preventing them from doing their job. I’m surprised that we haven’t seen more resignations from our top military brass. This fraud is an absolute disgrace !!

  36. Perhaps you weren’t all aware that “Moronic” Micheal Moore sent an open letter to The First Black One, possibly influencing his speech.

    Morosely obese Moore tells Obama, “It’s not your job to do what the generals tell you to do.” This in reference to General McCrystal’s request of 40,000 more troops in Afghanistan.
    “Let me be blunt”, Moore continues (since none of his features can compete in protruding past his waist) we love our kids, but we f*#in’ hate these generals. (How ’bout that for a letter to the President of the United States)

    In agreeing to send more troops you will “destroy the hopes and dreams so many millions have placed in you,” Moore writes. He also says, ” multitudes of young Americans” who helped elect Obama to his throne will become “disillusiond cynics” when they realize that all “politicians are alike.” No kiddin’, Mikey, like what’re you, on booze, drugs or a ten pound lobster tail?

    And he ends this letter in, “I can’t believe you’re about to do what they say you’re going to do. Please say it isn’t so.”

    OK, Mikey, so he says it isn’t so. But in reality our sons and daughters, our warriors, are providing for you’re shoving your five-cakes-a-day fat assed face to dole out the garbage while sitting on your fat ass. Dumb-ass!

  37. What will it take for idiots , and hypocrits, like Moore to understand that terrorists are attacking people and places in many countries ? Will it take a terrorist strike in Hollywood to wake him up, since apparently the twin towers in NYC didn’t have an effect on him? Maybe his pea- sized brain is surrounded by fat.

  38. I’M GOING TO ASK AGAIN. Does anyone here have some time to help me with my research? If you have any amount of time it will be extremely helpful. My issue seems to be that most of those in Congress should actually be in prison from all the corruption. The deeper I go the worse it gets.

    Since Friday morning I’ve been working on Max “Fuckus” Baucus (his nickname on the web from Montana residents). This guy is so corrupt he makes Obama and Pelosi look like novices. If I end up spending 3 days on each Senator I’ll never get it done. I just wish that there was one website that contends all of this information, but there isn’t, which is why I want to create it.

    Anyone who might want to help can email me at


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